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  • Phantom Dust to be remade for Xbox One

  • Draikin 09/06/2014

    Nice to see this game make a reappearance. Yukio Futatsugi announced earlier that one of the games he's working on would be at E3, so we know he'll be involved. Reply 0
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets English translation via fan-made patch

  • Draikin 03/01/2014

    I'm kind of hoping they're not getting too much attention now. Sega has been somewhat unpredictable in the past when it comes to allowing projects like this, it would be a shame to see them shut it down. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Vita video output mod review

  • Draikin 08/08/2013

    As much as I'd like to record footage from my Vita, I'm not going to pay that much for it. It's a shame because the Vita exclusives have very little presence on Youtube, and the system could definitely use some free advertising. Reply 0
  • NiGHTS Into Dreams HD review

  • Draikin 07/10/2012

    I'm going to see if we can get Sega to look into the control problems, because except for that this is a solid port and it deserves to be a success. That said, is it just me or is anyone seeing a problem with the RGB levels on the XBox360? I'm guessing most people won't even notice this, but it's as if the game outputs a 0-255 range even though both my XBox360 and TV (or capture device) are configured for RGB 16-235. The PS3 version seems fine though. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 Demos Analysed

  • Draikin 16/02/2012

    What's Digital Foundry's opinion on the colors in the game? Especially in the first level everything looked unusually pale and dark. In ME2 Bioware already messed around with the shaders to make the game look darker than it should, often obscuring a lot of detail. It looks even worse now with ME3. Reply +9