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  • Retrospective: John Woo's Stranglehold

  • Paperghost 13/03/2011

    the restaurant level was one of the most infuriating things i've played. the rest of the game was excellent, although playing it now the camera seems way too close to your back for comfort. Reply -1
  • Microsoft taking on XBL scammers

  • Paperghost 11/03/2011

    is this the first time something like this has actually happened? must admit, when i heard about it i was waiting to see a screenshot of some 14 year old's website asking for XBL logins. Reply +1
  • Dragon Age II signs Florence + Machine

  • Paperghost 25/02/2011

    or they could put the whole thing out in one go instead of treating soundtracks the same way they treat DLC for their games.

    the "soundtrack" that came with the LE for DA1 was missing a ton of songs, which (surprise) appeared on the iTunes version that came out a few weeks after the game.

    they've done the same thing with ME2 - instead of doing what they did for ME 1 (putting pretty much everything on the soundtrack,) they broke it up into pieces. witness iTunes & others: alongside the main soundtrack, there's now "atmospheric", "battle music" and a bunch of others for the various pieces of DLC.

    not impressed.
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  • Dreamcast Collection launch trailer

  • Paperghost 23/02/2011

    what a wasted usual. Reply +9
  • Dragon Age II demo - first 15 mins

  • Paperghost 22/02/2011

    demo seems decent so far, BUT:* they've disabled tons of stuff that i'd actually want to see in action to get an idea of improvements.* after 20 odd minutes, i'd barely got past the start proper (including sitting through cinematics etc) and had to go out - the save is disabled, too? seems a bit silly.* voiced dialogue seems all over the place depending on if you rapidly jump from "good" to "nasty" dialogue, something that wasn't an issue with DA1.* no need at all for the olive branch, gavel and mask in dialogue options at all. Reply +1
  • Dead Island trailer looks the business

  • Paperghost 17/02/2011

    One of the best trailers I've seen for anything. Superb stuff. Reply +11
  • DICE: Battlefield 3 has spotting

  • Paperghost 07/02/2011

    imho i wish the "one hit knife kill" would vanish from games like this one. none of these games seem to make the crazy knife swingers recoil from the dozens of bullets you put into their chest as they run right up and one stab kill you regardless. lost count of the number of times i've seen a game in black ops & elsewhere unbalanced because knife guy was too busy trying to get stab kills instead of defending / attacking an objective, or getting shot because he insisted on running halfway across the map in a failed attempt to knife somebody.

    er....this game sounds good, though :)
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  • Treyarch beefs up PS3 security post-hack

  • Paperghost 04/02/2011

    Hope it isn't just me that had to reread his comment at the end of the article which made no sense at all. Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike

  • Paperghost 03/02/2011

    Not getting involved in the "Dave" stuff, but for the constant references to the price - for 1200 points, you could end up with the truly dreadful Breach, play it twice and consign it to the delete pile.

    you've got four (really well done) maps and a large zombie mode at two quid a level, and anyone who enjoys playing the game will no doubt wade through each one anything up to a couple of hundred times by the end of the games lifespan. imho the amount of content packed into the game at launch for what it is (decent sized singleplayer, endless multi, the random bonus games thrown in and some other stuff) goes some way to deflect the usual "should have been on the disc" complaints - and I'm usually one of those people saying just that.
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  • Most popular Black Ops perks, guns

  • Paperghost 02/02/2011

    it's amazing how many "run at you with knife nutters" can be dropped simply by walking backwards and firing the moment you see them. typically they lunge and miss, then wonder why you appear to be moonwalking while you shoot them in the face. Reply +1
  • Breach

  • Paperghost 27/01/2011

    by contrast, i fired up monday night combat and was in a (working) and packed game within a minute of firing the thing up. Reply +1
  • Paperghost 26/01/2011

    absolutely terrible trial so far.

    1. search for game takes an age, only to be told "problem when trying to join game" then you have to sit through the whole thing again.

    2. when you finally get in, the game typically is right at the end OR after a little playtime the host dies and it migrates but keeps you in the lobby to start again, instead of dropping you back in the game.

    3. shocking lag.

    4. really basic looking graphics - i guess the whizzy trailers aren't the console version!

    5. slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww moving characters. i get that its supposed to be "tactical", but there are so many open spaces that it's almost comical to see two shotgun guys running towards each other for about ten minutes before opening fire.

    6. radar displays people whether they appear to be shooting or not. is this a bug?

    7. your character not only continues the running animation if you jump from a height, but also keeps the footstep sounds chugging along too. that's quite a skill.

    it has potential, but i'm not sure i want to pay 1200 points to sample the supposedly unique gadgets & perks.
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  • Hydrophobia Listening Post launched

  • Paperghost 26/01/2011

    please re-review this game. the rejigged version is outstanding and I haven't had a single "argh, someone shoot the designer" moment while playing it.

    they deserve mucho kudos for listening to complaints and doing something about it, too.
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  • Why I Hate... Final Fantasy

  • Paperghost 11/01/2011

    I loved FF games, but drifted away from the series quite a bit with the more recent titles. FF13 broke my brain so much it caused me to rant endlessly (warning: long, long post).

