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  • Super Mario Run hits 78m downloads

  • Jos 31/01/2017

    I feel so old fashioned - a game generating revenues north of 30 million. Can't buy in to that being anything less than amazing. Reply +12
  • Apple iPhone SE review

  • Jos 24/04/2016

    I have just upgraded from an iPhone 4 and was excited about the se, but when I got to try one out I had the exact same feeling - it doesn't feel like something new and amazing, but rather old fashioned. So while I thought I was desperate for a powerful but small factor phone I totally u turned and got a 6s plus and I love it. Reply +6
  • Strange undertaking: the birth of gaming's first graveyard simulator

  • Jos 15/02/2016

    @VotesForCows You're a hitman? Reply +2
  • Free Rift for Oculus dev kit Kickstarter backers

  • Jos 06/01/2016

    Clever marketing move. Price and required PC specs are going to make this a tough sell to a mass market. With this move they instantly create a small army of passionate brand advocates able to start spreading the word (and more importantly the experience) to the non geeks that they live among.

    Facebook need to get the experience out there and for anyone with substandard hardware the experience isn't going to be great. Original backers on the other hand - they'll much more likely have rift ready PC's. Perhaps not so many friends though but that's a different issue.

    My guess is that this is more about laying the foundations of success for Rift 2 than generosity towards the original backers. The sequel will come out when PC hardware is starting to catch up with VR demands...
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  • Oculus Rift pre-orders open today and you won't be charged for them

  • Jos 06/01/2016

    ...apparently there's "no chance of Rift pre-orders 'selling out'".

    Luckey added: "If enough people pre-order and somehow exhaust all the stock we are building up, later orders will just have a later ship date."
    Ummm. Isn't that basically the same thing? Or does it work differently in the VR world - virtual orders, virtual shipping, virtual nonsense?
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  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • Jos 04/11/2015

    Could be worse you know Reply 0
  • Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon lets you play as a tiny walrus

  • Jos 21/08/2015

    From #WalrusFacts - The nimble walrus is capable of jumping 30 times the length of its body .
    From internet - Walrus. Length: Males range from 9 to 11 feet, females 7-10 feet.

    I for one, will be keeping a much more healthy distance from the walrus enclosure next time I go to the zoo.
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  • Is DriveClub finally up to speed?

  • Jos 02/07/2015

    Isn't the line " the AI remains pretty dumb - something which has rubbed off on other players when racing online" another way of saying the AI is pretty good at replicating how real people play? Reply +59
  • Video: The sex scenes of The Witcher 3 reviewed

  • Jos 06/06/2015

    As cringe worthy as the sex scenes were I was more surprised at how similar all the female bodies were. It's ironic that as graphical power enables ever more realistic graphics the industry perpetuates unrealistic body models. It was like watching an adolescent virgin's fantasy of what sex might be like. Not to mention the lack of awkwardness, shame and regret but that's not the graphics card's fault... Reply +4
  • New Witcher 3 CGI trailer tops the lot

  • Jos 15/05/2015

    I'd rather a developer shoots for the stars and then roles back as the realities of performance and the sheer resources required become a limit on maintaining that level of quality. (You know - that big picture, holistic view people in the real world have to have.)

    Otherwise they'd have to be really conservative in their initial ambition. This would result in games being less than they could have been. And we wouldn't even know it.

    You wouldn't be as "disappointed" when comparing early and final game clips but I'm sure there'd be other things you could nerd rage about...

    Be careful what you wish for.
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  • Tekken / Galaga crossover is real

  • Jos 27/04/2015

    Come on people - embrace the weirdness! Reply +11
  • Video: The games that play themselves

  • Jos 30/03/2015

    I always thought it was strange that games in general were never provided with self play features. Some people like watching game play, some people get stuck in certain bits, some people find some bits boring. Just seemed like something that would broaden the appeal without harming anyone else's experience. I have a vague memory of nintendo having a patent about this though... Turns out they had my idea ages ago. Oh well. : Dense patent description here!

    I also thought we would have AI games by now - games where you inform characteristics of your player's AI rather than directly control it. So you lose direct control but the game can present the visuals in a much more filmic way as you don't have to be able to control your player moment to moment, just influence they way they will behave.

