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  • Heroic modder seeks to add original Resi voice acting to HD remaster

  • CloudXIV 28/01/2015

    The voice acting is a cult classic on its own. Also, the live action intro, pure brilliance. I always hoped they would make it into a feature film and I was hoping for something like that when they first announced it... But we got that unwatchable crap with Milla Jovovich instead. Reply +3
  • Video: Hatred, and why it wanted that 'Adults Only' rating

  • CloudXIV 22/01/2015

    @AngryWotsit Dude, it's not that simple, black or white shit. Should Hatred get banned? I don't think so. But what if a game like "Child Rapist Simulator" comes along? Should it be banned? I mean, it's not real child rape right? So what's the problem? We're for freedom of speech are we not? I'm not saying one way or the other, just pointing out that fictional or virtual atrocities always stir up controversies and discussion about boundaries and detrimental effects on society, if it leads to reasonable solutions on how to handle such content then it's a good thing. Still, as I said before, Hatred is nothing new. So we shouldn't be so surprised and shocked that a game like this happened. Reply +4
  • CloudXIV 22/01/2015

    This game is pure carp, but the moral outrage is silly. Need I remind people that we already had Carmageddon (points for running over civilians), Postal 1, 2, 3 (I remember one where you could pour gasoline on someone, set them on fire and urinate on them while watching their agony). We also have open world games like GTA where mayhem and killing sprees aren't the main objective, but are an all important possibility that makes those games popular in the first place. Again, Hatred is garbage, but it's nothing new and it would be best to just ignore this piece of crap instead of giving it publicity it doesn't deserve. Reply +2
  • Resident Evil HD Remaster review

  • CloudXIV 20/01/2015

    According to the reviewer Resident Evil's puzzles are hard... Apparently he never played a classic point & click adventure. Compared to a lot of those, Resident Evil's puzzles are super easy and sensible. Reply +6
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • CloudXIV 20/01/2015

    @Rogueywon The Wii version IS the gamecube version, as the console itself is a beefed up gamecube. Aside from controls and the fact that it comes on one disc for the Wii, they're identical. Reply +6
  • Yasuhisa Kawamura and the Resident Evil that never was

  • CloudXIV 18/01/2015

    I loved Resi 4 for being an absolutely awesome game and I hated it for killing old school RE. I'd really love to see a new entry with fixed camera angles (not necessarily pre-rendered backgrounds, they could be real time with some camera movement like in Code Veronica or Outbreak), limited resources, saves and all that. It probably wouldn't cost that much to make these days, it could be a cheap spin-off for old-school fans. Reply +3
  • Alienware Alpha review

  • CloudXIV 17/01/2015

    Consoles trying to be more PC, PCs trying to be more console. What the hell is going on? It's a gaming world I don't really understand or like anymore. Back in the day consoles were a lot more than hardware, they were platforms for a specific vision of gaming, very different from PC (which had its own gaming world and flavor). Both worlds intertwined occasionally, but were so very different and it made gaming much more fun and diverse. Consoles, as I remember them, are pretty much gone, they lost almost everything that made them different and exceptional, pure bred consoles games are few and far between. Today they're just boxes of choice for people who want to play all the latest crap, but cannot afford a gaming PC or want their gaming to be as simple as possible. Reply 0
  • Video: Resident Evil HD - what still works and what doesn't

  • CloudXIV 16/01/2015

    They could just make door animations skippable, like they did in Resident Evil DS.

    Edit: And if I remember correctly, you could also do that in the PC port.
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  • DmC: Definitive Edition release date brought forward a week

  • CloudXIV 14/01/2015

    @Malek86 Damn, DMC2 was an abomination. It was slow, ugly, boring and too easy. Fortunately we got DMC3 which was superb. So much so that I didn't even mind buying it again (Special Edition) and again (HD collection for ps3). Reply 0
  • Rich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

  • CloudXIV 13/12/2014

    @Freakachuu But you still "play to win", you will do everything for that heist or whatever to succeed, because that means, for you as a gamer, progress, exp, cash etc.
    You say you do not root for them, but you still do everything you can to help them succeed in their crimes. That alone makes a game different than a film. For me personally that is a bit too much. It's not the violence, it's the fact that you are playing as full fledged, evil characters, criminals, psychopats. GTA is not Mortal Kombat or Carmageddon, it goes way deeper, because it's all backed up by a lot of storytelling and character motivation. This is an overexaggerated example, but there is a difference in watching a film about Hitler and playing as Hitler.
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  • CloudXIV 13/12/2014

