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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2017

  • Pasco_ 28/03/2017

    Good gravy. Did this survey get run passed an editor? A proofreader? Anybody?

    So many sloppy mistakes (Which of the following services do use?), spelling errors (Nintendo Swith), really basic stuff.

    If you're going to do this thing every year you could work on making it a bit less shit.
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  • Playtonic to ditch JonTron from Yooka-Laylee following anti-immigrant comments

  • Pasco_ 23/03/2017

    Over the course of this two-hour talk, Jafari claimed that Mexicans were trying to conquer American land, wealthy black people commit more crimes than poor white people, and that Black Lives Matter was a violent movement.
    When a dude is spouting this sort of crap, you don't have to mince words.

    Playtonic ditched a racist asshole. Nothing of value was lost.
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  • Can Final Fantasy 15's new PS4 Pro patch hit 60fps?

  • Pasco_ 20/02/2017

    Here's hoping the PC version of FF15 will end up delivering the truly definitive experience.

    Such a shame that games are still being hobbled by these woefully underpowered consoles, Pro or not.
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  • Hearthstone will add three 130-card expansions next year, no adventures

  • Pasco_ 17/02/2017

    The problem is not too many cards, it's too many useless cards.

    In each set there have only ever been a few cards that see play at the top level, the cards which are completely broken and with insane synergies. Blizzard intentionally pushes this, most obviously with the C'thun or Jade cards, but also with many other "build around" cards like Reno or Kazakus.

    Now, having these "build around" cards is not a problem in itself, in fact it's a solid CCG principle and when executed well it works wonders for the metagame. The problem is there are so few of them.

    If you want to play Jade, you will play these cards, because there aren't any others. If you want to play C'thun you will play these cards, because there aren't any others. If you want to play dragons, pirates, etc, etc. They print so few good cards that all decks feel samey, because why would somebody play a bad card instead?

    So hopefully, in this torrent of new cards, there will be enough variety of good cards to push multiple deck archetypes per class at once, rather than the current Pirate / Jade / Dragon / Highlander / Miracle forced meta.
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  • Yet more bad news for SNES preservation project which lost $10k of games in the post

  • Pasco_ 16/02/2017

    This whole thing just gets shadier and shadier. Paypals and Patreons, a sender who's apparently committing benefit fraud, etc.

    I can't believe EG are aiding and abetting this potential scam by linking to the guy's Patreon page. Like, what the fuck guys?
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  • DayZ creator Dean Hall to show new game at EGX Rezzed

  • Pasco_ 16/02/2017

    I wonder if he'll ever finish this one? Reply +10
  • SNES preservation project "dead" after $10k of games lost in the post

  • Pasco_ 14/02/2017

    This is an incredible act of historic vandalism against video games. That it occurred due to the negligence of someone who claims to want to preserve the history of gaming makes it all the more galling.

    What sort of complete tool sends this sort of stuff through the USPS? Like, this guy clearly has brains considering his pedigree in the emulation scene, but how dumb can you get?
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  • Hearthstone fans unearth dinosaur-themed expansion

  • Pasco_ 06/02/2017

    @internisus They switched last year.

    It was originally Exp, Adv, Exp, Adv, Exp, Adv, etc.
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  • Torment: Tides of Numenera dev issues apology for missed stretch goals

  • Pasco_ 31/01/2017

    I'm a backer.

    Games change during development, hell, pretty much everything changes during development. Buildings are never exactly as architected, movies never exactly as storyboarded, etc.

    I have absolutely no problem with the changes being made, aside from the cut of the Italian language which seems pretty harsh, and I have no doubts they were made with the best intentions and for the right reasons.

    The lack of communication however, is inexcusable, and reflects extremely poorly on inXile and shows a lack of respect for those fans they should value the most.
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  • EA community chief tweets #Skate4, internet loses its mind

  • Pasco_ 30/01/2017


    And remastered versions of the originals on PC while you're at it, ta.
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  • Punching Nazis

  • Pasco_ 28/01/2017

    @Some_Goats I agree.

    Ideally Nazis should be shot, not punched. But we don't live in an ideal world, so sometimes punching has to do.
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  • Pasco_ 28/01/2017

    He's doing that because violence against neo-Nazis inside peaceful democracies is what neo-Nazis want.
    No, what neo-Nazis want is the systematic extermination of Jewish people, gay people, black people, Slavic people, etc. The same thing the Nazis wanted. Because they're Nazis.

