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  • Star Citizen maker launches fiery legal defence against Crytek

  • Lalaland 08/01/2018

    Looking forward to that article Robert, I would like to read something by someone not already poisoned by the years of hyper-inflated claims on both sides. Is there any there, well, there? Does it feel like it's building to a cohesive whole or is it the mad hodge podge of ever expanding ambition? Reply +23
  • Today, Bungie will make Destiny 2's brilliantly overpowered Prometheus Lens "way too weak" instead

  • Lalaland 12/12/2017

    This is why I hate a game that balances every weapon for PvP, good competition relies on a relatively narrow power band so there are no truly bad or truly great options. Fun PvE is a collection of wildly different OP tools that probably don't balance one another, this is why every Destiny exotic since the first expansion up to and including every one in D2 has been rubbish. Reply +14
  • Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene

  • Lalaland 05/12/2017

    @Whitster That's the problem though, that anyone can "calm down" an abuser. You can't. They are raging for reasons that have nothing to do with anything external to them so no-one who is outside their head can stop them. It's an ugly scene used as a prop for Cage's "emotional reaction" schtick. If violent intervention was the only path that stopped the violence maybe but the montage of screens at the end of the trailer clearly showed multiple non-violent outcomes enabled solely by dialogue. Reinforcing the idea that there is a "right" way to talk an abuser down. There isn't.

    He's a bad story teller who has leaned on shock for years and like all bad story tellers who do it he's getting a lot of shit for it. He deserves his place in games history for being one of the first to push for an emotional component but the industry has passed him by and all he has left is shock.
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  • Lalaland 04/12/2017

    Children's Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield is quoted as saying that whatever the makers' motivations, "it seems to end up in a clumsy, inappropriate and graphic gameplay that is no more than an unpleasant exploitative way of making money off the back of real suffering."
    Pretty sensible Anne, my own frustration with Detroit comes down to the pernicious idea that there is a way to "win" and avoid the abuse which comes with the natural corollary that any abuse is suffered by victims because they chose wrong and thus deserve some blame. "Gameifying" abuse is a terrible fucking idea unless you nail the fact that victims are unable to prevent abuse and the responsibility lies entirely with the abuser.
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  • Desperately trying to get Ubisoft to talk about Far Cry 5's controversial US setting

  • Lalaland 01/12/2017

    Top job that sub!

    (will read the article later, just goddam A+ work there)

    Edit: Read the piece now and that dude has been briefed by a PR who has his dog hostage, he said nothing with more words than I can muster when I have something to say. Long story short the game says nothing in the same way every FC since FC2 game has said nothing, it's just a sandbox killing with a USA flavour for a change that has suddenly become relevant in a way that no-one at Ubisoft wants
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  • Bungie on why it takes so long to fix Destiny 2

  • Lalaland 30/11/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer Oh I know there are some really cool silent mechanics for gameplay tuning but this isn't gameplay tuning, it's a literal XP income modifier. In their blog post they claim it was about wanting to ensure an equivalent rate of XP income across a range of activities which is a reasonable goal. In fact amongst my Destiny group it's been a point of contention between min/maxers and more casual players as it's made strikes, etc almost redundant from a reward/time ratio point of view.

    So the goal is reasonable but by reducing the income from the more profitable gameplay loop to equalise it to the less profitable one suggests they have an internal player XP per hour metric that they needed to match. Compounding my suspicions here is that on removing the nerf to XP income they doubled the XP reward target, ensuring that players continuing to min/max will not earn more than their supposed XP/hour target.

    As you say the fly in the soup here is that this XP/hour ratio ultimately ties into a reward with a monetary value to Bungie/Activision. Given the lengths to which they have obfuscated and continue to obfuscate the design goals behind why they made these 'silent' changes to their XP system I can't extend any good will to them here.

    Now I don't think that this is all nefarious, not having a business plan for your game would be utter madness as would not producing content or systems that work towards achieving that plans goals. As with all business plans there comes a point at which you have to question whether your targets are conflicting with your ability to actually achieve them. Bungie/Activision's refusal to admit they have any business plans around Destiny 2 or to admit when they may be hurting the player experience is worrying to me. Destiny 1 frustrated me no end with it's seeming never ending clown car of new currencies and new grinds with each update. Destiny 2 had actually seemed to make peace with me as an adult by offering an experience that once I had raised my 3 characters to 300ish said "Hey go play something else and then come back".