    @Freakachuu There's a fundamental difference between games and films. While watching a film about a bad person you can get engaged, but not necessarily root for that person. Now in games you do by default, because his succes equals your succes in the game. I'm the last person in the world who would censor or ban GTA even though IMO this game isn't worth much. But I definitely think it's good to discuss how games handle "sensitive" issues and subjects. Reply +2
  • Get every Batman: Arkham game on Steam for $10

  • CloudXIV 12/12/2014

    9.79 for Europe. Reply +6
  • Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

  • CloudXIV 09/12/2014

    I'm more concerned about the fact that there are many "veteran" characters that are still unconfirmed (my Lee Chaolan is among them). Also, the fighting mechanics which are, basically, getting nerfed and dumbed down. Reply 0
  • Tekken 7's latest new character is a breakdancing catgirl

  • CloudXIV 08/12/2014

    I'll wait with my judgement until the game is released, but it doesn't look good. A 12 year old cat-girl that seems every bit as annoying as eddy/christie is just a cherry on top. We have nerfed oki, juggles that are like 5 hits (so poor compared to ttt2 craziness), sf-esque specials, slow-mo and sparks that flood the screen. It seems like Tekken is taking a step back. If it turns out bad I'll just stick to ttt2 which is sublime. I'd like to see a PC/ps4 version (of ttt2) though, because the loading times on ps3 are a pain. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 7 announced for PlayStation 4

  • CloudXIV 06/12/2014

    @Nikanoru This. And they'd probably f*** it up with overdone, overdesigned characters and art style. I'd rather they leave the game as it is. For me it was, is and will be perfect. Reply +5
  • CloudXIV 06/12/2014

    @OnlyJoeKing The real-time bits are up-resed, but the music sounds way worse. I'd say the ps1 version is still the way to go. Reply +7
  • Final Fantasy 13 PC will get 1080p support next week

  • CloudXIV 05/12/2014

    A turd in 1080p is still a turd. Reply -3
  • The Steam Exploration Sale is live

  • CloudXIV 27/11/2014

    @jetfire10 Yeah, and I'm from Poland. We're piss poor compared to most of Europe, but we're still in the "super steep pricing in euros" region on steam. And we don't even use euros yet. Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 26/11/2014

    Damn! Why are games so much cheaper on UK steam? The Evil Within would cost me 20,39 which is considerably higher than 11.89. Reply +9
  • GTA 5's next-gen grass compared

  • CloudXIV 20/11/2014

    oH my God! It's full of grass! Reply +4
  • The late Kenji Eno's final project, Kakexun, is now on Indiegogo

  • CloudXIV 18/11/2014

    D2 and Illbleed were one of my favorite Dreamcast games. I love horror games, especially weird ones. It's so freakin' sad that both Kenji Eno and Sinya Nishigaki passed away :( Reply +4
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • CloudXIV 15/11/2014

    My opinion on the last 9 years of consoles? I'd take a ps1 over all of them put together (ps3, ps4 360, xb1, wii, wiiu) any day. Reply -5
  • Watch 10 minutes of 1080p Final Fantasy 15 footage

  • CloudXIV 14/11/2014

    This actually looks cool. Maybe there's still hope for Final Fantasy. Reply +1
  • The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

  • CloudXIV 09/11/2014

    These are sad times for console gaming if games like that "define" them. Reply +2
  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round release date announced

  • CloudXIV 31/10/2014

    @ecco What's with your obsession with j-pop? Pop culture does not equal pop music you know? And yeah, I put my stick in a puddle and find a lot of shit, more shit than in other puddles and yeah, I still love that puddle.
    So what's on your mind when you talk about importing women if not kidnapping? I thought you were talking about women that are promised good jobs, but are than forced to sell their bodies.
    Anyway, I think Japan's in the lead when it comes to sexual objectification of women in pop culture. I won't argue it doesn't happen elsewhere, but to say that all of the west is far worse is just nonsense.
    As to worse things happening elsewhere, I won't argue with that at all, because that's actually true.
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  • CloudXIV 30/10/2014

    @ecco You're arguments are that, because something similiar is happening somewhere else in the world it's pretty much okay for it to happen in Japan. What kind of argument is that? Also, kidnapping women for prostitution is not legal and that's what "importing" you talk about is. Anyway, we can talk about many problems of the world, but let's stick to pop culture otherwise we'll argue till the end of the world. I agree (and agreed earlier) that the problem of sexual objectification of women in pop culture exists pretty much everywhere, but Japan is such a big player in this regard that they made an impact globally (along with America). Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 30/10/2014

