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  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • FortysixterUK 20/11/2014

    Whilst it looks like an OK game, I did help Kickstart it on the basis it was single player offline ( like the original ).

    Refund requested.
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  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • FortysixterUK 18/11/2014

    Damn...I am so going to get this...AGAIN....I found myself sitting there with a stupid smile on my face as I watched this...what amazing voice acting. I was totally in there with them ! Reply 0
  • 2.44GB Destiny update goes live

  • FortysixterUK 18/11/2014

    ...did I miss the part apart about " players can now auto group / PUG for raids"....
    I'm sure I did...I'll go read it again....
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  • EA pulls Dragon Age: Inquisition from India due to "local obscenity laws"

  • FortysixterUK 18/11/2014

    Why bother to put any level of romance in the game at all?

    It usually comes cross as awkward cut scenes and poorly scripted conversations anyway.

    Why not just accept it does happen, as that's how the human race propagates, and then tell some more story about political intrigue and sneaky war tactics or some such.

    Forget trying to cover al the bases in your game, just make the good game !
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • FortysixterUK 17/11/2014

    So the question is, if people wanted an offline game and paid good money for such, can they have their money back ? Reply +18
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • FortysixterUK 15/11/2014

    Interesting Saturday article EG, well done.
    With regards the ps4 controller.
    I've not had any issue with the stick grip wearing, rather two of my controllers have suffered with broken R2 triggers. Both have been replaced under warranty by GAME but they seemed genuinely surprised by the fact the triggers were broken.

    I found that very odd as a quick search on YouTube yielded multiple results for this issue and one ingenious repair idea using the metal bar from a bulldog clip.

    So, my only issue with ps4 is the low-ish build quality of its controllers.
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  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • FortysixterUK 14/11/2014

    It had better be fully playable without any of that shit.
    DLC is the worst thing to happen to video gaming .
    What's wrong with buying a game and that's it! You own it !
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  • PlayStation Vue is a new cloud-based TV service for PS4 and PS3

  • FortysixterUK 13/11/2014

    This seems an odd choice of service when I can view any tv show I want without paying for it from various other sources already. Reply -3
  • Ubisoft launches Assassin's Creed: Unity live blog as devs battle bugs

  • FortysixterUK 13/11/2014

    Whilst I have both the new AC games ordered, there is no way I'm going to get to play them any time soon, hopefully they'll fix the bugs by then...have you actually SEEN & PLAYED Warlords of Draenor ?....Blimey.....can't see myself doing much else for the next 3 months ! Reply -3
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • FortysixterUK 11/11/2014

    This review really read like a 6...maybe a generous 7.
    So much coming out this month it's insane.

    I really wish companies would pace the really big releases throughout the year instead of dumping them all out, in this case, in November !
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection suffers launch day matchmaking issues

  • FortysixterUK 11/11/2014

    Well my pre ordered and despatched on Friday copy from game has not arrived, and yet the new Alien game that was going half price on their store I ordered on Saturday arrived this morning!
    So I can't even queue to get the error in Halo !
    I really hate the idea of 50 quid game bouncing around in some postal skip somewhere awaiting delivery at a seemingly arbitrary time !
    I want my Halo !
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • FortysixterUK 10/11/2014

    I knew it would review well.

    I would have never cancelled my pre-order anyway.

    I think the issue with the overly wordy "review" above , is that the games have probably all been reviewed on EG before, so trying to find something to say about already well reviewed games is a bit of a challenge.

    Note I said "overly wordy" not "over lengthy".
    Don't get the two comments mixed up.

    I'm glad the HALO collection scored 9/10.

    My personal score for the pseudo-intellectual review above is 4/10.

    Once again EG strays into the verbal diarrhoea zones of the awful gaming rag that has somehow survived all these years despite itself, EDGE magazine.

    I think the person who reads EDGE magazine is a "type" of person who is often
    ( not always ) a little too self important in their own mind.

    A magazine that is amazingly well produced, with often stunning images printed on gorgeous paper, only to be ruined by dull and self important writing as exampled in this EG review.

    ANYWAY...yaaay Halo...I'm there !
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  • Everything not saved will be lost

  • FortysixterUK 08/11/2014

    So much negativity. Mind you, I've been negative in the past as well.

