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  • Burnout Paradise HD reports gather pace

  • Cappy 05/01/2018


    That's an absolutely terrible idea and you are wrong.

    It's exactly the same line of thinking that was applied when the industry took a swing at trying to impose charges on used games, it wasn't popular was it? Remember the fuss over the XBone? Project 10$?

    Royalties don't apply because the developers were paid for labour, not for use of a specific creative work. So, if they use the Paradise City song again, yes the musicians get paid, just as they did originally because those were the agreed terms. If the musicians refused this time they'd have to use a different song, EA has the rights to the game, code and assets because they paid for it's production.

    Developers working on ports get paid also you know, once again they're being paid for labour, not use of a specific creative work.

    What if a game is ported multiple times across three or four generations? Does everybody who worked on every version get paid again? Where do you draw the line? Do people who worked on the first version get paid more?

    It's absolutely absurd.

    If non-indie developers want to work on a royalty basis they can try and negotiate that (there would be few takers I suspect since no publisher is going to foot the up front bills without gaining rights over what they're paying for).
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  • The year in Nazis

  • Cappy 27/12/2017

    The Empire did nothing wrong. Reply -16
  • Retro-bit's Sega deal has us fantasising about a Dreamcast mini

  • Cappy 25/12/2017


    What a rare and original wit.

    We can rest easy knowing that intellectual giants such yourself are there, ever vigilant, ready to defend terrible games from criticism.
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  • Cappy 21/12/2017

    Nothing says classic system with a wealth of games like people struggling to list 20 games without padding it with stinkers like the Sonic Adventure games. Reply -4
  • Nintendo Switch hits 10m sales in nine months

  • Cappy 12/12/2017

    The keys to success

    1) Do so badly with the Wii U that your followup can be spun as a comeback.

    2) Sit back and take it easy whilst your console looks set to sell Gamecube numbers and let the fanboys and ballwasher contingent take care of the rest.
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  • Jelly Deals: Bayonetta 2 Special Edition up for pre-order

  • Cappy 12/12/2017

    Selling physical products with download codes in the box should be illegal.

    Sell one or the other, don't sell people a physical product with the expectation that they can just download the various odds and ends to make it complete for as long as the publisher deigns to keep these files online, beyond that point, tough luck.
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  • Your Amiga games are likely dying

  • Cappy 10/12/2017

    That's a bit of a downer, I was sorting through stuff that had been in storage since the 90s and found hundreds of original Amiga that I'd kept, I wonder how many of them don't work at all?

    It's probably worth checking master lists of missing titles to see if you have working copies of anything that's missing, I've always hated how the Amiga emulation scene was full of cracked copies that have been defaced and mucked around.

    No wonder a lot of Amiga games are starting to sell for really high prices on eBay, low print runs by modern standards and a diminishing pool of working copies means that some games might be down to just a few hundred copies that are still working.
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  • Switch's Resident Evil Revelations is best played in mobile mode

  • Cappy 07/12/2017

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 is clearly not a game built to target the PS4 and XBone.

    Looking at the overall standard of environmental assets it was probably a Vita game for most of it's development, shifted to any other platforms that could possibly accommodate it when it was clear that Vita's future wasn't looking too bright. Hence the game getting a PS3 release, a system that was over nine years old at that point.

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 running on the switch is hardly some benchmark of technical prowess.
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  • On the secret smallness of Skyrim

  • Cappy 17/11/2017

    When it comes to claims of games being 'bigger' or the 'biggest' there are so many different metrics that could be used that it's hard to arrive at a definite answer.

    For example I remember being in an argument about how 'big' Twilight Princess was compared to Ocarina of Time. It just didn't seem bigger because empty open spaces that you gallop through with nothing worthwhile to interact with pass by more quickly than an equivalent journey in Ocarina of Time.