    However I can't help but feel that the business targets may have been based on the old player engagement metrics from D1. Those super high hours per week metrics must have had some business analysts eyes glowing as he imagined Y people playing for X hours a week and getting just enough free engrams to tempt a percentage into buying more. If the new public event loop in D2 was paying out a higher than expected rate and leading an average player to get a higher than planned rate of free Bright engram drops I can see the business side pushing back hard on the design team. "We modelled 2 engrams per week with 4% choosing to buy more, now players are getting 6 engrams and only 2% are monetising, you need to fix this".

    Ultimately this is another story of Bungie's toxic inability to talk to it's fans, it was bad in D1 but the better reception to D2 and it's less abusive (IMO) design meant it wasn't as obvious until now.
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  • Lalaland 30/11/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer That seems reasonable but the trick for me is that if it was an attempt to modify player behaviour you would communicate it to the player. Something like "the power of Strike Boss X grows, XP in the wild will be reduced until Strike Boss X is vanquished". As it is the system produced no modification to player behaviour because it was never communicated to the player. On that basis it has to be seen, to my mind, as an income modifier that was simply there to reduce player income Reply +8
  • Humvee suing Activision over Call of Duty

  • Lalaland 09/11/2017

    Oh this is going to be a delicious copyright fight, that a videogame company will be leading the fight for an expanded definition Fair Use is a delicious irony. This will attract amicus curae briefs from all and sundry if Activision doesn't just fold and cut a check but given that they make military shooters I highly doubt they will.

    My thinking is this, if AM General win a case on the merits that Activision's product was relying on their copyrights for CoD's success (by conveying an authentic military experience) then there will be thousands of other companies lining up behind them. Manufacturers of all sorts of things will pop up, aircraft manufacturers, makers of webbing, uniforms, radio gear, etc they will all demand a payout if AM General succeeds in it's claim.

    This case could wind up setting a very important precedent by defining some boundaries for Fair Use
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  • Sony's Paris press conference suggests we need a new way to show difficult games

  • Lalaland 31/10/2017

    I think this is why events like this don't happen for any other creative medium full stop. There is no way to segue from the happy fun times of a Disney animated film (my stand in for Onwards) into a gritty kitchen sink drama (Detroit)so studios have learned not to try. Quite apart from the ratings challenges Sony Pictures knows that you don't want to see a trailer for one of their horror flicks right before their kids fare but Sony Computer Entertainment does not.

    Sony is still in the look-at-all-the-things mode of promotion that ironically conflates contradictory things as featureless "content" that can all be proted together regardless of their actual content. I still have sympathy with their plight though there are not the same arenas for discussing these things separately as exists for other media. The enthusiast press is still largely unfocused with games about domestic abuse being discussed right alongside Mario, there are very few genre specific media outlets to refocus your efforts on.
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  • Steam counters "review bombing" by adding time graphs to game scores

  • Lalaland 20/09/2017

    Valve combats a harassment technique that deters casual browsers from clicking on a game by adding two more clicks to see a context free graph. Heavens forfend the sainted Gabe of Valve actually hire people to monitor activity spikes and spot brigading. Nah just get the intern to spend 2 hours add an auto generated graph and pop out a press release that demonstrates both your profound ignorance of and lack of fuck giving towards the problem itself Reply +1
  • Watch: H1Z1's Combat Update is a step in the right direction but it's still not a patch on PUBG

  • Lalaland 31/08/2017

    Top job on that sub, woefully underappreciated it seems! Reply +1
  • Fishing Planet just won best video game trailer of the summer

  • Lalaland 18/08/2017

    @Urtheart Also was great on Dreamcast with the custom controller for some reason the PS2 versions all lacked a ratchet in the "rod" Reply +2
  • Why Shelob is a woman in Shadow of War

  • Lalaland 15/08/2017

    That was a lot of words about why they chose to portray Shelob as a woman but not a single one as to why she is sexy, femme fatale type wearing a cocktail dress that seems pretty alien to the LotR universe.

