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  • 3.5 years and $7K later, Halo's Pillar of Autumn built using Lego

  • FortysixterUK 24/12/2014

    That's an amazing model. But then it got damaged in transit and has been dismantled ? Jeezus, you'd have thought Bungie or 343 would have bought this off the guy for display in their offices, and paid to get it repaired.

    Amazing build job however.
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  • Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

  • FortysixterUK 23/12/2014

    And another year of gaming passes!

    Happy Christmas everyone !
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  • Sony beefs up PS4 20th Anniversary Edition sales system after thousands use exploit to gain unfair advantage

  • FortysixterUK 18/12/2014

    Just release the console with everything it has with it as per the limited edition, but don't put any limited edition numbers on it.

    That way those who are lucky enough to get a limited edition have the numbered version and everyone else gets to buy the console as normal.

    Sony should realise that bad PR is just bad PR and not assume the old saying " any publicity is good publicity".

    It should have been a lottery system for PSplus subscribers all along anyway!
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  • How to buy a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console online this week

  • FortysixterUK 18/12/2014

    The image just never loads up fast enough...anyway, todays was Desmond Miles. Reply 0
  • FortysixterUK 15/12/2014

    The answers easy enough...but the bloody image page won't load up...been stuck on 16% since 4pm.

    What a crappy competition.
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  • FortysixterUK 15/12/2014

    Again, needlessly convoluted and awkward.

    What about the folks who are at work?
    All of those times are office / shop hours.

    Great way to alienate the fan base who bought the PS1 in the 90's but have now got mortgages, families, jobs...y'know...all the dull stuff.

    I think a simple 'photo compo would have been better.

    Send in a 'photo of you with a unique bit of Sony PS kit, or your PS collection, and let a group of bods at Sony choose the photo winners.

    The score criteria could been various categories for rarity of the item, the number of games, the number of consoles etc etc.

    Alternately, just set up an email lottery.

    Send your email address off to Game or Sony and let a random process pick the address. Come to think of it, that would have been the most fair method !

    Frankly, Sony should just release the console as a standard edition, without the number stamp, so people can just buy it, and those with the number stamped editions still have something totally unique.
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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • FortysixterUK 17/12/2014

    I won't be buying as the concept just makes me uncomfortable. And it happens a little too often in real life. Yesterday's shocking news story being an example.

    But I do think games should be an un censored and creatively free medium.

    I assume the longer you survive in this game the more law enforcement agencies chase you and the ending would always be the same? That your character is killed ? So really it's just a score chaser type game ?
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  • Bloodborne reveals Collector's Edition goodies

  • FortysixterUK 13/12/2014

    This has turned out to be a very expensive game. The vanilla version is currently a few pence short of £50 on Amazon & Shopto.

    The version I would like is the one with the steel case, I'm not really interested in just another " look at once and never again" art book, I just wanted the steel case.

    The only place to get it is Game. That will cost you £70!

    As much as I really want Bloodborne, by it being stupidly expensive for the version I want, it has just dropped off my " must have on day one" list. If it doesn't drop a lot, I shall just wait for the plastic case version to drop to £30.

    Talk about price yoursel out the market !
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  • Final Fantasy Type-0 is your only way of getting the Final Fantasy 15 demo

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014

    I think the only FF game that's truly been screwed up was FF13-3 , the one with Lightning and the time limit factor.

    It seems people started falling out of love with the series from FF-10 onwards, but I really liked them all ( the single player ones ) and think FF12 is totally due a big HD re-master job. It's my personal favourite out of the entire series. Having said that, playing it on a PS2 emulator with an ISO ripped from my original allows me to play it in full HD anyway, but it would be nice to have an official version.

    Likewise FF13 was fun as was FF13-2.

    If you want really old school FF, try playing Bravely Default on the 3DS.
    Great game that is Final Fantasy in all but name, I think it's part of the Crystal Chronicles series.
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  • Destiny: How to get to level 32

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014

    So one of the only ways to get to max level is to run the stupidly hard raids.

