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  • Today, Bungie will make Destiny 2's brilliantly overpowered Prometheus Lens "way too weak" instead

  • Killerbee 12/12/2017

    What? Why make it ďWay too weakĒ?

    Why not just make it play the same as Coldheart which is, after all, already in the game without these issues? Itís practically the same gun anyway.
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  • Bungie admits it made "mistakes" locking off bits of Destiny 2 behind DLC

  • Killerbee 12/12/2017

    Iím also sceptical that Bungie didnít know exactly what they were doing in terms of changing level requirements though I would give them the benefit of the doubt on the trophy / achievement issue, since I doubt theyíd think they could get away with such a flagrant breach of Sonyís / Microsoftís terms and conditions.

    Not that ignorance or incompetence is really any better excuse.

    A fairer solution wouldíve been to keep the level and power requirements as they are and just open up levels 21-25 and Power 330 (+5) to everyone.

    In fact, thatíd be better for players who have bought the DLC as it keeps those end game activities at the highest level...

    The only things that should be DLC locked are the new story missions, strike, Mercury patrol and Raid Lair. Everything else - including new gear and Crucible maps - should be open to the whole community.
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  • Bungie talks Destiny 2 future after week of "tough criticism"

  • Killerbee 30/11/2017

    Iím starting to think that some of the issues fans of the game are complaining about most - fixed rolls on guns and armour; weapon slots being basically two of the same + special instead of three distinct classes of gun; PvP being all about team shooting and little else; the lack of good rewards dropping in game in favour of tokens you have to spend later; lack of customisation options in character sub-classes... all that and more, is just not going to change because itís too fundamental to how Destiny 2 was designed.

    I totally agree that Destiny 1 did all that better, but sadly I fear the best hardcore fans of the franchise can hope for is that Destiny 3 will revert to some of that original design.

    I think we are stuck with the Destiny 2 we have now, barring a few tweaks around the edges. That could still deliver a fun game as long as Bungie keep the content flowing, but I think theyíve actually made their jobs harder, not easier, by taking a lot of the player agency away.

    Basically the goal of trying to balance PvP by levelling almost all the variety out has irreparably harmed the PvE experience. The real tragedy is that the PvP experience isnít all that great even with the changes.

    On the bright side - I no longer see Destiny taking over my gaming life for 3 years and very much look forward to playing other games from my backlog.
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  • Destiny 2 free trial goes live today

  • Killerbee 28/11/2017

    Oh yes - the Nightfall being a speed run every single week. Who on earth thought that was a good idea!? Reply +4
  • Killerbee 28/11/2017

    I have to admit... once I got my main character to 305 and collected every piece of Exotic armour and all the weapons besides those locked behind silly quest steps... I lost my incentive to play.

    I started another character class but having hit 295 in next to no time (and not even finished the story yet) I donít exactly feel compelled to play.

    I didnít log on once last week and that was Iron Banner week too...

    Thing is, I enjoyed it while it lasted and I look forward to having more reasons to play.

    Itís just hard not to come to the conclusion that Bungie made quite a few bad calls in the design of D2, when D1ís state by the time Rise of Iron was in play provided a far superior model.

    For example:

    Primary, Special and Heavy was far more fun and varied than Kinetic, Energy, Power.

    Levelling up through the campaign and to the soft level caps was far too quick.

    Exotics lack imagination, and are thrown at you far too freely. The mid-campaign rewards would have had just as much impact as Legendaries, thus keeping Exotics as proper end game stuff.

    Adventures and Lost Sectors are woefully underused - these should have been built into a Quest-like structure akin to D1 post-Taken King with meaningful rewards at the end of them.

    Mods and the problem of duplicate identical weapons needs sorting - either some means of infusing duplicates to boost the power of the base gun (eg by unlocking more mod slots) or a return to randomised rolls.

    Loot and the token economy is also broken - strikes and raids need to have a far better drop ratio. Just getting tokens to cash in later is utterly boring. Tokens are just about fine for vendors but they need make them actually sell stuff for tokens, not just make every visit a battle against RNG.

    Basically, lots to do...
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  • Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC missions, event detailed

  • Killerbee 22/11/2017

    Iím still looking forward to this. Less thrilled by the public event rewards and having Strikes doubling up as story missions (or is it story missions doubling up as Strikes?) is a bit disappointing, but Iíve not tired of the game yet, even having one character at 305 and a second at 295.

