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  • Lego The Hobbit review

  • Osahi 16/04/2014

    Got every Lego game to date (and loved most of them, of not all), but I'm going to sit this one out, although I am a Tolkien fan (and I even like the films. Hush!).

    Shall pick this one up on PS4 when it's down to 20 euro's or something like that, or when the inevitable complete edition arrives in the wake of the third movie
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  • Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • Osahi 12/04/2014

    Not sure if this is good news for X360, or bad for Xbox One

    (I shelled out for an Xbox One with Titanfall in bundle, as I was planning to getting one for the exclusives anyway. But now I'm thinking I've could've waited as every multiplat game I'll get on PS4 anyway)
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  • A glimpse at The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

  • Osahi 10/04/2014

    I loved that scène. I freakin' did. It was such a beautiful moment of breath between the horrors, and just a short bit ahead of the inevitable ending...

    And yeah, I'm so double dipping. It's my game of the previous gen. Won't mind playing trough it a fourth time.
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  • Looks like the Metro games are coming to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Osahi 31/03/2014

    Loved the original version, but didn't finish it due to other games taking over (for instance Last of Us, where I kept coming back too).

    Think I'll just sell my PS3 version (have it now on plus anyway) and double dip.

    EDIT. Woops, seems like it's the original, not Last Light (although it seems like it's included?). 2033. Will gladly play that one for the first time then!
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  • World War 2 shooter Enemy Front now has a release date

  • Osahi 27/03/2014

    @thecroydonbfg Because in the 1800s Wars were fought with guns that could fire maybe once in 2 minutes, with about zero accuracy. Soldiers stood side by side, row on row while firing on each other. The tension just being: hope the other guy across me's gonna miss. Just wouldn't make for a fun shooter... Same reason they don't do World War I games. You know, target practice from trenches ain't all that fun, let alone storming into machinegun fire...

    And this, well, looks pretty much like shit. Just like those Sniper-games.
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  • PS4 and Xbox One version of Strike Suit Zero out next month

  • Osahi 27/03/2014

    @riceNpea Colony Wars was awesome. I do hope Sony blows the dust of that franchise once. How awesome would a tripple A sequel or reboot be? But I guess the market for space shooters is to small these days.

    I'll definitaly pick this one up though, just because I really long for another dogfight space shooter thing since years. Although the reviews of the PC edition aren't all that great, so let's hope the Director's Cut fixes a lot of the issues.
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  • Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

  • Osahi 24/03/2014

    @Playstationman 15 upvotes, 5 downvotes. 15 - 5 = 10 Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • Osahi 21/03/2014

    Definitaly the most interesting setting since the renaissance. The stuff I missed the most in III and IV were citys were the streets were paved by history. Boston, New York, ... they were small and young cities, with not very interesting lay outs (blocks and straight streets). Only Havana had a real history feel to it, but was small too.

    Paris is massive. Paris has history. + the revolution is an awesome timeframe (that took many decennia, counter-revolutions and such), where history and the worldview really shifted. Just like in the renaissance. (It helps I know it better then American Revolution, which isn't tought at all here in history class (in Belgium) )

    It also helps I'm a Paris freak (visit once a year and love the city). Looking forward to discovering the streets before Beron Hausman levelled the city and made it how it is now.

    Only thing the game needs now, is better stealth (dedicated button) and better missions (not hundreds of eavedrop shit) and I'm prepared to fall in love all over again, like I did with AC2... (I liked the follow ups to, even III, but never that much. Law of diminishing returns. The ships in III and IV helped though to respark my interest)

    Wondering if naval battles are back btw. The French had a fleet, but not sure if it played a great part in the Revolution.
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  • Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

  • Osahi 17/03/2014

    @Dizzy Fifa was released in 2013. Titanfall has double the sales Fifa made in 2014. Guess Fifa is still way ahead.

