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  • Xbox app announcements "very soon"

  • Junglist95 22/08/2011

    +100 actionfitz, arcam, Marshall2008 good to see that not every one on here likes to blindly comply with the bogus laws set out by the Corporation of The United Kingdom (i suppose most people don't realise that they themselves are a Corporation). Marshall2008 i was thinking the exact same thing about the BBC wanting the iplayer on all devices while i read this story. Also how can the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation which is publicly funded by means of a stealth tax, profit from charging customers overseas to watch the iplayer, surly that money should come back to the UK tax payer, & to all those who say BBC don't advertise what do you think the CBBC & CBeebies channels & programmes like Dr. Who are? Reply -1
  • PSN: The PR Disaster

  • Junglist95 28/04/2011

    "Some are already calling this Sony's "Deepwater Horizon moment", in reference to the oil rig explosion and the subsequent handling of it by BP that caused the company's reputation so much damage."

    kj66246 said
    "And look at BP now. They have just turned a profit. Given, Fuel prices have risen. But still a profit. :/ "

    I ain't defending Sony (far from it) but @ least they haven't fucked up the entire eco system of the Gulf of Mexico, damaging the food chain right from the very bottom & made shit loads of people ill @ the same time, has anyone seen the complete mess that BP have made of this beautiful part of the world, all in the name of greed, just because they wanted to get the oil out of the earth quicker, because of course they don't make enough profit year on year, google "Blue Plague Gulf of Mexico" (who knows it may also lead you on to lots of shit you never knew about the world). The sad thing is Sony will probably get away with it like BP, i dont believe these so called independent investigative commissions are that independent as the big global corporations always seem to get away with murder, just like the international banks.

    A little info on the fucking mess BP have created if you can't be bothered to search (please be aware that a lot of information on this matter is out there):

    Also i see this turn of events as the perfect opportunity for new legislation to be enforced, which will ultimately end up with certain rights being stripped away, just as the war on terrorism isn't a war on Al-Qaeda & the like, as to "them" everyone (me you & your mum) is a "potential terrorist", so to will any move to prevent Hackers see us all as being "potential Hackers" with certain rights & privacy stripped away from us all. "They" are trying to clamp down on the freedoms of the internet & episodes like this will only add fuel to that fire.

    People, please stop defending these corporations they are not your friends, they don't care about you, all they care about is getting your hard earned money & gathering/hoarding your data.

    Fuck the system & capitalism!!!

    EDIT: Reattached web link & a few spelling corrections
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  • James Cameron: Games will "drive" 3D

  • Junglist95 27/04/2011

    "God they're not letting it die quietly this time around are they. According to surveys done hardly anyone is planning on buying a 3D TV..... Just let it die like the gimmick it is...just like it did 30 years ago"

    No chance of em letting it die now the tricknology exists, HD3D Tell-Lie-Vision brainwashes better!!!
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  • March US Xbox 360 sales detailed

  • Junglist95 18/04/2011

    nuanimal said:
    "Or is there some consiparcy with consoles self-destructing after their out of warranty?"
    You mean like "Planned Obsolescence, Perceived Obsolescence" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2KLyYKJG...
    charming_fox said:
    "To all your 'EUROgamer' nuggets, would you rather the BBC, what with it being short for BRITTISH Broadcasting Corporation only report news that is British? "

    BBC = Brussels Broadcasting Corporation - Fixed!!!
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  • Geohot vows to boycott Sony products

  • Junglist95 14/04/2011

    Wow, i've never negged so many in one comments section, must be about 100 out of 108. I'm guessing that when the time comes for us useless bottom feeders to be microchipped into a biometrics program ya'll be beggin them to implant you, as long as the chip is made by Sony (since they are the true bastions of global corporate tricknology & have never used underhand tactics against any of their competition or partners).

