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  • Driveclub's free Japan DLC available now via 3.33GB update

  • DaltonBay 20/01/2015

    @ncBadrock you're not alone! Even on its easiest setting I sometimes struggle to finish in the top 3. My eyesight isn't the greatest & so I really struggle to see the bends at times. My main gripe about the game, is that when I do put in a good stint I still cannot pull away from the chasing pack. Does this game have rubber-banding? If it does, I'd love an option to disable it. Reply +1
  • Xbox One top-selling US console for second month running

  • DaltonBay 16/01/2015

    @scuffpuppies I hope that what you say in your second sentence comes to fruition, but I have my doubts.

    As for the photo adorning this article: get a room Cloudskippa!
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  • Here's what DriveClub's upcoming Japanese track looks like

  • DaltonBay 15/01/2015

    @Slikz Definitely! I paid 35 for it & consider it money well spent. I've had so many hours of enjoyment with it. Reply +4
  • Digital Foundry vs Resident Evil on PS4

  • DaltonBay 09/01/2015

    @adampoole Maybe it's because you played your GC games on a standard tv & saw the WII games on an HD tv? Reply 0
  • PS4 Data Bank dock allows huge storage

  • DaltonBay 07/01/2015

    @AgentDaleCooper You're right it doesn't look too bad, like some small space craft docking on a larger one. I'm very tempted to get this. Reply -1
  • Concept art sheds new light on canned BioShock film

  • DaltonBay 07/01/2015

    I would like to see it being made as a tv show. There is too much to fit into a film IMO. They could base it on the book: Rapture, which is a fine read. As for the director, Frank Darabont would be perfect! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Halo 5 beta

  • DaltonBay 04/01/2015

    I don't mind these beta articles. I always find it interesting to compare these articles to the final analyses when the game ships & see all the improvements that have been made. Besides it gives us all an opportunity to have a chat & let's face it, it's very quiet on the gaming front at the moment. Reply +8
  • Games of 2014: Alien: Isolation

  • DaltonBay 28/12/2014

    @the_rydster I loved the game, but technically (aside from the decent lighting) it is very average. You'd think that with the relatively small levels & little going on, that anti-aliasing would be better, as well as the frame-rate & character models. The jaggies were so bad that it gave me the impression that the game was running well under 1080p. This was on my PS4. Reply -4
  • Games of 2014: The Last of Us: Left Behind

  • DaltonBay 26/12/2014

    My favourite aspect of Left Behind, was being able to play off the infected against the humans. It reminded me of the covenant-flood clashes in Halo. It was a shame that ND didn't incorporate this into the main campaign for the remaster, but I suppose that this would have taken too much effort. Reply +2
  • Latest Assassin's Creed Unity patch boosts performance

  • DaltonBay 23/12/2014

    @mega-gazz I wouldn't necessarily blame the media. Many of the hands-on previews that I read didn't paint a pretty picture, with all of them citing the various issues that we've encountered since the games launch. I wonder how much of an effect those 900p & 'parity' articles had on diverting the attention of the early adopters from the games real problems? Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • DaltonBay 23/12/2014

    The only thing that bothers me is that 'they' look fake to me. Reply -1
  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • DaltonBay 22/12/2014

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks good, but "absolutely gorgeous"? I think that is going a bit far. Reply +3
  • DaltonBay 21/12/2014

    @DoctorFouad Agreed!! Shallow people will make out that we are saying this because of the visual punch of the game. They're wrong! It's all the variables/dynamics that the game constantly throws at you, it's an amazing experience! It really gives you an insight into how amazingly gifted professional race drivers are when it comes to dealing with hazardous conditions. Reply +3
  • CVG to close

  • DaltonBay 19/12/2014

    Really sad news, they have been around all my gaming life. In recent years I've thoroughly enjoyed their GTA 5 o'clock series. There are some very good writers there & I hope that they find new jobs ASAP! What bloody awful timing! Reply +2
  • Last-gen revisited: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • DaltonBay 17/12/2014