    @ecco A virtual desktop girl is hardly comparable to a game released on a Nintendo system and endorsed by it. PC is free for all, consoles are a different story. As to cherry picking... I'm obviously bringing up the most obvious examples, but japanese pop culture really is filled with tits and girls showing skin. And you know what? I don't mind it most of the times, but it bothers me when it's the main focus.
    I love Cowboy Bebop and I'm not gonna hate it just, because Faye wears a really skimpy outfit. But she's still a cool and interesting character and her boobs aren't the main feature or focus of this awesome anime series. Now in DOA boobs and their jiggle physics are arguably more important than the game behind it. And how can you even compare an undeground, illegal, criminal activity of smuggling women for prostitution to a legally released rape simulator that you can buy nationwide like any regular product? If that was some kind of bootleg, underground product of a shady bussiness then I would never bring it up, but it's not.
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  • CloudXIV 28/10/2014

    @ecco I wasn't expecting another reply on this topic XD. Anyway, my view is not skewed by american filtration, because I don't live in America (I live in Poland where we have our own problems with objectification of women as well) and most of my views come from japanese games, mangas and films. Also, I never said that Japan is not a pleasant place (it might be unpleasant for some because of racism, but hardly lolis and tits). I simply see objectification of women as one of Japan's (also global) problems. Just as obsession with violence and guns is a problem in America (a more serious one actually). But let's not forget that it's Japan where DOA and Highschool of the Dead are made. And it's Japan where you can feel up girls on your 3ds screen. It's Japan that has tv game show with guys sliding face down into woman's tits. Finally it's Japan where Rapelay was released. I love Japan, but you know, they're kinda unbeatable in the field of objectifying women. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 25/10/2014

    @Retro-Fit I love Maaya Sakamoto as well. Ever since I saw Vision of Escaflowne so many years ago. And Yoko Kanno is absolutely brilliant, she created some of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. As I said, I love Japan and there's tons of absolutely great and positive things coming out of there. It's just that I'm not blind to the things that are not so great. Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 25/10/2014

    @ecco You might be right about the west moving backwards. Come to think of it some European countries and a big part of US is getting more conservative, which sucks. But the same thing is happening in Japan right now as well. And no, they are definitely not decades ahead of the west. Women are expected to be office ladies and than mothers in Japan. And people don't want to have children, because it's too bloody expensive in civilised countries, both money and time wise. I'm not saying Japan is a mysogynistic hell, but it's no paradise either and their culture is indeed very fond of sexual objectification of women of all ages. That's not to say it doesn't happen elsewhere, we have our fantasy games where the best armor for a female character is a bra that barely covers nipples and silver thong... Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @ecco Sorry, but I just cannot agree. As much as I love Japan and its pop culture (and I really do) they are in the lead of the civilised world when it comes to gender inequality and objectification of women. As I said, the western world is far, far from perfect in this regard, but we're (EU, US) still decades ahead of Japan. Reply -3
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @Retro-Fit Are you really gonna argue that there is anything to DOA girls other than tits? I can get past things like that if there is anything else to look at (like in Bayonetta). Female characters in japanese creations are often over the top sexy, but sometimes they're interesting characters as well and sometimes they're just sexy dolls with the most basic template of japanese "girl personality" type (tsundere, dandere etc.) attached to them. DOA girls are some of the most blatant examples next to dating sims and hentai games for boys. Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @ecco Characters in hentai games also have background stories, but we all know those are bollocks. In a fighting game the closest you can get to "personality" is the actual character design, they're usually over the top and they often have characters that are ridiculous (Ivy in Soul Calibur for example), but nothing can rival DOA. A redhead with big tits, a blonde with big tits, a pink-haired girl with big tits, a brunette with big tits... You get my point. As for tits in a tabloid, it's terrible, but at least we've got lots of other media and people who do think it's not OK (I'm not from UK BTW). In Japan pretty much everybody thinks it's OK. They've got tits, panties and lolis everywhere and no one finds that uncomfortable. The last DLC DOA is missing is a tentacle monster add-on. Reply -4
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @Retro-Fit Miley Cyrus is a different story, simply because she's a real person and can do whatever she likes. I love Japan, but let's be honest, the western world, while still far from perfect, is a bit more advanced when it comes to gender equality. You might like that "the Japanese have all their cards on the table", but it's only because objectifying women in Japan is still OK. DOA is hardly the only example, but it still is a game that has female character designed the way they are for a sole purpose of arousing teenage boys. And in most primitive ways too, big boobs, lots of skin and no personality, they're objects after all. Reply -5
  • CloudXIV 24/10/2014

