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  • Jelly Deals: 10% off a £40 or more spend today through Argos

  • Pac 01/02/2018

    Yeah great. They have Sold out of PS4 Pro (Unless you buy overpriced bundle). and Xbox One x. I already have a Switch. Reply 0
  • The slow disappearing act of Demon's Souls

  • Pac 02/12/2017

    Kings field 2. Now that was a game. Played it for months until it crashed and would not go any further and then searched everywhere for a second copy so I could complete it. Graphics were horrendous and it was heartrendingly slow but still utterly compelling. Moonlight Greatsword was in there too and it was awesome.
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  • Enter the Gungeon just got a ton of new free content on PC

  • Pac 27/01/2017

    "and the ability to save and quit at the end of each floor"

    Sweet. I am finally going to get past level three. Great game but difficulty and complete restart stopped me playing.

    Ehhm...Unless it's one of those save and quit and when you restart it deletes your save. Someone tell me it's not. is isn't it? Balls!
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  • Space Grunts is a turn-based spin on Nuclear Throne

  • Pac 08/01/2016

    I see this is currently on early access on steam and then coming later on Android IOS etc. If I buy this on steam now will have to pay again on Android? I assume so. I just bought Iron Throne on PC and again on PS4 and that's not great. Its about time something was done to simplify these cross purchases so the consumer is not having to pay for the same game multiple times. Or is that the idea? Reply 0
  • Jailed motorist tells police he learned to drive on his PlayStation

  • Pac 23/09/2015

    I wonder if it was an automatic. He did quite well if it was manual. Not sure any driving game has nailed clutch control yet. Reply +24
  • Bloodborne patch 1.03 released

  • Pac 23/04/2015

    This will probably improve my games as well. As I used to have a glass of wine during the loading screens. Reply +4
  • Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes review

  • Pac 09/01/2015

    Anyone tried to play this on the move? Tried Android version on the train on my Nexus. laggy as hell and kept kicking me out when it lost 3G coverage for more than a couple of seconds. And that was just single player. I hate mobile games that need to be connected. Would rather pay some kind of fee and get single player content that actually works.

    PS. I only use the nexus on the train.
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  • 10 minutes of Dark Souls 2 gameplay revealed

  • Pac 11/04/2013

    That monster breaking through the wall at 8:20 is just brilliant. Looks like there will be all sorts of stand out/unusual gameplay moments in DS2. Just replayed DS again. There are still no better games than DS out at the moment! Reply 0
  • Mansions of Madness review

  • Pac 02/04/2013

    Best game ever. The game also looks fantastic especially if you take the time to paint the figures. I usually play with 2 people and it works absolutely fine. In fact I prefer it with two but I would recommend that the player using the investigators take 2 or even better 3 along. Reply 0
  • Devil May Cry Bloody Palace mode comes with post-launch title update

  • Pac 09/01/2013


    Boy we're sure gonna look daft if we find out that Kaonazhie is a blind amputee!
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  • Pac 09/01/2013


    Didn't you switch to LT+B for one or two enemies on hard, as they are immune to the RT+B power. I know I did:)

    Seriously I thought it was pretty good. Only wish I could afford a new game at the moment :(
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  • A Dark Souls 2 inkling: first flakes of artwork flutter out

  • Pac 22/12/2012

    I would love the prospect of arranged multiplayer in D's but I think they would need to integrate it really carefully in order to keep the difficulty balance and atmosphere the Same. Its hard line to tread and I wonder where they will try and take it next. There is something unique in the way the system is now. In that sometimes you are looking for help and instead you get a stab in the back. Reply 0
  • Pac 21/12/2012

    Amazing how their game artwork is so much more evocative than any one else's. I'm already excited by this. Reply +38
  • Eurogamer Christmas update plans

  • Pac 21/12/2012

    I Hope snuggly the crow will be bringing something that is either warm or soft to all EG readers. Happy chrimbo guys. Reply +1
  • Pac 21/12/2012

    Happy Christmas EG and thanks for another year of excellent news and reviews. Hope Santa brings you all you desire. It's been many years now and you're still head and shoulders over the rest. Long may it continue. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 6 day-one patch breaks PSN copies

  • Pac 03/10/2012


    Completely agree with your post. The game is not perfect but it is far from the disaster that some people are claiming. I have played it for 6hrs or so and I think it is better than RE5.
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  • A horse named Gizmondo: The inside story of the world's greatest failed console

  • Pac 06/08/2012

    Hilarious article.

    This made me chuckle:

    "At that point I was willing to get on a plane to China and start making them myself. Just to make the bollocking stop. Even if there wasn't enough silicone, I didn't care. I would have gone out and gotten some sand and hit it with a hammer as many times as it took to make chips."

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  • Board Games Are Back

  • Pac 03/08/2012

    Anyone tried Super Dungeon Explore? It's a crazy video game inspired board game. The figures are amazing and come in kit form. Great if you like painting. Here are some I did...

