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  • Tech Analysis: Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

  • FortysixterUK 27/02/2015

    I've decided this is no longer going to be the instabuy it was on PS3 and PC. I love the souls series and am currently on my 6 th play through ( done it twice on PS3 & 3 times on PC so far), but all the talk of extra mobs all over the place has put me off the new PS4 version. I already find it a serious challenge, but ultimately do-able. I don't suddenly want to find my fave game of the last few years suddenly frustratingly unplayable. I'll wait for the Metacritics I think.
    Anyway, Bloodborne is out the week before !
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • FortysixterUK 19/02/2015

    That review is a little late isn't it? A few hours before official release and WAAAY too late for people to cancel their pre-orders. What happened to reviews a week before a games release?

    Oh yes, of course, the studio who made it know it's not that good so put a review embargo on it maybe ? Or didn't give out the digital download review codes until yesterday maybe ? The review is clear that it's just a passable game and not the great white hope it was supposed to be. Reads like a high 6/10.

    Call me a cycnic.

    I am interested in this game though. Just not £50 plus interested.

    I'll wait for the vanilla version to drop to £20-£25 then I'll give it a try.

    What's REALLY put me off is the mention of QTE's which is, and always has been, a terrible design mechanic put into games just to irritate the player.

    They were a bad idea when they first appeared and they are a bad idea now.

    This game looks like it could be an intriguing world. Perhaps with some RPG lite elements put in, and the game then designed like a Metroidvania, and the sequel COULD be a serious winner.

    But not QTE's ok ?
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  • Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae demo detailed

  • FortysixterUK 16/02/2015

    If the FF15 demo is valid until March 2016 does that mean FF15 is not out until after that date ? Reply +7
  • How is the other new shooter from the creators of Halo?

  • FortysixterUK 13/02/2015

    I read " touch screen " at the start of the article.
    I stopped reading.
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  • Sonic Boom games shifted just 490,000 copies

  • FortysixterUK 12/02/2015

    Sega are losing it...


    I once again refer you to my Sega Mega Console concept.

    It has cart ports that take Sega Master System & Megadrive carts.
    It has a multi format Drive that plays Saturn and Dreamcast games, whilst supporting the bluray format . The console has power/performance on par with a PS4.

    Sega gets lots of third parties to release all their nice new games on the console, meanwhile Sega reproduce all the best selling games from their previous systems, and put them out to retail. All sold at £14.99 and £19.99.

    With re-releases of all the past hits Sega come back from the brink with an aggressively marketed console that goes against the grain in one important way.
    All of its retro titles can be physically purchased as new or people can play their old libraries of games.

    Sega flourish.
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  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • FortysixterUK 11/02/2015

    Another " snake oil" salesman for the industry that can do without them. The other really bad example of " snake oil salesman" is Randy Pitchford, with the duke nukem/ colonial marines debacle.

    Thats 2 devs whose games I'll never buy again!
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  • Nintendo details its outlandish process of transferring data to the New 3DS

  • FortysixterUK 11/02/2015

    I'm doing the wireless transfer right now. Talk about fiddly !

    Of course, one day Ninty will realise the best way to go about this is to make an account based system like Microsoft and Sony. Then you can simply
    de-authorise the system you were using on it, authorise a newer system on it and access all the stuff YOU HAVE PAID FOR instantly.

    I know that kind of account would make me feel more confident about buying digital stuff from Ninty, and I'd so I'd buy Ninty digital stuff far more often as well !
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • FortysixterUK 10/02/2015

    MH4 looks like a " buyer" come next payday then!

    On a side note, is it just me or did that review have at least 2 unnecessary crude comments in it ?

    Unusual for EG.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • FortysixterUK 10/02/2015

    Yeah edge is a nice looking mag but appears to be written by over opinionated twerps. Reply -1
  • FortysixterUK 10/02/2015

    That's a bold move EG.

