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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @tackle70 Makes you wonder what took them so long. Kotaku, Destructoid and now, it seems, Polygon figured this out a long time ago. Reply +2
  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @JamieR I wasn't being entirely serious but sometimes games are going to ask you as a predefined character who is not a good person.

    Other times, games are going to let you be good or bad and generally do what you want.

    The sad truth is that I tried to do the achievement in RDR and wasn't able to because the only women I could find were in towns where they were protected by numerous men.
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @JamieR Good point.

    My current Skyrim character is a female Altmer who has a habit of murdering random unnamed NPCs (and I don't mean hostile ones) she meets along the road and stealing their stuff. She's not a good person.

    Does that mean that as the player I am portraying women in a negative light?
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @linea That works both ways. Everyone Niko deals with is a violent criminal. Only one of them is female and that virtually none of the male characters are good people at all.

    In a series where everyone's worst traits are turned up to the max, why are women the only ones potrayed as being half-way decent people?
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @Jonabob87 Sarkeesian is nothing short of a parasite. She's turned being offended in to a job in the same way nuts who think the moon landings were faked have done. Reply +2
  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @linea I don't think you're doing anything of the sort. The problem with this article is that it is itself sexist (the line about men all being sexist and how women will agree, especially) and an example of over-analysing things to the point where everything is sexist.

    Thousands of games reward players for killing exclusively male enemies. One game rewards a player for killing a woman in a specific way. Why is the second case the worse of the two?

    In the Grand Theft Auto games every different type of person you can imagine is portrayed as negatively as possible for comedic purposes. Why is it portrayal of girlfriends singled out?
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @Zealuu2 And thank you for illustrating mine. Take your apex fallacy elsewhere, please. Reply -1
  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @Garulon Saints Row games rewards you for kicking men in the groin. Pretty much the most gender-specific act of violence you can commit.

    For every game that 'rewards' the player for being violent towards a woman there are hundreds that do the same for violence towards men and hundreds more that go out of their way to prevent any kind of violence towards any woman in the game.
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @Zealuu2 The application of gender stereotypes has nothing to do with 'power structures'. It's prejudice, no matter who is being prejudiced towards who.

    Yours is one of the oldest, cheapest and least helpful arguments against men who don't like being stereotyped.
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    @bosseye It's funny Red Dead Redemption is being criticised here because it's one of a very small number of games that isn't averse to putting female NPCs in danger.

    It's difficult for me to see why Arkham City has three female prisoners when the place is supposed to contain an entire city's criminal population.

    Let's face it, for most games the default is women can be good and men can be good or bad. When games have female enemies at all, they have to be bosses or in some way 'special'.
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  • Hermiod 19/06/2014

    I was going to write a few paragraphs about how I am happy to play as female characters, how I love Femshep and Zoey from Left 4 Dead, but then you had to go and do what every single article like this does. You had to go and put women on a pedestal of superiority.

    I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Women are sexist too. They're sexist towards men and towards other women. That's why they "do not need you to point out that the average male is sexist". You had to go and create an atmosphere of defensiveness with that comment. Instead of having a fair conversation, you label everyone on one side.

    The problem, for me, is that in the wake of Ubisoft's latest foot/mouth incident the gaming press have run with this whole thing again and achieved little but to make the tiny fraction of gamers who actually read any of it feel guilty about playing games for yet another reason piled up upon the existing social stigma against them.

    All I can ask is that you do not allow Eurogamer to turn in to Destructoid or Kotaku where every single thing is blown up in to somehow being sexist or racist. The whole point of Eurogamer is that it's not AmericanGamer. Let's try to remember that we are Europeans and we don't have to blow everything out of proportion as Americans love to.
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  • Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition has bonus character and mission

  • Hermiod 21/11/2011

    @rob_of_the_robots I'm guessing it's extra outfits for those characters. Reply 0
  • Game: Modern Warfare 3 our most pre-ordered game ever

  • Hermiod 08/11/2011

    Yeah, so heavily pre-ordered that my copy hasn't turned up. Well done, Amazon, well done. Reply -1
  • Wilshere and Rooney on cover of FIFA 12

  • Hermiod 28/07/2011

    @gerkeo - You've just uncovered the secret feature in this year's Be a Pro mode. Reply 0
  • The Rock stars in WWE 12 trailer

  • Hermiod 28/07/2011

    @Murxidon - Agreed. They always managed to mess something up, to purposefully break something that was fine in the previous year's game which causes a fan backlash.With the last game it was stopping you defending titles outside of WWE Universe mode and making pinfalls far too easy to score. It's also ridiculous that someone who is in the main event of next year's Wrestlemania won't be included in the game from the start. Reply +2
  • Sony responds to 3D glasses complaints

  • Hermiod 22/07/2011

    My vision is crap so I have to wear glasses to play games anyway. An extra pair on top doesn't bother me. Reply +1
  • Ubisoft Uplay Passport costs Ł7.99

  • Hermiod 22/07/2011

    @HyperTails - I'm not even pro-pass and I had two posts where I tried to explain that these online passes don't prevent other users of the same console playing online negged to oblivion to the point where I gave up and just deleted them. Downvoted for trying to clear up a misunderstanding.

