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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • Naster 17/12/2014

    So, games like Seduce Me aren't allowed on Steam, while a game like Hatred is wished good luck?

    Valve's message to the world is: make war not love
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  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • Naster 22/02/2014

    My pick is Dead Money for Fallout: New Vegas. It had some really memorable characters, and the whole premise is just really fun. Dean Domino's intro is probably the best character introduction I've seen in a video game. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012 voting

  • Naster 06/12/2012

    The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and Natural Selection 2 are missing from the list Reply +1
  • Obsidian lined up to co-develop Wasteland 2

  • Naster 30/03/2012

    Holy shit, this has to happen! Obsidian is one of my favourite game devs, I loved both Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas.

    I'll go double my pledge now...
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  • Retake Mass Effect 3 protest claims victory after BioWare vows to address controversial ending

  • Naster 23/03/2012


    Indoctrination theory.

    I've discussed it a bit more in detail in the forums here.
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  • Naster 23/03/2012


    Those would be good ideas if it weren't for the fact that the ending does make perfect sense, there are no plot holes in it, and giving the war full closure would ruin (or at least alter) the game's thematic message.

    The problem with these fans making demands is that most don't really even understand the ending they're criticizing. That is why you won't hear Bioware saying "Huh, fair point. Let's try and address these." They're too busy refraining themselves from saying "Um, sorry, but those are awful points. You don't know what you're talking about."
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  • BioWare vows to answer Mass Effect 3 ending questions

  • Naster 21/03/2012

    But the whole ending is littered with hints of it being indoctrination...

    They respected their audience enough to not spell it all out. Sadly that trust seems to have been predominantly misplaced.
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  • Naster 21/03/2012

    The number of people who did not understand the ending is mind-boggling! Have you people even considered that the reason you were confused by the ending might be because you just didn't get it?

    If you think the ending was nonsensical or had plot holes, I suggest you replay the ending, ask someone to explain it to you, search the internet for an explanation, or, at the very least stop spouting misplaced criticism.

    Thank you very much.
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  • BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore

  • Naster 21/03/2012


    Sure, I don't mean to suggest that every vocal critic of the ending has misunderstood it. I definitely have seen a lot of angry comments made by people who did not get the ending, but I don't know whether or not they make up the majority.

    If you dislike the ending for lacking closure, I can understand that. Personally I quite liked the ending. I thought it was thematically more impactful to leave me wondering whether or not there's any hope left, than if they had just had a cliché happy ending carrying the didactic message "just hold onto hope and work hard and you can accomplish anything!" I mean, haven't we seen enough stories of that kind in games already? I commend Bioware for having the balls to do something a little different.
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  • Naster 21/03/2012


    Sites like Gamefront have already written good explanations of the ending. You can search for "indoctrination theory" to read more about it. Even AngryJoe made a new video about it.

    Yeah, maybe calling everyone who didn't get the ending "too stupid" is a bit harsh. I myself did not understand everything (like I didn't get the significance of the final choice) before reading the Gamefront article and playing through the ending a second time. I just think it's sad to see so many people being so angry at Bioware and demanding a rewrite of the ending when they don't even understand what they are talking about.
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  • Naster 21/03/2012

    To me it seems like really the biggest problem the ending had was the stupidity of its audience. Based on the comments I'm seeing many simply did not understand the ending, missed all the symbolism, and reacted in anger because of their confusion.

    This whole controversy reminds me of those comments I read on imdb about Taxi Driver's ending making no's both hilarious and sad at the same time.
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  • Should More Indie Developers Be Saying 'Just Pirate It'?

  • Naster 01/03/2012


    I'm not so sure about the whole "let's just not talk about it" strategy to dealing with piracy. Makes me think of philosophies like "let's not educate the teens about sex and they won't think of doing it!"

    The truth is that piracy happens a lot and is very easy. Instead of trying to sweep this fact under the rug I think we should focus on trying to teach people why they might want to monetarily support game developers who provide them with entertainment.

    Maybe we need some piracy ed classes in school ;).
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  • Amnesia dev: Sequel will make you afraid to turn on your PC

  • Naster 29/02/2012


    Amnesia is to courage what Dark Souls is to skill. People enjoy overcoming challenges - or in Amnesia's case at least testing their limits.
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  • Retrospective: Prototype

  • Naster 26/02/2012

    According to YourGamerCards in InFamous 48.66% of the tracked players got the trophy for the good finish and 37.56% for the evil finish. Even considering that some of them must have gotten both trophies, I think that's a pretty high number of players who, given the option, chose to play as a dick.

