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  • No, Battlefield Hardline does not contain ghastly DRM

  • Lalaland 26/03/2015

    @wyp100 Oh it is but on the other hand I could install a non-Origin title on as many PCs in 24 hours as I wanted. Given that I have to be logged into Steam/Uplay/Origin to play my games what's the point in restricting install counts?

    @penhalion I think it was 5 Hardware ID hashes in 24 hours it was just that the author of the article had changed their gfx card 5 times, 5 different PCs would have the same effect
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  • Lalaland 26/03/2015

    @DwarfyP Quoting the original author there, I think they both suck but Origin DRM is enforcing a policy that Steamworks DRM doesn't in this case so for his purposes it really is more ghastly Reply -1
  • Lalaland 26/03/2015

    So it's not that Hardline has 'ghastly DRM' but rather that Origins is 'ghastly DRM'?

    Seems not too bad if it's a rolling 24 hour window but still a nice reminder that Steam/Origin/Uplay are all DRM
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  • Dead or Alive 5 tournament soft ban on "over-sexualised" costumes sparks heated debate

  • Lalaland 02/03/2015

    Wow DoA community goes nuts when people point out the game is teenage bullshit when it comes to women's costumes, colour me shocked. Honestly I think the only failure in The HuBBs list is thinking that anyone in the DoA community cares about what others think of it. This game is never going to grow anything but teenage boners, which is a real shame as it is actually quite a fun fighting system and if it wasn't stuffed to the gills with fan service it would be a great intro game. Reply -6
  • Video: Dying Light - Ian and Johnny have an argument

  • Lalaland 06/02/2015

    Did Johnny's arguments really fall back on the old 'you're doing it wrong' school of forum bores? Frankly Ian's arguments seemed far more convincing to me, I've only seen a few videos and it seems the combat goes from 30 hits to kill to 2 with no in between and that voice acting and script are dire. Reply 0
  • Telltale's Game of Thrones plagued by save bug on Xbox One

  • Lalaland 06/02/2015

    I think we need to stop giving Telltale a pass on their tech issues, this issue of save wiping bugs has been a thing for years combined with their shonky engine is no longer good enough. They can't claim to be ingenues at this any more this is what the 5th or 6th title on this tech and it still has engine perf. issues even on PC. It's especially galling to me because I like their output but I never buy until the last episode as you've a better chance of getting a working piece of software then.

    Do Telltale even bother pretending to care about this stuff any more?
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  • Dying Light dev reveals 3D-printable zombie bikini figurine

  • Lalaland 15/01/2015

    The fuck Techland? Jesus what is it with their female zombie torso fetish? Reply -4
  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • Lalaland 26/12/2014

    Great article Tom that sums up my own feelings, enjoyed the grind but got pissed off when Bungie hit the reset with TDB. As an aside I feel Bungie's communications have been awful, I actually feel for Deej as he's the the tip of the spear on this.
    The weekly updates have been either full of fluff or vague non-commital responses. When the exotic reset was announced the subsequent update said "Your feedback is clear: The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected" yet the system launched as described and is as disrespectful to my time as expected, yet since then nothing. I just can't be arsed regrinding from scratch the kit I've already put dozens of hours into levelling, especially with the strong suspicion it will be reset again with the next expansion.
    Get your shit together Bungie.
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  • Alien vs. Predator (2000) free on GOG until Friday

  • Lalaland 15/10/2014

    AVP 2000 is the best AvP, my hope for Alien: Isolation is that gives me that fear that the Marine segments did back in the day. All tooled up and still just a walking target for the other big bads, get this game and learn to love the powerlessness. The Alien sections were ace too, with a neat life cycle story, man I loved eating me some humans, Predator was the weakest campaign IMO but for 0.00/0.00/$0.00 what are you waiting for! Reply +10
  • Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars is a PC online game

  • Lalaland 22/09/2014

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Reply +5
  • Microsoft UK confirms it is behind cheeky Destiny fragrance ad

  • Lalaland 05/09/2014

    +1 to you MS, I love this good natured 'cheeky' advertising Reply -6
  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • Lalaland 02/09/2014

    Couldn't agree more this whole thing has at it's root a child like fear of criticism held by some gamers. I'm a gamer and have identified as such for years yet as I've grown older and started to look at the other media I've enjoyed I found myself wondering why my favourite form of media did not evolve alongside those others. Even HL2 is not much more than 'shoot mans, go here' but it at least had good writing. All too many of the games I enjoy have all the sophistication of the film 'Commando'. I enjoy them immensely, much as I do Commando, but I wouldn't be pulling that out of my BluRay collection if someone were to ask me 'prove that action films can be more than stuff blowing up'.