    I think @disusedgenius has already answered that more succinctly and honestly than anyone at Monolith ever will
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  • Star Citizen's big alpha 3.0 release slips again

  • Lalaland 31/07/2017

    Uh-huh, so CIG is blaming feature creep for delays while also denying feature creep is a thing? Hmmmmmm Reply +14
  • Riot blames Brexit for 20% League of Legends in-game currency price hike

  • Lalaland 05/07/2017

    Yup and you'll note that as the final newspaper headlines and polls got the result wrong there was avery stron one day effect that resulted in a bounce for the £/$ rate. When the result came in the £ crashed hard and has stayed there, the prior 10 years only show one other sustained crash of similar intensity which is the 2007 meltdown. If you go to a graph that covers 1990 - 2017 ( then the effect is clearer still.

    Currency fluctuations are a crude measure at best but the fact that one single referendum result can be clearly read from the graph says a lot about how important that result is. There is no other reasonable explanation for why £/$ tumbled since the result that is not undermined by either being a factor in the $ area too (QE) or by the lack of a similar effect on other currencies €, Yuan, Yen, etc.
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  • Lalaland 05/07/2017

    @MrLovePump QE started in 2009 though? I agree QE is the equivalent of taking Canute seriously and trying to turn back the sea but the collapse would have been far worse without QE

    Edit: I see you added the 5 year window but that misses the context of the financial crisis and the actual start of QE in 2009
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  • Lalaland 05/07/2017

    A quick reply for those moaning about "it hasn't happened yet" and "the currency recovered quickly",the former is irrelevant currency trading is a game about betting on the future and the UK's future is fucked so the currency is down from ~$1.45 to ~$1.25 and the latter is simply utter tripe as this graph shows (2YR $/£ tracking graph
    "But that's not 20%" my strawman cries and yes it isn't but recall my statement about currency risk being a forward looking thing? Anyone who understands economics knows Brexit is a self inflicted economic wound that will be rolling for years and so Riot are building in margin to allow for that.
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  • There was a weird thing in last night's Japanese Nintendo Direct

  • Lalaland 13/04/2017

    Well that's racier than anything Nintendo has done for a while, will the Switch be the new home for 'specialist' VN games? Reply +17
  • Here's how UK cities would look in Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • Lalaland 27/02/2017

    Dublin is in the UK now is it? :lol::rolleyes::lol: Reply +23
  • Why Halo's biggest problem may be Halo itself

  • Lalaland 15/02/2017

    I arrived quite late in the game to the Halo series only playing them on 360 late in that cycle and to be frank I was never that enamoured of the plot in 3 but liked Reach. Now it's fair to say I'm going to be a bit lost in 3 having not played 1 or 2 but goddamn did it feel like they didn't even try to bring me on board. ODST was a real stand out to me though and I was disappointed they didn't try for an ODST 2, interesting location actual characters and that combat which was in good in 3 was elevated by being paired with a good story.

    I don't own XB1 and skipped H4 so I can't comment on how 343i are handling the current trilogy but the strengths in ODST are such that I hope they return to that well
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  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • Lalaland 05/02/2017

    I have to say Johnny's video was utterly unconvincing, failed to address any of the weaknesses Ian highlighted in his video and in the end was one long paean to Johnny's childhood and love of Nintendo.

    Point 1: "8 miscellaneous gripes and non-arguments aka I love Nintendo" not even a single cogent point in here beyond "I like what Nintendo does" hilariously he even slagged off Sony's launch line up (I agree) but then mumbled past the 3rd party stuff that Switch will never get (and gave me something to play for the first 18 months of PS4). Also Gamecube pads were shite, there's a reason nobody has copied anything about them beyond the Wavebirds wireless connectivity.

    Point 2: "Breath of the Wild": Basically buy it on Switch because reasons, everything said here could have been said about Zelda Twilight Princess. All appeals to emotion and I have no emotional connection to Nintendo, this one seems more pitched to persuade the WiiU owning Nintendo faithful to buy it but without any substantive arguments.

    Point 3: "Sure launch is bad but more is coming": OK at least we accept that the launch line up is weak but the reply to this is "announced games with future dates will totally launch on time" also completely oversold 3rd party support as of right now we're looking at smaller titles like I am Setsuna rather than any mainline Square Enix properties. The latest DQ is also coming too but it's coming to everything

    Point 4 "Local Multiplayer": OK not sure how this is unique to Switch I play plenty of local MP on PS4 and with the insanely high costs of extra controllers no-one will be buying enough for 4 players on Switch at launch. At a minimum for the full multiplayer experience on launch you need to buy one complete set of joycons (MK supports solo joycon play and ARMs requires two joycons per player) and a charging shell which is £100 more. It is valid to point out that 3 x DS4 is more expensive still but if you want to play any games with more than two button controls the Switch local MP experience gets dramatically more expensive. Again Switch works if all you want is to play Nintendo games but if you want more Nintendo has left you high and dry. I like Bomberman but I suspect I won't have to wait too long for a PS4 release.

