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  • Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

  • Killerbee 30/03/2015

    Bloodborne didn't release until Friday in the UK. BF: Hardline had a full week on sale and is multi-platform of course.

    Everyone on my friends list was playing Bloodborne though. Which is exactly as it should be. :)
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  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • Killerbee 24/03/2015

    44.4 seconds to respawn?

    Just enought time to:

    - wipe the sweat from the palms of my hands
    - retrieve the Dualshock 4 from wherever I hurled it to
    - breathe in
    - breathe out
    - compose myself and mentally prepare for another attempt

    I don't see the problem!

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  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood physical editions out the week after download versions

  • Killerbee 20/03/2015

    Makes sense to release a physical version on PS4 but why on Earth they'd prioritise a physical PC release over Xbox One is beyond me.

    (Not dismissing the PC version of this game at all - it's just that the PC market is much more geared toward supporting digital releases. )

    Makes me wonder if MS were charging too much for certifications / boxed release approvals and this is a kind of two fingers up by Bethesda.
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  • PlayStation just brought in 3bn for Sony

  • Killerbee 17/03/2015

    Agreed. I love my Vita - it gets nearly as much play time as my PS4 - but the last game I actually bought for it was Tearaway. Since then it's just been a platform for me to consume all the PS+ freebies.

    I can't complain about that, of course, but it would be nice to have some big games to look forward to.

    Gravity Rush 2 would be a start...
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  • Cross-buy and wireless Xbox One controller play coming to PC

  • Killerbee 04/03/2015

    Cross-buy is a great feature between PS4/PS3 and Vita, since it means I can take certain games with me on the Vita when I'm away from home, and play them on the big screen when I am home.

    But between a home console and PC? I'm not really sure it's that big an incentive, since I only ever play either of those at home. I bought the PS3 version of Portal 2 and was very pleased to get a Steam key for the PC as well... but I only ever played it on the PS3.

    Plus I'd confidently predict you'll end up having to buy the Xbox One version of a game to benefit from cross-buy on your PC. Somehow I doubt Microsoft will be so generous as to let you have a "free" Xbox version of something you bought in the Steam sale...
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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • Killerbee 28/02/2015

    Resolution isn't everything, of course not. But in those early months of this console generation, you had one console that was (a) cheaper; and (b) objectively and demonstrably more powerful. The resolution differences were - and sometimes still are - the clearest demonstration of that. All other things being near enough equal, why wouldn't you go for the better machine?

    Of course, the decision is less clinical and more emotional than that. But still, I think it's equally telling that "brand" was cited as one of the main reasons to buy an Xbox One.
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  • Sony still committed to DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition launch "as quickly as possible"

  • Killerbee 24/02/2015

    I gave up waiting and bought the full game for 17.99. It's actually very enjoyable, looks superb and the online play has been faultless. It seems harsh to keep bringing up the difficulties it had in the first couple of weeks - the game is fixed now.

    I don't know what might be holding up the PS+ version other than concerns over server capacity. Whatever, owners of the full game surely stand to benefit from a larger player base, so I hope Sony gets a move on.
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  • Destiny patch forces matchmaking on Weekly Heroic Strikes

  • Killerbee 20/02/2015

    This is definitely the right decision. I hit level 27 on my main this week, and still find the game fun to play for a 30 minute gaming appetiser before I carry on with Dragon Age or whatever.

    But though I have plenty of friends on PSN, some have never played Destiny, some did play but don't so much any more and generally it is hard to get even 3 of us together at the same time to do the weekly, let alone 6 for the Raid.

    I've still not seen the Raid content and probably never will unless they offer matchmaking. It's not lack of friends - it's the demands of getting those friends online at the same time, playing the same game and able to commit to playing for a few hours on a work night.

    Matchmaking is a much better solution and most randoms I've played with have been good players.
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  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • Killerbee 16/02/2015

    ICO and Vanquish both spring to mind as two short, single player only games. They're also two of my favourite games ever. I even bought ICO twice (originally on PS2 and the PS3 remaster).

    The Order may or may not live up to those games' quality, but this focus on length is utterly misguided. Review the game on its merits please.
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  • The Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years

  • Killerbee 29/11/2014

    I feel a bit bad saying this, as I love Nintendo dearly, but Tom Bramwell picking out the Gamecube as one of his favourite consoles ever, got me thinking.

