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  • Fans think McDonald's new Mario toy features plumber on the toilet

  • GreyScale 09/01/2017

    really is a slow news day today huh... Reply +11
  • Turn-based mobile game Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch heads to PC

  • GreyScale 17/09/2015

    @arcam lots of samey loot, very basic gameplay and depth compared to XCOM. Its a 'good' mobile game but a lightweight experience compared to full PC games. Reply 0
  • Shadow Warrior revival by the Hard Reset dev announced

  • GreyScale 09/05/2013

    who wants some WANG Reply +8
  • closing retail business in March

  • GreyScale 09/01/2013

    they used to be THE place to go for discounted pre-orders on games. I remember when new PC releases would regularly be priced at £17.99 when they were £29.99 at most other retailers. They always used to have a good selection of niche and nerdy stuff too as well as exclusive things.
    Since they got taken over they are a shadow of their former selves. high prices, unreliable delivery, even the site is quite hard to navigate. I won't be using them when they go 100% marketplace as I don't feel confident that there is enough in the way of security to minimise the risk of getting ripped off. There isn't a watertight feedback/communication system in place which to me, involves putting way too much trust in the seller than I'm comfortable with (and probably vice versa too).
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  • Dreamfall Chapters will be a single-player adventure game for PC and Mac

  • GreyScale 09/11/2012

    TBH it pisses me off that he doesn't seem bothered about continuing the story after Dreamfall and doing this episodic stuff instead.

    If anyone is thinking about playing Dreamfall, don't. Great game until it gets to the ending, where it just abruptly ends mid-plot with a 'to be continued' style fadeout. Wasted many hours of my life on that. Cheers Ragnar, you nob.
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  • Make Diablo 3 harder and more rewarding with tomorrow's 1.05 patch

  • GreyScale 16/10/2012

    same old ill-informed comments every time a D3 article is posted. Listen here, idiots:
    1 some people played it through, couldn't be bothered to do it again, found it repetitive and limited, and moved on. fair enough.
    2 some people still play regularly, enjoy the challenge of the higher difficulties, the paragon levels, co-op with friends, and of course the promise of more shiny loot.

    The game updates are clearly aimed at group number 2, the harder core players who have worked through most of the games challenges and want more.

    The patches aren't going to magically make the game more interesting for you if got bored of it after a couple of weeks. So stop whinging, go play something else, and let the people who WILL enjoy the patches enjoy it without the cliche comments.
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  • Diablo 3 adds Paragon system, raises level cap... sort of

  • GreyScale 20/08/2012

    @SuperBas Here's a plan for you - go play another game, move on, and stop whining Reply +2
  • GreyScale 20/08/2012

    @Hamflank You're not wrong. A D3 news article is like a catalyst for the same old comments to get trotted out, I suppose we're lucky some bright spark hasn't said 'FIX OFFLINE SINGEL PLAYER PLZ BLIZZ FFS!1' yet.
    You are correct in your statement that they provide new content and features for free and that people take that for granted for some reason. Every comments thread is full of morons saying 'this is stupid, I stopped playing 3 months ago anyway, whys this going to make me start playing again' or 'GG bliz, you're breaking it more', while the hardcore fans of the game (who most of these updates are aimed at) carry on enjoying the game.
    If you don't like the game, don't play it, and please don't feel you have to punctuate every comments thread with the same old self-righteous bollocks. It does my head in to be honest.
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  • $99 Android console Ouya is a real thing

  • GreyScale 03/07/2012

    wow. imagine the shovelware potential of this. Just imagine it. Reply +51
  • Kingdoms of Amalur studio execs jump ship

  • GreyScale 24/05/2012

    @zuul disagree, there were some really nice unique bits in the game, and the models and animations of everything was generally really good quality. The settings were fairly generic though (forests, ruins, etc) - still, it's a hundred times less generic than Diablo 3 and nobody moans about that... Reply +1
  • Expo Extra: Oh No They Di'nt!