    But I guess that's not really news in this post-Spore world.
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  • Naster 26/02/2012

    "after the 50th person you mindlessly tear apart and hoover up, you start to question the moral validity of what you're doing." certainly took your time piecing those subtle clues together :P.
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  • Skyrim success motivates Remedy to stick with story-heavy games

  • Naster 24/02/2012

    It is accurate to call Skyrim story-heavy, but it also has a lot of other things going for it: exploration, role-playing, character building, combat. So while Skyrim's success is evidence that people won't shun a game just because it includes a lot of "story", it doesn't exactly prove that there's an equally large market for completely story-driven games.

    I mean one could probably play through the whole of Skyrim without paying any attention to the story, just following the compass arrow and killing every hostile thing that gets in your way. I mean you could say World of Warcraft is story-heavy, but my guess is most people don't read most of those quest descriptions.
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  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs announced for PC

  • Naster 23/02/2012

    Epic news! And they're "hoping" to get it released before Halloween too! Will be really interesting to see how this turns out. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake PC makes money back in 48 hours

  • Naster 21/02/2012


    That is true about Catherine not being a perfect example. On the other hand the Xbox 360 isn't quite as popular in Europe as the PS3 and gaming PCs are, and Remedy is an European company.

    I guess I was just trying to find reasons for there being so many people on the X360 who found Alan Wake a disappointment (and were vocal about it), and I was theorizing maybe they were expecting more action and challenging combat gameplay, instead of the slow-paced, story-focused game that Alan Wake was. And I figured the reaction was in contrast to games like Amnesia on the PC and Silent Hill and ICO on PlayStation that I think had some similarities to Alan Wake and were better understood. But there could be many other factors besides platform, so I'm just making wild guesses here.

    But sales approaching 2 million are indeed very respectable. And now that it's (finally) out for the PC, they'll be able to reach some of the gamers outside the X360's install base too. So all in all not a bad route they've taken.
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  • Naster 20/02/2012

    Btw I'm quite enjoying the game thus far. It has really great atmosphere reminiscent of the Silent Hill series. Combat gameplay feels maybe a bit too simple, but it's the story and atmosphere that are the driving forces of the game anyways, so I'm not too bothered about that yet.

    I'm wondering if X360 wasn't the best platform for Alan Wake. I feel like X360 is more of a platform for so-called "hardcore" competitive games (i.e. Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty) and PS3 and PC might have been better suited for such a story-driven game. Catherine for example, at least according to VGChartz's guestimates, sold almost three times as many copies on the PS3 than on the X360.
    Also there's the new, more action-y direction taken by American Nightmare - did they maybe change the game to fit the platform better? Although there seems to be a general trend across all platforms to make games more action-y (Resident Evil, Dragon Age, Mass Effect).
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  • Naster 20/02/2012

    That's great for them. I suspect they never expected to be raking in it from this port, but it was more about doing a favour for PC players - something I think their earlier "message to pirates" hinted at. Reply 0
  • Prototype dev: gamers thought Alex Mercer "was a d**k"

  • Naster 17/02/2012


    Yeah, I'm talking about truly *unlikable* anti-heroes. Riddick and Sam Fisher are perfectly fine protagonists, but Kratos and Niko Bellic - I just felt uncomfortable playing as them.

    Although the realism of the game world also affects a lot how bad it feels to do bad things. In Saints Row I don't feel bad about gunning down pedestrians because its all so tongue-in-cheek, everyone's reactions so comical, but in the No Russian level of MW2 the reactions of the civilians are so believable I couldn't bring myself to hurt them.
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  • Naster 17/02/2012

    Well said, kangarootoo. I'd also like to add that I think the medium of video games is an exceptionally bad fit for an unlikable anti-hero, because the player has to actually step into the protagonist's shoes. In a movie or a book it is easier for the audience to at least distance themselves from reprehensible actions of the main character, but in a game the player is expected to actually *do* these things, which can invoke a lot more resistance.

    Player: "But I don't wanna burn that innocent slave alive..."
    Game: "Too bad; the story won't progress until you do."
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  • Triple Town maker suing "illegal" copycat dev

  • Naster 30/01/2012

    That's just disgusting. Hope those bastards get what's coming to them. Reply +9
  • Notch asks permission to spy on your Minecraft habits

  • Naster 26/01/2012


    No need for the sensationalist comments
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  • If I Was With A Girl In A Sealed Room, I'd Probably XXX screenshots

  • Naster 15/01/2012

    Wasn't this My bad. Reply -2
  • Naster 14/01/2012


    This is getting pretty philosophical for a game news comment section :P. But I guess the discussion is relevant to the game.