    And to all those saying he'll never boycott all the music, movies & tricknology made by Sony, or that he won't want to, not all of us waste our life away watching useless shit on the Tell-Lie-Vision, & listening to useless shit on the radio, or waste hours a day with our head buried in tricknology, if your life is so hard to imagine (as john lennon said) with out these things then i feel sorry for you ;) / Expects @ least -100
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  • Sony denies NGP Japan earthquake delay

  • Junglist95 08/04/2011

    If i was interested in Hi-Fi & Cars then i would be on them forums saying the same things, but my main distraction used to be playing video games which is why you find me posting here. My main point wasn't that you shouldn't be talking about japanese products, it was to show a bit of COMPASSION, comments like:

    "If they miss this christmas then it won't be until christmas 2012 until they can really shift any numbers of these."
    "just hope it's out this year and isn't ridiculously priced."
    "Come on Sony EU is your strongest region, bring it here first!"

    i find highly insensitive when they are in response to a news story about possible delays due to an earthquake, tsunami & nuke-clear fallout, have you tried to look for information about what is happening to all these people or have you come to the conclusion that because it ain't being reported in the mainstream media that all these people are somehow OK.
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  • Junglist95 07/04/2011

    Hundreds of thousands homeless, tens of thousands dead, nuke-clear fallout spreading around the globe, tons of nuke waste being dumped into the sea & then they get hit by another earthquake today, but as long as the people get their NGP on time who cares about all of that. Go back to sleep people you don't need to concern yourself with what's happening in Japan. Seriously who gives a shit if an insignificant consumer device gets delayed!!! Reply 0
  • Tesco has a pop at GAME over 3DS furore

  • Junglist95 31/03/2011

    Here is a collection of the most important comments from this news story, with regards to everything else just say to yourself "piece of shit" & walk away!

    "While Tesco may be able to generate big sales through offers and discounting, it doesn't actually 'care' about games or gamers. The problem is, Game doesn't seem to give much of a shit either."

    "They don't care about consumers as much as they don't care about staff. Worst place I've ever worked."

    "Tesco make more profit in a minute than Game make in a year. They don't actually care."

    "Tesco: Yes, we've successfully thrown our weight around and one of the little companies we want to crush has made a bit of a PR boo boo. Let's put the boot in..."

    "I thought everybody was looking forward to the day when one of the world's biggest grocery companies had sole control of the retail video games market. Because that's bound to be just awesome."

    "Game are not your friend they just want your money."

    "Nintendo are not your friend they just want your money."

    "As for Tescos, once again, please remember they are not your friend they just want your money."
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  • Sony: "nearly 30" 3D PS3 titles this year

  • Junglist95 23/03/2011

    Miths said - "That point of view is already taken well care of by random forum and comment posters around the internet.
    It seems to me that around 90% of them are perpetually bitching and moaning about 3D being "a gimmick", "expensive", "headache inducing"."

    I ain't even talking "gimmicks", "expensive", "headache inducing", there is a much bigger picture in all of this which i'm more concerned with, lets say 3D takes off & the only TVs u can buy in shops in a year or 2 are 3D, lets say all the films @ the cinema go the same way, lets say they start incorporating 3D screens on advertisment boards etc. I've seen videos of a holographic prince charles being beamed half way round the world to people in a conference & he (the hologram) looks like the real thing, lets imagine where this technology will take us over the next 30 years.

    It seems u missed the most significant part of my 1st post "i don't want a fake reality within a fake reality." The biggest danger here is the oppression of peoples thoughts.

    But i can see from reading your previous post to the 1 i quoted above that you are fully ready to accept everything that is 3D, so i expect you to take no interest in the ramblings of a crazy fool like myself. I have played 3D games, i have watched 3D films (Toy Story 3 being the best) but for me the time has come to say "no more." All i'm trying to say (in a polite & un-scary way) is we shouldn't be so willing to accept everything these corporations throw at us, you never know where its all gonna end up.

