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  • Is this the hack used to exploit Xbox Live accounts?

  • Fat_Pigeon 13/01/2012

    Eurogamer forgot to include the fact that the CAPTCHA is reset after a refresh. that's the Major problem here.

    Not quite on the same level as Sony loosing thousands of peoples details .
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  • Games for Android

  • Fat_Pigeon 07/06/2010

    Really Would like to switch to Android at some point. but my Iphone and the App store is just so clean.

    I had a Desire on a Two week trail for work. and the Market is a mess. the Phone is nice, but I still preferred my Iphone 3GS at the end of it. Though for work purposes it was much better than the Iphone.

    But i like my Ipod/games for my iphone, and i never found a decent media player that quite lived up to what the iphone has But I only got to try out the free Apps.

    Nice round up though will pass on to my brother.
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  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Fat_Pigeon 05/03/2010

    Looks good on both, hardly game breaking for the 360, still looks very pretty but the PS3 version does look better wouldn't stop me from buying it on the 360 if that was the only platform I had to play it on.

    /has PS3 version on it way
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  • Acti boss makes $20 million from shares

  • Fat_Pigeon 13/11/2009

    Sorry but if i was in the same situation i would have done the same thing

    so would every single person who posted a comment on this

    good on him , now can i have a share of it please?
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  • Early copies of MW2 break street date

  • Fat_Pigeon 06/11/2009

    Bad is a gamer who only buys preowned and rents games so will probably rent modern warfare making him a hypocrit on one hand (he's still endorsing the game it still had to be bought to be rented out) and on the other hand buying only pre owned games Therefore he's crippiling the gaming industry and forcing the price hike.... Go figgure Reply -12
  • Fat_Pigeon 06/11/2009

    The games industry has been due a price hike for a long time, it was coming weather we liked it or not, it just took a big name to bite the bullet and take all the flak!

    Stop with all the 'you idiots caused games to be more expensive' bollock's it becoming tiresome before other devs have even started...

    Also it's ÂŁ5 and I'm going to guess I will get more than 10% more gameplay out of it then say the very good batman AA
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  • Left 4 Dead 1 getting new campaign

  • Fat_Pigeon 04/08/2009

    Yossarian has hit the nail on the head

    i will probably get 20hrs plus out of this campaign...
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  • 3D Realms: 2K had another Duke game

  • Fat_Pigeon 23/06/2009

    I smell a conspiracy theory could this be the greatest marketing campaign the world has ever seen lawsuits = sales FACT Reply +1
  • E3: Left 4 Dead 2

  • Fat_Pigeon 04/06/2009

    Reading Up you can see the People who haven't put enough Hours into this game or played enough with competent gamers all communicating.... iv put probably 100 hours into L4D and if L4D2 gives me half as much Gameplay i will be happy paying the same amount.... Reply 0
  • Valve details L4D Survival Pack

  • Fat_Pigeon 17/04/2009

    Since couple of people on here are meant to be playing Valve on the 22nd on Death Toll looking Nailed on that it will be the 21st

    oh and where's my prize??
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  • Dante's Inferno

  • Fat_Pigeon 25/02/2009

    I love the sound of this game....and feel like complete scum for doing so, because I love the Divine Comedy as well.

    Which level am I going to?


    Eighth circle bolgia 6 with your lead Cloak ill be joining you...

    amazing book wanted someone to use this backdrop of hell for ages, it IS the best interpretations of hell ever described

    and bollox to using Lucifer as a ladder out of hell imi gunna slay the gril and use his lifeless deamon body as a sledge out..
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  • Exclusive: Dante's Inferno - Trailer

  • Fat_Pigeon 24/02/2009

    always thought the divine comedy could have made a deamon slaying beaut of a game with a little tweaking obviously, if it had stuck to the original idea really wouldn't have been much of a game and a little boring to play. plus if it is a bit God of war come ninja gaiden is this really a bad thing 2 amazing games crossed with a good story with deamon slaying surely got to be good Reply 0
  • Killzone 2

  • Fat_Pigeon 09/02/2009

    i love the tried and tested method of the generic linear shooter this game does nothing new what so ever but i dont mind that i like that....

    but what a FPS should always do it get the pissing controls right. its too slow even with all sensitivity maxed out the deadzone's horrible and the acceleration just dont make the controls feel tight enough. then there's the ps3 pad which is outdated and shit why can they not just put the analouge stick where the dpad is who uses the dpad any more ??
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  • Thousands of COD X360 keys soon

  • Fat_Pigeon 08/10/2008

    i neeed beta bored of cod4 now! i h8 vehicles in FPS's tho ill be sick of been run over by screaming american ****'s within half an hour me thinks Reply 0