    @ghostgate2001 Warner are becoming yet another scumbag publisher. They annoyed me a lot last year when they released Arkham:Origins in a sorry state & then went on to prioritizing the dlc instead of patching the game. And now we have this. We are getting treated like shit time & time again. Someone should sue the bastards! Reply +5
  • DaltonBay 17/12/2014

    Surely it has to be a lack of development time, resources, or effort. The 360 & PS3 have some stunning games on them: GTA V, Batman:AC, Halo 4, Uncharted 3 etc. I've got Mordor on my PS4. It looks nice but not that great & I would have thought that the last gen systems could have handled it ok. Reply +8
  • Ubisoft delays Assassin's Creed: Unity's next major patch

  • DaltonBay 16/12/2014

    @2late2die It's probably sold well, but no as well as it's predecessors.

    If Ubisoft haven't learned anything from this, what with the bad pr, having to give away high profile/brand new releases as compensation, & taking a hit on the stock exchange, then they are truly obtuse & completely out of touch. Actually I'd say that they are those things already.
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  • And here's another Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch

  • DaltonBay 16/12/2014

    @greyarea78 I do feel that similar things happen in the film industry. The likes of Spiderman 3, Quantum of Solace, The Dark Knight Rises all felt compromised to me, like the studio rushed them to market in order to capitalize on the momentum provided by their predecessors. Reply +3
  • Last-gen revisited: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

  • DaltonBay 16/12/2014

    @idalevan More open, less boxed-in environments, better physics, more level deformation, & rather than killing everyone, you could disable your enemy by shooting them in the arm, leg, or just knock them out & capture them. I'd also like to be able to shoot the weapon out of an enemies hand & have an improved melee system. I'm certain that many of you can come with more & better ideas than mine. Reply 0
  • Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry hits PS4 and Xbox One next year in 60fps and 1080p

  • DaltonBay 15/12/2014

    Good news! I really liked Ninja Theories take on the series. The gameplay, visuals, soundtrack, & story were all excellent IMO. The story actually made sense for a change & I didn't mind Dante's new look-I always felt that the original Dante looked like some camp broadway dance choreographer.

    It's doubtful, but I'd like to see Capcom commission NT to do a follow-up.

    Those of you moaning about yet another port, remaster, remake; it's simple, don't buy it! Between indie & retail, next year is heaving with new games-there's room for everything & like others have said, this will be a good opportunity for those that haven't played the game yet.
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  • PES 2015 data pack two adds four new teams and 73 new player faces

  • DaltonBay 15/12/2014

    @lucky_jim it's not such a bad thing as they haven't had the real names & likenesses of the legends for a long time now. It's a real shame as I used to love seeing Baggio vs Maradona. Reply +1
  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • DaltonBay 12/12/2014

    EG are kind of setting a precedent with article aren't they? I don't mind them listing their misgivings, but it does seem very harsh to highlight this game when, IMO, there has been more deserving candidates of late. From now on, it will be strange if a flawed/faulty game comes out & we haven't had one of these 'heads-ups' from EG. Reply +9
  • Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?

  • DaltonBay 10/12/2014

    The following article & accompanying video are interesting:

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  • DaltonBay 09/12/2014

    @menage But that Halo teaser didn't say "captured" on XB1. This is the big issue for me here. ND didn't have to use that line. In doing so, they have given PS4 owners the idea that the console next to their tv is capable of producing those visuals. Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    @FMV-GAMER I haven't had the good fortune to play TR on PC, but I was very impressed with it on PS4. Admittedly, I've only watched the U4 gameplay on my iPhone, but from what I've seen, there isn't a gulf in class between the two games. It'll certainly be an interesting comparison when we get round to seeing gameplay footage of the new TR game.

    The only area in which Aliens:CM was faithful to the film, is Pitchford's attempt to out sleaze Carter Burke.
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  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    @Zerobob Perhaps our expectations wouldn't be so high if developers were more honest with their trailers?

    ND did exactly the same thing with TLOU. Just watch its first reveal! Shortly after it aired, Evan Wells stated that those visuals came from gameplay.

