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  • I'm not sure what David Cage is trying to say with Detroit

  • Killerbee 21/06/2017

    I fully understand that Heavy Rain and Beyond were Marmite games for many people, but I enjoyed both of them and am looking forward to Detroit.

    I think one issue comes from trying to see through the narrative cracks in the games - replaying and trying out alternative approaches does tend to expose the flaws in the structure, but my experience with both the previous games is that they actually hold together well enough with a single play through.

    I'm not sure what EG really wants this game to say... nor really that it's fair to take this single sequence as representative of the whole experience. Beyond and Heavy Rain had plenty of quieter moments that said a lot more about the characters than the action sequences (and therefore made the story more compelling), but I would never have used them to show off the experience out of context - which is what this demo appears to be.

    I'm all in favour of previews being critical, but "this isn't the story I wanted to see told" isn't especially helpful. Surely that's something we can all make our own minds up about.
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  • Crash Bandicoot is 3D gaming's underrated pioneer

  • Killerbee 19/06/2017

    It might be sacrilege to say it, but at the time I preferred Insomniac's Spyro games to Crash. Fascinating to read about the technical wizardry behind the scenes though.

    I second the comment that Crash Team Racing was probably the highlight for this character. For a while, I stopped being jealous of MARIO Kart and my N64 owning chums. I still think CTR had one of the best single player games in its genre.
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  • Metroid Prime 4 in development for Nintendo Switch

  • Killerbee 13/06/2017

    Okay I give in. I'm getting a Switch the day this releases. Reply 0
  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • Killerbee 13/06/2017

    The article seems a bit downbeat, and I don't think that's entirely fair on Sony's showing.

    Ok, sure, there was nothing really earth shattering there, but to call this a mid-generation lull isn't really fair. Sony brought a lot of good looking games to the show and it left me reassured that I will have plenty of great stuff to play in 2018.

    Is that not job done?
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  • A new look at Quantic Dream's PS4 game Detroit

  • Killerbee 13/06/2017

    I enjoyed Heavy Rain and Beyond, so definitely have this on my wish list.

    The gorgeous visuals certainly help, and I tend to feel that people are quite harsh on David Cage's writing. Okay, he's no Neil Druckmann, but certainly no worse than 99% of other video game writing out there.
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  • A resurgent Nintendo still has questions to answer at E3

  • Killerbee 09/06/2017

    I'm still not quite convinced I want to get a Switch. Much as I'm really pleased to see it doing well for Nintendo, that big concern about whether it will get enough games I want to play over its lifespan is still there.

    The issue of third party support is always an interesting one, because one thing I really don't think Switch needs is straight ports of all the games already available on PS4 or X1. Instead, Nintendo needs to secure more exclusive support for its machine - games that take advantage of the hardware and games that serve to promote it too, because you can't play them anywhere else.

    Ok, Wii-U had Bayonetta 2 and looking farther back the Gamcube had the Capcom 5, and I suppose neither of those really helped their respective platforms.

    But I think they did at least dispel the notion that Nintendo consoles are only good for playing Nintendo games, and as great as Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart are, I do worry that there's a potential to lose part of the audience who simply feel they seen all this before.
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  • Xbox is close to being a brilliant games platform, but it needs games to get it there

  • Killerbee 08/06/2017

    I think the headline sums it up really.

    Scorpio could (and probably will) be the best and most powerful console ever, but that means literally nothing if it doesn't have the games.

    When I look at the Xbox One, I see a load of stuff that I can already play on the PS4 I currently own and a meagre selection of 'exclusives', most of which I could play on PC.

    Unless Microsoft deliver Scorpio specific games to differentiate the machine from the competition (and that looks unlikely from what they've said so far) they've got to convince gamers that Scorpio is worth paying a premium price for, instead of spending that same money on a new PC or Switch or VR or anything else clamouring for your money.

    Then there's the big risk of the ultimate spoiler - Sony announcing PlayStation 5.

    Assuming a typical 6-7 year console generation a true next gen machine by the end of 2019 or early 2020 is a very realistic proposition. I don't think I'd rush to spend (likely) £400+ on a console that only offers an incremental improvement on the existing Xbox One S, plays the same games and may be obsolete in just 2-3 years.