    Looking forward to precise numbers btw. And wondering what InFamous will do next week. The boost in sales was expected, and deserved (I got an Xbox One to this week, sitting next my launch PS4), but Titanfall isn't actually the revolution the hype wants us te believe.
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  • Catherine retrospective

  • Osahi 16/03/2014

    Instantly imported the US pizza box edition when it was anounced (and when it wasn't sure yet if it would ever came to these shores) and loved every minute of it. This makes me crave another playtrough... Reply +4
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Titanfall

  • Osahi 15/03/2014

    Bought an Xbox One for it (planning on getting one anyway, the free Titanfall included reeled me in) and don't have any regrets. It's terribly fun, even for someone like me who lost all interest in online shooters after COD4 (I had a little renaissance with Battlefield 4 on PS4, which is probably the game I played most since launch).

    But yeah, apart from the incredible fun it is to play, it's not the revolution it was hyped to be in a long shot. The introduction of mechs, the friendliness to n00bs like me and the parcour are really cool stuff that spices things up, but once those settle in, the lack of new types of play modes, weapons (altough i prefer bullets over lasers anytime) and character types you haven't seen before and the static environments make it feel much closer to COD then you'd want or expect.

    And yeah, graphicly it's just... functional. The art direction is cool, but doesn't always have the room to shine. A darn shame, especially as COD4 was a game that kinda blew me of my feet on my then brandnew PS3... You kind of wonder if it's due to the new and smaller team and less recourses (although I expect MS to have invested a ton), or the Xbox One. The biggest exclusive isn't exactly the game to show of your brand new console, while inFamous Second Son on PS4 just goddamn shines your eyes out with beauty. (Check the PS4 share pics on Gaf!)

    But then again, the joy the game brings trough it's perfect balance can't be recommended enough. It's fast, it's fun, and it made me love online shooters again. Just a darn shame Respawn didn't went all out with the concept en the potential.
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  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the best, most expensive demo ever made

  • Osahi 05/03/2014

    Hmm, doesn't the trailer for those console specific 'Vu'-missions hint to how you unlock them. I remember the 'Jamais Vu' one saying at the end 'as payment you only need the exo badges you collected' or something like that, so I expect you need a certain amount (or all) dogtags or something like that to unlock them? Reply 0
  • GameStop selling Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £370

  • Osahi 25/02/2014

    Ordered mine from Amazon yesterday, as I'm relativly sure it'll arrive safely here in Belgium and I have no experience with Gamestop or Shopto (if they even ship abroad at all)

    Was planning on getting an Xbox One this month (some shops here with international mother holdings have them readily in stock, although officially he isn't available) as I'm receiving a bonus, this just saves me about 70 euro's.

    Main system of choice will stay PS4 though. Been enjoying it enormously since launch and it seems the system to go to for multiplatform games. Getting the Xbox One mainly to play some exclusives like Titanfall, Below and Sunset Overdrive...
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  • This piracy-enabling 3DS flashcard tried to prevent itself from being pirated

  • Osahi 20/01/2014

    @Drburgess As someone whose part of his income as a screenwriter depends on intellectual property I can honestly say you are full of shit and have no idea what effects piracy can have.

    Piracy defenders always defend 'the little artist' who is fucked over by big companies, but the reality is much more nuanced then that (those big companies are usually the one taking the financial risk for instance. And being fucked over can also mean you didn't negotiate your terms all that well. But I'm not saying there aren't any misuses. The situation I'm in with droit d'auteur is better regulated and more protective for the artist then the Anglo-American copyright system)

    But piracy fucks the little artist over too. It deprives him from income. It makes that his work doesn't sell as much as it could, so his market worth lowers, etc.

    It's not because a movie, game or song isn't physical, it's your right to consume it without paying for it.
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  • Osahi 20/01/2014

    @Crosshash Just see your edit now.

    I think an iPhone is grocely overpriced. Better steal one then don't I? It's all up to Nintendo to ask what they want for their games. If you don't think the game is worth that much, you don't buy it. Just like I think an iPhone is overpriced, so I don't buy one but go for a cheaper altrnative instead
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  • Osahi 20/01/2014

    Sensationalist title much?

