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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

  • DaltonBay 19/04/2014

    @Ryze You make some good points, but I don't necessarily agree with all of them.

    First of all, you have a two year release window for the last gen (2005-07). The current gen are barely at the 6 month mark.

    IMO, PGR 3 was good not great. I preferred PGR 2. 3 was quite impressive technically, but then PGR 4 blew it out of the water.

    I agree with you in that there are not any 'must-have' games yet. But then this is our own subjective views. I'm certain that there are many PS4/XB1 owner's out there that will beg to differ, citing: B4, AC4, Infamous, Titanfall etc.

    I do believe that by Xmas 2015, (just like between 2005-07 for the 360/ps3) the PS4 & XB1 will have a great selection of games. As Gayrath said, there has to be an element of patience if your an early buyer, & in no way should people gauge the strength of a console on its early initial titles.

    Frazzl also made a good point in that the impressive sales of both consoles is good news for all gamers.

    I may get round to responding to your post in more depth (it deserves it!), but I'm a little pressed for time right now. Have a great weekend!
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  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @Artplay Great post & I liked your sexual analogy. When I worked at Gamestation, we used to say that you could tell what kind of lover one was by the way in which they 'consumed' their games. We came to the conclusion that their are a lot of *semi-rapists out there.

    *Ian Fleming coined this phrase in one of his Bond novels. It suggested consented sex, but with a thorough seeing to.

    Personally, I like to take my time with my games and not destroy them in an evening or two. Especially, when in many instances, I have been waiting for that game for years.
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  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    The 20.5 million software attach is very low. I would have thought that the retail, digital, & bundle games (Infamous & Killzone) would have been a lot higher.

    I don't think that the software drought is a bad as many are making out. Between retail and indie titles the number of games available for PS4 is quite high. Over the coming months we have the likes of UFC, Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs, TLOU; this is just off the top of my head & I'm sure that are even more. E3 should be fascinating & I can imagine a very bloated Autumn line-up.

    Edited because I skimmed-over the article and missed a key point.
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  • Veteran Halo composer fired from Bungie "without cause"

  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @Quiksylver A collaboration between the two would be very interesting indeed. I've got a PS4, but will look to get an Xbox One when Halo 5 comes out.

    Do you read any of the novels? I'm still hoping that, one day, we get a game based on The Fall of Reach. I would love to see some flashback levels of John's childhood, his training, his bonding with his fellow Spartans, his early missions, his augmentations, his introduction to Cortana, his first encounter with the Covenant etc. It could be a great game & IMO, the best Halo yet.
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  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @mcmarteau Well this is a videogame site, & O'Donnell is one of the most high profile musicians in the industry. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @Quiksylver I thought that Halo 4's OST was very good. I particularly like the track where you emerged from the debris field into the brilliant sunshine near the start.

    As much as I love O'Donnell's soundtracks, I do feel that they became a bit samey towards the end. IMO, his finest efforts were Halo:CE & Halo: ODST, both were absolute masterpieces.
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  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    The comment count almost ended at 117, spooky! Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 16/04/2014

    Hmm, not so sure about him going to 343. Would he want to score Halo games for the rest of his career?

    AgentCooper made a good point: O'Donnell should be scoring films! I like Zimmer but feel that almost everyone is trying to copy him, which in turn leads to most soundtracks sounding the same. How I miss the likes of John Barry, Morricone, Goldsmith & their melodies.
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  • Sony mulls The Last of Us PS4 discount for PS3 owners

  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @cloudskipa You are a beacon of double-standards. You continually comment on ND articles, criticizing their games as being movies and having limited gameplay. Yet, on the other hand, you frequently blow the trumpets of both Alan Wake and Gears of War. These two games only have combat, whereas at least ND titles contain puzzle, traversal, & stealth elements. Alan Wake & GOW are extremely one-dimensional:point torch & then shoot for the former & 18 rated peek-a-boo action for the latter, with a bit of chainsaw action.

