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  • Fable II

  • MrObycyek 20/10/2008

    Dagnammitski! I loved the original Fable and Fable II and Fallout 3 are looking damned tempting for ole obycyek at the moment. I have stubbornly refused to go next gen so far but these two games really do look like offering something special and truly next gen and I think I will finally splash the cash on an Xbox 360.

    "Mr Obycyek Investigates:Chinese Meals. For a number of years MrO has found that Chinese meals although enjoyable always made the master detective hungry again a few hours later. Never as fulfilling as an Indian Vindaloo or a Phall (now that is HOT son!) but upon the opening of a new chinese round the corner MrO has found that the portions are humungous and the extra chips come in a large plastic box! Now that is value for money son."

    MrObycyek will return in "MrObycyek and the strange case of the Enflamed Nubbin"
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  • Pandemic doing Batman game?

  • MrObycyek 04/04/2008

    I think this game will be out to coincide with the movie's DVD release in either late October or early November. This is one of the reasons that the companies involved have been so quiet. Apparently the game will be more open-ended than Batman Begins which I actually did enjoy as well. I hope EA have learned the lessons from Superman Returns. A game that had it's main story mode ripped out and replaced with a series of sub missions which were poorly disguised as the main campaign. That game was originally supposed to be out at the time of the cinema release but it was nowhere near ready and so it was put back to the DVD release but alas the game was stripped down and actually had another development team come in towards the end of the game's production. Apart from the flying and aerial combat which was superb the game was a disgrace to the Superman name.

    This has been a MrObycyek Investigation. "Hold on to your pants!"
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  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

  • MrObycyek 17/03/2008

    I am actually liking the fact this game is shorter than the ps2 versions and agree with darc. GowII ran out of ideas long before the end and became something of a slog. I do not want to play a 30+ hour game if I am just doing the same things over and over again. Mix it up and give me some variety in that case.

    I also agree 100% with the comments of VMerken. This site is called Eurogamers. How about more reviews for the European versions of games as opposed to the US version. Otherwise in my opinion you should call this site InternationalGamer. And how about updating your games lists and getting me a free European copy of Raw Danger?
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  • Crisis Core FFVII gets Euro date

  • MrObycyek 17/03/2008

    How long is a piece of string? What is the inside leg of a yeti? When is the UK version of Crisis Core out? I am not waiting for some vague time in spring I will be getting this next week on import. How do you like that eh? Reply 0
  • LEGO Indiana Jones gets date

  • MrObycyek 13/03/2008

    I heard that this game is now actually finished so why will it not be out until June? I would love to meet the plonker who decides release dates and get my good friend Bujinjai to ram a fennel sausage up their buttski. Reply 0
  • PEGI better than BBFC - Microsoft man

  • MrObycyek 27/02/2008

    These parents should be locked up for their sheer stupidity. Only an idiot could not understand what the big 18 certificate on a game box means. It also shows the ignorance and stupidity of journalists and politicians who do not address this important point in their many ill-informed tirades against violent games. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex 3 announced

  • MrObycyek 29/11/2007

    Deus Ex for me is an absolute masterpiece of a game and is one of the few games I have played repeatedly. The sequel in my opinion was a total letdown. The problem was the developers had promised the world and actually ended up delivering a game that was inferior to the original. They said the powers would be even more impressive like being able to jump buildings in a single bound etc but this all turned out to be lies and the powers were all worse than in the original. Invisbile War was a decent game in it's own right but it is not on the same planet as the original and I worry that the third one may go down the same road. Take your best shot flatlander woman! Reply 0
  • Sex

  • MrObycyek 29/11/2007

    why no mention of the hilarious 7 sins on playstation2? This game features a character who basically bonks everyone he comes into contact with male or female. There are also numerous stupid mini-games that are a good laugh. Reply 0
  • PSP Roundup

  • MrObycyek 19/11/2007

    Why not give each reviewed game it's own article? This is pure laziness and I expect better son. Dead Head Fred 7.5/10 for me. Bizarski on me bare arski. Reply 0
  • Dead To Rights: Reckoning

  • MrObycyek 19/11/2007

    This has to be one of the shortest games I have played on the psp. The shooting and the use of shadow is fun but the lack of voice acting and any story is a waste. I have the original dead to rights on the ps2 and I really enjoyed it. It had a good story with lots of action and varied mini games and also featured a character called Auggie Blatz (genius!). Dead to rights reckoning removes all the features that made the original so much fun and all you end up with is a really short game where you shoot everything. I do like Jacks approach to policing but how he is ever supposed to discover any leads when he keeps killing everyone is a mystery too me. 5/10. Reply 0
  • Phoenix Wright 3 misses Xmas

  • MrObycyek 16/11/2007

    What a surprise that is. NOTSKI! Nintendo Europe are a joke and I will just import this. HA HA who is laughing now eh?

    I have a dream that one day Europe will be treated just as well as the Clinically obese ignorant fat bastard yanks. That is my dream. And why not? Silent Hill Origins is out today in Europe.
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  • Cooking Mama 2 dated

  • MrObycyek 16/11/2007

    Why can't they do both though? They localised Raw Danger for the PAL regions and then turned round and refused to release it. they are a bunch of twats and they will be getting a cold hard fennel susage up their buttskis if I ever get me hands on them. Do you think Cooking Mama 2 features the fennel sausage? Reply 0
  • Persona 3

  • MrObycyek 16/11/2007

    That's not funny FabLun. I was really looking forward to Raw Danger ever since I played SOS back in 2003. Never take pleasure in others misery big boy it is just not rightski. Reply 0
  • MrObycyek 16/11/2007

    Don't know if I can trust the words of a self-confessed false maniac but your a good guy fablun so I will trust your words. nice review son but is it ever coming out in the UK? That for me is a question I am getting sickski and tired of asking these days. What is the world coming to eh? Reply 0
  • Board Games go console

  • MrObycyek 12/11/2007

    Those are real board games homerramone. Something with a bit of imagination. hell if I know how it would work on a joypad but hey it is in the realms of plausibility. Reply 0
  • MrObycyek 12/11/2007

    where is Ghost Castle? I still have the glow in the dark skull from that game. or what about pop-up pirate or buckaroo? I have to agree with sickpuppy no hungry hippos no sale son. More pointless party games. Reply 0
  • Manhunt 2 slammed for its portrayal of mental illness

  • MrObycyek 07/11/2007

    Next they will be blaming Manhunt 2 for the death of JFK and for murdering prostitutes in london back in 1888. The total ignorance and stupidity of these people never ceases to amaze me. Last time I checked there were a variety of different mental illnesses and not all of them have anything to do with being violent. I kind of agree with Ryze. I well place nuke would seem to be the only way to make the world a better place.

    "I have no problem with the world. it is the people in it I have a problem with."
    Sausageman. From the motion picture SAUSAGEMAN:THE REVENGE.
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  • Sony blamed for Manhunt 2 leak

  • MrObycyek 22/10/2007

    The BBFC statement is a joke. It is a total contradiction. Banning something outright is not my idea of providing information and LETTING people make up their own minds. You could not make this up. Reply 0