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  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 spotted on

  • CloudXIV 20/08/2014

    @Hiei-YYH I'm not sure a remake of classic RE2 would be a good idea these days. RE remake was brilliant, because at that time they could still get away with fixed camera angles and classic RE gameplay. These days they would probably have to go with over the shoulder full 3d gameplay which would ruin the game IMO. Reply +1
  • CloudXIV 20/08/2014

    While not perfect Revelations was still a hundred times better than Resi 6. I hope they'll go even more "pure survival horror" this time and cut the action bits to the minimum. Reply +11
  • Watch six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

  • CloudXIV 19/08/2014

    Damn this looks awesome! I'll buy a ps4 as soon as this game hits the shelves. Reply +3
  • Shenmue fan is remaking the classic adventure in HD

  • CloudXIV 18/08/2014

    Looks awesome, but there's a bit too much bloom and that golden tint for my tastes. Reply +2
  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • CloudXIV 16/08/2014

    @One_Vurfed_Gwrx Both PS and Saturn could do higher resolution and sometimes did, mostly with fighting games, but most games run at 224p (Saturn) and 240p (PS) and so did Resident Evil on both platforms. The backgrounds in Resident Evil are indeed sharpened a bit on the Saturn, but at the cost of a more visible pixelation. Still, both versions are great, but when it comes to Tomb Raider the Saturn version just plainly sucks. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 16/08/2014

    @One_Vurfed_Gwrx Believe me, it did not run smoother. I own both versions and the Saturn Tomb Raider is unbearable in comparison. Also, higher res backgrounds in RE? Where did you get that from? Saturn renders most games at 320x224, while the PS used 320x240. Resident Evil backgrounds are 320x240 images and they're basically the same res on both consoles. They look different in each version, but there is no difference in resolution I assure you. Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 16/08/2014

    @Seafort I own that particular copy and it's good enough for me. It's not tied to some digital account stored god knows where behind a wall of rules that might change any minute if the big wig wants them to. For me that is a huge difference. Reply +1
  • CloudXIV 16/08/2014

    @FelixAndrews Sony probably secured Tomb Raider for the PlayStation, but it still doesn't change the fact that it looked and ran like shit on the Saturn (it was like half the frame-rate it had on PS). As for Resident Evil, it was a port from PS that again, ran and looked worse, and by the time RE2 rolled in the PlayStation was kicking Saturn's ass horribly (I still have and love this console though). Reply +1
  • CloudXIV 16/08/2014

    The problem with Steam is that it's a big DRM machine where you actually borrow all those games for indefinite time. I'd like to play Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC, because it would probably run and look better than it will on ps4, but I want to own my Metal Gear, not borrow it. Reply -1
  • The Evil Within reveals Season Pass and three DLC packs

  • CloudXIV 13/08/2014

    Oh crap... Another game that I really wanted to buy (after Alien: Isiloation) that pulls a DLC dick move that forces me to flip a finger at the publishers instead. Reply +11
  • Bloodborne gets a new trailer, release window

  • CloudXIV 13/08/2014

    I've played the whole Dark Souls 2 without touching a shield a single time (zero magic also, just melee + dodging). It might pay off when I lay my hands on the awesomeness that Bloodborne will be. Reply 0
  • Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro are making Silent Hills

  • CloudXIV 13/08/2014

    @spamdangled I think I can pretty safely make an assumption that it will be nothing like the original Silent Hill games. Even Shattered Memories (which I enjoyed) was nothing like the original games. Making Silent Hill without Team Silent is a bit like making a David Lynch film without David Lynch. We have a famous director and a famous game creator here, they can afford to make their own horror game, but they're still dragging the tired Silent Hill brand along for more publicity. Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 13/08/2014

    @SakisGamer I don't have a ps4 yet so I can't play it. But I'm not even saying it's gonna be bad. It might be a brilliant horror game, but for me it's pretty damn obvious after all these years and sequels that Silent Hill was a unique creation of a particular group of people and it just cannot be copied. Just leave Silent Hill alone and make your own horror franchise is all I'm saying. Reply -4
  • CloudXIV 13/08/2014

    "Actual reactions to gameplay" - not this shit again... Also, I'm a HUGE Metal Gear fan, but Silent Hill ended when the original team stopped making it. Period. Reply -22
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • CloudXIV 12/08/2014

    I don't mind exclusives as long as there's enough of them on any given platform to justify its purchase. Right now there's not enough of them on any of the new platforms. They say competition is good, but I kinda miss the times when almost all of my console gaming needs were covered by PlayStation (and later ps2) alone. Reply 0
  • Not for everyone: exploring the strange pleasures of exclusivity

  • CloudXIV 09/08/2014

    Someone should really consider re-releasing old console games in their original format (especially the ones on optical discs as they're really easy to manufacture compared to cartridges). I always wanted to get a hold of a Panzer Dragoon Saga copy, but 200 is a bit too much for a single game. Not to mention some of those discs are almost 20 years old and might stop working any day now. Reply 0
  • Bayonetta 2 is a sequel to savour