    Based on the most recent title, they'd have to come up with something special to have me pick up any further games. possibly my biggest letdown of the last year apart from crackdown 2.

    / typo
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  • Cthulhu Saves The World

  • Paperghost 11/01/2011

    Grats to you for giving a full length review to a well deserving Indie title. Reply +43
  • Fallout: New Vegas DLC trademarks?

  • Paperghost 10/01/2011

    determined to hold off until the "everything included" pack comes out. good to see they didn't have a repeat performance of the horribly broken DLC launches from FO3 though. Reply +7
  • BioWare reveals Mass Effect backstory

  • Paperghost 06/01/2011

    "Die, skull faces"? I think the dialogue needs a bit of work... Reply +4
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2010

  • Paperghost 31/12/2010

    loved the game, but i hope they address the formula of "obvious collection of waist high boxes / metal things / suspicious rocky outcrops" that you could 100% guarantee meant a bunch of goons running into view and being immediately sliced to pieces by Shepard & co.

    i've gone back and replayed the first game a couple of times and the locations just seem a lot more organic and less like "here's a boxy shooter corridor bit", and now here's another one. imho they should also have scrapped the concept of team members dying. it makes the first runthrough very tense until you realise you'd have to be playing intentionally badly to lose more than one or two team mates, and as a result it probably scuppers any chance of seeing more than a brief cameo for the surviving squad, even though 99% of them probably survived in all runthroughs.

    kasumi should also have been in there from the start. brilliant character, refreshing in that she doesn't want to - yawn - jump all over Shepard, but her chances of being in the third game for more than ten seconds are unfortunately very slim indeed. ah well.
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  • Battle over Fallout Online MMO rages on

  • Paperghost 23/12/2010

    Litigation. Litigation never changes. Reply +27
  • Why I Hate… Resident Evil 4

  • Paperghost 20/12/2010

    "The other thing about RE4, to respectfully disagree with the article, was that it was right to ditch the old story."

    @Kami While I agree with many of your other points, it seems hugely wasteful to bother building up a specific story over four games and four odd years (not to mention fleshing them out in other media such as the very well done series of novels), only to throw almost all of it off a cliff the way they did.
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  • Paperghost 20/12/2010

    Personally I'm not hung up over control schemes or interested in endless debates as to which style of gameplay suited the RE franchise better; as the article highlights, what's infuriating about Resi for a lot of people is the utterly ludicrous "rocks fall, everybody dies" resolution - if you could call it that - to the wonderful head of steam built up at the end of both RE3 and CV.

    I expected nothing less than a breathtaking, slam bang finale to the story they'd been amping for so many years; what I got was ten seconds of "yeah, forget about it" and a great game that didn't even attempt to resolve anything that had gone before. I still don't understand why they did it; the RE4 engine could have happily tied up the "please let us murder umbrella" storyline and then they could have moved onto the parasite stuff in the next (clean slate) game.

    They did the same thing with dino crisis - wonderful cliffhanger in part 2, only to be followed up by zombie dinosaurs in space that had *nothing* to do with the first two games.
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  • Dragon Age 2 combat walkthrough

  • Paperghost 17/12/2010

    "But what happens if we play it more tactically?"I think the question is: why bother when simply charging in and hacking away seemed to obliterate everyone in view? Still not convinced by this one. Reply +3
  • Amazon buying second-hand games

  • Paperghost 11/12/2010

    well, that's one way EA & others can stop used game sales: amazon confirmed they will not accept medal of honor tier 1 edition, ONLY the one called "limited edition" - despite the only difference between the two being the "x edition" printed on the front of the box. as far as i'm aware, the content of both is identical (and as they're going to be used copies, its extremely unlikely any of the bonus DLC codes would still work which makes it even sillier).

    I guess we can expect hundreds of identical "editions" coming down the pipeline for titles in the future, then.
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  • Paperghost 10/12/2010

    "I never sell games, but even if i did i wouldn't use this."

    Not even if you had a game they listed for a good price? Ł25 quid is excellent for MoH, especially if you already picked it up cheap. Definitely wouldn't get anywhere near that in game...

    edit to add:

    "Note that Amazon will only accept up to three game trade-ins from you in three months - a limit that seems very low."

