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  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Kostas 26/07/2016

    @aldo_14 They can not be a second console when they are swimming all alone in that blue ocean. Reply 0
  • Can too much choice be a bad thing?

  • Kostas 23/07/2016

    Choice that has no impact in the game world in a meaningful manner is a false choice and easy "filler" content. Reply +1
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 review

  • Kostas 20/07/2016

    For me its the RX 480, not only is the performance in minimal difference, you are actually getting more for your money. Where the GTX 1060 really shines is in power draw and temperatures but even that is not that much of an issue once third parties start dishing out their own custom solutions. Reply +3
  • Persona 5 coming to Europe - courtesy of Deep Silver

  • Kostas 06/07/2016

    I love Persona but i love main line SMT games more. At any rate, i am a happy puppy getting both games in physical form in Europe. Its mind blowing considering what was going on about SMT in EU for the longest time. Reply +2
  • Three years on, how does Bioshock Infinite hold up?

  • Kostas 04/07/2016

    Not complaining too much but do we really need to wonder if -today- games hold up -today-? For me, in order for a game to qualify for an article like this it has to be over ten years old. Reply +1
  • Things fall apart: Looking back at Resident Evil 5

  • Kostas 04/07/2016

    For me the best Resi 5 review is from this (now not active) guy. Exactly how i felt playing the game which for me was disappointing.

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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild needs to sell 2m copies to profit

  • Kostas 30/06/2016

    Do not see the problem, Zelda games have sold very good since forever. This one does not seem to break this story. Even on WiiU alone (which is where i would be playing it) it would easily be able to do 3+ M. sales. Reply 0
  • Dragon's Crown pulled from PlayStation Store in Europe

  • Kostas 30/06/2016

    @RawShark In which it was as it has a diablo like design but from a side-scrolling beat-em-up perspective. Reply +1
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 review

  • Kostas 29/06/2016

    Now i beat myself in the head for buying a GTX 960 2 months ago... Reply +35
  • We played Zelda: Breath of the Wild four times and here's what we discovered

  • Kostas 21/06/2016

    God damn this game...truly can not wait. Reply +36
  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2016

  • Kostas 18/06/2016

    Dawn of War 3, Legend of Zelda: BotW, Dishonoured 2, Nier Automata my personal pick. Reply 0
  • Dragon Quest 7 finally gets a western release date

  • Kostas 16/06/2016

    Huge fan of the Dragon Quest series even though i always took a long time until finish. Finally this game sees a western release at its finest form but i have read that the original game had over 150 hours of MAIN quest. Is that true? Reply 0
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most ambitious Nintendo game in years

  • Kostas 15/06/2016

    @benbourke Its a different kind of beauty. Witcher is great and all but the level of detail in even the most minute details in Zelda just makes it very impressive. I also have never seen such a level of playable environment in a sandbox game before as most sandbox games have little to offer in this respect. I Zelda i can set the grass on fire and use the smoke to glide over things with my glider. I can push rocks and heavy objects in a landslide and watch it break other obstacles or kill enemies or invent something new all your own.

    World building and design as well as how your character interacts with it was always where Zelda excelled and nobody ever has done so better. I know i sound like a freaking fanboy and at a point i am but i know a good thing when i see one. This time Zelda will set once again the benchmark for interactivity.
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  • Xiaomi Mi5 review

  • Kostas 12/06/2016

    @mega-gazz Placebo effect. If i pick 10 random screens of 5.5" mixed with 1080P and 1440P and asked you to name me which is which i am sure you would not be able to consistently.

    1440P in such low inch screens is a waste in addition to the insane increase in battery consumption and higher temperatures the device gets.
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  • Kostas 12/06/2016

    The only reason it is able to sell this low is because there are of course cut backs made plus the fact that the device is not imported officially and thus many taxes are being evaded. Built quality suffers for one, camera performance is nothing special considering, china OEM's consistently take a long time to upgrade their software with the latest version of android (not that the Samsungs and LGs of the world are much better) although their android skins are usually fairly well done and complete, china brands also fork out new devices every three months or so and that means your device will become irrelevant within a very short time span.