    Lucky I'm not a video game financial analyst then.
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  • Cities: Skylines review

  • Jos 19/03/2015

    "I'm not going to comment on the game as I haven't played it"..."Skylines gets nearly everything right in the world of City building games"

    Umm. Okay.
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  • Sony and the future of VR

  • Jos 07/03/2015

    One of the biggest challenges for the companies making VR hardware and the developers supporting it is going to be advertising the immersive and experiential side to the public. I suspect amazing graphics are simply not the defining point of VR but they are easy to showcase in images and videos. The essense of what makes VR amazing will be hard to get across and some of the best VR games won't stand toe to toe with the triple A standard games graphically. Not unlike the challenge faced by 3d and motion control gaming (irrespective of how "good" such gaming is). Reply +3
  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • Jos 02/03/2015


    "It's more likely that Valve's device is just a reaction to a possible monopolistic market force via Facebook."

    Just what I thought - seems like a fairly similar reaction to Steam's MicroSoft store rhetoric and their motives behind SteamOS. They rely on people using their store to buy software to cream off a percentage on sales. If there are alternate ways for people to buy software (Windows store or what Facebook is up to long term with OccyRift and it's 3D ecosystem) it will hurt Steam's bottom line.

    That is the primary reason they are getting into hardware - because the easy ride they have had freeloading off the PC ecosystem is getting disrupted. Hard to say how much it will be disrupted long term and it is absolutely perfectly sensible for Valve to do this but don't think for a minute it is on a mission to push the boundaries of gaming with this hardware - it's simply trying to ensure the company stays relevant and profitable.
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  • Video: Watch us play Gauntlet from 4pm BST

  • Jos 24/09/2014

    The main thing I remember from the arcade was just how big a Gauntlet machine was. Size of a small mountain in my minds eye... Reply +4
  • Oculus Rift's John Carmack reckons Facebook "get the Big Picture"

  • Jos 31/03/2014

    The interesting question is how will facebook make money out of it.

    Work that out and then you'll understand what is going to happen to rift.

    Facebook have previously only been able to make money from effectively selling profile and activity information to companies to advertise to more specific sets of people, reinforced by locking it's users into it's infrastructure as much as it can - why go elsewhere to message friends or share photos when everyone is on Facebook?

    So my first guess is that they will want to lock VR to their version of VR, they will data mine and store user activity to sell to advertisers, and they will present advertising and "opportunities" as part of their VR platform - you won't be able to avoid it. That isn't incompatible with it being able to play great games, but it will be intimately wrapped around any activity oculus enables, which will be much more than just games.

    Carmack is being (willfully??) naive though saying things like "Being data driven is a GOOD thing for most companies to be". Being data driven is obviously good when the company uses that data to improve the services it provides to users. Facebook clearly do do this, but their users are both the users of the site and commercial advertisers. The bulk of data mining in an organisation such as Facebook is OF the users FOR the commercial advertisers because that is how Facebook makes money. Carmack is making out being data driven is good for the users of Facebook but that is true only in so far as it improves the service to encourage participation so Facebook is able to offer more/better advertising to paying "user" and so it will be with VR.

    I prefer the idea of VR as a mode of interaction rather than a specific platform controlled by specific companies. The Sony model seems more in step with this (even if it is locked to Sony consoles).

    But who knows, Facebook may do something completely different with this acquisition than they have with all their other acquisitions...
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  • Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer

  • Jos 28/03/2014

    I was more distracted by how few people were about on the streets than the quality of the graphics - not exactly real world people density... Reply +3
  • Ex-Ubisoft devs are recreating the entire planet using drones

  • Jos 04/02/2014

    Valuable resource if they ever finish the entire planet.
    And deal with restricted zones.
    And deal with the privacy issues
    And deal with the legal challenges.
    And apologise to those people captured doing something embarrassing.
    And cover up those people captured doing something naked.
    And recover from the security agency searches and removal of confidential material.