    It's not just a measure of distance but time. Ocarina of Time has more dungeons and they generally take longer to get through, perhaps we could arrive at a unit of measurement, the Hyrule Metre and show that Twilight Princess has a larger area in Hyrule Metres but the lack of meaningful things to find and do make the World seem smaller.
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead Collection adds visual enhancements

  • Cappy 02/11/2017

    I don't know, it could be argued either way whether this constitutes 'enhancement'. The original versions could have had exactly the same tonal balance and contrast, some things being obscured by shadows was part of the original art direction I'd presume.

    Why not challenge themselves and fix some of the janky animations? Or refine some of the character models?

    So I'd consider this more of a value proposition, if you don't own most of this content already here's a convenient way to get it all in one package.
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  • Metal Gear Survive comes out in February

  • Cappy 25/10/2017

    Considering this initially looked like an exercise in reusing an engine and assets the fact that so long is being spent on development could be a positive sign and there is more to the game than we thought...

    Or maybe Konami have decided to get in on the sweet, sweet loot box action and they have retooled the entire game to facilitate a loot box economy.
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  • What the UK can learn from the Far East's battle with loot boxes

  • Cappy 20/10/2017

    It's sad that it might come to this, generally I'm against regulation but I don't think the industry can be trusted to keep on the straight and narrow when they're going in full steam ahead on models that seek to exploit human weakness and frailty with no regard to possible harm it may cause. Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals: Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids and Lego City Undercover for £300

  • Cappy 19/10/2017

    Bundles are a false economy unless you're in the fortunate position of the bundle containing exactly what you want.

    Otherwise, you're in the position where you're being told that X, Y, and Z are adding value, say £100 but for you that value could be skating close to zero plus the fact that the items have been bundled has severely reduced their resale value because there are people already in your position looking to offload parts of the bundle.

    I'm recalling the Amiga and ST bundles that claimed to come with £400 worth of software. Wow, Mum and Dad! It's like the computer is practically free!
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  • Capcom's hard play for the west has resulted in a very different Monster Hunter

  • Cappy 03/10/2017


    Well let's hear those arguments for why it would fail. Surely success or failure depends on what they deliver?
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  • Modern N64 controller a Kickstarter success

  • Cappy 10/08/2017

    Why have they transposed the D-Pad and Stick to make it more like an XBox pad? The Stick should be in the lower position to keep closer to the original mapping.

    It's a nice idea but I've owned Hori's take on the same idea for years, relocating controls is a major headache due to the N64's odd form factor and the Z-button being highly accessible in that configuration.

    Playing Star Fox for instance becomes troublesome because it's very easy to keep the Z-Button depressed whilst also operating other controls on an original N64 controller but it's a strain on the Hori pad which also mapped Z to a shoulder trigger like this pad.

    Nintendo themselves realised this and altered Star Fox 64's controls for the virtual console releases and remapped much of it's function to L.
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  • Here's how Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Remastered looks

  • Cappy 20/07/2017


    Not sure why you're bringing that up here, that 'operatic rock' song isn't in Dark Arisen.
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  • Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy biggest single-platform launch of the year

  • Cappy 03/07/2017

    Ah, the Nintendo gambit.

    Starve them of a franchise release for so long they don't think twice about putting money down
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  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • Cappy 13/06/2017

    So all it takes is a conference to make somebody turn around and write off a whole year? We already had great games such as Persona 5, Nioh and Nier, did the conference make them evaporate?

    No other platform has come close this year.
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  • Dragon's Dogma re-release coming to PS4, Xbox One

  • Cappy 23/05/2017

    More choice is good right? Why would anybody argue that less is better?

    I'm extremely fond of Dragons Dogma myself, but regardless of how you feel about Dragons Dogma or any port or remaster, having the option of a version for more current console hardware is a detriment to nobody. The development resources for a project of this sort would never deprive you of the next Shadow of the Colossus or Panzer Dragoon Saga or any new title.

    You lose nothing and publishers haven't yet devised a way to force you to buy their games.
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  • Arms is that rare thing - a motion control game that works

  • Cappy 18/05/2017


    That's a recent article.