    ** sits back to watch what happens next**
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  • BioWare cancels its four-on-one online RPG Shadow Realms

  • FortysixterUK 10/02/2015

    Good. Concentrate on SWTOR , it has seriously improved since I played it at launch. I went back in last Friday and have been impressed with how well it plays and the friendly community, which is the polar opposite of WOWs community. But then, the community is also better in Rift, Conan, Tera , FF14 and Guild Wars 2.

    A further pleasant surprise to SWTOR is that if you subscribe you get 525 cartel coins a month. Considering 450 coins is £2.99 that makes the sub, at its most expensive, £6.00 per month in real terms.

    Anyway, SWTOR IS GOOD. So there
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  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 out on PSN in Europe today

  • FortysixterUK 04/02/2015

    £3.99 is a very nice price.
    However, I've still got my two original PS1 versions that I turned into ISO's for my PS1 !
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  • The next Sonic game is Sonic Runners

  • FortysixterUK 03/02/2015

    Sega need to bite the bullet and release the Sega Mega console. This console will be a quality build ( thinking size and shape of xbox One ).

    Three cart slots at the back - master system, megadrive and Saturn. The multi format drive will play Dreamcast and Saturn games and of course the new format that is for the new console.

    Sega will reprint all the best selling master system game carts as well as the Megadrive carts and sell them for £14.99 and £19.99 respectively. They will also relaunch all their best selling DC & Saturn games.

    All re - released games will have the same packaging as their original releases.

    Then of course there's the new format system to consider. Featuring power and features similar to PS4 this will put the new console in direct competition with PS4 and XB1.

    Every game released with the title " Sega Mega System" emblazoned across its cover etc.

    It will retail for £329.99 with 2 controllers .

    Sega then make a huge comeback as all their classic titles take over the top10 and the new format flourishes.

    All this in one console.


    I see my suggestion for a new Sega system managed to get a few negs. Why on earth would some neg such a glorious idea ?
    I'd love to hear your reasoning behind the negs......neggers...explain yourselves...if you dare !
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  • Watch Bloodborne's opening 18 minutes

  • FortysixterUK 03/02/2015

    This looks terrific. But it does seem an odd decision to release Bloodborne for PS4 and Dark Souls 2 for PS4 within such close proximity to each other.
    Not that I mind, I'll be getting them both regardless. Nearly at the end of my fifth play through of DS2 on PC. All of the souls games are just so immersive and involving , so as far as I'm concerned more of the same, or similar, can only be a good thing.

    I think this will get a regular 8/10 ( or equivalent ) across the review world.
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  • Deactivated Ubisoft game keys were bought from EA's Origin using stolen credit cards

  • FortysixterUK 28/01/2015

    Farcry 4 is currently £32.86 for a PC physical copy ( surely everyone's preferred format ? ). Leave it another few months and it'll be nearer £20 on PC.

    However, in a move that can only be described as slightly mad, Amazon are selling the digital version for £39.99 !!!

    Moral of the keys that are banned issue...buyer beware. I know I've bought a few keys from key reselling sites, and always due to the frustrating fact that the reseller sells the game for 50% less that the official site.

    The last one I bought was Risen 3 ( I know, I know...I should have known better...its a rough game....but it still works )...anyway, Steam were putting it out there for £45. The reseller sold it for £21.49.

    See what the reseller did there?

    Expensive game prices.....there really is no excuse.
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  • Ubisoft deactivating keys it says were "fraudulently" obtained and resold

  • FortysixterUK 26/01/2015

    Another reason not to use Uplay.
    I would imagine the keys were obtained from purchased retail copies of the game then skd on. Ubisoft didn't see enough of the cash so probably blocked the relative keys.

    Frankly, I seldom but full price from ANY digital provider, and that includes Steam. It's usually cheaper to buy the game disc from Anazon anyway.
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  • Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

  • FortysixterUK 23/01/2015 looks very silly.....could be great fun ! Reply +1
  • 'Sorry about Christmas' PSN discount rolls out Friday

  • FortysixterUK 23/01/2015

    10% off games in the FULL PRICE online catalogue ?

