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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date pushed back over a month

  • LadyAvalon 22/07/2014

    NOOOOOOO :'( It was meant to be my birthday present Reply +4
  • The world's largest video game collection sold for $750k

  • LadyAvalon 18/06/2014

    Wonder if he sold it at a loss... Reply +3
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector's Edition is only $170

  • LadyAvalon 15/05/2014

    Want. Reply 0
  • Nintendo terminating Wii and DS online services

  • LadyAvalon 27/02/2014

    Joy. I now have a month to get ALL my Pokemon from SoulSilver to X ¨¨ Thanks Nintendo! /s Reply -1
  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • LadyAvalon 21/02/2014

    Bioshock Infinite's: Burial at Sea! Lovely to see Rapture again ♥ Reply -1
  • Indie devs troll King's "Candy" trademark as Banner Saga targeted

  • LadyAvalon 21/01/2014

    "would not ask app developers who use the term legitimately to stop doing so."

    Yeah, right, and if you believe that, I have this magic brick I want to sell to you...
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  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • LadyAvalon 17/01/2014

    I think Nintendo grossly overestimated their possible sales, specially with two new gen consoles coming out in the year.

    I think sales will pick up for both of Nintendo's consoles once Mario Kart/Mario Party come out. And as long as they manage to hold on to the Bayonetta 2 exclusive.
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  • Watch Dogs delayed until spring 2014

  • LadyAvalon 15/10/2013

    @The_shlaaaag_returns Yeah, we ended up waiting 40 minutes for 20 minutes of gameplay because the game decided to not cooperate. I prefer to wait for a more stable game tbh. Reply +5
  • LadyAvalon 15/10/2013

    How will this affect pre-orders?

    I'm sad on one hand, really wanted to get my paws on it. Relieved on the other. Two Ubisoft games in one month that set me back nearly £200... I'll be able to save up now.
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  • Naughty Dog confirms European version of The Last of Us censored

  • LadyAvalon 05/08/2013

    Gee, Germany, thanks for ďprotectingĒ all us consenting adults from the horrors and violence in a frigging GAME.

    I donít play multiplayer, but seriously, this blanketing the whole of Europe because the German government seems to think their gamers are shrinking violets is too much.

    Make a censored version for Germany (paid by them) and leave the rest of us out of it.
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  • Levine saddened by abuse directed at Vonderhaar and Phil Fish

  • LadyAvalon 31/07/2013

    Frankly, I have become quite disgusted over the fanboy's reactions over the past few days. Threatening to rape a 14 year old girl because her dad ruined your OP sniper? That's way beyond trolling and into serious mental problems.

    And having read some of the abuse directed at Fish... Well, the man isn't a saint, I can't lie. But I doubt anybody deserves that much hate for a few unfortunate comments.
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  • Edge developer celebrates as Tim Langdell trademark finally cancelled

  • LadyAvalon 25/04/2013

    @Lrub That seems slightly unfair to cockroaches :P I'm sure they don't want to be lumped in the same category as this... creature. Reply 0
  • LadyAvalon 19/04/2013

    What a disgusting human being. Reply +16
  • Capcom: "excessive outsourcing" has resulted in a "decline in quality"

  • LadyAvalon 19/04/2013

    @kenichi-san I get the feeling most of them are still anchored in the good ole days, where there were only a few big companies and they didnít have that much competition between them, because they stuck to different genres. They just canít fathom that nowadays someone might prefer a different zombie game to RE6 or a different RPG to the latest FF. Reply 0
  • Screenshots of next-gen RPG The Witcher 3

  • LadyAvalon 07/02/2013

    I have to wait a year?? *sadface.jpg*

    I think it looks awesome. To all those complaining about the graphics, you do realise that this i just the beginning, right? That at this point, the game is being made, better graphics will come as soon as the devs know the specs of the next-gen consoles, I guess.