    We needed to be seeing articles of that sort about a decade ago.
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  • Cappy 18/05/2017

    So, this is a public admission that Wii motion controls weren't fit for purpose?

    What are people who cover games going to do about making sure they don't just get swept up into operating as an extension of a platform holder's PR department again?

    Why should you be believed this time?
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  • Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

  • Cappy 11/05/2017

    Even without EA's 'help' Mass Effect Andromeda was looking shaky.

    The developers seemed to be more interested in virtue signalling than making a well crafted game, when you're spending that long focused on Twitter, perhaps you're not paying so much attention to things like facial animations. I've heard unconfirmed reports that they moved away from meritocratic hiring which resulted in sub standard work which has now reached meme status.
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  • Square Enix trying to find a buyer for IO, future of Hitman in doubt

  • Cappy 11/05/2017

    Unless Square Enix is also selling Hitman and all the other IO IP along with the studio I foresee problems for the Hitman studio cut loose from the IP. Reply +1
  • EA reckons 40% of console game sales will be downloads by the end of 2017

  • Cappy 10/05/2017


    You think this thread is representative of the customer base and their preferences as a whole?

    No, it isn't, Eurogamer is one of the only places I'd find people who aggressively advocate for digital.

    Let's go back to EA's numbers, considering all the odds and ends I had to download last time I bought an EA product, rather than just having something that worked off the disc.

    Skepticism regarding anything EA says about digital is prudent if there is any way that they can also count customers who bought physical copies as participating in the digital ecosystem due to parts of games being withheld as DLC.
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  • Cappy 10/05/2017

    I'd be dubious of anybody in the industry trying to present increasing digital adoption as consumer led.

    We don't have access to EA's numbers and we don't know how those numbers have been used to get that result. A quick look at EA's releases shows a heavy preponderance of DLC supporting big releases, if any of that was counted towards the 40% it would be rather dishonest to present that as growing preference for digital. How many people would have preferred a complete version on disc? Since they don't offer it, we can't know.

    If the games industry is engaging in any form of communication, press release, smoke signals, you name it, work on the assumption that they're outright lying or attempting to deceive.
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  • Alan Wake developer's next game gathers pace

  • Cappy 03/05/2017

    I guess a new IP was seen as the best way of reaching a cross platform audience, lots of people would skip over an Alan Wake 2 because they'd never played the original. Reply +6
  • Nintendo's inventor of the N64 analogue stick is retiring

  • Cappy 27/04/2017


    Are you being intentionally dense?

    Exhibit A:

    A Vectrex Controller. A fully functional stick, an analogue stick, an analogue stick you push with your thumb.

    As we have already established Nintendo's version introduced in the N64 pad was prone to various problems, due to it's design.

    It's actually the Dualshock twin stick design that became the standard that everybody else ripped off with the inverted cup design that covers the stick and keeps detritus out. The stick on the N64 pad was an evolutionary dead end.
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  • Cappy 27/04/2017


    You do realise that no device uses a stick based on that particular design anymore?

    Good grief, you're probably one of those morons who think Nintendo invented the analogue stick.

    Game controllers had analogue thumb sticks years prior to Nintendo having them. What do you think radio controlled model aircraft enthusiasts were using for years?
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  • Cappy 27/04/2017

    Is 'inventing' the N64 analogue stick something you really want to headline a career with?

    A stick that's primarily known for it's reliability problems, basically a stick that people don't like much based on a design that got retired for something more reliable at the first opportunity. Does any device use a stick based on that design anymore?
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  • There's another ZX Spectrum crowdfunder - but this one looks promising

  • Cappy 25/04/2017

    Naetharu has embarked on a career writing fiction.

    How does your Wii versus PS4 Pro analogy work when the 'Wii' has more CPU power by a degree of multiples and more available RAM after startup than your 'PS4 Pro'?

    Then we have fairy stories like the assertion that the Spectrum couldn't do scrolling. This is a pretty easy one to verify you know. Load the port of a game like R-Type, does it scroll? Maybe I need to rethink my assertion...