    He's absolutely right - the Gamecube was Nintendo at its creative best. It launched some fantastic new franchises in Animal Crossing (at least in the West, where we never got the N64 version), Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin, it completely rejuvenated the Metroid franchise into something that was even better than the brilliant original, Zelda's art style was magnificently transformed in Wind Waker, and the core fan service was there in games like F-Zero GX, Smash Bros, MK Double Dash!! I even think Mario Sunshine deserves more credit than it gets.

    And that's just Nintendo's output - add in the Capcom Five, Super Monkey Ball, Rogue Leader and even ports like Skies of Arcadia: Legends or remakes like MGS: Twin Snakes and Resident Evil, and it really was a console that had it all. And most of it was exclusive too.

    Yet the console is largely considered a flop.

    The Wii U doesn't even come close, and the big problem for me, is that I don't see Nintendo even trying to do the same thing.

    If, like me, you've owned a GBA, Gamecube, Wii, DS and 3DS, and played most of the leading Nintendo-made games on those consoles, you've seen pretty much all Nintendo has to offer on Wii-U.

    New Super Mario Bros - check. 3D Mario - check. Mario Kart - check. Pikmin - check. Smash Bros - check. Wind Waker is brilliant, but it's the same game! Check, check, check. I'm sure Splatoon is great fun, but it's not a system seller.

    Nintendo doesn't need ports of Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty or Watch_Dogs. But it does need third parties making exclusive games that you can't get anywhere else.

    That's what made previous Nintendo consoles - specifically the Cube and Wii - into perfect "second console" purchases. Great for the family; experiences you can't get anywhere else.

    Nintendo's biggest problem now is that I can get those experiences somewhere else. Not the PS4 or One - it's on my previous-gen consoles and handhelds. Wii-U needs new Nintendo franchises or at the very least, old ones turned into something completely different, like Metroid Prime did.

    I really do hope that Nintendo spark returns. I may skip on the Wii-U, but I'd love to be pulled back in day-one when it's successor arrives.
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  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • Killerbee 28/11/2014

    Lovely stuff. That was a great read and I do just want to say thank you, Tom, for everything you've done for my favourite website since I started reading it in 2002... Now there's a scary thought!

    Most of all though, this:

    "That dynamic did exist for a while with websites in the days before social media - people would come to Eurogamer and get to know the writers and the community and become part of it. "

    This absolutely sums up what hooked me on EG in the beginning. The fantastic community of readers and writers coming together to share in a love of video games and gaming culture.

    It felt unique and special then and I think it's perhaps something that is unlikely to get replicated ever again for the very reasons you say.

    Anyway, I definitely feel privileged to have been part of EG's early community and I know I will still be along for the ride in whatever EG - and Tom Bramwell - do next.

    Best wishes guys.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • Killerbee 15/11/2014

    I bought my PS4 shortly after launch (Killzone bundle) and never regretted it for a moment. With the sole exception of Dark Souls II, all my game purchases in 2014 have been for my PS4.

    Killzone was okay. Infamous: Second Son was great, and both look spectacular. I'm playing First Light now and having a great time being back in that Universe again.

    Sure, I am still waiting for the PS+ edition of Driveclub that they promised, but equally, I've never been short of things to play. PS+ has delivered some really good games, right from Resogun, via Outlast and Velocity 2x. Sure, a big name retail title will be nice when it finally comes, but I'm realistic in realising this is still the first year of the console's life. Those games will come.

    Also, the third party line-up hasn't been as bad as the article makes out. I'm firmly in the "Destiny is great" camp - I do see the complaints, but I've put more hours into that game this year than any other and enjoyed it a lot, so it must be doing something right. Wolfenstein was another great shooter that warrants a mention. You all know the list - the point I'm making is I've never been short of games to play and the PS4 has pretty much consistently been the best console platform on which to play those games.
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  • Battlefield 4: The redefinition of Early Access

  • Killerbee 15/10/2014

    Just curious, how many other multiplayer FPS games are there with this kind of scale, this month?

    I take your point, but I'm starting to think that MP focused games like Battlefield are just not what I want to at any more.

    I know it's not fashionable to say it, but I've really enjoyed Destiny. And before that, I'd say I had more fun with Wolfenstein than I did with BF3.

    Far Cry 4 looks much more exciting to me than BF Hardline does.