    Punching Nazis is always and absolutely the correct course of action. Nazis should not be engaged in debate or treated as though the views they hold are merely different political opinions. Nazism, and all fascism, should be suppressed, violently if necessary.

    Nazis know this. Nazis knew this. Hitler himself knew this: "Only one thing could have stopped our movement - if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement." Now, I'm not one for taking the word of Adolf Hitler on most subjects, but when he advocates beating the shit out of Nazis to stop Nazis I'm gonna go ahead and at least give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Treating Nazis as just another political wing has, historically, led to the murder of millions of innocent people. Appeasing and placating Nazis has, historically, led to the murder of millions of innocent people. Allowing Nazis any small amount of political power has, historically, led to the murder of millions of innocent people.

    Punch. Nazis.

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  • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg set to defend Oculus in court

  • Pasco_ 17/01/2017

    Carmack's lawyers counter this by arguing his contract explicitly allowed him to work with other companies that did not compete with ZeniMax, and thus the tech he helped create did not belong to ZeniMax in the first place.
    Title of the Oculus Rift Kickstarter: "Oculus Rift: Step Into the Game ".

    I know lawyers have to follow their clients instructions, but arguing that Oculus were not competing with Zenimax is going to fly like a concrete donkey.

    If Zenimax really do have proof of Carmack sharing literal code, then this is the legal equivalent of a Chaos Dunk from Low Earth Orbit.
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  • Writing Lara Croft

  • Pasco_ 17/01/2017

    "We're not using rape as character development," she says.
    Before going on to explain how they used attempted rape as an excuse for character development.

    "Otherwise, why bother with a reboot, really?"
    I couldn't agree more. They should have stuck to Lara's roots rather than send her down this "dark and gritty" path, why bother with a reboot if it's worse than the originals?
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  • Breath of the Wild amiibo range expands with detailed Zelda, Bokoblin figures

  • Pasco_ 16/01/2017

    Ocarina of Time Link make a random assortment of meat rain down from the sky.
    Oh, yeah, just what the Hero of Time was famous for. Raining meat.

    Seriously, too much work to add some sort of time-stop or bullet-time style mechanic?

    All the other interactions make some sort of sense (I am totally in for Wolf Link) but this one feels dumb and lazy.
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  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • Pasco_ 13/01/2017

    BotW may very well be a GotY contender, but is a single game really worth parting with Ł350 for?

    And what the fuck have Nintendo developers been doing the last few years? I expected this launch line up to be stacked like no other, considering the state of Wii U software and the merging of handheld and home console divisions.

    The Switch is looking to be the biggest flub since the Saturn, what an absolute disaster.
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  • The 50 most exciting games of 2017

  • Pasco_ 06/01/2017

    No way are Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 or Shenmue 3 coming out this year.

    That probably goes for quite a few others on this list too.
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  • At the moment, Astroneer is a fascinating inversion of typical sci-fi wonder

  • Pasco_ 03/01/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer Because linking to Steam pages doesn't make EG money.

    Now if this game was on Amazon? Boy do EG have a link for you!
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2016

  • Pasco_ 02/01/2017

    No Superhot?

    Sort yourselves out.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2016

  • Pasco_ 01/01/2017

    No Superhot on this list, considering some of the inclusions, is insane.

    EG readers, this game is Ł12 on Steam, that's Ł12 to change your goddamn life.
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  • 2016: The year that time remembered

  • Pasco_ 22/12/2016

    I can't help but think of No Man's Sky here, which offered up a functioning universe and was met with a collective shrug.
    That's quite a short sentence to be filled with so much falsehood.

    NMS in no way offered up a "functioning universe", that's precisely why so many felt misled about what it was offering.

    NMS was met with far from a "collective shrug", it was met with one of the most sustained and intense internet firestorms I can remember.

    I mean if you're going to look back at the year, worth getting it right.
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  • A Force aside: Eight notable Star Wars spin-offs

  • Pasco_ 18/12/2016

    This is the sort of garbage "listicle" that should never see the light of day on EG.

    What the fuck do any of these entries tell me that their wikipedia article (or back of the box marketing blurb) wouldn't?

    There are no personal insights here, nothing of journalistic or artistic merit, nothing I couldn't find in a google search for "star wars games". It's pathetic.
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  • The Eurogamer Podcast #23: Independent by Design

  • Pasco_ 15/12/2016

    Disgusting pro cat propaganda.