    Which you can't autogroup for....because they have been made stupidly hard.

    Therefore, said raids become highly exclusionary. So no level 32 for 75% of the game population then?

    I'll just go play something else, and won't rush out to buy the next Destiny.

    It's a shame as for the first 5 weeks after the games release, I utterly obsessed over this game. It was money well spent for that 5 weeks as I played nothing else, but now.....I've moved on.
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  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014

    Sony should have found some way to ensure these consoles only found their way into the hands of true fans who would keep, and appreciate, this unique console.

    I will certainly endeavour to buy on from the online store, but I don't expect I'll have a hope in hell of getting one.

    I just hope Sony see the light and release it at a later date as a special edition, only not so heavily limited by their number.

    I just love my gaming hardware, and always buy the next iteration of a console, even if its just a different paint job. Hence I have a considerable collection of consoles from PS2, Ninty handhelds, PSPs & original Xbox onwards and up to date with the latest systems.

    I would suspect genuine collectors will not even get a look in on this console.

    The criteria for being able to purchase one of these systems should have been a photograph of all the Sony Playstation kit & games you have bought over the years and still own , and used as proof of your integrity as a collector. You could have then emailed it into a special Sony website for consideration.

    It's just a shame that profiteering by greedy "non fans" is put before the enjoyment of the genuine collectors who would keep and relish the ownership of such a piece of kit as this PS4.

    Colour me slightly grey with disappointment.
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014


    Sound advice there from someone who's actually played the game.
    My pre-order with GAME ( and it was a lovely steel case edition as well ), cancelled.

    Oh. I forgot to add my main reason.....QTE's are wholly unacceptable. Always have been, always will be,
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  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    You are kidding, of course !

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  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    What a stupid fucking idea.
    Way to deny 99.9% of the people who want one Sony.

    ... Just occurred to me, I hope Sony have advised the local Police, just to be sure.
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  • Nintendo kills NINJHAX 3DS homebrew exploit

  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    The folks that want to run pirate software can do it on a multitude of PC emulators.

    I suspect this is more like Nintendo trying to ensure their flagship console stays as locked down as possible. You can't blame them.

    On the other hand, if only they'd sell their games cheaper. I love my Ninty hardware, but seldom buy a Ninty game on release, just hoping for a deal or a quiet month on other formats.
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  • The Dark Below makes Destiny's mistakes all over again

  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    I seriously got dragged into the hype on this, but had stopped playing on the 5 th week after release and never went back.

    But, for a shooter, 4 weeks of gameplay is pretty good value, so I can't really complain.

    It's a shame the DLC is just a rehash of old assets, I seriously thought each new DLC would bring us new planets. Instead, it seems they've just unlocked stuff already on the original game disc.

    But as I said, around 150 hours of played time in Destiny before burnout is great value for money.

    The new wow expansion only lasted me 2 weeks when I realised I just wasn't up for more gear grinding. That's also been dropped , and am now playing 3 excellent games alternately, Bravely default , Gta5 & Dragonage.

    They are so much more rewarding in the long term.... And of course, I " own" the saves as opposed to having my data stored on a server somewhere.

    I love the social aspect of online gaming, but single player gaming is so much more in my control than the online world.
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  • Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    Gameplay over graphics folks, gameplay is all important. Reply -3
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    Dont Rush it lads, get it right, we can wait. Reply 0
  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 re-release on PS3 January 2015

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    I assume these will be playable on PSP and VITA......nice! Reply +1
  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon review

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    I'd like to see full featured adaptions of war hammer Man o war and Gothic, with the ability to choose the in game colour schemes for the units and be as playable as the table top games... Not going to happen though :( Reply 0
  • Yakuza 5 heads to Europe and North America in 2015

  • FortysixterUK 07/12/2014

    I suppose there's no way to play the existing retail disc version of Y5 ? A few times I've ordered PS2/PS3 games from Playasia, Korean versions with English text ( wonderboy collection) and Demon Souls, which was fully English voice acted ( and still to the middle of last year has a strong population as the servers were still up).