    Both of these games are also very cinematic & have plenty of cut-scenes interrupting the play. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Alan Wake (especially the atmosphere) & Gears is also alright. I just don't get your incessant need to bitch at ND games. It kind of reeks of insecurity, especially when your points of criticism can be also be attributed to your beloved games. As I said, double-standards. Just live & let live!
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  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @Playstationman To be honest, the PS4 footage looked like a blurred-over version of the PS3 version. I will judge it properly when I see the actual gameplay footage. I believe that it will look very impressive on PS4 though as ND have never let us down, at least on a technical level. I guess that we'll find out for sure in a couple of months. Reply +5
  • DaltonBay 17/04/2014

    @Playstationman I think that it will look more than ok and will serve as an exciting appetizer for Uncharted 4, i.e. 'If ND can do that with a port, then imagine what their game built from the ground up on PS4 will look like' Reply +2
  • UK chart: Titanfall back top thanks to Xbox 360 version

  • DaltonBay 14/04/2014

    @rotmm There are now many second-hand copies in circulation so there is no doubt that this has had an effect. My local CEX had about 20 copies on the shelf. Reply -7
  • In Theory: Could The Last of Us on PS4 run at 1080p60?

  • DaltonBay 31/03/2014

    @pantherjag You put your point across very well & I fully agree with you. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 29/03/2014

    @Luke_Martin_VA For me, 60fps is important for certain genres: Racing, sports, & high tempo shooters. I also think that 60fps is important if you're playing on a PC and using a keyboard & mouse combo.

    Some of my favourite action games (Escape From Butcher Bay, The Darkness, Halo CE) had a weighty feel to the movement and I loved this. I don't have a problem with a consistent 30fps at all. What I do have a problem with is when games plunge to 15-20 FPS. This issue ruined the likes of Far Cry 3 & Crysis 2 & 3 (on console) for me.
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  • DaltonBay 29/03/2014

    @TheVoice To each their own! I'd welcome a PS4 port of TLOU as I would like to own a technically superior version of one of my favourite games: one which allows the artwork to shine even more, one that provides even more responsive controls, and reduces some of the pop-in (in particular the horseback level), occasionally crude shadows, frame-rate drops etc. The boost in resolution/greater clarity will also allow me to target enemies in the distance with greater ease.

    I loved the job that Nixxes did with Tomb Raider on the PS4. The thought of a similar job on TLOU is mouth-watering to me.
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  • Alien Isolation release date announced

  • DaltonBay 30/03/2014

    @Exceptional_leg Some great points! I hope that the developers read your post, as I strongly agree with your second paragraph. Reply +1
  • Microsoft: Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer "would have to be fantastic"

  • DaltonBay 29/03/2014

    @scuffpuppies thanks for your reply. I know the difference between two. It was more of a case of wishful thinking on my part. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 28/03/2014

    I was a huge Halo fan, but I was so disappointed with 2's campaign, that my enthusiasm for the single-player mode has never quite been the same. Thankfully Half Life 2 came out at the same time & this more than made up for my disappointment with Halo 2's story/campaign. The multi-player was excellent though and the majority of the novels have been outstanding.

    If 343 do a anniversary edition, I would like to see them perform some surgery on the campaign side of things, fleshing out the story.
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  • Uncharted 4 director Justin Richmond leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games

  • DaltonBay 28/03/2014

    @bez87 I did enjoy U3, but by the end of both that game & the Vita's Golden Abyss, I felt that the series template was starting to get a bit over-familiar. Like you, I think that SADtm (Straley & Druckmann) will give the series a shot in the arm and an extra layer of quality.

    Still, all these departures & closures from/of Sony's worldwide studio's has started to give me cause for concern. It's a great pity as there has been so much positivity around Sony's games division ever since the unveiling of the PS4.

    Edited because of my cursed ellipsis!
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  • The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says

  • DaltonBay 28/03/2014

    @silus Always happy to make someone laugh. I hope that I didn't get you into trouble with your spillage. Ladies do love the Spocking. A while back I was looking to go on Dragons Den with a Spock-glove tm prototype, but something told me that they wouldn't entertain the idea. Take it easy! Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 28/03/2014

    @Richie777 It is filthy! In my old work place, we used to call double-dipping 'Spocking'; I'll let you figure that out.... Reply +1
  • DaltonBay 27/03/2014

    I hope that this will get a similar treatment to Tomb Raider:CE, i.e an enhanced port (better textures, lighting, fx, textures, filtering etc), rather than just a standard port consisting of only a bump-up in resolution & frame-rate. This game deserves it!