    I agree with what you wrote in your first paragraph, but disagree with the rest. If the feelings are mutual I don't see how a sexual relationship between two mature adults is inherently wrong. I think you have the false presumption that in such a relationship one has to be a victim and one a predator. Also it seems you're presuming that love and support can only exist in a platonic relationship. Abusing someone is of course wrong, but a sexual relationship between stepfamily members needn't be abusive, and can be built upon mutual love and trust.

    A step-brother and a step-sister might not even have grown up together, they might have met for the first time when they were both adults. I don't see how them getting together would be immoral. In some cases the stepsiblings might have even gotten into a relationship before their parents did. Many stepsiblings have gotten married - there certainly is no law against it.

    "It is morally wrong because sex is such a delicate personally thing over which it is very easy to be abused and suffer long term emotional damage."

    Sure sex can be a delicate matter and feelings can get hurt, but if we humans didn't risk it every now and then we'd be extinct quite fast.
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  • Naster 13/01/2012

    How the fuck is fancying one's step-sister "morally questionable"?

    Thankfully the Japanese are releasing these educational games to pave the way for a more accepting world. I just hope I will live to see the day all tentacle-porn lovers can come out of their closets and live their lives free from judgment!
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  • Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur cross-promotion trailer

  • Naster 13/01/2012


    Yeah, it's not a big deal. It can just get a little bothersome to be asked to jump through these hoops like downloading, installing and playing through demos, playing through facebook games, liking the games on facebook, pre-ordering from certain sources, and whatever else the publishers come up with, just to unlock all those possible in-game rewards.

    While some of these things could be fun little diversions if I myself chose to pursue them out of fun, when I'm "coerced" to grind through them for game unlocks, it can feel like work.

    But if you can take the state of mind that these are just small extra bonuses for those who want go through the trouble and not a loss for those who don't, then it doesn't matter much.
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  • Naster 13/01/2012

    I find these kinds of things a bit annoying personally. I don't want to waste time playing the demos when I already know I'm going to buy both games. Also I think there's a danger they could hurt game balance to some degree, making the beginnings of the games too easy for those who have the items or too hard for those who don't. And finally they often don't make much lore sense, and can thus hurt the games' verisimilitude.

    But I guess they do make business sense, so I think I'll just ignore these and be happy if these hopefully great games find more players because of this promotion.
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  • BioWare SWTOR post-mortem: it's more innovative than an FPS

  • Naster 12/01/2012


    So your idea is to...use a 9-number rating scale but...disguise it as a 10-number rating scale? Maybe then giving a 10 should also be disallowed because that's just inviting fanboys to post unviable scores?

    Evidently I suck at time I'll count using my fingers.
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  • Amy Review

  • Naster 11/01/2012


    Yep, Amnesia is on Steam. It's not that resource-heavy so it should run fine even on a bit older hardware, but you can try playing the demo on Steam first to make sure.

    I'd be more worried about whether your mind can handle the game ;)


    A retail version hasn't been released in Europe as of yet, but you can get the US version e.g. from here.
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  • Naster 11/01/2012

    @-cerberus- and bad09

    Look no further than Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It's only for the PC, though.
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  • Naster 11/01/2012

    Yet it only works with girls names. Could you imagine getting chills down your spine from a horror game called Mike or Roger?
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  • Online movement for Dark Souls PC port gathers pace

  • Naster 08/01/2012


    And then there was JumpinJackFlash.
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  • Capcom, Ninja Theory on DmC versus Bayonetta

  • Naster 05/01/2012

    Sounds good to me. Bayonetta was too loony and over-the-top for my tastes, so I'm glad if they don't take DMC in that direction with the story and the atmosphere. I have confidence in Ninja Theory. Reply -15
  • The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

  • Naster 03/01/2012


    Compare the number of RPG-lovers who live outside of Japan and own a Wii OR at least a semi-competent PC to the Number of people who live in Japan AND own a Wii and the piracy ratio of Xenoblade Chronicles shouldn't be that shocking.

    You could also look at high piracy numbers as indicating that there IS high demand for a game. If I was a publisher and saw that nobody outside of Japan was pirating my game, I would not be encouraged to release it elsewhere (provided my motive would be making more money).
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  • Games of 2011: Saints Row: The Third

  • Naster 26/12/2011

    I too think they dropped the ball a little with SR3 (compared to SR2), trying to make it all non-stop crazy fun, but in the process forgetting how to create good drama or characters one cares about. With never any set backs, no need for character growth, there's little tension. They honed the gameplay and graphics but forgot about the story which holds the whole thing together.