    I guess I see scale and scope in shooters in different ways - not that I'm saying other people are wrong. I'm not really that excited for this year's Call of Duty either.

    The point is I already have too many games to play and not enough time. MP focused shooters demand a lot of time to get good at and if they're not fun from day one, I tend to think why bother?

    For all the valid criticisms of Destiny's End Game, at least it was great fun getting from levels 1 to 20, and I'd much rather it was that way around.
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  • Killerbee 15/10/2014

    Sorry, but I think DICE - and the Battlefield franchise - have lost me, and there's no going back.

    Bad Company 2 was without doubt my favourite MP shooter of the last generation. I don't really recognise that description of the Medic class being unbalanced. I thought all the classes were fun to play, and there were plenty of points to be had resupplying ammo or fixing up vehicles as there were healing people. Unlocks felt like true rewards, not just reskins of something I had 5 levels ago with minimal stat differences.

    But the main thing was the maps. They were just so beautifully designed, memorable, balanced and fun to play, and they worked well for both squad players and the lone wolf.

    Then Battlefield 3 came along with possibly the worst single player campaign I've played in a big budget shooter. And the MP - on console at least (which was where I played it) - was a massive step backwards from BC2. The maps were too big and running for 2 minutes real time just to get to some kind of action and then getting killed instantly by some sniper you never even spotted, only to have to run back all over again, was tedious. Jets were a waste of time. The classes didn't feel as fun to play either - the same features were there, but their abilities were kind of in the wrong order. "Features" like suppression and flashlights just made everything less fun when you were on the receiving end, with no real entertainment worth when you used them yourself.

    So I skipped BF4 at launch and all the stories of how broken it was over the past year has meant I've never felt like picking it up. Now it's a year old, there's no way I consider it worth 40+ when there are so many new games due over the next month. An unlikely appearance on PS+ is about the only chance I'd play it now.
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  • Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

  • Killerbee 10/09/2014


    Wow. I genuinely thought this day would never come!

    Since I started reading Eurogamer in 2002 - waaaay back in the days when the comments under each article were routinely hijacked by the community for wildly off-topic chat - there have been two main things that have kept me coming back to read the site:

    One was the fantastic community of intelligent, witty and delightfully fanboy-free commenters and posters. In fact, I'm not even sure I knew the word "fanboy" back then...

    Second was the first class quality of the writing of reviews, previews, news, analysis and editorial.

    The first has changed... much as gaming and the internet has changed, I think. I'm far less active in the comments than I used to be and that's partly me and my lack of time in the day to post, but it's also the nature of all things internet. Many voices clamour to be heard, and it's harder to pick out the ones worth listening to.

    But the second reason has never faltered and I still make Eurogamer my #1 web destination today. That's no mean feat, considering how many websites have come and gone in the past 12 years...

    And I do believe that a large part of that is down to Tom Bramwell's editorship and contributions over the years. So, cheers Tom. Thank you for everything and very best wishes for your future endeavours.

    And, of course, welcome Oli to the Editor's chair!

    Here's to the start of the next 15 years!
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  • Microsoft UK confirms it is behind cheeky Destiny fragrance ad

  • Killerbee 05/09/2014

    I suspect this will disappear very quickly. Even if Sony and Activision don't set their lawyers onto this one pretty quickly, a simple trade mark search reveals the word "Destiny" is (unsurprisingly) already trade marked for perfumes and has been owned by L'Oreal since 1971... Reply +16
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • Killerbee 18/08/2014

    Sorry Phil, I'm not buying it.

    Microsoft doesn't have an Uncharted-type game in its first party portfolio? Nor did Sony at the start of the PS3 generation. They made one. And then the same studio made The Last of Us as well.

    Invest in talent - the games will come.

    Dead Rising, Ryse - I get that. They were new IPs that might not have been made without Microsoft's money. Do invest in stuff like that.

    Tomb Raider wasn't like that. It's an established franchise; the game was getting made anyway. Your money will help, I'm sure, but it could have been put to better use securing a game that otherwise might not get made.

    And finally, be honest with consumers - all of them. If it's a timed exclusive, say so. Don't use weasel words because it just pisses people off.

    The worst part about all this, is that Tomb Raider is the only thing anyone can remember about the Xbox conference at Gamescom. All this for a game that's not about for over a year? Is it really worth it?
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  • Not for everyone: exploring the strange pleasures of exclusivity

  • Killerbee 09/08/2014

    Great article.

