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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • Lacero 26/10/2012

    @anomagnus congratulations on spotting the ENTIRE POINT of the article. She was a demonstration of the problems of the industry in an individual.

    The news sites work for (are paid by) the game companies to splatter their pictures all over their sites. By saying someone could incorrectly believe an individual had been paid to do the same Rab was only pointing out their behaviour could be thought of as being as bad as the game news sites.

    It's not even an insult to her, literally the entire games press business model is based on doing exactly what he was saying people could be suspicious of Lauren having done.

    It's odd that having spotted this piece of juxtaposition (as you say, surrounded by an ad very similar to the one he descibed on the twitter page) you then don't understand why Lauren was singled out.
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  • Loving the Crunch

  • Lacero 29/07/2012

    One day of crunch is a nice change of pace and a good chance for the team to achieve something together and then eat afterwards to celebrate.

    Six months of seven day weeks destroys lives.
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  • Political Milestone

  • Lacero 28/08/2010

    It was interesting that all the news reports said MoH was "developed in guildford". I laughed. Reply 0
  • ACII DLC was originally part of game

  • Lacero 02/01/2010

    Father Christmas set the release date. Blame him, the meanie. Reply +5
  • Champions Online

  • Lacero 04/09/2009

    Some builds that were too easy are now a bit more challenging. Some builds that used to be a bit bad are now totally broken.

    I surprised they're actually trying to balance a game where you can pick almost any combination of about 100 powers. I thought the idea was to just make lots of characters and charge around indiscriminately killing criminals like all good vigilantes^W superheroes do.
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  • Empire: Total War demo on Steam

  • Lacero 21/02/2009

    The worst load times I've ever seen.

    It's not just that they're really long, but that quite a few load points don't have a progress bar. And the ones that do just pause the progress bar during the long bits so it doesn't move.

    Also it crashes if you alt-tab.
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  • The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

  • Lacero 25/11/2008

    Evolution: Tolkien's dwarves should probably have a jewish accent. Turbine's mostly have a scottish accent.

    Those screenshots look amazing. Do the imposters fade in better? Tthe trees fade weirdly for me atm.
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  • Tabula Rasa canned by NCsoft

  • Lacero 24/11/2008

    EVE seems to be doing very well.
    We'll see on LotRO and WAR. I think they have enough to continue and make money, if not millions like WoW. Although they're have been no figures for LotRO since christmas last year (150K).

    There's always Silkroad, Granado Espada (sp?) and Perfect World if you don't want to pay and like comedy translations.
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  • LucasArts unveils Star Wars MMO

  • Lacero 21/10/2008

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Lacero 23/07/2008

    As for The Witcher, it uses the (albeit heavily enhanced) Aurora 1-engine (NWN, Kotor), which resulted in a game that not only looked, but also performed considerably better than the NWN2 engine. Hohum. Obsidian aren't exactly technical wizards, I guess.

    Or maybe for the same price of a good coder in America you can buy two in Poland?
    I think there are issues with the NWN2 engine too, but the causes aren't as simple as technical competence IMHO.
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  • Skills Shortage

  • Lacero 23/06/2008

    They mention teaching them selfs and such, but if you've been in the industry for 10 - 15 years then you've grown with the technology as it's complexity increases, for someone new to it all the currently level of complexity is frightening. To the point that may be self tort isn't the way any more.

    I don't think the overall complexity has changed all that much. Graphics and physics libraries, scripting languages, and all the books now available have countered complexity a bit. And some of the old complexity like assembly and writing custom device drivers has fallen by the wayside a bit.

    edit: ok "overall" complexity has increased, but the complexity of an individual programmer's job hasn't There's only so much one person can hold in their head. As the overall project complexity increases communication and team work take the place of brilliant assembly tricks, which is another factor in favour of arguing people can enter the industry more easily now than in the past.
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  • Lacero 22/06/2008
    You're all lazy ;)
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  • Next-Gen Price War Breaks Out

  • Lacero 16/03/2008

    new-gen is the new NG Reply 0
  • My Coach Roundup

  • Lacero 12/03/2008

    Genji, search for slime forest. Reply 0
  • Harrison frustrated with Sony Japan

  • Lacero 22/02/2008

    Cannibal: I think karaoke is usualy done in hired private booths not at home. Entertaining friends at home isn't very normal in Japan from what I've heard. If true I would guess the Wii is usually played by groups of family and not friends. Reply 0
  • Democracy 2

  • Lacero 20/01/2008

    I loved the original and the demo. Declaring war on motorists is always great fun :) Reply 0
  • Buzz!: The Schools Quiz

  • Lacero 11/01/2008

    This is great. Reply 0
  • TimeShift demo on Thursday

  • Lacero 12/11/2007

    The only bad things about the demo for me were the way all the colours (black, more black, blacker) blended together and the way you were led through the story.