    Nobody actually likes these passes, it's just that some of us can see the studio's point of view even if we wish it wasn't necessary.

    I don't buy used games and entering a 16 digit code doesn't bother me as a former Amiga gamer who spent much of his childhood swapping discs and using all sorts of bizarre forms of copy protection - like Frontier challenging me to enter the eighth word on paragraph three on page twelve of the manual or the slide wheel thing that came with Zool.

    After that I had many years of entering much longer codes (that sometimes didn't even work) from the back of game manuals on my PC. Now I just buy everything from Steam. (And yes I know that has its own problems, but it also offers nonsensical bargains sometimes)
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  • Hermiod 21/07/2011

    @geeza2020 - I can't speak for Ubisoft's system but I have online passes on my Xbox 360 and PS3 for games from EA and THQ.

    The code you redeem is entered in to the platform's online store in the same way you'd redeem a code for pre-order DLC. It then downloads a small file (usually around 100K), the presence of which is picked up by the game.

    This file can be downloaded again to the same or another console just like any other DLC. It is linked to your Xbox Live or PSN account but it is usable by any user on that console.

    The only issue you might run in to is the same as with XBLA games that require the purchaser to be signed in and connected to Xbox Live when playing the game on a console other than the one they originally bought it on.
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  • Hermiod 21/07/2011


    In theory, using the online pass should be no different to a downloaded PSN or XBLA game. All users of the same console should be able to use it.

    You can also redownload the small file that activates the online pass to other consoles by going in to your purchase history.
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  • Captain America: Super Soldier

  • Hermiod 15/07/2011

    @Whitster - Definitely agreed. Brubaker's run on Captain America was one of the better comic book series in recent years. Reply +1
  • Halo Anniversary Kinect features "optional"

  • Hermiod 22/06/2011

    The only feature I can see working is voice chat using Kinect instead of a headset. Otherwise, what else are you going to bolt on to a decade old game? Reply 0
  • Molyneux: "Kinect has some problems"

  • Hermiod 21/06/2011

    @Beano - Of course I realise it was designed to sell the Kinect. The point was that voice control, especially the part where you 'act' out your dialogue choices, is a really cool feature that could have added to the what I'm sure will be an already great game. It's disappointing to me because I don't have the space to use the motion control features that the game I would buy it for won't even use. Reply 0
  • Hermiod 21/06/2011

    It also has the non-American living rooms problem. You have games like Mass Effect 3 adding voice control features that shouldn't even require Kinect (why no headset support?) making those of us without gigantic living rooms consider buying one and then seeing the 6ft space requirement. Reply +3
  • GTAV "pretty likely" for 2012 – report

  • Hermiod 21/06/2011

    I would absolutely love Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2. Reply +20
  • John Carmack's vision for the next Quake

  • Hermiod 17/06/2011

    I always preferred Quake 1's story (or lack thereof) - Crap, we're being invaded by hostile monsters from another dimension! Crap, the entire force we've sent to stop them is dead except for one guy! Oh well, just give him some really big fucking guns and tell him to go deal with it. If he runs out of ammo I'm sure there will be some conveniently left lying around. Reply +3
  • Why Mass Effect 3 supports Kinect

  • Hermiod 13/06/2011

    One question - why do you need Kinect just for voice commands? What does the Kinect microphone do that a headset microphone can't? I realise that the microphones are probably better - which is why Rock Band 3 ditched support for singing through the headset - but limiting this feature just to Kinect is disappointing. Reply 0
  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • Hermiod 13/06/2011

    Despite this poor score, I still see this game getting a lot more press attention than it deserves.

    When non-gamers talk about video games, they never seem to realise that games can be good and bad just like any other entertainment medium. When we had the whole Manhunt 2 business, more non-gamers condemned that game on TV than gamers who actually bought it.
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  • Pitchford: Duke wouldn't hurt a woman

  • Hermiod 10/06/2011

    I've lost count of the number of female television characters who show how 'empowered' they are by punching a male character in the face.