    Still the game was entertaining from beginning to end, just didn't quite reach the same level of awesomeness that Saints Row 2 did.
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  • The truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

  • Naster 22/12/2011

    The retail exclusive extras really shouldn't extend to in-game content. You don't see movies having exclusive alternate endings or additional scenes you only get if buying them from certain retailers. Stuff like extra starting money or gear in games can hurt the balance of a game. And then there are stuff like Dead Space-inspired armor in Dragon Age, which don't fit the game's story.

    I'm okay with outside-the-game exclusives though, like soundtracks, maps, wallpapers, t-shirts, special packaging, avatars, wallpapers.
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  • Fable developer Lionhead after programmer with MMO skills for unannounced game

  • Naster 14/12/2011

    Another one bites the dust... Reply +5
  • Saturday Soapbox: Was 2011 a Vintage Year?

  • Naster 11/12/2011

    Let's see, 2007 vs 2011:
    Crysis >> Crysis 2
    Portal > Portal 2
    The Witcher > The Witcher 2 (imho)
    Assassin's Creed > Assassin's Creed: Revelations (arguably)
    Modern Warfare >> Modern Warfare 3

    I'll probably remember 2011 as a year of many competent but mostly redundant sequels. Actually even last year was more exciting for me, the year we got Alpha Protocol, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Fallout: New Vegas, Assassin's Creed II (PC version), Heavy Rain, Red Dead Redemption, Starcraft II and Just Cause 2.
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  • Jurassic Park: The Game Review

  • Naster 23/11/2011

    So it's like the antithesis of Trespasser in terms of depth of simulation. Reply +7
  • Hollywood: Assassin's Creed movie deal "ridiculous"

  • Naster 04/11/2011

    I think Prince of Persia and Silent Hill were so enjoyable because they replicated the atmosphere of the games very well. The plot doesn't need to, and shouldn't, replicate that of the game - what's even the point in that if you've played through it already?

    If you change the atmosphere, like happened with Hitman (classy and smooth to noisy and chaotic) and Resident Evil (survival horror to action) for example then even if the film would be okay as a standalone title, it fails as an adaptation.

    Video game adaptations aren't completely worthless in my opinion. Tapping into that feeling of nostalgia successfully can be a powerful thing.
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  • Heavy Rain: Director's Cut announced

  • Naster 03/11/2011

    Misleading title. "Heavy Rain: Producer's Bundle" would have been more fitting. Reply +5
  • Saints Row: The Third PC extras detailed

  • Naster 01/11/2011


    The retail version of Saints Row 2 could be activated on Steam, so there's some hope the same could be true for this one too.
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  • 28% of 3DS users don't like 3D - survey

  • Naster 24/09/2011

    Keep in mind that that 28% probably includes the around 2 to 12 percent of people who are unable to enjoy 3D due to stereo-blindness or binocular disorder etc. Reply +1
  • Ninja Theory rules out Enslaved 2

  • Naster 23/09/2011

    I'm still craving a sequel to Heavenly Sword. They even have a story readily written for it!

    I'm pretty surprised that their games don't sell more than they do.
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  • Ubisoft reveals Assassin's song winner

  • Naster 22/09/2011

    Not bad. Gave me strong Evanescence vibes. Reply 0
  • Beat Hazard Ultra PSN release date

  • Naster 19/09/2011

    I don't think any other game has gotten me into as deep a state of flow as this game. I just love it. Highly recommended, especially if you like faster music like Metal, Rock, Dance etc.

    Some gameplay:
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  • Deus Ex boss battles outsourced

  • Naster 19/09/2011

    It was quite irritating that even if you used only non-lethal weapons to take a boss down the game wouldn't recognize it, they'd still end up dead. Other than that, and for the fact that they didn't exactly fit in perfectly with the rest of the game (no stealth options), I found them enjoyable enough. Nothing astonishingly good, but a good change of pace from the usual gameplay.

    I beat Barrett without breaking a sweat because I was luckily packing the stun gun (and a load of bullets). I found that it took so long for Barrett to recover from a stun gun shot that I had enough time to load in and fire another shot before he could move a muscle. It was pretty funny to watch him just twitching in place helplessly for the entirety of the fight :P.
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  • Rage system requirements detailed

  • Naster 07/09/2011

    I for one welcome the increased HDD space requirements if it means better-looking game assets. HDD space is dirt cheap nowadays anyways.

    Will be interesting to see if the environments will be noticeably less repetitive than in most games. Or maybe the size is more due to textures being more detailed than usual.
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