    Best thing to look forward to is the bringing back of Heroic Strikes. I spent hours running those in D1 yet have had hardly any reason to do them in D2. Hopefully that will change. Same with Adventures - it would be great for them to become more relevant content.

    For instance, I hadnít realised that Adventures award unique gear on completion until a Reddit post I saw yesterday. The problem? Bungie inexplicably made all that gear Rare instead of Legendary, thereby turning it into instant dismantle fodder for anyone who has completed the story.

    Thatís a shockingly bad bit of design that couldíve been so easily avoided.

    As for PvP, I think iím in a minority who actually likes it. The longer time to kill has improved my game no end and I have a pretty healthy positive KDR that I could only dream about in D1.

    I donít really like the Supremacy game mode but the rest of it is good.

    If they could just make Iron Banner respect power levels again, and have Saladin actually sell loot rather than just be a glorified slot machine, itíd be in a good place once again.

    Thereís still more to do, and itís kind of sad that Destiny 1 after Rise of Iron actually provides the best template to fix most of its problems, but the game remains a lot of fun to play.

    Iím keeping the faith.
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  • Jelly Deals: PlayStation VR bundle for £249.99 includes Skyrim VR or GT Sport

  • Killerbee 17/11/2017

    Very tempted by this.

    Bit of a noob question - is it necessary to have two Move controllers? I have one plus the Nav controller from my PS3 days - is the Nav supported?

    Just thinking itíd be good to play stuff like Skyrim and Farpoint if you can move with the Nav ďleft stickĒ (or even the left half of a DS4) and point/aim/attack with the Move controller in your right hand. Basically just like most Move games worked on the PS3.

    Is that an option? Or is it a choice between DS4 or two Moves and thatís it?
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  • Destiny 2 gets more downtime tonight

  • Killerbee 16/11/2017

    These maintenance periods are far too frequent to be honest. Surely not every change to the game needs to take the whole thing offline...

    Oh well - itís not like there arenít plenty of other games to play instead!
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  • Destiny 2's first year of raiding looks like it'll take place entirely on Leviathan

  • Killerbee 16/11/2017

    I donít really see a problem in setting the new Raid on the Leviathan. I mean, every Destiny Raid is accessed fro the Director anyway so it doesnít really matter how you get into the game.

    All Bungie really need to concentrate on are the mechanisms and art direction. As long as the give the new Raid areas a distinctive look and interesting gameplay mechanics thereís no reason it should be any worse than if they said it was being set on Mercury (or wherever).

    Of course, the main thing they need to fix are the Raid loot drops - I want gear to drop when I complete each encounter so I can share the excitement of a loot drop with the friends I played with. Donít give me tokens and make me slope off to the Tower to redeem them at a later time.

    That shouldnít be too hard to fix, right?
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  • Making our own adventures in Dragon's Dogma

  • Killerbee 15/11/2017

    I absolutely loved this game.

    The Pawn system was utterly inspired and I especially loved the way it actually fed into the gameís overarching lore and plot too.

    (If you completed NG+ and had Selene (The Witch in the Woods) as your love interest, youíll know what I mean!)

    Personally, I didnít find the game world boring at all - there was some great survival horror elements in some of the dungeons and as others have said, no other game has ever made the dark of night so terrifying!

    I quite liked the fact it was predominantly a world of men and monsters - throwing in too many other fantasy cliches like elves and dwarves and stuff would have made it feel more generic. I played Kingdoms of Amalur around he same time and loved that world far less than I did Dogmaís.

    I know itís been said many times by many people, but I want a sequel to this game more than probably any other. Please Capcom - make it happen!
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  • Should you buy an Xbox One X?

  • Killerbee 07/11/2017

    For me, itís not the PS4 or Switch that pushes the X out of my purchasing intentions - itís the PC.

    My old Win7 laptop started playing up recently so I knew I was in the market for a new machine. Honestly, it was the easiest decision in the world to put the £300 I might spend on a basic ďworkĒ PC with the £450 I could spend on an X and just throw that £750 total at a decent gaming machine.

    At the end of the day, the PC is more versatile, games are cheaper, my Steam library gives me all the backwards compatibility I could ever need and most of all I donít have to justify a new console to the Mrs because itís a computer, not a ďtoyĒ (in her eyes).

