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  • Digital Foundry vs. Project Natal

  • Escher 22/08/2009

    I think the Mic capabilities of Natal are largely being overlooked too. Combined with all the motion sensing, voice recognition/commands could add huge amounts of gameplay to many types of games. As already mentioned motioning to AI where you want them to move and then being able to issue the commands would feel very satisfying. Games like End War show that it can be done for simple comands so IF they can get the voice recognition levels as impressive as planed (shown in kate milo demo) where actual tone and stress of voice causes a reaction from AI it would be awesome. I imagine a GTA style game where you could actually walk into a bar and actually start a fight simply on your body language and vocal language. Hope it works! Reply 0
  • 4pm: Creative Assembly live interview

  • Escher 03/03/2009

    I thik steam is great but is there an offline mode for steam? Can be annoying when you have bought a game and on laptop without internet and then cant play a game you paid for. Reply 0
  • Empire: Total War

  • Escher 27/02/2009

    The game is awesome and so big it going to take ages to get to grips with. althou the loading times are also very long even on a quad core PC but its a small issue for such a great game. Does anybodyknow if when you reach the turn limit you will be able to carry on like in Medievil 2? Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: MadWorld

  • Escher 12/01/2009

    The reason it sayes PS2 for Okami and viewtiful Joe is that the footage is actually from that platforms version Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo - The set up

  • Escher 06/11/2008

    Dont worry the empty shell "before we laid carpet" footage will be along soon :) Reply 0
  • EGTV captures Forza 2

  • Escher 16/05/2007

    All the actual racing was done in car cam but in the interest of making the clips a bit more interesting and seeing the game at different angles we varied it up a bit Reply 0