    I feel the same about PS4 Pro too. Sony saying about 1 in 5 PS4s sold is a Pro model feels about right. I do wonder if Microsoft selling about 20% of their current Xbox One numbers is enough to justify the whole Scorpio project though...


    Don't bother with Scorpio. Buy a gaming PC or Switch or VR instead, and wait for Playstation 5 / Xbox Two to start the real next gen.
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  • Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

  • Killerbee 06/06/2017

    I love my Vita and still play it regularly (recently Platinumed Severed) but I'm not sure I feel the need for a replacement. It's fine as it is for the kind of Indie games that make up its release schedule these days and although I enjoyed games like Uncharted: GA, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048 and LBP, I think on balance I would rather Sony put its studios to work on new PS4 titles instead.

    I am not really convinced there's all that much of a market left for a dedicated gaming handheld. Nintendo were right to market Switch as a portable home console as opposed to a handheld you can also plug into your TV. Rightly or wrongly, mobile phones have filled that space and I only really tend to take either my Vita or 3DS out of the house if I'm actually going away from home for a night.

    I don't recall the last time I saw even a kid on a DS out and about - they're all on tablets or phones.
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  • Nintendo Switch's premium online service will remain free until 2018

  • Killerbee 02/06/2017


    Fair comment - I didn't really see the appeal of the NES mini myself (been there done that as far as those games are concerned) but I guess there are enough people out there who did.

    I do think that's more of a nostalgia thing for gamers in (or approaching) their 40s though.

    My lad is 7 and got bored with Sonic (the original - I have it on my Wii) pretty quickly. He'd much rather play Rocket League than a bunch of retro games with rubbish graphics.

    Much as I do recognise Nintendo's many classics of that era, I can't really say I blame him...
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  • Killerbee 02/06/2017

    It's not a bad price compared to the subs for online services from Sony and Microsoft, but I'm not entirely convinced Nintendo has the volume of online playable games to really justify charging. The peripheral services (like voice chat) also seem pretty half-arsed.

    But most of all, I think Nintendo massively over-estimates the worth of those old NES games. Most of them have been recycled and reissued several times over already and while I was happy to play them on my Gameboy Advance about 15 years ago, I can't help but feel the value is well and truly wrung out of them.

    Perhaps offering SNES and N64 games would help, but I still tend to feel they've had their time - and in many cases twice already.

    PS+ and Games with Gold are at least offering new or fairly recent games. Nintendo isn't even within two generations of its current console...

    I guess I just feel I don't have much time for gaming nostalgia any more.
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  • Ubisoft has a new logo

  • Killerbee 31/05/2017


    I bet some branding consultants got paid a small fortune for this as well.

    Whatever they were paid, it wasn't worth it.
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  • Lego Dimensions dates final Year Two franchises

  • Killerbee 31/05/2017

    I've absolutely loved playing Dimensions with my son. They have really nailed the balance between appealing to kids and Dads alike.

    It's just a shame the packs are quite so expensive. I've only bought three (in addition to the main game) when they were on offer a while back in Sainsbury's. At full RRP I find it hard to justify spending quite so much on them, which is a shame.

    I actually think I'd spend more overall if they were a bit cheaper.
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  • Final Fantasy 12's Gambits remain the greatest mechanic in JRPGs

  • Killerbee 31/05/2017


    I do see what you're saying, but for me a big part of the fun comes from making those decisions myself.

    I might take a calculated risk to push for the KO and stay on the offensive despite a character needing to heal up.

    I could delay a summon or magic attack for a turn or two in favour of casting defensive buffs because I know the enemy is building up to its big signature attack.

    Maybe Gambits were sophisticated enough by the end game to make these calculations (it's been over 10 years so my memory is hazy) but i never felt that was the point. Rather, I wanted to be making those decisions myself in the midst of combat - and that includes dealing with the scramble to recover when I get things wrong - because that's what makes playing video games fun!
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  • Killerbee 31/05/2017

    I think "controversial" is a fair description of the whole Gambits system. Personally, I hated it, to the point FF XII remains the only main series, non-MMO Final Fantasy game I've given up on part way through.

    I think what killed it for me was playing the GBA remake of Final Fantasy VI around the same time and finding that older game just so immeasureably better to play in every respect.