    That still makes most stuff extraordinarily expensive.

    What it should have been is a free 30 days PSN time added to your current PSN account.

    oh well....
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  • Special World of Warcraft gift for 10-year subscribers

  • FortysixterUK 21/01/2015

    Subbed since launch?

    You could pay for a full size version of that statue for that kind of money.

    As for everyone who has subscribed for 3-6 months of wow every year since get fuck all.
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  • Borderlands Handsome Collection and £270 special edition announced for PS4, Xbox One

  • FortysixterUK 21/01/2015

    That's a very cool toy...but £270.00....ouch ! Reply 0
  • Retro first-person shooter Strafe® parties like its 1996

  • FortysixterUK 21/01/2015

    I saw this on kickstarter yesterday and thought the advert very funny. I have chosen to set the 48 hour warning notice before taking the plunge however, as it was nowhere near its target yesterday. Best to wait for the last 48 hours before deciding. Reply 0
  • Club Nintendo to close later this year

  • FortysixterUK 20/01/2015

    I hope they are introducing an Xbox live/ PSN type account that is attached to the player rather than the console.

    I also hope all your current purchases will also be valid and re- downloadable.
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  • Second UK man arrested following PlayStation and Xbox DDOS attacks

  • FortysixterUK 16/01/2015

    Lock these pricks up for a decade then deny them access to computer hardware for the rest of their lives. Reply 0
  • The Nintendo 3DS Hatsune Miku game launches in May

  • FortysixterUK 15/01/2015

    What a horribly whiney voice. Shame really, as that could have been a good concept. Reply -12
  • Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

  • FortysixterUK 14/01/2015

    Luckily I have both of these mint condition.
    Hope they aren't too expensive on the online store.

    I still prefer the original disc copy of games though!
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  • The PlayBox is a PS4 and Xbox One combined in a single laptop

  • FortysixterUK 14/01/2015

    But.... Why ?

    This chap would be of more benefit to the gaming community if he made a system that played all the retro gaming cartridges and make it better then the shonky low build quality of systems like the Retron.
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  • Raiders of the lost art: Meet the illustrator behind your favourite childhood game covers

  • FortysixterUK 10/01/2015

    Now THERE's a 500 page coffee table art book waiting to be game covers from the Commodore 64 to n64.

    The second volume could then pick up all the cd/ DVD / Bluray based systems.

    £50 a pop.

    Each page has 2 half page images and a little bit of info about the game, countries it was released in, format etc etc....
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  • PS4 Data Bank dock allows huge storage

  • FortysixterUK 09/01/2015

    Nice idea, not so nice execution.

    Maybe a replacement lid with a ribbon and power cable attachment running out to a nicely designed external housing would have been more appropriate.

    This would have also helped combat any heat build up on the console as the HD would be sitting away from it. External cases produced in the consoles current main stream colours , Black& White, should have also been a consideration.

    The current design would seem to want you to lay the PS4 down, as if stood up, surely it becomes top heavy and would have a tendency to fall to the right ( as you face the console ).

    Finally, it needs to be a REALLY good retail price, as it only costs £46 for a 1TB hard drive for the PS4 currently, and about £90 for a 2 TB and both those drives are proven to work and don't interfere with the console design or image.
    I'd suggest a retail of no more than £30 or it's dead in the water.

    As it stands I wouldn't touch this device with a barge pole.

    Nyko, you need to get back to the drawing board quick and make those changes.

    The controller keyboard accessory looks fine however.
    Worth £20.00 of anyone's cash I'd bet.
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  • Ubisoft polls public on future Far Cry settings

  • FortysixterUK 05/01/2015

    Dinosaur Island please...where do I fill out this survey ? Reply +1
  • 3.5 years and $7K later, Halo's Pillar of Autumn built using Lego

  • FortysixterUK 24/12/2014

    That's an amazing model. But then it got damaged in transit and has been dismantled ? Jeezus, you'd have thought Bungie or 343 would have bought this off the guy for display in their offices, and paid to get it repaired.

