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  • Nintendo: "difficult" decision to hold back New 3DS release in Europe, US

  • LazyDan 24/02/2015

    Kinda puts to bed those conspiracy theories that the original Wii shortages were an intentional marketing stunt. They even sacrificed Christmas sales to avoid it this time round.

    "I believe that although the traditional practice of selling things and the belief that products will sell well if you advertise broadly and make attractive discount offers, worked five or ten years ago, it is no longer applicable in this present day."

    Very interesting, what is he suggesting will work then? To a layman it certainly appears as though traditional advertising still works for PC game makers, MS and Sony (See: Evolve's performance and Steam sales).
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  • New Nintendo 3DS sold 335k during EU/US launch week

  • LazyDan 17/02/2015

    If I could find any of the other bloody Amiibo not on the regional sales ranking list, maybe the chart would be different. Looking at you, Little Mac. Reply +4
  • 3D Classics Streets of Rage 2 headed to 3DS eShop

  • LazyDan 12/02/2015

    Yesss, was waiting for this as soon as SoR1 appeared. Don't forget you get wireless local co-op too! Reply +1
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • LazyDan 10/02/2015

    Bloody good on you. Metacritic is obviously the elephant in the room when talking about scoring policies, and it's about time sites started ignoring it - it should be down to MC to try and adapt to these changes and stay relevant, not for sites to use an outdated system just to appear there.

    Essential, recommended, 'nothing' and avoid are really the only scores worth anything. Love it.
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  • Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features

  • LazyDan 28/01/2015

    This most likely isn't Sony *actively* killing support, it's much more likely that the Maps/Youtube APIs behind the scenes are changing (as those services are continually evolving) and Sony simply don't want to commit the manpower to update the Vita apps to be compatible. That's the only reason they'd remove/discontinue the apps while still licensing them for the device. Reply +39
  • Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns announced

  • LazyDan 24/01/2015

    I played an MMO from the early 2000s called Dark Ages (not 'of Camelot') which did exactly this. You got to level 99 then you did a quest chain to become a master of your class. From there you used exp to buy higher MP or HP totals, where the higher your max HP or max MP were, the more experience it cost to buy another chunk.

    ...Bit of a tangent, as it probably won't work anything like the same way, but it was a super inventive little game and that was a great system. Good on GW2 for trying something more inventive than upping the level cap too.
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  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • LazyDan 22/01/2015

    I really feel for Murray - this article does a painfully good job of conveying how precious the game is to him and how nervous he is about showing it off, in case any of it is misinterpreted and ruins its chances before it's even out.

    This is the game I'm planning on finally getting a PS4 for UNLESS it reviews badly for being expansive-but-dull or for being too buggy, which seem like its biggest risks for launch. For what it's worth, this article makes me feel better about it not being dull, but makes me worry a bit more about the technical readiness. No pressure, Murray.
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  • Retro first-person shooter Strafe® parties like its 1996

  • LazyDan 20/01/2015

    Bastards, I thought this was some sort of HDification of Strife due to not reading the title properly, got me all excited :( Luckily that trailer was amazing, so their dirty trick worked. Reply +8
  • Man's basic invention levels Destiny character while he sleeps

  • LazyDan 20/01/2015

    I don't blame people like him for stuff like this. Putting progress behind grinding (i.e. doing the same thing repeatedly in order to achieve progression) is a cheap mechanic that's become far too overused in games today and this is the inevitable result.

    Imagine if in Super Mario World you had to unlock each new zone with coins and each gate was designed so that you'd have to replay each zone's levels at least 100 times before you could move on? You'd have coin farming techniques popping up in TOTAL! and Super Play and no one wants that.