    When did people get so damn attached to the label gamer that they feel targeted by articles ridiculing the label? I support a whole bunch of positions that are far from universally popular but I've never felt threatened by criticism of them and certainly not so threatened as to believe that my only response is to abuse someone online. The overwhelming feel of this whole conversation is one of 'playing the man not the ball', a sense that because some are inexplicably threatened by people pointing out that there aren't a lot of female characters that go beyond the virgin/whore/victim archetypes in games they spend all day searching for 'moral' weakness. Every major figure in history would crumble under such scrutiny, MLK was unfaithful, Churchill ordered chemical weapon attacks against the Kurds, etc, etc.
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • Lalaland 28/08/2014

    Boooo!!! Will miss Ellie's sense of fun and humour but most of all her seeming imperviousness to hype and BS. Good luck in the future! Reply +4
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Lalaland 08/08/2014

    The entitlement on display from Cervat is mind boggling here, you are not entitle to 'delay' payments to staff and expect them to be cool with this. You don't get to whine about 'loyalty' when you fail in your contractual obligations to pay people. There is just no sense this guy is even capable of conceiving that any of this might be the result of strategic missteps or hubris. The US market is one of the most heavily studied for costs on earth, how did they get their sums so badly wrong? Reply +17
  • Video: The flattest performances by Hollywood actors in games

  • Lalaland 10/07/2014

    David Duchovny in XIII, I honestly feared he was slipping into a coma while recording the lines Reply +8
  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Lalaland 19/06/2014

    [Bertie edit. Understand what you're saying but it won't help the discussion.] Reply -1
  • Lalaland 19/06/2014

    It's a common misreading that I myself suffered from "Bigotry = Being an Asshole ergo I am no bigot because I am a 'nice' guy". There is a lot of unchallenged assumptions and opinions that we inherit from our past, it's only when I've been challenged on these by friends that I've realised "damn that was stupid/hurtful/hateful". Growing as a person doesn't happen by teaching to others it happens by learning lessons from others.

    All that being said our desire to see ourselves and our world view as righteous means that when someone comes in suggesting an alternate view we kick against it. The internet allows us to kick all the harder as it's analogous to being in a mob, we're all anonymous shouting abuse at other anonymous people. Twitter has allowed that vitriolic BS to spill over into direct messaging in a way that e-mail never allowed which is why 'internet hate' is a thing for the wider world now.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 runs at 1080p 30fps on Xbox One

  • Lalaland 05/06/2014

    Can't wait for the mental backflips of MS fans who decried Drive Club 1080p@30fps and the Sony fans who championed DC 1080p@30fps explain how this 'proves' XB1 is grossly underpowered.

    Loving 'dem console warz
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  • Video: Let's Replay Morrowind

  • Lalaland 12/05/2014

    @SuffolkGooner Yeah the feeling of actually being in a foreign place was completely lost in both Oblivion and Skyrim but especially the latter. I found myself short handing the Empire as 'lazy, inept despots' and Nords as 'racists' within two lines of dialogue. In Morrowind I'm still not quite sure how all the houses relate to one another but I'm happy with that as I know the answer is there I just need to find the right NPC to illuminate me. Part of me suspects the cost of VO work is the culprit here but I've always wondered why these games don't just use 'Simlish' and text? Reply +12
  • Evolve community manager fired after Twitter racism controversy

  • Lalaland 03/05/2014

    @dirtysteve You are not wrong there, the key thing is that they haven't been caught yet or represent federations that are more like personal fiefdoms. That's not to say the NBA is a bastion of responsive democracy, prior to the press conference no-one was expecting such a strong reaction from them. Someone has to step up to the mark first though and I can only commend them. As for FIFA I'm pretty sure I'll be riding my personal starship to work before they're anything but a pack of gougers. Reply 0
  • Lalaland 02/05/2014

    Yet another person confusing the right to say stupid and bigoted things and the desire to be immune from the social consequences. It wasn't the state that fired him from the NBA it was the NBA not wanting the public backlash of having a raving bigot in their midst. Reply +4
  • Does Watch Dogs deliver on its early promise?

