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  • Outcast HD Reboot devs admit Kickstarter defeat

  • Hughes. 07/05/2014

    The original is in my GOG queue, and I remeber the hype when this first came out. TBH I'd want an update to look a lot better than the videos they showed. It looks like an old, emulated PS2 game with smoothing turned on. Reply +2
  • Newspaper report linking stabbing of Leeds teacher to Dark Souls disputed

  • Hughes. 29/04/2014

    Rock & Roll is the Devil's music! Reply +10
  • Cut the Rope dev hopes to cancel King's "candy" trademark

  • Hughes. 27/03/2014

    I've been doing my bit to protest about King's appropriating everyday words for profit. Reply +16
  • New 'n' Tasty needs to sell 500K to fund an original new Oddworld game

  • Hughes. 18/03/2014

    I will play the shit out of this. I recently did a 100% playthrough of the original, which I first played in '98. I was gutted when Lanning took Microsoft's shilling for XBox exclusivity, and deprived me of Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath for over a decade, and in the long term that does not seem to have been a good decision for fans of the series or Oddworld Inhabitants. It's a rich vein of imagination that deserves reviving. Reply 0
  • Microsoft ad asks you to "ditch your PS3"

  • Hughes. 30/01/2014

    Microsoft has a secret plan to increase the number of games that run at 60fps. Next gen lol etc. Reply +16
  • "It's a good day to be an Eve player"

  • Hughes. 30/01/2014

    I wonder how long it will be before MMO battles make mainstream news broadcasts?
    "Firemen rescued three kittens from a drain in Skegness. Their owner, 7 year old Chloe Davis was very pleased. In other news, the Vastragani star system was destroyed by an anti-matter cascade weapon, killing all 8 billion citizens. Now here's Suzi with the weather!"
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  • MS: Xbox Live Fort Gay ban "a mistake"

  • Hughes. 09/09/2010

    Yeah, looks like whoever is negging these comments needs to come out of the closet. I'm off to sniff profiles for the stench of mothballs. Reply +1
  • Hughes. 09/09/2010

    Microsoft continues to fuel the idea that "gay" is a pejorative word, and therefore that being gay is wrong, every time it takes action like this. Gay people know they're gay, so they won't be offended by being called gay, and straight people know they're not gay, so they have no business being offended either.

    The only people who should be offended by the word are homophobes, and they should deal with their own issues, maybe somewhere nice and private, like a closet, rather than giving license to Microsoft to butcher language which is neither profane, nor offensive to anyone who isn't crippled by neuroses.
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  • Retrospective: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

  • Hughes. 01/08/2010

    This was a better game than TR3, which was bloody dull, and glitchy as hell. Chronicles was mostly criticised because it was incredibly short compared to the rest of the games. It was forced annual updates that killed it. It simply wasn't enough time to create games that big and have them remain interesting. Chronicles, though short, had some genuine fun bits.

    As for controls, a circular D-pad is the only way to control it. It was unplayable on a standard 4-button Sony D-pad, suicidally useless with an analogue stick and too fiddly with a keyboard. An aftermarket digital pad with a disc D-pad meant you could always hit diagonals perfectly and made the games a breeze to control.

    I'm pretty sure the ending of Chronicles explained that Lara wasn't dead after all, I forget the details though.
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  • Sexy times in MGS: Peace Walker

  • Hughes. 19/06/2010

    Oh Big Boss, you dirty git. Reply 0
  • "Games like cocaine" claim scrutinised

  • Hughes. 27/05/2010

    Rock & Roll is the Devil's music! Reply +5
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Hughes. 15/03/2010

    Hmm, last Digital Foundry article I read on this game was written without Richard having laid eyes on 360 code, yet declaring it would almost certainly be superior to the PS3 version. This based on ludicrous fantasy talk of Squenix completely ignoring all of the CGI work they'd done and getting the 360 to re-render every cut-scene in real time.

    RL- "Our guess? Such scenes will indeed be real-time on Xbox 360, saving gigabytes of data over the PS3 version with only minimal amounts of difference in the quality of the visuals."