    I don't think that's correct - the FAQs say its three copies of the *same* game.
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  • Why I Love… Wheelman

  • Paperghost 26/11/2010

    This was a brilliant game until the level that involved chasing the train through the tunnels. Quickly lost interest after that bit... Reply -1
  • Fallout: New Vegas DLC raises level cap

  • Paperghost 25/11/2010

    "I think this time I'm going to wait for the inevitable disc pack of all the expansions, it'll be like getting a whole new game that way rather than 3-10 extra hours a time."

    Did this with fallout 3, and it ended up generating a few additional complete playthroughs that wouldn't have otherwise happened. will be bloody hard not to jump on this as soon as it hits, but given the huge shambles involved in the original DLC releases that might be all the incentive I need to hang back.

    / edit - lol at "Yeah, whatever" perk. that auto turn thing has got me killed by packs of deathclaws so many times.
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  • Black Ops sold how many this week?

  • Paperghost 15/11/2010

    I've haddock up to here with this plaice. Reply +40
  • Saints Row film set for Dec reveal

  • Paperghost 12/11/2010

    If they make the lead character the cockney wideboy then this will be the greatest film of the year regardless of quality, length, acting skills or plot. Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Paperghost 09/11/2010

    "and it would be atrocious if simply coming up with a new script and a bundle of levels would keep the accolades pouring in every year."

    Six 100/100 scores on metacritic already.
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  • Naughty Bear 2, Wet 2 announced

  • Paperghost 08/11/2010

    Wet was awesome, count me in. Reply +4
  • "Comprehensive" patch for New Vegas

  • Paperghost 08/11/2010


    I had a similar problem - before leaving a legion base, I put on some of their armour then used it to repair an item of clothing. because I hadn't physically removed the armour as such (just opened up repair and combined it with something else) the game didn't register that I'd taken the thing off (in a roundabout fashion).

    if that happens to anyone else, just grab the "missing" armour from the faction in question, put it on and take it off again. you won't be randomly attacked anymore.
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  • Paperghost 08/11/2010

    about 70 hours in, the game is starting to collapse under its own weight a little now i think as certain bugs start to happen more and more. most common for me at this point:

    * reputation with a faction will simply vanish from the status screen, which may result in members of that faction randomly attacking me but only in specific map areas (i can travel through most of the strip but at one certain point NCR will attack).

    * companions either randomly stop following me, or refuse to go inside buildings.

    * The game seems to constantly lock up if trying to load up a quicksave now, it'll get stuck on the loading screen.

    * Bits of inventory will just vanish (lost about 30 jet earlier).

    * faction armour bug, where the game doesn't realise you took off NCR armour and then you walk into a legion camp and get shot to pieces.

    On the flip side - 70 hours in, i've had at least 3 moments where i thought "argh, this will end soon" only to breath easy as i see another 10 quests pop up. it took me an age to get through the 39 i've completed, and i've heard there are something like 163 in total (which may or may not include the unmarked ones), along with something like 130 odd locations found out of about 400 or so which suits me fine.

    also: awesome companion missions, companions in general that are similarly interesting, regular missions that weave in and out of said quests, tons of quests linked to general world exploration, looting, multiple ways to go about things throughout the game, a truly mindboggling array of options linked to the endgame, genuinely well thought out motivations for all factions, locations that are worth visiting over time as they actually change / add new characters & missions, tons of small details that make the world feel alive....i'm amazed the game works at all, to be honest. well worth putting up with the bugs - 70 hours in, i'd done everything there was to do in FO3. i've barely scratched the surface of this one - easily my GOTY.
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  • Where is the price of COD cheapest?

  • Paperghost 08/11/2010

    "Two new reviews I've seen today. One says it's the best COD yet, the other says it's the best FPS of the year, better than Halo Reach."

    if they're online, can you link to them or are they from magazines?
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  • Paperghost 08/11/2010

    "I've already seen reviews of 9.5 for Black Ops."

    Where, though - in a mag? there's nothing online as everything appears to be under embargo, besides one or two poorly written ones from people on blogs that got the game early.
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  • New Dragon Age 2 trailer

  • Paperghost 27/10/2010

    Every time I see something new from this game it makes me want to hide.I was hoping the "gameplay" on display might show us something other than hack/slash/chop/stab - apparently not.This looks like every generic hack & slash game I've ever seen - either Bioware are holding back the things that made the original interesting until the last moment, or this is all there actually is to it.Not sure if want... Reply 0
  • RDR standalone DLC disc dated

  • Paperghost 26/10/2010

    i don't have RDR anymore, so i'm guessing the 1600 points bundle isn't going to cut the mustard for me... Reply +4
  • Costume Quest

  • Paperghost 21/10/2010

    love this game. as has been mentioned in the XBLA thread though, there's no manual save and as the game is based around "wander everywhere, do stuff and get a save only once you complete an objective" you can end up losing a fair bit of progress if you're unable to complete a quest in time. the game screams "just a little bit longer", but i tend to find I keep playing then lose progress due to not getting another save before i go to bed or whatever.

    particularly annoying: you can go back to your house and listen to the kid whine about it, but I can't do something practical like save there? doh.

    apart from the saving annoyance, the game is excellent.
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  • Latest RDR Undead Nightmare footage

  • Paperghost 19/10/2010

    "Where does this fit in the timeliine?"massive endgame spoilers:I've read it is supposed to be sometime between John going home and, er....the bit that comes after that :(presumably this is when he was experimenting with exotic native american peace pipes. Reply -1
  • Dino Crisis, Onimusha not forgotten

  • Paperghost 19/10/2010

    "I don't even remember a Dino Crsis 3."

