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  • 80 Days review

  • Maturin 13/10/2015

    @Zomeguy "opinion pieces about how the author feels about..." is what a review is. Man. Reply +2
  • Watch: Is Wild Run the reason to return to The Crew?

  • Maturin 12/10/2015

    @Zyklonbzombie I agree. I enjoyed The Crew - but that's because I completely avoided the awful crime story after a couple of missions. I just went exploring and doing other things. So this expansion looks like a much better use of that vast map to me. Reply 0
  • PS1 at 20: Destruction Derby and the art of being an idiot

  • Maturin 01/10/2015

    The day I bought my PS1 in 1996 I bought Destruction Derby and Actua Soccer. I absolutely loved DD, great fun. Was at uni at the time, so I'd made a valuable contribution to the entertainment options in our flat. Reply 0
  • Intel Skylake: Core i5 6600K review

  • Maturin 06/08/2015

    Still running my i5 3570 at stock speeds with no issues. I think it'll be a few years before I need a CPU upgrade. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

  • Maturin 11/06/2015

    Odd article. Makes it sound like Xbox One is struggling. Yet sales are very strong, compare them to the X360 at the same point.

    Yes PS4 has a much bigger installed base. But viewing this 1 v 1 is just too simplistic. It's taking a consolewarz view of a big industry.
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  • Project Cars races to pole position in UK chart

  • Maturin 11/05/2015

    @Guy.J. you don't need the whole team working on updates. Devs will allocate a few members for updates/DLC while the rest of the team moves to the next project. To keep the whole team on a released project isn't economically viable. Reply +1
  • Project Cars on PS4 and Xbox One has PC-like graphics settings

  • Maturin 16/04/2015

    @Nikanoru yes they are just cosmetic not performance options, EG is making a story from nothing here. Reply 0
  • Maturin 16/04/2015

    @SonicUk I never said anything about God rays. I mentioned lens flares, which are things you get in camera lenses, not eyes. God rays are nothing to do with this. Reply +1
  • Maturin 16/04/2015

    I think folks - and this story - are getting carried away seeing these as performance adjustments. They aren't. These are style choices, our eyes don't see lens flares but some folks like them anyway. Some people like rain drops on the game cameras, others do not. Reply +4
  • Arnie's new film channels The Last of Us

  • Maturin 25/03/2015

    @Cheeky-Girl-Gamer it may not be an issue. PG-13 in the US can often translate to a 15 in the UK. Reply +4
  • Video: Project CARS Xbox One gameplay breaks cover, at last

  • Maturin 22/03/2015

    @SeeNoWeevil no I'm so "having a different opinion to you."

    And that opinion is over thirty years of playing driving games. But I can say your opinion is valid, I just disagree with it.
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  • Maturin 22/03/2015

    Driveclub can be very difficult and does require skill - it's just not racing/driving skills as they relate to realistic driving/physics. In the same way Wipeout can be difficult and require a lot of skill. Reply +9
  • Rich Stanton on: Other worlds and the inner eye

  • Maturin 22/03/2015

    Lack of interactivity is something I'm noticing more and more in games. It's not that the worlds used to be more interactive - it's that as the detail in games has increased the level of interactivity has not kept pace. So while the Paris of Unity is a really amazing thing - I've spent house exploring it - after a while I felt like a ghost. So many games we move though these amazing worlds without being able to really reach out and touch them.

    Perhaps these lonely avatars wandering though Paris or Chicago of Watch Dogs are a metaphor for a lonely generation. Unintended of course. But I want to be able to give money to a beggar in Watch Dogs, or just talk to someone in Unity, tell a busker they are great, hold someone's hand.

    So many games with amazing game worlds and the only time we can touch them is with a blade or a bullet.
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  • Layoffs at DriveClub developer Evolution

  • Maturin 19/03/2015

    This is sad news - Evolution created one my favourite franchise, the WRC series.

    I expect what this news means is they will fulfill the season pass content then shut down completely.
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  • DriveClub Lamborghini expansion due later this month

  • Maturin 16/03/2015

    I've criticised Driveclub a lot. But this update fixes many of the issues I have had with it. The main one being the murky visuals making it hard to see the road ahead. While not perfect the brightness control really does help a lot and I've whacked that way up.

