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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Pasco_ 30/08/2014

    Helen Lewis posited that "the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism", but it has become clear that this was too narrow a stance, especially in the games press.

    More appropriate would appear to be "the comments on any article that has the gall to even mention a woman justify feminism".
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • Pasco_ 28/08/2014

    Ellie is a fantastic writer and will be sadly missed. Reply +8
  • FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn't have Pro Clubs mode

  • Pasco_ 22/08/2014

    @Plugpin It's called FIFA World and it's been out for a while. Reply 0
  • Gamer Network is now hiring!

  • Pasco_ 19/08/2014


    I mean bloody hell. Why not just post "#lads only, top #bantz required" in all caps at the top of the job advert?
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  • PS4 leads US console sales for seventh month running

  • Pasco_ 15/08/2014

    @Bravestinsane The numbers reported in the comments, while accurate, are unofficial leaks from knowledgeable insiders.

    NPD are quite guarded about there numbers, and while they let a lot of things slide under the table, if EG posted them as fact in a news story, the NPD ninjas would be dispatched.

    We'll never go back to the good old days of all NPD data flowing around free and easy, but the other option is that NPD lock it down to the point nobody knows anything. The current halfway house is as good as we'll get.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    CBoaT says timed exclusive!

    Man, what a cluster-fuck. Horrible PR from SE, CD, and MS from both sides.
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  • Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    ... an the big closing announcement is... THE ABILITY TO PRE-ORDER!?! WTF. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    "Exclusive Holiday Bundles" of course they're exclusive, they include your console you idiots.

    The word Exclusive has lost all meaning.
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  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    I think I actually prefer to this fake e-sports feel to the fake user interaction, though they both suck. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    So E3 was fake multiplayer chatter, Gamescom is fake pro-caster commentary? Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Microsoft: €1 =/= $1 ffs Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    (Of course what I really mean is, just make another MSR!) Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Kudos! Just make another PGR! Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    OK, Next Gen Roller Coaster Tycoon, I can get behind this. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Fable Legends, Microsoft's answer to a question no-one asked. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    If your game needs "In the interest of time" when shown off, maybe it's full of boring dreary sections and you should fix it? Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Cars are always the true text of 'Next gen' graphics, and this fails hard. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Wow, these textures are atrocious. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Is it just me, or does this look really boring and lifelss? No sense of weight or speed. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    @frazzl yeah, but there are a couple like No Mans Sky that buck the trend. I'll be playing them all on my PC anyway. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    @MrTomFTW A lot of the PS4 Indies are *first* on PS4, while most of these are first on PC, then 'first on console' on XBO. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    As yes, the key feature of all premier MOBAs, multiple maps. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Have Team 17 really been reduced to ripping off Introversion? Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Wow, that SUPER HOT trailer was incredibly well done. Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    "Hey, let's show a bunch of stuff you can already play on PC, that should win over the Europeans" Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    Conference saved by SUPER HOT
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  • Pasco_ 12/08/2014

    "First to console" Reply 0
  • Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome announced for PC

  • Pasco_ 07/08/2014

    Always nice to have more games on the platform, though it's preferable for them to not be over-hyped yet mediocre console launch-titles given a coat of paint.

    So, er, thanks, but no thanks.
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  • Sleeping Dogs for PS4 and Xbox One spotted on Amazon

  • Pasco_ 07/08/2014

    Sleeping Dogs and the Sleeping Dogs DLC Collection (which includes all the DLC, and looks as 'definitive' as you'd want it to on a good PC) was ~£10 during the most recent Steam sale.

    I have no problem with re-releases, HD remakes and the like, but the prices are fucking ridiculous.
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  • FIFA 15 has all 20 Premier League stadiums

  • Pasco_ 06/08/2014

    But Wes, will Frank Lampard look appropriately contrite after banging in a hat-trick for City against Chelsea thanks to the new Emotional Intelligence™ system?

    More importantly, will the Dynamic Match Presentation™ accurately reflect large sections of the Standford Bridge crowd bursting into tears as his game-winning 90th minute penalty nestles into the bottom corner?
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  • Video Games: The Movie review

  • Pasco_ 04/08/2014

    After reaching the end of the timeline, the film rewinds to the industry crash of 1983 and the E.T. game that precipitated it.
    Which is, of course, utter bollocks.

    The massive failure of E.T and the crash of '83 are connected, but mostly in that they happened at vaguely the same time.