    It's become harder and harder to find great rarities in gaming though. I don't really buy into wilful obscurity - it usually means it's shite. Pretty much everything worth having in modern gaming is now available whenever you want it at the click of a button.

    That, I think, is why we've seen Activision complaining about a drop in pre-order numbers. There's just nothing really that desirable about 99% of the DLC bonuses; the extra tat thrown into most "special" editions is not worth the premium in price, and the excitement of getting something DAY ONE is not what it used to be. Plus for me, DAY ONE is far less important than being able to pick up the same game in a month or two for half the price. I know I'll always have my PS+ backlog to keep me entertained in the meantime.

    Then again, it doesn't seem that long ago that I bought Demon's Souls on import - the hype and excitement around that game was, of course, entirely deserved, but the lack of a formal release over here meant there was a real sense of excitement at being able to experience The Game They Didn't Want You To Play (in Europe) and the community that grew up around the title, with its wikis and camaraderie and forum chatter. I think that thrill was in large part due to the feeling of being in an exclusive club of importers.

    Animal Crossing on the Gamecube did something similar, I seem to recall.

    I think it's both good and bad that it's probably very unlikely we'll see the likes of that again.
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  • Newspaper report linking stabbing of Leeds teacher to Dark Souls disputed

  • Killerbee 29/04/2014

    Usual Daily Mail bullshit...

    However, Dark Souls is rated PEGI 16 so even if there was any truth in this story (which there isn't) it's not the game's or the developers' fault someone under that age was allowed access to it.

    Bullying drugs and depression are anyway far more likely culprits for this terrible tragedy.
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  • 10 million posts and counting in the Eurogamer forum!

  • Killerbee 26/11/2013

    Great stuff. 10 million posts? Wow. And yet really good to see plenty of names I recognise from the old days. It's funny to think back to the days BF (before forum) when everyone just posted their chat and hooting underneath the news stories...

    EG is still by far the best gaming site on the web.
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  • Report claims PS4 launch title Driveclub delayed until 2014

  • Killerbee 17/10/2013

    Not good news for Sony, but let's face it, this game was hardly likely to make a serious impact on the charts or make lots of money for Sony - of all the people I know who have pre-ordered a PS4, only one was looking to buy the retail version of the game. Everyone else was going to play it for free via PS+ and then see.

    Killzone is still the big first party game, it's what is packed into most of the bundles and it's what matters.

    I'd still like to see Sony announce an alternative PS+ game though - much as I am looking forward to Resogun, dropping DriveClub without replacing it would look bad. Knack seems the most obvious candidate.

    I suppose the other option is that Sony / Evolution focus on getting the PS+ edition of the game ready for release on launch day and then the full retail edition can follow on later. All effort goes on getting the core engine working well, and the finishing touches can be applied to the extra cars and tracks after the "soft" release on PS+.

    Whatever, I expect the delay in Sony replying is so they can put out a definitive message to say when the game will release, and what this means for PS+ subscribers.
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  • Digital Foundry: the complete Xbox One architects interview

  • Killerbee 05/10/2013

    Interesting stuff, but it still comes across to me as Microsoft on the defensive. Xbox One is outclassed by PS4 at a pure technical level. Period.

    Talk of power consumption or efficiency is moot for most consumers - it's plugged into the mains. I don't care how much power it draws (sorry all you environmentalists!). I have a 750w PSU in my PC and it lets me put pretty much what I want in my PC case. That's a good thing. More power is better if it lets me have faster/better kit.

    Second, this concept of "balance". I get that - it makes no sense to boost one area of the hardware, if something else can't keep up, but it seems to me that everything in the Xbox One design is pegged back to the DDR3 RAM.

    The ESRAM might be fast, but there simply isn't enough of it in 32MB. As you say in the article, four 1080p render targets is 48MB, so developers have to use the DDR3 - they can't rely on that fast RAM all the time. Or - as seems to be the case with Ryse - they opt for a lower-than-1080p resolution (such as 900p) in order to cram those renders into the ESRAM. Is that fair?

    So I get the point about "balance", but it just seems this design opted for DDR3 from the beginning and worked from there, choosing the ROPs, CUs and whatever to balance with that.