    The gameplay was pretty good I thought..
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  • MS eyes continued PS2 success

  • Lacero 07/11/2007

    >and we have seen an almost renaissance-like period for the PS3

    Funny given the backward compatability changes, but I think you meant PS2 :)
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  • Manhunt violence reinstated

  • Lacero 01/11/2007

    In this case, as you need to get the files off the iso as plaintext, could you claim ripping the iso is a violation of the DMCA (in america) and so actually viewing it is illegal anyway? Reply 0
  • Lacero 01/11/2007

    Arcadiian: I agree, and maybe everyone here agrees, but Hot Coffee was taken very seriously by a lot of people :( Reply 0
  • PS2 climbs to 120m sales

  • Lacero 29/10/2007

    Daikon: That would be due to MS' marketing department. Reply 0
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

  • Lacero 11/10/2007

    Lemming81: er, yes he did

    BobsUncle: Well fair enough, I can see your point. Let me explain.

    I was being outplayed, they had more resources, more units, they got to Tech level 2 first, they won control of some important map areas, and then everything they had exploded because they didn't think to build one missile defence. They were better than me and they made a small mistake I exploited which allowed me to win. Just one example of how the combat model is complex enough to support deep meta gameplay.

    The differences between t1 units for the races are very subtle, a small range increase for one side, area effect damage instead of armour piercing for another, top speed differences or turning speed differences. I think the game let itself down in this regard by not demonstrating these differences explicitly in the campaign. Unless you read about the game online you might not even notice that half your units died before even getting a shot off because the enemy units of the same type outrange them.

    Looks like I'm the only fanboy in this thead so I'll leave you all to it. It's great though! :)
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  • Lacero 11/10/2007

    DodgyPast: the ladder games online are automatched to your skill level. Once you've played a few times you should be able to get a good game (assuming there are enough other people of your skill level playing).

    Dizzy, your pc is better than mine and mine runs fine at 1920x1200. PC games are weird I guess :/

    Pirotic: Finally a reason to run a 64bit OS! ;)

    I loved this game, online was great. I was beating people many times better than me because they always forget about tactical missile launchers. Commander BOOM!
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  • New Katamari not on Wii, PS3

  • Lacero 13/09/2007

    MGS4 vs Katamari

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  • EVE now on Linux, Mac

  • Lacero 11/09/2007

    NegativeZero: In my experience the thing that causes the framerate to drop most is rendering the UI. The 3d stuff is fine. Reply 0
  • PSN WarHawk tied to account

  • Lacero 29/08/2007

    FoddeR: That's a good point, people can easily log onto their family's accounts (I doubt many have bothered setting up a password), and all this does it mean people will share accounts on the same machine. People who know about it and use passwords normally might even setup a WarHawk account on the machine and leave that one with no password so anyone can play without getting other game saves confused.

    It seems a bit pointless really.

    [edit: disc: there's no password confirmation step when buying things?? wow, that's harsh. I can see why this would be annoying.]
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  • Games dominate Internet in US

  • Lacero 17/08/2007

    Yeah, that bejewelled is really popular with middle aged women. Is the future of eurogamer cross stitching supplements? Reply 0
  • "We're multi-platform" - Rein

  • Lacero 16/08/2007

    "If we exceed size of the 360s optical disc then we'll have to find alternative ways to get the content to 360 users such as making it downloadable."

    But the 360 doesn't come with a harddrive as standard? So some 360 owners don't get the full game, PS3 owners get a bad engine and pc owners get things six months late. Like SomaticSense says, they're upsetting everyone.
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  • Saga

  • Lacero 15/08/2007

    An MMORTS, though with only about 20 units max per player IIRC. It's weird and Korean and free.
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  • id Tech 5

  • Lacero 10/08/2007

    "meaning how graphics are rendered is irelevant to gameplay."

