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  • Dirt Rally review

  • L1nc3 14/12/2015

    This not a reccommended, for driving fans it's a bloody essential.
    The feeling of exhilaration when driving the Stratos round an hairpin blowing gravel all around, or with the 60's Mini down a fast twisty descent is second to none. Only with a 'meagre' PS3 controller, can only imagine what it's like with a semi-decent wheel setup.
    It has it's faults, the main problem for me being that the rallys are very underwhelming in number; apart from Sweden in the last update, there is Wales, Monte Carlo, Germany, Greece and Finland. They all have magnificent stages and are a challenge and a half - in Wales you'll have a rendez-vous with a gate, in M Carlo you'll surely be raging because you totaled your car, Germany will have cursing at those damn stones, Greece will send you flying off the cliffs, Finland will question your love for trees and Sweden, well.. it will make you hate snow.
    There'll eventually be more stages but my cynical self tells me you'll be surely be paying extra for those.
    Apart from that the menus are 'functional' at best, screen resolution and pad button assignment have defaulted a couple of times to original values, tire damage seems too sensitive - they blow all the time for me - as opposed to regular damage which I find way too forgiving.
    In the end all that doesn't detract from the fact that DiRT Rally is one of best driving games ever and it shouldn't pass you by if you have any kind of passion for four-wheels.
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  • Face-Off: Rainbow Six Siege

  • L1nc3 06/12/2015

    Indeed. Don't remember seeing it mentioned in the review but that's a game seller right there.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Dark Souls 3

  • L1nc3 24/10/2015

    @SeeNoWeevil That 'master race' thingie is getting really tiresome. Console owners can be as bad, or even worse than pc gamers, concerning their hardware and 'console wars'. I say, if you have the means, get whatever makes you happy.
    Having been a pc gamer all my life I have built more PCs that I care to count, most of them with bleeding-edge hardware. But in the end of the day it's just that: pretty and expensive pieces of silicone that most of all bring you joy because you're the one that assembled it top to bottom. I own both a ps3 and ps4 as well. My ps3 was bought primarily for Demon's and Dark Souls. Being a gamer for more than 20 years now I can atest that DS is one of my most loved, cherished games. I suck at it, still have to finish DaS, but it's more than a game.. it's an experience that sticks with you even when you're away from it. Skyrim and The Witcher 2/3 look beautiful on my pc and they're good games on their own right but.. after you play Demon's they feel 'meh'. They are technical marvels but at the same time feel 'empty' and devoid of soul (no pun intended), like they're all flair but no substance. Souls really have ruined other games for me, as they raised the bar for what ticks me as a gamer, made me much more demanding.
    Of my group of friends I'm the only one that cares for Souls, for them is just a fad that sooner or later will go away with all this 'retro' nostalgia of now.
    For me.. well.. I still remember the day when Demon's Souls 'clicked' with me.. And it changed my gaming forever.
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  • Watch: Just Cause 3's rocket mines are our new favourite toy

  • L1nc3 11/10/2015

    JC2 was literally a sandbox for FUN. Truly one of the most enjoyable (and underrated) games of the last generation. Reply +12
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC "interim" patch planned for August

  • L1nc3 21/07/2015

    I struggle to play Dark Souls at 10fps on my puny laptop. Surely I'll be able to play the 'ultra-patched to hell' AK decently!
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  • First Company of Heroes 2 trailer goes over the top

  • L1nc3 28/06/2012

    @Whizzo Hear hear. CoH is still easily the best RTS ever and a pure blast when played with friends.
    Hopefully CoH 2 will stay true to its roots and allow us to create more awesome maps.
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  • Ubisoft investigating Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC "issues"

  • L1nc3 28/06/2012

    @stoopidgreg indeed. Ubi may have some strong games coming up but how can this one 'net' an 8/10 is beyond me.
    Everything these days being a derivative of CoD is getting to the brink of saturation. Sad times.
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  • L1nc3 27/06/2012

    The game is shit anyway, just don't fuck up Farcry 3 pleeeease Reply +5
  • Dark Souls PC system requirements reveal multiplayer microphone support