    Left4Dead is the only game series in the current(ish) gen that does 'instance run'/raiding style gameplay correctly - there's no greater purpose to repeatedly playing those campaigns, nor are there any requirements for entry - they're simply designed to be fun and genuinely re-playable all on their own. If only more MMOs borrowed from L4D instead of WoW.
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  • Succulent is a popsicle-sucking parody game you have to see

  • LazyDan 14/01/2015

    Rubbish technique, no engagement via facial expressions... You'd be flaccid within 30 seconds. Reply +9
  • That was quick: people selling New 3DS Ambassador Edition for up to £400 on eBay

  • LazyDan 06/01/2015

    What they did with the GBA Micro Famicom edition was best - sold for general release, happy fans toddled off and bought it, it had a limited run, and only now are scalpers free to scalp (usually goes for at least £100 used or £200+ new today) Reply +10
  • Frozen beats FIFA 15 and Call of Duty as UK's best-selling entertainment product of 2014

  • LazyDan 05/01/2015

    It is so weird seeing a chart with music, games and videos (hey, remember that TV show?) all mixed up. Reply +2
  • Nintendo's January and February Amiibo waves are already selling out

  • LazyDan 11/12/2014

    My experience is that bigger towns are selling out more. Can only find Fox, Samus and Peach in Reading at the moment but Maidenhead had most of them between Argos and game shops. Reply +1
  • Ex-Command & Conquer dev's RTS Grey Goo gets a release date

  • LazyDan 27/11/2014

    "AI that learns from YOU!" Hmmm.

    "We decided to skip beta testing. Because we think we got everything in Alpha. Seriously." HMMM!

    I work in web development so I know exactly what happens when you skip testing. As gamers we also know what happens to games that aren't tested enough, as we seem to get about 3 AAA games that do this per year. I'm not saying it's more likely they've gone over budget and need to release ASAP, buttt...
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  • Frontier's Roller Coaster Tycoon successor ScreamRide gets a March release date

  • LazyDan 13/11/2014

    This looks like a great distillation of what made Rollercoaster Tycoon so fun and appealing to everyone who didn't get on with the economical-sim side of it (I.e me): Make insane rollercoaster, kill guests.

    The one thing that turns me off is the Mirrors Edge/neo-bleak setting which seems to be becoming the new brown recently. I'd much rather it *looked* like I was doing all this at something resembling Alton Towers.
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  • Video: See how Mario Kart 8's new Rainbow Road compares to the SNES original

  • LazyDan 13/11/2014

    Oi Eurogamer, how comes your new youtubes aren't all in that there sexy new 60fps, eh? Jazzed up Rainbow Road would be nice to look at with those juicy juicy extra frames. Reply +13
  • Nintendo shows off another two waves of Amiibo toys

  • LazyDan 11/11/2014


    Hopefully Pac Man is a sure fire thing in a subsequent wave - Mario, Link, Megaman, Sonic and Pac Man would make for an awesome little gaming display.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • LazyDan 10/11/2014

    CoD is basically the arcade experience of this generation. It's dumb fun that appeals to people who want a bit of fun after work, and a place for kids to convene and compete (the fact that this type of thing finds its way to so many kids and no one seems to care anymore bothers me, but hey.)

    So the campaign is basically The Expendables in video game form and the multiplayer is a slightly tweaked iteration over previous. It'll be the same thing next year and the year after that. Taken for what it is, it's as good as it's ever been or ever will be, surely?
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  • GTA: San Andreas Steam update removes songs, breaks some save files

  • LazyDan 10/11/2014

    Becoming more and more common in gaming (particularly mobile gaming,) for updates to actually on occasion be downdates, whether they remove features or add un-features like more adverts/paywalls (looking at you, Words with Friends.)

    Would've expected more from Rockstar though.
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  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS players getting hit by 136-year online bans

  • LazyDan 03/11/2014

    DEAR NINTENDO I am getting aggressively targeted by the other player any time I play one on one for glory matches and they keep winning as a result, I expect notification of their multi-century bans by the end of the day. Reply +38
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U release date changed in the UK

  • LazyDan 31/10/2014

    Bloody hell Nintendo, quite rare for them to ever give Europe good news. Can't wait for the U version. Reply +30
  • Twitch cracks down on "sexually suggestive clothing"

  • LazyDan 28/10/2014

    This was inevitable, and it's less about stopping guys with their pasty moobs hanging out than it is about stopping the service from quickly devolving into a softcore LiveJasmine, which absolutely would've been successful in terms of viewers out there being willing to throw obscene amounts of money at channels doing it. Reply +12
  • Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth review

  • LazyDan 23/10/2014

    I guess I still feel that Civ 5 isn't quite 'done' which has hampered my interest in this. The review seems to have confirmed my fear that this is a step sideways and backwards, and we'll have to wait for the next two expansions to it to take it those steps forward again.