    To be honest it sounds like it would be a better game about trying to do the image capture than a game set in an environment using the captured image data.
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  • PlayStation 4 PSN game prices will be adjusted ahead of EU launch

  • Jos 27/11/2013

    Surely the only price a digital download has to be is the price that the seller thinks will maximize their return on their investment. This might be mega price drops to encourage people to try digital services out and win market share and loyalty (a la Steam) or not. Expecting parity to physical versions is odd - they are simply different things with a different level of attraction to consumers.

    If the convenience of digital purchase isn't worth the lack of control over resale, higher price, whatever else then don't buy it. Consumers not buying this stuff is the primary way to get the prices down.

    And if all these "stupid" people do buy it at a cost you think is unreasonable, sit yourself down over there next to King Canute and have a nice chat about the good old days before you give yourself an aneurysm.
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  • Ex-Valve engineers explain the CastAR's benefits over its competition

  • Jos 31/10/2013

    I was little sceptical until they explained how the reflective material works such that you only see the image your glasses produce and no one else's.
    I think that the AR will feel like magic when you see it in action. Much more than the VR of this or oculus which is easy to understand as just a screen really close to your eyes.

    I Think that might set it out enough To appeal to the mass market and not just early adopters, uber geeks and board game fanatics. All of a sudden this feels more important than kinetic, move, occulus et al

    Would love to have a go with this more than any other new gaming technology on the horizon.
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  • Meet Card Hunter, an RPG from veterans of Irrational, PopCap, and Magic: The Gathering

  • Jos 15/08/2013


    It's funny to hear someone say "building profit into a gaming mechanic" as a negative thing

    This is where gaming came from - the arcades were full to the brim of games designed to encourage you to spend another 10p for just another go balancing difficulty with making sure people stayed alive just long enough to feel it was all worthwhile.

    And today games following these design styles are revered as the most hardcore among hardcore.

    F2P really isn't all that different.

    And as to the game - loving it. Best bit of card gaming aside from magic - much more accessible and really fun, even if you don't spend a penny!
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  • Dreamfall Chapters dev responds to George Lucas' view that games are still waiting for a Titanic-style storytelling success

  • Jos 24/06/2013

    It's like a lot of comments here mix up the notion of story telling with experience. Loads of games provide amazing experiences, either in parts or as a whole, just like lots of films.

    But story telling? Imagine the best storyteller in the world recounting a story around a camp fire - are people really saying that a group of people are going to be enthralled by the story of a game play through. Even the best story driven games are pretty light weight, unlike the best movies. And yes - I'd say recounting Titanic would be much better storytelling then recounting the best ever game of Journey ever played.

    The best example of this is people saying SotC is a great story. No it is not. It is a great experience. The story is minimal - it's almost like it was made specifically without narrative (or you know - story) in some crazy homage to boss encounters.
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  • Amid growing anger at micro-transactions, CliffyB calls on gamers to vote with their wallets

  • Jos 01/03/2013

    People don't like change. But it happens anyway.

    Eventually micro transactions in a game will just be a part of how people evaluate that game - like graphics, genre, DLC, platform,story, sound, etc., etc already are. And they'll use it as one of many factors to understand if playing that game is worth it for them or not.

    Companies will go on providing stuff that generates them the best revenue.
    People will go on buying stuff they that think is worth the money they pay.
    People will go on thinking the world ought to work in a different way and freak out about changes to the way things they like are done.

    In this case I think people's anger is misplaced - it's not whether this micro-transaction stuff exists or not, it should be about how visible it is up front so people can make an informed decision about what they are buying.
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  • Sources: Sony Liverpool was working on WipEout PS4 and a Splinter Cell style game for PS4

  • Jos 22/08/2012

    I loved wipeout on PS1 - jaw dropping moment when it first fired up and I bumped all the way along the first course.

    But not really convinced wipeout is a system selling franchise any more - not to say it's not a great game but things have moved on in what makes a console successful from a business perspective.
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  • Free word-based metroidvania ASCIIvania is really clever

  • Jos 01/08/2012

    Thought i was a really great little game - give it an hour or so and you can go through it to the end. Reply 0
  • Blizzard threatens Diablo 3 cheaters and hackers with permanent bans

  • Jos 12/06/2012

    I get taking action against people who mess around with the code and hack it about to gain advantage but I don't really get cheats/exploits.