    Dinos. In. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
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  • Paperghost 19/10/2010

    We don't want a reboot of DC, we want a bloody resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of part 2. Reply +1
  • The making of Deliver Hope

  • Paperghost 18/10/2010

    hands up from everyone who thought the trailer represented events from the reach game. I was somewhat baffled to find out these events take place on some other planet (this is how kat loses her arm), and the guy with the jetpack is the one Six replaces. the trailers for the halo games are always excellent - especially the live stuff - but there's always been such a peculiar disconnect between the ad content and the content of the games themselves.

    also: make a bloody film already.

    / edit, because "hand up everyone" sounds like it fell out of a copy of Viz.
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  • Red Dead standalone DLC disc bundle

  • Paperghost 15/10/2010

    Did a dev say twelve? I've seen another piece on this that claimed five, tops. tbh I always go with the lower estimate as there's nothing more predictable than a dev claiming their DLC has about three times the amount of content / game length their DLC actually contains. Reply +2
  • Alan Wake: The Writer

  • Paperghost 14/10/2010

    ignoring the needless babble in the review, the final chunk is bang on the money. the end? there is no end, the DLC basically reruns the ending from both the main game and the signal with the mildest of changes, and still explains nothing while leaving everything hanging. i imagine that's because they mapped this DLC out with a third and probably final piece of DLC in mind, before they found out the extra episodes would be canned. so what you're left with is hugely meh inducing as any sort of resolution to the game.

    never been a fan of the "resolve the story through the DLC" route, as theres never any guarantee all the required bits and pieces will ever be released.
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  • Alan Wake: The Writer trailer

  • Paperghost 08/10/2010

    I'm hoping 0:53 is an intentional "do a barrel roll" moment. Reply 0
  • Story-based Mafia II DLC announced

  • Paperghost 17/09/2010

    @metalangel theres a train station with tracks and a bunch of (non moving) trains in there, you can get to it at any time (i only came across it by accident in the jimmy DLC).

    theres also an entire Projects style section of the map, amazing to look at and entirely unused in the main game. theres so much cool stuff in that map, yet entirely pointless at present.
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  • Paperghost 16/09/2010

    i don't think i've seen a game with so much dlc right from the start. i wonder if they'll claim this wasn't cut out too? Reply +2
  • EA: No consumer backlash to Online Pass

  • Paperghost 15/09/2010

    i remember this being originally promoted as "consumers love the idea of getting premium content for the extra money".

    now its "consumers need to understand bandwidth isn't free".

    next it'll be "it sucks but we're doing it anyway. cya".
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  • Dead Rising prologue breaks records

  • Paperghost 09/09/2010

    definitely buying the second one.

    interesting how many people its caused to rush out and purchase the first game again, myself included.
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  • Dragon Age: Origins - DLC Roundup

  • Paperghost 09/09/2010

    just finished it - i assume there are different endings, but good lord - that was absolutely shockingly awful, both as a "resolution" to the morrigan storyline and as the final piece of content for this game in general.

    / edit - the ending was bugged too, because morrigan swore blind that something didn't happen in DA (even though it did), meaning i probably got the crap ending incorrectly.


    / more edits - so it seems depending on where your character comes from (post coronation, post game, awakenings etc etc) morrigan might not recognise your ingame choices, which prevents you from getting various endings. bioware are now "looking for volunteers to test the witch hunt patch".

    double ffs.
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  • Paperghost 09/09/2010

    haven't enjoyed witch hunt at all so far, as the review says just a couple of short trawls through recycled locations coupled with "find 4 of this object". barely a mention of morrigan, and now i'm at what i assume is the final bit - about an hour and a half into it.

    absolutely shocking treatment, considering how important morrigan is to the end of the first game, how much oomph her ending can have depending on what you do and the fact she won the "most popular character" on the bioware site by a country mile. at worst, i'd have expected this to be tied up in an Awakenings style campaign - at best, it could have easily been the main quest for DA2. but as i've mentioned elsewhere, we're now getting major plot points tied up in optional DLC (see: return of a major character in FEAR 3, the shadow broker DLC for mass effect) and now this.

    really dreading the finale of witch hunt now.

    / various edits due to keyboard acting up
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