    Welcome to reality.

    Square released FFVII with massive PAL borders, FFXII with cut-scenes crammed in tiny boxes to save DVD space, which demonstrates how much they care about the market outside Japan. What space-cakes would you have to be eating to think they'd re-engineer every cut-scene for a Western-only release on a console that wasn't even the lead platform?
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  • Final Fantasy XIII: How Will It Work on 360?

  • Hughes. 22/05/2009

    I like speculative fiction as much as the next guy, just not when it's billed as analysis.

    If this article's piling of guess-work upon supposition upon assumption upon speculation represents a delusion you feel the need to protect, feel free to hit the ignore button, I only come to EG every few months to remind myself why I only come to EG every few months. That would be down to articles like this, and commenters like you.
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  • Hughes. 22/05/2009

    Wow, now EG is prepared to declare the 360 has the best graphics when that version of the game doesn't even exist yet!

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  • Metal Gear Solid heading to iPhone

  • Hughes. 17/12/2008

    heh, looks like some websites have EGg on their faces!

    My toaster has the same symbol, I now fully expect my 360 to produce toast from the disc tray, if it doesn't, I'm blaming Bertie.
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  • GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur

  • Hughes. 01/12/2008

    Okay Konami, now let Sumo do Winding Heat. Reply 0
  • BioShock Challenge Rooms

  • Hughes. 04/11/2008

    I'll have some of that. I was hoping to get the Platinum trophy for this in the next day or so, but LBP just arrived. This new stuff turning up and the included New Game+ option should save it from gradually moving down my "don't forget to play this again" pile. Reply 0
  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Hasselhoff

  • Hughes. 04/11/2008

    The Hoff is the new Shat Reply 0
  • GTI Club +

  • Hughes. 10/10/2008

    Loved this, back in the day. I'd love a remake of Winding Heat too, that was a seriously rare arcade cabinet, even rarer now. Reply 0
  • PlayTV

  • Hughes. 05/09/2008


    I do have issues with this site's years of pathetically substandard PSP coverage, well spotted. I thought I was maybe being too subtle about it. You must be Sherlock Holmes, yes, really him. You don't think that's an interesting comment from the editor of a multi-format website about the second biggest selling piece of hardware this generation? Especially a site that is constantly laughing off accusations of bias.

    Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, rpt., by the way; it takes about 20-30 seconds, unless you thought I actually typed those all out individually.

    No, the only time I use a car horn is when I'm buying a car, to test that it works. How about you, do you like car horns? I assume you're trying to start a chat out of sympathy, what with everyone else supposedly having me on ignore and all?
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  • Exclusive: Resistance 2 - Twisted History

  • Hughes. 22/08/2008

    Sounds like Edward James Olmos? Reply 0
  • PixelJunk Eden

  • Hughes. 07/08/2008

    I think I'll stick to the forum from now on. With willfully misleading inflammatory news headlines, a "no hive mind" review policy that is actually more akin to a "headless chicken" review policy, and comments cnuts that would best serve the internet by severing their own hands so they can't stink up the interwebs typing their shit, the front page is basically unbearable (nice layout though).

    Two things:-

    Ellie's gender is irrelevant. No defense of that stupid "leave it to the men" comment is possible.

    Reviews based on the first couple of levels; that make a giant CAPS LOCK bullet point about a Ł4.99 game being overpriced, which is immediately followed by small font caveats that it isn't overpriced at all, is, frankly, shit work.

    Unfortunately, Braid and PixelJunk Eden are exclusive to competing platforms. This means that objecting to one achingly pretentious piece of wank, with an unusually high price getting a 10/10, when one where the pretension is entirely in the eyes of the reviewer, which offers a significantly longer campaign, for less money getting 7/10, could, in the eyes of a total dickhead, look like the result of fanboyism.

