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  • Why Silent Hill 2 is still the most disturbing game ever made

  • Jayja 17/08/2014

    @rubthisway Actually, no, it's not. The fact you need to be so rude to someone probably more educated than yourself is telling. Reply -1
  • Jayja 17/08/2014

    @Chazmeister Problem is that's not what 'trope' means and is continually misused by people on the internet to the point where so many now think it's ok. Reply -1
  • James Joyce's Ulysses is being adapted into a video game

  • Jayja 05/08/2014

    Terrible book.
    How about they adapt a real classic and do The Odyssey.
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  • The Last of Us director reveals secret deleted epilogue scene

  • Jayja 29/07/2014

    @Defecationqueen No, it's not. Reply 0
  • Jayja 29/07/2014

    @Some_Goats No, it wasn't 'invented' by Shakespeare, he merely used that form. And that's hardly relevant to how we speak and write.
    'Gotten' has been used in the English language but 'got' has been much more common overall among those who speak proper English English (as opposed to perverse 'American English'), and 'gotten' sounds horrible to boot.
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  • Video: The weirdest fighting game endings of all time

  • Jayja 26/07/2014

    @Silverflash I'd say Mortal Kombat endings are ok. The thing is lots of fighting games are Japanese so... you know... bound to be a bit 'different'. :) Reply 0
  • Destiny on Xbox 360 - Bungie's last-gen swan song?

  • Jayja 26/07/2014

    'The studio that defined the modern FPS'

    The modern console FPS, I think you meant to say, as you clarified in the first paragraph. :)
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  • GOG adds Linux early: 50 games arrive today

  • Jayja 24/07/2014

    @makeamazing Lots of old games are in a weird position with respect to copyright. Often the entity is no longer around to give permission, or it's been split up and sold so many times that no one is sure what the situation is. It's not a simple matter by any means. It's not like GOG wouldn't like more good old games. It's just that there's only so much they can do. Reply +1
  • Valve-licensed Portal 2 mod doesn't use the portal gun

  • Jayja 15/07/2014

    Is it 'Aperature Tag' or 'Aperture Tag'? I'm guessing the latter and that there are typos in the tagline, article and URL...
    Not the end of the world but it is confusing.
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  • Far Cry 4 villain's magnificent suit explained

  • Jayja 12/07/2014

    @ubergine Yeah, it is. I was quite impressed with his performance in The Last of Us. He's becoming the next Nolan North (whose performance in that game was also really good). Reply +2
  • Jayja 12/07/2014

    @KaizokuTomSan Me too. Far Cry 2 was a bit like that, I suppose, but I didn't like what they did with the story personally. I thought they missed an opportunity to do something really good with it. Reply +2
  • Jayja 12/07/2014

    This is trivial but still...
    'Homage' is an English word where you pronounce the 'h'. 'Hommage' is a French word where you don't. And Americans particularly stuff it up, apparently in the belief they are being sophisticated. (Not aimed at Jeff, by the way)
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  • Autobiographical adventure Coming Out Simulator 2014 sure is tense

  • Jayja 12/07/2014

    @dean0null Good point about being indoctrinated. Thanks. :) Reply +1
  • Jayja 12/07/2014

    @dean0null Pretty tough. Hopefully it will make you feel better that you mightn't have been accepted by someone you know even if you did believe in God. Although obviously it's worse when it's family than a friend.

    I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and she kept nagging me to tell her whether I believed in a god or not. I eventually said I did and then she went on about how stupid I must be and that I probably believe in fairies and all my sense of morality comes from indoctrination based on the Bible and blah blah. Couldn't be further from the truth. :(
    The world is full of judgemental arseholes I guess.
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  • MSI GS60 2PC Ghost with Nvidia GTX 860M review

  • Jayja 06/07/2014

    I suppose, to be fair, the new consoles don't come with a display or a battery and can only play the games released on them (whereas the laptop can play PC games, linux games, emulate old systems, whatever).
    Just saying, so don't get your knickers in a twist.
    The prices are apples and oranges is all. :/
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  • "It's not historically accurate!"