  • L1nc3 22/06/2012

    @TrevHead "Thats why Capcom turned their back on PC due to piracy of SF4"
    err.. SF x Tekken just came out on the pc.
    Though I get your point, piracy on console is rampant too but because global sales are waaay more than on pc it's not so much of a problem. Both the psp and 360 are a breeze to pirate.
    I know a guy. He happens to be a friend. He has more than 260,000 gamerscore and not even a handful of games actually bought. Now do the math on the hundreds of games he has played without paying for them. He has 2 xboxes, one modded and another to actually go online. He's an achievement freak and though I condone him would you turn in your own friend?
    It's easy to point to the pc as the source of all evil when it comes to piracy, but believe me, things aren't that linear. As with all things in real life there's more than black n white.
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  • L1nc3 22/06/2012

    @Folant Indeed they are *and* they work flawlessly on Windows. Shame the ps3 doesn't allow me to use them ;) Reply 0
  • L1nc3 21/06/2012

    @TrevHead right you are m8. The *only* way to play DS is with a controller. Even TW2 plays better on a controller. The feedback you get when weapon-meets-shield for example adds another dimension to the (already amazing) combat mechanics.
    I'll say it again: a MadCatz controller will set you back a mere 20€, is fully 360 compatible and makes a world of difference.
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  • L1nc3 21/06/2012

    @Katman dude, tell me somethin': if you're not a pc gamer why you're even wasting your obviously precious time on this forum to begin with?
    And plz try to respond in a civil manner
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  • L1nc3 21/06/2012

    @SpaceMonkey77 thank you for bringing the discussion back to a decent path Reply 0
  • L1nc3 21/06/2012

    Whoa.. so much hate for the pc version. Butt-hurt much?
    And on that account gladly for Microsoft not everyone knows how superior Demon's is to Dark or we'd see a huge surge in PS3 sales.
    Ignorance is bliss.
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  • Sine Mora coming to PlayStation Network

  • L1nc3 21/06/2012

    That Microsoft Studios logo at the beginning of the video says it all. Big bucks must've made this one temporarily exclusive. Good news for fans of shmups as myself.
    This, Thorchlight 2 and Dark Souls for pc should make for a great summer indeed.
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  • From Software "having a tough time" porting Dark Souls to PC, frame rate issues remain

  • L1nc3 07/06/2012

    'console now. Ie - the future of gaming'
    Maaan I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts
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  • Dark Souls PC for Steam, extra content for console

  • L1nc3 31/05/2012

    lol fair enough, but despite owning a ps3 I'm a pc gamer at heart. Maybe because I've both DS I can't imagine playing them any other way than on a controller
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  • L1nc3 31/05/2012

    Nicely explained m8
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  • L1nc3 31/05/2012

    @Rattlepiece "as well as gamepad only"
    And how's that a bad thing? This is not an fps. Maybe you haven't tried the game but I wouldn't even imagine playing DS on kb/mouse. The feeling it gives you as you absorb a hit on your shield is just amazing.
    A MadCatz gamepad (360 clone) will set you 20€ and you won't regret it, believe me.
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  • Demon's Souls servers to stay online in the US

  • L1nc3 26/05/2012

    Maaan, one day when I eventually sell my ps3 I don't know if I'll have the heart to part with this game.. Reply 0
  • Rockstar to push Max Payne 3 "to its limits" on high-end PCs

  • L1nc3 26/05/2012

    With Rockstars' history of shitty ports to pc I'm finding this to be incredibly cynical. With that high recommended spec any *decent* console port will be perfectly playable and I'm still to find one game worth playing in dx11 vs dx9/10. The trade-off in performance just isn't worth it (looking at you Metro 2033) Reply 0
  • Diablo 3: Blizzard nerfs monk in first hotfix

  • L1nc3 23/05/2012

    Right you are, Company of Heroes was a prime example of that
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  • L1nc3 23/05/2012

    Not sure if this article is totally focused on the single-player but seeing as that'll be affected as well for me the biggest challenge has been playing with the Wizard. Died twice already on Normal and haven't even faced the Skeleton King.
    I've yet to play with the monk.
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  • Trials Evolution sales reach 500,000 in three weeks

