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  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • MrChaz 19/01/2011

    "The middle guy is just standing there."He's the 3rd D Reply 0
  • PlayStation Phone pictures in wild

  • MrChaz 27/10/2010

    The GPU is Adreno 205 (same as the Desire HD or any other phone with that chipset e.g. G2/Desire Z).
    Performance ought to be comparable with the Galaxy S.
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  • System Failure: Why PS3 and 360 drop dead for the same reasons

  • MrChaz 29/08/2009

    I you're over stating the case for the PS3 slim, the reduction in form factor is surely going to negate at least some if not all the benefits of a die-shrink...

    When my 5th x360 died just outside of warranty I just bought a new Jasper in the wild hope that would last longer than the 8 months to a year of my others.
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  • Scrabble under fire from Daily Mail

  • MrChaz 11/12/2008

    According to Kotaku the game was pre-owned, so if it's a game that will let you teach it words then it's not Ubisoft's fault.
    Still hilarious though.
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  • Eurogamer Expo this October!

  • MrChaz 03/09/2008

    Nice idea, but mid-week? Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • MrChaz 29/05/2008

    At Ł140 it was certainly at the top of my price limit but then again I'm a sucker for niche stuff like this and steel battalion.

    It was great fun to play until I realised the drums were faulty so had to send all the instruments back and now I hear rumours that the hardware is actually refurbished USA stock which might explain the ~100 returns said they'd had when I called them on tuesday.
    Shame really, it's a great game but it's really expensive and apparently still badly made. I'd still recommend it mind you but with some fairly heavy caveats.

    Oh, I would mention that listening to our singer flail wildly at the German track was hilarious.
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  • "Rock Band saved our marriage"

  • MrChaz 28/05/2008

    My missus refused to play guitar hero after being boo-d off stage on her first go. She is more than happy singing as I wail away on drums which is nice because it's pretty much the only game she'll play. Reply 0
  • Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One

  • MrChaz 27/05/2008

    The flash happens at the same point in the attack animation, it's just a case of learning although the window of opportunity does get very small against the higher level enemies.
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  • MrChaz 27/05/2008

    I reviewed it from the 360 version.
    Thanks, did you notice that the save system is different between x360 and pc? The x360 only lets you (or me at least) save to a single slot but the with the PC you can make as many different ones as you like. It's also worth mentioning that the save is sealed once you finish the game so you can't go back an finish any side quests which sucks for achievement whoring.
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  • MrChaz 27/05/2008

    Which version did you play?

    Personally I enjoyed it on the x360, the combat certainly was confusing at the start but once I got used to it and learned the position of the items it got much easier. I have to agree about the blocking mechanism - it feels unnecessarily harsh. For me I also got that lucasarts adventure feel from the text.
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  • Rock Band gets official Euro date

  • MrChaz 08/04/2008

    At god damn last! Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Halo 3

  • MrChaz 28/02/2008

    Well that was a poor article. Your good cop appears to be under the impression that Halo3 doesn't use scripted sequences and your bad cop spends his time moaning about the story in a dumb action game. Halo3 does some stuff incredibly well i.e. forge and matchmaking but things like the single-player difficulty curve is terrible and the AI can suffer in open areas.

    It's a good game, yes. Is it a 10? In my opinion, no.
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  • PS3 sales up 178 per cent

  • MrChaz 16/10/2007

    fewer functions. fewer, not less. Reply 0