    The net result seems to be a machine that is already struggling to realise the level of quality gamers expect and demand from a next-gen console.
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  • Battlefield 3 shipped with "the worst set-ups ever"

  • Killerbee 03/10/2013

    If they'd just remake Bad Company 2, keep the same classes, the same broad unlock system, the same size maps (please, massive maps are all very impressive, but they're fucking boring to navigate) and the same level of destructibility, it would be the best shooter ever.

    Jets were crap. I wouldn't miss them.

    Sadly, everything I read about this seems to indicate it's more like BF3 instead...
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  • Vanquish retrospective

  • Killerbee 22/09/2013

    Such a good game.

    Like some others, I actually had far more fun playing it on easy, sliding around and doing cool things in slow-mo.

    I really should play it again.
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  • Xbox One dashboard demoed in video leak

  • Killerbee 09/09/2013

    So... basically the Xbox One dash is just like Windows 8. Reply +17
  • Killzone: Mercenary review

  • Killerbee 04/09/2013

    7/10 is slightly disappointing, and considering you say this is "a new benchmark for portable shooters", it's hard to see what could have been done to justify a better score.

    To be honest, I had no problems whatsoever with the controls in the Beta - they felt pretty much spot on in terms of accuracy and speed of movement, which is pretty good considering it's on a handheld. But if you can tweak the sensitivity, surely that shouldn't be an issue?

    Checkpoints? Considering you can just pause and put the Vita into standby any time you like, that's hardly a concern either.

    Plus it looks superb on that OLED screen.

    As for the campaign, who cares if it does a Call of Duty? Surely all shooter campaigns these days are just training for the MP.

    I can't wait to play Warzone.
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  • Mind the stopgaps?

  • Killerbee 03/08/2013

    I feel bad for Ascension. Yes in narrative terms it is clearly a stopgap title for the God of War series, but in technical terms, gameplay and puzzle design, I thought it was a real step forwards. It's a great game and well worth playing. Being a stopgap doesn't have to mean it's bad. Reply +15
  • Who believes what?

  • Killerbee 29/06/2013

    Lovely article which sums up - in my personal opinion - why, when it comes to games, Sony and Nintendo are the companies to watch. And indeed, why they always have been.

    That's not to say Microsoft hasn't contributed - but it's clear MS's expertise is in systems and network infrastructure like Xbox Live, but much less so in the actual games.

    That's important - even the most resolute Sony fanboy must recognise that Sony would not be in as good a position as it is today without Microsoft creating and curating Xbox Live and setting standard in terms of Achievements, Friends lists and so on.

    Is connectivity and evolving games the next industry shake-up? Right now, I'm not so sure, but then I imagine most commentators would have had a hard time predicting the explosion in online play and importance of the MP mode in games that occurred since 2005.

    It could well be that "Evolving" games is the next Xbox Live.

    Or it could be that Evolving games is the next Kinect.

    Xbox One seems to represent that bet.
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • Killerbee 19/06/2013

    Great decision by Microsoft - not like they had much choice if they didn't want the Xbox One to bomb, but still. I really thought they'd plough on regardless. Kudos where it's due.

    But... I'll stick with my PS4 pre-order.

    - 80 cheaper
    - No Kinect nonsense
    - Less TV nonsense
    - More powerful machine
    - Playstation Plus!
    - Sony's commitment to indie games

    Oh, and I get to play whatever masterpiece Naughty Dog makes next.
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  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • Killerbee 13/06/2013

    Well I like the opinion pieces. Keep 'em coming EG!

    I actually like the fact Sony isn't shaking things up too much next gen. PS3 had its problems at the start, but thanks to free online play and then PS+, not to mention some fantastic first party games and indie exclusives, it ended up my favourite console of this gen.

    Most of all, I just feel that Sony is closest to what I want from gaming. I want big blockbuster shooters, action games and racing, but I also like quirky, bite-size indie oddities in between. I want a keen price for the hardware and I don't want a spy camera or onerous DRM check ins.

    Sony just delivered. Simple as that.
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  • A list of every confirmed PlayStation 4 game

  • Killerbee 12/06/2013

    I loved the first two Infamous games so am definitely more excited by that than anything on the XBone list. Killzone's MP has always been a lot of fun too - I expect to be playing that far more than CoD or BF4, anyway.

    I wouldn't discount Knack either - looks quirky and fun.