    The replays are really nice too - especially the trackside cameras. Great that photo mode can be used even from these camera views.

    It's not my favourite racing game of this generation, but now it's a game I don't regret buying and I can see myself playing it a lot more now.
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  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • Maturin 27/02/2015

    @TomPhillipsEG I meant ditch the animus stuff. Root the character in the location, allow them to interact more, rather than make a game within a game.

    I was at E3 in 2006 and saw the first game there when they were still just showing it behind closed doors. My heart sank when I saw the animus element.

    The silliness is fine. But I find the "you're not really there, you can't die" aspect just dull. Why couldn't we have had a game about Assassin's in Acre and other cities in the area.
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  • Maturin 27/02/2015

    @TeaFiend I could do without any of the modern day bollocks and instead have a game actually set in the historical period, no time travelling DNA silliness. Reply +57
  • Law & Order airs episode dedicated to harassment of women in gaming

  • Maturin 12/02/2015

    @Malek86 :) Reply 0
  • Maturin 12/02/2015

    @Malek86 "the average TV watcher" "Generalization is fairly common among people who don't know any better" anyone else spot the obvious here? Reply +13
  • Assetto Corsa review

  • Maturin 16/01/2015

    Factory assist settings is something I've wanted the console games - GT and Forza - to have for a long time. Assists in these games are usually "game" assists, but I'd like the car models to show more of the real why they drive with the assist they really have.

    Must reinstalled this game, not updated it for ages.
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  • Rich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

  • Maturin 13/12/2014

    Excellent piece. Bravo. Reply 0
  • DriveClub revisited: is dynamic weather a game-changer?

  • Maturin 11/12/2014

    No mention of the weird lighting - so that at night rain looks like it's being lit by a massive searchlight on the car roof? Reply -19
  • 20 years of PlayStation: Japan's war on cliché

  • Maturin 07/12/2014

    I was in my final year of uni when I bought a PlayStation. It wasn't my education that was the cause of my student debt, that's for sure. Reply +13
  • Grand Theft Auto 5: deconstructing the remaster

  • Maturin 29/11/2014

    @null motion blur is an inherent quality of cinema. It's not an effect, it's how it works. Reply +2
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 20GB day one patch to unlock multiplayer

  • Maturin 17/10/2014

    Why not just ship it on two disks then? Reply +78
  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • Maturin 15/09/2014

    @slk486 maybe, just maybe, they have a big plan. But for some unfathomable reason didn't tell you of all people what it was. Reply +2
  • Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One car list revealed in full

  • Maturin 10/09/2014

    Nismo400R84 wrote:Ford capri ford rs cossie and the rs200 and rs500, sold!!!I'm going to be driving around in those shouting "guv" a lot.Learned to drive in a 1973 Capri 1600 (in 1990) and owned an early-80s Sierra 2.0 Ghia much later. Reply +4
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • Maturin 10/09/2014

    @GundamJehutyKai it's not the studio that MS is interested in. It's the Minecraft IP. Reply +3
  • Where did all the strategy go?

  • Maturin 07/09/2014

    My best online multiplayer memories are playing early Ghost Recon games with other EGers on the OG Xbox. So much fun and so tense. Reply +8
  • Video: The Crew recreates real-life American landmarks

  • Maturin 06/09/2014

    @chucklepie they don't. Horizon 2 is set in southern France/northern Italy. Reply +16
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub

  • Maturin 06/09/2014

    "The jump from the studio's arcade-style MotorStorm series to a more realistic racer has been a smooth one too - but did the developer need any outside help? With Polyphony Digital and its Gran Turismo series, some pointers from the Far East could have been insightful?"
    Evolution made several World Rally Championship games you know.
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  • Project Cars is already a better racing game than Forza or Gran Turismo

  • Maturin 05/09/2014

    Amazing so many people still believe the bullshit about microtransactions and Forza 5. They were no more part of the game than in 4. The game threw xp at you and it really wasn't difficult to get the cars you wanted without paying real money.