  • CloudXIV 08/08/2014

    Bayonetta 2 alone is worth buying a WiiU. I loved the first one so much that I got myself an xbox360 just to play the "proper" version. This game looks like pure chaos, but it's no button masher and you quickly realize that you have to focus and respond switfly to all this madness and when you do it's just buckets of pure, flashy and bombastic combat joy. Reply +4
  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • CloudXIV 05/08/2014

    Easily one of the best horror games ever created and probably the greatest example of a game remake done right. Hopefully the price will be reasonable (unlike re4 and code veronica). Reply +1
  • Tekken 7 announced with teaser trailer

  • CloudXIV 14/07/2014

    @Armor-Ritsuko I don't like licensed engines, all games running on them look the same, unless the devs make some heavy modifications. Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 14/07/2014

    @andrewsqual Tekken 4 was also broken. Riddled with glitches and infinite wall combos. People complain about 15 hit wall&tag combos in Tag 2, but how about being juggled around the arena with 2 moves for a minute then K.O.? The height variations of the arenas also didn't work very well. I still played a lot of Tekken 4, but the game was more like a beta, it needed a lots of fixes and patches it never got (because it wasn't really possible). Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 14/07/2014

    Finally! But Unreaul Engine 4? Ugh... Reply +4
  • Why PS4 is struggling in Japan

  • CloudXIV 11/07/2014

    Japanese games are what made consoles unique, because most of them were not available on PC, but these days we get western games mostly which are usually multi-platform. And even if they're exclusives they're mostly 3rd or 1st person shooters and there's a crapton of those on every platform. I'll get a ps4, because I absolutely need a new Metal Gear and new Souls, I'm just worried that it'll collect dust after I'm finished with them. Reply 0
  • MSI GS60 2PC Ghost with Nvidia GTX 860M review

  • CloudXIV 06/07/2014

    @INSERT-COIN I honestly don't get all the people who are butt-hurt, because of the comparison with the xbone. Obviously this notebook is meant for gaming so it's only reasonable to compare it to other major gaming devices (desktop pc, x1, ps4). This comparison is only meant to give people the idea of how much gaming power can be squeezed out of it. Nobody in the right mind who plays games mostly at home would even consider this as an alternative to a console or a desktop pc. Reply +1
  • CloudXIV 06/07/2014

    I imagine the only person needing that kind of hardware is someone who earns a lot, but also travels a lot, spending little time in his/hers actual home. Otherwise a console or a regular PC (or both) make a LOT more sense. Reply 0
  • Life after Ground Zeroes - what's new with MGS5: The Phantom Pain?

  • CloudXIV 04/07/2014

    @Suarez07 I kinda agree that various types of AA can help games rendered at 720p (or sub 720p), especially since they need to be upscaled (unless, of course, you play them on a screen with a native 720p resolution). But native 1080p, even with zero AA, is damn good enough for me. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 04/07/2014

    @Suarez07 Your eyes hurt from 720p? How were you even able to play games 10 or 15 years ago? Damn. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 04/07/2014

    @EricJohn004 Somehow it does not annoy me. I'm not saying I don't see it, but I just couldn't care less about AA at higher resolutions and I never understood why people find it so important. AA is really the last thing I ever care about when tweaking graphical settings. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 04/07/2014

    @Suarez07 Dude, we used to play games at 240p without AA. For me personally 1080p is so much freakin' pixels that I really hardly see the jaggies. Even on PC (currently I have a GTX 780) I could easily turn on any AA option without a performance hit, but I simply choose not to, becase I can hardly see the difference. Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 04/07/2014

    @Wot_the_Melon You kinda got a point there. I don't care that much about AA (for me it hardly makes a difference at 1080p) or some other crap like better quality AO, but AF, or the lack of it, is REALLY noticable. At least 8x should be the standard on modern consoles. Reply +7
  • YouTube premieres 60 fps video with Battlefield: Hardline trailer

  • CloudXIV 27/06/2014

    @LtRoyalShrimp I get 30-40fps with flashplayer, but 60 with a few hiccups with HMTL5. Reply 0
  • Have mobile graphics finally surpassed last-gen console?