    Itís great for people who can afford it - I hope everyone getting one enjoys their new console - but I find it hard to see any real reason the X needs to exist beyond bragging rights in a console war. Especially when this round has already been well and truly lost to PS4.

    I will be waiting for the next proper console generation - PS5 or X2 - before it se myself buying a new gaming machine.
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  • Microsoft Xbox One X review

  • Killerbee 03/11/2017

    Iím glad the One X turned out well, as I hope it encourages all the console makers to really up their game for the next proper generation of machines.

    But the X is not for me.

    Iím happy with my launch model PS4 and made the decision a few months back to get a new good-for-gaming but by no means ultra-high-end PC (£780 for anyone wondering) rather than another console and I have no doubt it was the right decision.

    If I somehow find myself with a £450 quid to spare going into Christmas, then a Switch (+ games and peripherals of course) is definitely top of my list.

    I do hope anyone buying an X enjoys it though and I will be ever so slightly jealous!
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  • The close quarters of Dead Space, Metro, The Last of Us and Oblivion

  • Killerbee 02/11/2017

    Everyone always calls out that moment in Oblivion when you exit the sewers and first see the open world.

    Sadly, I never experienced it, because when I left it was night, raining and I was immediately set upon by wolves.

    I felt like I shouldíve just stayed in that prison cell. :(
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  • Nintendo's incredible year continues, but not without a few minor casualties along the way

  • Killerbee 27/10/2017

    Iíve not played Arms, so maybe Iím part of the problem for Nintendo, but I still tend to feel Ninty relies a little too heavily on its long established franchises - Mario, Zelda, Metroid (sometimes) and Mario Kart - and doesnít create enough new IP to really generate excitement in each new hardware generation.

    Arms, Splatoon and Wii Sports pretty much sum up the last three generations.

    I donít mean to suggest Nintendo is complacent - there is plenty of invention and reinvention in its core franchises, but I do long for the old GameCube days when Nintendo delivered a few more surprises along the way - Luigiís Mansion, Pikmin and Metroid Primeís fundamental change in direction, alongside a much more generous serving of new games in older franchises.

    Meanwhile, Sony has delivered Bloodborne, Driveclub, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, The Order: 1886, Until Dawn. Probably others Iíve forgotten too. Maybe not all of those are the 10/10 ďEssentialsĒ Nintendo delivers in its core games (some are though), but I tend to think Iíve enjoyed the variety of games more than the feeling of playing another Mario or Zelda, no matter how brilliant.

    Switch has now made a compelling case to be anyoneís Ďsecond consoleí I think, much like the Wii in its day. But itís a long way from taking first place. I wonder - is that enough?
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  • The sad, slow death of Lego Dimensions

  • Killerbee 18/10/2017

    I loved playing through the main story with my son (heís 7) and we bought a handful of packs - Dr Who, Harry Potter and Ninjago - but generally they were just too pricey to be the impulse buys they really needed to be to keep the franchise going.

    I do hope they open up all the character worlds regardless of what minifigs you have - thereís a ton of content there that otherwise very few people will ever get to see. Iím cool with the Hire-a-Hero thing once you get into the world if you want to use a character you havenít got.

    Itíd be a nice gift to fans, anyway.
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  • Halo: Master Chief Collection will be enhanced for Xbox One X

  • Killerbee 18/10/2017

    Iíd also love for this to come to PC. The first two Halo games did, so itís not like the series has only ever been Xbox exclusive and itíd be nice to be able to play them with the updated graphics and a mouse + kb.

    Come on MS make it happen.
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  • One month on, Destiny 2's end-game needs tuning

  • Killerbee 11/10/2017

    I donít mind the Tokens system per se. Theyíre just another form of vendor-specific currency. Like Strange Coins for Xur or Vanguard / Crucible Marks from D1 vanilla (later Legendary Marks).

    The issue Iím starting to feel with D2 now Iíve hit level 292 is a lack of progression.

    Basically, I only seem to make progress by completing the weekly milestones and getting ĎPowerfulí engrams. Normal Legendaries and even most Exotics donít help me raise my power level and turning in Tokens only results in stuff thatís significantly below what I already have equipped.

    That wouldnít be a problem if the loot itself was valuable for reasons other than its power level, but with fixed rolls on all items, and the pretty high probability that Iíll just get a repeat of something Iíve had already, I tend to feel Iím turning in 20 Tokens just to gain 3 Legendary shards from dismantling it.