    Xardan said - "Sony is very aggressively pushing 3D."
    Exactly why the big push, to make us think its soooo cool & we need it in our lives? It ain't just sony either they're all at it, do y'all not find it funny that almost every animated film that comes out now is 3D, "Get 'em while they're young" as the saying goes!

    EDIT: Think i may have been posting in the wrong forum again oops!
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  • Junglist95 22/03/2011

    How come we never hear a story about someone speaking against 3D, all we hear is 3d this & 3d that, the next big thing, hype hype hype, blah blah blah, read enough of these stories & you'd think the whole world is going 3d, it feels to me like they're really ramming it down our throats now. Say the word terrorist enough & people will believe their homes are really being threatened by guys with beards in robes & sandals, likewise say the word 3D enough (u get the picture). I say "you can keep ur bloody 3D i don't want a fake reality within a fake reality."

    & unless the demo had a big disclaimer on the screen telling you that it requires a 3DTV before downloading it, then i see no reason why a percentage of the 20% who downloaded the 3D version did so without realizing they needed a 3DTV, to quote George Carlin "people are fucking stupid."

    callum9999 said
    "They aren't looking to make a quick buck of a 3D game," - far from it, but we don't wanna go into my thoughts about that.
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  • EGTV Asks: Does gaming need the BAFTAs?

  • Junglist95 17/03/2011

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell"Really big games get played by maybe 10m people. Even fairly average movies are seen by hundreds of millions of people. "Mainstream" isn't about money."So lets look @ mainstream pop music, i think we can all agree that Rhianna is 1 of the biggest mainstream names in the world at the mo. If u read the papers, watch TV & listen to the radio u will see her face & hear hear voice @ least 5 times every single day (although my own experience is more like 15 times a day & i can't stand her!), her last album sold 7.5 million copies worldwide, Black ops sold around 13 million, so black ops has sold more units & made more money than 1 of the worlds biggest mainstream pop artists, the only difference i can see between them is that 1 of em is rammed down our throats every day by the media & the other isn't (although eurogamer give it a good try).Even though COD is 1 of the top 3 selling entertainment releases of all time & every man & his dog has a DS/Wii people still kid themselves that gaming isn't mainstream. Reply +2
  • Activision vs. EA lawsuit gathers pace

  • Junglist95 17/03/2011

    @AbracadaverAK - i fully second that opinion, peoples loyalty to these corporations that don't give a shit about them is unbelievable, they are only interested in keeping us buying more shit that we don't really need. We should just play the games & stop the negativity that seems to spread in the comments of news stories like these, there are much better things to fill your mind with other than which corporation is the best! Reply -1
  • Sony vs LG legal battle heats up

  • Junglist95 10/03/2011

    and so the cogs of Globalization continue to turn, and whoever wins no one benefits in the long run, the citizens take their side & stand their ground for a corporation that doesn't care about them, they don't care about you, they don't care about you, at all, at all! Reply 0
  • Can COD help soldiers deal with trauma?

  • Junglist95 09/03/2011

    Funny all the comments saying this report is positive for video games, i don't see any positivity in it at all, although the report is worded to sound like its a good thing i believe the opposite to be true. The way it reads to me is that video games are conditioning the brain to accept things that you wouldn't even want to accept in real life, the fact a soldier who's seen these atrocities taking place in real life finds it easier to accept them after playing FPS just backs that up & i find it highly worrying. Reply 0
  • Kotick: Treyarch doesn't get its dues

  • Junglist95 29/12/2010

    No matter how many times i read this piece of news i just can't find the bit where he claims Treyarch invented online multiplayer, i can see the part where he says Treyarch had a lot to do with the development of MW multiplayer, no where does he say they were the 1st to create online multiplayer as many of you have in some sort of rage suggested. You guys need to chill man! Reply 0
  • Ex-Sony man rails against "foreigner" CEO

  • Junglist95 14/12/2010

    @rivusu - "Lol. Sorry, not aware we're in a recession because of certain frivilously spending and lending of a certain few banks?"