    There are fanboys in this thread, objecting; you'd expect that. That does nothing to redeem the review. To argue that Ellie's great style should be enough to circumvent the need to actually represent the game accurately, to impart some useful information about the gameplay other than that the reviewer was shit at it, and whether the game is worth what it costs (which Ellie suggests it is, underneath a gigantic subheading saying it isn't).

    Maybe Ellie has spent too long reviewing shovelware shit, and is so in the habit of being sarcastic about games that she's forgotten that there's more to reviewing than just witty invective? I wouldn't want to lose that for anything, but there should be a real review to go with it.

    Anyone reading this review, who then goes onto defend it, by using, of all phrases, "fanboy" needs to familiarise themselves with the photonic reflective capabilities of pots and kettles. There is really nothing to defend here, which is why the term "fanboy", and the wank excuse of "I played the demo and I agree" (I get the feeling that's all Ellie played too) are the only rallying points the ever present comments section trolls have to cling to.

    It's better than the Folklore review though, that shoddy "I couldn't understand Japanese so it's crap" effort was EG's lowest point ever (so far).
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  • Original Driver for PSN next Thurs

  • Hughes. 07/08/2008

    Fucked if I'm doing the President's Run ever again. I think I resorted to cheats in the end.

    At least with virtual memory cards I can make one just for Driver, so I don't have to wait 2 minutes for it to load in the save icons of all my other save games on Memory Card 1, one by one; then another 2 minutes to load all of the icons of my save games on Memory Card 2, one by one, after every mission, success or fail, before even asking me if I want to save my replay, which I didn't, and before every time I actually wanted to save, even though my save was the first slot on the first card.

    I'd like to nut-punch the stupid bastard who came up with that idea, and attach electrodes to the nadgers of whoever let it through QA in that state.
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  • Rage

  • Hughes. 05/08/2008

    Including Keyboard & Mouse support for PS3 seems a no brainer. I hope the vehicular action is better than HL2. Reply 0
  • Square Enix launches new range of games

  • Hughes. 01/08/2008

    DOOMED! Reply 0
  • No Gravity: The Plague of Mind - Debut trailer

  • Hughes. 30/07/2008

    August! That's like, the day after tomorrow!

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  • Xbox 360 will outperform PS3 in software for years - Mattrick

  • Hughes. 24/07/2008

    The cherry picking of stats to find upsides is getting pretty desperate. Reply 0
  • Home won't be an anti-climax, says Hirai

  • Hughes. 22/07/2008

    What we really want to know is, has Ellie been dinged?? Reply 0
  • "No permanent solution" to MGO problems

  • Hughes. 21/07/2008

    Konami will insist on using their own system, just like they insist on their own ID system. After the meltdown with the launch of the Beta, they should have learned their lesson. Reply 0
  • Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli

  • Hughes. 09/07/2008

    30fps = PHAIL

    Fine for arcadey games, but not for anything aimed at the sim crowd.
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  • Oddworld will return, confirms Lanning

  • Hughes. 27/05/2008

    Word to the wise, Mr Lanning, anyone offers you a moneyhat for exclusivity, tell them to FUCK OFF. Reply 0
  • Ninja Gaiden 2

  • Hughes. 26/05/2008

    Oof, same score as DMC4.

    I hope the next God of War makes a better transition to the new hardware than its Hack 'n Slash action progenitors.

    Whatever else, that limb slicing sure does make for some fun screenshots.
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  • Consoles too toxic, says Greenpeace

  • Hughes. 20/05/2008

    I want cillit bang in my console, and if I don't get I'm going to murder Barry Scott... although, I was going to do that anyway. Reply 0
  • Secret Agent Clank demo on US PSN

  • Hughes. 19/05/2008

    Seems an improvement over Size Matters, but the level design still seems a bit by the numbers. I've really been spoiled by Tools of Destruction. The QTEs weren't egregiously offensive, I hope they're not too frequent though, and doing a sort of Gitaroo Man bit out of them helps.

    Edit This is made by High Impact games, it's Resistance 2 that's keeping Insomniac from their R&C duties right now.
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  • Nintendo Wii wins April in the US

  • Hughes. 16/05/2008

    Wow, MS spends Halo 3 level marketing money promoting the biggest selling franchise there is and comes out a full 1000 units ahead! Oh, wait, it's not quite a full thousand.

