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  • Pac-Man 256 is coming to consoles and PC in June

  • LazyDan 24/05/2016

    This is such a good game, my partner and I were getting properly competitive over high scores on it earlier this year.

    I ended up buying it with a pack which gave us the Beam weapon - obscenely powerful, especially fully upgraded. We stopped playing when I reached an absolutely insurmountable score of 87,000. PS4 co-op will spark another 3 month long obsession no doubt.
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  • Nintendo's mobile Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games will be free-to-play

  • LazyDan 11/05/2016

    The vast majority of Animal Crossing players I would imagine are the crowd who appreciate F2P mobile games, despite AC being enjoyed by more traditional gamers also.

    I wouldn't have said the same for Fire Emblem... Maybe the Final Fantasy mobile ports have been successful and Nintendo fancy a piece?
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  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force to roll up in September

  • LazyDan 20/04/2016

    "The game's multiplayer mode is another departure from the franchise's norm: it is a Rocket League-esque sports mini-game named Blast Ball."

    Wrong, wrong wrong.

    The game has 4-player co-op of the main campaign, which take the form of Left4Dead-esque romps through missions with vague or specific objectives (e.g. 'investigate the strange signals coming from the power plant on this abandoned planet.') Blast Ball is just a mode, and almost certainly not the main one.

    The unveiling at last year's E3 was cack-handed and made Blast Ball the main focus, but more information has been shown since then which makes it look much more fun. You'd only know that if you'd have, you know, looked. It is a shame it's being released so late and likely to take more time from this E3, but I guess this article shows why they have to use their E3 platform to make the increasingly passive gaming press aware there's more to it now.

    Here's a good video of the campaign co-op being played:

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  • 15 years on, Runescape now has a new graphics engine

  • LazyDan 19/04/2016

    Speaking as a person who always sneered at Runescape as being the pikey MMO kids played back in 2005 because they didn't have access to a debit card, this looks... like I want to play it? Reply +17
  • Surprise! Battlezone 98 Redux is out now

  • LazyDan 18/04/2016

    Oh my GOD, I've been bemoaning the lack of games like the '98 remake of Battlezone for ages, this is amazing. No other game did the RTS/FPS mix as well - and it should be huge as a genre, not extinct. I am right on this as soon as I get home. Reply +6
  • Here's the most streamed Spotify music on PlayStation

  • LazyDan 15/04/2016

    I guess this is a comment thread where people rag on chart music, pretend not to recognise names of people who've made worldwide headlines many times outside of chart success, then humblebrag about their own oh so not-mainstream taste in music.

    Groundbreaking stuff.
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  • Nintendo fires marketer after sustained online hate campaign

  • LazyDan 31/03/2016

    @MrTomFTW "And don't even think about victim blaming in these comments please. I'll just delete the posts. Go take it to a blog or Twitter or something."

    That's a bit oversensitive. She was victim of a horrible harassment campaign for whatever reason that crowd deigned her guilty for, but she put strong views on record while acting as a representative for Nintendo, nevermind the moonlighting.

    If an EG member of staff tweeted seriously about having strong anti-immigration views on their linked-from-the-site Twitter account it'd make EG quite rightly nervous. People like to act indignant like it's some freedom of speech issue, but the fact is it's modern common sense - while you represent a company, don't publicly and on record (i.e Twitter) express views your company wouldn't express.

    The mistake on her part is an age and experience thing, not a gender thing. The harassment is awful, but unrelated to her decisions and Nintendo's subsequent decision. To connect the two and imply Nintendo are at fault for not riding to her rescue in a personal matter and firing her during it for something else is super weak.
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  • Nintendo plays down claim it will end Wii U production this year

  • LazyDan 23/03/2016

    If the Wii U is remembered as another Gamecube (i.e. a console which undersold but housed some amazing games,) then that's not the worst thing. Reply +52
  • Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit is the UK's next video game TV show

  • LazyDan 21/03/2016

    BBC and Channel 4 10 years ago: "There's no market for gaming on TV"

    Today: "Turns out gamers are spending millions of hours watching games on Twitch and Youtube, quick, commission something"

    Too little, too late. In 2007 it really used to bother me that there were no gaming related programmes on TV, but time and technology caught up with us super quickly. Today, I don't even have a freeview box plugged in, I get all my viewing needs online - and only a tiny amount of that is from the national TV catchup services (such as the BBC-commissioned, though online only and excellent Videogaiden.)