    But female-on-male violence is okay, isn't it?
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  • Spiderman: Edge of Time footage

  • Hermiod 06/06/2011

    It's Spider-Man, not Spiderman. /pedantic Reply 0
  • Games Jam to feature on Radio 4

  • Hermiod 03/06/2011

    "Games Jams are weekend-long events where amateur programmers and bedroom developers gather to create games in just 48 hours."

    So, basically like Activision, then?
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  • EA wants ideas for Command & Conquer 5

  • Hermiod 18/05/2011

    1) As others have said, ditch the stupid always on DRM and the moronic RPG-lite elements from C&C4.

    2) Go back to having a base, with a resource that you have to collect rather than the mobile bases nonsense from C&C4. Battles in C&C4 were just a matter of who could kill the enemy crawler fastest.

    3) No unit caps and stop worrying about stopping tank spam. Let's have huge battles.

    4) Actually try to differentiate between the sides and try to reduce the Paper/Scissors/Stone approach. Player one builds a unit, player two builds a unit specifically designed to kill player one's unit, so player one builds a unit specifically designed to kill player two's unit and on and on and on forever.

    5) Where units had an additional ability in RA3, they should be able to use that ability independently if set to the right stance. For instance, Natasha shouldn't stand there getting shot at by a tank until you manually tell her to use her pilot snipe ability.

    6) Similarly, it should be possible to take groups of units, send them in to an enemy base using the attack move order with an aggressive stance and then give them priority targets, so they'll attack a specific building unless they're defending themselves.

    7) Bring back Global Conquest from Kane's Wrath.
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  • Thor: God of Thunder

  • Hermiod 11/05/2011

    Damn it. Why can't we have a good game based on one of these movies? Reply 0
  • Team Ninja teases Dead or Alive 5

  • Hermiod 28/04/2011

    "It features 60fps visuals – if you turn the 3D effect off. With 3D on, it runs at 30fps."

    Errrr, yes? So? Rendering 3D graphics means you have render a frame for each eye, so performance will be halved.
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  • Portal 2 out now on Steam worldwide

  • Hermiod 19/04/2011

    It is still down for Thursday. My PS3 copy shipped from Game on Monday so I expect it to show up before then.

    @Cadence - Early days yet but it currently has a 95/100 Metacritic score, though only from 4 reviews.
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  • The girls of Duke Nukem Forever vid

  • Hermiod 08/04/2011

    @DiamondIce - I think we all, male and female, can be equally offended by We Dare - that Ubisoft think gamers are thick enough to buy that crap.Though personally I'm even more offended that there's a "Battle of the Sexes" mode in the game at all. Reply +4
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ships two million

  • Hermiod 30/03/2011

    I'd really like to see a mode where you can just keep playing matches in single player against varied teams of opponents where it just increases or decreases the difficulty based on how well you're doing. Reply 0
  • Hermiod 30/03/2011

    No, the fact that they're both 300kb downloads prove this. Reply +8
  • Slapped Down

  • Hermiod 29/03/2011

    @Optimas - I have and still do vote with my wallet and with my time. My television viewing is down to a couple of hours a week and I'm spending a hell of a lot less on DVDs in the last couple of years.

    I'm done consuming any form of entertainment rife with pointless male bashing. And yes, I'm saying that as the kind of white, heterosexual male with all of my evil privileged disposable income that the games industry is supposedly dependent upon.
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  • Hermiod 29/03/2011

    @paganarh - It just happens to be Duke this time. If and when Catherine gets a UK release we'll do this all over again.

    I've seen people complain about everything from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because She-Hulk is in the game (her breasts are too big, apparently) to Modern Warfare 2 because you can't play as a woman (said without a hint of irony).
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  • Hermiod 29/03/2011

    @aufi - See post 501. See where I used the term "crutches"? The whole "white male heterosexual" thing is one of them. I make no point about anyone's sexuality or race. This isn't about either of those things. It's all too easy to portray anyone who gives a damn about how men are treated in society as only caring about their own particular ethnic group.

    There won't be any "PC gone mad!" comments if articles like this don't raise this sort of trivial crap as evidence of sexism in gaming in the first place. In a week's time this will all be forgotten about until the next time some game does something equally trivial to offend the womenfolk.
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  • Hermiod 29/03/2011

    @aufi - Unfortunately, while you and other women may very well be offended by the far greater sexism in games and in entertainment as a whole, I do not see evidence of that whenever these discussions come up.

