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  • Incredible Spelunky player reveals how to kill the Ghost

  • GameGuru 29/11/2013


    Funnily enough the Ghost is wearing a bow. It only appears when you take a photo. The best image I can find is this.

    That's why the ghost is considered a she.
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  • Editor's blog: A personal update

  • GameGuru 14/09/2013

    @Stoatboy Haha, no. I just wanted the jetpack. I must admit that I completely forgot that I picked up the teleporter - I think I was just desparate to get everything and then get away. If I had bothered to use it I could've gotten past the spiderweb and escaped, I feel really stupid for not using it now.

    Hoping I get a much better run today. We'll see! :)
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  • GameGuru 13/09/2013

    @Stoatboy You're spot on. :)

    I've been getting away with stealing it for quite a few daily runs now, but really came unstuck today so put in my worst performance ever on a daily run. Not so gutted as I've had so many good runs in the last couple of weeks. Funnily enough, I started recording my runs once Tom stopped doing his, you can see them all from my Steam profile if you want to watch how I failed so quickly today.
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  • GameGuru 13/09/2013

    Wholly agree with Stoatboy, we miss you Tom :(

    Glad you're doing what you enjoy though.
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  • Eurogamer vs. Spelunky Daily Challenge

  • GameGuru 26/08/2013

    Real shame these have to come to an end, but what a fantastic video to end with. Thank you so much for doing them, they've been a real treat to watch. One of the things I've been amazed by in your vids is how lucky you are in narrowly avoiding death. Today's run was a real testament to that as you probably should've died many times before you actually did. Really glad you didn't though.

    Managed another completion today, although only against Olmec. Chance for a really great run if you're careful, there's a jetpack (from the alien in 3-1), shotgun (from the undead section) and kapala easily obtainable. Made a really silly mistake in the black market, which meant I lost the ankh almost as soon as I'd bought it. Still managed to pull in a good amount of gold in both the ice caves and temple.
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  • GameGuru 26/08/2013

    To defeat Olmec you need to get him to land in the lava, which will open up the exit door to the right. So you're on the right path. Every time you're under him he'll stomp the ground, removing a layer of blocks. So either get him to do that, or use bombs to create a path for him to fall in.
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  • GameGuru 25/08/2013

    Forgot to mention, you can pick up and throw an exploding frog like a bomb if you're quick, useful if they do land in an awkward position.

    I love that the Daily Challenge completely changes the way you play the game, I play so much more conservatively when doing it compared to normal runs. I was annoyed that I didn't take the jetpack on the last daily challenge, so I decided I had to get it this time - it obviously paid off.

    Normally if it's available and there's no easy means to take out the shopkeeper I'll just pick it up and leg it, hoping to outrun and fly away from him before he gets a chance to shoot me.

    Well done for getting a completion though, particularly on a daily challenge.

    Well worth trying to complete Hell, my nerves were completely shredded when I first did it, I felt so much relief to get through. Make sure you have a jetpack when you go for it though, I haven't yet managed to do it without.
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  • GameGuru 25/08/2013

    I love that you had 3 goes at getting rid of the explosive boxes, only to die when you were finally successful. I would've hoped the first 2 failures would've clued you in that it was probably not a good idea.

    Like Stoatboy I had my best ever run today, which has made up for a string of silly Ice Cave deaths in the previous dailies. As usual I decided I wanted the jetpack but didn't want to pay for it and from then on enjoyed looting every shop I came across (including everything in the Black Market.)

    Ended up getting into the City of Gold and earning a nice amount there and then proceeded into Hell and defeated King Yama scoring $871525 which currently puts me 4th.
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  • GameGuru 20/08/2013

    Level generation was a bit rubbish today. Pretty much impossible to get the Udjat Eye, terrible shops (pretty much all were hired help) and so few bombs.

    Couple of observations/comments on your run today Tom. In the dark mines level (1-2?) You said you get hit by the arrow after it rebounded off the wall. What actually happened was the spider got hit by the arrow after jumping for you and then the arrow fletching dropped on your head. This only stuns you so you didn't lose any health (hence why you had 4 hit points still.)

    The spikes on a Tiki trap only fire in one direction at a time, I noticed you trying to coax them to fire a couple of times in the Jungle when they were already extended in the opposite direction. It's safe to grab them if they're doing this as they won't be able to fire again until they go back in.

    Finally, you can't damage yetis by whipping them. They're the first enemy you encounter that are immune to whips, and in fact they'll throw you if you get too close. Your best bet is to jump on them, but in the situation where you died you were definitely better off just keeping well clear.

    Managed to reach 3-2 today, but died in a comically bad fashion as I attempted a jump across the abyss at the bottom and completely fluffed it, even with a cape from the vampire, resulting in a slow plummet to my death.
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  • GameGuru 19/08/2013

    Noticed that you're struggling with a couple of things from watching your vids Tom, so hopefully these tips might help a bit.

    When you're looking to drop down safely from a long drop (like in the mines today) if you're not carrying anything then it's safest to crawl to the edge, which will make you automatically hang on to the edge where if you hold down and jump you'll descend without any problems. Alternatively, if you're hauling something your best bet is to walk off the edge and immediately face the opposite direction as you start to drop. If you've got good reflexes (or practice a bit) then you'll grab hold of the edge you've just dropped from and can then drop safely, you also will keep hold of what you're carrying.

    Sticky bombs are fantastic, they allow much more flexible placement of bombs and let you kill tougher enemies reliably because they'll attach to whatever you hit. However it does change the way that placing bombs (down + b) work. When you don't have sticky bombs, placing them will make them slide one square in front of you before coming to a stop, whereas a sticky bomb will attach to your feet. The best way to make sticky bombs act like non-sticky bombs in this situation is to place it, then pick it up and put it down again. This will make it roll forward a little bit and land in a similar position to a non-sticky bomb. The important thing is to remember that you don't have long before the bomb goes off. So don't hold on to them for too long!