  • Jayja 05/07/2014

    Oh boy.
    Historian here. As in professional with a PhD, not some guy in a library. That doesn't mean my word is gospel (unlike apparently the people mentioned in the article, cough cough), but you know what bothers me? People generalising about history or historiography on the basis of one or two anecdotes or one person's research.
    Now, as it happens, Roman religion is something I know a lot about. And never have I read anywhere that women's participation was probably less relevant because of anything pertaining to blood sacrifice! One could maybe argue something similar using the fact that most of Rome's important public priests were in fact politically influential male nobles (Caesar, for example, was head of the pontifical college). But even then, women certainly were important! One need go no further than the Vestal Virgins, priestesses considered vital to Rome's very existence. They even interceded on Caesar's behalf when he was under threat from the dictator Sulla, so they had political sway too. There's plenty interesting, fascinating even, in history that could be used in games without making it up. Anyway, I could go on and on.

    But I'll finish with this. Could the writers of these opinion pieces, and the sort of people it links to, have the humility and common sense to realise they are not experts on these topics and shouldn't pontificate (excuse the pun) and lecture others on the basis of their half-formed musings and rants with self-centered agendas.
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  • Russia hits The Sims 4 with adult rating due to same-sex relationships

  • Jayja 13/05/2014

    @DanSmith09 Yes, I know, I got caught between sneering and smearing. Well, I guess that really showed me... Reply 0
  • Jayja 12/05/2014

    Some ignorant comments here about Russia - it was in fact well ahead with regards to homosexuality at the advent of the USSR. Things changed. But hey don't let that get in the way of sneering at other nations and cultures... Reply -3
  • Evolve community manager fired after Twitter racism controversy

  • Jayja 02/05/2014

    @bad09 @arcam
    Mostly agree with you guys' comments. Sterling is obviously a distasteful person, but it doesn't justify any 'negative consequence', as some people here are saying. And his 'girlfriend' doesn't seem like a terrific person either.
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  • Jayja 02/05/2014

    @5ypher Actually, at least in my country, no one has the right just to fire an employee if they want: it's called unfair dismissal... Reply +1
  • Jayja 02/05/2014

    @MrTomFTW I don't think you understand what freedom is. You're basically supporting persecution for one's views. Turn things around: if someone says something against racism in a private recorded conversation and gets boycotted, fired, whatever, that's ok with you? Pfft... Reply 0
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 artwork teased by Michel Ancel

  • Jayja 15/04/2014

    @Furnace-Inferno a) he was joking, and b) Beyond Good and Evil was certainly serious to a degree, given what happens to the abducted children and people, and the meaning of the title itself and how it relates to the plot Reply +3
  • A new Spelunky world record has been set

  • Jayja 15/04/2014

    Bananasaurus rex and Yamayamadingdong... I suspect one has to have a penis obsession to try to set records at this game. Reply +4
  • Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?

  • Jayja 21/03/2014

    I'm interested in games with good gameplay or good stories (hopefully both), with whatever characters the developers feel serve those ends. But i'm not interested in mainstream games meeting some political correctness checklist for the sake of some people's social agenda. It's superficial, unintelligent and generally pretty friggin boring. Reply +27
  • Watch us complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in just 10 minutes

  • Jayja 18/03/2014

    The thing is whether a speedrun is done using glitches and the like, or just playing the game to the finish in the shortest time possible. If a game like this can be finished in 10 minutes doing the latter, then that is worthy of note.... Reply +5
  • How to install an Xbox One controller on your PC

  • Jayja 13/03/2014

    @technotica Me too. That horrid d-pad on the 360 controller. And the asymmetric sticks. Yuck.
    Main thing, people, is that we have a choice! So if you like the Xbox controllers you can use those, and if you like the Playstation ones, you can use those instead.
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  • Jayja 13/03/2014

    @arcam Yes, if it works the same way as I have my DS3 set up. Games think it is a 360 controller.
    EDIT: at least you CAN make it work that way. Depends how you set it up.
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  • The making of Red Faction

  • Jayja 09/03/2014

    That and Red Faction Guerrilla were great. Red Faction 2 was ok but they obviously had a different focus for that one, like Hollywood voice acting...
    Played them all recently and the older ones are still good fun.
    They should forget about Armageddon and make a sequel to Guerrilla where you can still roam the surface.
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  • Borderlands 2 getting Mad Moxxi Valentine's Day DLC

