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  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round release date announced

  • CloudXIV 25/10/2014

    @Retro-Fit I love Maaya Sakamoto as well. Ever since I saw Vision of Escaflowne so many years ago. And Yoko Kanno is absolutely brilliant, she created some of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. As I said, I love Japan and there's tons of absolutely great and positive things coming out of there. It's just that I'm not blind to the things that are not so great. Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 25/10/2014

    @ecco You might be right about the west moving backwards. Come to think of it some European countries and a big part of US is getting more conservative, which sucks. But the same thing is happening in Japan right now as well. And no, they are definitely not decades ahead of the west. Women are expected to be office ladies and than mothers in Japan. And people don't want to have children, because it's too bloody expensive in civilised countries, both money and time wise. I'm not saying Japan is a mysogynistic hell, but it's no paradise either and their culture is indeed very fond of sexual objectification of women of all ages. That's not to say it doesn't happen elsewhere, we have our fantasy games where the best armor for a female character is a bra that barely covers nipples and silver thong... Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @ecco Sorry, but I just cannot agree. As much as I love Japan and its pop culture (and I really do) they are in the lead of the civilised world when it comes to gender inequality and objectification of women. As I said, the western world is far, far from perfect in this regard, but we're (EU, US) still decades ahead of Japan. Reply -3
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @Retro-Fit Are you really gonna argue that there is anything to DOA girls other than tits? I can get past things like that if there is anything else to look at (like in Bayonetta). Female characters in japanese creations are often over the top sexy, but sometimes they're interesting characters as well and sometimes they're just sexy dolls with the most basic template of japanese "girl personality" type (tsundere, dandere etc.) attached to them. DOA girls are some of the most blatant examples next to dating sims and hentai games for boys. Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @ecco Characters in hentai games also have background stories, but we all know those are bollocks. In a fighting game the closest you can get to "personality" is the actual character design, they're usually over the top and they often have characters that are ridiculous (Ivy in Soul Calibur for example), but nothing can rival DOA. A redhead with big tits, a blonde with big tits, a pink-haired girl with big tits, a brunette with big tits... You get my point. As for tits in a tabloid, it's terrible, but at least we've got lots of other media and people who do think it's not OK (I'm not from UK BTW). In Japan pretty much everybody thinks it's OK. They've got tits, panties and lolis everywhere and no one finds that uncomfortable. The last DLC DOA is missing is a tentacle monster add-on. Reply -4
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @Retro-Fit Miley Cyrus is a different story, simply because she's a real person and can do whatever she likes. I love Japan, but let's be honest, the western world, while still far from perfect, is a bit more advanced when it comes to gender equality. You might like that "the Japanese have all their cards on the table", but it's only because objectifying women in Japan is still OK. DOA is hardly the only example, but it still is a game that has female character designed the way they are for a sole purpose of arousing teenage boys. And in most primitive ways too, big boobs, lots of skin and no personality, they're objects after all. Reply -5
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @DeathMetal "Fanservice..." Seriously? Do you call strip clubs fanservice as well? DOA girls are big titted husks, they're the virtual equivalent of a blowup doll, there's no characters behind those melons, it's pure hentai fuel. It reeks of creepiness, there's nothing sexy about that, it appeals to people who want a nice looking piece of meat to hump instead of something that at least resembles an actual human being, a woman. There's nothing inherently wrong with tits and sexiness, but this game just does it completely wrong. Reply -4
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @zzkj There's such an obvious difference between Bayonetta and DOA that it's a waste of time to even discuss it. Reply -6
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @bad09 Lol. Yeah, Japan is pervy and sometimes it's funny or entertaining. I like characters like Bayonetta where the sexiness is just over the top and in your face and there's a strong character behind it. But DOA girls are straight from a hentai with innocent, silly girls being harassed by some creepy onii-chan. I'm not a prude, but shit like that just makes me cringe. Reply -3
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @bad09 Fundamentally it's probably not a bad game. I played a bit of DOA2 and 3 back in the day, but this game is just way too creepy and flashy for me. Most fighters have their share of stereotypes and sexy girls, but DOA just takes to the next level and to the point where I just can't help but feel embarrassed playing this game. It doesn't help that it's not entirely its own fighter, but relies on systems founded in VF. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @bad09 It's still a flashy clone. I'm a Tekken guy myself, but there's precision and depth in VF that makes this game hard to approuch and it's kinda sad, because DOA uses the same system, but it's a lot more flashy and forgiving. Out of the two games it was VF that didn't deserve obscurity, but got it. While the lustful imitator prevails... Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    DOA aka dumbed down Virtua Fighter with bouncing tits. This game is kinda creepy and pathetic. It should have fallen into obscurity a long time ago. Reply -8
  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 It's pretty opbvious this is not for me or anyone who's at least a bit more serious about gaming. But then who is the target? I'd say it's too expensive for a casual (occasional or whatever you call it) gamer. Sure you can say it's for someone who wants a "a small form PC for under the TV that had some gaming capability", but it's like saying shit filled M&M's are for people who really like shit and M&M's. They probably exist, but I doubt there's too many of them. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but it's just really hard for me to believe a sane person would pay that much for a small, underpowered PC with very limited upgrade options. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 I'm totally not arguing that consoles are better than PCs either. Just read my reply to darc. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @darc I'm not against PC gaming. It's nice if you have the muscle to force your gaming experience beyond what a console can give you (especially since these days 95% of games are multiplats), but a PC that's basically on par with a console is like the worst of both worlds, a terrible idea IMO. Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 Yeah, I know it's so easy to play on a PC and you don't really need powerful hardware and thousands of posts with help requests and dozens of tweak guides whenever a new game hits the shelves are just in my imagination. I game on PC myself, I have a pretty decent GTX 780 and I still have to adjust most games to hit desired performance. It's never gonna be so easy on PC. You can make it small and look like a console, but it's still not the same. Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 Comparable in raw numbers, sure. But on console you get a game tailored to universal system specs, just launch it and play. Here you get a machine that can barely play modern games with desired performance and it's up to you dig through the settings to make it happen. Of course it's no sweat for a seasoned gamer, but it might be a problem for someone who expected it to work just like a console it tries to mimick. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    Who in the right mind would buy that box? It's super weak for a gaming PC and it's simply not easy enough to use to pretend to be a console (the weaker the system, the more you have to tinker with the settings to achieve desired performance). Reply 0
  • More Assassin's Creed Chronicles spin-offs planned