    That's not to say Switch is bad, I don't own WiiU and will probably pick a Switch up later but as a reply to a video that says "wait a while" this response fell flat. I get it you love Nintendo Johnny but repeating that awful smug "if you don't love Nintendo you hate fun" line isn't going to win any converts.
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  • The new Star Wars: The Old Republic story expansion is betrayed by the MMO underneath

  • Lalaland 20/12/2016

    @MrDweezil Thanks for the reply! May have to go back in, I have a Sith Lord whose adventure needs a few more chapters! Reply 0
  • Lalaland 20/12/2016

    Are these solo-able adventures? I played the regular MMO up to the Hutt expansion which was definitely not solo friendly and got kind of turned off at that point Reply +4
  • Steam, uPlay currently wrong: For Honor campaign requires internet

  • Lalaland 13/12/2016

    Oooo nice strap line there EG Reply +8
  • Investigating the origins of The Last Guardian's architecture

  • Lalaland 12/12/2016

    Fantastic article and I hope EG will commission more, I love extras on DVDs etc but it seems games rarely stretch to this kind of investigation. All too often pre-order art books are little more than tiny scans of pre-prod drawings without any commentary to explain what the image was meant to evoke, from where it drew inspiration or anything really other than "here is an image, is it not pretty?".

    Thanks Gareth Damian Martin you've given me a whole bunch more art and artists to enjoy over the next while

    It's a shame but I'm guessing the engagement metrics will be pretty poor on this one up for the whole day and only 10 comments.
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  • Pro Super Smash Bros. player dumped by sponsor after "molesting" woman while she tried to sleep

  • Lalaland 18/07/2016

    Yeesh woman gets molested by a dude she thought was her friend and now she has to defend not abandoning him in the street instead, fucks sake. Well done VikkiKitty, getting the cops involved is a scary decision that will protect others from this asshole.

    Oh yeah booze is never an excuse, never. Drunken scumbags are just as scummy while sober, they're just more cunning then.
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  • How to fix the shooter campaign? Dig in

  • Lalaland 08/07/2016

    Re:Battlefield 1 I'm hoping the campaign doesn't focus on one theatre of that war, in general WW1 is seen as Flander's Fields and thats it. The global nature of the conflict and how it killed millions in Africa, the Middle East the Eastern Front is often lost in the horrors of mud, trenches and barbed wire. I'm not expecting the single player in BF1 to be good let alone great but if it at least teaches people that it was a truly global conflict that would be worthwhile Reply +1
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • Lalaland 07/07/2016

    I can only imagine the lawyer's reaction to that video...

    TmarTn: 'Hey law dudes, I just posted a video to my community that lays it all out, not sure I even need you any more'
    2 minutes past with nothing but vague strangled sounds over the sound of the video
    Lawyer: 'Delete that, buy a roll of duct tape and keep wrapping your head with it until the noise stops'
    TmarTn: 'No dude you don't understand my fam...'
    Lawyer: 'Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!'
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  • Steam warns users against gambling site after YouTube stars discovered as owners

  • Lalaland 04/07/2016

    @cowell Well I think the lack of counter examples says rather a lot about the ethical gulf between 'Dude who wants to get paid for his YT followers' and 'website with actual legal advice'.

    I love how he outright lied to his followers in his video as if they'd take his word over the notarised legal filings he made to set his company up. How much contempt does he harbour for his fans?

    Also how long until we realise that this gambling behaviour is a key part of Valve's business model?
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  • Why Nintendo fans are excited about a just-revealed Pokémon

  • Lalaland 10/02/2016

    Yes, yes it is Reply -1
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 has shipped 6m units

  • Lalaland 30/01/2016

    @L_A_G True but I would argue that still shows worrying signs of not understanding their market as well as their competitors if they've lost 20% YoY. Of course absent info on how the overall pachinko market is doing it's hard to make that judgement. Yano research has numbers for 2014 YoY of a 6% decline which matches the general reports of a steady decline in that market. If the overall pachinko market had declined by 20% YoY in 2015 I think I would have seen those results bubble up to the top of Google Reply +1
  • Lalaland 29/01/2016

    The company's Pachinko and pachislot (slot machine) revenue decreased slightly year-over-year from ¥10.1bn to ¥8.2bn (emphasis added)
    A 20% revenue decline YoY is very far from a slight decline in fact that level of drop is more commonly followed by adjectives like 'catastrophic', 'severe' or 'serious'
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  • I have to break Fallout 4 to finish it

  • Lalaland 20/01/2016

    Wow the top comments are all more apologies for Bethesda's broken Gamebryo/Creation crap? Quelle surprise.