    Sorry, not aware that the current recession was all planned, & not just brought about by a few banks frivilously spending & lending, look @ the bigger picture & not what you see on the news.

    When i read this article 3 main points stand-out to me:
    1. American Howard Stringer – as the company's CEO (1 of japans largest corporations)

    2. Foreigner can't lead Sony back to its founding principles, which is rooted in the Japanese experience (trying to erase cultural identity)

    3. Former CBS president Howard Stringer - (Former president of 1 of the biggest news/media/propaganda outlets in the world now in charge of 1 of japans largest corporations)

    I see New World Order all over this!
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  • Michael Jackson: The Experience

  • Junglist95 02/12/2010

    @supanova - "I used to get my imports from a comic ship/video game store whihc was next door to Peppers hairdressers just off market square"

    That'll be Forbidden planet just down from selectadisc, both of which aren't there any more :(
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  • Two thirds off Trials HD price tomorrow

  • Junglist95 26/11/2010

    @400 MP i might just get this, all i need do then is make it over the 1st jump, played it @ my bro's house & i'm shit @ it :( Reply -1
  • Rock Band 3 instruments priced

  • Junglist95 21/10/2010

    I've been after a MIDI keyboard for music production on my mac for a year or two (been using a virtual keyboard so far which is a little annoying), being able to use 1 with Rock Band & the MIDI adaptor could finally justify a purchase, would like to upgrade my drums too, i currently have the 2nd generation drums from GHWT which are no where near as good as my bro's 1st gen GHWT drums (not sure what they're like compared to the GH5/BH drums) but at that price i guess not :( Reply 0
  • COD: Black Ops ditches drop-shots

  • Junglist95 21/10/2010

    The more i read about COD:BO the more i'm gettin sucked back into the COD brand, haven't played MW2 since before last christmas, the main reasons for which Treyarch appear to be fixing, reinstating party chat (can't stand the abusive behavior of deadnecks on MW2) & changes to the killstreaks & drop shots, nothing more annoying than coming face to face with someone & then them dropping to the floor & killing u before you're able to sight 'em up on the floor, (this was becoming a very regular occurrence when i stopped playing, god knows what its like now), in the end you have no choice but to join 'em & it becomes a game of who can drop to the floor quickest.

    I've played all the COD games to date, enjoyed every one of 'em regardless of developer, but now-days i do have a bigger soft spot for Treyarch than IW (always love the underdog), it'd be a shame to not support a dev who've given me many hours of enjoyment & miss out on what looks like being 1 of the best COD games to date just cause i don't like Activision's business practices.

    Very interested to see where they're going with the zombies in this game too, expecting big things, fuck it gonna pre order!!!
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  • HMV on game-traders: "It's up to them"

  • Junglist95 05/10/2010

    Like many have said here already i have no problem with people who want to sell their games, what i do have a problem with is retail offering such a small amount for a trade in & then adding on a hugh mark up when they resell it, this is why i don't trade/buy 2nd hand & why i have a collection of over 40 games (the biggest collection i've ever had for 1 console/computer in about 27 years of gaming), if i want rid of any old titles i'll stick an ad up in my works canteen.

    I don't think publishers/devs should be moaning about people selling on their games & should be concentrating their efforts more on retail pushing 2nd sales more than brand new sales & why shops that sell new games also sell 2nd hand games, i mean i can't go into HMV & buy 2nd hand CDs/DVDs like i can't go into Asda/Argos & buy 2nd hand microwaves/TVs/Toys or trade in my old 1s, & before some smart arse comes on & says "its a demand thing & there ain't no demand for 2nd hand microwaves etc," i know but shirley you can see my point.
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  • PC, PS3 and 360 Black Ops runs in 3D

  • Junglist95 05/10/2010

    "I also think the drop in texture quality is much overstated by those that don't like 3D. I honestly couldn't tell the difference".