    SDE figures
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  • Resident Evil 6 Preview: The Grisly Details

  • Pac 02/08/2012

    "The three major puzzles in this section were surprisingly good, considering that a Resident Evil puzzle usually involves carrying a square peg to a square hole. All had totally different solutions that took a bit of head-scratching, and manipulation of the room's elements in non-obvious ways"

    Come on, this sounds pretty good right? Don't remember any puzzles in resi 5. Probably needs some head scratching to balance out the over the top action.

    Glad I can't play the demo though. Sounds like Capcom might have shot themselves in the foot a bit there.
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  • Sony's PlayStation Summer Sale starts tomorrow

  • Pac 31/07/2012


    "Well at least They're trying to compete".

    Would make more sense.
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  • Carmack: next-gen visuals "will be what we already have, but a lot better"

  • Pac 20/06/2012

    Way to state the obvious Carmack Reply -66
  • Release date for Union Jack-painted Xbox 360 4GB Celebration Pack

  • Pac 26/04/2012


    Funny how people are so selective about the past. Every nation has some degree of history that they are no longer proud of.

    What about the Spanish or the Portuguese were they not also involved in a colonial land grab. What about the Italians (Roman Empire)? Are these nations embarrassed by their national flag too? Don't think so.

    I am not very patriotic but I would rather see the Union Jack and remember all brave people who died fighting to save the world in the second World War, rather than see it as a symbol of the BNP.
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  • The Last Story trailer heads into battle

  • Pac 15/02/2012

    Looks fantastic. Really think they are pushing the limits of the Wii with this one. This video looks a little muddy though. Might be better in HD! Reply +1
  • BioShock Infinite: This is Hardcore

  • Pac 25/01/2012

    I really liked Bioshock 1 and thought Bioshock 2 was in many ways even better. However by the last level of B2 a real feeling of futility began to set in and I think it was because the player had TOO many choices and ways to play.

    For example, if I knew an attack was coming I could lay enough weapon and plasmid traps to destroy a small army, making feel overpowered. But if you just ran through blindly firing all the souped up weapons there was a real lack of control that just did not feel right.

    In the early stages this seemed to work but by the end there were just too many weapons/ammunition types and plasmids to make any use of them.

    That said, I am really looking forward to B infinite and so far it looks pretty awesome.
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  • Call of Cthulhu RPG hits iPhone and iPod January 2012

  • Pac 17/12/2011

    This looks OK but appears very combat heavy (could be wrong). Quite into the Mansions of Madness Boardgame (Arkham Horror spin off) at the moment. I have painted all the minis and everything. Also ordered the expansion (Forbidden Alchemy) which is in the post. Happy days. Now if only I can persuade the wife to play it more often. Reply +1
  • Heavy Rain completed by 74% of all users

  • Pac 06/12/2011

    I really wanted to like this game but didn't. In fact I just found the whole thing immensely depressing on every level. I couldn't connect with Ethan either and I am a father of two. Still managed to save all the characters though. I thought they deserved it after all they had done to them in the name of entertainment. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls patch 1.05 released, notes

  • Pac 23/11/2011

    Oh bollox. My crystal ring shield has gone from doing about 800 damage to 150. I always thought that it was a bit too good to be true. Reply +3
  • New Dizzy game in the works

  • Pac 22/11/2011

    This news has made me EGGstatic! I knew the Oliver Twins couldn't EGGnore us for ever. Reply 0
  • Skyrim Timelapse: World in Motion

  • Pac 21/11/2011


    I think the 3.8GB size means that it can fit on a single layer of a DVD disk. Not sure if there is a problem using dual layer DVDs as they have been used before. Could be that they are slower to stream data from or might just be because of the extra cost.
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  • Dark Souls gets a hardcore trailer

  • Pac 14/10/2011

    almost 40 hours in. Awesome game. Finished Blight Town yesterday thank God. That place was bloody horrible. At one point managed to get an disgusting egg sack stuck on my head. Glad to be back up top in Sens Fortress. Don't plan on returning to Blight Town/Swamp area any time soon. Reply 0
  • Pac 14/10/2011

    @GoodfellaExactly. Just saw most of the bosses I have not reached yet. The narration is awful too. No where near as good as the other trailers I have seen. They should stick with the overblown Orchestral pieces with crazy wailing over the top. Sometimes the soundtrack Freaks me out more than the game (in a good way). Reply +3
  • Aliens: Infestation

  • Pac 30/09/2011


    19! Christ on a bike, that's a lot of marines. @ £20 this games a no brainer. Ordered.
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  • Pac 30/09/2011

    Looks deliciously retro. Might dust of the old DS and kill me some mini aliens. Any word of game length? Did not see a mention of it in the review. Reply 0
  • New Zelda: Skyward Sword footage

  • Pac 21/07/2011

    The video quality on this clip is awful. Do you self a favour and wait for some decent footage to come out. Reply +2
  • Trenched

  • Pac 30/06/2011


    Both very good points. In my opinion we should give DF a little more time to respond before making a judgement. Sometimes peoples hands are tied in this business through no fault of their own.
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  • Resi Evil: Mercs 3D: no save data reset

  • Pac 27/06/2011


    "Not buying a new copy due to disagreeing with policys or content, is not a valid reason to pirate it."