    In Civ 5, the AI needs work (specifically the multiplayer AI,) and there are still options which were present in Civ 4 that didn't make it to Civ 5 (where things like religion and espionage from 4 which were initially missing from 5 were brought in via expansions eventually.) Sounds like the multiplayer is currently the major step backwards.

    Also, selfishly, I kinda wished they'd gone with fantasy rather than sci-fi - it's all the rage at the minute, and Civ with dragons and legendary leaders (King Arthur, Perseus, Krishna et al.) might have been more engaging.
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  • Spelunky's creator is writing a book about its development

  • LazyDan 21/10/2014

    Spelunky earned a place in my heart right up the top with Rainbow Islands and Mario Bros 3 (I think I might have a childhood based predilection for 2D platformers...) Something I never thought would happen post-2000 and from a non-Japanese developer, no less. I'm definitely buying this book. Reply +1
  • EGX 2014: Game of the Show

  • LazyDan 03/10/2014

    WRONG - game of the show was that little art project upstairs in the indie section with the DJ sliders that played like a crazy, brilliantly paced, hallucinogenic multiplayer Flappy Bird with tactile controls. Me and two friends played that for an unreasonably long time. The creator was super friendly and so happy that people liked it too! Reply +2
  • Zelda and Sheik are separate Smash Bros. characters due to 3DS limitations

  • LazyDan 01/10/2014

    I used to think it was silly that there was a 2 month gap between the 3DS release and the Wii U release with the 3DS one coming first, but since playing the 3DS one, it makes perfect sense.

    I didn't really care about the 3DS version until I played it, the controls are extremely different as someone used to a Gamecube or Classic Controller which initially was very off-putting, but with nothing else I got used to it. Now I'm used to the controls, it's revealed itself to be an excellent game - even on the small screen(s). Having portable Smash Bros is brilliant, and really paid off at EGX, for example.

    Meanwhile I occasionally see images/clips of the WIi U version like I'd completely forgotten it was coming, and the graphics are *so* much better. It's like we're getting a full sequel within a matter of months, and bonus points: it'll have better controls.

    The character roster sharing is annoying, but also makes sense. They've tried super hard to make the 3DS one not feel like Smash Bros Lite, but the reality is that it will be vastly inferior. Having more characters on the Wii U one would've just made this worse. For the record though, the two versions aren't otherwise the same - they both have completely different levels (aside from Battlefield, Final Destination, Boxing Ring and Wily's Castle which are on both,) and different modes. There will blatantly be DLC as well, so I'd be very surprised if Ice Climbers and Pokemon Trainer don't return via that medium for the Wii U.

    If the Wii U version had come out first, no one (probably myself included,) would've given the 3DS version a chance. Worse graphics, worse controls than a game already out? Nah mate.
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  • Video: Let's Splat ink everywhere in Splatoon

  • LazyDan 29/09/2014

    I hope you can turn the motion-aiming off because that was the one bit I couldn't get used to at EGX. It was good fun though, and the sounds the guns made sounded particularly meaty - stood far enough from the Splatoon area and it actually sounded like some mad paintball game was going off in the expo. Reply +3
  • Nintendo brings huge line-up to EGX London

  • LazyDan 19/09/2014

    I got a £20 eShop voucher off the wheel last year and I was very pleased with that thankyouverymuch Reply 0
  • Ice Climbers cut from Smash Bros. 3DS due to lack of hardware power

  • LazyDan 17/09/2014

    They had a target of 60fps on the 3DS *even in 3D mode* (which going by the demo they've achieved.) When you consider this means accounting for busy levels and whatever the maximum amount of items, assist trophy characters and Pokemon on screen is, it doesn't seem unreasonable that 4 Ice Climbers on screen (effectively 8 characters) would be a stretch too far for the poor little 3DS. Reply +20
  • Amazon acquires Twitch for $970 million

  • LazyDan 26/08/2014

    Amazon buying Twitch makes a lot of sense given the obvious tie-in with advertising, the streaming service they're trying to expand and their immense existing infrastructure that already powers their online properties as well as *everything using Amazon Web Services*.