    I think Bungie failed to grasp how important having a sense of progression or achievement is to their game. Above and beyond the fun of just playing it and completing activities, I mean.

    Most games I just play, complete and then probably donít come back to. Destiny, however, was all about repeating content to gain loot and increase power.

    Initially your aim in gaining power is so you can play harder content - Raid and Iron Banner in particular. But neither of these remotely warrants the highest light levels. IB in particular has been a big mis-step - the whole point of it was to make power levels count. Without that, it is - as you say - just the same as regular Crucible.

    With hindsight, I think Bungie should have slowed progression through the Campaign. By nudging people to play stuff like Adventures and Lost Sectors as side quests to level up to take on the next chunk of story, Iíd have felt like there was a lot more content in the game. As it is, Iíve stil not done all the Adventures, but my motivation to do so is reduced because they donít help me progress my character.

    On top of that, making it far easier to max out your sub-class abilities and making all weapons drop fully levelled means D2 has lost that sense of being able to log on and get things done. A sense of achievement every time you play. And I think a game like Destiny really, really needs that more than anything.


    Iíd say:

    - return Iron Banner to the old model. Make power levels matter.
    - make Strikes relevant by adding in a weekly Milestone for doing 2/3 Strikes from the playlist
    - give drops (rather than Tokens) more emphasis by bringing back the post match reward screen for Crucible and have drops at the end of Strikes and on completing Raid encounters land directly in your inventory. Let us share the excitement with our Fireteam there and then, not all have to slope back to the Tower to see what we won.
    - make Mods more relevant but throwing in a few of the more interesting perks

    Last of all - balance be damned. Make us feel like super powered space wizards again. Go all out with crazy abilities and game changing Exotics. It might feel unfair to be on the receiving end, but the fun of using those abilities more than made up for it. If everything is balanced, nothing stands out, and thatís never going to deliver an exciting game.
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  • Jelly Deals: Amazon introduces six new Alexa-enabled devices

  • Killerbee 28/09/2017

    I have an Echo and to be honest, I think it's great.

    The voice recognition works pretty well and the speaker is plenty powerful enough to fill my living room / kitchen or wherever I choose to put it.

    I don't have any smart home stuff - Alexa is used pretty much entirely for playing music. Provided you have Amazon Prime, there's a good amount of stuff free to stream and anything you buy off Amazon is automatically added to your music library.

    Sure, I could use my phone and a Bluetooth speaker,but Alexa is just more convenient to call out to when you're in the middle of cooking or whatever and don't want to have to fish your phone out of your pocket to change the song.

    For £79.99 (last Prime day) I think it was great value too.
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  • Destiny 2's factions arrive next week for a new in-game event

  • Killerbee 22/09/2017

    FWC for my main - I will keep the loyalty I had in D1.

    But I'll go for the other two for each of my other characters when I finally get around to levelling them up.

    Not sure I feel the 70s disco vibe though; I always felt FWC was more 80s retro-futurism.
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  • Destiny 2 review

  • Killerbee 15/09/2017

    I don't disagree with anything in the review, but still for me this game is as Essential as any game ever. To play, yes, it feels like more of the same, but Destiny 2 is so much more generous with its content, so much more accessible to people who cant devote days of their lives to playing it and so much richer in narrative and lore that I can't think of anything much Bungie could have done that wouldn't have felt like a step too far away from what made the first game a success.

    Can't wait to play some more!
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  • Destiny 2 clan claims Leviathan raid world first, new PVP map unlocked

  • Killerbee 14/09/2017

    Vault of Glass had multiple routes and secret passages (the Spirit Bloom chest path and the whole area you had to visit for the No Time To Explain Exotic quest for the dead ghosts).

    Who's to say Leviathan doesn't have plenty more to uncover? :)
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  • Killerbee 14/09/2017

    Congrats to The Legend Himself clan.

    I'd love to watch these vids, but I'm trying to stay spoiler free for now. I hit Power Level 245 yesterday so still a little while to go before I feel ready to tackle the Raid.

    And that's fine - the game has plenty of content after you complete the campaign (far, far more to do than Vanilla Destiny 1) and I've not remotely felt I had to grind at all.

    Plus I've not even started on my Alt characters.

    Absolutely loving it so far, I have to say.
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  • Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

  • Killerbee 11/09/2017

    I bought the physical Limited Edition mainly because digital was slightly more expensive and I figured I might as well have the steel book and other bits and bobs to flick through once in a while.

