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  • Rockstar upset by Manhunt ban

  • Devilbod 20/06/2007

    Rockstar will probably appeal, after all it's about money for them, I really doubt that they are pushing the envelope out of some noble crusade over censorship; they are doing it for money and the free pr from the press.

    Whatís more interesting to me is it doesn't appear to have hit the mainstream news yet, I donít know about the papers but nothing on the BBC, if this keeps up then this could be better because the self selling pr machine wonít get the attention it needs and maybe Rockstar will stop deliberately doing this to get sales.

    Im sitting on the fence with the whole what should be/not be banned thing, because I donít know what is in the game, but over all the BBFC do seem to do a good job, I remember when this happen with Urotsikadoji the Press and Government where ranting that it should be banned but the BBFC didnt flinch.

    But I really donít like the way Rockstar has to make games that do stir things up all the time, it isnít really helping things and it makes it easy for people to point a finger however wrong it maybe and blame computer games for theyíre own or societies failings.
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  • Moore loves up Vista

  • Devilbod 24/01/2007

    Maybe you like playing games with everything turned off ;) It just annoys me paying for a game and then lossing half the atmosphere because I have to turn off details/shadows etc and even then have it stutter. I was a console boy to begin with. :)

    But fair point on the console game price mark.

    I'm still not overly happy at what appears to be a overly high price point for a windows upgrade, and an unsafe one at that.
    In a couple of years Vista will become the standard as Microsoft and others drops most of the support for XP which makes this a mute point, but I'm not going to get excited about it, or about Live for that matter. :/
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  • Devilbod 24/01/2007

    Have you seen the price of Vista, I was recommended the Business upgrade because of the programs I've got installed and to just get the upgrade is going to be £189.99 inc VAT

    And that is if it works.

    Mine comes back with a few to many "might work" for me to piss almost 200 notes on a upgrade.
    And thats what puts me off PC Gaming having to spend enough to buy a PS3 each year just to get the games to run at full spec.
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  • Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

  • Devilbod 17/11/2006

    It's only £17.99 at which puts it in the budget range... Reply 0