    Having played KZ3 & Motorstorm @ the expo over the weekend & never before experiencing any 3D gaming, the very 1st thing i said to a friend when coming away from the game was "the added depth is great but i don't like the lack of detail" (i haven't been influenced in my feelings about this as i had no idea lack of detail was already an issue). To me its like the difference between component vs HDMI & 1080i vs 1080p as plain as night & day, (but then lots of people can't tell the difference between both those examples), based on what i saw @ the expo i think i'll hold off any 3D TV upgrades until TVs/consoles offer 3D @ twice the current resolution, in other words true 3DHD
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  • COD: Black Ops Nazi zombies sighted

  • Junglist95 28/09/2010

    Go into any comments thread about Treyarch & they'll be at least 1 dickhead talking some shit about how bad a developer they are, give it a rest man its getting boring. Personally i like all of Treyarchs cod games as much as the IW ones & imo Treyarch have never produced anything as bad as MW2.

    Back on subject, i loved zombies in WAW & played it more than multiplayer, this could per-swayed me to buy the game, currently torn between my hate for Activision & wanting to support Treyarch who've provided me with many hours of fun gaming over the years.
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  • No story in NFS: Hot Pursuit

  • Junglist95 28/09/2010

    As long as the racing is more like the original hot pursuit/burnout games & not paradise i'll be a very happy chappy, i don't care for making up my own route while racing, free roam in-between events & pre defined courses with alternate routes during races would be my ideal game. Reply 0
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • Junglist95 18/06/2010

    loved the 1st hot pursuit & love burnout (old style), but as soon as i see the words "open world" alarm bells start ringing, didn't like paradise for that reason alone, i was always crashing into the middle of forks in the road or barriers sticking out here & there, i've only just returned to paradise since it launched & kinda forced myself to play it for the achievement points, can't say i enjoyed it as much as the old burnouts. Whats wrong with a open world to free roam around in-between events & proper circuits with maybe the odd shortcut for the actual racing. Reply +2
  • MS discussing Xbox Live telly channel

  • Junglist95 22/04/2010

    i watch very little tv now days, so a tv channel on live is a waste of time to me, no way i'm gonna pay extra for something i don't want/won't use, the only kind of tv that would be any use to me on live would be on demand tv like the iplayer & 4od. Reply 0
  • White Stripes man slags off music games

  • Junglist95 23/06/2009

    +1 Slim, yeah instead of everyone going out & buying COD MW2 when its released why don't we all sign up to the army & go fight a real war in iraq or afghanistan Reply -1
  • Criterion shows other Legendary Cars

  • Junglist95 12/01/2009

    Totally agree with Ryze, Law07 & kingofspoons.

    I purchased this game even though i hated the demo, i love all the previous burnout games with a passion (my favourite racing series of all time), however i still can not get on with this game, tried again over christmas to get into it but after 2 hours my best finishing position was about 6th. The mini map rotating around & restarts would help, whats the problem with driving back to the start line i hear you say, well when i've fucked the race up near the finish i can't remember where i started.

    Its a real shame i haven't been able to get into this game, for the few moments i've played it & not had to look at the map to see where i'm going (which usually ends up in a crash) the racing is probably the best of the whole burnout series!
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  • Original Banjo heading to XBLA

  • Junglist95 17/07/2008

    @gingerlink, i had a moment of stupidity there, forgot DK was a Nintendo property (probably cause Rare have done so many DK games) Reply 0
  • Junglist95 14/07/2008

    They don't make em like this anymore. I take it the XBLA version will have slightly improved graphics & HD? I'll play this through with mii 7yr old daughter, time for her to play a proper platform game. Maybe one day they'll release Banjo-Tooie on XBLA, i never got chance to play it on the N64, there seemed to be a shortage when it was released towards the end of the N64s life, i found a second hand copy a year or two after release but they wanted about Ł70 for it! DK Country would be great too. Reply 0
  • Cliff Bleszinski: Avatars are Miis