  • Jayja 05/02/2014

    @TeaFiend But the Hodunks' extended family was their own family... hyuck hyuck *sound of banjo* Reply +4
  • Nvidia G-Sync review

  • Jayja 25/01/2014

    What would be cool is if you mentioned that AMD have done this in software for laptops with their chips and that it's actually accounted for in the Displayport spec and shouldn't need any proprietary crap from either side... hardware triumph my arse. (I think I saw this discussed at PC Perspective but I don't remember).
    Just for the record I don't bat for a particular side. I buy from either one depending on what hits the sweet spot at that time (no childish sexual innuendo please...)
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  • As console ban lifts, China reveals "hostile" games block

  • Jayja 13/01/2014

    @Bluetooth Actually China was NOT an open nation. Foreigners managed to abuse the country not because they were allowed in but because they forced themselves in. For hundreds of years China felt certain in its natural superiority and tradition. It was complacent and Chinese society and technological advancement stagnated. The Chinese had disdain for othe nations. The farther away from China, the more barbaric. And I don't know where you heard that crap about Romans causing green eyes in China. It's not true either. Reply 0
  • Letter from America: Yo Doom! You's old

  • Jayja 15/12/2013

    @ansionnach For what you say about Gog, that only applies to the Dos games. Windows releases are reworked, and often very badly needed to be (e.g. Outcast, Anachronox). Wish Fallout 3 would get a release there!
    And for the Dos games, it is simple to take the files and make them work for other platforms.
    Some nit-picking on your nit-picking. :)
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  • Taking games seriously

  • Jayja 01/12/2013

    @HotCoffee I agree with a lot of that, especially the academic nonsense. I work in a university so I know it too well. Luckily it's not ALL like that. :) Reply +1
  • Jayja 01/12/2013

    Taking games seriously is one thing, but some people already take them too seriously. There's one website in particular that's a bit notorious for that (that is, pseudo-intellectual games analysis), rightly or wrongly.
    And then there's the people who think that anything in a game that doesn't accord with their world-view needs to be shouted at in an attempt at social engineering....
    Games can be funny, intelligent, immersive or whatever they want to be without necessarily being taken 'seriously'. And that's the way I'd like it.
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  • Donate to Philippines relief campaign and EVE devs will do ridiculous things

  • Jayja 27/11/2013

    @spongebob Charities have said on previous occasions (e.g. Boxing Day tsunami) they would like money, not volunteers. Because money is what they need. This is just a small gesture to encourage people to give what charities actually need. Reply +3
  • Blizzard dev apologises for "poor response" to female character design question

  • Jayja 25/11/2013

    I only quickly browse RPS nowadays. And I never bother commenting on articles there. Never have. The attitude of John Walker and Nathan Grayson in particular is pretty poor. For example, I remember Walker calling someone 'c*ntish' who disagreed with him on something involving women in games (pretty hypocritical reference to female anatomy, and I'm no feminist but I strongly dislike the word). And he wrote some nonsense about racism saying people in Bath, UK are so white they're afraid to spill red wine on themselves. Seriously! The irony...
    Anyway, don't get me started.
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  • Should Torment Numenera be turn-based or real-time with pause?

  • Jayja 22/11/2013

    I know it's not really practicable and would be hard to make work well, but it might be good to get a choice in the game to either let it run realtime or stop and issue orders in turn. I guess the closest parallel to that would be Fallout 3, where it's either normal shooter or enter VATS mode if you want (yeah, you could call that RTwP but it's the closest!)