    Anyway, another weekend article that wasn't rubbish for once.
    An entertaining read, cheers.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection's massive day one update shrinks to 15GB

  • FortysixterUK 06/11/2014

    A shame it's not available for download in general, as I have a retail copy coming.
    Still, really looking forwards to playing all the Halo core series in HD.
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  • Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Vita and PS3 release date announced

  • FortysixterUK 06/11/2014

    Is this going to be a disc based release or digital only ? Reply 0
  • Freedom Wars review

  • FortysixterUK 05/11/2014

    A multi player game on a format that's struggling for an audience ? Why didn't they makers release this as an arcade download from PSN for PS 3/4 instead and maximise their market instead on minimising it ?

    As far as the vita goes, this should have been a purely single player game , and would have been quite engaging in short bursts. It's just another little nail in this excellent piece of hardwares a coffin .
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  • Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users

  • FortysixterUK 05/11/2014

    You know I hadn't even considered this possibility. I saw Destiny as an MMO and thought that it would never last the 10 years they said it would last.

    It didn't even occur to me that Destiny was in fact going to be an episodic series like HALO or COD.

    Now that has come to light, and there is in fact going to be a DESTINY 2 in a couple of years, I suddenly feel much better about the franchise.

    I really enjoyed the 5-6 weeks of solid Destiny playing I had, but was disappointed with the fact that I had exhausted all but the raid. But now it's so much clearer.

    Its not intended to be a long burn game like WOW or RIFT. Which means I got some serious mileage out of it.


    I look forwards to the next Destiny !
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  • Hands-on with Nintendo's final Amiibo designs

  • FortysixterUK 04/11/2014

    The details levels have dropped quite considerably. Great shame, I wasn't going to use them in game but rather as display figures.

    Now they look equivalent to the still reasonable, but not great, McDonalds ones that came out earlier this year.

    Not a great move. I will be a LOT more selective of those I buy now.

    I mean, there are some pointless "no buys" anyway, the Wii Fit thing & the Villager, but all the others would have been a possible purchase.

    I'm only going for Samus, Mario, Marth, Yoshi, Peach & Link in the first run, but all, with the exception of Yoshi, had great details in the original photos.

    Ninty don't usually disappoint when it comes to product quality. I suspect a 3rd party company is producing these for Ninty instead.

    Oh well, I'll save a few quid by not buying others if the quality drop continues.
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  • After Burner 2, Fantasy Zone, OutRun and more remastered for Nintendo 3DS

  • FortysixterUK 04/11/2014

    It would be nice to get this entire devs collection on one physical cartridge instead of just downloads. Reply +6
  • Iron Banner returns to Destiny

  • FortysixterUK 04/11/2014

    I rate this game lots, but having got all 3 classes to levels 26-29 , I ran out of stuff to do.

    The raid was stupidly hard, didn't even manage to open the door with the " defend the 3 platforms" section at the start.

    That was a real turn off. And after a 100 or so hours of game time, that's what I did. I turned it off. Good value whilst it lasted , but sadly all over now.

    World of Warcraft will satiate my MMO appetite for the next few months. Sad to see Destiny fade so quick, I'll try it again when the new DLC is released.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets 55-track CD and vinyl soundtrack

  • FortysixterUK 04/11/2014

    For the most part GTA 5's radio stations were massively below par compared to the previous games. It was one of the few parts of the game that I felt let down by.

    No rush to go and buy next gen GTA 5 for me , as I spent around 60 hours playing it to completion on PS3. I'll wait for it to drop in price next year.

    If you haven't played it however, then I'd suggest you buy it on your favoured next gen format when it comes out.
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  • Death to the mini-map

  • FortysixterUK 01/11/2014

    Can't agree with you on this I'm afraid EG. Reply +2
  • National Video Game Arcade cultural centre announced for Nottingham

  • FortysixterUK 30/10/2014

    Blimey ! What a plan ! Good luck to all involved. Reply 0
  • Lords of the Fallen review

  • FortysixterUK 28/10/2014

    A fair score I think, 7 / 10.

    A little unfair in the content of the review is the closing comment. Dark Souls 2 has come, been played to completion multiple times and has gone.

    Give this game and it's associated company a chance. The review read a lot less than a "7" in my opinion.

    It is however, a very worthy "7".
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  • Microsoft announces Xbox One Christmas price cut in US

  • FortysixterUK 27/10/2014

    I don't see Sony dropping their hardware price as other parts of the company are in financial difficulties .

    What I could see them doing is giving added value to their bundles with download codes for games. There's no physical media so their cost would be minimal.
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  • The problem with video game guns

  • FortysixterUK 25/10/2014

    Ooooohhhh... He slated Destiny.
    I'm typing this as I wait for Warcraft to load.
    Why is it so slow today ?
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  • FortysixterUK 25/10/2014

    I like guns in games.
    I love Destiny.
    And lamp .