    All in all, a pretty good list - not stellar, but very solid and you can bank on Sony to deliver on the first party games. We still don't know what Naughty Dog and Santa Monica have in store for PS4 yet, after all.
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  • Xbox One available this November in the UK priced 429

  • Killerbee 10/06/2013

    Day one achievement and DLC? How shallow does Microsoft think its customers are?

    And 429... come on, even Sony realises - and has publicly admitted - that its PS3 launch price was a mistake...

    I wasn't planning to get one before this conference. I KNOW I'm not getting one now.

    Sony just need to come in under 400 - for a technologically superior console as well - and then surely, surely they've won this gen.
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Uncharted 3, and LittleBigPlanet Karting are coming to PS Plus' year-long Instant Game Collection

  • Killerbee 07/06/2013

    Great update. I played Uncharted 3 on release, but the other two are new to me and I've been meaning to give XCOM a go for some time now.

    How any remotely sane gamer can't be looking to give Sony all their money next gen is beyond me.
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  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • Killerbee 07/06/2013

    Sorry Microsoft, this is still shit.

    1. I can only "give" games to people who have been on my friends list for 30 days. So that's the ebay / private resale market completely stone dead.

    2. Loaning and renting is not happening - at least not for a while. Bye bye Lovefilm. Considering PlayStation Plus is basically a subscription-based game rental service and is widely regarded by core gamers as one of the best things any platform holder has done this gen, it's shocking that Microsoft hasn't thought this through yet. They clearly have no intention of competing with PS+.

    3. Retailers have to "participate". It's unclear what this means, but it seems probably that many indie stores will find "participating" uneconomical.

    4. Games can be shared with up to 10 family members. Define "family"? Do they have to live in the same house or can I elect to share all my games with my cousin who lives 300 miles away? Come on Microsoft, we want answers.

    5. Regardless of all that, publishers seem to be free to make up their own rules. It seems highly unlikely those rules are going to be any better than Microsoft's.

    Every announcement just brings more questions and makes me question why anyone would buy one of these things. All I can imagine is that Microsoft are betting that enough NFL and Call of Duty fans out there don't read gaming websites and it'll be too late once they realise this is the trade-in policy.

    My bet? This story will be on BBC Watchdog inside 12 months after the machine launches.
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  • Namco Bandai confirms March 2014 Dark Souls 2 release date

  • Killerbee 03/06/2013

    Yes, yes and YES!

    Can't wait for this. My only big question is whether they will make a version for PS4?
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  • Xbox One second-hand games will charge a fee to play

  • Killerbee 21/05/2013

    Unbelievable. It really is as if a spy from Sony made all the design decisions.
    I always liked Phil Harrison...
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  • Killerbee 21/05/2013

    No used games. Just think about what that means for a moment.


    Remember when Sony effectively did this with the PSP Go and retailers basically declined to support it? Remind me Microsoft - how did that work out for them?

    The one sliver of hope is that the used game "fee" will represent a discount on a retail purchase, but I very much doubt that will be the case.

    (Of course, Sony need to confirm that they're not doing this with the PS4 as well...)
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  • The Xbox One controller still takes batteries but has programmable trigger-feedback

  • Killerbee 21/05/2013

    Maybe you're more organised, but I hate having to hunt around for some AAs to put in my Wiimotes - usually I have to steal them from my kids' toys or something.

    I have two Dualshock 3s and basically just alternate between them. When one needs charging, I plug it into the USB port and use the other. It doesn't take long (certainly quicker than rechargable AAs) to charge, so local multiplayer isn't a problem.

    Seriously, batteries is soooo last-gen.
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  • Killerbee 21/05/2013


    Do me a lemon.
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  • Sony on Vita: "Sometimes you've had slow starts which have suddenly sprung into life"

  • Killerbee 15/05/2013

    I really do want a Vita, but I'm waiting for Sony to cut the price here like they did in Japan, and especially to cut the ridiculous price of the memory cards.

    150 with a game and 8GB (or better) mem card and I'll buy one tomorrow. I promise.
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  • Beyond: Two Souls special edition includes a 30-minute exclusive scene

  • Killerbee 07/05/2013

    Come on, 2.50, maybe 5 extra for the steelbook, soundtrack and early access to what will probably end up as DLC? That's actually pretty good as special editions go. Reply +4
  • ShopTo refuses to sell upcoming Activision games in row over Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Killerbee 07/05/2013

    Surely the real story here is that even a specialist like Shopto can't make money from Call of Duty any more. The number and competitiveness of supermarket discounts year in, year out, on CoD games means there's practically no point in selling this title at release.