    Whilst on the subject of these ports; I don't mind them if they are for games that are: a) amazing & b)suffered with a few technical issues upon their original release.

    I don't know why some people get upset with these ports, it's not like you have to buy them. Also, these ports are most often coded by other studio's (Bluepoint, Nixxes), so it is very unlikely that they will hold up the development of ND's next game.

    I like having Blu-Ray editions of my favourite films & I also like enhanced versions of my favourite console games. IMO, TR:DE gets a lot of unfair criticism. A lot of work went into it, & it it shows; it is a stunning looking game. The gameplay was also better due to the superior frame-rate, & clarity of the 1080p visuals. I like having the option to obtaining these ports.
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  • Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer

  • DaltonBay 28/03/2014

    @CORIANA_SIX Great Show! It reminds me of a cross between The Equalizer & Batman. Caviezel looks almost exactly like how Ian Fleming described James Bond (albeit without a thin scar on his cheek & a comma of hair above his right eyebrow). This game has certainly borrowed some elements from POI.

    This trailer does look a lot better, but as a PS4 owner, I am a little confused: is my version going to look like this or like the previous trailer?
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  • BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two review

  • DaltonBay 26/03/2014

    @Anticitizen1 I'd say your views are the same as most people. I didn't like the gameplay at all. It was so repetitive, too speedy, & the scavenging almost bored me into a coma. The gameplay just felt at odds with the story in that it was very shallow, whereas the story had incredible depth.

    The production values were exceptional. The graphics were very nice & the sound design: voice acting, soundtrack, sound fx is amongst the finest ever heard in a game (IMO).
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  • Wolfenstein: The New Order release date brought forward

  • DaltonBay 26/03/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil Its a different developer this time around. I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so the thought of ex Starbreeze developers (Escape From Butcher Bay, The Darkness) working on this, makes it a day one for me.

    With this & the UFC game coming out, it looks like this spring won't be too barren for me after all.
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  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • DaltonBay 25/03/2014

    @DeathMetal you're far too subjective! We don't all see things the same way! From my perspective, I'd say that the two systems are evenly matched with their exclusives whilst the PS4 has had the technically superior versions of the big multi-platform titles. Reply +2
  • Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

  • DaltonBay 25/03/2014

    @ATARI it's scheduled for an Autumn release (I don't know if there is a specific launch date. It does look good, especially the setting. I just hope that it doesn't turn out to be a Gears clone, in different clothing.

    Whilst on the subject of wolf men; I would be interested in seeing a first person Rampage, perhaps using the frostbite engine. Titanfall
    has kind of catered for the mech-o-philes , but how about something similar but with giant monsters, a decent single player component, & full-on environmental damage?
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  • DaltonBay 24/03/2014

    @ATARI I like your werewolf idea! I'm kind of hoping that The Order will feature them. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 23/03/2014

    @ATARI The game does seem to be even faster than its predecessors. Shooting is simple enough, but as soon as I pan the camera and move in a different direction I begin to struggle. This could be down to my terrible eyesight and average ability at games though.

    If I remember correctly, I recall you being a fan of Alan Wake. Well ISS in some ways, reminds me of Remedy's game. They both have great lighting and (I could be wrong on this) are set in the state of Washington.

    The PS4-Vita link-up is fantastic! The games are beautiful on that oled screen.

    When talking of the best looking PS4 games, I'm surprised that Tomb Raider rarely gets a mention. IMO it is right up there.
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  • Titanfall review

  • DaltonBay 18/03/2014

    @alexcross In reality there was little power difference between the PS3 & 360. The 360 had a superior GPU and better Ram set-up, whilst the PS3 has the superior CPU. Any advantages that the PS3 did have were mostly compromised because of it being very difficult to code for.