    At this point, can any of us really be arsed with another attempt which will almost certainly feature patronising pandering to a non-gaming audience and low effort jokes? I can hear it now:

    "Street Fighter is a long running beat 'em up series, where two opponents..."
    "Cor, Chun Li with those powerful legs *wink wink*"

    It'd be like if Match of the Day spent 15 minute segments explaining what Football is and how penalties work.
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  • Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down

  • LazyDan 07/03/2016

    Another knock to big budget genre diversity in gaming. Before long it'll be only indies making games outside of 3rd person 'action-adventures', first/third person shooters, left-to-right 2D platformers and MOBAs. Reply +7
  • The best Zelda games: Readers' choice

  • LazyDan 25/02/2016

    I'm convinced that if Nintendo re-released GBA/Gamecube mashup co-op extravaganza that is Four Swords Adventures for the Wii U+3DS it'd be on this list. I was lucky enough to get to play it with the full whack of four GBAs and players once, it was magical. Reply +2
  • Our best look yet at the promising Planet Coaster

  • LazyDan 26/01/2016

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 was the weakest of the first three, but this looks so good. I'd call this the spiritual successor to Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

    Gutted, Atari.
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  • Fire Emblem: Fates controversial scene changed for Western launch

  • LazyDan 21/01/2016

    "In the version of the game that ships in the US and Europe, there is no expression which might be considered as gay conversion or drugging that occurs between characters."

    You know we're in the future when it's Nintendo releasing a sentence as an official piece of communication like that.
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  • The Witness costs £29.99, pre-orders now live

  • LazyDan 19/01/2016

    Christ, Braid is nearly eight years old. I remember this was announced almost straight after that came out. I'm thankful that the hype in that time's been subtle and sporadic, because it doesn't seem like as painful a wait as it obviously was. Reply +9
  • Best-selling Steam games of 2015 list has a few surprises

  • LazyDan 05/01/2016

    Even if it's only somewhat accurate, I'm chuffed to see Cities: Skylines doing so well on that list. A city builder without wank all over it still sells, fancy that. Reply +34
  • Minecraft Wii U Edition confirmed, out next week

  • LazyDan 07/12/2015

    There's going to be a specific Nintendo Direct this month for Smash Bros, at this point I'd be surprised if there wasn't a level/miiverse costume, and maybe even new character (Steve) that's Minecraft related, given this.

    Miyamoto and Takahashi spoke quite a bit about Minecraft last summer, it's not as huge in Japan as they think it could be, and it's massive with kids - all massive signs and opportunities for Nintendo.

    EDIT: Also, Microsoft and Nintendo teaming up over IP isn't out of the ordinary - Rare made a Diddy Kong Racing port for the DS way after they were bought by MS. There was also a DS port of Viva Pinata. Someone high up in the Xbox team (I forget who) tweeted as much when talking about MS characters being in the Smash lineup before it was released.
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  • Reggie Fils-Aime pays tribute to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata

  • LazyDan 04/12/2015

    Reggie is such a powerful, clear speaker - great tribute to a great person. Reply +14
  • Now you can be Frog Mario in Super Mario Maker

  • LazyDan 27/11/2015

    They haven't added the Frog Suit powerup, they've added a Mario-Bros-1-theme-only mystery costume which looks like a Frog Suit. It doesn't change your jump/walk/swimming like the real powerup did.

    Way to get my hopes up >:(
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  • Payday 2 developer apologises after paid-for boosts blowup

  • LazyDan 23/11/2015

    I don't understand it, they need the $$ to support further additions like maps, guns, modes, skins etc... So charge people for those instead of wanking up the game?

    If it's more about maintaining growth levels which would surely have been high during Payday 2's early days, surely this was a short term solution leading directly to a long term pain. What do you do when there's no one left to nickel and dime?
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  • Telltale confirms Games of Thrones season two

  • LazyDan 20/11/2015

    As long as that "huge role" equates to more than just:

    (GoT game season one spoilers)
    You rejected Morgryn and kept Mira alive? She dies anyway in episode one in a random ambush.

    You killed Ludd? Gryff does all the same things Ludd would've done, and dies early on anyway.

    You decide to march south with Gared from the North Grove? You're ambushed straight away in episode one and sent straight back.

    etc. A lot of the choices in season one ended up like the above (i.e. pointless, for those avoiding spoilers,) so I don't have a lot of faith. By the end I was kind of hoping that the whole story would wrap up in season one, just so some resolution would make the endless failing no matter what you do worthwhile. Even if they'd started season two with an entirely new set of characters.
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  • Super Mario Maker update to add mid-level checkpoints, new levels

  • LazyDan 27/10/2015

    Sweet, they'd been silent on the prospect of updates until now. We all kind of assumed they'd be coming, good to see probably the most asked for feature out there (checkpoints) included so soon.