    The Wii makes the whole HD battle look like a joke, really.
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • Hughes. 15/05/2008

    I'm reading a Perry Rhodan book right now... well, I was 5 minutes ago, I'm typing this right now. The screens I saw for it looked quite interesting, possibly more appealing than Mass Effect, don't know much about how it plays though. Reply 0
  • Real money trading in The Agency

  • Hughes. 14/05/2008

    On the one hand, subscriptions are what put me off MMO's, but if this is funded by gamers who pay for items having a tactical advantage over those who go vanilla, that won't be so hot.

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  • Sony sold 9 million PS3s last year

  • Hughes. 14/05/2008

    To be fair to Bertie, had the same figures earlier.

    Cut & Paste journalism is teh rael next gen!
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  • Hughes. 14/05/2008

    Monster Hunter Freedom 2 or MHF2G have both sold over 2 million apiece, how does the PSP have software sales of only 800,000? Reply 0
  • Force Unleashed PS3/360 "indistinguishable"

  • Hughes. 13/05/2008

    I look forward to the next 8 page flame war about how they're not quite indistinguishable.

    Except... you know... I really don't.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4 UK Limited Edition plans

  • Hughes. 12/05/2008

    I have a feeling there'll be a glut of these on offer at around Ł50-60 within a month of launch, that's a silly price.

    I'll just take the game, thanks.
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  • Reeves: PSP needs more games

  • Hughes. 10/05/2008

    Actually, I ripped MGS myself, last year, and it played absolutely fine without analogue control, even the Nikita missiles were easy to steer.

    I've heard rumblings that some more Konami titles will be coming PSN-wards soon-ish (Sony soon, so probably November), releasing the original MGS to coincide with MGS4 is a total no-brainer. If it doesn't happen, some heads need to roll in the PSN-o-sphere.
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  • Hughes. 09/05/2008

    Indeed, torrent traffic suggests that pirate downloads outnumber retail sales by around 5 - 1.

    God of War: Chains of Olympus debuting at number 20 says it all.

    Looking forward to my Special Edition of Crisis Core arriving, but after GoW things look a little light on the PSP release schedule.

    Seems a bit greedy to ask for more when we've recently had WipEout Pulse, FF Tactics, Disga... fuck, mustn't do lists... LISTS ARE BAD!
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  • Killzone 2

  • Hughes. 09/05/2008

    Another Nick nick, Nick?

    How long before this one gets banned, I wonder?
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  • Hughes. 09/05/2008

    The enemy will actually lob grenades at you if you dig in to one spot and pop out for headshots, eh? Well, that's one up on the dopey bastards in Killzone 1. Reply 0
  • Codemasters snags Formula 1 licence

  • Hughes. 09/05/2008

    So does this mean an entire generation of F1 games stuck at 30 fps? Or are they going to eventually get the EGO/NEON engine running at a proper frame rate for a racing game? Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special

  • Hughes. 08/05/2008

    I'm waiting for the superior Wii version! Reply 0
  • Race Driver: GRID demo in position

  • Hughes. 08/05/2008

    Travis Pastrami on Rye? Not that I know of, as he's a rally driver, I'm expecting American voices though.

    Anyone know how big the PSN version is going to be? My HDD is heaving with stuff, I need to get myself a 320GB pretty soon.
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  • echochrome

  • Hughes. 08/05/2008

    I did get a feeling the longevity might not be there from the demo. Should only cost a fiver here, and the steady flow of user generated levels should make it worth a pop.

    Really not sure of the pertinence of crowbarring Halo comparisons into the review, though.
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  • Reeves explains why Europe has to wait

  • Hughes. 08/05/2008

    This almost makes me want to vote for UKIP.

    Not really, but I speak a similar language to Americans, why the fuck should I have to wait months for a Flemish translation of a PSN game?

    David Reeves opens his gob to swap feet again.
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