    I never said it was. I do not agree with any form of I.P. theft for whatever reason. However you would have to very naive to believe that this move will not encourage piracy.

    Pirates are always looking for an excuse to justify their actions. This is just another that they can use.

    Should I spell it out?

    Pirates get the full game > second hand buyers get substandard game. Therefore any one thinking of pirating the game will have more reason to do so.

    Quite simple really.
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  • Pac 27/06/2011

    Great move Capcom. Enrage second hand buyers and encourage piracy. Genius. Reply +2
  • Out This Week - 24/06/11

  • Pac 20/06/2011

    SotD could be a winner. Holding by breath till the verdict tomorrow. Please don't fail me Suda... Reply +5
  • Retrospective: Moonstone

  • Pac 19/06/2011

    I loved this game to death. I got to the final confrontation in Stonehenge and the game crashed. Bought another copy and it did the same again. it still irks me today that I never got to see the ending. Would still play it again though. Reply +2
  • New LA Noire update goes live

  • Pac 18/06/2011


    There might be an even easier fix for you. Just stop playing it.

    It's a great game in small doses but not appreciated by everyone. I find the story and attention to detail fantastic myself.
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  • Witcher 2 Xbox easy difficulty is easier

  • Pac 16/06/2011

    Perhaps they should just look at all the difficulty settings as the "Easy" setting is already far too easy. It's the "Normal" difficulty setting that has daft spikes. E.g. the Endrega Queen surrounded by trees which makes it impossible to roll properly. Reply 0
  • Will Conan Movie Save Age of Conan?

  • Pac 26/05/2011

    The original Dino De Laurentiis/John Milius, Conan The Barbarian, was a masterpiece but had little to do with Howard's books. Very much doubt that this new film will be as good. Reply 0
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

  • Pac 20/05/2011


    Well said that man. You have basically summed up the best points of this game that I have experienced so far. I have an 4 year old PC and that first level still looks fantastic and the game works really well with an Xbox pad. I found the combat hard as rock until I started using the "semi" pause all the time to dish out different magic and bombs and buy myself some time to decide whether to attack, doge or parry. Good job too, as I hate setting a game to easy just to get past a difficulty spike.
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  • BioWare's Mike Laidlaw: A defence of Dragon Age II

  • Pac 11/03/2011

    I may be alone on this but after recently completing DA:O on the PC and having also completed BG and BG2 when they first came out I am actually liking the combat in DA 2 much more than I thought I would. Due to the fact that the combat seems more visceral and less prone to ridiculous path, finding, aiming and A.I. problems which plagued DA:O

    I'll give you a good example: In one part of the DA:O you confront a mage and host of troops from a raised platform. After the combat begins you try and target the enemies below in the normal fashion only to find that due to the awful targeting/A.I. it is impossible for any of your party to get a lock with either spells or missiles. The only way you can get at the enemies is to take a nice long walk to the end of the platform down some stairs and confront them head on in the area below. Meanwhile the high level mage and 9 or 10 archers and knights are pounding your party from below, seemingly oblivious to the difference in height. The only way I found to resolve this encounter was to run away in to some previous rooms and draw the enemy out one by one so my party had a fighting chance. This kind of problem crops up all the time in the game and in my opinion serves to erode any sense of satisfaction or immersion you get from the combat.

    In the end I spent 90% of my time in DAO exploiting a really cheap flaw in the enemy A.I. rather than actually squaring up to the enemy and I do not see why this really any better than mashing the A button.

    To be honest it is too early for me to tell if all these issues have been resolved in DA 2 but right now I actually welcome the change to more simple visceral combat, Even if it comes at the expense of a little over simplification.
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  • Dragon Age II campaign shorter than DA's

  • Pac 02/03/2011


    I agree, DAO does drag on a little, however I am not sure it was any longer than Boulder's Gate 2 (as that game was huge). You still have plenty to do. I left Orzammar till last and it takes bloody ages. however it is worth persevering as the Deep Roads are actually pretty good. I left it for about 6 months and just finished it last night. Hoping to get the rest of the game finished in the next couple of days.

    Edit: DOA, DAO, bloody acronyms will be the death of me
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  • Gray Matter

  • Pac 25/02/2011

    Shame. Really wanted to get this as the 2D backgrounds remind me of Kings Quest etc. Might wait till it drops in price and then buy it. Then end up regretting it. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 1.5x as big as Demon's Souls

  • Pac 24/02/2011

    Does it still have red eyed knights?

    Cannot wait for this game.
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  • Pac 24/02/2011


    Yep. Follow the link in the article for the crazy speedrun.

    Took me a bit longer I seem to remember. More like two weeks longer.
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  • Android on your telly via PS3, 360

  • Pac 18/02/2011


    Exactly. F**k the Xbox, PS3 and Wii I have stuck under the telly. Let's play on a game designed for a 3 inch screen on it instead.

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  • Tesco selling Nintendo 3DS for £158

  • Pac 15/02/2011

    It's legit. £162 including delivery. It's Blue but who cares. Pilot wings here we come. Reply 0