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  • Just Cause 2

  • EssAitch 11/06/2009

    The AI looks a bit suspect with enemies happy to stand and be grappleshot but overall this looks really interesting. I haven't played the first one but I'll be keeping an eye on this. It'll be interesting to see how they can keep up the variety over such a huge map with hundreds of [side] missions. That's a big ask for writers and mission designers. Reply +1
  • Fallout 3: Broken Steel

  • EssAitch 21/04/2009

    Puppies \o/ Reply 0
  • Riddick demo on Xbox Live now

  • EssAitch 20/03/2009

    I don't know why but demos almost always turn me off a game. Maybe, for many games, playing the demo is enough to scratch the itch. Resi 5, Fear 2, TR underworld, Wanted all suffered this fate for me. Not Riddick, though, I love it. I want this game badly.

    I haven't played Butcher Bay as I came to the 360 from PS2 land but I think I can understand commenters that are hoping for a more stealthy, melee oriented full game. Having said that, though, when this demo is being a stealthy FPS, don't you think it is being a very good stealthy FPS? The closing section when you are on the raised platform sniping at the goon below is awesome and the leaning out of cover / over the edge mechanic is just brilliant.

    It's going to be a long month. Ł35 pre-order at Amazon, hmmm.....
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  • Ross accidentally announces Fable III

  • EssAitch 11/03/2009

    There should be a title for a Twitter based gaffe. A Twat, maybe. Reply 0
  • Fallout 3: The Pitt

  • EssAitch 06/03/2009

    March huh? Possible to be a tad more specific?

    24th March
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

  • EssAitch 17/02/2009

    It might be more realistic.. but it's not fun.. driving around is boring as hell compared to previous games.. No sense of speed or fun. See Saints Row or Burnout Paradise for my idea of what a good (i.e. read "fun") driving model is.

    Driving in GTA IV is more fun than driving in any previous GTA. While waiting for TLaD to download, I put the main game on and all I did was blast around Algonquin in a succession of Feltzers and Range Rovers, playing pedestrian hockey and cat and mouse with the police. It was a tire squeeling, opposite locking, handbrake turning riot.

    Saints Row has already been fingered for an arcadey no-skiller along the lines of San Andreas and I don't give a toss about Burnout Paradise (which, as a pure driving game, bloody well ought to be better). PGR 4 has a better driving model as well, as have Gran Turismo and Forza. Apples and oranges, who gives a shit?
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  • EssAitch 17/02/2009

    Whoever claims the driving in GTA4 is "more realistic" needs to spend way less money on games and more money on getting a driver's license.

    I think the point is that it is more realistic than the arcade no-skillers like GTA III Saint Andreas 2 City Stories. It's still a game.
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  • EssAitch 17/02/2009

    I struggle with the PCJ and, to a lesser extent, the NRG in GTA IV, but that doesn't mean they are shit, it means I am. Reply 0
  • EssAitch 17/02/2009

    That is, of course, complete garbage. One glance at the handbrake sends you at least 180 degrees away from where you want to go, and the cars can't actually turn a corner without it.

    Rubbish. Unless you are completely ham fisted it is a tyre squeeling joy to flick a decent car around a corner with a tug on the handbrake and a balancing dab on the foot brake. Does this work in a refuse truck or on a moped? No, of course it doesn't.
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  • EssAitch 17/02/2009

    The driving in GTA IV is better than it has been in any previous game in the series. In a game where so many missions are driving focused this is an absolute godsend. Reply 0
  • EssAitch 17/02/2009

    Been F5-ing marketplace. It's up now. Reply 0