    I'm always amazed when people talk about "the grind" to earn xp to buy cars in racing games. If it is such a "grind" to drive and race the cars I suggest racing games aren't really your thing.
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  • Maturin 05/09/2014

    Can't agree with this headline at all - it's just fawning hype. At this point in development the gamepad control of Project Cars is still awful compared to GT or Forza. Yes I know there will be some using wheels, but the majority will want to play the game with a pad. SMS's Shift 1 and Shift 2 struggled with pad controls and I have doubts the developer will get this right for release.

    I really hope I'm wrong. I've been a team member (minor financial backer) since the early days - and there's lots to like about the game - but the control feel just isn't there in the pad yet. There's two months to go. So fingers crossed.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 demo gets Xbox One release date

  • Maturin 27/08/2014

    @MilkYMoO Horizon 1 is totally worth the money. Definitely get it. Reply +10
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • Maturin 18/08/2014

    Seems like perfectly reasonable business to me. Good to see some investment in third-party developers. Reply -1
  • Crytek's Ryse 2 canned as financial struggle spreads to Shanghai

  • Maturin 26/06/2014

    @null I enjoyed Ryse too - it was good old fashioned fun with next-gen visuals. Reply +8
  • Grid Autosport review

  • Maturin 24/06/2014

    Hmmmm I hated Grid 2 (liked the original). But I tend to disagree with everything Martin Robinson writes about racing games - so there's a chance I might enjoy this a lot more than him. (or give it 2/10!) Reply +4
  • Maturin 24/06/2014

    @Fiddle-sticks they are very tiresome. And ironically prove EG right. Too many childish boys with their noses put out of joint by the idea of showing respect for all. Reply +4
  • Sky charging £5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

  • Maturin 23/06/2014

    We ditched our Sky sub a few months ago and mostly watch TV through a Freesat recorder. No regrets. Sky was over £40 a month. While Game of Thrones was on we had a NowTV sub which we could watch on a TV app and other devices. Now GoT is over I've cancelled (I wish main Sky subs let you switch packages on and off like NowTV) that sub for a bit and put the £6 towards a Eurosport sub for LeMans and Tour de France. We get BT Sport for free with our broadband - and you can Chromecast that to a big TV. Was already paying for Netflix, so we've gone from over £40 to £6 a month.Asking a fiver for the console app is a dick move. Glad we left Sky behind.Got some free NowTV sport passes with our new TV. Have been using them for the F1. Thanks to whoever said earlier we could get sports passes for peanuts on eBay, I never knew that. Reply +1
  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Maturin 19/06/2014

    @Some_Goats when women get equal pay, equal treatment etc. then I'll agree with you about things like Woman's hour. Reply -5
  • Maturin 19/06/2014

    @Mikeoneus I doubt you'll be missed by those of us who enjoy games as a (hopefully) intelligent art form. Reply +3
  • Maturin 19/06/2014

    Well done Tom, good stuff. Obviously you know the comments will just continue to be a cesspool of hate regarding the issue. Anonymous online kiddies brought up on GTA, CoD and gagging porn - will tell you to fuck off because games aren't sexist, there are more important things in the world etc.

    Part of why I left the business you are still working in was I felt it was pointless writing about serious issues when the audience is barely capable of reading a well-reasoned review correctly, let alone something that challenges their bigotry.

    I believe games can and should be art. The thing holding that back is not just the games, but the level of discourse surrounding them. Thankfully the national gallery doesn't have space under the pictures to scrawl "fuck off fag".

    I don't know if you will read this, or whether you read the comments, lord knows I wouldn't. But I'm coming to the conclusion that comments online only exist for the purpose of clicks but otherwise offer nothing constructive or worthwhile to either the articles themselves or the subject at hand. Forums I can still (just) see the worth in - but these days I never read comment sections (I made an exception for this article, especially as it hadn't got into full swing yet). I'm not picking on EG here - the comment section on the Daily Telegraph is as much a disgusting midden of puss.

    Your lot might annoy me at times in the reviews - especially on racing games - but I could live without being able to tell you so in a comments section. I think the site - any site - would be much better off without one.

    Thanks for this article though. I've been coming to the same conclusions. This is mainly because my little girl (seven) is beginning to question how unfair things are. "Why are all the players in FIFA men?" for example. And whereas in times past I might have thought - well because there's no women in the Premiership. But that doesn't matter does it, it's a bloody videogame. They could put women in custom teams if not the real teams.

