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  • Nintendo's next amiibo is a breakfast cereal box

  • Mono_X 29/11/2017


    And it contains 'super' mushrooms, that'll be like 2 portions of you 5 a day requirements.
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  • LA Noire's Switch download version doesn't fit on a Switch

  • Mono_X 02/11/2017

    'It's cheaper for Nintendo to make a 32gb console than a 500gb one (which in today's age any self-respecting console should be at least that size).'

    You do realise that the Switch is a handheld and there has to be a trade off?
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  • Firewatch review-bombed following PewDiePie racism incident

  • Mono_X 19/09/2017


    Hey, you edited your post!
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  • Mono_X 19/09/2017


    I see what you did there... ;)
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  • Teslagrad was most profitable on Wii U

  • Mono_X 25/05/2017

    @Sacoglossa IIRC Sony gives them ........£0! Reply -3
  • How to triple your Switch battery life for under £20

  • Mono_X 26/03/2017

    I find it ironic that people are criticizing the Switch for not being as good as a phone or tablet and 'needing to use' a device that was entirely designed to be used by those very phones and tablets. Reply +2
  • Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch costs £50, Konami says

  • Mono_X 19/01/2017


    I was quoting launch prices and RRPs back from the 90's.
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  • Mono_X 19/01/2017


    It's a bit more complex than that.

    Retailers make almost no 'return on investment' on consoles. They make all their profit on games and peripherals etc.

    So if you want retailers to sell your 'download only' console, they need a much better profit margin to make up for lost profits elsewhere.

    This probably means that a £300 console could have to become a £400 console.
    A £400 console could become a £500 console.
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  • Mono_X 19/01/2017


    1. Saturn Console - £400
    2. Bomberman - £40
    3. 7 X Saturn controllers £210
    4. 2 X Multitap - £60

    Total £710.

    You're right - total bargain....
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  • Watch: Are fighting games losing popularity?

  • Mono_X 20/02/2016

    The crux of their argument seems to be 'I've grown up and my life has changed - but it must be the game that's different and not me'.

    Although having said that; there are a number of genres that have been declining. You don't see many games like Blur or Split/Second anymore. I also notice that 'The Legend of Kay' got s 10th anniversary re-release - I can't remember the last time you saw a game like that get a major release.
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  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • Mono_X 31/12/2015

    It's not exactly what I meant, I was thinking about services like Netflix used to be part of Xbox Live Gold (just discovered that's no longer the case - good to know).

    However your point about PSNow being a swizz ff you own original game is well made.
    Sony are attempting to control the consumer too - but in a different manner.
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  • Mono_X 31/12/2015

    Xbox feels once again like a platform run by gamers for gamers,
    The Xbox division has never cared about gamers or gaming and never will.

    The 'missteps' that were made with the Xbox One were actually a window into MS' long term strategy and ultimate ambition.

    The Xbox division has always been a Trojan horse. It represents MS' goal to control 'the living room', where it can control how you watch TV and sport, or listen to music or play games.
    Then it can use Xbox Live to charge you for the privilege of being charged by other companies (and then charging those companies) for the privilege of accessing content you have probably already been charged for.

    MS only considered moving into 'gaming' when Sony made it apparent that they intended on 'moving the computer into the living room'.

    MS never wanted to make any hardware: MS wanted other companies to do that, then they would simply put Xbox Live on to that hardware.

    MS only care about you having a Xbox Live account.
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  • WayForward announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze

  • Mono_X 04/09/2014

    WayForward have made some pretty solid 2D sidescrollers in the past, hoping this will be good.

    Bit of a shame that it's not coming to the Wii U considering their previous efforts on Nintendo consoles.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Mono_X 16/08/2014

    Furthermore I'd like to add:
    Anyone saying that this will limit the amount of people who get to play Tomb Raider is basically talking bullshit.

    The PS4 has sold 10m & the XBone 5m, that's a total of 15m.

    That means that 90% of people who own a PS3 or a 360 have not actually decided which (if any) next console they want to buy. If Tomb Raider is that important to them they will buy a XBone (which is point of exclusivity) or they'll wait for another version.
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  • Mono_X 16/08/2014


    What other "consoles" would TR have been released on, other than PlayStation?

    You know full well that that Tomb Raider would have been profitable if released on the other consoles of the time.
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  • Mono_X 16/08/2014

    Hmmm, I don't think it has changed that much (notwithstanding that it always changes every 5-6 years), the only difference was that Sony lost the dominance it had for a decade. Now it looks like it's on the cusp of returning to that dominance, I expect old practices to return.

    If I was SCE right now, I'd be looking to get COD exclusivity and stick another nail in MGS' coffin (so to speak).
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  • Mono_X 16/08/2014

    This article smacks of fanboyism masquerading as journalism so hard it almost hurts.