    Had a really bad run yesterday, a mixture of tiredness and impatience cost me lots of hits and I eventually succumbed to a tiki trap in the first jungle level. Was nice to watch someone get further so I could see what I missed!

    Today went a little bit better (although not great) Got distracted by the snow on the Ice Caves and strayed too close to a landmine that I triggered which ended me quickly.
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  • GameGuru 17/08/2013

    Great run today Tom. It's already been mentioned by Stoatboy but your best bet for dealing with mummies, the king yeti and mammoths is to jump on them, although only if you have spike boots.

    Managed another completion today, but only scored ~$200,000. Completely missed the Eye of Udjat.
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  • GameGuru 16/08/2013

    You did well to survive that dark level today, sensible and cautious navigation in it, although if you'd used a rope in the pool to get back up to the torch you had lit beforehand you could have relit your portable one. Unfortunately, I expect many (including me!) found that level quite easy because the black market entrance was right near the start so I spent only about 10 seconds on it. Sorry :(

    Pleasingly, I was back on form after a poor run yesterday. Despite only having one rope left after the snake pit level (as I used 2 to activate arrow traps on my descent) I managed to get through and defeat Olmec, ultimately finishing with $326,600. The Jungle area wasn't kind though.
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  • GameGuru 15/08/2013

    To answer the slight bit of confusion you had on your video this morning Tom, if you get hit by an arrow trap you'll lose 2 hit points, not 1. The three arrow traps at the exit of 1-4 had already fired thanks to a web spider triggering the top one and the result of that setting off the two at the bottom. You can see the arrows already sat on the floor when you reached it.

    Didn't enjoy doing today's run at all. The Mine levels were mostly bereft of loot and that spider floor was EVIL. Had to really dig to get to the black market and didn't really find anything there to entice me. Finally I foolishly dropped down without looking at the exit of 2-3 to be greeted with a boomerang to the face where I was quickly punted to a Tiki Trap. $35625 - my worst run in a long while.
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  • GameGuru 14/08/2013

    Personally I prefer that Tom is recording commentary as he plays, makes for a much more natural video. Really felt bad for him when he died, shotgun kickback so regularly finishes me off too.

    Decided today that I wanted the shotgun too, but unlike Tom decided to be cheap and used the freeze gun (in the same shop) to freeze the shopkeeper and then stomped on him. Took off with the shotgun and hoped for the best. Completely missed the black market (was it on the piranha level?) and met a grisly demise at 4-2 when I tried to hide from an irate shopkeeper at the exit by holding on to a Tiki Trap. Big mistake.
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  • GameGuru 13/08/2013

    the ice caves especially were no place to be without a weapon, a cape or a jetpack
    Don't know if you know this already (or want to know, so I'll spoiler it), but you can get a Jetpack from defeating the Alien Lords in the ice caves. It's where I got one on today's run through. 1 bomb to get in to the "ship" and another to kill him and reveal the jetpack hiding behind. Well worth two bombs :)

    Was doing pretty well considering that bomb paste was nowhere to be found today. Although ended my run in the first temple level (4-1) when I decided to play too cautiously and let the ghost chase me into a pool of lava...

    Enjoyed the video again today, can certainly see the improvement in your play as you go Tom. I look forward to seeing a video of you taking on Olmec. I can only imagine the chaos you'll sow when you start panicking there.
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  • GameGuru 13/08/2013

    But Spelunky's scoring system works like this already to some extent. The value of Gold and Gem pick-ups are increased when you reach each new area, thus rewarding you for reaching it and exploring the area.

    As others before me have said, the scoring system works using money as it encourages you to strongly consider whether buying that item from the shopkeeper is a good investment or not, plus stealing would generally not be useful as it would open you up to more risk with no reward for being successful. Ultimately you would buy items from shops because they will allow you to progress farther (and therefore by extension) allow you to earn more.
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  • GameGuru 12/08/2013

    Wow, today's daily was stressful. The Jungle area was a nightmare to navigate. Managed to reach 3-3 in the end with $106,900 in the bank. Killed by a ufo landing on a landmine that propelled itself into my face. The game was so surprised by this that even it has listed my cause of death as "Unknown" :) Reply +2
  • GameGuru 11/08/2013


    The jetpac is in the black market btw, so it's worth a visit if you know the way.
    This makes what I did all the more upsetting today. In a completely mindless moment I went through the normal exit and not the black market one because they were so close. I can only wonder what could have been if I had gotten the ankh and jetpack.

    I managed to defeat Olmec, and ended up with 216,100.

    Thoroughly enjoyed today's video though.
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  • GameGuru 10/08/2013

    Had a reasonable run on the daily challenge today although not quite beating Stoatboy. I got $115150 and currently position 134. I messed up and died before I could make full use of the Ankh, so decided to go in the worm which ended quite badly :(
    If anyone wants to add me to compare scores then my Steam id is
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  • Eurogamer and Outside Xbox go spelunking

  • GameGuru 16/08/2013

    Great video, I particularly love the final battle with the shopkeeper, I started to think you were going to win in the end. Reply +3
  • Spelunky PC review

  • GameGuru 11/08/2013

    @TheTingler You can't save the game. However you can unlock shortcuts to each area (Jungle, Ice Caves, Temple) by handing over specific items to a character called "Tunnel Man". That said, the shortcuts are more of a way to let you practice those areas before you do a full run. You'll normally find the later areas much more difficult if you haven't gotten items from the earlier areas to help you out. Reply 0