    Xiaomi is one of the great OEMs out there and their devices offer serious bang for buck, especially in low and mid end of the spectrum. There are other OEMs that can go easily toe to toe with the greatest but are not as known. One to watch is LeEco (former LeTV) and Vivo which is like the Apple of China. Huawei and Oppo already is here in force, Meizu slowly is creeping up its head and ZTE is making some positive efforts to get with the best of them at the top.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 review

  • Kostas 11/06/2016

    For the price and the card its supposed to replace it is unimpressive. Last gen with the same price i could get a 980. AMD has a huge ace up its sleeve called async compute. Just look at the results of a "measly" 390 in DX12 titles. If the trend continues then in a timely manner AMD will have both the performance and price crown. Nvidia needs to step up its game. Reply 0
  • Persona 5 finally has a western release date

  • Kostas 07/06/2016

    So, considering ATLUS releases these past years we are to expect P5 sometime in 2018 unless it gets fast tracked into EU. Reply +1
  • The best Final Fantasy game is finally getting a remaster

  • Kostas 06/06/2016

    I personally agree that FF XII is the best of all regular FF games out there because it does away from the emo-teeny-bopper and bad writing with something truly exceptional and grown up (with proper voice acting that fit the world) and at the same time it keeps the series truly beautiful world and vistas and makes it feel alive. Sure the combat system was a little MMO-ish but that made sense within the frame of the game. It made it fast, it made it efficient OR it gave you enough options to play it like the usual FF ways albeit you would have to control each character real time. From everything, to characters, to music, to story, to exploration, to wonder, everything this game had it did real good. The themes and the coherence was absolutely stunning.

    To me FF XII was a huge step forward and the true pinnacle of the series so far and i expect it with open arms to experience the superior version that is the international version in proper todays clarity.
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  • Hellblade combat video looks smooth as hell

  • Kostas 04/06/2016

    @218 I understand what Dysisa means. Good combat games are very rare to come by and in truth good combat has remained kind of exclusive within a few names (like Bayonetta and a few others).

    Good combat mechanics are ridiculously difficult to produce and if you happen to be one that understands combat mechanics not every game will be good for you. Fighting game aficionados of all levels understand combat mechanics best. It makes sense.

    I am in the same boat actually. I am very strict when it comes to my combat mechanics. This game does not look like it has any kind of combat mechanics going for it. Like all of NT's games before this one. I do not mind because they just care for style and theatrics more than anything else but please do not let them try to sell me the game on the merits of combat mechanics. My experienced eyes see nothing of the sort.
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  • Monster Hunter Stories gets Japan release date, new Amiibos

  • Kostas 28/05/2016

    @Binba442 While it would be good to see MH again on a big console you can not deny that MH is especially a snag fit for a 3DS. The nearly clutter free interface of the main action screen and the help of the second screen means the game is best suited to this handheld. Reply +2
  • More powerful Xbox One planned for 2017 - report

  • Kostas 25/05/2016

    @Adamical Consoles will cease to exist in the not so distant future. Microsoft is the first that has understood that the future is an OS. Say...Xbox OS and it works like STEAM machines do. You pick your "box" and it plays games based on the power level you have bought it for. It also works (the OS i mean) on everything from phones to PC's. Reply +4
  • Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April

  • Kostas 13/05/2016

    I understand that the souls series have become more of trend nowdays but for me this gets to show that there is still a good amount of gamers that want and prefer actual good and involving games based on gameplay. Reply +1
  • Street Fighter 5's sold 1.4m copies

  • Kostas 10/05/2016

    @Flyus_El Indeed this. I could not afford it when it came out but i sure had it under my radar...until i learned it had no single player/arcade mode.

    Now i will simply wait it out until the game is properly finished.
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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: a new level in GPU power

  • Kostas 07/05/2016

    Curse my luck that my old card burned out and had to change into a 960 a few months ago. I was waiting for the next gen cards with patience because i was sure we would get a good leap in performance this time and it seems i was right. Luck however does not wait and it burned my old gtx 650ti boost just in the nick of time in order to force me to get a new card now. At any rate i will delay the upgrade for a tad longer this time. Reply +2
  • Persona 5 gets a Japanese release date and new trailer

  • Kostas 06/05/2016

    @sybixsus Now that you mention it i think i saw the dude from the Catherine somewhere in trailer. To me it looks like it has a lot in common with also the recent FE vs SMT.