  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    @goggyturk That's reasonable I suppose I am being pretty harsh. I guess I interpreted EG publishing of Rab Florence's article on the VGAs as a signal that EG was going to start asking hard questions of their own industry. The complete lack of comment on the whole Ubisoft/Nexus 7 debacle suggests to me that they felt the heat from UK libel risk with the VGAs and have shrunk from this story now. Completely understandable as UK libel law is so stacked against the defendant it's farcical but disappointing to me none the less.

    Edit: I commented in reply to Goggyturk before reading Tom's reply above mine, I'll leave it here for the record but my position has changed on reading Tom's reply.

    I can understand the human reaction and social awkwardness of being placed in that position while on a hosted trip and understand why Tom felt unable to refuse. In the end your post is exactly what I was hoping to hear from EG on the whole matter. These statements and the excellent articles and news output are why I regard EG as the premiere gaming website available today.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    @goggyturk Meals are one of those grey area things but I regard meals as being a reasonable accomadation expense given that Paris was a venue chosen by Ubisoft. The difference is that a tablet is a tangible good being gifted that has the potential to influence past the occasion.

    I'm reluctant to go too far down into a discussion of client entertainment as my only point in using the FCPA was to provide a baseline for discussion. The FCPA provides a nice base for discussing what actions can and cannot be construed as attempts to influence foreign public officials. In my example we can substitute journalists for public officials and see that the fact of paying for travel, meals and accommodation is not in itself problematic. Those same rules though would frown upon the gifting of a $200 device for personal use, while being fine with a t-shirt or cheap pen. I choose to equate journalists with public officials as both are in some ways working on behalf of the public, one spending public funds wisely, the other truthfully reporting what they saw.

    I don't think EG were influenced in any way by their acceptance of the gift but I do feel it breaches journalistic ethics to have done so. The stupid sculpted figures, the daft RC toys and the other directly gaming related junk is of no real value to anybody. A $200 dollar tablet is and represents a frankly demeaning move on behalf of Ubisoft that I would have expected EG to call out in an article or news item. Not even Ubisofts apology for handing out the devices has made the front page. This is a really bad way of handling a situation like this.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    @shotbyascot I have no problem with
    - free games
    - free consoles at launch
    - travel and accomodation expenses to see pre-release games
    - t-shirts and other crap of nominal value

    I do have a problem with $200 tablets that are not even mentioned in the body of an article.

    That you resorted to ad hominem attacks in each of your posts says more about you than me.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014


    "Items of nominal value, such as cab fare, reasonable meals and entertainment expenses, or company promotional items, are unlikely to improperly influence an official, and, as a result, are not, without more, items that have resulted in enforcement action by DOJ or SEC."

    $200 is well over the nominal value test, the most I've ever seen approved was for $35 for golf crap so emblazened with company logos you'd only use it to paint your house. Guidance in my firm is $10 with anything higher needing legal review and sign off.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    @goggyturk Not at all having accepted the gift, giving it to a charity was the only option left. The failing was still accepting the gift.

    'The Yanks' are indeed mostly concerned with buck passing when it comes to FCPA training ('we told them not to do it') but they do actually prosecute their own firms under the FCPA. It is notable that most EU nations are far behind in prosecuting or even investigating the bribery of foreign officials and that is accepted even by campaigning NGOs.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014


    "Oh f#ck off you tw*t, a tablet is hardly a "bribe" and promotional gear and gifts are always going at things like that. I couldn't give a toss about it, unless it's a cash bribe or something substantial."

    Well aside from the delightful invective your post was basically saying that unless the gift is cash or 'substantial' (how nice it must be for $200 to be insubstantial) then it doesn't matter. So I explained at length why even minor gifts are attempts to influence and what level of gifting is regarded as not attempting to influence (the FCPA stuff).

    You then go on to explain that you give gifts to influence customers and that sometimes these are effective in influencing their reviews of your work (after all if most aren't influenced, some are).

    So on the one hand you say 'gifts don't matter' and the you explain how you've benefited by giving them?

    I work for a multi-national involved in public tenders we spend an inordinate time being told what we can and cannot do to influence people and spending $200 per head for a shiny geegaw is not ethical no matter what way you look at it.

    I don't know you and you don't know me the only way we can communicate is via these posts, so far you have failed to present a convincing argument beyond 'I trust EG'. Well so do I but I trust them because I believed they held to a higher standard than other sites. Their failure to proactively refuse such gifts and then failing comment at all except via the forums is failing to meet basic journalism ethics.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    @shotbyascot Actually they could not accept the gift, that is the ethical thing to do.