    'Lara Croft and Solid (or Naked, or whatever) Snake: you can't rival these two rock stars of gaming for their iconic power.'

    Lara Croft is beyond iconic, do you think we'll ever see Snake on the cover of 'The Face' magazine, or advertise Lucozade? Or have a A-list Hollywood celeb play him in a movie?
    There's no comparison and we all know it. Why? Well that brings me to:

    'Tomb Raider has always been a multi-platform game; the majority of gamers have always had access to it.'

    As others have already pointed out, Sony enjoyed numerous years of Tomb Raider exclusivity on it's consoles. During that time Lara Croft became synonymous with gaming and with Playstation. It was a driving

    I could go on about this. Remember when GTAIII exploded onto the games scene. Guess what? It had timed exclusivity on the PS2. How many people bought a PS2 for that game? It was one of the reasons I did.

    Exclusivity has been a part of gaming for years, just because it happened a little less in the last five, it doesn't mean that anything changed.

    The bottom line is:

    If the game has some kind exclusivity on a popular, trendy console or console you like then it's a prudent business move.

    If the game has exclusivity on a untrendy console, or a console you don't like, then let the fanboy bet-wetting commence.
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  • Who framed Roger Ebert?

  • Mono_X 27/07/2014

    @Code_R 'Games are made by writers, musicians and ... artists. '

    So that makes the script artistic, the music artistic and the graphics artistic. But how does that make a game art?
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  • Wii U system update lets you transfer data between consoles

  • Mono_X 22/07/2014

    *Sigh* And still they whine "But what if my Wii U breaks down wahhhhhh!".

    (Hint) It's called customer services.
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor promises plenty of strategising - and accidental chaos

  • Mono_X 22/05/2014

    It All sounds OK, shame the game has nothing to do with Lord of The Rings or Middle-earth.

    "but there's also plenty of leeway for heroes to behave in a rather underhand manner to get at what they want".

    Says it all, awful.
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  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • Mono_X 10/05/2014

    This blog by Christian Nutt at Gamasutra is good read about the complexities of the issue.
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  • Nintendo denies reports of new hardware at E3 2014

  • Mono_X 03/05/2014

    In 2006 IGN were leaking rumours that Nintendo were going to discontinue the DS (because of low DS sales) and were going to release a GBA2 that was basically a portable Gamecube.

    The more things change....
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  • Lucasfilm decrees the Star Wars expanded universe as non-canon

  • Mono_X 26/04/2014

    I now picture the Deathstar, now adorned with a giant pair of Mickey Mouse ears going along and obliterating EU canon wherever it finds it. Reply +10
  • Nintendo terminating Wii and DS online services

  • Mono_X 27/02/2014

    I see the haters have come out to play tiday.

    If Nintendo had announced an intention to support these servers for another 10 years: The same haters would be saying no one plays Nintendo games online and that the online service is a dinosaur and Nintendo should shut the servers down because they need to save cash because they're so short on funds........
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  • Stories with dice: the thrill of old-school D&D

  • Mono_X 18/01/2014


    I agree that the article is definitely biased. It also seems written entirely from the GM's perspective with regards to what is a 'better' way to play. Which can cause a major disconnect with players.

    And I'm going to recommend Savage Worlds test-drive rules which can be had for free at
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  • Microsoft considered removing the Xbox One's disc drive after E3

  • Mono_X 03/01/2014

    Anyone trying to compare a console to a mobile phone or PC regarding having no disc drive doesn't really understand the reality of the business side of these products.

    A PC or mobile phone are products in their own right and are basically sold at a profit independent of the content that will be sold on them.

    Consoles are generally sold at little or no profit - it's games that make the profit (this applies equally to manufacturer, distributor and retailer).
    So if a retailer can't sell games to make a profit they won't bother selling a console unless they get a MUCH better profit margin.

    This means:
    A) The manufacturer would have to sell the console onto the retail chain at lower price (and has to eat the losses themselves - unlikely considering they are already running close to losses).

    B) The price to the consumer would have to be increased. I reckon this would add a good £100 to the price of a console. THIS is why the PSPGO was more expensive than a normal PSP. This option would alienate a lot of people.

    Until a new kind of business model appears, physical games won't be disappearing.
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  • Christmas storms flood No Man's Sky dev Hello Games

  • Mono_X 02/01/2014

    'and a retro console collection were all lost'

    Oww. :cry:
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  • Christmas NiGHTS Into Dreams retrospective

  • Mono_X 22/12/2013

    I think Christmas NiGHTS was the first game that I saw that had time-related content. Reply +6
  • Bayonetta 2 producer moans of "pedantic port-begging" from fans

  • Mono_X 12/12/2013

    Well, if anyone is unhappy that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive, they can phone up Platinum and offer to fund it themselves and release it on any platform they want. Reply +9
  • The 3DS Miiverse won't allow private messages or friend requests

  • Mono_X 17/11/2013


    Sales are vanity, profit is sanity.
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  • Mono_X 17/11/2013


    So we've established in Q2 that.....