    I get that JRPGs revel in systems and as much time spent in menus as in the game world, but I couldn't get on with a game that didn't actually want to be played.

    The old ATB system or FFX's turn based combat both remain fun, with the right amount of strategic thinking going into both your pre-fight preparations and happening on the fly on the battlefield. Taking away the latter just made combat... well, boring.

    I think it's telling that they've added an option to speed up the game to make combat flow faster. To me, that's an admission that it was never interactive enough in the first place.

    I know some people loved this game, but it was the end of the defining era of Final Fantasy for me. VI to X-2 (yes, even X-2) were great games, but the more FF revels in MMO questing and automated combat, the less interest I have in it.
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  • What's keeping Nintendo from making a new Advance Wars?

  • Killerbee 30/05/2017

    For me, it's the biggest omission of the 3DS era. I'd have bought an Advance Wars game in a heartbeat, but nope... I never really liked Fire Emblem in the same way.

    To be fair, it's the same with the home consoles - Metroid Prime was the game that convinced me to get a GameCube, but Nintendo seem equally reluctant to give us a new game in that series (a proper one), yet they can churn out endless 2D Marios.

    I know it's about what sells, but I do wish they'd open up to the fact there's an audience out there that loves the more niche titles far more than Mario and Zelda.
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  • Xbox Game Pass launches 1st June

  • Killerbee 24/05/2017

    One question - is this instead of or in addition to Games with Gold's monthly offerings?

    While the list of games is decent, I'm not really sure I'm in favour of having another separate sub on top of one which is already meant to provide free games.

    Why not just put the price of Live up a little bit and improve the free games already offered?

    As a PS4 owner, I think I'd much rather just see better PS+ freebies in the monthly giveaways than pay an extra sub to play a different set of titles I don't get to keep (as long as the sub is active, of course).
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  • Dragon's Dogma re-release coming to PS4, Xbox One

  • Killerbee 23/05/2017

    I absolutely loved this game, but having Platinumed it on PS3 (an achievement which requires you to complete NG+ and every side quest in the game) and spent many more hours beating the Bitterblack Isle content added with Dark Arisen, I'm not sure I have the gaming time to double dip.

    I'd buy a proper sequel in a heartbeat though. I really hope this means Capcom is working on one.

    For anyone who didn't play this in any of its earlier incarnations, I cannot recommend the game enough.
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  • Writing the next Dragon Age

  • Killerbee 22/05/2017

    Good luck Alexis!

    I played - and completed - DA: Inquisition and I have to be honest, it didn't exactly leave me wanting more.

    Then the many comparisons made to that game by reviewers of Mass Effect Andromeda have been enough to make me delay getting it... I still think "one day" but then I'm not short of stuff to play and the prospect of starting another 60+ hour RPG isn't the temptation it once was for me.

    Bioware have a lot to do, I think, to rebuild trust in their games.

    Crucially, they need to cut the bloat, lose the tedious fetch quests and focus on making every quest or bit of narrative content meaningful in some way. Or at least make it entertaining!

    Dragon Age needs a combat overhaul - battles in Inquisition were pretty rubbish to be honest and they could take a lesson or two from games like Dragon's Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalur and even the Souls franchise on how to make swords and sorcery combat fun.

    I hope it does work out though - the first two Mass Effect games were among my favourites of the last console generation and Bioware properly on form is still a really exciting prospect...
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  • Hands-on with Destiny 2 - a fun and familiar experience

  • Killerbee 19/05/2017

    Well, I don't mind admitting that I'm very excited for Destiny 2 and I liked what I saw in last night's reveal.

    I guess there isn't much to convince people who have already decided they hate Destiny and all it stands for that this is going to be different, but I doubt Bungie was ever going to succeed there anyway. Far better that they double down on giving core fans what they want and try to tempt back those who liked the game but may have just drifted off to play other games.

    I'm pleased the core gunplay, player movement and abilities look largely intact - that's the key to the gameplay hook as far as I'm concerned.

    The new Supers shown off look good, but I was kind of hoping for more to be changed - maybe to shake up the Titan / Hunter / Warlock and Arc / Solar / Void things a bit more with new character classes and elements. Really make it a fresh start.

