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  • I have to break Fallout 4 to finish it

  • Midian 20/01/2016

    Yeah, its an old engine - If you have ever done any Skyrim modding and seen how the game is put together it's a miracle every NPC isn't just humping door-knobs as its AI ties itself in knots. These games are INSANELY complicated.

    This is the price you pay for massive open, non-linear games: There are combinations of actions that can leave it in a messed up state, and you are not going to catch them all in playtesting - its impossible. Unless of course you would be happy to pay 120 for it, so the QA guys can have 10,000 people playing the game for 200 hours each just to see what breaks over time (sod writing the repo steps for that one up!)

    Yes, they could save themselves some headaches by ditching Gamebryo, and re writing that old engine from scratch before writing the next game (because obviously all new code has no bugs, and everyone would be happy waiting 10 years for the next installment AND paying 120) OR they could turn into a linear themepark ride like every other game OR you could put up with it, wait for the patch and enjoy one of the most engrossing style of "RPGs" there is (or you know, type in a console command and be on your merry)

    PS: If you play Bethesda games on a console - This is on you. You KNEW what you were getting into, you only have yourself to blame. (this is a {bad} joke btw)

    Edit: I'm not trying to excuse this, just trying to explain it. Personally, as irritating as this is, I'd rather "put up" with fixable issues than have some bland unbreakable-but-boring game instead. And I'm only kind of kidding about the "playing-on-a-console" thing.
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  • Trine 3 coming to PS4 "in time for Christmas"

  • Midian 09/12/2015

    @oldjoe We will have to disagree - T3 is bobbins. The 3d combat is arse, the 3d platforming is wafty and indistinct, the character progression is completely gone, the hit detection is shit, the levels are full of collision errors - its an unfinished godawful mess.

    Compared to the other 2, it's a joke.
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  • Midian 08/12/2015

    @simples It Isn't. It really, REALLY isn't.

    They took a massive, do-or-die risk in taking a brilliant 2d side scroller into a 3d environment.

    A Noble attempt; a couragous leap of faith. A total fucking disaster.

    It is awful to play (wonky unresponsive controls), never mind the fact its obvious they ran out of time/budget and left it completely unfinished, it sort of peters out just as the story is getting into its stride.

    A real shame, and I hope they can bounce back. Sometimes when you reach for the stars, you win big, other times your rocket blows up on the launch pad, showering the surrounding area in highly toxic rocket fuel and astronaut body parts. (Hmm, that analogy needed some work....)
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  • Skullgirls dev explains why Indivisible costs $3.5m to make

  • Midian 20/10/2015


    Look - its all about "choice" right? That's the mantra for the modern world, its all about "choice". I choose not to use Indigogo - any site that doesn't work AT ALL with noscript running is a festering shitpile of fail that doesn't deserve my email address.
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  • Midian 20/10/2015

    @EU03 - I with FallenGrace on this. I don't "do" Indigogo; my crowd funding is through Kickstarter.

    Shame - looks like fun, and if its half as good as Skullgirls it will be fucking amazing. Good luck with it.
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  • Galak-Z launches on Steam next week

  • Midian 20/10/2015

    Great game ruined by the checkbox ticking of "procedural generation" "roguelike" "permadeath" bullshit.

    (Yes, I am one of those who won't see all the game has to offer, because I suck at it. I could "git gud"...or I could fuck it off as yet another shitty indie with a algorithm instead of a game designer and go play something that doesn't make me want to punch kittens. Life is too damn short)
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  • Victor Vran review

  • Midian 31/07/2015

    Just FYI - this is NOT a "Diablo Clone" in the way it plays - it has much more in common with the old PS2/GameCube games from Snowblind: Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance 1&2, Justice League Heroes, Champions of Norrath etc.

    Which means it is awesome. So very, very awesome.
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  • Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition announced for PS4

  • Midian 09/05/2015

    Having played it on PC I can say it looks amazing, has a great soundtrack and a really intriguing atmosphere.

    It plays like total arse.

    Stodgy, awful controls (that are supposed to maker combat "tactical" but instead just make it shit) half arsed "procedurally generated" levels which are only there because, judging by the rest of the game, the devs suck the sweat from a dead donkey's dick when it comes to level design, and combat AI that goes from "humping-a-door-knob" stupid to "Channelling-Bruce-Lee's-Ghost" in an instant.