    But I do see the appeal of going digital - if the PS Store was actually competitive with Amazon on price, I'd probably buy many more games digitally.

    Anyway, I'm very much enjoying Destiny 2 so far and I definitely see myself playing for its lifespan, much like I did D1. The promise of more regular content drops (compared to D1) is very exciting.
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  • Destiny 2 is a lot less annoying, but a lot more of the same

  • Killerbee 08/09/2017

    I'm not at the endgame yet, but I think the idea is that weapon Mods will replace the grind for a god roll weapon.

    So while every gun of a given name is the same, players can customise them with Mods (and Shaders!) to give them a more unique flavour.

    I've not played enough to say whether this has the same longevity, but it's a change at least.

    In terms of linearity and content, I quite liked having Adventures and Lost Sectors to play alongside the main story missions and didn't really feel I was missing the Strikes (which arrive later) and so on at all.

    Public Events are also much better handled, putting them on the map and having an option to rally other Guardians. It make the old "Patrol" mode a lot more fun.
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  • Killerbee 08/09/2017

    More of the same but better is a fair description, I think.

    Fans of the first game will lap it up but I suspect for them, more of the same was all they wanted.

    If you only ever played Vanilla Destiny then this is a much bigger step up and improvement. Fans might forget how much The Taken King expansion improved the first game.

    I love that there's so much more to do beyond the main story missions, levelling up my character feels fun, the XP grind is reduced, loot is exciting and the story is well told.

    I've even enjoyed the PvP side more than I expected to after the Beta. Random Guardians seem to have realised sticking together is the key to winning firefights and when it works, and players really cooperate it's great fun.

    Overall, I think it's a no brained to pick this up if you loved the first game through all its expansions.

    If you're not already a fan, there's a very entertaining and fabulously well produced campaign mode that is worth playing through and plenty of side content and PvP to draw you back in once that's done.

    Personally I fully expect to be playing this in another few hundred hours of game time, so I guess that's a result for Bungie!
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  • Destiny 2 director defends its shaders as one-time use items

  • Killerbee 08/09/2017

    I never paid a penny on micro transactions in the first game and I have no intention of doing so in Destiny 2.

    I don't like this move, but on the positive side at least shaders are only cosmetic items, so it's no big deal in gameplay terms.

    However I think Bungie overestimate the attraction of collecting shaders as an end game activity. In D1 we were all after that god roll of a particular weapon, but now all guns have fixed rolls once you have it, that's it.

    Maybe there are a load more legendary weapons than is apparent to me so far, or maybe the hunt for weapon mods will replace that, but I definitely think the "grind" needs a meaningful purpose in gameplay, not just cosmetics if I'm going to put hundreds of hours into this game like I did its predecessor.
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  • What's going on with our Destiny 2 review?

  • Killerbee 05/09/2017


    I'd argue there's a difference between "favourite" and "biggest".

    I'm sure there will be no shortage of people arguing for Zelda as their GOTY in 2017, but I'd be pretty confident Destiny 2 will sell more copies and generate more hype and chatter in gaming forums and on YouTube etc.

    I know it's popular to hate it, but Destiny is a bigger deal than Call of Duty now. I think only FIFA is likely to come close (unless GTA V surprises us with yet another sales resurgence!)

    I'm looking forward to the game and the reviews. I'm less looking forward to having to dodge story spoilers, guides to fast levelling and weapon reviews over the next few days... it'd be nice to have able to enjoy the game and share in the excitement without obnoxious youtubers making a video out of every trivial detail and loot drop they get. (I'm not holding my breath though...)
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  • Destiny 2 servers now live

  • Killerbee 05/09/2017

    I'm waiting on Royal Mail to deliver my Limited Edition copy (from Amazon) but current estimate still says dispatched with delivery tomorrow.

    Can't really complain as tomorrow is the official release date after all! I just need to avoid those spoilers though...

    Why anyone would want to watch someone else streaming their play through is beyond me. You either care enough to want to play it yourself or you surely don't want to waste your life watching someone else do it, no?
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  • Knack 2 review

  • Killerbee 05/09/2017

    I do wonder if this game (and indeed the first one) are any better received by the kids they're obviously aimed at?