    These carts let users run their own code. They are usually used for piracy. They are in some occasions used for homebrew.
    Fixed your quote a bit to reflect the reality more

    Sorry, but I can't feel sorry for people who use flash cards to pirate games.
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  • Titanfall test gameplay footage hits the internet

  • Osahi 20/01/2014

    Looks very impressive, but I'm not sure if it's my cup of tea at all. Looks very COD style gameplaywise, although the parcours and offcourse The Titan look very cool. Just got a bit fed up with this kind of multiplayer and I don't really see the unique selling proposition to lure me back in yet. Will stick to the bigger and destrucible warfare of Battlefield 4 and I'm more charmed by stuff like Evolve and Destiny to be honest

    I'm probably totally wrong with my presumptions about this, and if it (or his sequel) is still exclusive by the time I get my Xbox One (probably after a pricedrop. System isn't released here yet anyway) this will surely be one of the games I get (for the moment there just isn't anything else on Xbox One that fancies me anyway)
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  • Don't Starve review

  • Osahi 15/01/2014

    Frogs? I started chopping a tree, it turned out to be an Ent not to cozy of getting an axe to his skin. He murdered my ass in two seconds Reply +10
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind release date spotted

  • Osahi 15/01/2014

    @andy25801 Hold your horses. The part in the text that covers the weird date wasn't there when I commented. Reply 0
  • Osahi 15/01/2014

    That's a friday. Doesn't the store update on tuesdays and wednesdays? Probably a marketing decision to give it it's special day.

    Can't wait btw
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  • PS4 survival horror Outlast coming free to PlayStation Plus

  • Osahi 14/01/2014

    This way I'll never get trough my backlog. I tend to only play these kind of indies I get with Plus, because I can never finish the bigies. Only to discover sometimes that you can sink more hours in the indie you tought was a shorter, smaller adventure, then in the tripple A's Sony throws at you

    Tried out Don't Starve this weekend and I know it'll keep me from other games for some time. Difficult start, but once I got to grips with the mechanics and started to peel away the layers I couldn't stop playing (till I died offcourse). Planning on settling a new survival record this evening.
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  • Six Japanese import PS1 titles dated for PlayStation Store

  • Osahi 13/01/2014

    I want Chrono Cross from the US... Reply +6
  • Games of 2013: The Last of Us

  • Osahi 21/12/2013

    I'm not fond of multiplayer, but I played this quite a lot until other games got my attantion. It is indeed fabulous in the way it breaks the mold of what you expect of online shooters. It's slow, thoughtfull and fits the main narrative perfectly. Should fire it up again to see the DLC Reply +14
  • Shooting cars: The art of Gran Turismo 6's photography

  • Osahi 19/12/2013

    I loved the photo mode in GT5, more than the racing part (hate the grind). I plan to skip GT6, but if I would be able to get it cheap, I might get it just to snap shots ^^ Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013 voting

  • Osahi 06/12/2013

    No Rayman Legends. You should be ashamed for this oversight Eurogamer. Deeply ashamed Reply +4
  • The fixing begins: DICE issues Battlefield 4 updates

  • Osahi 06/12/2013

    Even with all the bugs, it's still the most fun I had on next gen for now. It works most of the time, but crashes seem to occur a lot because I just play alot too.

    Just a shame there is still no fix for the save bug.
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  • The Walking Dead: Season Two finally gets a release date

  • Osahi 06/12/2013

    Just wondering if there is a way for cross generational saves. I'd love to pick this up on PS4, but I want my decisions to carry over from the first game on PS3 Reply 0
  • PS3 platformer Ratchet & Clank: Nexus rated for Vita

  • Osahi 05/12/2013

    Well, in the Trophy List in PS3 you could allready see it was a combined list for PS3 ánd Vita...