    The one thing that worries me is that Amazon aren't great at supporting a wide range of devices, and nor have Twitch been until very recently, meanwhile Youtube and Netflix enabled toasters wouldn't surprise me. Hopefully them coming together means we'll start seeing AIV and Twitch on more things rather than them listing on.
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  • Nintendo confirms limited edition 3DS XL for Super Smash Bros. launch

  • LazyDan 13/08/2014

    I've still got a launch regular 3DS so was looking forward to upgrading to a Smash special edition 3DS XL, but as theodule said... Ew, tacky. Oh well, at least it's time to get a non-special edition one.

    EDIT: And Megaman's not even on it!
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  • Monster Hunter 4 will let you dress up as Link

  • LazyDan 29/07/2014

    @J.C 3DS games suffer from a phenomenon where they look like blocky bollocks in videos and screenshots but on the devices themselves things look much smoother. Not magically PS3 quality visuals, but certainly not as bad as they appear when stretched to dimensions larger than the physical 3DS screen. Reply +18
  • Yogventures studio reveals troubled development, how Yogscast "lost faith" early on

  • LazyDan 21/07/2014

    Utterly inept management at Winterkewl by their own admission then. I've had the misfortune of working at startups for enthusiastic yet incompetent owners who do things like agree to pay a developer their entire salary and then contractually give them space to leave 2 weeks later, as was the case here. Wow. I don't blame Yogscast for losing faith at that point, nevermind the other massive red flags.

    As for the backers who ultimately paid for nothing, isn't this how investment goes? People seem to have a sense of entitlement about it as though Kickstarter is a pre-order system and not a crowd-investment platform. It's a failed investment, try and get the folks to release something (like making the code open source,) but there are no guarantees.
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  • Starcraft, Guild Wars and State of Decay designer reveals MOBA Gigantic

  • LazyDan 16/07/2014

    The one thing this genre's waiting for is the casual/party-friendly variant. Where you have Gran Turismo, there's Mario Kart. Where you have Street Fighter, there's Smash Bros (spot the trend.) I'm waiting for that equivalent to League of Legends. The closest so far I think are Awesomenauts and Fat Princess - the former wasn't too compelling and the latter, while genius, isn't really a MOBA (and really needs a sequel or PC release.)

    Give me League of Legends with its rules and bright colours that can be played with an Xbox pad with far less twitch-gameplay, item spawns in place of a shop (maybe dropping better stuff near losing teams,) and more map objectives.

    Gigantic, from the looks of that trailer, certainly looks like it might be aiming toward that area, so I'm excited. Poo poo to the MOBA moaners.
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  • Samsung's Gear VR headset revealed in leaked image

  • LazyDan 09/07/2014

    In theory it could be a natural marriage - something as light as the Galaxy S2 slotted onto the VR device in some sensible way with the graphical power of a more modern phone would mean you could play VR games without being tethered to a PC/console. Would more than suffice for Minecraft and the majority of the current Occulus tech demos that people have been enjoying.

    However in that setup I'd much rather the VR device continue to use its own dual screen system that's designed to be up close and personal with your eyes and attempts to cover as much of your field of vision as possible, rather than just putting a divider between two areas of your regular phone screen, which seems like it'd have a rubbish effect. So effectively the phone would just be clipped on for processing power.
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  • Kids react to Game Boy

  • LazyDan 07/07/2014

    "Another wondered why it couldn't detect your skin and forced you to push buttons."

