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  • The story behind the 26-year-old Mega Drive basketball game getting Ł8000 bids on eBay

  • DavidA 30/06/2017

    @Some_Goats Sadly the picture is a couple of years old. Reply +2
  • DavidA 30/06/2017

    @Some_Goats Hey! David reads these comments! Reply +24
  • The lost worlds of Lionhead and Bullfrog

  • DavidA 18/10/2012

    Here's a screenshot of DK2 on PS2 from my hard disk. Like Syndicate on PS2, it deserved to die.

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  • Retrospective: Moonstone

  • DavidA 19/06/2011

    I worked on this game as a tester. I think Phil Harrison signed it when we were both working at Mindscape. I don't recall if Phil had left to go to Sony by then, but I remember Rob coming over from the US to Burgess Hill at around Alpha to finish it the game off. He was a lovely guy; softly spoken and friendly. It was a really buggy game and a great example of code where a fix for one bug causes a knock on bug somewhere else. Rob's trip to the UK was a lot longer than anyone intended. I think we shipped when the bug count was as low as we thought it would be.

    Sorry we didn't fix all the bugs. We had a good time testing it though.
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  • Next Blue Toad episode will be free

  • DavidA 27/01/2010

    Thanks for the support guys. As Nodebug points out, we were too far into development of Season 1 to start retrofitting replayability into the puzzles. But it's forefront on our mind, as you might expect. Reply +3
  • Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle

  • DavidA 18/12/2009

    I'll be letting the world know as soon as it's all sorted, but the only way I'll know for sure is the same way as everyone else: that it's available again on the Store. Reply 0
  • DavidA 18/12/2009

    The wrong Episode 2 file was put on the PlayStation Store, which causes Episode 2 to freeze when you go to play it. We've pulled it from the Store in the mean time. We're battling the snow to help Sony resolve the issue. I'm hoping it's just going to be a case of swapping the file.

    Anyone who has downloaded Episode 2 yesterday will have to re-download and re-install it again. For this, and it being absent from the store, I apologise. This wasn't the start we were hoping for :(

    Episode 1 is up and fine. Hopefully Episode 2 and the double-pack will be up again later today.
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  • DavidA 17/12/2009

    I think the fourth person was him. Would anyone consider editor of a videogame website a "respectable job"?
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  • Buzz!: Quiz World

  • DavidA 20/11/2009

    An 8/10 through gritted teeth. Reply +1
  • Buzz! Quiz World available now

  • DavidA 04/11/2009

    We really listened to people's feedback on the last Buzz! game when making this one. Lots of different ways to play through the game; some fair, some unfair. Bigger online modes. Voice chat.

    Caspar, who runs all things Buzz! here at Relentless, is keeping an eye on the official forums.
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  • Blue Toad Murder Files dated

  • DavidA 06/10/2009

    Thanks for the support guys. We'll be at the Expo in London and Leeds, so there'll be a hands-on opportunity to anyone who's attending. You can tell me what you think in person. Reply 0
  • The Beatles: Rock Band

  • DavidA 06/09/2009

    Great review Johnny. I care less about the game than I do about being able to hear the separate stems (but I care about both a lot). Reply +1
  • Blue Toad Murder Files

  • DavidA 01/09/2009

    @Marijn: We can certainly turn our hand to different art styles: at one point we did some prototypes in a Charlie and Lola style; we considered cell shading too. What we went for in the end was something accessible and something tongue-in-cheek, which suits the nature of the game. Reply 0
  • DavidA 01/09/2009

    Always exciting when the previews go up and interesting to read the comments.

    I'm happy with our art style. It's in keeping with the style that we did for Buzz. We did talk about doing this in 2D a while back (it would have been less expensive to make!) but we wanted to do things in animation that just wouldn't have worked in 2D.

    The whole episodic nature confuses the game size a little. What's described here is the first episode in a season of six, all of which are nearing completion. When you put the whole thing together it's a good sized game at a good price, although that's just my opinion. See for yourself come December, or October if you're at the Eurogamer Expo.
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  • Gaikai

  • DavidA 05/08/2009

    FWIW, Dave showed me this tech and I was knocked out by it. We were in our UK office connecting to a Dutch server playing MarioKart multiplayer with people in other countries.

    I think it opens up a lot of opportunities. I love the idea of being able to play a demo without having to download or install anything.
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  • Sony's new motion controller

  • DavidA 21/07/2009

    In fairness to Paul, he's really not the guy to get salacious soundbites and hints of new games. He's VP or R&D, a fair distance from the games being made in the internal studios or by external development. He and Kish did a very technical presentation to programmers at Develop and it seems like Ellie collared him in some hope of finding out something new about the MC. His percieved evasiveness is just down to the fact that 9-5, 5 days a week, he's knee deep in dev kits and SDKs, not games and marketing.

    He's very close to the tech though. Only one step removed from Richard Marks and his team in the US.
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  • Relentless working on non-Buzz game

  • DavidA 03/03/2009

    I oversee the production of all games here at Relentless. Contrary to some of the comments above, we are genuinely kept really busy with our Sony-published games. It's great to have their continued support. We also really appreciate that Sony have been cool enough to allow us to experiment with self-publishing; it's a business model which is of interest to a lot of developers like us.

    For the record, the game is not something we've ever pitched to Sony.
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  • BAFTA game nominations revealed

  • DavidA 10/02/2009

    The process is more thorough than some of you are suggesting. I forget how much I can say without breaking confidentiality, so I'll keep it pretty vague.

    They made two big changes. They only considered games which had been released (no betas etc) and they moved the dates to better coincide with Christmas releases. The period this year is 26th October 2007 to 31st December 2008. Publishers and/or developers can put forward games they would like for consideration. The long list is gradually whittled down to a final six in each category (the nominations) and a secret ballot by the jury to find a winner.

    It's a pretty thorough process taken really seriously by BAFTA and I think it's good for gaming. I think the committee is made up of people who know their onions and the juries are well selected too. If you have comments then direct them to Kelly at BAFTA.

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  • SingStar Pop Hits

  • DavidA 11/04/2007

    Why do you think that Sony are using it to push their own artists? As far as I can tell there aren't that many Sony/BMG artists. Not a disproportionate amount at any rate.
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  • MTV acquires Harmonix

  • DavidA 26/09/2006

    Interesting. Didn't know that. Sounds like they have some smart legal people working with them at Harmonix.

    Yes. Activision bought Red Octane for $100M, primarily to own the Guitar Hero name.
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  • DavidA 25/09/2006

    Harmonix don't own the IP to Guitar Hero, Activision does. I don't even think Harmonix have the development contracts for Guitar Hero signed up past Guitar Hero 2.

    My guess is that MTV have different projects in mind for Harmonix. It'll be interesting to see.
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  • Buzz: The Music Quiz

  • DavidA 17/10/2005

    "Bah, they've never played You Don't Know Jack then obviously ;)

    Agreed. The UK specific release of that was fantasticly warped. (And had a proper British sense of humour to it's jokes, which made it much better than the US versions)"

    The game used the same audio production company and writers as You Don't Know Jack.
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