    I'm also not so sure about giving two weapon slots over to "Primary" guns, with one being elemental. I quite liked the way the original three slots made you carry something different. And if sniper or fusion ammo is going to be as rare as heavy is in the current game, I think that'd be a shame to diminish the importance of those weapon archetypes.

    More story is good, but I hope there's plenty of post- campaign content and quests too - that was the best bit about Taken King to my mind.

    Loot and guns I'm sure Bungie will get right. Can't wait to see what they dream up.

    Which kind of just leaves PvP. I am a bit disappointed by the move to 4v4 as I would have asked for more players and bigger arenas rather than the opposite. Most of all, I'd have loved to see them offer a Killzone 2 style Warzone mode of rotating mission objectives. I still think that's the most fun I've had in a PvP shooter when the flow of battle shifts are the map as players adapt to the changes in objectives on the fly. I can't think why more games don't copy that.

    All in all though, I'm very much looking forward to getting stuck in!
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  • The Fifth Element and the best way of finding out about something

  • Killerbee 08/05/2017

    The closest gaming parallel I can think of is Demon's Souls.

    Back when it was only available here in the UK via imports there was a real sense of excitement amongst the small community who had actually gone to such trouble to play a mere video game. It was really thrilling to be part of.

    But the difficulty in obtaining a copy was nothing compared to the game itself. The opaque systems of the world tendencies, the sense of a survival horror in exploring the world, passing tips to others about where to find this essential ring or that new sword; where to open up shortcuts.

    The camaraderie and community that emerged to help fellow gamers through that was incredible.

    Whilst the Souls games remain brilliant, I'm always slightly saddened to see every gaming website putting up their comprehensive guides to a new title within a day of release - sometimes even before it.

    I can avoid those guides easily enough, but it does mean that the community that Demon's had will never develop in that organic way again. And I think gaming is poorer because of that.
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  • Here's a first look at Xbox One Scorpio's superpowered dev kit

  • Killerbee 12/04/2017

    Scorpio has the specs and looks great on paper, but I'm still not entirely convinced this is going to solve Microsoft's problem of playing runner up to PS4 in this generation.

    Basically, Sony just has the momentum and, if this first half of 2017 is anything to go by, the games to see off this challenge. I'm sure Scorpio will look great until we get into hype around PS5 and Xbox Two and then all this starts again.

    Of course, that's always the case with console generations, but I think the current .5 generation based on a specced up version of the original machine is only really going to appeal to the real hardcore gamers out there.

    I bought a PS4 around launch for all the reasons it was right to choose it over Xbox One. No need to rehearse that again.

    But since then, I've not seen one Xbox exclusive game that has me tempted. Too much reliance on Forza, Halo, Gears and not enough to really get excited about.

    But even if I did like the look of those games and I wanted a more powerful machine to play them on, I can't see any compelling argument in favour of Scorpio versus a decent gaming PC. The PC would win it hands down thanks to cheaper software, more flexibility and use for work etc. It'd probably win on the range of games available too.

    I'm sure some people will love Scorpio and if nothing else I really hope it makes everyone raise their game for the next console generation. But I don't think it's for me.
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  • How DICE's Star Wars Battlefront struck back

  • Killerbee 11/04/2017

    It was the lack of a campaign that stopped me buying this. Simple as that.

    But looking ahead, I'm inclined now to think that the traditional trio of game modes: story, PvP and a horde mode - are no longer good enough.

    I do realise many people found it massively flawed (and it was) but once you've played the end game PvE content in Destiny - the Raids and Strikes - the usual FPS content just pales in comparison.

    It doesn't have to be Destiny, although I do expect Destiny 2 to be massive, but the hooks presented by the loot game, the social context of that co-op PvE content and (most importantly) the flow and feel of play, has made it pretty hard for me to enjoy any other FPS nearly as much.

    Even with the Star Wars license, I think DICE and EA have a fair bit of work still to do to match, let alone beat Destiny's feature list.
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  • A Switch is for life, not just for Zelda

  • Killerbee 24/03/2017


    Heh. Fair point!

    But I did buy a Vita though. And a PS4. PS+ offering free monthly games was at least part of the reason for that.

    And to be fair, I would have bought more Vita games if support hadn't dried up. What I'm saying is the main reason I don't regard Vita as a bad buy is that PS+ support.