    With the XB1 & PS4, the gap in power between them is more pronounced than the last generation. More importantly, this time around, Sony's console is apparently more straightforward to develop for.
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  • DaltonBay 18/03/2014

    @chuck_bone I would also factor-in a play and charge kit for the XB1. With the PS4, there is no additional expense for the controller. Reply -1
  • How Watch Dogs' multiplayer liberates Ubisoft's open world

  • DaltonBay 13/03/2014

    That does not look next-gen at all! I agree with those that are saying GTA V's visuals are more impressive. If that is the PS4 version then I am stunned. It looks nowhere near as good *Infamous:SS, or Assassins Creed 4. The game may well be good but this footage looks several generations behind what we saw back in 2012.

    *Check-out the Interview with Nate Fox on Metro-Gamecentral-it's a fine read.
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  • Watch Dogs PC minimum specs confirmed

  • DaltonBay 12/03/2014

    @DrJiggles I'm still looking forward to this, but maybe that's because I've recently got into Person of Interest. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 12/03/2014

    @ATARI I wasn't all that impressed with what they showed at last years E3, which was supposedly the PS4 version. There's a 14 minute play-through on YouTube.

    What's happening reminds me a little of what happened when Battlefield 3 was first revealed. I had an argument with a colleague at work because he was convinced that the console versions would look that good. Naturally he was disappointed when he got hold of the 360 version.

    What is strange is that this new trailer looks considerably worse than AC 4 on the PS4. Are both these games using the same engine?
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  • DaltonBay 12/03/2014

    @williamarthurfenton Sure those images were sharper & didn't have the aliasing issues, but they gave a fair indication of what the game looked like.

    What I'm talking about is when trailers use assets that look like a generation ahead of the final product that they release. Every facet of the first Watch Dogs reveal was far superior to what we're seeing now.
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  • DaltonBay 12/03/2014

    @Ashcroft The sad thing is that most trailers are misleading. Watch the very first reveal of The Last of Us, at the beginning it states that the following footage was "captured on a PS3". Whilst the final game looked fantastic, it didn't compare with the original reveal (which turned out to be a pre-rendered cinematic, produced on a 'ps3 farm' consisting of 8 ps3 consoles). It is very annoying that not only do these deceptions continue, they also continue to get away with it.

    This is another reason why I love Rockstar & Valve. Everything that they show is usually very close to what we end up playing.
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  • Looks like Mafia 3 is set in Louisiana

  • DaltonBay 12/03/2014

    @Ceatlan Exactly, the city was a backdrop for the story, not a playground. I'd argue that Mafia 2 still has better gameplay mechanics than any GTA game: the firefights, physics, damage model, & car handling were very impressive.

    I'm looking forward to Mafia 3 and hope that they can make it a more epic experience (like the first game on PC) than its predecessor. Mafia 2 had too many gaps in its storyline and felt a bit rushed.

    I am concerned with all the issues at 2k though.
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  • Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

  • DaltonBay 10/03/2014

    Titanfall gets a lot of stick not only because it is an XB console exclusive, but also because it has been hyped up to over-bearing levels: you cannot escape it! It won numerous awards at last years E3, despite it being-according to Metro/Gamecentral-a hands-off showing.

    Then we look at the game itself. Yes it is fun, but I got bored with it fairly quickly. It has no substantial single-player component. Visually, it's ok-there are better looking games from the last gen. I was expecting so much more from a next-gen game that has received so much hype. For example games like Battlefield (&
    even Red Faction) & films like Transformers/Pacific Rim have environmental damage going hand in hand with the combat. Having this in Titanfall would have made it graphically more interesting, but more importantly it could have led to some exciting gameplay dynamics: imagine taking out a building's foundations whilst an opponent runs along it, or grabbing a mech and throwing them into a building; which, in turn, either damages the building or brings it down.

    I don't know. Maybe I am too demanding or maybe others are too easily pleased following /lapping up all the hype like sheep?!
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  • DaltonBay 10/03/2014

    @marcofdeath Did MS say that Halo 5 would be 1080p? During their E3 show, I remember a lady saying that it would 60fps, but that is all.

    To get Halo 5 running at 1080/60fps, I believe that other aspects could get dialed back: AA, texture quality, particle fx, physics, size of levels, & so on. Halo 4 looked stunning, but let's not forget that the levels were not as expansive as its predecessor's; everything felt boxed in. The same could be said for the Uncharted series & God of War.