    ... So... No chance Y5 is in similar circumstance?
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  • 20 years of PlayStation: Japan's war on cliché

  • FortysixterUK 07/12/2014

    Good article. My memories of my PS1 exactly. Reply +21
  • Video: Touch control rage with Tomb Raider 2 for iOS

  • FortysixterUK 05/12/2014

    Lets face it, the more Apple " update " IOS the less the touch screen seems to work anyway , very annoying lag on my Ipad 2 and IPhone4s.

    I don't remember either piece of kit being that " laggy" when I got them both.

    It seems every operating system update seems to slow them down a bit more.

    As far as games go, only those that require gross motor movement work anywhere near good on touch screen.

    Id suggest getting a nice PsX & PS2 emulator for your Pc and converting your old game discs into Iso images to play on it. I've never looked back, the games have never played so well or looked so good.
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  • Persona Q review

  • FortysixterUK 05/12/2014

    Sorted...I thought it would be a good going to order ! Reply +2
  • Bethesda shows glimpse of The Elder Scrolls Online's console version

  • FortysixterUK 05/12/2014

    I hope to god that the console versions integrate and play with the ailing PC version, or that's a 3 tier user base well and truly split up.

    I'm not sure by the way, but I think ESO and the Elder Scrolls single player games are by different developers/publishers, just reading some of the other comments on this article..

    So maybe we'll get news on what we all really want to hear soon, and that is news of a new game in the single player elder scrolls series....
    ..maybe " Elsweyr" .
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  • Super Smash Bros. creator says Wii U version is likely his last

  • FortysixterUK 04/12/2014

    Maybe a total change of project for him?
    Maybe over to hardware?
    Maybe a DS / 3DS game upscale module that you connect to the Wii -u that lets you play DS/3dS games on your TV.

    I've played with a DS Devkit and its a small black box about the size of a UPS with a hard wired DS console attached to it.

    The output to big screen is quite reasonable.

    Come on Ninty, give us the chance to play our favourite handheld on our TV !
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  • Rune Factory 4 to release in Europe after all

  • FortysixterUK 04/12/2014

    Digital release only? And its £25?
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  • Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

  • FortysixterUK 04/12/2014

    Doesn't sound that great an update, and no LFG for raids...still ?

    Well, at least its not subscription based.

    It is a great shooter, but I spent a long time playing it early on, and having since left to play other stuff, I can't muster the enthusiasm to go back. It also looks like all my hard work early in the games life has been wiped out with regards to my exotics.

    I found that , as with WOW, there's more enjoyment to be had in levelling and the relatively rewarding leaps in gear and skill than there is at end game, where improvements / rewards are few and far between and come in very small increments.
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  • Actor in Donkey Kong costume suffers heart injury, sues Nintendo

  • FortysixterUK 04/12/2014

    Ummm.... Take the suit off and walk away ?
    Surely the loss of what must have been minimal earnings is made up by the fact that you don't have to go through heart surgery ?

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  • 20 years of PlayStation: the Ridge Racer revolution

  • FortysixterUK 03/12/2014

    I loved these games. Ridge racer, RR Revolution, the amazing Rage Racer and RR 4 were games I spent months playing.

    The controller to use was called. " Neg-con" it was a controller that was split down the middle and twisted on its axis, amazing in the RR games.

    Great conversions then came out for the N64, the DS and the PSP, and a fair one on PS2.

    After that the quality of the series tailed off dramatically.

    The only way to re- vitalise the Ridge Racer franchise would be to make Rage Racer for the current gen, easily the version with the most longevity and playability.