    Right now I'm yet to be convinced I need a Switch - as good as Zelda undoubtedly is, it's just one game....
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  • Killerbee 24/03/2017

    I'm not answering for leeroye, but I think if you were to make the same point in a slightly different way, he does have a point. i.e:

    "I don't see a collection of games, now or in the next year, that are worth paying £280 on a new console for. "

    I think that's the difference between Switch and PS4 / Xbox One. If you were an early adopter of either of the other consoles, even if pickings were slim at launch you could be 99.9% sure the games would come because those consoles enjoy reliable third party support on top of great first party efforts.

    I'm not for a moment disputing Nintendo's ability to deliver great first party games, but I don't think they can carry a console on their own.

    Those brilliant first party games are going to take longer to come simply because games are more complex to develop than they were two or three console generations ago. Without good third party support to plug the gaps, it's a less attractive prospect to buy into a console ecosystem.

    I'd say the same about Sony or Microsoft by the way - they both need third parties too.

    Thing is, the GameCube was the last time Nintendo really enjoyed decent third party support. It started waning on the Wii and the Wii U basically lost the lot.

    That's the context in which a £280 console looks - to me - like less of a good investment.

    Hence why I think Nintendo need to offer that PS+ service to plug the gaps in release schedules with older classic games (and Nintendo isn't short of those!) and indies.
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  • Killerbee 24/03/2017

    I get the same feelings here as I do with the Vita.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my Vita and it has more than justified the price I paid for it, but the crucial difference in the mix is PS+.

    I bought maybe 4 games for my Vita in total. That's an abysmal attach rate by any standards. But I've never been short of games to play because of those monthly PS+ "freebies". Some are pretty bad, but there have been some stellar full price games given away over the years and I've had the chance to play some great indie games I never would have bought.

    So for me, that's what Switch needs: a good PS+ style service offering up indie games and oldies from Nintendo's back catalogue for players to keep as long as their sub is active.

    That would comfortably bridge the gaps between Nintendo's own first party big hitters (and let's face it, there will be those gaps) and give the console a chance at success.
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  • Leaked Destiny 2 poster reveals September release date

  • Killerbee 23/03/2017

    Since the Taken King expansion sorted out many of the Vanilla game's problems, Destiny has been great. I never bothered with the year 1 expansions, was tempted back with TTK but had no hesitation buying Rise of Iron and still dip into the game now.

    Complaining about lack of content is just nonsense - if you've genuinely exhausted everything you've already clocked up 100+ hours of play.

    Ultimately, what keeps me coming back is the core gameplay loop. No other shooter is as satisfying to play and that's a combination of the guns, the movement and the super abilities.

    Then playing with others, whether that's 3-person Strikes or 6-person Raids - I haven't found another shooter that does that kind of gameplay even half as well.

    I know it's fashionable to hate Destiny, but I fully expect D2 to be massive when it hits.

    I know I'll be there day one.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • Killerbee 20/03/2017

    I'm genuinely gutted this didn't turn out well. I loved the original trilogy. Even ME3 which (in my opinion) still delivered a great journey up to its disappointing conclusion.

    I think the thing that I find most disappointing (and off-putting) is the clear influence Dragon Age Inquisition seems to have had. I really had to force myself to finish DA:I (leaving huge numbers of side quests incomplete - but why bother when they weren't fun?).

    It was also the first time I found myself skipping dialogue in a Bioware game. Far better to have a tightly scripted game and leave a little of the context to interpretation / imagination (ambiguity can still be a compelling narrative device) than pad it out with waffle and over earnest exposition and lore.

    Ah well. It gives me a chance to play some other games and perhaps I'll still get this one day when it hits the bargain bins.

    Sad it is such a missed opportunity.
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  • Monopoly ditches classic characters for T-Rex, penguin, rubber duck

  • Killerbee 17/03/2017

    Haven't played Monopoly since we bought Ticket to Ride a couple of years ago and it became our "go to" family game. I understand the collectors value of some of the sets (I did covet the Zelda one for a while) but...

    There are much better board games out there.
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  • PlayStation 3 production ends soon in Japan

  • Killerbee 17/03/2017

    My phat 80GB model is still going strong as a blu-ray / tv streaming device in the spare room. My lad still plays the odd game on it too, when the PS4 and /or main TV is in use.