    This annoys the hell out of me & to compound matters; I was talking to my colleagues about this the other day. They just shrugged their shoulders, saying "well everyone does it", as if to say that make's it alright then?!

    If I remember correctly, someone took Gearbox/Sega to court over Colonial Marines. I wonder if anyone is thinking of doing the same thing to ND & the other offenders?
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  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    ND definitely have changed Drakes appearance since E3. In that reveal he looked 95% like Nathan Fillion. Now he looks like a mixture between Fillion & the Drake model from U3.

    The game looks great IMO, but I'm glad that many are questioning Naughty Dogs integrity re: those "captured" trailers of theirs. Just because it's ND, that shouldn't mean that they get a free pass!
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  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • DaltonBay 09/12/2014

    @nathull I don't think that the Uncharted games had great story lines. Great characters, amusing dialogue, & fantastic set-pieces, but story? Not IMO. If anything, with Druckmann & Straley running things, I expect the story to better its predecessors. Reply 0
  • Video: Uncharted 4's demo dissected

  • DaltonBay 09/12/2014

    @Sqoony because of Drakes arse physics? Reply +4
  • 1.4GB DriveClub update adds dynamic weather

  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    Best looking game on PS4 IMO! And by quite some distance. The driving is not half bad either. The only thing that I do not like is the rubber-banding of the AI: I can never pull away from the pack. Well it's either that or I'm useless at the game. Reply +4
  • Troy Baker joins Uncharted 4 as Nathan Drake's brother

  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    @Dantonir I'd like to see The Golden Abyss as part of any potential Uncharted collection. Microsoft have set a high bar when it comes to generous compilations & so I hope Sony follow suit with a Drake collection. Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    Outstanding actor & so versatile-he sounds different in every game to me. I thought that he did a great job in the Arkham games as Two-Face & the Joker (in Origins). To pick his best performance is difficult, but I'd probably edge towards Joel. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 4 gameplay revealed in 15-minute video

  • DaltonBay 08/12/2014

    @Dajji77 Thanks for the link! NX Gamers videos are always good. He spots so many things that I'd usually miss. Reply +3
  • Face-Off: PES 2015

  • DaltonBay 05/12/2014

    @frazzl Did you try the demo btw? PES 14 was on PS+ shortly after it's release if I remember correctly, so you may not have a long wait.

    I like the MG games, but I'm not so keen on what I've seen of 5 so far. Launching animals into the air on balloons just looks very daft to me & seems at odds with the serious story that Kojima is trying to tell. Also the pop up that I've seen on the PS4 version does tarnish things-I hope that they can sort it out before launch.
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  • DaltonBay 05/12/2014

    @zzkj I agree with Cloudskipa on this one. At its best (thunderstorms at night) I think that GTA V looks better than MGS:GZ. GTA V also has a lot more going on & a much larger playing area. Reply +7
  • DaltonBay 05/12/2014

    @frazzl That's a shame as I believe that it's the best Pro Evo that I've played since the golden PES 4,5,6 era. It really is a great game & I'm loving the local multi-player with my mates. It's a genuine return to form! Reply +4
  • Performance Analysis: The Crew

  • DaltonBay 04/12/2014

    @MattyEngland76 I'm with you on that mate. 60 FPS just seems too fast & smooth to me when you're looking around. Imo, it makes you feel too light & that you're moving around on roller skates. Sometimes it gives me motion sickness. What I do like about 60 FPS is the more responsive controls. It's also genre dependent I prefer 30 FPS in 3rd & 1st person shooters, but 60 FPS in racers, beat-em-ups & sports titles.

    I do have several problems with my eyes though & know that I will be in a tiny minority.
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  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • DaltonBay 03/12/2014

    @Fox-2076 I've been enjoying it too, although I wish that there was an option to toggle the rubber banding-I hate this in racing games! Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 03/12/2014

    @IronSoldier I heard something about that on NX Gamers analysis. He believes it has something to do with that feature being tied to Nvidia chipsets, some kind of exclusivity deal?