    Along with that, do an HD compilation of RR, RRR and R4.
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  • Sony announces PS1-themed PlayStation 4

  • FortysixterUK 03/12/2014

    Seems an odd choice. A company thats strapped for cash makes a highly desirable version of their number 1 seller then massively limits its availability .

    Oh.... Now I see... They DON'T want to make money....
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  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • FortysixterUK 03/12/2014

    Just give me vast amounts of naval combat...I don't really want another mediocre city game like Unity.

    Don't get me wrong, the city and its history were fascinating, the acting outstanding, and the game a technical triumph in many ways.

    Why then , upon completion does it rank down there with AC1 and AC3 ? It just lacked that certain something that the Ezio trilogy and Black Flag handed out in spades.

    I suppose the other thing they could do is entirely re- launch the franchise, drop all the future shite, take it back centuries, put in a double love interest , then allow the offspring of that to affect ( effect ? ) a few things in the next game .

    As long as there's sea combat.

    Other more interesting things to do is take inspiration from popular fiction.... Jules Verne, hp lovecraft stories, H G Wells stories etc and make a faux reality up mixed in with the real.

    Like they do know... But more interesting !
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  • Sir Clive Sinclair crowdfunding new ZX Spectrum computer

  • FortysixterUK 02/12/2014

    :lol:£50 would be a far more realistic price range for this bit of kit.
    Especially if they made a Commodore 64 one that ran all the games, including the ones that came on 5 1/4 floppy disc. Of course, they should be making sure it's fully open source and has just about every C64 game ever released on it as well !
    As this Sinclair system goes, it's too much for too little., let's face it...commodore 64 was vastly superior.......**ducks under the table **. :lol:
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  • Get 11.5 teraflops of PC graphics power for under £500

  • FortysixterUK 02/12/2014

    LOL....being sold for " just £490.00". .....down from £1200.00... Phew...that's a relief!

    I love my pc gaming, but the hardware can be insanely expensive if you let it take hold of you.

    Thankfully I now game on a 40inch Sony TV as that resolution doesn't go above HD specs and it looks stunning . I don't need anything more extreme than my GeForce 680. I kind of glad I got myself out of the PC hardware upgrade race.
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  • World of Warcraft, nine years later: Can I get a res?

  • FortysixterUK 28/11/2014

    You consider yourself a WOW addict?

    I found the best was to deal with that , as I have done with WOD, was play it like mad for the first two weeks, and now, in the last week, I've barely touched it, having totally burnt out with 2 x level 100s.

    Assassins Creed Unity is now keeping me entertained.

    The last time I played WOW was March this year. Then Dark Souls 2 came out.
    That was game over for WOW. 3 completions of DS2 later I played through all the assassins creed games, then Watchdogs, then Farcry 3, then GTA5, all that as well as mammoth Age of Empires 2 skirmish sessions.

    As I said, game over for WOW. For Now. I'll go back in 6 months. Maybe.

    ...of I read that I realise I look like a gaming addict.

    Meh !
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition bug preventing companion banter

  • FortysixterUK 28/11/2014

    So is it an issue with the PC version ? Or all versions ?

    I've read a lot of positive reviews about this game , so took the plunge with Shopto's rather excellent £37 price point for the PS4 version for their gold customers.

    It's reviewed well. The lengthy gameplay videos I've watched look great.I've only watched Xb1 & PS4 video streams however , so can't comment on the PC version.
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  • GAME selling Xbox One and four games for £299

  • FortysixterUK 28/11/2014

    I didn't realise those 4 games with the XB1 bundle were digital..that's a shit deal in that case !
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  • FortysixterUK 28/11/2014

    Games site, along with Shopto's site appears to be buckling under the strain at the moment...both sites look to be down...probably just heavy traffic at 00;15 hours. Reply +1
  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • FortysixterUK 20/11/2014

    Whilst it looks like an OK game, I did help Kickstart it on the basis it was single player offline ( like the original ).