    Not a terrible weekend article EG.
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  • Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter

  • FortysixterUK 24/10/2014

    Sold that many consoles to retailers ?
    They must be stocking up for Christmas .
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  • Titanfall's "biggest update ever" adds new co-op mode tomorrow

  • FortysixterUK 23/10/2014

    Totally appreciate your comment. The times I got the hit/kick in first only to see the other player get the kick kill was a frustration generator.
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  • FortysixterUK 23/10/2014

    ....and an offline Bot mode ....? yeah?...yeah ?

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  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • FortysixterUK 22/10/2014

    Looks lovely, great design.
    Needs to be just 1 reasonably high spec with a big HD and come in at 600 max to make any impression . 1 model means less confusion .

    Until we get a real look at the UI I'll hold comment on the O/S.
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  • Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises

  • FortysixterUK 22/10/2014

    You would have thought an apology would be enough. However to ensure the company was ok this chap also fell on his own sword.

    Shite world we live in.
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  • Metallica to play BlizzCon 2014

  • FortysixterUK 21/10/2014

    Not a very impartial opening statement EG. Why the hate ?

    Metallica has made some great albums, Death Magnetic and ST Anger were both great, as were many of their previous.

    I do hope they get briefed about what's going on however, or it'll be as embarrassing as embarrassing does !

    If off work I may actually watch the event now.
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  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • FortysixterUK 20/10/2014

    Utter bollocks. It's would have cost them another 20 pence per unit so they decided not to do it. The main series could have been on one disc with the entirety of the patch and perhaps screen savers, art book etc could have been on the other . Reply +12
  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • FortysixterUK 19/10/2014

    So the NEW 3dx XL doesn't have interchangeable face plates, only the smaller one ?

    Did I read that right ?

    What a missed opportunity :(
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  • Destiny leak reveals raid gear from upcoming DLC

  • FortysixterUK 17/10/2014

    Add that looking for group app quick please Bungie.....the WOW expansion is just around the corner and looking mighty appealing...and I LOVE DESTINY...but without the full LFG tool I'm coming to an end of the content, with two alts languishing at 27/28 and a Titan well on the way.... Reply +1
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 20GB day one patch to unlock multiplayer

  • FortysixterUK 17/10/2014

    ...uhhhh nice !
    Put a second disc with the Day 1 patch in the box please !
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  • Destiny launch almost triples monthly US PlayStation 4 sales

  • FortysixterUK 17/10/2014

    This is because, despite its flaws, Destiny is a fine and enjoyable game. I'm playing on PS4 feel free to add me to your friends list on PS4 if you want to team up -

    PSN ID is
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  • Is it possible to run The Evil Within on PC at a locked 1080p60?

  • FortysixterUK 16/10/2014

    I'm assuming it's ok on PS4 and Xbox one ? Because one of those would be my platform of choice over my PC.

    No idea why, my PC is perfectly capable...I just like my consoles !
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  • The PlayBook 4 is a $1400 PlayStation 4 laptop

  • FortysixterUK 15/10/2014

    No tempted in the slightest.
    I'd be concerned about overheating issues.
    As it is my PS 4 stands on its edge to maximise cooling , and it still gets warm .
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  • Standalone Glacier White PS4 goes on sale in the UK this Friday

  • FortysixterUK 14/10/2014

    The White PS4 is a fine bit of kit. Got mine with Destiny then added a 1tb HD to it and a mid season PS3. Never looked back.

    The White PS4 stand is currently as rare as rocking horse shite however, but the official Sony one is so much better in quality than the 3rd party ones off Ebay.

    Now I just need an extra White PS4 controller and white charging dock!
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  • Bungie nerfs Destiny Auto Rifles, Vex Mythoclast, Rocket Yard

  • FortysixterUK 14/10/2014

    Oh dear.... The first nerf in Destiny I dis-agree with. Auto rifles are great in any situation. ( well...WERE great ).
    They were my go to gun in PVP because I'm crap otherwise!
    But Scout rifles are under powered.
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  • Looking for the wow factor in Warlords of Draenor

  • FortysixterUK 13/10/2014

    He is right about the LFG tool in some ways.
    However, if it wasn't in the game, I would have left years ago. It fits my play requirements, and those of my in game friends who often can't get into game at the same time as me or each other.

    As I was reading the article , I became concerned for a line or two, that they were taking the LFG tool out of the game. I'm very pleased they aren't.