    As for this generation of consoles being 'packed with potential', I'm not too sure about that; what with their modest components & the lazy developers/publishers-choosing to re-use the same gaming templates.
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  • Sony won't renew FIFA sponsorship contract

  • DaltonBay 01/12/2014

    There should have been a 3rd party international investigation into Fifa, just as there should have been one into 9/11.

    Football needs an alternative governing body to compete with Fifa.
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  • How The Bourne Conspiracy struggled to find its own identity

  • DaltonBay 30/11/2014

    This is a retrospective guys! Personally, even though I like my DF articles, I like a little variation & this fits the bill. I found it a good read. Reply +22
  • Grand Theft Auto 5: deconstructing the remaster

  • DaltonBay 29/11/2014

    @cloudskipa "sure there's much better looking current gen games out there"

    Hmm, I'm not so sure about that. When it's at it's best, i.e. thunderstorms at night, I think that it's the best looking game that I've seen on consoles. My only issue is the inconsistency, as one minute it looks stunning, then the next it can look a little rough-the bit where you chase after that lorry with the boat on it springs to mind here.
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  • DaltonBay 29/11/2014

    @BobbyDeNiro It could be quite a while. Rockstar are busy with the story based dlc. Then we have all these rumour's of: Bully 2, RDR 2, Agent, & LA Noire 2.

    I wonder what city GTA 6 will be set in? Maybe a return to Florida?
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  • DaltonBay 29/11/2014

    @Uberheertje I revisited the PS3 version last night. I was expecting it to look awful now that I have got used to the PS4 release: it doesn't! It still looks amazing & if anything the traffic density seemed higher. Maybe this was because of the time of day & locations that I drove through?!

    @Sr.D, Naughty Dog didn't use that many resources on the PS4 TLOU remaster. A skeleton crew started working on it after the PS3 version shipped. Then in January this year ND bumped the team to approx 30. Considering the time in development & the small team working on it, I think that it turned out well.

    @Ironsoldier, I don't know why you've got negged! I've experienced all those flaws too-although the frame rate drops do not bother me- & it does tarnish this release. Hopefully Rockstar will continue to patch & polish. Well done for bringing some balance to this piece!
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One

  • DaltonBay 23/11/2014

    @chuck_bone It is getting quite ridiculous. One or two is fine, but how many is this now? Personally I would have liked to have seen a FC4 piece by now. I'm playing it on PS4 & have to say that, technically, it's the best looking PS4 game so far-pin sharp with fantastic AA, smooth FR, great draw-distances, superb character models, solid textures, excellent lighting.......I could go on.

    @Bruh does the XB1 have a better audio processor than the PS4? If so, this could also be easing the burden on its CPU.
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  • DaltonBay 23/11/2014

    @Bruh Higher frame-rates on XB1? I must have read a different article! I could have sworn that this analysis stated that both systems haves FR drops whilst driving & that the PS4 has an advantage during intense shoot-outs.

    I think that R* have done a great job on both systems & I cannot wait to see what they come up with when designing a game specifically for the current gen.
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  • Telltale's Game of Thrones gets a debut trailer

  • DaltonBay 21/11/2014

    @azurelas_2 She's attractive & has a sinful smile, but the most beautiful woman in the world? It's all in the eye of the beholder I suppose. Reply 0
  • GTA 5's next-gen grass compared

  • DaltonBay 20/11/2014

    So XB1 owners are privy to trimmed bush. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • DaltonBay 19/11/2014

    @Brucelong Not to my eyes! It looks a bit cleaner & runs a little smoother, but it's not a massive improvement. We still have various technical issues: frame-rate dips, average AA & filtering, pop-in, & some dodgy shadows. It looks stunning at times & rough at other moments. The volume of traffic & NPS's also looks considerably lower than what they showed in the E3 trailer. I was hoping for a little more polish. Still, the new cactuses look great. Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 18/11/2014

    @Darren Some very nice snaps there Darren! It looks a lot cleaner to me, especially for things in the distance. You're right, the last gen versions were stunning achievements (at least to me), probably the best looking game along with Halo 4, God of War 3, & U3. Thanks for your observations & pictures! Reply +3