    Made a grab of it on PS4:

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  • DICE has halted "future projects" while it fixes Battlefield 4

  • Osahi 04/12/2013

    I don't have all that much trouble with the MP on PS4, although I get kicked sometimes (even completely out of the game) and found it yesterday impossible to start an Oblitaration match. Every time I selected the mode I got put in a Team Deathmatch game... But when it works, and it does for most of the time, I have a bloody good time. I don't even like online gameplay all that much, and am fed up by it pretty quickly. But this got me completely hooked and addicted

    I do suffer from the save bug though. All my singleplayer progress gone. :(
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • Osahi 04/12/2013

    This is so many levels of fucked up. Especially as Gran Turismo has always been a terrible grind. Seems like they won't fix that now, why would they, of the can cash on it?

    Microtransactions in F2P-games: all good if it isn't pay to win. MT in full priced titles: get f-in lost
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  • TimeSplitters 2 retrospective

  • Osahi 01/12/2013

    I absolutely loved this game and it is one of the few games I completely ripped appart for hours and hours. Never got that 100% though (I was in the 96% ballpark), and that still aches. The difficulty in singleplayer did me in...

    Also. Stumpy was the best freakin multiplayer character ever. Small, with an evil grin and fast. The terror on my friends faces when a rocket launching little clown came arround the corner to frag them still gives me sweet dreams at night

    I really hope the fan remake stuff gets to PS4...
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  • They give us 500 gigs and expect us to smile?!

  • Osahi 30/11/2013

    500GB is small as game sizes are huge. But luckily the install times are so darn fast on PS4 it would bother me less then on PS3 to delete some install data.

    It changes when you download your titles though. But at the prices they go now I don't suppose too many people will do that. PlayStation Plus is a whole other story though, and I guess when the PS4 Instant Game Collection kicks off with something else than indies (not that I'm complaining. Resogun is a BLAST), that 500GB will feel little too soon
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  • Lego The Hobbit video game due out next year

  • Osahi 25/11/2013

    "But unlike other Lego releases, the game will only include action from two films out of a trilogy - Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the upcoming Desolation of Smaug."

    Lego The Hobbit 2 confirmed
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  • Persona 5 a PS3 exclusive out in 2014

  • Osahi 25/11/2013

    Too bad it's not on PS4. I guess when it releases here my PS3 will allready be back in his box. Ah well, easy to re-install him in the living room Reply 0
  • PSN EU resets many user passwords as a "precautionary measure"

  • Osahi 21/11/2013

    @blarty No shit, Sherlock. I was just thinking what I could've done. Could be that all those accounts were reset for different reasones, no?

    Another possibility is that someone tried to log in to all those accounts (the log in ID's are out there since the breach, no?) but failed. But Sony took precautions anyway. Had the same kind of thing happen on gmail once when I mystyped my password 3 times or so in a row I've got a mail there was possibly somebody trying to breach my mailbox and I should change my password.
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  • Osahi 21/11/2013

    I asked the support guy why they deemed my accound activity suspicous.

    Hi Osahi_be,

    We don't make this information public as it could potentially assist people in subverting security measures. I can assure you there was no specific issues with anyone's accounts and if there way you would have been contacted directly. This was done as a precaution.

    Well, seems like I'll never know why. (But I can understand why they don't disclose that info)

    Only thing I can think of is that I gave my ID (not my password) to an unofficial Trophy-website that gave info regarding the rarity of your trophy's (Clicked a link somewhere when someone referred to that site when the news came trophy rarity is something the PS4 now lists)
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  • Osahi 21/11/2013

    Had it happen to me too last night. After I quit watching a blu ray I noticed a 'password and log in are incorrect'-message. Little panick, but I was able to reset the password in less then 5 minutes. Imidiatly checked account info to see if anyone bought stuff or something...

    I'm a bit reassured now, although I'd want to know what activity was so suspicious on my account
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  • Forza Motorsport 5 review

  • Osahi 20/11/2013

    Had expected it to be the crown jewel on the Xbox One launch... Seems not the case, just like my expected PS4 crown jewel (Killzone) seems to fall short.