    EDIT: Slopes, water+lava tiles (outside of underwater and castle themes, respectively) and Desert/Athletic themes next please!
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  • PayDay 2 developer defends microtransactions

  • LazyDan 26/10/2015

    The thing is, we all know that in a corporate-fantasy world, gamers would pay £60 plus a monthly subscription, suffer in-game adverts, fork out for £60 expansion packs, and include novelty and pay-to-win micro-transactions... All in the same game. That's their utopia, we get it.

    The problem is that Payday 2 is a grind-for-progress game and they sold themselves on not including pay-to-win micro-transactions early on. To about-face on that this late on is a kick in the balls at best and manipulative at worst. Some people would never give their time to a game that's up front about being a pay-to-win + grind-for-progress game. Payday 2 has been just a grind-for-progress game up till now, and the developers made a big song and dance about how it'd stay that way.

    They got greedy and Listo refuses to admit it or see it. Ironic, given the game's subject.
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  • Console Divinity: Original Sin gets a release date

  • LazyDan 05/10/2015

    Put over 100 hours into this on PC with my partner. Very tempted to do it again with the console version, looks like they've made the transition to console and split screen very slick.

    If you're the type of person who plays MMORPGs on their own or with just one/very few friends, this game is 100% for you. Playing with someone else it feels like an MMO where you have a real impact on the world.
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  • Surprise new DLC sails into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

  • LazyDan 30/09/2015

    For a full run down of what's been added in this new DLC from a publication that can be bothered to more than half report on these things, see:
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  • UK chart: Super Mario Maker 2nd, Tearaway Unfolded 33rd

  • LazyDan 14/09/2015

    As someone who grew up with Mario (he's only 2 months younger than me!) Super Mario Maker is the most pleasantly surreal experience, closer in feeling to an interactive behind the scenes of the original games, and almost like what my 10 year old head would think working for Nintendo would be like. The nods to Mario Paint make me feel a special kind of happy as well.

    It seems silly to be happy about sales, but I'm really happy Mario Maker's done well as a result, it's one of those games that could have completely bombed and people would've said 'yeah that was obvious.' Hopefully this means we might see a sequel one day, or a bumload of extensions via DLC.

    It does make me wonder how there could ever be another New Super Mario Bros though. A few new enemies and powerups here and there surely won't be enough at this point.
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  • Shovel Knight the first indie game to get an Amiibo

  • LazyDan 28/08/2015

    It's been heavily rumoured recently that Shovel Knight is coming to Smash Bros as a new DLC character imminently, this lends a lot of weight to that rumour. Great sign that Nintendo are moving toward getting behind indie development full time. I always thought the brightly coloured, innovative stuff we saw on XBLA last generation (Braid/Castle Crashers/Spelunky et al.) would've been more naturally at home on a Nintendo console. Imagine a Castle Crasher Amiibo/Smash character! Reply +1
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter funded in under 12 hours

  • LazyDan 27/08/2015

    @Sousuke_Sagara People worrying about multiplayer is a red herring I think. When they talk about the fun stuff you can have the different characters in your party do, that applies whether you're controlling the whole party yourself or if someone else is involved - as it did in the first game.

    Sure it might be a little hollow dicking over your dwarf when you control him too, but maybe you want to have a little fun and roleplay with it.

    Think of it more as putting the RP back in RPG, rather than being a multiplayer thing.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin 2's narrative is fuelled by dizzying, twisted multiplayer

  • LazyDan 26/08/2015

    YES! I recently finished the Original Sin 1 campaign in co-op with my partner. It took us 100+ argumentative hours (hey, if you don't like being stunned all the time, don't get in the way of my mage.)

    I'm so glad they're expanding on the co-op dynamics of the party. Things like the freedom to wander off, the inter-character dialogues and the occasional quests that separated you (the prostitute in Silverglen comes to mind,) all made it feel like your own personal MMO where both you and your co-op partner/other characters are actually central to the world.

    Being able to compete with and spite my partner while playing a co-op RPG for the second one sounds great.

    I hope they keep a consistent amount of ingenuity and balance through to the end for the second one though. Original Sin 1 really dribbles out towards the end with the final zone (PF) being nowhere near as rich and adventure-some as Cyseal. Our characters were pretty much fully realised Gods by that point as well, where all the fights were just minor inconveniences - including the final boss, who was 1 hit with a lava scroll we'd been saving.
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  • We've got 3000 Might & Magic Heroes 7 closed beta keys to give away

  • LazyDan 26/08/2015

    MMH 7 yes!

    Awkward Facebook stuff, boo!

    So the 'Coupons' app this whole thing is managed through requires access to your profile information and primary Facebook e-mail address when you hit 'get a code.' If you untick that permission, the app doesn't allow you to continue.