  • CloudXIV 21/10/2014

    @chubster2010 You need wasps to pollinate stuff, leave'em alone! There's probably more AssCreed games than wasps anyway. Reply +1
  • Dino Crisis is Shinji Mikami's forgotten gem

  • CloudXIV 19/10/2014

    I still have both the ps1 and dc copy and the 2nd on ps1 and PC. If anyone wants to play it today, the actual PC version of the first game sucks, the DC version works a lot better on an emulator. The PC version of the 2nd works pretty well on modern PCs so you might give it a shot as well. Reply +1
  • The Evil Within review

  • CloudXIV 17/10/2014

    @George-Roper I'd like to be able to play this game with rock-solid 60fps at 1080p on PC, but it's not possible. Still, it's still ok at 30fps and there's even a fix for full-screen and fov.
    As for consoles, people really do bitch a lot. Games on consoles always dropped frames and had slow-downs. If analyzed today you'd see how inconsistent frame-rates on ps1 or ps2 were. But unless it was really terrible people didn't give a damn. In the ps1 era we had a lot of games locked at ~15fps (even on PC).
    Now a game drops two frames and everybody loses their minds.
    Reply +5
  • The Evil Within PC debug console commands unlock god mode, infinite ammo, more

  • CloudXIV 15/10/2014

    @VEGA That's a bummer. I can't stand anything other than classic Windows theme. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 14/10/2014

    Yeah, 60fps is really unstable and there's a lot of tearing on my GTX 780. I guess I'll use the 16:9, but I'll have to stay with a lot more stable 30fps lock :/. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 13 PC gets a mod to overcome its 720p lock

