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  • Team Dignitas finds its StarCraft II pro

  • Lady_Macbeth 28/03/2011

    I think some of these comments are too harsh. We should be encouraging professional competitive gaming and growing teams in the UK - not bashing them and slamming them with lazy stereotypes. Reply +9
  • UK Two Worlds II delay confirmed at last

  • Lady_Macbeth 15/10/2010

    I almost admire their complete and utter lunacy in placing the game amongst the midst of Fable III and Black Ops.

    Can't think of any other publisher who would move the European release date to go up against CoD.

    Like watching a three legged dog try to match the speed of sound.
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  • NCsoft not worried about Aion crowds

  • Lady_Macbeth 23/09/2009

    "They know they're going to lose customers after the first month, that's a fact of life, no MMO, even WoW, ever had 100% take up from the word go. Its over crowded now, but it will calm down, as people drift off, and hopefully it will insure they still have decent pops on each server"

    If they know they're going to lose customers after the first month, surely they should be doing everything possible to ensure they lose as few customers as possible? With WoW being such a dominating force, I can't believe any new MMO could feel so arrogantly calm in giving people such poor first impressions. Their attitude seems as though they have money (and consumers) to burn - which I'm sure they don't.
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  • Eurogamer's 10th Birthday! Nominate Your Top Ten Games

  • Lady_Macbeth 01/09/2009

    It's very easy to only think of current gen. It's amazing how many things you forget. Here's what I submitted:

    1. Vagrant Story
    2. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
    3. Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King
    4. Lost Odyssey
    5. Hotel Dusk
    6. Wii Fit (a bit controversial, I realise.)
    7. Oblivion
    8. Amped 3
    9. Silent Hill 2
    10. Test Drive Unlimited
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  • Microsoft gamescom conference

  • Lady_Macbeth 19/08/2009

    YAY! Fable III! Reply -1