    My lad's 7 and I'm always on the look out for stuff that's suitable for him to play - and if we can play together, all the better. It can't all be Lego, FIFA and Minecraft, after all.
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  • The Death of the Outsider is far from the end for Arkane Studios

  • Killerbee 04/09/2017

    I think the article and most of the comment pretty much sum up why I skipped Dishonored 2 as well. Quite simply, I didn't really get on with the first game so I passed on the sequels.

    And the main reason I didn't much like the first game is because that wonderfully designed sandbox (and I do see how great the design is) was largely closed off and restricted if you dared to try to play the game in any way other than the one true stealthy path.

    I like stealth games, but I tend to find they don't really work in first person. But if your cover is blown, it's vital that they give you a chance to salvage your play, whether that's by making the game also work as a straight up combat game, or by giving you the tools to flee. Dishonored just didn't do that, to the extent it became a procession of try - fail - reload for much of the experience.

    It was a shame because the world building was great and I enjoyed the masquerade ball level immensely. its sad it just felt such a chore to actually play.
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  • Destiny 2's raid goes live a week after the game comes out

  • Killerbee 01/09/2017

    I kind of wish they'd wait a little longer before launching the Raid as I tend to feel all this does is encourage a small subset of players to race through the main game's content as quickly as they possibly can so as to be "Raid-ready".

    I would love the chance to experience a new Raid without prior knowledge of it, but every single time with Destiny's four Raids by the time I was levelled up enough, LFG groups were pretty full of Raid veterans who preferred just to rush through the experience in pursuit of loot.

    And I don't think I'm a filthy casual on Destiny - I do have three characters at Light level 400, and I've done every Raid on hard. I just don't have time (in between work and family) to play the game like a full time job for a week as soon as it launches.

    (I am still very much looking forward to Destiny 2 though!)
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  • How video games win back time

  • Killerbee 26/08/2017

    While bullet time is undoubtedly cool, for me the games that really stand out are those that play with time in a way no movie could really imitate.

    Going all the way back to Zelda: Link to the Past and Chrono Trigger which made time travel such a core part of the gameplay as well as the plot, there are some great examples of games making you think about the consequences of your actions and playing with cause and effect.

    God of War: Ascension did this in a more action packed context.

    Probably my favourite is Virtue's Last Reward which uses the knowledge the player gains from each "bad" ending to feed into the decisions that help you reach the "true" ending - for which the pay off is a really inspired narrative explanation for it all.

    Yet although VLR is mostly a graphic novel with a few puzzles thrown in, I think it's a tale that could only ever be told through a video game.
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  • Xbox One lets you filter by 4K, HDR, Xbox One X-enhanced games

  • Killerbee 17/08/2017


    Um... no.

    Sony did give away free games after the PSN outage to say sorry to users (not just PS+ subscribers), but PS+ was going well before that.
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  • Killerbee 17/08/2017


    Ps+ existed and was giving away "free" games each month well before the big PSN security incident. Obviously Sony did it to make money as well as entice gamers to buy a PlayStation but I think it was absolutely in response to seeing MS charging for Xbox Live Gold
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  • Killerbee 17/08/2017


    I think if you said that about PS3 I would entirely agree - playing catch up to the X360 really brought out some of the best in Sony in terms of some great exclusive games and, of course, PS+.

    Since Xbox One has been In second place to PS4 though, I'm not sure what Microsoft has really delivered. Yes, they've turned things around enough that the One hasn't been a total sales disaster, but looked at objectively I still think Sony has the lead in terms of exclusive games and in being the best platform on which to play multi-platform titles.

    Sure XOX will raise the stakes in hardware power, but they've not delivered the software to back that up.

    To my mind the best thing MS has done this gen is to get some of their console franchises onto PC. It has made it a far easier decision for me to invest in a new PC but made Xbox look totally irrelevant. That's good for consumers and gamers and perhaps MS as a whole, but it doesn't help Xbox.
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  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review

  • Killerbee 17/08/2017

    Agreed, the writing is spot on.

    *U4 spoilers ahead*

    I know everyone loves to comment on the Crash Bandicoot scene in U4, but the one I think is so well done is the scene immediately after the escape in the jeep where you crash through the town. Nate, Sully and Sam are all full of macho bravado after the chase, but when they get back to the motel and find that Elena has tracked Nate down and his lies to her are exposed...

    It's such a pivotal scene in the game and really vital to the whole narrative thread of the impossibility of balancing adventure and danger with Nate's promises and commitment to his wife.