    Great Idea - Implemented by a Gibbons.

    (I really wanted to like it, I REALLY did, but...I guess I'm just a little disappointed)
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  • Project Cars review

  • Midian 08/05/2015

    @FuzzyDuck Thats "90's Arcade Racer" (yep, thats its actual name)


    That video was released in January after months of silence, and it's been silent since. Release date came and went over a year ago.

    Real shame, one of my first Kickstarters, but it does look like its dead :(
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  • Project Cars puts the sport back into motorsport games

  • Midian 06/05/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft - doesn't work with wheels - wheel requires high polling rate an FSB - which won't work.

    From there own FAQ that took a minute to find:

    "Can I use Steering Wheels with a CronusMAX?

    The short answer is yes but requires a more detailed explanation. Although some wheels work out of the box, most Racing Wheels such as Logitech G27 and most Fanatec brands take a lot more setting up due how advanced they are. In most cases they also require a Windows PC to be connected to the CronusMAX along with a special plugin (X-AIM, or MAX Input) and dedicated scripts that have been pre-made by our team of specialists"
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  • Midian 06/05/2015

    @TeaFiend - Nope. Total bollocks - The USB port on ps4/xboxone is "signed" Without the correct digital signature from the device (provided by a 1st party security chip) the device simply isn't recognised. Dev's don't, and more importantly CAN'T write "drivers" for their games - that's an OS level function.

    EDIT: Ok, turns out "low pooling rate" devices can be hacked to work (like fighting pads) or devices with low functionality (like fighting pads) - Steering Wheels are not like fighting pads. At all.
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  • Bezier: a curvy twin-stick shooter to cherish

  • Midian 24/02/2015

    Played the Beta of this a while back and it really is something VERY special. It's Geometry Wars with brains as well as brawn - all the separate components (music, graphics, story) are "clever" and when combined are even more....er...cleverer(?) Its also an absolute blast to play. Heading off to Desura now to get it - thanks for the reminder! Reply +2
  • Twisted Pixel reveals first gameplay footage of Lococycle

  • Midian 30/08/2012

    @Widge Roadblasters? Reply +1
  • Eurogamer's Rezzed 2012 Game of the Show: Hotline Miami set for Steam

  • Midian 14/08/2012


    You do realise that "Rezzed" is EG's INDIE GAME SHOW and that for Borderlands 2 (or any other NON INDIE GAME) to win Game of the Show at an Indie event would be fucking retarded?
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  • Silent Hill HD Collection patch canned for Xbox 360

  • Midian 09/08/2012

    @Parrapa - You put the original PS2 disk in your PC, run your emulator of choice and enjoy the game at your monitors native resolution, @ 60 fps with FXAA antialiasing

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  • SSX Review

  • Midian 28/02/2012


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  • Hydrophobia Prophecy

  • Midian 25/05/2011

    Meh - Add Quintin to "The List" (of people who review games who's opinions are not in line with my own*)

    Its a solid 6/10 at the very least - I actually really enjoyed it and would rate it higher (but mainly cos I played the original and can see how far it has come)

    * or, as this is the internets and we can all be keyboard warriors here - The List of people who's opinions are so devoid from fact or reality the only purpose they serve is as organ donors and/or compost
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  • Beyond Good & Evil for XBLA House Party

  • Midian 06/01/2011

    BG&E HD = WIN

    Torchlight? On a joypad? Ok. Be interesting to see how that works/FAILS SO HARD IT CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE (delete as appropriate)
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  • Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma in SSFIV

  • Midian 03/12/2010

    @Ranger101 - If this was about Supply and Demand, there would be a PC version of SSFIV

    No, this is about Cash. Lots and lots of cold hard cash. So far the teats have stayed on this cash cow, so its time for another round of milking.

    /buys more msp so he has them ready for the launch of this dlc
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  • InstantAction shuts down

  • Midian 12/11/2010

    This sucks :(

    Was just plucking up the courage/stumping up the cash for T3D - Really good engine, and some helpful support and a great community.