    Accepting gifts from firms you report on is a no-no, accepting travel and accommodation is a grey area but a necessary one to do their jobs. You appear not to understand the power of 'soft' corruption and instead hold the naive view that if I don't offer ' for %' then it's not corrupt.

    'Soft' corruption thrives on the social bonds we all form consciously or unconsciously with people who are nice to us. If their gifts let us be nice to other people by regifting or donating to charity then the warm feeling of self satisfaction achieves the same effect as if I fired it up at home and started playing Candy Crush.

    If you'd care to know what not trying to influence people looks like, see the miserly gift limits imposed by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the US. Any gift above 'nominal' value (read as
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    @skowhegan This kind of practice needs to be called out though, silence is complicity. I doubt any of the journalists went to the even and thought 'wow 5/10, oh wait a Nexus 7? 10/10!!!" but if cheap tricks like this are not called out you get tarnished with the same brush as those who slipped it in the back pocket.

    I regard EG as the leading source for high quality journalism and expect a higher standard from this site. I'm very disappointed to read about this in the comments thread rather than as a full on editorial. EG, through it's representative, should have outright refused the device.
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  • Lalaland 23/04/2014

    [Cough]Nexus 7[/Cough]

    I gave EG the benefit of the NDA'd doubt but there needs to be some comment on this from EG
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  • Return to Skyrim

  • Lalaland 18/04/2014

    Skyrim is a 'hit things' simulator, I wish I was playing the game Tony describes but for me the TES magic wore off even faster w/Skyrim than aother TES before it. Factions that are stupid, NPCs that are so boring I cannot remember any of them despite having ploughed 90+ hours into Skyrim. It was a good game but not the one I'm reading about here Reply +9
  • Footage leaks of canned Star Wars game starring Darth Maul

  • Lalaland 09/04/2014

    It's clear that the best thing that could ever happen to the Star Wars franchise is the removal of George Lucas from the loop. Between this nonsense and his constant chopping and changing on 1313 it's obvious he is the reason we haven't seen much in the last few years Reply +2
  • Free to Play film review

  • Lalaland 04/04/2014

    Great review and highlights a real issue I have with a lot of the current 'documentary' projects in gaming at the moment, that they all come off like those awful 'Behind The Scenes' extras on DVDs that are clearly promo filler. That's not to chastise the creators, often they are genuinely excited by their topic, but rather that good documentary requires distance and a querying mindset. Ken Burns level this stuff is not. Reply +5
  • This €2000 version of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure includes a Swarovski figurine

  • Lalaland 26/03/2014

    This looks like those hideous figurines my relatives used to collect in the 80s, would not pay 2000 cents for this let alone euros Reply 0
  • Kojima: The Phantom Pain "over 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes"

  • Lalaland 05/03/2014

    Sub-Editor is killing it today! Reply 0
  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • Lalaland 24/02/2014

    Wow good move in a business sense but awful in a PR sense. Why make XB1 early adopters feel like chumps? Throw them a bone in the form of X months free Live Gold or something MS. Reply +3
  • Watch Nvidia's new mobile chip run Unreal Engine 4

  • Lalaland 06/01/2014

    Gosh you mean you've matched the enormous clout of the Geforce 7800 and AMD x1900 XTX? Be still my beating heart especially when those consoles targeted 720p that level of power on my 1080p+ tablet will be just spectacular. /s

    It's just a shame those A15 cpu cores are so damn weak compared to PPC and that will continue to be true even when the 'Maxwell' variant with A5x 64bit cores comes out. Nvidia really are still in the slimey 90s era of disingenuous advertising aren't they?
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  • Third EA-owned company loses its leaders this month

  • Lalaland 06/01/2014

    In other news Ursa Arctos Arctos defecates in the woods and the Pope is a Catholic.

    EA can't help but alienate people who like to take risks and enjoy creative control, it just seems that selling to EA and the doing a few years penance before leaving with your cash is the done thing. Only the cash generating monsters of DiCE can avoid this fate it seems
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  • Games of 2013: The Stanley Parable

  • Lalaland 26/12/2013

    I do like, I've been quite enjoying this series of 'Games of ...' articles as they've allowed authors to experiment when writing about games rather than the rote 'I did X and it was fab'. This article and Simon Larkin's on GTA V are exemplars of the format, top job. Reply +5
  • Unauthorised Ghosts 'n Goblins Kickstarter shut down

  • Lalaland 12/12/2013

    Dumb as a bag of rocks these folks, least surprising news in history. You can't expect to piggy back off of the popularity of one IP to launch another. Even the most blatant rip offs in cinema or books avoid saying 'Like Movie X but w/different names' on the cover.