    Of course the Spectrum could do scrolling, it had to be handled in software rather than calls to specific hardware, are you going to call the C64 superior to the Atari ST next? Once again, it didn't have hardware scrolling, once again it didn't turn out to be impossible. Scrolling was handled in software.

    If the developers wanted a game to have scrolling, it would have scrolling. It would be a bit of work for the CPU but we already know the Spectrum had bags to spare in comparison to the C64.

    I just don't know how anybody could write so much whilst knowing so little. Hundreds and hundreds of Spectrum games with scrolling yet somehow you're not even aware that they exist.
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  • Cappy 24/04/2017


    A second rate computer as opposed to what?

    The C64 was far more expensive and computers such as the Amstrad and Atari ST wouldn't be launched for years.

    This was the dawn of home computing. The Spectrum excelled over the C64 in a few areas so you couldn't even call it second rate up against it's main competitor of the time.
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  • Cappy 24/04/2017

    Sure, I understand the nostalgia argument.

    I'll undercut them, give me £150, I'll paint a house brick black with a Spectrum logo on a corner and that can sit gathering dust on your shelf. Not only are you saving money, it's more environmentally friendly by far.

    The first 100 backers also get my 'another' Commodore 64 (a house brick painted beige) for free!
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  • Cappy 24/04/2017

    They need to communicate the utility of the hardware.

    It can run Spectrum software. Okay, emulators and the original hardware can do that. What does Spectrum Next do that they don't?

    It's more capable hardware but that is limited by the software back catalogue, there's no way it can wave a magic wand and transform the graphics of games, neither would you want games playing at the wrong speed if you decided to use CPU power.

    I suppose people could make dedicated games for it but that will always be limited to a niche homebrew scene that can only take off if sells to a broader audience than a few nostalgics.
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  • Is Persona 5 on PS4 actually a 1080p remaster?

  • Cappy 23/04/2017


    Heck, did you even try Googling my name and FFXIII? One of the first hits you'll get is a scathing review I wrote on about it...
    It never occurred to me. Do you Google people you disagree with on the internet?

    I'd presume the answer is a most definite yes in your case. I'll take a pass on extracting vital 'evidence' from your reviews. It's not necessary.

    Final Fantasy XIII is quite literally composed of flat backdrops like stage scenery in places, they're counting on limited movement preventing you from seeing the flat edges. As soon as you move to the only area where the player could see complex scenes from multiple angles, as you can in the town scenes of Persona 5 Final Fantasy XIII has an absolutely massive graphical downgrade.

    The question remains, is Persona 5 a technically sub-par PS3 JRPG? I don't know how anybody can could honestly argue that it falls below the baseline of average which would be required to even start building an argument for it being sub-par.

    Finally, stop being weird.
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  • Cappy 22/04/2017


    Utter nonsense.

    I actually booted Star Ocean a few days before Persona 5 was released. The graphics are garbage in comparison to Persona.

    Lost Odyssey, not a PS3 game so I can't comment.

    Final Fantasy XIII, all just flat, look but don't touch backdrop. As soon as you reach the only non-corridor area in the game the graphics turn to utter trash. Even if you could point out ways Final Fantasy XIII looks nice you're still on a massive loser because you're playing Final Fantasy XIII, which can be classified as shit drizzle at best.

    Resonance of Fate, doesn't look better than Persona 5.

    I'm wondering what sort of defect it actually takes to make Star Ocean look better than Persona 5. My point stands, as far as PS3 games go Persona 5 looks fine, there are rough edges if you're looking for them but overall it's a lovely looking game with beautiful use of colour.
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  • Cappy 22/04/2017

    Right, lets put this 'technically dismal' nonsense to bed.

    Take a look at PS3 JRPGs, how does Persona 5 compare to them technically? Technically it's one of the better ones, JRPGs are rarely on the cutting edge.