  • Junglist95 16/07/2008

    RazorObsession +1 - SNES CD drive concept... lets all remember that without the SNES CD drive concept there would be no playstation ;-) Reply 0
  • Microsoft unveils Live Arcade trump cards

  • Junglist95 14/07/2008

    Like the sound of a Galaga remake, but like penhalion says i hope it ain't to over the top, i always found the original to be a tuff challenge Reply 0
  • Portal coming to Xbox Live Arcade

  • Junglist95 14/07/2008

    Great, i'm just playing through portal on mi mac for the 1st time & loving it to bits. But i heard it's a short game so i guess the love ain't gonna last to long, still i'll consider gettin this when released if the rest of the game lives upto the first coupla hours. Reply 0
  • Nintendo unveils MotionPlus accessory

  • Junglist95 14/07/2008

    ProtoformX & Turambar, i couldn't agree more. Maybe now we'll get the wii i thought they were going to release originally, mind you if they don't release the kinda games i wanna play i still won't be getting one (that's why i got miself a 360, this is the first generation of nintendo i haven't owned) Reply 0
  • Codemasters snags Formula 1 licence

  • Junglist95 09/05/2008

    Great news, im a big F1 fan & haven't played an F1 game since the shitty EA games in the early days of the Gamecube (cause sony had the rights & i never brought into the playstation thing). You'd have to go all the way back to Videosystems F1 World Grand Prix on the N64 for the last good F1 game i played. Great to that Codies are in charge of this new F1 game, TOCA & Colin McRae are excellent franchises, this should be very promising can't wait, also looking foward to playin the GRID demo later tonight Reply 0
  • Ghostbusters

  • Junglist95 29/04/2008

    We came, we saw, we kicked its ass! Reply 0
  • UK Charts: No burnout for Burnout

  • Junglist95 05/02/2008

    On the TV ad that i've seen for Burnout both the PS3 & 360 game boxes appear at the end of the commercial. The game looks awesome on the ad, but based on the demo i can not bring myself to buy it, even though i'm a massive fan of the burnout series, think i may go & rent it just to make sure. Reply 0
  • Burnout gets Euro date

  • Junglist95 06/12/2007

    Was looking foward to a christmas online of this & COD4. With the exception of COD4 burnout revenge was the most fun i've had on live (an that was the 1st game i owned for the 360), IMO those 2 games stand head & shoulders above all other games on live. At least we don't have to wait to long after christmas to get our hands on it, was expecting the worst when they said it wouldn't be out till the end of January in the states a while ago, but 3 days is great. IMO the open world style of this game (like TDU) will be fantastic. Reply 0
  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

  • Junglist95 02/10/2007

    Downloaded the demos, thought they were shit IMO. Yeah, Most Wanted was a good fun game, but for me it's PGR4 & Burnout Paradise, which can't come soon enough, its been a long wait for the first true next gen Burnout. Reply 0
  • Colin McRae dies in helicopter crash

  • Junglist95 17/09/2007

    Deepest sympathy goes to the familys left behind, tragic that such young lives should end in this way.

    May they rest in peace
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  • Viva Pińata heading to DS

  • Junglist95 30/07/2007

    My 2 daugthers are gonna go crazy for this, hard enough to keep em off the 360 version never mind a portable one Reply 0
  • E3: PS3 will win, says SCEE boss

  • Junglist95 13/07/2007

    I'm tired of all the BS Sony keep spouting about how great they are and how shit everyone else is, wether it be M$, Nintendo or third party developers, do us all a favour and shut the fuck up, we want results not excuses.

    These sony pricks must take us for a bunch of morons, even the boss of SCEE admitted in his own words the PS3 is to expensive.

    When asked if he thought GBP 425 / GBP 599 was still a high price to ask consumers to pay Reeves replied, "It is, BUT SURPRISINGLY, people are paying that amount of money for it. Now they'll get two games and an extra controller as well"

    You see even he's surprised anyone is stupid enough to buy a PS3 at that price
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