    Amazing build job however.
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  • Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

  • FortysixterUK 23/12/2014

    And another year of gaming passes!

    Happy Christmas everyone !
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  • Sony beefs up PS4 20th Anniversary Edition sales system after thousands use exploit to gain unfair advantage

  • FortysixterUK 18/12/2014

    Just release the console with everything it has with it as per the limited edition, but don't put any limited edition numbers on it.

    That way those who are lucky enough to get a limited edition have the numbered version and everyone else gets to buy the console as normal.

    Sony should realise that bad PR is just bad PR and not assume the old saying " any publicity is good publicity".

    It should have been a lottery system for PSplus subscribers all along anyway!
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  • How to buy a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console online this week

  • FortysixterUK 18/12/2014

    The image just never loads up fast enough...anyway, todays was Desmond Miles. Reply 0
  • FortysixterUK 15/12/2014

    The answers easy enough...but the bloody image page won't load up...been stuck on 16% since 4pm.

    What a crappy competition.
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  • FortysixterUK 15/12/2014

    Again, needlessly convoluted and awkward.

    What about the folks who are at work?
    All of those times are office / shop hours.

    Great way to alienate the fan base who bought the PS1 in the 90's but have now got mortgages, families, jobs...y'know...all the dull stuff.

    I think a simple 'photo compo would have been better.

    Send in a 'photo of you with a unique bit of Sony PS kit, or your PS collection, and let a group of bods at Sony choose the photo winners.

    The score criteria could been various categories for rarity of the item, the number of games, the number of consoles etc etc.

    Alternately, just set up an email lottery.

    Send your email address off to Game or Sony and let a random process pick the address. Come to think of it, that would have been the most fair method !

    Frankly, Sony should just release the console as a standard edition, without the number stamp, so people can just buy it, and those with the number stamped editions still have something totally unique.
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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • FortysixterUK 17/12/2014

    I won't be buying as the concept just makes me uncomfortable. And it happens a little too often in real life. Yesterday's shocking news story being an example.

    But I do think games should be an un censored and creatively free medium.

    I assume the longer you survive in this game the more law enforcement agencies chase you and the ending would always be the same? That your character is killed ? So really it's just a score chaser type game ?
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  • Bloodborne reveals Collector's Edition goodies

  • FortysixterUK 13/12/2014

    This has turned out to be a very expensive game. The vanilla version is currently a few pence short of £50 on Amazon & Shopto.

    The version I would like is the one with the steel case, I'm not really interested in just another " look at once and never again" art book, I just wanted the steel case.

    The only place to get it is Game. That will cost you £70!

    As much as I really want Bloodborne, by it being stupidly expensive for the version I want, it has just dropped off my " must have on day one" list. If it doesn't drop a lot, I shall just wait for the plastic case version to drop to £30.

    Talk about price yoursel out the market !
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  • Final Fantasy Type-0 is your only way of getting the Final Fantasy 15 demo

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014

    I think the only FF game that's truly been screwed up was FF13-3 , the one with Lightning and the time limit factor.

    It seems people started falling out of love with the series from FF-10 onwards, but I really liked them all ( the single player ones ) and think FF12 is totally due a big HD re-master job. It's my personal favourite out of the entire series. Having said that, playing it on a PS2 emulator with an ISO ripped from my original allows me to play it in full HD anyway, but it would be nice to have an official version.

    Likewise FF13 was fun as was FF13-2.

    If you want really old school FF, try playing Bravely Default on the 3DS.
    Great game that is Final Fantasy in all but name, I think it's part of the Crystal Chronicles series.
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  • Destiny: How to get to level 32

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014

    So one of the only ways to get to max level is to run the stupidly hard raids.

    Which you can't autogroup for....because they have been made stupidly hard.

    Therefore, said raids become highly exclusionary. So no level 32 for 75% of the game population then?

    I'll just go play something else, and won't rush out to buy the next Destiny.