    That's a fascinating reaction, makes you wonder if there's a generation of gamers growing up now who will prefer touch controls.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin Larian Studios' fastest-selling game ever

  • LazyDan 03/07/2014

    This is the best game I've played in a while - not being much of a fan of old-school western RPGs in the past. I've been playing it co-op and it's the closest a computer game's come to a pen and paper RPG experience for me.

    "OK talk to him so he won't see me picking the lock on the door to his supply room."

    "OK we need to go and talk to the captain." "There's a chest behind this wall... I bet I can teleport you to it. Ooh there's a trap door there too!" *5 HOUR DIVERSION LATER* "We have mastered the undead! How did we start this? Oh yeah, the captain."

    The turn based combat's really great too, it's almost like a turn-based Magicka with all the combinations you can put together, albeit from the environment rather than mixing elements.
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  • First playable games announced for EGX London

  • LazyDan 26/06/2014

    This'll be my 4th Eurogamer Exp... er, EGX and I'm hoping that queues will be less of a thing this time round (especially as for once there isn't any new hardware on the horizon.)

    Although Smash Bros WiiU+3DS are bound to be there and I'm already prepared for the 1 hour queue for 10 minutes on those.

    I advise anyone attending to make a list of what you want to see/play beforehand - particularly the indie games which don't always stand out on the show floor. It's so overwhelming when you walk in and it's like LIGHTS! NOISE! EXCITEMENT! PEOPLE! COSPLAYERS! and you end up doing the same excitedly bewildered loop the entire day.
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  • Fez dev Polytron partnering to release indie title Panoramical

  • LazyDan 16/06/2014

    Panoramical looks great, can't wait to see it published. Reply +6
  • Super Mario Land retrospective

  • LazyDan 28/04/2014

    The ending music is one of my favourite little pieces of music ever. It marries up an initial rising scale with chord progressions that makes it sound both happy and sad at the same time. There's basically no plot in SML, even relative to the rest of the plot-thin Mario games, but that music always makes me feel sad that I'm parting with Mario after helping him through his grand adventure, but happy he's riding off into the sunset with Daisy forever*.

    Here it is in all its plinky plonky glory (the remixes don't really do it justice, so this will only be relevant to people who already know it):

    (*until the bitter divorce once she cheats on him, bitch)
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  • SimCity can now be played offline

  • LazyDan 18/03/2014

    It can also still not be played. Reply +39
  • Gauntlet reboot announced

  • LazyDan 17/03/2014

    Big fan of Magicka so optimistic about this. The main problem with, well, Gauntlet-clones is repetition. If they can manage to avoid repetition in the game, or break up the repetition at least, then this is a definite winner. Repetition is what could stop this from being something you return to more than a couple of times, so I really do hope the repetition is handled well. It'd be a shame if such a prestigious IP were ruined by repetition. Reply +2
  • A new RollerCoaster Tycoon game has been announced!

  • LazyDan 17/03/2014

    The thing that bugs me the most about high production-value mobile gaming is the art. Has anyone else noticed that no matter the IP, no matter the subject matter, the graphics tend to have a very bright, glossy plastic vibe? It's always high quality, but there's an uncanny uniformity to it across the entire range of them available in the app stores that is completely soulless and dead eyed. It's such a waste that so many good artists are deployed to this stuff rather than paired with innovative developers on new ideas.

    It is madness that one of the most profitable forms of gaming these days is effectively what we all used to call 'browser based games' where you'd get so many actions per day, except now you can buy shit to increase the amount of stuff you can do. No gameplay, very little strategy, just stuff. Brightly coloured, glossy plastic stuff.
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  • Flappy Bird clones flood App Store, now with in-app purchases

  • LazyDan 10/02/2014

    So it turns out that portable consoles like the Vita and 3DS weren't safe from mobile gaming because of physical controls at all... It was because of this. This is the end result of games marketplace with a low barrier to entry, online connectivity and 69p culture - utter exploitative detritus.

    Those three things together are exactly why the mobile gaming boom isn't exactly the same as bedroom development on the Spectrum. Back then there was a low barrier to entry, but no online to exploit and even a £1 cassette in 1985 equates to £2.50 in today's money.