    I think Rockstar could do an amazing amount of good for the artform by having a female protagonist for a GTA game. Tomb Raider for all Crystal Dynamics' talk of her character growth still seems more of a fantasy for boys. But there are the odd great female role in games. For me the best is Commander Sheppard in Mass Effect - I find the female version of Shepard much more interesting than the cookie-cutter masculine one. But such roles are few and far between. I hope by the time my daughter is 18 and can play any games she wants things have changed. In the meantime I find myself becoming an angry (rather confused) feminist on her behalf.

    (Edited for a few typos)
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

  • Maturin 12/06/2014

    Oh look a lot of little boys who live in an entitled masculine fantasyland consisting of the grainy porn they use to fill their wank sock are angry EG is discussing an important issue. Alas debating this intelligently is completely beyond you. You are so incapable of empathy for the women that likely are part of your lives - your mothers and sisters. I pity your lack of emotional intelligence to even discuss the issue, you can't even take part, instead telling EG to shut up. Your attitude to EG mirrors your attitude to women and proves why articles this are important.I believe videogames are an art form.  Good art is marked by good writing about that art. It is also marked by a willingness by the audience to engage in that discourse. But many of you can't even understand any of that, you're already wondering weather to call me a fag or a twat, but not sure how to spell either. I pity the women in your lives. Reply -13
  • FIFA 15 on PC has all the Ignite Engine bells and whistles

  • Maturin 06/06/2014

    Good move setting this right EA.

    The company does show some signs of improvement - the big free World Cup update for next-gen FIFA 14 is rather splendid too.
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  • No One Lives Forever to live forever on digital distribution

  • Maturin 03/05/2014

    Street Merchant: You look like you need a monkey.
    HARM Agent: Excuse me?
    Street Merchant: I have a very fine monkey for you. Only twenty dollars, American.
    HARM Agent: Sorry, I don't want a monkey.
    Street Merchant: What do you mean?
    HARM Agent: I don't want a monkey!
    Street Merchant: Why not?
    HARM Agent: Because I don't like monkeys, now get that filthy beast away from me!
    Street Merchant: Are you insulting my monkey?
    HARM Agent: I'm sure it's a perfectly excellent monkey, but I don't want it. Now please leave, I'm very busy.
    Street Merchant: Ten dollars.
    HARM Agent: No! I wouldn't want the dreadful thing even if it were free!
    Street Merchant: Free? You want my children to starve?
    HARM Agent: If they're hungry, I suggest you feed them the monkey.
    Street Merchant: This is a valuable monkey! My wife would kill me if she knew I was offering it to you so cheap.
    HARM Agent: You don't seem to understand, I DON'T WANT A MONKEY!
    Street Merchant: Infidel.
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  • Evolution addresses DriveClub delay after "long and hard winter"

  • Maturin 30/04/2014

    @SUNDANSS No - Evolution Studios, they did the amazing WRC games on PlayStation 2. And (the less amazing) Motorstorm on PS3.

    I believe Eutechnyx most recent game was a NASCAR release.
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  • Bungie explains why there's still no PC version of Destiny

  • Maturin 28/04/2014

    Mad given Xbox One runs on Windows 8. Reply +6
  • Kinect Sports Rivals review

  • Maturin 10/04/2014

    Got the game today. It's very pretty. You have to sit through an enormous amount of unskippable guff before it just lets you and your kids have a quick game of bowling. They've also made picking up the bowling ball much more complicated than the old X360 game - as such my youngest (four) really struggled with the game.

    We've only had it a couple of hours. We've played bowling - good - but silly sci-fi setting of it seems less convincing than old game. Waveracing is very good. Rock climbing is excellent, and feels like a good workout.

    We haven't tried the other sports yet.
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  • Sony Wireless Headset 2.0 review

  • Maturin 31/03/2014

    @darrellharding this is a very good demo too -
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  • Titanfall matchmaking tweaks now available to try

  • Maturin 30/03/2014

    This is great for me as I'm fecking useless. Just been trying it and had some great matches. Am still useless, but still managed a few kills. Reply 0