    Truth be told i am more of an SMT guy and i believe we will see a sort of template in both FE vs SMT and P5 for the next SMT V (a proper home console release).
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  • Kostas 05/05/2016

    Unbelievable, the style and production values are through the roof! It looks a lot different than any of the persona games before it. Reply +2
  • Dishonored 2 reveals star-studded voice cast

  • Kostas 05/05/2016

    @HotshotLemming Playing the game right now. Can not believe i ignored it for some fucked up reason all this time. Good news i play it as a complete edition with all DLC in place. Reply 0
  • Creative Assembly on regaining fan support after Total War: Warhammer's controversial DLC

  • Kostas 04/05/2016

    @WilhelmvonOrmstein What dreads me is that this kind of DLC policy will spread to Relics own Dawn of War III. Sega being the publisher for it too... Reply 0
  • NX won't be sold at a loss

  • Kostas 04/05/2016

    @Gemini42_ True and yet only nintendo actually understands this. Reply 0
  • Kostas 03/05/2016

    @HappyGator That is the truth, however i believe that such lunacy is what makes them produce these types of awesome games and in such variety. Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 announced

  • Kostas 03/05/2016

    Well...it looks like even though their means have improved, their aim is the same! Reply +2
  • Watch: Our favourite video game movies

  • Kostas 01/05/2016

    Well, video game movies are generally not good but i do enjoy a few of them. The first Mortal Kombat film, the first Silent Hill and Doom are movies i do enjoy.

    However, i feel that mini series is the future for video games movies/shows. Street Fighter assasins fist was truly excellent and to a lesser extent Mortal Kombat was good too. This can open up to so much more expensive productions.
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  • Nioh on PS4: 1080p30 or 720p60 - you decide

  • Kostas 29/04/2016

    AWESOME first for console gaming. For me there is no contest, 720p60 it is, every time. Reply +9
  • Watch: Where did Resident Evil go wrong?

  • Kostas 18/04/2016

    @ThinkingGamR Well i would not put it that way but i can attest to the fact that gamers today are just not nearly as curious or patient as the gamers of old. I have seen games today that get wrecked in reviews for a control scheme that befits the game but for some reason the reviewer thinks its the games fault.

    No sir, it is not a games fault (assuming that the game is indeed good) as it has a good amount of rules to cope with and understand in order to not feel cheated and/or for it to feel like an actual game and not like a freaking movie with interactive elements.
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  • Kostas 17/04/2016

    Whatever the "spectacularly awkward tank controls" mean. This control scheme works exactly as it should for a game with fixed camera angles. You wanted to go forward and you did at all times no mater what the camera position was or changed at any one time.

    This was back in the day where a video game had to be designed around the rules that governed the template of the game and not the other way around. You had to "learn" the ropes and "understand" why something was made in such a way in order to cope and understand why some type of problem always occurred.

    The first Devil May Cry game also featured fixed camera angles but the control scheme was free form like most third person action/adventure games and for such camera views the controls felt even more alien.
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  • Final Fantasy 9 arrives on Steam with 'no encounter' mode

  • Kostas 14/04/2016

    Not one of my favourite final fantasy games becase i could not connect with any of the characters really and the fact that gameplay wise it was too slow and a step backwards compared to VII and VIII. Reply -3
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 review

  • Kostas 03/04/2016

    @TheTrueSpin I have had this kind of idea since forever only slightly different. I always had the idea of an OS type of thing that was stored in a small card (say an SD) and you could use this card in every single one of your devices without losing anything.