    E.T 'causing' the '83 crash is convenient, comforting, moralistic folklore: "If you don't make games as bad as E.T. then this industry will be fine!"

    This film is the pop-up-book fairy-tale version of video game history, and not worth the time of day.
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  • Bungie reassures fans disappointed that Destiny only has one playable area per planet

  • Pasco_ 28/07/2014

    For $500 million I hope anyone wanting to play this is getting ready to be milked long and hard.

    The base experience will be enough to take you in, but ultimately lacking. Don't worry though, they'll have 3 years of DLC planned out to fill the game up a little, so by the time the sequel is ready the original looks like a full-featured project.
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  • Next-gen before their time

  • Pasco_ 28/07/2014

    Er, apart from GT6 (and GTA5 for a few more months), you could have just bought all of those on PC when they came out...

    Remasters and HD versions are just a cheap way of fleecing console gamers for the same shit a second time.
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  • Codemasters responds to Grid Autosport £2.39 Boost Pack DLC criticism

  • Pasco_ 16/07/2014

    "it sells" is not an excuse, or a get out of jail free card, it's a tacit condemnation of your product.

    This pack would not exist if the game hadn't been designed to be a grind, the fact there is demand to pay to skip some of your game says it all really.

    Also, describing this as "content" is laughable. This is the sort of thing that used to be a cheat code.
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  • The International Dota 2 tournament down to final eight teams

  • Pasco_ 15/07/2014

    @wyp100 This link got eaten in my previous reply Reply 0
  • Pasco_ 15/07/2014

    @wyp100 Newbee are a 'Chinese' team, and some of there members have apparently* refused to practice against another 'Chinese' team DK, because* some members of DK are not Chinese (they have a Malaysian and a Singaporean as well as three Chinese players)., or Google "newbee racist" for what has become a total mess.

    *It's been a big discussion in the DOTA 2 community, and at this point the waters have been sufficiently muddied and enough tweets and facebook posts deleted that proving it is tough.
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  • Pasco_ 15/07/2014

    Newbee went from almost going out a 3 way elimination playoff (after placing very poorly in the Group Stage) to winning a place in the Upper Bracket and showing form that almost makes them favourites.

    It's a hell of an underdog story, and would win them a lot of support if some of their team members weren't so racist (actually, it will probably win them a lot of support anyway from people who don't know / care).
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  • Sigourney Weaver and original Alien cast to star in Alien: Isolation

  • Pasco_ 09/07/2014

    Alien Isolation looks like it'll be a great game, and this content also looks fantastic, but:

    Fuck pre-order 'bonuses'. They're anti-consumer exploitative bullshit designed to lock you in to an un-informed purchasing decision.

    I can't support them, so this announcement of fantastic content has actually made it much less likely I'll buy the game at launch. More likely I'll pick up the GotY version (which will hopefully have this included) on a Steam sale down the line.
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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • Pasco_ 08/07/2014

    That The Sun and The Daily Mail are the two most read papers in the UK is enough to make you weep.

    Such utter rags, filled with lies and hate and fear, poisoning the minds of millions of people.
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  • "It's not historically accurate!"

  • Pasco_ 05/07/2014

    A shame to still see such hostility and defensiveness from the comments sections for these editorials.

    Still, they at least maintain the maxim that "the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism".
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  • Rob Pardo's legacy of steel

  • Pasco_ 05/07/2014

    Good luck to Mr. Pardo in whatever he chooses to do next. That man is at least partially responsible for a lot of aggregate joy in the world.

    A real-time strategy game enthusiast, Pardo joined Blizzard - then and still the preeminent developer in this genre
    Er, in no way are Blizzard "the pre-eminenet developer in the RTS genre".

    They certainly might have held that title for a time, roughly 1998 to 2003 when they release StarCraft, WarCraft 3 and their attendant expansions, but that was a long time ago.

    The idea that the disappointing StarCraft 2 and its even worse expansion brings them anywhere near eminence in the RTS world as it exists today is laughable.
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  • eSports organisation under fire for male and female-only tournaments

  • Pasco_ 02/07/2014

    Stuff like this puts all the other sexism stuff into context.

    The pervading culture of misogyny within the gaming community is what allows policies like this to go unnoticed and unquestioned. If there was a more general acceptance and welcome to gamers of all colours, creeds, genders, sexualities, etc. then something like this wouldn't have gotten beyond meeting number 1.