    Nintendo lost $81 million
    Sony lost $192 million
    Xbox loses about $500 million?
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  • Mono_X 17/11/2013


    No they lost money in Q2 which is July to September, Nintendo make all their money in Q3.

    Switched to talking about the PS4? Given up on arguing for MS? Salty!

    I'm sure the PS4 will sell plenty of hardware, whether translate into sustainable profit for them is matter of time.
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  • Mono_X 17/11/2013


    So you're response to my links showing MS losing billions is to show links of Nintendo losing less money than MS? LOL
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  • Mono_X 17/11/2013


    I've got some links too, from less than 2 weeks ago. It's been reported that MS are hiding their Xbox losses by grouping it with the profits they make from android patents. It looks like they're losing to the tune of $2 billion a year on Xbox in reality.
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  • Mono_X 16/11/2013


    Shrinking market or not, the 3DS is still outselling every other piece of dedicated hardware out there currently.

    And it's ironic when you talk about Nintendo having to rely on the 3DS for profit. When both Sony and MS are currently incapable of making any profit from their hardware at all and have to rely on their other divisions to prop them up.
    Now that's truly embarrassing.
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  • Mono_X 16/11/2013


    Ostensibly, this thread is about the 3DS which is currently the best selling hardware in the world and has a chance to sell more this Christmas than everything else combined.

    And by your own logic, Sony have been finished for the last 2 years. Perhaps you could provide a chart for the PSV?
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  • Mono_X 16/11/2013

    '"Customers do not want online games" - Satoru Iwata 2004.'

    Yep, before going on and selling a measly quarter of billion pieces of hardware.....
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  • Mono_X 16/11/2013

    Nothing like a Nintendo story to bring out the haters. Reply 0
  • Sony's wider problems heap pressure on PS4

  • Mono_X 31/10/2013

    It's the game that is important, all the hardware brands are essentially worthless.

    The PS2 was the most popular console of all time, but its brand didn't help sell the PS3 which has to date sold half as much.
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  • The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

  • Mono_X 26/10/2013


    'Wheres the new IP's like the Souls Series, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Mirrors Edge, Dragon's Dogma etc. etc.'

    Only Uncharted is a 1st party title. The rest are all 3rd Party.

    There was plenty of new IP on the Wii if you include 3rd Party.
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  • Mono_X 26/10/2013


    'if not I will pop out and pick up a new one this afternoon while out shopping. Bound to get one at a fairly reasonable price. The frustrating thing is I believe my digital purchases, and online account are restricted to the knackered machine.'

    Definitely contact Nintendo customer services first, your machine is still under warranty and they will replace it free of charge and transfer all digital purchases (you may need to back up saves though) and IIRC they should extend the warranty for another 12 months.
    In my experience Nintendo customer services have been excellent.
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  • PS4's DualShock 4 can plug into PS3 and play some games

  • Mono_X 22/10/2013

    So the PS3 has ......... forward compatibility?

    Now just give backward compatibility with the PS3 on the PS4! LOL :P
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  • Letter from America: why Wii U isn't selling

  • Mono_X 22/10/2013

    'but present YOUR prediction of both PS4 and XB1 NOT being able to provide diversity in games as a fact - that's....not very consistent.'

    OK, lets use EA as a example - 2nd biggest publisher in the world.

    In 2007 across all consoles and handhelds EA published 35 different games.

    in 2012 it was 19

    So far in 2013 it's 9, AFAIK only the new NFS and BF4 are left to be released by EA so that takes it up to 11.

    That's pretty grim reading no matter how you try and spin it.

    Activision is a 'little' better.

    2007; 12 games
    2012; 17 games
    2013; 6 so far + COD (any more?) = 7

    It's pretty obvious that objectively there's been a decline in the variety of games released in the past few years, I've seen nothing to show that this is going to reverse.

    'As long as I get the variety of games I want, I see NO reason for me to stop supporting the PS/XBox platforms.'

    It doesn't matter what YOU subjectively consider to be diversity - for example; if you love playing FPS and nothing else, there's plenty of diversity. But if you're a fan of arcade racing games (like me), the choices are pretty slim nowadays (your 'diverse' list of games included no racers whatsoever).

    'On the Nintendo console platform, unfortunately, all the games I keep on seeing them pushing have either Mario or Zelda in the title, a few times Luigi. And many of them seem to be HD remakes going at full price. Not very encouraging in my view.

    As far as sheer number of diverse games go, for me, therefore, the PS/XBox console platforms win.'

    That's because you're choosing to not look very hard.

    'From your repeated criticism of the PS/XBox platforms, and repeated defense of the Nintendo platform, you obviously like the Nintendo exclusive games. More power to you.'