    If the unadulterated game lets you do it then you should be perfectly at liberty to do it. If the developers don't like it then the only people who should be permabanned are the muppet developers and testers who let it through in the first place.
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  • Jade's Empire

  • Jos 11/05/2012


    So long as he ment that she was so slender as to not look pregnant then I guess it can pass (though that sounds a bit of a stretch pardon the pun).

    I was more surprised at

    "For some women, pregnancy is an opportunity to press pause on a career"

    Can't put my finger on exactly why that seemed out of order - maybe it's the implication that all these poor dears need a break from the harsh world of work to go do somthing easy like endure 9 months of pregnancy, push a baby out of their unmentionables and then have the much easier than being at work sleep deprived nights and breast feeding and nappy changing and sick cclearing up and generally being at the beck and call of a baby.

    And maybe it came up in bits of the interview that were editied out of the article but what is with the influence of motherhood stuff - it's not mentioned by Jade.
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  • Crytek has DX11 graphics running in Crysis 3 on PS3, Xbox 360

  • Jos 24/04/2012

    "That's a very advanced feature, and it shouldn't theoretically run on a 360, but they made it run on a 360"

    That just means they got their theory wrong.
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  • Happy 30th birthday, ZX Spectrum

  • Jos 23/04/2012

    Just looked it up and it was the equivilent of 377 in todays money.

    Kind of surprised me as I had it in my head it was much cheaper.

    Always jealous of my Spectrum owning friends - CPC464 was soooo uncool (still loved it though!).
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  • Sony slashes price of PlayStation-enabled Tablet S

  • Jos 04/01/2012

    It's a lovely tablet but I went with an Ipad over it because it felt a touch plasticy and as I am primerely using it to demo photograhpy to potential clients it needed to feel reasuringly professional.

    The screen on the Tablet S was brilliant though - just better than the Ipad I thought.
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  • OnLive

  • Jos 28/09/2011

    I'll throw one in for the supporters. On BT Infinity and have had a great experiance with onlive on a laptop over wireless.

    There have been a few onlive is full moments but I kind of expected that when they gave all BT's customers a free sub for three months.

    It'll settle down, and it won't need 10 years. I'm surprised so many people are getting so hot under the collar about a company that has provided a service lots of people said was physically impossible, given Eurogamer expo peeps free consoles, sorted out free trials... They seem like they are the good guys to me.

    I get the pricing issues. Not sure I'd pay full whack for a game when the T's and C's make it feel like a three year rental, but the playpack stuff works well for me. And pricing is going to evolve as they work out what makes money - plain and simple.

    And seriously Eurogamer - it's a bit poor to slag the micro console off for not supporting mice and keyboards and on/off switches when it does. I love the site but that sounds like a mistake my Dad might make, not a video games journo. Go punish yourself for a bit.
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  • OnLive Launches in the UK

  • Jos 23/09/2011

    Been trying it out and really impressed.

    The interface is great, performance is great.

    It all felt a little like magic.

    And the deal with BT is genius - giving three months free to get people into the idea. And it's a little thing, but not having to hand over credit card details that have to be canceled later if you don't want to continue after the three months makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
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  • Kinect Sports: Season 2

  • Jos 15/09/2011

    "it's possible to start hitting treble twenties in your first game. In fact, the accuracy is so impressive that it feels very weird - almost as if there's an invisible dart flying from your hand and into the screen"

    If it were me playing it, that invisible dart would have to bounce back off the screen and nearly pierce my foot for it to be remotely accurate to real life...

    Dan must be quite the darts player...
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  • PSN hack: Sony software "obsolete"

  • Jos 17/05/2011

    It seems hard to believe that if Sony's server security were as open to attack and proof of such so easily obtainable, and it being so for such a long time, that the servers hadn't been right royally messed around with by the script kiddies by now.

    Not that I know anything of their security. But all the pontification is as unfounded as it is ironic - if there is one thing you do in computer security it is make sure you understand the facts and consequences before messing around changing things.

