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  • Five PSP minis already PS3-compatible

  • KennySim 14/12/2009

    "My bad."? Appalling writing yet again. Will someone tell my why I still read this crap? Reply -6
  • EA announces new Medal of Honor

  • KennySim 03/12/2009

    "following the release of Modern Warfare 2 last month, 2010 is an off year for Infinity Ward."

    Another example of quality writing from an award winning writer. Unbelievable.
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  • PES 2010: The Road to Redemption?

  • KennySim 14/10/2009

    Eurogamer, can you please stop this constant Liverpool bias and be more professional? Reply 0
  • Halo 3: ODST

  • KennySim 20/09/2009

    Even though 8/10 is still a good score I honestly can't believe that this has been marked down for the price. As others have said, you could make the same argument for many other games but you don't. Will you mark Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 down for being even more expensive and do you score downloadable games a little higher because they cost less? Probably not so it is absolutely ridiculous that you have taken this approach. I thought a professional reviewer would have more integrity than that but then again, looking at the reviewer, I'm not at all surprised. Reply +6
  • Sony explains/defends PS3 firmware 3.0

  • KennySim 09/09/2009

    Who gives a toss about the sparkles or PSN store adverts when this update has broken Uncharted? I bought Uncharted last week and I can't get past the second chapter due to consistent freezing at the same point. I even got another copy because I thought the disc was scratched at first.

    I've played enough to know that I'm probably going to absolutely love it. Would be nice to have a rough timeline on when to expect a fix.
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  • Gran Turismo PSP

  • KennySim 26/06/2009

    Did we need the Michael Jackson reference? Reply +3
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

  • KennySim 05/11/2008

    This looks to be a perfect game for a christmas morning/afternoon. Can't wait! Reply 0
  • Monkey Ball iPhone patch imminent

  • KennySim 14/08/2008

    What is actually wrong with the game? Its sensitive but nowhere near unplayable so I don't see why its such a big issue. I managed to complete the game and it was a decent challenge but if tweaking the sensitivity to make it easier to control then it wouldn't have been half as fun for me at least. Reply 0
  • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

  • KennySim 15/06/2008

    "Mercenaries games should feel like larking around on someone else's mobility scooter"

    What is that actually supposed to mean? The writing on Eurogamer is absolutely appalling at times.
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  • SWOS pulled from Live Arcade

  • KennySim 21/12/2007

    Why does the screen ripple when you score?

    For anyone who got hold of the broken version, is there an option to turn that off?
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  • What's New? (21st Dec, 2007)

  • KennySim 21/12/2007

    What a fucking pointless story. Why do I read the things you write?

    I wish you were leaving.
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  • Football Manager 2008

  • KennySim 25/09/2007

    Why are all the screenshots of Liverpool? There are other teams you know! Reply 0
  • Wii News Channel hands-on

  • KennySim 26/01/2007

    When you click on a story, it unrolls itself quickly with a scrumply paper sound effect, allowing you to scroll up and down in a few obvious ways - perhaps using the B trigger to drag the page around -

    "perhaps"? As in it's one of the obvious ways or as in you didn't check? :P

    This is Tom Bramwell writing this article so don't expect anything well written.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 6

  • KennySim 27/10/2006

    Fuck off with your Liverpool references. Just FUCK OFF. Reply 0
  • FIFA stars do the ironing

  • KennySim 16/10/2006

    Wow! A Tom Bramwell article about football and no mention of Liverpool! Well done! Reply 0
  • FIFA '07 demo on Live

  • KennySim 06/10/2006

    Stop with the Liverpool references! Reply 0
  • ChampMan 2007 demo

  • KennySim 02/10/2006

    rauper - I don't care. I don't expect the writers to be going on about their own team constantly. It is not needed and its just poor writing. Reply 0
  • KennySim 02/10/2006

    Why all the Liverpool references in football articles at Eurogamer? I'm guessing the writer is a Liverpool fan. This needs to stop and stop now because everytime I read a football related story here I don't want to have to hear about someone going on about Liverpool every single time or at all! We all get enough of that with people like Hanson on MOTD so I don't expect to see such Liverpool related crap here (No, I am not an Everton fan). Reply 0
  • FootMan 2007 demo

  • KennySim 02/10/2006

    to Tom Bramwell. You need to stop talking about Liverpool in your articles this is the second one today! (The other being the CM 2007 demo)

    You also spoke about Liverpool when announcing the FM2007 demo and I quote, "Naturally we'll remind you about it once it's up. In the meantime, head over to the Sports Interactive forums for more information and lively debate. For example, about how Liverpool crushed Spurs today."

    This sort of crap needs to end. I'm not a rattled Everton fan, I don't even support anyone in the Premiership but could you please stop mentioning Liverpool from now on?
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