    At least now I understand how that Last Guardian tripe got an Essential, what else would you expect from a cat person?

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  • Final Fantasy 15 is a decent attempt at an impossible job

  • Pasco_ 14/12/2016

    I'm really looking forward to the PC version.

    After a year or so of patching and beta testing on console it should be something special.
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  • Nintendo Switch reveal presentation set for 13th January, 4am UK time

  • Pasco_ 13/12/2016

    It's always the middle of the night somewhere.

    Anyway, Nintendo have never exactly given a fuck about Europe before, why should they start now?
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  • How the Pokémon world is changing for good

  • Pasco_ 13/12/2016

    This article seems to be based on a false premise.

    You have more trouble remembering towns in a 20 year old game than a 1 month old game? No shit.

    Also, just because you found the earlier games unmemorable doesn't make this some universal truth. I can rattle off towns and locations from the first gen (the one I played the most) without much difficulty.
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  • Eurogamer reader's top 50 games of 2016 voting

  • Pasco_ 12/12/2016

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  • The Last Guardian review

  • Pasco_ 05/12/2016

    You know you're a few pints deep in the Kool-Aid when "I spent 30 minutes trying and failing to get an AI companion to do what it needed to do so I could progress" turns into something profound and magical.

    Imagine Half-Life 2, except every so often when you need Alyx to open a door instead she gets distracted by a can rolling down the street. It doesn't sound magical, it sounds broken and frustrating.

    Oh, and a single digit framerate should be an automatic disqualification from any sort of Essential moniker, it's just completely unacceptable, magic or no.
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  • Knack 2 announced

  • Pasco_ 03/12/2016

    The answer to a question no-one asked.

    Further proof that god is dead.

    Knack 2.
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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • Pasco_ 30/11/2016

    @Max_Powers EA have given figures of roughly 25% digital sales on console (it's closer to 75% on PC), which is up from roughly 20% digital last year. That was across the whole industry, not just for EA.

    That growth doesn't even come close to touching the decline in physical sales.
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  • How Football Manager 2017 is making football fans panic about Brexit

  • Pasco_ 25/11/2016

    I can't be the only one who did a double take at the name of the author, can I?

    For a minute I wondered if Gideon himself had graced us with his presence, and that the reason he'd been so opposed to this EU referendum shambles wasn't just out of a deep seated fear for what it will do to our economy, but also that he liked a spot of Football Manager.

    Oh well, funny old world, eh?
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  • The Eurogamer Podcast #21: We need your help, Aaron Paul

  • Pasco_ 24/11/2016

    Blizzard are definitely the master of distinct factions in RTSs, but Warcraft 3 did it far better than Starcraft 2. Reply 0
  • Firewatch's excellent score gets a vinyl version

  • Pasco_ 24/11/2016

    While you're buying Chris Remo's music, you should also check out The Music of Idle Thumbs, including the incomparable Space Asshole (though sadly not The Ballad of John Riccitiello). Reply +1
  • Nintendo fan projects Pokémon Uranium and AM2R quietly pulled from The Game Awards

  • Pasco_ 22/11/2016

    @Gamblix They may have legal rights to stop them being distributed, but do you really believe they have legal rights to stop them being recognised at an awards show? Even with how fucked up US copyright law is, I don't think it stretches that far. Reply +1
  • Pasco_ 22/11/2016

    @CrashOkami They may have legal rights to stop them being distributed, but do you really believe they have legal rights to stop them being recognised at an awards show? Even with how fucked up US copyright law is, I don't think it stretches that far. Reply +2
  • Pasco_ 22/11/2016

    If sponsors / industry advisors have control over what doesn't get nominated, then who's to say they don't have control over what does get nominated?

    Until the TGA's clarify what happened here, it has to be assumed that these awards are bought and paid for. Zero legitimacy.
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  • In a bid for transparency, Star Citizen reveals internal schedule to community

  • Pasco_ 21/11/2016

    This is a really interesting and welcome step.

    I feel like a lot of people who shit on Star Citizen (and a lot of other games that get announced early and have long dev cycles) could do with watching the Double Fine Adventure documentary for some insight on the development process.