    I will definitely remember it most fondly for its exclusives and PS+. Sony really knocked it out of the park with Uncharted, Infamous, Demon's Souls, Killzone (2 was great, ok!?), God of War, LBP, Last of Us, Journey, not forgetting second party stuff like Ratchet, Resistance (3 especially was great) MGS4 and No No Kuni.

    Even marmite games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls were great to see made, whether you liked them or not. (I did like them)

    The 360 may always have had the edge on multiplat games, but I wouldn't have missed the PS3's exclusive library for anything.
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  • Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 2.6m copies in two weeks

  • Killerbee 17/03/2017

    "Admire - Recommended
    Inspire - Essential"

    I like that! :)

    I think my main complaint with the EG review of Horizon is it seemed to suffer at the hands of a reviewer who was clearly just tired and jaded by the open world genre.

    I get that sentiment, but I think when it's your job to review games you have to put that sort of thing behind you. Yes, opinions are subjective, but no one wants to read a review of FIFA 17 that complains about how similar it is to innumerable past football games.

    Comparison and context is fine - I don't have a problem with the argument that Witcher 3 was better in some respects; but don't dismiss a game's merits because you're tired of playing games in that genre. I'd imagine most of your audience won't feel quite that way (or if they do, they can determine for themselves whether or not they want to play another open world RPG). Just tell us whether this is a good game or not in that genre.

    I find it hard to believe Horizon isn't at least "Recommended" calibre in EGs review system.
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  • Killerbee 17/03/2017

    I can respect your opinion - I utterly failed to find any sense of fun in Skyrim and people seemed to love that, but did you really not find the combat with the Machines fun? I think it beats just about every open world game I've played in years hands down. Only Dragon's Dogma's climbing on bigger beasts to take them down comes close.

    The music is also pretty amazing. I highly recommend the soundtrack - just be warned it is 4 hours long!
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  • Killerbee 16/03/2017


    Why should another game blow any chance of getting it? Just... pick it up later when you have time to play.

    I'm putting off Mass Effect: Andromeda at least until I've finished with Horizon. Not saying one is better or more deserving than the other - it's purely down to having time to play.
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  • Killerbee 16/03/2017

    I'm thoroughly enjoying this game - it deserves the success. I'd rate it as my favourite open world RPG since Dragon's Dogma and I think that's chiefly down to the brilliant combat.

    The robo-dinos are fantastic fun to fight - some of the tougher battles really get you on the edge of your seat as you try to juggle healing, crafting ammo, switching weapons and targeting weak spots, all while getting the hell out of the way of the visceral attacks they dish out.

    Of course it looks gorgeous and I think the plot so far has plenty of intrigue to it. I'm 20 hours in and the story is still engaging.

    Zelda might find more favour overall, but this is easily up there as a GOTY contender in my opinion.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda has a mobile companion app

  • Killerbee 16/03/2017


    Depends on the game.

    For a game that is so heavily based around dialogue and expects you to form relationships (including romance) with your crew, I'd say animation quality is pretty important, yeah.

    Anyway, having seen some of the gifs doing the rounds, it's not just cutscenes that are the problem. AI path finding and simple walking animations are bad enough to break any sense of immersion in the game. For a triple-A title in 2017 from a company as big as EA, that's pretty inexcusable.

    I hear the script is pretty awful too.

    Worrying, as this is (was?) towards the top of my wish list once I've finished some of the other games thatve been out recently.
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  • John Wick, Gateway, and my love for a good video game hub

  • Killerbee 13/03/2017

    Whenever I think of a video game hub, I always come back to the Nexus in Demons Souls.

    Among the many other brilliantly inventive bits of design in that game, I love the way the game sets up the Nexus as your one and only sanctuary; a place to trade, store things and level up without the threat of invasion or all manner of beasts intent on killing you.

    And then Yurt turns up...

    Utterly brilliant.
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  • Big No Man's Sky update out this week

  • Killerbee 08/03/2017

    I just bought this recently (£12.99 new from Smyths Toys) and for what it's worth, I liked what Ive seen so far. Kudos to Hello Games for sticking with it.

    I can't help but feel that if the game had been priced around £20 from the start, a lot of the ill will could've been avoided.