    I've bought Call of Duty from Tesco on release for the past 3 years and never paid more than 25 for it.

    With Blops 2, I paid 15 - the game plus 25 PSN credit = 50 total, reduced to 40 with an online discount code.

    I'm all in favour of Tesco selling me stuff at a loss, but since I like Shopto's service, I'd much rather they didn't bother with this game and made some money instead.
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  • The quest for Shadow of the Colossus' last big secret

  • Killerbee 02/05/2013

    Nice article. Reminds me a lot of Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One" in the sense of a hidden quest within a virtual world. Great book btw.

    I'm also really inspired now to give SOTC one more play through...
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  • Dragon's Dogma title update may corrupt your save, Capcom warns

  • Killerbee 01/05/2013

    @Grimner - if you already have the original, just trade it in and buy Dark Arisen instead. That way it'll cost you even less. Honestly, it just sounds like you begrudge newcomers getting a great deal - why? Reply +2
  • Killerbee 01/05/2013

    @Killerbee. On the pawn thing, I believe Dark Arisen pawns are now separate from those in the original game because the old code obviously won't work with the new equipment and abilities on offer in Dark Arisen. That's why there seems to be less Pawn activity.

    I've not had any save problems, but I'm glad PS+ is doing my backups for me!
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  • Killerbee 01/05/2013

    @Grimner - I played the original game to death and had no hesitation buying Dark Arisen too. It's worth having it on disk just so it doesn't take up space on my PS3's hard drive and it cost me all of 13. I'm happy more people will play Dragon's Dogma because it's a great game that deserved to do far better than it did originally.

    Also Bitterblack contains way more than 6 hours of content. I've put that in already and feel like I've got ages to go.
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  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen review

  • Killerbee 22/04/2013

    Dragon's Dogma was easily my favourite game last year - played it more than any other title - and I can't wait to get my hands on this expansion.

    Any newcomer who didn't play the original release would be mad not to snap this up. 13 from Asda online for an RPG adventure that will easily last you 50+ hours - more if you indulge in the side questing - is crazy value.
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  • Forza and Ryse to be next Xbox launch titles

  • Killerbee 11/04/2013

    I seriously think MS need to do better. Forza risks being seen as the same old same old racing, only with prettier graphics and new car models (and that's not fanboyism - I'm bored of Gran Turismo too), Ryse needs to overcome the stigma of being a Kinect game and the promise of third party FPS support is more than likely a reference to Call of Duty and Battlefield - which will more than likely be on PS4 as well.

    At least you get the impression Sony are interested in making some new games. Killzone 4 is only one title - I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog have been up to.
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  • Diablo 3 on consoles: hell or high water?

  • Killerbee 26/03/2013

    I agree diablo 3 and Dead Nation are very different games, but I do think that if you're looking for a top-down action game, then Dead Nation is the better bet.

    The loot, character levelling (which is utterly linear) and customisation options just aren't very good in Diablo 3. In fact, if those are the features you're looking for, Dragon's Dogma is a far better bet - in a different genre that actually suits and supports those concepts.
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  • Killerbee 26/03/2013

    Seems like a fair assessment. I bought it on PC, played through once (Demon Hunter) and I've never been tempted back.

    The loot "hook" just didn't work for me. I usually love collecting and upgrading my equipment in RPGs, both in terms of maxing my stats and getting the visual look of my character just right, but D3 threw so much rubbish loot at you that it all became very tedious. By the end I hardly bothered picking anything up that wasn't a yellow "special" item and none of the vendors sold anything better than what I had (unless it was locked out because of my character class or level).

    The thing is, without the loot, Diablo is just click, click, click. Fundamentally quite dull gameplay. I swear, even Cannon Fodder on the Amiga had more depth to its combat.

    Add to that a pretty crap attempt at a story, and I can't quite work out why the PC game got such positive reviews.

    The FMVs were nice I suppose.

    Personally I'd advise PS3 owners to look elsewhere. In fact, go and play Dead Nation - heaps more atmosphere, better combat options and definitely more fun.
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