    Most games never make you question that human side of the adventurer's character. For me, it makes all the difference between having an avatar I use to play the game, versus a character I actually care about.

    Anyway, I think we agree ND are among the best in the business at this!
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  • Killerbee 17/08/2017

    Nice review!

    I'm not so sure I agree with this:

    the games' plot lines became more involved and soapy, and have-a-go-hero Nathan Drake got saddled with brooding backstories that Dr Jones would have dismissed with a sardonic shrug
    For me, the relationship between Nate, Elena and Sully (with all the conflicts therein when you throw a Chloe or a Sam in the mix) is absolutely the heart and soul of the Uncharted games. Yes, the MacGuffin hunt provides the setting but it was never really the draw in narrative terms.

    So leaving the main cast behind and focussing on Chloe and Nadine was probably my biggest concern about this title. Would they provide as compelling a relationship and sense of character as we get from the Nathan Drake games? I mean, I pretty much take the gameplay and exotic locations for granted. If they follow U4 I know exactly what to expect.

    So it's good to hear a positive appraisal of the game on those terms.

    Oh and I agree with the general sentiment in the comments that it's nice to see a game with AAA production values clock in at a reasonable 8 hours or so, on sale for a sensible price. More of this kind of thing please.
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  • Desperately seeking Destiny's Lighthouse before it switches off forever

  • Killerbee 16/08/2017

    Trials is the one part of Destiny I never tried. For me it was more about the PvE game, so I've no regrets at never seeing the Lighthouse, despite having done pretty much every other activity in the game at one time or another.

    I suppose the one concern I have with D2 is the apparent increase in emphasis on ultra-competitive PvP that Trials represents. I worry that moves to 4v4 and "competitive" playlists is going to make standard Crucible and Iron Banner less accessible...

    We'll see soon enough I guess!

    Anyway, well done Tom! Glad you made it and kudos to the Guardians who helped you get there.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda is heavily discounted on Xbox One and PC

  • Killerbee 16/08/2017


    £60? No. I'm pretty sure it was available on release day for about £47.99.
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  • The Division update 1.7 adds global events and loot boxes

  • Killerbee 14/08/2017

    Not sure anything would tempt me back now... it was good fun up to level 30 but once I'd finished the story and unlocked all the base upgrades there really didn't seem to be much left. I soon went back to Destiny's Strikes and Raids.

    I know plenty of people loved the realistic NYC setting but I found it far less memorable and exciting to explore than the sci-fi worlds of Destiny. Same with the weapons... they lacked the character that the designs and names (and perks) Destiny's guns had, which made it a lot less exciting to find and use new weapons - a pretty serious problem in a loot driven game.

    I'll be interested to see how Anthem approaches this issue, as it really is make or break for a game's longevity in this genre.
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  • BioWare has already plotted out "theoretical" Dragon Age 4 and 5

  • Killerbee 11/08/2017

    Im not sure of the logic in setting up franchise sequels in DLC that far fewer people will ever play...

    Inquisition was pretty dull - both to play and in story terms. I know I don't really care for any kind of follow up in the narrative and the gameplay - combat especially - needs a total reworking from scratch.

    To be honest, I'd much rather they had another stab at Mass Effect as it's a much more interesting and original universe.
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  • Destiny 2 has exclusive sparrow for Virgin Fibre customers

  • Killerbee 11/08/2017

    I've got the Limited Edition for D2 preordered, so I guess that makes me something of a Destiny fan, but I can't say it really bothers me personally...

    However I think the argument goes that Destiny is, in large part, a game about collecting loot. Most of it functional but a fair proportion - ships, shaders, e-notes and banners - purely cosmetic. The game (or at least, the first game) does encourage you to collect 'em all, Pokemon- style, by having collection kiosks. Latterly, with the Age of Triumph collection book, there were in-game rewards and challenges for having collected a given number of the available cosmetic items. So locking one behind an ISP that most of the UK can't even access if they wanted to is a bit unfair.

    Also note that I didn't name Sparrows in that list of purely cosmetic items, because they're not. Sparrows are functional, and in D1 have varying speed stats and abilities (e.g some let you perform tricks, some have a stronger boost and so on).