    "The IeSF, which is a Korean organisation set up to, in its own words, "promote eSport as a true sport beyond language, race and culture barriers". Member nations include a raft of European and Asian countries, but not the UK or the USA. It lists Valve, Blizzard, Bandai Namco and Capcom as its sponsors.
    Money talks. Time to hit these guys in the pocket by making sure their sponsors know about this sexist policy, and how utterly unacceptable it is to be associated with it.
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  • BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

  • Pasco_ 01/07/2014

    @L0YD as opposed to Bioware's more usual mealy-mouthed bisexual efforts. Reply +1
  • Pasco_ 01/07/2014

    Nice that Bioware are moving on from their rather tired "playersexual" approach (that is, 'gay' NPCs actually had no defined preference, and were instead 'interested' in whichever gender you happened to be playing).

    Three cheers for diversity!
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  • How No Man's Sky stole the show at E3

  • Pasco_ 25/06/2014

    “The wording is we're doing a console debut on PS4,” says Murray. “The thing that that leaves open is a PC version.”

    Does that mean a PC version could arrive day and date with the PS4 No Man's Sky - or possibly even before? “If I'm honest, we're taking on quite a lot at the moment,” says Murray. “We're definitely coming to PS4. I would like to come to PC. Whether that arrives the same day - we're a small team!”
    No other game has ever seemed more perfect to go in Steam Early Access.

    If these guys don't throw this out half finished on PC 6-ish months before the PS4 release then I don't know what they're playing at, they might as well go into the street and start burning fivers.
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  • MSI Nightblade review

  • Pasco_ 22/06/2014

    Just buy a high-quality regular-ass PC tower, with regular-ass PC componenets and save yourself 1/3 to 1/2 of the price, and put that in your living room.

    Nobody is so space limited that this is impractical, modern PCs simply aren't that noisy, and if you actually care about the aesthetics of the thing you play games on then frankly I pity you.

    Of course even a compromised system like this smokes consoles, that's not even a question at this point, but you're paying over the odds for extremely marginal utility.
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  • Ending the Minecraft fantasy

  • Pasco_ 22/06/2014

    Anybody on the side of these money-grubbing, shyster server operators demanding the right to gouge people with pay-2-win bollocks needs to have their head seen to.

    Mojang could not have acted *more* reasonably, they just couldn't. They are so completely in the right that it almost defies defending, as there can be no reasonable complaint.

    Running a Minecraft server should not be your business, it should not pay for your life. Minecraft was not designed to put *your* kids through college, you are owed absolutely nothing from it.

    That Mojang would allow you to profit in any, tiny way from this should be seen as mana from heaven, a small miracle that you shouldn't question. Every other company under the sun would ban almost all of the things Mojang are allowing.
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Pasco_ 19/06/2014

    @MrBiscuits But that's the point, we are all culpable.

    Sexism, Racism, Homophobia. These are societal problems.

    But society only exists as a collection of individuals. To fix a societal problem you have to 'fix' individuals.

    This stuff won't go away by itself, we have to work at it, everyone of us. And the first step along that long road is recognition.

    Without recognition there can be no solution.
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  • Pasco_ 19/06/2014

    @dirtysteve Yes you are! of course you are!

    The first step to solving a problem is to admit there is one.

    Unless you are some perfect being, some child of light untouched by human society, then you are all of those things.

    Recognise your failures. Demand better of yourself.

    If you try really hard, you'll still be a racist, sexist, homophobe. But maybe not as much as the person next to you who never admitted he was any of those things.
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  • Pasco_ 19/06/2014

    Great article Tom, and it articulates the same point that the amazing Panti Bliss made in her Noble Call:

    Never forget:

    We are all sexist. We are all homophobic. We are all racist.

    You might not mean to be any of these things, I hope you don't want to be any of these things, but you were brought up in a society that is all of these things.

    Recognise your shortcomings, recognise your internalised biases, recognise your thoughtless prejudice. Fight back. Fight back every second of every day. Better yourself, be better to other people.

    Don't dismiss people who try to educate you, don't dismiss people who tell you you're wrong, don't believe you are better than you are.

    I am sexist. I am homophobic. I am racist.

    You are sexist. You are homophobic. You are racist.

    It's not OK, but it is the truth. Do something about it.
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