    That said, it'll be fascinating to learn what was actually done to enable the breach. I'm guessing governmental scrutiny will mean it gets published eventually.
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  • Sony defends PS3 Music Unlimited price

  • Jos 01/04/2011

    I quite like it. Useful it connects from PC as if it were only PS/3 that'd be a bit limited.

    I prefer the way to navigate through things on Spotify - quite confused at first on PS/3 having to play each song on a channel to progress through it, but it seems a pretty robust service.

    Always a little baffled by the indignation some feel in response to the price of a service. Seriously - there are worse things in the world to get twisted up about...
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  • Heavy Fire: Afghanistan footage

  • Jos 29/03/2011

    Not that surprising it looks like a wii game - see 1min 35 in. Reply +2
  • Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime footage

  • Jos 07/12/2010

    What happened to not crossing the streams... Reply 0
  • What's that - Pong on PS3?

  • Jos 04/11/2010

    missile command with move would be fun... Reply +2
  • Kinect's brain works like your brain

  • Jos 03/11/2010

    So if they have used this learning model to pre-educate (or program in non marketing speak) Kinect about how to expect a gamer to play, will individual devs be able to seed it with what to expect for their titles or will they have to wait for a Kinect update if they are doing something with movement that confounds previous experience. Reply 0
  • Ivy the Kiwi?

  • Jos 03/11/2010

    Sounded really dull from the review then saw the vid and it all made sense.

    Can see why it'd get repetitive but looks lovely on first sight.
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  • The Fight: Lights Out

  • Jos 02/11/2010

    I played it at playstation Beta rooms and really enjoyed it.

    All the issues listed in the review ring true but despite that I liked it.

    Can imagine it might become very repetitive but still tempted to get it...

    I should know better.
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  • Cage: Heavy Rain did the business

  • Jos 17/08/2010

    I played Heavy Rain with the move controller at Beta rooms - it's excellent. The gesture based actions feel much more a part of the game. Very immersive. Was really impressed. Reply +2
  • A first look at some Fable III gameplay

  • Jos 06/07/2010

    They are also very British - queuing up to attack one after the other... Reply +3
  • Kinect tech spec finally revealed

  • Jos 30/06/2010

    Maths prize for Inspirius ! :) Reply +5
  • Jos 30/06/2010

    So with those field of view angles someone who can remember their trig should be able to work out how far back someone needs to stand to get their whole self visible to the camera.

    I can't remember any trig...
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  • Exclusive: Eurogamer plays Natal

  • Jos 14/06/2010

    It will be great to engage in stuff on-screen that is just about a body doing stuff. But if you have to pretend you are holding a physical object (steering wheel) then it falls down quite a lot. Yes you could hold a substitute but why bother - a controller can take that role very well already... Reply 0
  • New Ubisoft DRM "cracked" on day one?

  • Jos 04/03/2010

    "While the effectiveness of the crack has yet to be confirmed"

    Not that it hasn't been cracked, but isn't it better to confirm the story before declaring "hacking groups can rightly claim victory in the first battle"?
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  • Sony to expand PSN to other products

  • Jos 07/01/2010

    At kj66246;

    I have seen the "New Arrivals" & "Whats Hot" but they have all vids - rental and purchase in them. Even if you go to the rentals only tab and then the "New Arrivals" & "Whats Hot" banners under the main rentals image.

    As such you have to go through a load of films you can't rent to get to see ones you can.

    Same browsing with genre. That's the most frustrating - I want to see rentals and basically filter by genre...

    Point accepted about the search but often I want to just browse around rather than watch something specific - much like I would in Blockbuster - I guess it is akin to a blockbuster having all rental and purchase videos on the same shelf and you have to go through them and pick them up to see if they are rental or purchase. Just makes it a more frustrating process.
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  • Jos 07/01/2010

    I wish the film section was easier to navigate. Or rather set up so you could navigate in different ways - for example it's really frustrating when you want to look for something to rent, go into the rent section, and then only be able to go through them a-z.

    Why not have rental subsections of new arrivals, genres, etc...

    Unless I am missing the obvious that lets you do this. I'd have certainly rented more if this was possible...
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