    They could only possibly want that information for marketing purposes, so I set up a new e-mail+Facebook account just for this. Took 10 minutes, minor inconvenience, will be interesting to see what other unrelated e-mails end up in that mailbox. Thanks for the code though!

    The real annoyance is having to log in via uPlay on their site to validate the code - a sour reminder of that this is a uPlay title. Right now logging in is hanging and eventually timing out on 'Please wait'. Guess there's some demand?

    Oh for the good ol' days where getting a demo involved taking the CD off the front of PC Gamer without ripping the cover and sitting through their awkward CD-ROM menu and various installers, only for nothing to work on your 486 PC.
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  • Now there's a Splatoon mod for Team Fortress 2

  • LazyDan 02/07/2015

    Goes to show how strong the idea was, for people to want to see it elsewhere so much that mods have appeared already. Reply +8
  • Zelda: Triforce Heroes' campaign won't support two-player mode

  • LazyDan 19/06/2015

    Well that's annoying.

    All I've wanted for years was a Four Swords Adventures remake on the Wii U (emulating the Gamecube) with players using 3DS', the Wii U Gamepad or online in place of the GBA controllers. It would've been amazing, that old game would've finally seen the play it always deserved but wasn't practical enough for.

    BUT NO.
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  • Mariah Carey signs seven-figure deal to promote free-to-play Game of War app

  • LazyDan 12/06/2015

    What blows my mind is that a highly derivative (even down to its search-abusing name) non-game is even able to shell out seven figures for this kind of thing. I knew this stuff was successful, but bloody hell. Reply +1
  • Hearthstone and Diablo make up for World of Warcraft subscriber slide

  • LazyDan 07/05/2015

    The gameplay has gone stale, there's nothing more to it. We've entered a world where simpler and more dynamic gameplay are coming out on top - fluid, cinematic action (Assasins Creed, Arkham Asylum), dynamic infinitely destructible environments (Minecraft) and cut down, fast paced strategy (League of Legends.)

    World of Warcraft is a world of numbers, static animations and a largely static world (save for the slightly awkward phasing system.) Relative to its competition in 2015, running up to an NPC with an exclamation over their head, reading some contrived lore and being sent to kill X amount of Y hundreds of times (and other WoW-cliches) makes it feel like it isn't a world at all. The opposite was true 10 years ago, somehow.

    People are moving on, slowly but surely. Given how well Blizzard have done with Diablo 3 (post launch), Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm though, I can imagine they'll have all the right answers when it eventually comes time to retire it in favour of something new, even if it's an entirely new game with the same name.
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  • EGX 2015 tickets now on sale

  • LazyDan 20/03/2015

    This'll be my 5th consecutive EGX - looking forward to seeing the new house!

    This might be the first one I've been to where some majorly anticipated new thing isn't clear on the horizon (Smash Bros 2014, PS4 + XB1 2013, Wii U 2012, Vita 2011) so I'm hoping this plus the new home will have a calming effect on the queues.

    Saying that, I really hope VR has a huge showing this year - the queues for Oculus in the last two years (2013 especially) have been painful, but Oculus are bigger and there are a load more players in VR now. More than anything else, VR benefits from being there and seeing it in person.

    Here is me enjoying the future of VR at last year's EGX
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  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • LazyDan 18/03/2015

    I love people declaring that they've 'announced their next console is called the NX' (Engadget's headline is almost literally word for word that) - is this our first console launch people? It's clearly a codename - the Revolution became the Wii, Project Natal became Kinect, Project Ultra became the N64... It's a codename for a project which may not even be a console or be just a console. We know nothing except high level intentions for it. Reply +61
  • Nintendo NX is "new hardware with a brand new concept"

  • LazyDan 17/03/2015

    @grassyknoll oh actually that makes a lot of sense too, that'd be awesome. Reply 0
  • LazyDan 17/03/2015

    Combined handheld/console (i.e, the Wii U with all the processing in the tablet rather than a console but can still dock to a TV), guaranteed. Will we finally see purchases tied to accounts rather than hardware on Nintendo systems?! Will we finally see subscription based Virtual Console/eShop offerings to compete with PSPlus/XBG?!

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  • Apple Watch prices range from £299 to £13,500

  • LazyDan 10/03/2015

    Good time to remind people that a new version of Pebble Watch is about to be released called Pebble Time! Colour e-ink screen, 7-10 days of battery life (depending on model) plus all the typical useful (well, depending on your definition of useful) smartwatch features:
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  • Nintendo: "difficult" decision to hold back New 3DS release in Europe, US

  • LazyDan 24/02/2015

    Kinda puts to bed those conspiracy theories that the original Wii shortages were an intentional marketing stunt. They even sacrificed Christmas sales to avoid it this time round.