    Anyway, I liked both styles in the old RPGs so they should just choose the one they believe is right.
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  • Xbox One controller prototypes included smell, projector devices

  • Jayja 19/11/2013

    @ZuluHero Some text adventures had scratch'n'sniff. I even think (but don't quote me on it) that some books had done it too. Every so often it gets brought up for movies and cinemas. Some theme parks had it (I experienced it once - environmental presentation about pollution. It stank!)
    Hardly original idea, but I think most people realised it was pretty stupid to make it a 'feature' :)
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time retrospective

  • Jayja 27/10/2013

    Don't freak on me, Zelda fans, because it's just my honest opinion, but after buying a Gamecube to play this, I spent 20 hours on it and gave up out of utter boredom. I don't see what is so great about it. :/ Reply -21
  • The trouble with female protagonists, and the influence of J.J. Abrams: Introducing Velocity 2X

  • Jayja 22/10/2013

    @Genius Well, a Google search finds a LOT of games. The Wikipedia entry has tons.
    There are heaps I didn't mention. (e.g. Portal! Resident Evil! Syberia! some people's favourite games of all time).
    And it's not the number of games that really matters. Total up SALES for those. Sure, games with males sell heaps. Hardly surprising, even if you leave out COD, GTA (games I personally have no interest in). Why not?
    But if one can make huge sales with female protagonists it shows there is no real issue in mainstream humanity, just maybe with some weirdoes hitting their keyboards on Youtube and similar comment threads. 'Woman make sandwich hehehe *grunt* *grunt*'

    EDIT: sorry to go on about it but there is also maybe a problem with the perception that there is a problem. Game company executives can have huge influence (i.e. interference). If they merely suspect a female protagonist might have an impact on sales (i.e. PROFIT), then they'd say screw artisitic integrity and reason, just make people play as a dude!
    Anyway, big topic, lots could be said...
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  • Jayja 22/10/2013

    They're using what a YOUTUBE COMMENTER said to make a point about female protagonists?
    Well, no problem there, no sirry bob... completely representative... no-one likes or plays Tomb Raider, Metroid, Bayonetta, Dreamfall, No One Lives Forever, Beyond Good and Evil, female characters in Borderlands, Left4Dead, Mass Effect, etc. Nope. And in Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit they skip those parts (somehow)...
    Yup, female protagonists real problem...
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  • The man you've killed the most

  • Jayja 20/10/2013

    Been a fan ever since Sands of Time. I always look for his name in game credits. Reply +11
  • Letter from America

  • Jayja 14/10/2013

    @Jaz_Rignall Interesting article, thanks.
    Good to hear bits of history.
    I agree with you on the Dualshock. Perfect for my hands. Gamecube was ok from memory. I do not get along with the 360 pad at all. The SNES pad was hardly ergonomic but my hand bones seemed to mutate and adapt. Don't even remember the Sega ones and any others I used. So long ago...
    Good memory you have! :)
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  • Assassin's Creed 4 director wants to take the series to ancient Egypt

  • Jayja 12/10/2013

    @AnsemsApprentice I'm not sure about that 'recent evidence' but there definitely was some. I'm not quibbling, just going from my own knowledge. I'd be interested in any references.
    I'm an historian but Egypt is not my field, except tangentially and somewhat later.
    Slavery was very very commonplace in the ancient world in general and the medieval world in certain places. Many people's ideas are badly skewed towards more modern slavery. Humans (of all kinds) have always been shit.

    Anyway, Japan or Russia, maybe Rome, would be my preferences, depending on how much they are likely to mangle history.
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  • "Basic functions" of PS4 controller will work with PC by default

  • Jayja 07/10/2013

    Good. I use the ps3 controller for the couple of games i don't use kb+m. Can't stand the 360 d pad or the asymmetrical sticks. But motioninjoy is dodgy and could actually be used as a trojan. Reply +2
  • Two new Wasteland 2 screenshots released as beta nears

  • Jayja 04/10/2013

    @el_pollo_diablo It looks like it. :) Reply +3
  • Microsoft secures Xbone.com domain

  • Jayja 12/09/2013

    My guess is that the domain was originally registered in case someone wanted it for a porn site. Xbone...
    And of course Microsoft would take it. Don't want someone else using it.
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  • Whore of the Orient branded a "disgrace to Chinese culture"

  • Jayja 02/09/2013

    @schnide He is from Melbourne. Reply +3
  • Jayja 02/09/2013

    It just means Eastern. As in the direction the sun rises from. From Latin for rises.
    Western is Occidental. Because that's where the sun sets.
    That's it.
    Stupid wanker.
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  • GameStop to restock out of print vintage titles

  • Jayja 14/08/2013

    It's an attempt to fool people into thinking they're from the original run and therefore more 'collectible'. Very dodgy of them. Reply +23