  • L1nc3 16/05/2012

    You have Trials 2nd Ed on the pc, the 'prequel' to Trials HD on the 360. Same game, shitty controls though
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  • Error 3006: players discover game breaking bug in Diablo 3

  • L1nc3 15/05/2012

    Important issues to retain after reading so many comments:
    - I just spent 40€ on a game I can't even log in to play it
    - my enjoyment of a simple single player experience is dependent on the stability of factors outside my control (net/traffic/servers) ŕ lá AC2

    I REALLY want to love D3 but as always Activision ends up screwing up the pc community. With a saddened heart I'm guessing D3 will only be fully realized when its ported over to consoles
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  • Battlefield 3 double XP weekend starts tomorrow

  • L1nc3 12/05/2012

    @Bloobat, in a way you're right though I'm a pc gamer and I'm finding BC2 much more fun to come back to. Don't know why 'cos I totally loved Battlefield 2. There's something gameplay-wise that just feels wrong in bf3. Or maybe I'm just crap at it Reply +1
  • Crytek has DX11 graphics running in Crysis 3 on PS3, Xbox 360

  • L1nc3 25/04/2012

    right you are m8, really amazing. Not.
    Ffs sake, evolution is right 'n all but all the technology of dx11 is nothing without some artistic expression to back it up. Isn't The Witcher 2 dx9??? I'm fortunate enough to be able to run it with all bells and whistles (no ubersampling though) and it's the most beautiful game I've laid my eyes on.
    A street barrier made up of 1,000 instead of 100 polygons indeed.. Looks pretty samey to me.
    I used to love Crytek with Farcry. Crysis was already a case of top-graphics-meeh-gameplay.
    After Crysis 2 they would have to bring a game bordering on the superlative Bioshock to get me interested in them again.
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  • Deadlight gameplay trailer emerges from the shadows

  • L1nc3 19/04/2012

    Has kind of a Shadow Complex feel to it which can only be a good thing Reply +4
  • Thousands sign anti-GFWL Dark Souls PC petition

  • L1nc3 13/04/2012

    "gamers enjoy GAMES - not the platform they're on. "
    +10 to u dm
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  • L1nc3 13/04/2012

    Dawn of War 2, Dirt2 & 3, Fallout 3, Batman A. City
    all of them use GFWL and none gave me any problems. It's not perfect but it works. Same as Steam.
    Be concerned if the conversion turns out to be dissapointing. Now *that* would be a problem.
    Otherwise, rejoice, we're going to get one of the best games *ever*. Whiners.
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  • Dark Souls PC confirmed in German magazine

  • L1nc3 09/04/2012

    Not so sure about that. Couldn't find a definitive view but it seems Sony owns the Demon's IP in Japan *only*. They didn't have much believe in it either, as SCEA (Sony America) refused to publish it. It wouldn't sell, of course. Ha!

    That's why you see the Atlus brand on both the european and american versions of DS, as they bought the rights to publish it outside of Japan.

    Now, Sony *funded* the IP proper, even if it's only the Japanese version as we know it. Not sure how it affects the other versions but I guess now that the Souls' franchise has turned to be so lucrative I can only imagine Sony being *very* aggressive towards its baby..
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  • L1nc3 09/04/2012

    I simply don't get it why some people have to make such a fuss about great things being available to a wider audience. Did PS3 owners also grinned in disgust when Dark was announced for the 360? Are PC gamers dismayed that Crysis or The Witcher 2 ported to consoles?? Is it the software that makes the machine or the opposite?