    That was a comparatively tiny game with a comparatively tiny budget, but it's similar in many other respects. Early announcement, crowdfunding, semi-open development, PR problems, etc.
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  • Sources: Nintendo Switch to get Pokémon Sun and Moon version

  • Pasco_ 18/11/2016

    Reply +2
  • Genital Jousting is the new game by the Broforce dev, now on Steam Early Access

  • Pasco_ 17/11/2016

    Looks fun, though I'd have to see how it controls. Reply +1
  • The Eurogamer Podcast #20: Blizzcon and Barcelona

  • Pasco_ 17/11/2016

    Every good podcast needs corrections:

    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is not an Adventure (the Single Player style additions to Hearthstone), it's one of the much larger cards only Expansions.
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  • Xbox 360 games are getting Xbox One boxes

  • Pasco_ 17/11/2016

    This makes more and more sense as we move out of the generational era of consoles and into the incremental future.

    Box design is going to have to adapt to let consumers know that this game works on your Scorpio and Scorpio 2, but not on your OG Xbox One, while this game will work on all three, and this other game is Scorpio 2 only.

    Just as retail PC games have to carry minimum/recommended system requirements since the early days, console games should now come with similar information.
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  • Time to kill genre?

  • Pasco_ 16/11/2016

    Titanfall didn't flop because of it's genre.

    It flopped because it's the sequel to an unloved original that had no campaign worth mentioning and an online that was dead in weeks.

    Titanfall has no dedicated fanbase, no evangelists, no story hooks for people to want to come back to, no reason to be a franchise beyond EA's marketing strategy.

    Titanfall 2 performed exactly as poorly as you would expect a sequel to such a disappointingly thin original to perform. It could have been an RPG or a Character Action game and it would have cratered just as hard.
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  • Why are some PS4 Pro titles running slower than base hardware?

  • Pasco_ 11/11/2016

    And to be frank, this is PlayStation 4 Pro - we shouldn't need to be discussing compromises at all
    It's a console, so of course you need to discuss compromises.

    Trying to get underpowered hardware to push 4K was always going to be a mistake that meant compromises would be required.
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  • Blizzcon 2016 live report

  • Pasco_ 04/11/2016

  • Pasco_ 04/11/2016

    @Percino non minion-based defensive effects in HS is a cool idea.

    Hope Blizzard are thinking that radically too, HS needs a big shake up right now. Maybe that kind of thing would wait for the next Standard rotation though?
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  • The Game Awards 2016 is another late one in the UK

  • Pasco_ 02/11/2016

    Perhaps we'll get another look at Mass Effect: Andromeda. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hideo Kojima turn up to show more of Death Stranding, given both he and Geoff Keighley are old chums. And maybe we'll see some Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay!
    I'll bet a crisp, plastic fiver that we see precisely none of any of those games.

    ME: A still hasn't been properly revealed, that's got E3 written all over it.

    We'll see Kojima, but Death Stranding still doesn't exist in any meaningful form so there'll be none of that.

    R* don't need some two-bob event to show their stuff, anything from them will be announced by them on it's own, as it is way bigger than any industry sideshow.
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  • Turtle Rock leaves Evolve behind, won't have time to do F2P on console

  • Pasco_ 26/10/2016

    People latch on to the DLC as why Evolve failed, but it's really that the game itself just wasn't good enough.

    Most matches just devolved into the Hunters and Monster playing ring-around-the-rosy for 15+ minutes because the tracker player sucked, and those that didn't were because the monster player sucked.

    So games were either one-sided stomps, or boring slogs. Both deeply unsatisfying.
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  • Bethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise

  • Pasco_ 26/10/2016

    Have EG been in touch with Valve about Bethesda dishonestly using their Dishonored 2 E3 award as a "review" on Steam?

    It's super scummy for them to mislead consumers using your name, and it seems like the sort of thing you could push back against.
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  • Fan-made Sonic game prototype imagines open-world retro parkour

  • Pasco_ 25/10/2016

    This looks really cool, and Sega are generally cool with fan creations (unlike Nintendo), but...

    Fan projects really should keep themselves vaguely on the down low until they're happy to release, because while a big blowout of publicity must feel nice it's also a good way to get your shit shut down.

    Worst comes to the worst, this is probably a good way to get ahead in the industry for these guys, if that's what they're after.
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  • Can Star Wars: The Old Republic ever live up to the promise of its incredible trailers?

  • Pasco_ 21/10/2016

    @carmagainagain I'd argue that Rob, and everyone else, very much knows the answer to both of the questions asked in the headline.

    SWTOR has been getting best in class blockbuster CGI trailers since before it launched, and it has absolutely never lived up to any of them.
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