  • CloudXIV 26/06/2014

    All we need now are toilet seats with built-in lcd screens and gamepads. Reply +3
  • Watch the full Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 demo right here

  • CloudXIV 19/06/2014

    Metal Gear always wakes up the kid in me. New trailers and gameplay clips always get me so hyped, like no other game around. Reply 0
  • Sleeping Dogs HD spotted for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • CloudXIV 16/06/2014

    @muzzakus Of course, but your comparison is still bad, because it's not the resolution that changes, but your perception of it. Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 16/06/2014

    @muzzakus That's a bad comparison. People change when they get older, the resolution does not. It looks exactly the same as it looked the first time you've seen it. For me personally 720p is fine, but I go for 1080p simply, because on lcd screens the native res just looks so much better than an upscaled resolution. And 1080p is more than enough for me, be it a monitor or a big screen. Sure, 1440p or 4k looks even crisper, but the cost of rendering in that resolution is HUGE and the difference isn't nearly as striking as going from 480 to 720 or 1080. In short, diminishing returns at a very high cost. Reply +5
  • CloudXIV 16/06/2014

    @Suarez07 Lol, it is kinda sad that some newer games don't really look substantially better than older ones, but the requirements are way up there. But we get some shiny graphical effects that we didn't really know were there until we saw a direct side-byside comparison that we stared at for five minutes and suddenly realized that, because those four pixels there look SO much better we suddenly need 3x vram and overall horsepower and a billion ghz cpu.
    I'm not saying it's always the case, but sometimes it is...
    Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 16/06/2014

    @muzzakus Different resolutions have their silly names and HD = 720p whether you like it or not. Reply +6
  • CloudXIV 16/06/2014

    I know it's hard to come up with something else, but "HD" sounds silly as hell. The game was already HD on consoles and on PC it was WYWD (Whatever You Want Definition). It would be better to call it "definitive" or "complete" edition or something. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Murdered: Soul Suspect

  • CloudXIV 15/06/2014

    @Dantonir Dude, PC had its perks (like more ram and vram for sharper textures and larger levels), but when it comes to graphics there really was nothing on PC back then that could rival Soul Calibur, Shenmue, Devil May Cry or MGS2. In later years it obviously surpassed consoles, but right after release they definitely had the edge. Reply +1
  • CloudXIV 15/06/2014

    @VEGA Your right, but nvidia could add HMDI support or maybe we'll some competition doing that. As I said, it's not a PC add-on, but a display panel chip so it can be used with anything in the future. And when it comes to resolutions, you still need a ton of horse power to run games at 4k and 60 fps. I currently have a GTX 780 which alone cost more than a ps4 and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't handle 4k at 60fps in most modern games. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 15/06/2014

    @VEGA Not all PC games can be forced to run at higher frame rates. There were and still are (it's rare though) games with hardcoded frame rate and you can't do anything about it unless you've got some programming skills. Also, g-sync is a display panel technology and it can work with consoles as well. And 144fps in 4k? If you've got 10k to spend on a machine that can handle that then sure, why not. Reply +2
  • Video: Dealing with other humans and synthetics in Alien Isolation

  • CloudXIV 12/06/2014

    @solidhas We never knew how hard and resilient was the original Alien, because nobody shot at him and, if I remember correctly, they didn't even hit him with the flamethrower they had. So the Alien can be as hard as metal for all we know. Because, you know, Cameron made an absolutely stunning sequel, but the Aliens in his film were mostly his own take on the monster. If we ignore the sequels and just stick to the first movie, then we're back to the more fascinating and enigmatic Alien creature. Reply +8
  • Managing Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  • CloudXIV 11/06/2014

    @penhalion I actually love amusing myself with all the incidental stuff in Metal Gear... The core gameplay was always solid (Ha!), but it's all the little, silly quirks that made it tick for me. Like attaching c4 to a guard's back, or throwing them rotten food to eat or eating a glowing mushroom to recharge your batteries. I just can't wait to see how many of those silly things I can discover in MGS5. Reply 0
  • Bloodborne is From Software's darkest game yet

  • CloudXIV 11/06/2014

    Why can't we see those damn demos? Same with Phantom Pain, we can only read about it. That's torture and it's wrong! Reply +40
  • Itagaki's Devil's Third is now a Wii U exclusive - report

  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    I had high hopes, Itagaki is the creator of the modern Ninja Gaiden after all, but this looks like utter, generic crap... :/ Reply +2
  • Bayonetta 2 out this October in Europe

  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    It's kinda sad that there's just a few good exclusives on every system and if you want to play those 10 games you'll have to spend a huge amount of money to buy all consoles... You want to play Bayonetta 2? Buy a WiiU. Want to play Bloodborne? Buy a ps4. Want to play the new Swery game (D4)? Buy an xbone. Shiiiit.
    I thought it was sad that my collection of ps3, 360 and Wii games combined was smaller than my Dreamcast collection (I'm not even mentioning ps1 or ps2), but now I'm kinda worried that I'm not gonna reach even 15 titles this console gen (PC not included).
    Reply 0
  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    I actually don't care about all the Nintendo games, but I'll pick up a WiiU sooner or later for Bayonetta alone. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    Oh shit! It comes with the first game. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    Bayonetta!!!!!!!!! Reply 0
  • Sony's E3 conference

  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    No Last Guardian... Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 10/06/2014

    was that supposed to happen? Reply 0