  • CloudXIV 11/10/2014

    Seems like a crappy port of a crappy game. Why didn't Square port the recent HD remaster of FFX, it's a far better game. Reply +4
  • Dark Souls 2 dev reveals which bosses people failed at most often

  • CloudXIV 10/10/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25 Yeah, I was really pissed of at that area. Mostly, because it was such a long walk to the boss and I was playing at NG+ in Company of Champions covenant so I had to take out both tigers alone and I failed many times and the walk to the boss alone was such a goddam' pain... Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Reply +1
  • What the hell is Gamechurch?

  • CloudXIV 10/10/2014

    @FallingStickman The number of things that MIGHT exist yet cannot be proven to is infinite. The fact that from that infinite number you chose to believe in a respawning son of an omnipotent being, born from a virgin that has to die in pain for our sins, because his dad's got an obsession for intricate schemes in regard to his glorified ant farm is what makes you delusional. Reply +6
  • CloudXIV 10/10/2014

    @FallingStickman Can you prove Harry Potter does not exist? Better yet, can you prove that the destroyer of worlds Arbhsbgadhagdhula, that I just invetned right now, does not exist? Reply +6
  • CloudXIV 10/10/2014

    @FallingStickman Tolerance has nothing to do with it. I'm just stating the obvious. I can totally tolerate them if they keep their delusions to themselves, but it doesn't change the fact that they ARE delusional and basically believe in magic and fairies. Reply +3
  • CloudXIV 10/10/2014

    Whatever people think of religion, that it's good or bad or whatever, doesn't change the fact that it's all absurd. You can believe that Harry Potter is real and that can make your life better, but it still doesn't change the fact that you're delusional. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Ryse on PC

  • CloudXIV 10/10/2014

    It's essentially a tech-demo. It should be bundled with new GPUs. But then again, there are PC gamers out there who will buy the only to "max the shit out of it". Reply +1
  • You can push The Evil Within beyond 30fps on PC

  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 Yeah, I know :P And I admit that I replied more to the vibe (PC more exclusives = better) I got from your post than the actual statement.
    And I'm kinda over-sensitive when it comes to exclusives, because I really miss the times when there were so many of them on both PC and consoles and they were so different and varied.
    Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 Not a big issue really, I myself play mostly on PC these days. I just meant what I said, the exclusives are not the main factor on either platform abymore. On consoles they're too few and far between and on PC they're mostly low-budget, niche games (that doesn't change the fact that some of them are really great). Anyway, I'm not arguing with you, I just think exclusives aren't really that big of a factor on any platform for various reasons. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 What huge amounts are we talking about here? You mean like the last two decades? Because if that's the case then you have tons of console exclusives as well. What I mean is that right now, this generation as you will, there is not enough superb exclusives on ANY platform to make it stand out. Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 You were saying earlier that it would take a day to list all the PC exclusives. My point was that in recent years we didn't really had that many exclusives on either side and a lot (if not most) gamers are actually playing the same games on PC and consoles. Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 To each his own. For me the lack of proper controls makes mobile games unplayable. That's why I still hold on to my old Xperia Play, at least I can play some emulated oldies properly. Anyway, my original point was that there isn't so many exclusives on PC either these days. At least not the ones that justify a monster GPU. The majority of PC games with demanding requirements are in fact multiplats. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 Mobile gaming (you know, on tablets and smartphones) is a disaster IMO. PC is a lot better, you can find some low-budget gems pretty often, but the fact remains that there's a constant diarrhea stream of terrible games coming out on Steam. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 09/10/2014

    @bad09 In all fairness the era of exclusives on both PC and consoles is pretty much over. PC gets a ton of budget and indie games that are not released on consoles, but most of them are crap. Consoles on the other hand get a few bigger exclusives sponsored or developed by their manufacturers and that's that. Now if we go back to the ps2 and earlier, those were the times when we had tons of quality exclusives on both PC and consoles, but those times are over. Reply 0
  • Shining a light on Bloodborne