    It's a shame as for the first 5 weeks after the games release, I utterly obsessed over this game. It was money well spent for that 5 weeks as I played nothing else, but now.....I've moved on.
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  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014

    Sony should have found some way to ensure these consoles only found their way into the hands of true fans who would keep, and appreciate, this unique console.

    I will certainly endeavour to buy on from the online store, but I don't expect I'll have a hope in hell of getting one.

    I just hope Sony see the light and release it at a later date as a special edition, only not so heavily limited by their number.

    I just love my gaming hardware, and always buy the next iteration of a console, even if its just a different paint job. Hence I have a considerable collection of consoles from PS2, Ninty handhelds, PSPs & original Xbox onwards and up to date with the latest systems.

    I would suspect genuine collectors will not even get a look in on this console.

    The criteria for being able to purchase one of these systems should have been a photograph of all the Sony Playstation kit & games you have bought over the years and still own , and used as proof of your integrity as a collector. You could have then emailed it into a special Sony website for consideration.

    It's just a shame that profiteering by greedy "non fans" is put before the enjoyment of the genuine collectors who would keep and relish the ownership of such a piece of kit as this PS4.

    Colour me slightly grey with disappointment.
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • FortysixterUK 12/12/2014


    Sound advice there from someone who's actually played the game.
    My pre-order with GAME ( and it was a lovely steel case edition as well ), cancelled.

    Oh. I forgot to add my main reason.....QTE's are wholly unacceptable. Always have been, always will be,
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  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    You are kidding, of course !

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  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    What a stupid fucking idea.
    Way to deny 99.9% of the people who want one Sony.

    ... Just occurred to me, I hope Sony have advised the local Police, just to be sure.
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  • Nintendo kills NINJHAX 3DS homebrew exploit

  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    The folks that want to run pirate software can do it on a multitude of PC emulators.

    I suspect this is more like Nintendo trying to ensure their flagship console stays as locked down as possible. You can't blame them.

    On the other hand, if only they'd sell their games cheaper. I love my Ninty hardware, but seldom buy a Ninty game on release, just hoping for a deal or a quiet month on other formats.
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  • The Dark Below makes Destiny's mistakes all over again

  • FortysixterUK 10/12/2014

    I seriously got dragged into the hype on this, but had stopped playing on the 5 th week after release and never went back.

    But, for a shooter, 4 weeks of gameplay is pretty good value, so I can't really complain.

    It's a shame the DLC is just a rehash of old assets, I seriously thought each new DLC would bring us new planets. Instead, it seems they've just unlocked stuff already on the original game disc.

    But as I said, around 150 hours of played time in Destiny before burnout is great value for money.

    The new wow expansion only lasted me 2 weeks when I realised I just wasn't up for more gear grinding. That's also been dropped , and am now playing 3 excellent games alternately, Bravely default , Gta5 & Dragonage.

    They are so much more rewarding in the long term.... And of course, I " own" the saves as opposed to having my data stored on a server somewhere.

    I love the social aspect of online gaming, but single player gaming is so much more in my control than the online world.
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  • Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    Gameplay over graphics folks, gameplay is all important. Reply -3
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    Dont Rush it lads, get it right, we can wait. Reply 0
  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 re-release on PS3 January 2015

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    I assume these will be playable on PSP and VITA......nice! Reply +1
  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon review

  • FortysixterUK 08/12/2014

    I'd like to see full featured adaptions of war hammer Man o war and Gothic, with the ability to choose the in game colour schemes for the units and be as playable as the table top games... Not going to happen though :( Reply 0
  • Yakuza 5 heads to Europe and North America in 2015

  • FortysixterUK 07/12/2014

    I suppose there's no way to play the existing retail disc version of Y5 ? A few times I've ordered PS2/PS3 games from Playasia, Korean versions with English text ( wonderboy collection) and Demon Souls, which was fully English voice acted ( and still to the middle of last year has a strong population as the servers were still up).

    ... So... No chance Y5 is in similar circumstance?
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