    I really should stop making predictions
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  • Full length trailer for the Need for Speed movie looks stupid/amazing

  • Osahi 19/11/2013

    This looks positivily awfull.

    But then again. Fast cars! Explosions! Chicks! Rough Voices! REVEEEEEEEEENGEEEEE!
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  • Need for Speed: Rivals review

  • Osahi 18/11/2013

    Think I'll pick this up with my PS4 next week Reply +11
  • The re-making of XCOM

  • Osahi 15/11/2013

    @benjamineugenenelson I know. I played the hell out of this game Reply 0
  • Naughty Dog unveils Uncharted for PS4 with teaser trailer

  • Osahi 15/11/2013

    Yey! I had expected a new Uncharted, and then a new IP from the other team later on in the life cycle. Have the feeling they'll do something new. Hope there is Nathan, but from the trailer I can't shake the idea this will not be contamporary, but maybe stars Sir Francis? (Will be totally wrong for sure. Second guess is the voice over is the bad guy who suffered because of Nate)

    Sure Gaffers wil pick that teaser appart for clues.
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  • This is how long it takes Xbox One to switch on

  • Osahi 14/11/2013

    What's really important to me is how much time I'll loose skipping trough dashboardpages loaded with adds before I find the square which boots up the game I want to play (Looks like the add-stuff isn't an issue here. So: good!) Reply +3
  • Need for Speed Rivals runs at 1080p on Xbox One and PS4

  • Osahi 13/11/2013

    Looking exactly the same too comparing those images. Alltough to me it doesn't really feel like next gen graphics. Maybe in motion? Reply +9
  • All the PS4 launch games and their install sizes

  • Osahi 13/11/2013

    Well, I'll probably swap the HDD sooner rather than later then. I'm wondering if the installs from disc are as big or not. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 doesn't support 3D Blu-rays

  • Osahi 13/11/2013

    @xCameleonx It is. I recently bought a 3D LG 42 inch with passive 3D for 529 euros. Little more then the price of an Xbox One. Quality is very good (only a little ghosting appears on subtitles from time to time). You have to wear glasses ofcourse with passive 3D (it's not the same as glasses-less 3D), but they are more comfortable to the eyes and a bit lighter then active glasses

    The no 3D-support is a little snafu imo, but I'm sure it'll be patched soon. For the moment the plan was to use the PS3 als standard blu ray player anyway, as I'm moving him from my game place to the living room (where the 3D tellie is) when the PS4 arrives...
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed to 2014

  • Osahi 01/11/2013

    Seems like it could use some extra work. There is clearly a subtitling bug at 5,47 as it sais the Dutch 'in je gezicht' in stead of 'in your face'.

    Bad translation too.

    Seriously now, the cut scènes look far more interesting than the actual gameplay. But seems fun nonetheless.
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  • This is Contrast, the indie game that fills DriveClub's PS4 launch slot

  • Osahi 31/10/2013

    Was one of the indies I intended to get on launch. For free is all the better, although the delay of Driveclub still sucks (but maybe for the better, because the version I played wasn't exactly what I had hoped for a next gen racer) Reply +1
  • Games of the Generation: The Last of Us

  • Osahi 25/10/2013

    Defenitaly my GOTY, with GTAV in a close behind. Bioshock Infinite just fell apart in the second half of the game for me.

    TLOU is fighting hard with RDR for Game of the Generation too. It was the most moving experience I had in gaming since I began 20 odd years ago, and it's a game to show anyone who claims game are not maturing.
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins review

  • Osahi 25/10/2013

    Good I didn't preorder then, but decided to pick it up at a later date. It is not so much because I didn't have faith in the new team, more because I never got around finishing Arkham City. How much I loved Arkham Asylum (one of my favourite games of this gen), the open world of City put me off. Altough I understand why people love an open world Gotham (or part of Gotham), to me it made the game feel unfocussed, there where Asylum was tight knit and just perfect in scope, focus, ...

    Must say I am interested in the Vita game, as a Metroidvania with Bats, but I'm not sure if it turned out to be a good game...
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