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  • Korea's fighting passion: The rise and rise of CafeId

  • Julpero 12/05/2014

    Thank you for this article! As someone who has spent probably a few hundred hours watching CafeId's twitch streams, I really appreciate this deeper look into the lives of Kensouzzang and the other players. Reply +2
  • Hunting down fresh details on The Witcher 3

  • Julpero 06/09/2013

    I'm excited for the game but is it just me or does Geralt look somehow unnaturally thin? He almost looks like he's wearing a corset and shoulder paddings. I know this is a silly complaint but it bothers me.

    Still, can't wait for the game. I'm most excited about the monster hunting and the large game-world. Especially since it is in the Witcher-universe.

    I hope they'll soon show how the new combat system works.
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  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • Julpero 20/08/2013

    did he just reverse with that ship into the other ship? Reply 0
  • Julpero 20/08/2013

    Rime would've been more intriguing if it didn't look like such an obvious mash-up of Ico and Wind Waker. Still going to check it out when it comes out. Reply 0
  • ZombiU review

  • Julpero 18/11/2012


    I thought people would've learned already about IGN reviews. If it isn't completely streamlined and tries to be different they don't like it.
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  • First Dishonored DLC has a wave based arena battle

  • Julpero 26/10/2012

    @Ahskay http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H_vW55TsANA

    Seriously if having this kind of possibilities in combat doesn't count as depth what does? The enemies bop and weave and dodge your attacks, counter them and it's not just block and attack for you unlike in most first-person games.

    To me the stealth was certainly better than in Deus Ex: HR. Sure the AI had problems but to me that's the case with every stealth game I've played but at least they had differing patrol patterns and they reacted to areas not being guarded.

    Sure the game isn't perfect. To me the mission structure started to feel a bit too restrictive at points and the place I most enjoyed playing in the game was the Flooded district where the game was more open. I think if the game had a couple of levels like that more it would've been better and the last missions wouldn't have felt so exhaustive in the end.
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  • Julpero 25/10/2012

    @doctor_fraud Sure. It having refined stealth mechanisms , a handful of routes for passing a level, real depth to the combat with a million possible ways of doing dispatching enemies (or passing enemies) and having a really good art style and visuals to top it all off has nothing to do with why we liked it.

    We just like it because it's a new IP.

    As for the DLC can't wait for the Daud one. Let's just hope they treat the DLC as more of an expansion rather than the kind of DLC we nowadays always get.
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  • Julpero 25/10/2012

    @Djimm Half-Life 2: Episode 1 is a great fps to you and yet you think Bioshock is bad?

    HL2E1 is seriously the worst FPS I've played to the finish and I have no idea how it has such a high metacritic score.
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  • Dishonored Diary: Playing through in four different ways

  • Julpero 12/10/2012

    Won't get to play it this weekend because the place I ordered it from couldn't deliver it in time, which makes me hate the fact that the game was released later in Europe even more than I did before because now I'll have to wait for monday. Still I've got the whole next week to play it and can't wait.

    Also I'm definitely switching the objective arrow off. I remember playing Bioshock for the first time and that arrow made the game so linear and boring.

    I mean the arrow guided you so ridiculously well you couldn't miss a thing. Then I switched it off and shazam it turned into a brilliant adventure game.
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  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 review

  • Julpero 30/09/2012

    From what I've heard, and seen from tests, the GTX 660 sits somewhere between gtx 570 and 580 in terms of performance and the 660 uses less power than a 560 ti so I'd definitely recommend getting a gtx 660 over a 560 ti.

    Guru3d has some comparison tests with the 660 I'd recommend checking them out and I'm sure there are more of them out there.
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  • Okami HD coming to PlayStation 3 this Autumn

  • Julpero 20/06/2012

    I think I'll be getting this since I already bought both versions of it and I've played it through five times.

    Can't wait to play it in HD but like a week ago I realized that this game is just begging to be ported to the Wii U. To me the regular Wii controls didn't fit the game, at least didn't fit me, because they were so imprecise but combining the button based combat to drawing on the tablet would be amazing.

    But in the meantime I think trying it out with Move will be cool. Now that I have this and Bioshock Infinite as an excuse to buy it :p
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