    My pre order stays in place and my sub will get reactivated this month in time for the Halloween event and the warlords of Draenor pre-content!
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  • Destiny averages 3.2m players every day

  • FortysixterUK 13/10/2014

    I think Iron Banner is fine and am enjoying it accordingly.
    Plus I love lamp.
    .... Err...Destiny....
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  • Inside Star Citizen's grey market

  • FortysixterUK 10/10/2014

    I kickstarted this game for around 20. Now it appears it might be pay to win AND pay to access certain areas? Not good.

    Oh well, that's 20 quid potentially wasted.

    I'll wait for release before final judgement!
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  • Wii U GameCube controller adapter compatible with more than just Smash Bros.

  • FortysixterUK 08/10/2014 works with the WAVEBIRD ?.....omfg I'm buying this when it comes out ! Reply +2
  • Destiny player finds way to access future DLC area

  • FortysixterUK 08/10/2014

    That's also a really well made video, grats to the person who made it. Reply +1
  • FortysixterUK 08/10/2014

    I think they should just leave stuff like this ( when it's found ) accessible. It's great publicity when it gets mentioned on gaming sites and keeps the game in the public focus.

    In fact, if I were Bungie I'd be doing a lot more of the hard to find access tricks, to keep the publicity going. Walls you can clip through that hide a chest, mad jumps that lead to a secret boss etc etc.
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  • DriveClub review

  • FortysixterUK 07/10/2014

    That's a shame, I was hoping this was going to be the first proper next gen racer for PS4, like Forza Horizon 2 is for XB1.

    I had pre-ordered the nice red steel case version.

    If we were in a dry season for games perhaps I'd let the order carry on.
    But as we're drowning in quality titles...pre-order cancelled until it drops to a decent price.

    Plus, as it has such a reliance on online play, I don't want it to turn into another ghost town game like the wonderful Destiny on PS4 appears to have done.

    Since launch I've added 26 players to the friends list, many of whom were on daily for the first two its 1 or 2 a day at most.

    Doesn't bode well. Which is a shame as I love Destiny.

    Not risking that with Drive Club as well.
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  • Bungie discussing matchmaking for Destiny's Raid

  • FortysixterUK 06/10/2014

    The lack of auto grouping in some parts of Destiny is one of the few complaints that I have about the game.

    The fact that I need to get a group of friends together online, at the same time, or simply cannot play the maps that are featured on the left side of the starmap or do the raid ( soon to be raids ?) is of huge annoyance.

    2 of my 3 characters are languishing at levels 27 and 26 respective, simply because I can't get the equipment to upgrade their light stat or indeed the materials ( Ascendant shards etc ).

    So, once my third character, the final class for me, of Titan, reaches those levels, there is almost no progression for me anymore. No progression is fine...for a month or two. After that I go to a different game and Destiny never gets a look in again. I see many other players out there in the same predicament as me. If that happens to lots of folks, then Bungie's 10 year plan will die a lot earlier than they planned. At this rate I'd be surprised to see the game still running in December 2015.


    1) Drop the difficulty of the raid along with all the strikes on the left side of the starmap , and still reward the loot. I mean, REALLY, what is the point of wiping raid groups out just for the hell of it ? People paid good money for this game. Sort it out, make it all accessible to ALL and of a far more reasonable toughness. Bungie should be looking to extend the life of the game through CONTENT not ridiculous toughness of completion.

    2) Make a raid queue. You sign in for raid, the game allows you to go off and do all the single player stuff, but NOT join a fire group whilst queued for raid.
    Your name bar in the game has "queued for raid" written across the middle of it so others know they can't invite you to a fire group.

    3) As far as the strikes etc on the left hand side of the map go, make them fully auto grouping / PUG as well.

    4) If you bail on a RAID group, put a marker against the players game account.
    If said player gains more than 3 bail outs from raids, ban them from raiding for the game week ( Tuesday through Monday. )

    5) Further to point 4, allow players to add other players to an ignore list, so if someone bails on them, they can add said "bailer" to their "Ignore for raid" list.

    Those above 5 points would go a LONG way to fixing some of the issues with Destiny.

    Add in a fully functioning chat system that is live throughout the game, wherever you are, along with keyboard support for COMMUNICATION only and you will really be making headway. God, make a special Destiny keyboard & mouse set and flog it to players. The keyboard could have 2 USB ports in it to allow the mouse to plug in, along with 1 more peripheral. Make some money out of it !

    Give me the design and ideas job Bungie. I've obviously got better ideas than you !
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