  • GreyScale 24/09/2011

    been off having babies hasn't she?Look forward to having her back on the podcast soon too, its been a bit dry and humourless since she went off. Reply +9
  • Langdell: judge made "almost 100 errors"

  • GreyScale 29/07/2011


    Reply +14
  • Alice: Madness Returns

  • GreyScale 14/06/2011

    I had a feeling this was going to be mediocre. Hopefully lots of people will also play the first game, realise how annoying and shallow it was, and the rose tinted glasses can finally come off... Reply -5
  • McGee's original Alice coming to consoles?

  • GreyScale 18/04/2011

    Good news. hopefully lots more people will play it, look past the rose tints and realise what an overrated, irritating, repetitive, frustrating, style over substance lump of a game it was. Gfx were alright tho I spose. Reply 0
  • More Dawn of War II DLC announced

  • GreyScale 31/03/2011

    any chance of some single player dlc maybe? :( Reply +2
  • Gearbox boss explains Duke Nukem delay

  • GreyScale 24/03/2011

    here we go again Reply +3
  • Double Dragon resurrected for iOS

  • GreyScale 12/02/2011

    Sorry but that just looks, frankly, shite Reply +8
  • Clint Mansell making Mass Effect 3 music

  • GreyScale 10/02/2011

    When they come to ethnically cleanse the humans, will Shepard speak out, will he defend me? Reply +4
  • Out This Week: 28/01/2011

  • GreyScale 24/01/2011

  • Blizzard mulling 5-man Molten Core

  • GreyScale 08/12/2010

    'Downing Ragnaros for the first time is in my top gaming moments EVUR.'

    Oh god yes, the moment my guild did it for the first time (we'd been trying for months) was pure, sweet ecstacy, the very essence of complete gaming joy. For the next half an hour we were babbling excitedly, running round, posing for group photos, spamming raid chat. Even though Molten Core is old hat now, nothing in WOW quite matched up to that for the sheer 'FUCK YES' feeling.
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  • Deimos unveiled for God of War 3

  • GreyScale 29/10/2010

    Just looks like Kratos with a beard Reply 0
  • Nintendo: Apple is our greatest threat

  • GreyScale 25/10/2010

    Wasn't it only a few months ago that Nintendo were saying about how the iPhone is no competition for the DS? Reply +3
  • Get Commandos Complete for two quid

  • GreyScale 19/10/2010

    Commandos (+expansion) - really good, but fucking hard. Like really, really bastard hard
    Commandos 2 - brilliant, much more balanced and forgiving, epic levels, absolute classic game
    Commandos 3 - disappointing, dumbed down, short, but still not bad
    Commandos strike force - crap
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  • Eurogamer wins Games Media Award

  • GreyScale 15/10/2010

    Farewell then PCZone, you were a great read (even if you were slowly dying over the past year or so). I'll miss you lots. Reply +1
  • McGee: Alice won't go "over the top"

  • GreyScale 03/09/2010

    @Kangarootoo: absolutely 100% spot on. It annoys me whenever I see American McGee bigging up his own projects, as if he is such a omnipotent auteur and artisan that we are waiting on baited breath for him to grace us with his divine touch.

    Alice was a pretty game, but with naff repetitive annoying gameplay and a cheesy 'kids book made dark and adult' theme. No big deal. What else has he done? Crapland and some Doom levels. Why the hell does he deserve all this attention?
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  • Gearbox making Duke Nukem – Report

  • GreyScale 11/08/2010

    Awaiting bitter George Broussard comments... Reply 0
  • EA announces Alice: Madness Returns

  • GreyScale 21/07/2010

    Well done American McGee, your second big game (let's ignore 'american McGees scrapland') and what's this? It's seems to be exactly the same as the first one. Genius.

    Btw American, the whole 'evil twisted dark sinister interpretation' thing is sooo 1996. You do realise the original story was already pretty dark and twisted?

