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  • StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm review

  • FreudianTrip 20/03/2013

    @memeroot Errr, not sure what your issue is then. Outside of Starcraft 2 and a crappy C&C game every few years. All strategy games are turn based. Reply 0
  • Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable review

  • FreudianTrip 24/01/2013

    Just release it on the bloody PC already. I'll buy 5 copies. I've been trying to play this game and it's predecessor for bloody years. Reply 0
  • Podcast #124: Spelunky Special

  • FreudianTrip 14/08/2012

    Dear @INSOMANiAC Sorry :( The games all about buying the shortcuts. Always give all your money to the shortcut dudes.

    The third level is an utter pain though. I'd say it's harder than all the rest of the levels.
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  • Jacked Review - The Unauthorised GTA Story?

  • FreudianTrip 27/03/2012

    Holy shit it's a review that looks at what the object being reviewed is trying to achieve whether it succeeds at that or not and the various twists and tales that cause the book to fail or succeed. All without putting an X/10 at the end.

    Imagine if game reviews worked like that!
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  • The Story of DOTA

  • FreudianTrip 16/08/2011

    @Ironclad; Watch your replays. It'll be pretty obvious why you're being verbally abused. I don't have time to type out all the mistakes your making or I'd be 0-7 like you are. Learning during a game of DoTa/HoN is pretty much impossible. You have to be so active at all times that unless I'm on Skype with you or watching your replays and typing to you, I simply don't have the time.

    Sorry if it seems I'm being an asshole but it's just the reality of the game. Alot of the mistakes are so obvious after a few games it'd be like me watching you play an FPS and have to tell you, "Look straight ahead, no not at the wall, stop running into the wall, you're looking at the floor, look up, no thats too high up, look at the enemy, click near their head. Oh you're dead." Now transfer that over to a 40 minute game, not a 30 second CS experience.
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  • FreudianTrip 16/08/2011

    At first I thought it was because the genre is heavily, heavily weighted towards competitive play, but I then realised so are most fighting games, and their community seems to be just fine.

    In fighting games, if you do shit/are shit, I win. In DOTA and it's various clones. If you do even slightly shitty plays compared to the average skill level and you're on my team, I've lost. Something I have no control over, I'm not even on the same side of the map as you and you've caused me to lose (unless by luck there just happens to be someone as shitty/shittier than you are). This is about 8-15 minutes into a game and 'we' (read 'I') have lost. Yet a game normally lasts around 40 minutes and you don't want to concede. So I have to waste 30 minutes of my time losing.

    Imagine every Starcraft 2 game you ever played ended up in them lifting all their buildings and flying them to various corners of the map. Causing me to play an extra 40 minutes for nothing, sounds annoying right. Now imagine that without even the sense of winning after that.
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  • Podcast #33

  • FreudianTrip 24/08/2010

    I'd like to add that I enjoy this podcast and the previous statement was just joshing. Needs more bin men smashing glass though. Reply +1
  • FreudianTrip 24/08/2010

    Just seen that if you direct download this iTunes files it under 'Blues'. A mistake or just an apt description of how listeners feel while experiencing it? Reply -1
  • Podcast #25

  • FreudianTrip 06/07/2010

    Olly likes to fiddle with his Nobbi Nobbi Boy. Har Har. Reply +1
  • Transformers: War For Cybertron

  • FreudianTrip 25/06/2010

    The writer may just be reviewing this game as he did because it's what he thinks. I mean how dare he think numerically differently from other people. Who does this guy think he is?[reference] FRACKIN OPTIMUS PRIME?[/reference]

    Do like number 15s post though. New Ideas Do Not Exist. Thats totally deep man.
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  • Podcast #16

  • FreudianTrip 27/04/2010

    Yeah but a Mr Potato Head in a Darth Vader costume knocking up a gerbil also won a prize. Not to make your victory any lesser of course. Reply 0
  • FreudianTrip 27/04/2010

    The podcasts reasonably entertaining and perfectly acceptable. Fuck the haters.

    Don't let this compliment go to your heads please.
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  • Kick-Ass game on PSN this week

  • FreudianTrip 27/04/2010

    I'm sold! Reply 0
  • FreudianTrip 27/04/2010

    @Deckard1: What a game! I must have played that piece of shit for at least 100 hours. Reply 0
  • FreudianTrip 27/04/2010

    Did Eurogamer not post the gameplay video of it? I saw it over on GiantBomb and it looks TURRIBLE. I said, TURRIBLE. Looks like a mid-gen PS2 game and looks like a crappy version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

    Not really commented before; are we allowed to link off site? I'll put it in just incase.

    looks KICK ASS (geddit?)

    edit: Christ it is that video in the link. Assumed they wouldn't let that one see the light of day again. TURRIBLE.
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  • Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

  • FreudianTrip 18/03/2010

    Is that thing on the front page one of those Japanese penis monsters? Reply +3