    I don't deny I like some of the exclusive games on Nintendo platforms. But I also like some of the exclusive games on the PS3 (Xbox 360 not so much lol - only PGR and Crackdown) too and they have been very good fun, but the PS3 has seen a decline from the glory days of the PS2. If you're content with that, well more power to you.

    'But please don't insist that I must like the same endless parade of 2 or 3 characters in games as you.'

    *Sigh* I'm going to have to dig out my Wii collection - laters!
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  • Mono_X 22/10/2013

    'However, that's ignoring the fact that, even before this generation has begun, both the PS4 and the XB1 seem to be doing rather well.'

    How can something be doing well before before it's even out? This is just hype driven supposition.

    'While diversity may have dwindled, COMPARATIVELY & RELATIVELY, I got both diversity and new games and characters, across the PlayStation and XBox platforms, while I DON'T get that on the Nintendo platforms.'

    OK, what I've been saying is that game diversity has been dwindling and will continue to do in the next few years. If a game that sells 3+ million copies cannot break even on it's costs, then something is seriously wrong. People have been warning of the death of the middle tier of games on console for a while now. It's likely that the PS4 & Xbox One will drive push this eventuality even further.

    If you comparing the diversity of PS3 & 360 games to the Wii: There's plenty of diversity on the Wii to match. IKf you REALLY want I could make a list.
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  • Mono_X 21/10/2013

    'Going by the state of things currently, I don't think there is even a sliver of a chance of either manufacturer (Sony or Microsoft) dropping out (barring some catastrophe).'

    Obviously you're unaware of the situations with both companies. Let's start with Sony.

    When they released the PS3, it lost them so much money that it obliterated the combined profit of the PS1 & PS2. The PSP never really made a profit and the PSV is not looking good. The result is that SCE is basically running at total loss currently.
    This wouldn't be so bad, but the rest of Sony is also in a bad way losing market share all the time (to Samsung in particular). Sony had to sell one of its HQ's in the US and all its shares in 3M to raise operating capital to keep the company going. Sony is in a pretty unstable position.

    And now MS. Microsoft has never really made a profit from consoles, the original Xbox lost MS $10 billion and even with the 360 I'm not sure if the E&D division made that back. Now we have the launch of the Xbox One. To put it into perspective when Sony launched the £425 PS3 it was after having the PS2 - the most popular console of all time, which sold the most games of all time and have the best market share of all time, yet none of this helped the PS3.
    Now the Xbox One is proving deeply unpopular, has none of the advantages Sony had and costs £430.... Do you truly believe it's not going to be rough for MS.
    And let's look at the rest of MS, Win8 is not selling to expectations, the Surface is a disaster and Windows Phone is a joke. MS need to get its house in order, something's got to give in the future and E&D might be on the chopping block.

    'I must have imagined playing games like blah blah blah.'

    Maybe you imagined something, but you certainly didn't read my comment properly. Let me repeat it succinctly:

    'just compare PS2 to anything else.'

    The PS2 had the most diverse catalogue of games of all time, the PS3 and 360 just don't compare, there were 10,000+ games on the PS2. Games diversity has dwindled since the PS2. It's dwindled in the last few years as well.
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  • Mono_X 21/10/2013


    'I don't care about any of that.

    You see, I'm a gamer. A consumer. Not a shareholder.'

    But this entire argument about the Wii U has been about sales and talk about sales is pretty pointless without talking about profit.
    If you spend loads of cash on a console only to see the manufacturer drop you wouldn't be happy. Which brings me to:

    'I care about the newest, most diverse, varied, superlative experiences. And those I can get by investing in the PS4 + XB1.'

    Yeah....... good luck with that, those 2 consoles are probably going to have the least diverse games catalogues of all time. Diversity in gaming has been dwindling for years, just compare PS2 to anything else.
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  • Mono_X 20/10/2013

    'The PS4 will be in profit with 1 game and a PSN sub.'

    I did not know that about PSN+.
    So basically Sony are holding online play for ransom behind a paywall to subsidize the PS4.

    This is a level of devious cost hiding that MS would be proud of.
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  • Upgrade Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC for cheap

  • Mono_X 14/10/2013


    Shopto has the Wii U version for £22 & £20 on the PS3.
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  • Nintendo 2DS review

  • Mono_X 12/10/2013

    'Nah mate, it has been struggling a bit. Seems a bit roller coaster. One minute it appears to be ahead, then behind.'

    The reason for this is; the 3DS has been having better sales than the DS..... until the release of the DS Lite comes into the equation - DSL sales went through the roof and now the 3DS is tracking behind it.
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  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Premium Edition spotted on Australian classification board

  • Mono_X 09/10/2013

    Had good storytelling (if that's important to you), but very average game play.

    It felt rushed and slightly shoddy overall all, which is a shame as it had potential.
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