    Of course I could be proven wrong, & would interested to hear what the likes of Atari, George Roper, & Suarez07 have to say on this.
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  • DaltonBay 10/03/2014

    @Teamallstar so if people cannot tell the difference, then why do we have these higher resolutions in the first place?

    I have terrible eyesight and can easily tell the difference. I was much better at playing Tomb Raider on PS4 than the PS3 and the reason for this was the extra clarity (afforded by the 1080p) I could spot enemies in the distance without having to strain my eyes.

    Of course gameplay is important, but those that are saying that higher resolutions/FPS' are not, are kind of contradicting themselves (especially if they have bought next gen systems). Surely we upgrade because we want more powerful systems? Systems that provide a superior technical experience, with fewer compromises than before. If these technical advantages are not important to you, then why don't you just buy the 360 version then?
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  • Games are squandering their potential to truly immerse us

  • DaltonBay 09/03/2014

    Disappearing bodies, NPC's that block your path, indestructible environments, doors that you cannot pass: even though your wielding a rocket launcher........

    Hopefully with the new consoles, we will see these issues being phased-out.
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  • Tech Analysis: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

  • DaltonBay 09/03/2014

    @Obli I think that development time and budget were reason for this. Reply 0
  • Video: Let's Replay Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

  • DaltonBay 09/03/2014

    @Dolly Great idea! I enjoy playing rpg's & adventure games on my Vita more than I do on my home consoles. It's also about time we had an hd version of Indy & the Fate of Atlantis. Reply +10
  • The Last of Us live-action film is in the works

  • DaltonBay 07/03/2014

    @RawShark So she is a bad actress because she appeared in a film that you didn't like? Whilst that film wasn't great, there was nothing wrong with her performance. She was outstanding in Man on Fire. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 07/03/2014

    I would go for either *Jim Caviezel or Eric Bana as Joel. A young Dakota Fanning would have been perfect as Joel's daughter Sarah. I have no idea who could play Ellie.

    Tbh, I don't believe that anyone could top Baker & Johnson's performances.

    *watch the pilot of Person of Interest, when Caviezel's character is down & out.
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  • Watch Dogs release date revealed

  • DaltonBay 06/03/2014

    @_LarZen_ The first reveal in 2012 was by far the most impressive: the quality of the gunfight at the end had that next gen wow factor. Subsequent footage has never matched that & has (at least to my eyes) steadily got worse. Reply +3
  • Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog

  • DaltonBay 05/03/2014

    Mixed feelings on this. On the one hand I'm very grateful: Hennig provided some of my highlights from the last gen. However, by the end of U3, things had started to feel a little stale and over familiar. A change of scene could do her the world of good and I wish her well with her next project.

    I'm a bit disappointed in that I would have preferred Druckmann & Straley (sounds like a private detective firm) to work either on a new IP, or new installments in TLOU universe; rather than get sidetracked with Uncharted.
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  • God of War developer Sony Santa Monica suffers layoffs

  • DaltonBay 27/02/2014

    @Yautja_Warrior I wouldn't mind them retaining the Greek Mythology theme, but I would like to see them build a different game within it: an action rpg perhaps, one where your decisions can influence the story line. I could do with a break from Kratos, so a new protagonist would be welcome. Reply 0
  • DaltonBay 27/02/2014

    @Negotiator Your comments reek of insecurity and delusion. MS have taken many risks, most of which have made them both despised and a laughing stock. The XB1 will end up with many IP's, but how many of these will be shovel ware for Kinect? As someone who loved the XB brand from 2001 to 2009, I am very disappointed with MS, for almost countless reasons. Reply +4
  • Payday 2, Brothers help Starbreeze to historic profit

  • DaltonBay 27/02/2014

    My favourite FPS developers along with Valve. These two teams, IMO, are way ahead of their peers when it comes to imagination and innovation. I would love to see follow-ups, from them, for Riddick & The Darkness. Like Landlock said, the new Wolfenstein game is being worked on by some former Starbreeze employees. That in itself has made me very tempted by that title. Reply +1