    This is what Iwata was talking about then, when he talked about the problem of devaluing games and why he was staunchly against it. I mean, Nintendo take it too far the other way with their prices, but you can understand why they don't want Mario and Zelda in this world, and also why they don't fit anyway.

    Flappy Bird, you're an odd story.
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  • Iwata: Nintendo must harness smart devices, no restrictions for dev team

  • LazyDan 30/01/2014

    Realistically, I can see them putting the Mii-stuff onto smart devices - like the Spotpass games on 3DS, that'd be quite neat. I'd be surprised if it were anything more... Virtual console stuff is a push - Super Mario Bros bought on your phone is not Super Mario Bros bought on your potential 3DS.

    Looking forward to another comment section full of words/phrases like 'third parties', 'sega', 'underpowered' etc. though.
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  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • LazyDan 17/01/2014

    The tablet, outside of it's indestructibility and amazing lagless wireless streaming tech, is awful. The battery life and screen are terrible, not helped by the fact you can't turn the tablet display off and carry on doing other things, while most games and the OS force you to use it even where a wiimote would actually suffice.

    The OS is awful, it takes too long to get around, it looks cheap and some of the UI is unnecessarily confusing (Close software/Close home screen comes to mind.)

    The virtual console stuff is an utter rip off, to the point of removing itself as something you'd buy the console for.

    Nintendoland is too childishly presented and puts people off straight away in a way Wii Sports never did. The rules aren't conveyed quickly or concisely enough, the games lose their novelty, fast.

    Not one game inventively uses the Gamepad in a way that makes the whole thing worth it. Nintendoland, ZombiU and Rayman are the closest so far to even trying.

    I say the whole thing needs a relaunch. A redesigned tablet & OS, a PSN-style virtual console subscription and all of it packaged in new base bundles, shipped with Mario 3D World.

    ...What we'll get are further price cuts while they rely on Mario Kart, Pokemon and Zelda to save the day again.
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  • Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2014

  • LazyDan 03/01/2014

    Did Ben Cousins piss on Wesley's kids at Christmas? Bit weird to slap the EG 4/10 score in his intro when no other developer listed had the same honour. Reply 0
  • FranknJohn, the brawler that requires skulls as well as skills

  • LazyDan 02/12/2013

    "Twin stick"






    This looks great, really looking forward to it. Procedural generation done right (Minecraft, Spelunky, Binding of Isaac) seems to stick really well with indie titles in terms of increasing longevity. Echoing above, it wouldn't be the end of the world without it (from the sounds of it,) but co-op could make this a superstar.
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  • PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k

  • LazyDan 02/12/2013

    The Wii U isn't sexy. The tablet's ugly, the OS is ugly and there was no 'wow' factor to Nintendoland (presentation a bit too child like, the rules took too long to explain each time.) Its killer app may only just exist with SM3DW, but it doesn't feel different enough - on the outside it's 'just another mario, oh wow cat suit great.'

    I bought a Wii U at launch and I love it, but to an outsider there is almost nothing appealing about it, and it's not as easy or intuitive to use as it should be. Please use the tablet, no! Put it down, get a wii remote! No, use the tablet again, no you fool! Wii remote! Want to play multiplayer New Super Mario Bros U with the tablet player playing as usual? Don't be stupid! Want to turn the tablet off while you watch a Netflix film? Fuck off!

    Needs a major OS overhaul and a re-released tablet that looks a lot more like an iPad/Nexus 7 than the ugly plastic resistive lump it is right now. More importantly, it needs a game that makes the synergy between tablet and TV players worthwhile.
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  • Amazon announces drone delivery service

  • LazyDan 02/12/2013

    I love waking up on a day and discovering a new technological advancement now exists.

    One day you woke up and the iPhone existed. One day you woke up and Google existed.

    Today you woke up and Super Robot Automated Flying Drone Mail Delivery System now exists, and this is probably only the first attempt we'll see.

    ...And it's definitely not an April Fool's, right?
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