    But well done on teenagering up classic ideas that aren't yours. Again. You utter hack.
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  • BioShock 2 single-player DLC announced

  • GreyScale 01/07/2010

    Single player DLC GOOD: extensions to the main plot, maybe a spinoff character/plotline, or a different point of view, new items and features

    Single player DLC BAD: single items just added to the main game where you need to play it all over again to use them, 'arena'/'trial' things which just throw larger amounts of enemies at you
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  • Apple sells three million iPads

  • GreyScale 23/06/2010

    Anything as deep (or with the gaming quality) as classical RPGs (Chrono Trigger, Zeldas), GTA:CW, Mario Kart, Prof Layton and so on?

    Yes, plenty. Loads of RPGs including Final Fantasies, Chaos rings etc etc. GTA:CW is also available on iPhone (a properversion). Loads of Mario Kart, Professor Layton etc clones. There is Doom, Monkey Island, Driver, Street fighter 4, PES, C&C Red Alert, Phoenix Wright, Need for Speed, Football Manager, off the top of my head. All for a fraction of the price of the DS/PSP versions.

    You should really do some research before you blindly slag something off.
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  • GreyScale 22/06/2010

    Presumably you don't buy Nike, Tesco, Nestle, BP etc products either because you want to be an ethical consumer? Of course you don't, because that would make you a hypocrite wouldn't it. Reply +5
  • GreyScale 22/06/2010

    People who bang on about 'specs' all the time are just the worst kind of tech-nerd arseholes. The people who rush out and buy a stupidly hi-spec expensive PC then only use it for endless 3dmark benchmarking and forum willy-waving. The people who buy a Skoda because of the 'specs'. The people who sit there stubbornly persisting with their shitty symbian smartphones because they have superior 'specs'.

    If 'spec' is the most important factor when buying shit, you are a chump and are past reasoning with.
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  • Warhammer 40,000 MMO named

  • GreyScale 15/06/2010

    Games Workshop are awesome artists and the WH40k lore is amazing...but fuck me they need to have a little more originality in their naming conventions Reply +2
  • Obsidian: Aliens RPG was "ready to ship"

  • GreyScale 29/04/2010

    KOTOR had turn-based combat. Also by Obisidian. Obviously it would be like that rather than JPRG style. Reply +3
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC now live after delay

  • GreyScale 07/04/2010

    Firewalker is on Cerberus and has been out a few weeks. It isn't very good though. Wouldn't say it has 'fucked up' my PC version though, the buttons are mapped differently to the onscreen prompts but thats the only thing I've noticed. Reply +1
  • Penny Arcade Adventures binned

  • GreyScale 30/03/2010

    Really liked the first 2 games, they were good fun. Real shame that its not continuing, was looking forward to seeing how the story panned out. Reply +1
  • Rebellion happy with AVP, in sequel talks

  • GreyScale 23/02/2010

    'My point was if you enjoy it fair enough if you dont highlight the flaws as to why its not for you. '

    What do you mean? If you like the game then talk it up but if you don't like it then don't say anything?
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  • GreyScale 23/02/2010

    'The tense moments come from knowing that an alien is near, but not knowing exactly where it is, or where it will come from: i.e it's a tool to deliver apprehension, as opposed to surprise. '

    But the point is you know exactly where it is coming from. When I was doing the marine campaign I could just point myself in the direction of the approaching blip, wait for it to run round a corner, and blast its head off. It's only apprehension in the sense of 'oh look, something is coming that I need to shoot'. It's the equivalent of having a minimap with enemies highlighted on it - maybe ok for a balls-out action game, but absolutely rubbish for an immersive tense jumpy shooter.
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  • GreyScale 23/02/2010


    Yeeeah coz everyone who has played this game is over 18. Just like everyone who played MW2, GTA4, etc was over 18.

    I don't recall there being more than 4 or 5 aliens attacking at once (and that was just at the one bit, where the queen was). Pretty much the same as in AvP2, and even AvP the original 1999 game.