    @DeathMetal "Fanservice..." Seriously? Do you call strip clubs fanservice as well? DOA girls are big titted husks, they're the virtual equivalent of a blowup doll, there's no characters behind those melons, it's pure hentai fuel. It reeks of creepiness, there's nothing sexy about that, it appeals to people who want a nice looking piece of meat to hump instead of something that at least resembles an actual human being, a woman. There's nothing inherently wrong with tits and sexiness, but this game just does it completely wrong. Reply -4
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @zzkj There's such an obvious difference between Bayonetta and DOA that it's a waste of time to even discuss it. Reply -6
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @bad09 Lol. Yeah, Japan is pervy and sometimes it's funny or entertaining. I like characters like Bayonetta where the sexiness is just over the top and in your face and there's a strong character behind it. But DOA girls are straight from a hentai with innocent, silly girls being harassed by some creepy onii-chan. I'm not a prude, but shit like that just makes me cringe. Reply -3
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @bad09 Fundamentally it's probably not a bad game. I played a bit of DOA2 and 3 back in the day, but this game is just way too creepy and flashy for me. Most fighters have their share of stereotypes and sexy girls, but DOA just takes to the next level and to the point where I just can't help but feel embarrassed playing this game. It doesn't help that it's not entirely its own fighter, but relies on systems founded in VF. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    @bad09 It's still a flashy clone. I'm a Tekken guy myself, but there's precision and depth in VF that makes this game hard to approuch and it's kinda sad, because DOA uses the same system, but it's a lot more flashy and forgiving. Out of the two games it was VF that didn't deserve obscurity, but got it. While the lustful imitator prevails... Reply -2
  • CloudXIV 23/10/2014

    DOA aka dumbed down Virtua Fighter with bouncing tits. This game is kinda creepy and pathetic. It should have fallen into obscurity a long time ago. Reply -9
  • Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive

  • CloudXIV 28/10/2014

    @George-Roper Dude, these technical issues you're talking about are minor. Most people won't even notice them. It's not like console games were ever perfect in terms of performance and visual quality. We had slow-downs and disapearing sprites on a freakin' NES mate. Games on consoles were always a compromise between performance and visual quality. I dare say it was often a lot worse a few generations back and nobody really cared much unless it was really intrusive.
    We should frown at blemishes such as the ps3 port of Bayonetta or anything similarly bad. But 2 dropped frames and a few unnoticeable tears? Couldn't care less.
    Reply +6
  • CloudXIV 28/10/2014

    @George-Roper Oh shit, 900p, some dropped frames and LOD pop-in. Burn this game at the stake! This abomination is completely unplayable!!! Unless of course, you are a sane person that enjoys playing games and you'll be having too much fun to notice silly crap like that. Reply +16
  • MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro with GTX 980M review

  • CloudXIV 26/10/2014

    Very impressive performance for a laptop, but the price... You could buy all the next gen consoles and build two matching desktop PCs for that kind of money. Reply +6
  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 It's pretty opbvious this is not for me or anyone who's at least a bit more serious about gaming. But then who is the target? I'd say it's too expensive for a casual (occasional or whatever you call it) gamer. Sure you can say it's for someone who wants a "a small form PC for under the TV that had some gaming capability", but it's like saying shit filled M&M's are for people who really like shit and M&M's. They probably exist, but I doubt there's too many of them. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but it's just really hard for me to believe a sane person would pay that much for a small, underpowered PC with very limited upgrade options. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 I'm totally not arguing that consoles are better than PCs either. Just read my reply to darc. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @darc I'm not against PC gaming. It's nice if you have the muscle to force your gaming experience beyond what a console can give you (especially since these days 95% of games are multiplats), but a PC that's basically on par with a console is like the worst of both worlds, a terrible idea IMO. Reply +2
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 Yeah, I know it's so easy to play on a PC and you don't really need powerful hardware and thousands of posts with help requests and dozens of tweak guides whenever a new game hits the shelves are just in my imagination. I game on PC myself, I have a pretty decent GTX 780 and I still have to adjust most games to hit desired performance. It's never gonna be so easy on PC. You can make it small and look like a console, but it's still not the same. Reply -1
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    @bad09 Comparable in raw numbers, sure. But on console you get a game tailored to universal system specs, just launch it and play. Here you get a machine that can barely play modern games with desired performance and it's up to you dig through the settings to make it happen. Of course it's no sweat for a seasoned gamer, but it might be a problem for someone who expected it to work just like a console it tries to mimick. Reply 0
  • CloudXIV 22/10/2014

    Who in the right mind would buy that box? It's super weak for a gaming PC and it's simply not easy enough to use to pretend to be a console (the weaker the system, the more you have to tinker with the settings to achieve desired performance). Reply 0
  • More Assassin's Creed Chronicles spin-offs planned

  • CloudXIV 21/10/2014

    @chubster2010 You need wasps to pollinate stuff, leave'em alone! There's probably more AssCreed games than wasps anyway. Reply +1