    "I believe that although the traditional practice of selling things and the belief that products will sell well if you advertise broadly and make attractive discount offers, worked five or ten years ago, it is no longer applicable in this present day."

    Very interesting, what is he suggesting will work then? To a layman it certainly appears as though traditional advertising still works for PC game makers, MS and Sony (See: Evolve's performance and Steam sales).
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  • New Nintendo 3DS sold 335k during EU/US launch week

  • LazyDan 17/02/2015

    If I could find any of the other bloody Amiibo not on the regional sales ranking list, maybe the chart would be different. Looking at you, Little Mac. Reply +4
  • 3D Classics Streets of Rage 2 headed to 3DS eShop

  • LazyDan 12/02/2015

    Yesss, was waiting for this as soon as SoR1 appeared. Don't forget you get wireless local co-op too! Reply +1
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • LazyDan 10/02/2015

    Bloody good on you. Metacritic is obviously the elephant in the room when talking about scoring policies, and it's about time sites started ignoring it - it should be down to MC to try and adapt to these changes and stay relevant, not for sites to use an outdated system just to appear there.

    Essential, recommended, 'nothing' and avoid are really the only scores worth anything. Love it.
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  • Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features

  • LazyDan 28/01/2015

    This most likely isn't Sony *actively* killing support, it's much more likely that the Maps/Youtube APIs behind the scenes are changing (as those services are continually evolving) and Sony simply don't want to commit the manpower to update the Vita apps to be compatible. That's the only reason they'd remove/discontinue the apps while still licensing them for the device. Reply +39
  • Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns announced

  • LazyDan 24/01/2015

    I played an MMO from the early 2000s called Dark Ages (not 'of Camelot') which did exactly this. You got to level 99 then you did a quest chain to become a master of your class. From there you used exp to buy higher MP or HP totals, where the higher your max HP or max MP were, the more experience it cost to buy another chunk.

    ...Bit of a tangent, as it probably won't work anything like the same way, but it was a super inventive little game and that was a great system. Good on GW2 for trying something more inventive than upping the level cap too.
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  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • LazyDan 22/01/2015

    I really feel for Murray - this article does a painfully good job of conveying how precious the game is to him and how nervous he is about showing it off, in case any of it is misinterpreted and ruins its chances before it's even out.

    This is the game I'm planning on finally getting a PS4 for UNLESS it reviews badly for being expansive-but-dull or for being too buggy, which seem like its biggest risks for launch. For what it's worth, this article makes me feel better about it not being dull, but makes me worry a bit more about the technical readiness. No pressure, Murray.
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  • Retro first-person shooter Strafe® parties like its 1996

  • LazyDan 20/01/2015

    Bastards, I thought this was some sort of HDification of Strife due to not reading the title properly, got me all excited :( Luckily that trailer was amazing, so their dirty trick worked. Reply +8
  • Man's basic invention levels Destiny character while he sleeps

  • LazyDan 20/01/2015

    I don't blame people like him for stuff like this. Putting progress behind grinding (i.e. doing the same thing repeatedly in order to achieve progression) is a cheap mechanic that's become far too overused in games today and this is the inevitable result.

    Imagine if in Super Mario World you had to unlock each new zone with coins and each gate was designed so that you'd have to replay each zone's levels at least 100 times before you could move on? You'd have coin farming techniques popping up in TOTAL! and Super Play and no one wants that.

    Left4Dead is the only game series in the current(ish) gen that does 'instance run'/raiding style gameplay correctly - there's no greater purpose to repeatedly playing those campaigns, nor are there any requirements for entry - they're simply designed to be fun and genuinely re-playable all on their own. If only more MMOs borrowed from L4D instead of WoW.
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  • Succulent is a popsicle-sucking parody game you have to see

  • LazyDan 14/01/2015

    Rubbish technique, no engagement via facial expressions... You'd be flaccid within 30 seconds. Reply +9
  • That was quick: people selling New 3DS Ambassador Edition for up to £400 on eBay

  • LazyDan 06/01/2015

    What they did with the GBA Micro Famicom edition was best - sold for general release, happy fans toddled off and bought it, it had a limited run, and only now are scalpers free to scalp (usually goes for at least £100 used or £200+ new today) Reply +10
  • Frozen beats FIFA 15 and Call of Duty as UK's best-selling entertainment product of 2014

  • LazyDan 05/01/2015

    It is so weird seeing a chart with music, games and videos (hey, remember that TV show?) all mixed up. Reply +2