    MS has the same kind of idea with Win 10 for mobile devices with continuum. I believe that in due time it will happen. The replacement thing you say.
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  • Quantum Break review

  • Kostas 01/04/2016

    Was waiting for this but for what it seems it does not seem like a game i would enjoy. Fire away the negs from the trolls now. Reply +1
  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • Kostas 24/03/2016

    I do not believe it is going to be anything substantial. It is probably a "tried and tested" PS4 with 4K streaming and video capabilities made on a smaller nanometer scale along with whatever "standard" improvements the smaller fabrication offers (like less heat output). That's about it. I do not believe Sony will make things complicated or even try to fragment the market. They could and for all my money can still do that but i do not believe they will. Reply 0
  • Star Fox Zero adds invincible mode for beginners, internet reacts

  • Kostas 14/03/2016

    @MrTomFTW It depends, learning to conquer things for your own personal satisfaction and feel of achievement is something everyone has to go for, especially children.

    What you mean that something horrible happened to us when we learned to play and conquer games the likes of Ghosts and Goblins in the past?

    Trying to overcome obstacles and succeeding or failing is a great character building way and games provide a very capable and "secure" means of doing so. Removing the minimum effort needed for learning something and overcoming it...well i do not know. It does not feel right and i expect the reaping of the benefits of such an act are non existent.
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  • Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

  • Kostas 28/02/2016

    None of those can even begin to match the wonderful Logitech controllers (thats F310 and especially F510). The logitech controllers offer Xinput out of the box and also work wonders with anything older or emulation type game. The only downside i can find for them is their design will probably sore some hands up until you get used to them and the triggers are REALLY stiff and need some time to work them to get softer.

    They are by far the most "complete" controllers you can get your hands on and will work with anything and everything out of the box. Of course the 360 controller is also good enough should you stay in charted gaming territories or if you don't mind using third party apps to use the controller elsewhere.
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  • Is it finally time to upgrade your Core i5 2500K?

  • Kostas 21/02/2016

    @null Same here, did not expect the speed of the RAM to be this important for modern titles. I mean look at those numbers for Witcher 3, its insane.

    Granted i have decided to hold on to my money right now and make a scoop upgrade sometime next year with a proper 6+ core CPU (not changing my trusty old 2500k for another 4 core CPU today) and DDR4 sticks. My GTX 960 can only do so much with those.
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  • Vote: What's the best Zelda game?

  • Kostas 18/02/2016

    When it comes to timing and expectations of games within an era it has to be Ocarina of Time bar none. However taken out of everything and position them based on how much fun i have had and which games are just as easily playable today my end list looks like this.

    1. Wind Waker
    2. Link between Worlds
    3. Majora Mask
    4. Link to the past
    5. Ocarina of time
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  • A brief history of one of gaming's greatest studios

  • Kostas 07/02/2016

    @McGooch Easily game of year material for the people that are after true gameplay thrills. Reply +3
  • Gravity Rush Remastered review

  • Kostas 05/02/2016

    Gravity rush reminds me of the japan gems of yesteryear. Very flawed and yet so very good with a lot of character and soul. Reply +4
  • Remembering Dragon Age: Origins

  • Kostas 31/01/2016

    @coomber I found that 6/10 for this game was actually quite generous. For me it would have been a solid 4/10. Reply -2
  • Kostas 31/01/2016

    Unfortunately this game was a far cry from what i was expecting. They marketed the thing like the new baldurs gate game and it was anything but that. After the huge disappointment i tried to play the game like it was its own thing and yet again it did not grip me at all. Far too vanila, very shallow world building, nowhere near as tactical as one would expect, poor and small level and map design and characters looking and behaving like they came out right out of an Uwe Boll film.

    Yes you guessed it, i did not like this game and trying to even compare it to the seminal baldurs gate, let alone claim that this is the next step, is a blasphemy.

    Thankfully even though it took its time Pillars of Eternity came about and set things straight.
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  • Feast your eyes on these glorious new Dark Souls 3 screenshots

  • Kostas 28/01/2016

    Jesus...that artwork...that gorgeous artwork!!! Reply +21
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • Kostas 15/01/2016

    @marcsmashing Which is a problem since nintendo games rarely go on sale. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 9 is "coming soon" to PC, iOS and Android

  • Kostas 12/01/2016

    @DesignByAdrian It was not about balance. It was about feel. I did not like FF 9 nearly as much. With the exception of Vivi and Kuja to an extent i did not connect with any other character and the bad guy had nothing on the older bad guys of FF 12. Reply -1