    I'm glad I waited for a better, cheaper game. That doesnt really help those who paid full price though.

    I will definitely be going back to it once I've finished Horizon.
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  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is Sony's biggest PS4 franchise debut

  • Killerbee 06/03/2017


    "what other ps4 game has been both a franchise debut and not a turd"

    Driveclub (*eventually* not a turd, anyway)
    The Last Guardian
    Until Dawn

    To be honest, I also thought The Order: 1886 was great.
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  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • Killerbee 06/03/2017

    Much as EG seems intent on ignoring it in favour of stoking the Switch hype, I would just say how well deserved Horizon Zero Dawn's #1 chart placement is.

    Well done Guerilla Games!

    Edit: maybe that came across wrongly. I am disappointed Horizon only seems to warrant a footnote in this article. It's a fantastic game and a new IP making the impact it has (both critically and in sales terms) deserves a little more celebration in my opinion.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • Killerbee 02/03/2017

    Lovely review and the game sounds brave and truly epic.

    Seems such a shame that this will be the WiiU's swan song. Imagine what a game like this could have done for that console's fortunes had it released within 2 years of the console launching...

    So while I'm not buying a Switch just yet, Nintendo have done enough to push it onto my wish list. It just needs a few more great games to reach that critical mass that triggers me to buy one...
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  • PlayStation Plus March games announced

  • Killerbee 01/03/2017

    A good month!

    I bought Tearaway on the Vita and loved it. Very happy to give to PS4 version a spin.

    Don't know much about the rest but with Horizon Zero Dawn arriving today, I think my PS4 will keep me busy for a while yet.

    So very tempted by Zelda but think I will hold off on a Switch purchase for a while longer yet.
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  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • Killerbee 28/02/2017


    Not criticising your post at all, but honestly - how do you find time to consume all that content?

    I currently pay for Amazon Prime and PS+ and my backlog of TV box sets and games I want to watch / play from those two alone is obscene.

    The main thing holding me back from having more consoles and tv streaming platforms in my life isn't the cost - it's the fact I know I don't have time to enjoy them all!
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  • Four hours with Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Killerbee 23/02/2017

    I'm still cautious about this one. I feel it's one I'll buy eventually, but probably not on release.

    Largely that's down to Dragon Age: Inquisition, which for me was a very pretty game that didn't really justify its considerable length due to some dull fetch quests, uninspiring characters, sprawling (yet often empty) maps and - crucially - unengaging combat.

    I realise Mass Effect is, and always has been, a very different beast, and at the very least the combat should be more fun.

    I do hope my current lack of enthusiasm is misplaced though - if they can recapture the highs of the original trilogy, this is definitely on my wish list right behind Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Roll on the full reviews.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • Killerbee 20/02/2017

    Definitely keeping my pre-order.

    The consensus of reviews seems very positive and reading Martin's text actually didn't put me off in the slightest.

    I remember reading lukewarm reviews for Dragon's Dogma back in the day and thinking "but... this sounds BRILLIANT!!!" It turned out to be probably my favourite game of its generation, meanwhile Skyrim (which critics seemed to adore) sits unfinished on my PC's hard drive.

    Basically, this game sounds great *to me* so I've no hesitation in buying it day one.

    I can easily live with the fact other people might have a different opinion.
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  • Why Halo's biggest problem may be Halo itself

  • Killerbee 15/02/2017

    Halo: Combat Evolved was a truly great shooter. But I'm not sure I really cared much for the fiction even back then. Halo 2 made me pretty certain I didn't care.

    I think maybe it's to do with the genre of the game. I mean, I cared deeply about the story and lore in the first Mass Effect game, but I think a huge part of that is down to ME being a RPG and having (some) meaningful consequences to my actions. (Saving Wrex, Ashley or Kaiden- that sort of thing)

    In a shooter? Nah, just let me blast stuff and leap around gorgeous looking worlds having fun. For all its many flaws, that's why I like Destiny. It doesn't force its story on you; you're given just enough context for the bug hunt you're on. Yes, the Grimoire should be in game and not buried away in a Companion app, but I'm pretty sure most people still wouldn't read it anyway. Those that love that sort of thing are very welcome to it.