    Now I gotta download all my purchases from my account and keep them super-safe :(
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  • Retrospective: American McGee's Alice

  • Midian 26/09/2010

    I really liked this game, despite the aforementioned crap bits (and the truely horrific Clock Tower bit which made me want to break things)

    The boss battles against the Jabberwocky (sp?) and the Red Queen where very atmospheric (and bloody creepy)

    In fact, I really must play through it again...
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  • New Tomb Raider due Xmas 2011

  • Midian 30/06/2010

    @Retroid - I enjoyed both bits of DLC for Underworld - the first one (Ashes?) had combat-shooty crap bits, but some of the puzzles were nice (including some clever ones with the grapple) - More of that would be awesome. The other DLC (Lara's Shadow) was great - a lot of back tracking through familiar environments aside the combat was actually very good! (In fact it felt a bit....Soul Reaver-y) So first one - Old Skool Tomb Raiding, second one meaty melee combat instead of piss weak gunplay - if they are on offer, well worth picking up - Real shame they are 360 exclusives though :( Reply 0
  • Alien Breed Evolution: Episode One

  • Midian 16/12/2009

    Marketplace is FUBAR'd - says its 800 points on one screen, and 1200 when you go to buy :(

    I'll wait till they sort that out before buying, but it is a defo purchase!
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  • EA responds to Spore DRM concerns

  • Midian 17/09/2008

    Grrr - The "Misprint" they are refereing to is also actually in the game on the Login Form (as it allows you to Log-Out to change your account) and was functionaility that was in the Creature Creator and has apparently been "removed" from the full game. Reply 0
  • Too Human demo proves popular

  • Midian 01/08/2008

    I actually liked it. Once you got the hang of directing your melee attacks you suddenly became bad-ass.

    Still unconvinced thopugh, I could see the combat getting a little stale after a while, and the skill tree looked pretty poor. BUT, the overall art direction (locations etc) was great and the story looked interesting - even if the animation on the main character was seven kinds of shit.

    Hmmm - has 6 or 7 out of 10 written all over it.
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  • Heartland

  • Midian 26/10/2007


    This was an AMSTRAD CPC game that got a shonky-as-shit knock off port to the speccy :(

    Not that I'm bitter there isn't a "Top 50 CPC Games" list (...because there weren't 50 good games on the CPC, they were all lowest common denominator speccy ports EXCEPT THIS ONE, DAMMIT!)
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  • Colin McRae: DIRT

  • Midian 12/06/2007

    Hated the demo - Lame handling and totally the wrong ambiance for a rally game - Charlie Don't Surf, and Yanks Can't Rally. On the other hand, whoever came up with the menus needs a big slice of cake, they are sooooo purdy. Reply 0
  • Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

  • Midian 16/03/2007

    I'm in the "w00t! This Rocks!" camp myself, but then I did love the original (It's Diablo 2! With Decent Graphics! And A Plot!) - The additions do change the character of the game, especially in the later difficulty levels and the new mastery does add a whole extra level of ass-handery to the proceedings. Plus the extra "tweaks" to the graphics (lighting, footprints, dust/snow storms) are just extra suger on the already sweet cake.

    If you have the original , and enjoyed it, you MUST get this (the power of Jeebus compels you) cos it makes a good game that much better.

    Nothing lowers stress levels more than striding along the Great Wall of China, blasting Pengs into the upper atmosphere with your dual weilded axes of ass-spankage :)
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  • TOCA Race Driver 2

  • Midian 20/07/2004

    Frank, your on. Having finally clocked PGR2, I need a new challenge. Reply 0
  • The Matrix enters at number one

  • Midian 20/05/2003

    You do realise that ETM is only number one thanks to the fantastic "10 day rental" from Game :) To anyone who was thinking about it: DO NOT BUY THE PS2 VERSION OF THIS GAME, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SACRED AND HOLY! Playing it for more than a couple of minutes will reduce you to tears - Its buggy, it jerks, the textures are as fuzzy as a nonce on CrimeWatch and the control system is completly broken. Oh, and then you get to the "driving" bits. Total, unmitigated bollox. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 4

  • Midian 15/05/2003

    I hope they sort the "game" side of it out this time - GT3 looked the nuts but played no better than GT on the PS1. And it only looked great in the replays - actually in game it didn't look quite as good for some reason (Probably just my phuqqed up eyes :) Reply 0