    Grow up ffs! Owning both Demon's and Dark already I'm still thrilled it's coming to my beloved pc and I will buy it day one. But last time I checked I still loved my ps3..
    Weird, huh?
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  • L1nc3 09/04/2012

    F*** !!
    This just made my day
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  • The Witcher 2 producer announces Dark Souls-inspired RPG

  • L1nc3 08/04/2012

    You should've played Dark *before* the f****-skeletons-don't-give-any-souls-patch ..
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  • L1nc3 05/04/2012

    @wattsn26 look up City Interactive and be even more 'amazed' lol
    I'm still longing for From Software to release DS for PC..
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  • L1nc3 05/04/2012

    Demons and Dark Souls are my favorite games from the last 3 years. The sweetspot they nailed in terms of the combat mechanics in unrivalled. No other games do it better, not certainly the TW2 which I also enjoy very much.
    Consider me a sceptic on this one. City Interactive is behind this... 'Nuff said.
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  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion trailer explains story

  • L1nc3 03/04/2012

    Niiice, so judging from this there's a campaign mode this time 'round. Right??... Reply 0
  • EA closes MMA servers, despite Online Pass

  • L1nc3 20/03/2012

    I've just ordered Shift 2 for PC (yesterday actually) being at a nice price an' all but with this I'm seriously considering cancelling it. When Shift 3 comes out Autolog for the 2nd one will no longer be up by the looks of it.
    I'm still able to play TOCA Race Driver 3 (released Q1 2006) online mode you grEAdy cunts!
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  • Online movement for Dark Souls PC port gathers pace

  • L1nc3 07/01/2012

    You've touched a nerve though by nature you're implying that all pc gamers have loads of money to spend on their hobby and thus afford more systems to enjoy those games not available (or with poor ports) on pc. Not true. A friend built a €300 rig a few months back and it's a decent beast able to cope perfectly with Battlefield 3 on medium which is no slouch. If you know your way hardware-wise you don't need to be loaded to build a great games pc. Building your rig from scratch is part of the fun for pc gamers, not for boasting reasons but because you really feel that much 'attached' to your machine.
    Some of you will know the feeling I'm talking about.
    Just so you understand Spekkeh, even those that 'boast' about their specs is just outta the pride they feel for something they've built. That doesn't make them superiors or elite and some are morons indeed ;) lol because *everybody* takes pride when they accomplish something from scracth.
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  • L1nc3 07/01/2012

    Yep, 25K + and counting
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  • L1nc3 07/01/2012

    Err yes you're just being cynical.
    I've gamed on pc for more than 20 years, with the Amiga and Speccy before that. I have a PS3 and had a 360 which I sold (paying to play online?? No thx). I'm a core gamer at heart and love good games and Dark was my GotY bar none as was Demon's before that. These are two of the best games this generation. Demon's deserved to be appreciated by 360 owners too ffs!
    But not all ppl have the chance to own more than one system; does that make them less of a game-lover than you or I? Don't think so.
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  • L1nc3 07/01/2012

    Well said
    +100 from me if I could m8
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  • L1nc3 07/01/2012

    The MadCatz controller made for the 360 works without a glitch on PC, and it's very well made for the asking 20€. You really can't go wrong there
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  • L1nc3 07/01/2012

    Same here, I have it on PS3 (just as Demon's) but I'd gladly buy it for pc. Imagine this beauty running in 1080p in complete smoothness
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  • PC Tech Comparison: Batman: Arkham City

  • L1nc3 10/12/2011

    @The-Jack-Burton 360 is 'governed' by DX too m8 Reply +3
  • Rage Auto-Balancer causing PC problems

  • L1nc3 06/10/2011

    Awesome. Just look at the detail at 8K! Thanks 4 the link m8 ;)
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  • Face-Off: Dark Souls

  • L1nc3 05/10/2011

    Anyway, From Software should consider porting both games to pc.
    Fuck YEAH!! Running smoothly at 1080p and playing with an 360 pad, that'd be something.
    Though not seeing it happen, unfortunately LOL
    One of the best gaming experiences on ANY plataform though. Loved DS, can't wait for friday to come, my ps3 has been so much neglected lately
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  • Rage

  • L1nc3 04/10/2011

    GameTrailers - 9.0
    That's all it takes to make up my mind
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  • The Witness

  • L1nc3 24/08/2011

    I read the above couple of comments and am still laughin' my ass out Reply -2
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • L1nc3 22/08/2011

    Confirmed PC version is NOT region-locked. Amazon just got my money Reply +2