    If your game was going to be good enough to be a spiritual reboot you shouldn't have needed to trade off the name recognition of the original.
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  • Fighter Within review

  • Lalaland 29/11/2013

    Excellent! Ellie Gibson on top form again, why do you volunteer for these Kinect things Ellie? You know they'll only make you mad but boy am I glad you do! Reply +8
  • Battlefield 4 to offer double XP for a week

  • Lalaland 25/11/2013

    EA Next Gen launch Guide:
    1) Commission game
    2) Receive project time lines 18 months to develop, 6 months to test
    2a) Cut levels to reduce development to 12 months + 6 months for post launch DLC
    2b) Testing??!? What the hell are the lazy players for if not bug testing, cut that!
    3) Release game = profit!!
    4) Release 'contrite' apology and promise $0 of value as 'compensation' = profit!!!

    Seriously this is getting beyond a joke with EA they just don't give a flying one, most of the issues at launch were in the beta and the 'beta' was too feature incomplete to test anything worthwhile (no 64 player Conquest i.e. the most technically challenging element!?!).

    At the next EA/DiCE event please ask them 'Why should I buy this at launch given the appalling track record of EA/DICE for releasing incomplete games?'
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  • PS4 launch title Resogun free for Plus subscribers

  • Lalaland 13/11/2013

    Oh dear, Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V fail, ye forgot the entering PSN stuff :D Reply +11
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: Call of Duty: Ghosts dev Infinity Ward responds

  • Lalaland 04/11/2013

    ...So, for instance, voice chat is often supported by the hardware manufacturer rather than the software, and you're just using their channel. When that stuff is changing - because they're developing it on their side - and the resources they're using are changing...
    hmmmm smells like @famousmortimer may have been onto something with his leak around how PartyChat is working on XB1 (SDK feature rather than O/S implementation as in X360). Other than that it reads as I though tthe situation was in the first place, is launch title, will improve, yada, yada. Whether they can ever get to 1080p and have feature parity with PS4 though is a question for another time and another title
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  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • Lalaland 01/11/2013

    @ChromeMud A Haswell based console for $499?? You sir are a fine comedian. Intel also have no incentive to work with anyone when they dominate their own market with fat margins. Conversely AMd are aching for design wins and need revenue badly enough to accept thin margins

    AMD stuff does indeed have a weaker FPU than Intel but they are leading the way with their vision of hyperthreading (separate ALU per core w/ a shared FPU).

    I agree AMD drivers have been a true horror show in the past but for the past 2-3 years they've been fine. Most of the delays have been down to the ongoing moneyhatting by both AMD & Nvidia of PC developers. It's not true moneyhatting where its 'take my $$ and do no work on their stuff' rather it's a case of 'have free developers to help out with my stuff'. Given that both consoles now have an AMD core I would expect nvidia to start hurting on the support side over the next few years
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  • Games of the Generation: Fallout 3

  • Lalaland 24/10/2013

    I could not stand Fallout 3 everything from the way the weapons handled to the implementation of VATs just drove me around the bend. In particular the nonsensical plot just made me want to scream. I've tried playing this at least half a dozen times and have never gotten beyond the opening 7 hours or so Reply +4
  • Top Five Emotions in Beyond: Two Souls

  • Lalaland 21/10/2013

    "I'll give you PPI" 10/10 Game Video Of The Year

    PS God help us but the 'I hate those Y chromosones' brigade is out in full force
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  • Rockstar: lost GTA Online characters are gone forever

  • Lalaland 19/10/2013

    Fixed my ass, spent two hours trying to complete the tutorial and join my mates, finished the first part alright could not get invites at all. Quit from the 'Online' menu to rejoin only to find I'd been reset pissing away the prior 90 minutes F*** Off Rockstar just let me play with my mates F*** your story online 'story' Reply 0
  • The return of the Podcast

  • Lalaland 15/10/2013

    Yay Podcast!
    Boo dat Hiss!!!
    Seriously did someone pawn the old mics? It sounds like you recorded this in the Temple of Snakes from Indiana Jones

    Edit: Too harsh comment really but Squarewings in the forum had some useful feedback
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  • UK to get fully-functioning Xbox One voice controls at launch

  • Lalaland 30/08/2013

    @shadow651 I was going for the NI is part of UK angle but it seems most companies forget that so you're probably as stuffed as I am! :D Reply 0