    But frankly, as long as I can see Geralt clear enough to drool over him, I'm happy. What I want from the Witcher isn't cinema HD graphics. I want a compelling story, interesting characters, and for the game to be so addictive I am late to bed every night :D (just like the previous two ;) )
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  • Prison Architect makes Introversion $100,000 in 72 hours

  • LadyAvalon 08/10/2012

    Am I the only one who noticed that the Physical Pleasures got 69? :D Reply 0
  • Lost Humanity 15: Booth Babes

  • LadyAvalon 08/10/2012

    @Ilovechips Of couuuuuuuurse it is. Of course a girl can't like FPS without throwing herself as bait to all you poor lonely gamer men out there. Of course she has no idea of how to play, and is only doing it so that you'll drop your hands from your controllers to stick them down your pants. /sarcasm

    I don't play FPS. Mostly because I have no sense of direction. But also because there are a lot of idiots out there like you who think we only play to get attention. God forbid us to play because we actually LIKE the game, right?
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  • LadyAvalon 08/10/2012

    @reverandglass The thing is I don't need a booth boy to sell me a game (or a booth babe either). Before going to any gaming convention, I check out the list of games they have and make sure I have clear which ones I'm interested in trying out. Walking around will give me sometimes more ideas, but frankly, I'd rather have the zombies from RE6 (and I am SO miffed I didn't get that watch they were giving out) than some dude or dudette trying to impress me on how good their game is just because they are hot.

    And no I don't play any FPS to be honest :D I have absolutely NO sense of direction. I could get lost in a cardboard box. I mostly play MMORPGs or Mario Kart online. But I do have a friend who really likes beat-'em-ups and she gets a lot of shit for it.
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  • LadyAvalon 05/10/2012

    @Retroid I remember Ubisoft hired a bunch of actors to cosplay AC for one MCM. I have NO problem with that (other than they were a bunch of stuck up pricks, but that's hardly Ubisoft's fault xD) Reply 0
  • LadyAvalon 05/10/2012

    @Kysen The violence in games isn't real. You did know that right?

    However the women in skimpy outfits promoting them ARE real. And that's why I have an issue with it.
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  • LadyAvalon 05/10/2012

    @null Get your girlfriend on any multiplayer game and tell the rest of players that she is a girl.

    If you still think women aren't second classs citizens in the gaming world, then you might want to check your hearing.
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  • LadyAvalon 05/10/2012

    @reverandglass All your arguments would be valid, but for one simple thing. Where are the booth boys?

    As you said, gaming is a primarily male environment. Wouldn't it be more logical for companies to reach out to the people who HAVEN'T been convinced to buy their games?

    Do guys really need a pretty girl to tell them to buy the latest Assassin's Creed (for example)?

    As a gamer, not all the pretty boys and girls in the world can convince me to buy something if I'm not interested in it... Are you willing to buy a game you don't like just to get attention from a pretty girl? Seriously?
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  • LadyAvalon 05/10/2012

    @rivuzu As as person who cosplays and a friend of cosplayers, I feel I had to answer. Booth Babes are there, paid by the companies, their clothes paid by the companies, their time paid by the companies and most importantly, their BODIES paid by the companies. That's what the companies and a lot of people who go to these shows think of them. Bodies.

    Cosplayers get into their attire out of love. We love the series, we love the character, whatever. We make our own clothes and props. Nobody pays us to do it, and nobody expects us to show up skimpily dressed. For every Ivy there is a Bahamut. I didn't see anybody take a photo of the zombies or the Alien because of its boobs/ass/pretty face.

    TL;DR? Booth babes are paid to be there, and probably don't like videogames anyway. Cosplayers are there because they love what they do, and aren't paid for it.
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  • DRM treats gamers like "criminals"

  • LadyAvalon 26/11/2010

    I remember buying The Witcher special edition for twenty euros. It started my addiction to special editions, and now those are all I buy.

    Piracy is always going to be around. The best way to get people to buy original copies is to give them something they want and that pirates can't give them. Not by castrating the games until they are unplayable
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