  • CloudXIV 07/10/2014

    @IronSoldier It would be nice to have on PC, especially since I don't own a ps4 (yet). I don't really care that much about higher resolution or framerate (60fps is nice, but I can live with 30), it's just that there's nothing else on ps4 that I'm really interested in so basically I'll be buying a 350 Bloodborne box in febreuary. Reply -1
  • Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors

  • CloudXIV 03/10/2014

    Demon's Souls is still my favorite Souls game. The atmosphere was so depressing and eerie and I loved the fact that you had to figure so much things on your own. I was so happy when I discovered that I could kill that bloody, fire breathing dragon and then I spent hours trying to actually put him down. There's also everybody's favorite Tower of Latria. This level alone is like one of the best horror games ever. Reply +5
  • The Order 1886: Rummaging around in the toy box

  • CloudXIV 29/09/2014

    Pretty graphics, but otherwise it looks boring as hell. Reply -14
  • Bethesda warns: you should have 4GB of VRAM to play The Evil Within PC

  • CloudXIV 27/09/2014

    @Suarez07 I completely agree. As I mentioned earlier I myself bought a gtx 780 some six months ago and expected to play games at 1080p and 60fps with more or less tinkering for at least two years. Now I'm not so sure. But it doesn't change the fact that some PC gamers just have to max shit out no matter what. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 27/09/2014

    @Dantonir Theoretically there is no problem with ultra hd textures for those few people with 6gb of vram, but in practice there's the psychological aspect of many PC gamers who just can't deal with the fact that they are not able to max out a game on their brand new high end hardware. For them it would probably be better if ultra hd textures never existed, because that would give them the psychological comfort of running the game on the best settings available. Reply +4
  • CloudXIV 26/09/2014

    Let me get this right, my gtx 780 with 3gb of vram is suddenly not enough to run a corridor horror game? What the hell devs? I'm not gonna buy a new high-end gpu every six months. This is getting ridiculous. Reply +4
  • Ex-Team Ico devs reveal trailer for exploratory adventure Vane

  • CloudXIV 26/09/2014

    What can I say, I'm already sold. Reply +2
  • iPhone 6 sold 10 million units in three days

  • CloudXIV 23/09/2014

    @TheVanillaGorilla IMO it's a bit different. Both types of people give in to enormous hype. They somehow believe the product (game, smartphone, film, clothes) is beyond godlike perfection, it has to be, because everybody wants to have it. When in reality it's usually "only" good or decent and sometimes crap.
    That's why we have good and great (and sometimes crap) games that sell dozens of millions, but we also have tons of great games that fail miserably or barely brake even. It's all in the hype and wanting what everybody else wants, because if so many people want it it must be pure gold.
    Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 23/09/2014

    I don't like Apple, they suck (like many other corporations), but I love how people call Apple fans sheep, but they will stand all night to get the new GTA (or some other AssCreed or CoD crap) or pre-order it as soon as it's announced. Reply +18
  • Meet Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy's latest saviour

  • CloudXIV 23/09/2014

    I like how this game looks, if it plays well (and isn't just "mash X to win") then I'm sold. So many different games (and even other stuff) were branded "Final Fantasy" that IMO the title doesn't mean anything anymore. So I don't really give a damn if it's "Final Fantasy XV" or "Legendary Roadtrip I" as long as the game is solid and fun. Reply 0
  • D4 debut episode review

  • CloudXIV 22/09/2014

    There are just a few console exclusive games that I really have to play, D4 is one of them, there's also Bayonetta 2 and Bloodborne... Yeah, 3 games 3 different sustems ;_; Reply +3
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Snake and Quiet gameplay revealed

  • CloudXIV 18/09/2014

    At least women in Metal Gear are actual, significant characters. I'm not saying showing boobs for no reason is okay, but a lot of games are way worse when it comes to the potrayal of women. Reply +4
  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • CloudXIV 15/09/2014

    Damn, it's a game where you build shit out of pixelated cubes. No doubt it's a lot of fun, but $2,5 billion? Damn... Reply +9