    I find it hilarious that Bethesda's crappy gfx and engine tech get's a pass because their familiarity with the ancient tools is the only way to realise these games but their seeming inability to eliminate the crappy scripting bugs despite using the same tech for 10+ years is a result of the 'complexity' of new platforms.

    We gave Bethesda a pass on crappy quality control for years so it's hardly surprising they don't really try that hard (remember the backwards dragons in Skyrim?)

    To be frank though my biggest problem with FO4 is it's crappy, awful plot and largely terrible characterisation (excepting Nick). That is why like WYP I've stopped the game even if unlike him it's not a glitch but indifference that stopped my play through.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper DLC review

  • Lalaland 23/12/2015

    @Archronos You know for an actually useful perspective that none of those people ever existed? The Ripper's victims, and I can't believe I have to say this, were REAL PEOPLE! Reply +3
  • Lalaland 22/12/2015

    It's all about the Orange Crème really though :D Same here in Dublin it's only the smaller independent shops that seem to stock them Reply 0
  • Lalaland 22/12/2015

    @MattEvansC3 This would have been a thousand times more interesting and revealed something about Victorian London. Spring Heeled Jack was depicted in myriad ways from a human with gadgets (literally sprung heels) to a demon. No-one knows about Spring Heeled Jack though today so Ubisoft took the low road and crafted a DLC around an actual murderer Reply +1
  • Lalaland 22/12/2015

    @BigOrkWaaagh You know it's something I find myself wondering about. The murderer's POV thing is very hard to pull off and works better in novels because you can communicate the thought process. Videogames rarely manage to get across thought process in the way that novels can and certainly AC as a series is even worse than the average game for that.

    When most other forms of fiction go in for the depiction of a serial killer they tend to focus on entirely fictive murderers (Silence of The Lambs, Dexter, etc) as you don't have the messy reality of actual victims. Note that those two examples generally focus on unsympathetic victims who 'deserve it'. In most of the novels I've read where the killer is not the central focus as in the earlier examples the point is to get across how different their view of the world is from the protagonists and that of their victims.

    This DLC seems to be trying to have it's cake and eat it, there has been so much fantastical bollocks talked about 'who the Ripper really is' that we forget he really existed and murdered real people. To take someone who sole claim to fame is that they went around butchering women and try and re-contextualise them as part of your game fiction is gross to me (as indeed is the majority of the whole 'Who was The Ripper' industry). He was a disturbed individual who murdered vulnerable women.

    The game doesn't really engage with the realities of 19th century prostitution either. Child prostitution was a disturbingly common activity and the spectacle of whole generations of women trapped in the same cycle of exploitation isn't dealt with here. Instead as in the dodgy representation of slavery in the Black Flag DLC they become another sort of prize to be rescued or recovered.

    Also the 'Shame Meter' should be 2015 'Press X to Give Condolences' moment. 19th century men would have felt no shame at being paraded in front of people they considered beneath them at all. If Evie dragged them back to their social circle perhaps the idea might have worked but as implemented not at all
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  • Lalaland 22/12/2015

    @BigOrkWaaagh Not really to be honest the whole reason the DLC exists is because some whom the press dubbed 'The Ripper' murdered 5 women in Whitechapel. It's impossible to treat the victims with respect while also trading off the dark glamour that has built up around their murderer.

    Why they felt the need to go even further and let you be The Ripper I'll never fathom. The fact that it's been excluded from pre-launch publicity entirely leads me to believe that someone from outside the studio saw that and went 'WTF?!? Bury this, no-one is to say a word and we may survive'.

    Why even try and contextualise his crimes or worse try and tie the senseless butchery into your awful game plot? It just baffles me on every level and I'm even more surprised it's been so rarely called out. You can't claim to treat the victims with respect while also allowing you to play as their killer.
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  • Lalaland 22/12/2015

    @NienNunb Completely agree.