    Your statement of your gender coupled with the fact that we are all focusing on a minor issue that is supposedly offensive towards women speaks to the gynocentrism of so many of these discussions.

    We never get to have a grown up discussion on the portrayal of gender in entertainment because somebody is always taking offence to one person in one game receiving a blow job or slapping a woman on the backside. Then we stop talking about it until the next time somebody does something women don't like.

    My issue with you or anyone else feeling the need to state that you're female, and with other men who have asked what Eurogamer's female writers think, is not I think their opinions aren't valid, of course they are, it's that too many people think that sexism is something that only affects women.
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  • Hermiod 29/03/2011

    @aufi - In the words of a famous female television character, "I did not leap, I took a small step and there conclusions were".

    You did feel the need to establish your gender, as if that makes your opinions more important, otherwise why even mention it? Who cares that you're female? What difference does it make?

    That's what I've been saying all along. This game depicts men in a hell of a lot worse light and yet all people can find to bitch and moan about is one multiplayer mode. This game amongst thousands of others depicts men as expendable and worthless, but that's okay because it also allows you to spank a woman's backside which is much, much worse, isn't it?
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  • Hermiod 29/03/2011

    Unfortunately, while Keza's article was well written it appears to have brought a few people out of the woodwork who seem to want to disrupt what has been a relatively friendly (Fahey's Twitter comments aside) discussion.

    @aufi - Please go and learn what being sexually submissive actually means and learn that it is not the bad thing you make it out to be. Giving someone a blow job does not count.

    The fact that you felt the need to identify yourself as a woman also suggests that you think your opinions are more important, and the opinions of men are less important, as a result.
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  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    @Emeline Pankhurst - Did you read the comments here at all?

    The portrayal of women in the Halo games has already been discussed.

    Thousands of games portray men as expendable cannon fodder whose lives do not matter. I'm not going to blame games for that as we are all conditioned from birth to devalue the lives of men.

    This particular game shows all of Earth's men being turned in to Pigs. Do you REALLY think it's women who should be offended?
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  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    @Keza - Thank you for making your points without resorting to the usual crutches.

    I have seen female gamers treated abominably and that's something I won't defend. However, in general people in online games act poorly, I find women get a particular kind of abuse that's exclusive to them but they aren't alone in being treated badly. I got so fed up with it that I only play against my real life friends and put the privacy options on for everyone else.

    In general, however, I find most popular entertainment so utterly riddled with conscious or unconscious misandry that it's not going to be long before I have nothing to watch, play or listen to.

    Video games were kind of a last refuge but even those are getting worse.
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  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    How about we not hit anyone and stop making women a special case? Reply +2
  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    @coolbritannia - I think you're missing the point somewhat. Again, it is not that there are no female characters in the game or that they can't be killed.

    It's not the named characters that are an issue, it's the average Joe soldier fighting alongside you. Halo is a little better than other games in this regard (there were minor soldiers voiced by people like Michelle Rodriguez who can die).

    It's the overall portrayal in many games of fictional military organisations employing still almost exclusively male soldiers in front line combat roles, the kind of roles that are exclusively (by law) male in the real British and American armies.

    These games still perpetuate the idea that male lives have less value than female lives, and will continue to do so even in to the distant future.

    It's not necessary for you to keep defending Halo - Killzone, Command & Conquer and many other games are a lot worse.
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  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    @Riggers - of course there are technical arguments to be made, but Cliffy B's attitude says it all really.

    I'll give some games some credit. Half-Life 2 has female resistance members who can be killed just as easily as male ones and the death of a certain male character is treated as just as the death of prominent female characters would be in other video games.

    Dragon Age Origins has a particularly curious example where all of the men of a village are expected to defend it against an impending attack while the females take shelter. It's curious because it's not that way throughout the rest of the game - there are plenty of female warriors throughout.

    Of course, this attitude exists well beyond video games. It pervades every form of entertainment because it's the way we're conditioned to think.
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  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    @CoolBritania - All of the Spartans die in the game. That much was predetermined by the series' canon.

    It's still one character in one game in a series which typically depicts its key female characters as authority figures (like Halsey, Keyes, Cortana etc) and very rarely as ordinary grunts.

    The point is not that there are no women in the game or that you can't play as a female character - both of those statements are untrue - it's the roles those women play.

    I'm not singling out that Halo series either, as I've said there are a great many games which portray males as expendable in a much more pronounced way.
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  • Hermiod 28/03/2011

    @Riggers - it's not so much killing people who are trying to kill you, it's the gender split of the people fighting alongside you and what roles they are employed in.

    In most games, the average member of the Expendable Soldier class will be male.
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