    Any other reasons why this game is better than AvP2 other than maybe slightly more enemies attacking at once?
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  • GreyScale 23/02/2010

    @Doctor What, I wouldn't trust these comments segments to provide a reliable overview of a game tbh, you will always get a section of people who enjoy the game who post their opinions, a section who didn't enjoy it who post their opinions, and another bunch of people who will pos any pro comments and neg any anti comments no matter what, without ever posting their reasons or counter arguments. Same goes for the comments bits on any Halo/Gears of War/COD MW2 etc articles.

    Check the forum thread, the general feeling on AvP is of overwhelming meh (apart from some rubbish fanboy trolling earlier today).
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  • GreyScale 23/02/2010

    'Id say its a victory for the punters who do not blindly follow game sites reviews and are prepared to go with there gut instinct and also listen to the verdicts of people who PAID for the game themselves and look at what the majority of them thought about it. '

    lol, are you serious? You are happy because people ignored the critics and went out and bought a crappy game because of their 'gut instinct' (ie 'Aliens and predators man, how can this game NOT be awesome?!')...

    All you 13 yar old fanboys, go back and play AvP2 from 9 YEARS ago. You'll find it is the superior game in all but graphics. Honestly.
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  • GreyScale 23/02/2010

    'He's complaining about one of the most iconic sounds from the Alien/Aliens series of movies being included in a game based on the Alien/Aliens movies for crying out loud. '

    He's got a point. THe motion sensor is constantly and passively active, it completely ruins any sense of surprise because the beeps always tell you which direction enemies are approaching from and how far away they are. There are virtually no tense panicky moments in the whole game because of this.

    They should have made it attachable to only a certain weapon, or as a swappable tool like the torch in Doom 3.

    It's exactly the reliance on the iconic sounds and images from the movies rather than genuine considered gameplay mechanics that make this one a duffer.
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  • GreyScale 23/02/2010

    Basically it's the license that makes this game. Imagine - if the aliens/predator/marines were replaced by generic clones, with the same gameplay but different models and sounds...the game would have got 30% across the board. Reply +2
  • No romance in Dragon Age expansion

  • GreyScale 17/02/2010

    Not sure if the 'download only' comments are actually correct, a quick look on shows preorders for the 360 and PC versions for £25 and £15 respectively.

    Plus steam says that it's version is only compatible with the digitally downloaded original - would seem pretty weird to shaft all the people that bought a retail box copy in this way.
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  • Cobain would find GH5 funny, says Love

  • GreyScale 01/02/2010

    They must be getting Richter readings around where Kurt is buried with the amount of spinning he must be doing. Courtney Love is facepalm personified. Reply +7
  • Podcast #3

  • GreyScale 27/01/2010

    I got a mention in the 'best of the forum' bit! Fame at last. Reply 0
  • Hellgate to return to West in 2011

  • GreyScale 18/01/2010

    Hellgate was disappointingly rubbish. Especially after all the time it took to release it. Reply 0
  • GAME's GOWIII bundle costs £110

  • GreyScale 12/01/2010

    'The price is too much though IMO, the US Ultimate Edition is $90 from Amazon... '

    AFAIK the US version doesn't include the remade GOW 1 and2?
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  • Force Unleashed sequel due next year

  • GreyScale 14/12/2009

    Force Unleashed was a good game, despite a lot of people slagging it off for some reason. Kind of like God of War: Star Wars. Hopefully this will be as good too. Reply +1
  • Uwe Boll doing new BloodRayne film?

  • GreyScale 23/11/2009

    isn't it something do do with the German government giving big tax breaks and concessions to filmmakers, so every time he guffs out another movie he makes a healthy chunk of cash? Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy XIII street date announcement

  • GreyScale 13/11/2009

    Final Fantasy completely reinvents itself with each new iteration?

    As Bill Lumberg might say - 'yyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh.....'
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