    But how graphics are made is very relvant to gameplay. The more artists you need working on a level and the more fragmented they are (one team for each platform) the harder it is to get changes made to levels due to design issues. This can only make games better.
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  • Lionhead's best is yet to come - Molyneux

  • Lacero 08/08/2007

    I'm still bitter about The Movies. A great idea, and almost great implementation let down by some terrible, terrible gameplay and UI design. Reply 0
  • Heavenly Sword

  • Lacero 20/07/2007

    "Oh and she is a great looking character."

    And her main colours are red and white just like another fighting game hero :)

    I can see the fan fiction already.
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  • Peter Moore resigns from Microsoft

  • Lacero 18/07/2007

    Ticking over? MS failed to meet their 360 sales forcast by a very long way, they've got to do something to get more people to buy them. I think it's selling less than it deserves but sitting back and waiting for the PS3 to get some games isn't going to improve the sales figures. Reply 0
  • PSP Roundup

  • Lacero 16/07/2007

    mingster: wow really? cheers I'll import it then. Reply 0
  • Lacero 16/07/2007

    UK release date on Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground for the PSP anyone? Reply 0
  • E3: David Reeves Talks PS3

  • Lacero 13/07/2007

    This interview seems to be for investors. There's a lot of references to the financial year and about how Sony isn't wasting money on buying exclusives. That's the kind of thing you tell investors not people wanting to know which console to buy. In fact all Sony's actions make a lot more sense when you think about how much pressure they're under from the market, I think things would be different if they had microsoft's Windows and Office money hat to hide under.

    Still absolutely no reason for me to buy a PS3 yet though.
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  • E3: No PS3 price cut for Europe

  • Lacero 13/07/2007

    "If they had given you a £50 or £75 so you could aford it what would you do with it? As you wouldn't have any money left to buy any games with!!!!"

    But SuperStardustHD is only a fiver! :)
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  • Killzone 2

  • Lacero 11/07/2007

    "That's not to say i'm criticising Killzone, more like the rest of the games industry for going "omg! new graphics feature!" and just spamming it to the point where there's so much bloom/HDR lighting, bump mapping dynamically cast shadows that you can't actually see what's going on any more."

    If I've learned anything from games it's that in the grim world of the future there will be a thin layer of grease covering everything.
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  • Editorial: Countdown to E3

  • Lacero 07/07/2007

    The Economy-sized Electronic Entertainment Exposition? Reply 0
  • Government makes climate game

  • Lacero 06/07/2007

    I'm winning!

    I think it was all the birds I killed with my windfarms, they make CO2 too.
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  • UMD is here to stay

  • Lacero 06/07/2007

    The PSP can hardly be called failing. The sales figures for the hardware are huge, ok small compared to the DS but still very big. I'm as surprised as anyone else about it but it's doing really well. Reply 0
  • Black Sea unveils new RTS

  • Lacero 02/07/2007

    ClickBoom's... crap I can't remember the name.

    Google says it was called Napalm. It looks a bit like that.
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  • Don't judge consoles by launch software, says Harrison

  • Lacero 02/07/2007

    That would mean Sony lost a fortune subsidising hardware and there were no games to make a profit on. Maybe they're tyring to balance their income a bit more this time, but have they pushed it too far? I guess we'll see. Reply 0
  • EVE Online gets TV show

  • Lacero 26/06/2007

    I miss Button Moon. Somehow I don't think the nostalgia would last if I actually saw it again though. Reply 0
  • The future of PS3 firmware

  • Lacero 20/06/2007

    The DivX comment is disappointing. Reply 0
  • EA unveils new SimCity game

  • Lacero 13/06/2007

    I really enjoyed Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile. The graphics do look a bit crap though. I'm hopeful rather than optimistic. Reply 0
  • GRAW2 multiplayer PC demo

  • Lacero 12/06/2007

    My 7900GS is already obsolete then?
    It did so well with Oblivion :(
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  • Lacero 11/06/2007

    If you think it downloads slowly just wait and see how slow it runs. Reply 0
  • The Agency officially revealed

  • Lacero 12/06/2007

    It looks like Evil Genius :) Reply 0