    Maybe I read too many of those 'True Detective' magazines as a kid but the thought of playing as The Ripper nauseates me. What next we'll discover Ed Gein was chasing an Piece of Eden the whole time? John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown in tribute to his Templar forefathers in the Commeddia dell'Arte?

    It's the exploitation of a murder victims for the cheapest of thrills. For all the claims that the game respects women in prostitution the entire premise is based off someone who literally eviscerated them. Fuck this DLC.
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  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • Lalaland 28/10/2015

    The 'Save Point' was literally dreamed up on r/KotakuInAction in a post with the GG hashtag in the title. It was a GG panel hosted by folks who regularly use the tag in social media to promote themselves let's not pretend it was anything but. Reply +4
  • Here's the Halo Master Chief Swarovski Helmet

  • Lalaland 27/10/2015

    Swarovski - Persuading People to Pay Too Much for Glass for 100+ years!

    Seriously call me when it's at least a semi-precious mineral
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  • Takeshi Kitano is starring in the new Yakuza

  • Lalaland 29/09/2015

    This is hilarious given that most Japanese folk I've met (a small sample admittedly) know him for his comedy and variety shows. His cinema is hugely popular overseas but it's violence seems to relegate it to obscurity in Japan. Goddammit Sega I want this so bad, if anyone fancies seeing Takeshi Kitano in a US film try 'Brother' from 2000 as it's a pretty good yarn and a lot less obtuse than some of his Japanese stuff (worse his early releases have terrible subs). Reply +2
  • In Metal Gear Solid 5, stealth doesn't always mean silent

  • Lalaland 23/09/2015

    @BlinkyB Or the even cruder cludge of 'if grenade moving, visibility = 100%'. I can't say whether my speculation is correct of course having not worked on the game just that anything that involves probes is expensive and usually avoided at all costs (especially probing alpha effects like smoke). It just seems that way from how the guards react in not seeing the jeep and commenting on smoke that isn't there yet.

    They might but I can see them choosing not to as any fix may take too much time and it's kind of hilarious rather than game breaking in the same way tapping iddqd into Doom broke that game. It is almost a super power but it's so obviously ridiculous the player has already effectively stopped caring about game systems.
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  • Lalaland 23/09/2015

    @FuzzyDuck @varsas Odds are the game isn't doing probes to test visibility instead there is a radius around the grenade that marks any object inside as 'invisible'. The gfx system that produces the smoke is separate from the actual function and is affected by the motion of the jeep, thus while in motion the jeep is naked and free of smoke but the game acts as if it's completely wreathed in it.

    It's not a glitch as such (the system is functioning correctly) just a limitation of the way visibility probes work, a fully accurate system would eat way too many cpu cycles.
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  • Don't hold your breath for GTA5 story DLC

  • Lalaland 16/09/2015

    @mechajin Yup as someone who dropped more than I'd care to admit in WoT it can be surprisingly easy to rationalise 'just €5 more' Reply +1
  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • Lalaland 04/09/2015

    Great article, entirely unsurprised the reason was laughable shite and worse self contradictory after all how come I didn't have to stare at The Ends wrinkly arse in MGS3? He was sunlight powered too Reply +13
  • PewDiePie talks money

  • Lalaland 08/07/2015

    He's a nice guy, early on he was a bit of dick with the screaming 'rape' and what not. He grew up produced a video going 'yeah I was a dick but I've grown' and held to that by building a genuinely welcoming community. Fair play to him

    Still insanely jealous though ;p
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's leaderboards aren't working on PS4

  • Lalaland 26/06/2015

    'Not the netcode we need, the netcode we deserve'

    Búla bus Wesley top subbing right there!
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • Lalaland 25/06/2015

    Keep pushing them on the £40 issue EG they've somehow turned this into a debate on chuffing emotes. Reply +33
  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends £40 expansion price tag

  • Lalaland 22/06/2015

    Top work Tom, the frustration I feel at seeing Bungie blithely wittering on about 'content' and 'value' when outside of their shooting mechanic everything else is a mess is just off the scales. The story is hot disjointed, garbage with the HoW only standing out by comparison to what came before. The meta gear levelling game is a lot more straight forward in some ways but not others because hey it's Bungie!

    The siege mentality in that place makes Mourinho look like an amateur 'the world is against us but if we just keep repeating the gospel according to Bungie they will follow'

    tldr: €30 or piss off Bungie
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