    Halo? By all means celebrate the series for delivering some great console shooters, but don't pretend it's anything more than that.
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  • Destiny 2 launches autumn, will be "more accessible to casual players"

  • Killerbee 10/02/2017

    I hope by "casual" they really mean "solo" players.

    I've stuck with Destiny since release and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've certainly got my money's worth out of it in terms of hours clocked up.

    The Raids definitely represent the best content in the game, but it's true that the lack of an in-game LFG function is a real barrier. If I have a couple of hours to play, I don't want to waste even 20 minutes of that time trying to find a group to play with.

    So giving solo players a way to join up - which isn't just random match-making- is a must for the sequel. That said, there's no reason why match-making isn't offered on Nightfalls and Challenge of Elders content so I hope they do broaden automatic match making a little further.

    But mostly, I'd love to see more end game solo content. I've pretty much given up playing Daily missions now, but that's more because they aren't rewarding than because they're any less fun. Destiny is a loot game, after all.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be there day one when this sequel rolls around. Can't wait.
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  • Video games don't love or hate you - they're just built that way

  • Killerbee 04/02/2017

    Great read! I've definitely had that feeling that a particular racer or computer controller player was out to get me. Turns out it was just paranoia all along!

    Although I never had a problem with the Aztecs in Civ. It was always Ghandi. The warmongering sonofabitch.
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  • Lego Dimensions gets Goonies, Lego City and Hermione in May

  • Killerbee 03/02/2017

    Bought the base game for my lad at Christmas. There's a great amount of content in it and lots of appeal to all ages. He has loved Ninjago and Batman; I've really enjoyed the Portal 2 and Back to the Future levels.

    Expansion packs are pricey at RRP but there have been plenty of discounts and BOGOF offers around. I recently picked up the Doctor Who Level pack which was excellent.

    As others have said, you don't have to buy the sets - you can temporarily 'hire' other characters to do tasks that require their special abilities using the in-game currency.

    If you liked any other Lego game, I'd say it's well worth giving Dimensions a go. Plus you get some actual Lego to play with!
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • Killerbee 18/01/2017

    The point people seem to be forgetting is that Switch is, ultimately, a handheld console.

    That's means it has to deliver its gaming experience in a small enough form factor to be portable and to run off batteries. Set against that is the simple fact that "more power" equals more demands on energy and more heat.

    Home consoles like PS4 and Xbox One don't need to worry about those issues so much because they're connected to the mains electricity supply and they have bigger boxes and fans to dissipate all that heat.

    OF COURSE Switch isn't going to be as powerful as those consoles - it's inevitable.

    Now, you could criticise Nintendo for marketing a handheld as a new home console, when I think the reality is actually that the dock is just something to plug an HDMI lead into.

    Or you could accept it for what it is and agree that 720p out of handheld device giving the visual quality we've seen from Zelda is actually pretty damn impressive.
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  • Sony closes Rigs studio Guerrilla Cambridge

  • Killerbee 12/01/2017

    Very sad to hear this. Killzone Mercenary was a great title - better than Shadowfall in my opinion!

    Best of luck to all those affected.
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  • 2016: A year in review

  • Killerbee 28/12/2016

    Uncharted 4 was the highlight of 2016 for me. Even though I spent only just enough time with the MP side of the game to rinse the trophies (and not a game more) that was never the draw.

    For my money, this was every bit the perfect send off for Nate, Elena and Sully. Spot on writing and acting, gameplay beats that understood not to show off too often or too much and some of the most amazing visuals in gaming. I loved it from start to finish.

    Destiny once again wins the "game I spent the most time playing without really understanding why I'm putting myself through it again" award.

    My "WTF?" Award goes to Overwatch. I just don't understand why this is popular. Still, good luck to everyone enjoying it.

    Biggest debacle of the year is, I think, a tie between the No Man's Sky fallout (less the game's disappointments - more the frankly horrible reaction some people had to it) and the stupid Q4 release schedule where so many major publishers who should know better sent good games out to die.

    Considering the price cutting we've seen of games barely two weeks old, I think anyone would be crazy to pay full price to have something on release ever again. Is that really what Publishers want to achieve?

    Roll on 2017. I look forward to playing all of 2016's games at a fraction of the cost.

    (Oh okay, and Mass Effect: Andromeda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I suppose I am still a bit excited for what's coming up after all!)
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