    Refund requested.
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  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • FortysixterUK 18/11/2014

    Damn...I am so going to get this...AGAIN....I found myself sitting there with a stupid smile on my face as I watched this...what amazing voice acting. I was totally in there with them ! Reply 0
  • 2.44GB Destiny update goes live

  • FortysixterUK 18/11/2014

    ...did I miss the part apart about " players can now auto group / PUG for raids"....
    I'm sure I did...I'll go read it again....
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  • EA pulls Dragon Age: Inquisition from India due to "local obscenity laws"

  • FortysixterUK 18/11/2014

    Why bother to put any level of romance in the game at all?

    It usually comes cross as awkward cut scenes and poorly scripted conversations anyway.

    Why not just accept it does happen, as that's how the human race propagates, and then tell some more story about political intrigue and sneaky war tactics or some such.

    Forget trying to cover al the bases in your game, just make the good game !
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • FortysixterUK 17/11/2014

    So the question is, if people wanted an offline game and paid good money for such, can they have their money back ? Reply +18
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • FortysixterUK 15/11/2014

    Interesting Saturday article EG, well done.
    With regards the ps4 controller.
    I've not had any issue with the stick grip wearing, rather two of my controllers have suffered with broken R2 triggers. Both have been replaced under warranty by GAME but they seemed genuinely surprised by the fact the triggers were broken.

    I found that very odd as a quick search on YouTube yielded multiple results for this issue and one ingenious repair idea using the metal bar from a bulldog clip.

    So, my only issue with ps4 is the low-ish build quality of its controllers.
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  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • FortysixterUK 14/11/2014

    It had better be fully playable without any of that shit.
    DLC is the worst thing to happen to video gaming .
    What's wrong with buying a game and that's it! You own it !
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  • PlayStation Vue is a new cloud-based TV service for PS4 and PS3

  • FortysixterUK 13/11/2014

    This seems an odd choice of service when I can view any tv show I want without paying for it from various other sources already. Reply -3
  • Ubisoft launches Assassin's Creed: Unity live blog as devs battle bugs

  • FortysixterUK 13/11/2014

    Whilst I have both the new AC games ordered, there is no way I'm going to get to play them any time soon, hopefully they'll fix the bugs by then...have you actually SEEN & PLAYED Warlords of Draenor ?....Blimey.....can't see myself doing much else for the next 3 months ! Reply -3
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • FortysixterUK 11/11/2014

    This review really read like a 6...maybe a generous 7.
    So much coming out this month it's insane.

    I really wish companies would pace the really big releases throughout the year instead of dumping them all out, in this case, in November !
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection suffers launch day matchmaking issues

  • FortysixterUK 11/11/2014

    Well my pre ordered and despatched on Friday copy from game has not arrived, and yet the new Alien game that was going half price on their store I ordered on Saturday arrived this morning!
    So I can't even queue to get the error in Halo !
    I really hate the idea of 50 quid game bouncing around in some postal skip somewhere awaiting delivery at a seemingly arbitrary time !
    I want my Halo !
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • FortysixterUK 10/11/2014

    I knew it would review well.

    I would have never cancelled my pre-order anyway.

    I think the issue with the overly wordy "review" above , is that the games have probably all been reviewed on EG before, so trying to find something to say about already well reviewed games is a bit of a challenge.

    Note I said "overly wordy" not "over lengthy".
    Don't get the two comments mixed up.

    I'm glad the HALO collection scored 9/10.

    My personal score for the pseudo-intellectual review above is 4/10.

    Once again EG strays into the verbal diarrhoea zones of the awful gaming rag that has somehow survived all these years despite itself, EDGE magazine.

    I think the person who reads EDGE magazine is a "type" of person who is often
    ( not always ) a little too self important in their own mind.

    A magazine that is amazingly well produced, with often stunning images printed on gorgeous paper, only to be ruined by dull and self important writing as exampled in this EG review.

    ANYWAY...yaaay Halo...I'm there !
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