    Sparrow racing was a competitive mode in D1 so if a promotional item gives an unfair advantage then I can see why some people might quite fairly be upset.
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  • "Fundamental changes" coming to Xbox achievements

  • Killerbee 10/08/2017


    Bollocks. I've got a certificate to show I passed my Grade 6 Piano. Is that any less pointless than any other accolade for any other hobby?

    The recognition or trophy itself isn't the problem. Although the tendency to dish out achievements for trivial things like starting the game or opening a menu arguably is.

    If I see someone with a Platinum on Demon's Souls, I know to respect what they've done (within the context of our shared interest, obviously).

    Platinum on Hannah Montana: The Movie? Not so much.
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  • Killerbee 10/08/2017

    There is still something nice about winning a Platinum trophy - a sense of achievement - and I'm currently enjoying my time pursuing the Plat in Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Yes, I've put many more hours into Destiny, but I'm not too worried that my Trophies don't reflect that because I'll never get Flawless Raider. My Achievements in Destiny are marked by my characters' light level and the gear I've collected. It's fine by me that that's evident in the game I'm playing - I don't really need to show it off to the wider world of Playstation.

    Still, I'll be interested to see what MS come up with. Achievements might have lost a bit of their lure and relevance, but it was an inspired idea back in the day.
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  • Let kids play video games to "save the country", UK spy chief says

  • Killerbee 10/08/2017


    Spot on.

    When I was a kid, my "computer time" was often spent teaching myself BASIC on my 48k Speccy, largely via copying out pages of code from a magazine and then playing around with it all.

    Much as I have never lost my love for gaming as I've moved into adulthood, I'm less convinced the likes of Minecraft and Social media are going to end up as beneficial...
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  • PlayerUnknown: The glory of a gaming chemistry set

  • Killerbee 10/08/2017


    I'm generally pretty cynical of MP orientated games, but that's more because the design all too often tends to fall back on the same old Deathmatch template. Or even if there are objectives like zone control or flag capture, everyone just plays it like Deathmatch anyway.

    Best PvP design in my opinion was Killzone 2 - Warzone. The objectives changed during the match so you and your team were constantly shifting around the map to defend or attack specific points. By far the most exciting was Assassination which tasked one team with killing a particular player against the clock, with the target's team rallying to defend.

    Basically, the design worked to encourage spontaneous teamwork. There was far less selfish play of just going for kills and ignoring objectives to earn killstreaks like Call of Duty always promoted above all else.

    I guess the other thing I still love is co-op MP. For all its faults, Destiny really got the concept of Strikes and Raids spot on.

    I suppose what I'm saying is that playing with other people is fun and most people are basically decent and out to have fun too. If the game design promotes that, you'll have a good, inclusive and fun experience. But if the game only ever tries to be about killing everyone else you're going to end up with more of an aggressive and selfish experience.
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  • Jelly Deals: Ni No Kuni 2 collector's editions available to order now

  • Killerbee 09/08/2017

    Ugh GAME.

    Why do publishers insist on giving special editions to that shambles of a company?
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  • One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been?

  • Killerbee 09/08/2017

    I bought it, but never got very far with it. Not because I hated it or felt let down, but more because I just found myself more inclined to play other games. It just never really got its claws into me.

    That said, I've not been back since the last update and if this new one promises to improve the story and give more context and direction to the planetary exploration, then I am very willing to give it another chance.
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  • Slicing game Severed has surprise release on Switch

  • Killerbee 09/08/2017

    Great game. I loved this on Vita - enough to persevere and get the Platinum trophy, which is pretty rare for me when it come to PS+ freebies.

    In case anyone is put off, it's worth saying that I really didn't get on with Infinity Blade at all, but Severed's combat is a lot more fun and there's a good blend of environmental puzzle solving and exploration too.

    It will be a great fit on Switch.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda studio BioWare Montreal will be absorbed by EA Motive

  • Killerbee 01/08/2017

    A studio's reputation is only as good as the last two games they made. Anything else, no matter how brilliant, is just history.

    Given Bioware's last two games were Inquisition and Andromeda, I don't really feel I have much faith in them any more. I certainly don't want to play a game like Inquisition again, so the new Dragon Age has a big hill to climb. Anthem is too much of an unknown quantity - I loved Destiny but found The Division a tedious slog and I really can't tell where EAs stab at the genre is going to wind up.

    I feel bad for the tarnished legacy, but I don't think I'd really miss Bioware games any more.

    Oh, and Star Wars really isn't going to help rebuild the Bioware name now, is it...
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