    The PS4 port is there for people who want it, or you can just ignore it and play something else if that's not good enough to meet your exactingly high standards for ports of PS3 games.
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  • Cappy 22/04/2017

    It's unfair to characterise the PS3 version as plagued by tearing it's really only noticeable in busy town areas. I've yet to see signs of tearing in dungeons.

    Tearing is quite limited in the long term, quick travel unlocks after you've visited a lot of places for the first time and you'll seldom be traveling town areas.
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  • Nintendo posts $20k bounty for info on Switch security vulnerabilities

  • Cappy 12/04/2017

    Since the evaluation of the information is entirely at the digression of Nintendo, I suspect that the $20,000 amount is just to get attention, as we see here.

    What you'll actually get is the $100 if you don't care about the potential negative effects and inconvenience you're forcing on other users for such a paltry sum. Just the threat of a hack meant that PS3 users lost an entire feature from their platform via forced updates. Judas got paid far better
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  • Peripherals maker Mad Catz files for bankruptcy

  • Cappy 31/03/2017

    I generally avoid third party controllers, I did have a Mad Catz Dreamcast light gun though, it had a rapid fire option and was of good build quality. My sister always preferred the Mad Catz controller over the official Dreamcast gun due to the aforementioned rapid fire.

    Regarding arguments about who has the crap controller, as soon as somebody grumbled I'd immediately offer to swap with them. The surprising thing is that they always decided to stick with the controller they had. They must have figured I was trying to trick them into taking an even worse controller.
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  • BioWare issues statement on Mass Effect Andromeda future

  • Cappy 30/03/2017

    I'd favour developers walking away from this 'fix it later' mind set entirely. Admit your fault and take measures to do better next time.

    By the time fixes arrive how many people will still be playing? Is it all about trying to wring some sales out of those sitting on the fence? I don't think a few patches are enough to cover over the gaping cracks, terrible animations and ugly looking character models seem to be distributed throughout the entire game.

    A few token fixes still leave swathes of ugly that people will make fun of online for years, footage of the un-patched game will still be there. Terrible first impressions can't be magically dispelled with a patch or two.
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  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • Cappy 28/03/2017

    Physical Switch cartridges do not traditionally need to be installed. You put them in your Switch and they work, just like Game Boy carts do.
    It's a bit early to start setting in stone what Switch games do and don't 'traditionally' do when there are as of yet just a handful of retail titles on the platform.

    Apparently, there is such a thing as 'loading times' according to Digital Foundry metrics so there will no doubt also be installs sometimes. The 16 Bit era will never come again, on the N64 there were already quite noticeable black screen pauses as data was decompressed etc. on some games.
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  • Level-5-inspired action-RPG Shiness sets release date

  • Cappy 25/03/2017


    RPGs and SRPGS are long for a reason, in a game where you develop a character's skills, too short a running length becomes a problem.

    Lost Dimension is a great example of the problem of an SRPG being too short. It throws the progression of the game totally out of whack. We have numerous playable characters all with extensive skill trees, constantly unlocking new skills whenever you complete the most trivial objective. You're choked with the deluge of upgrades and miss opportunities to experiment and just appreciate them. The reason abilities and special powers are so fun is because you have to work a bit to unlock them, part of the fun is wondering what's at the end of the skill tree.

    Really awesome abilities, in the case of Lost Dimension, that you can't really appreciate because the game is over right about the time you've unlocked them. It's possible to have a teleporter on your party for instance, the stuff they can do to mess with enemies when fully developed is really fun. But they give you the toys and then take away the opportunity to play with them.

    In some genres game length is an issue.
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  • Fan project to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on PC shows remarkable progress

  • Cappy 23/03/2017


    @Cappy wrong.

    if you are receiving financial returns by emulating a game that is still on sale and doesn't satisfy the "preservation" of argument, any court of law will rule it as unlawful profit of a company's property, also known as "piracy"
    And yet you are wrong Mr. Legal Expertise, if they're not using Nintendo's code in the emulation, there is no case.

    They can profit from it because it's their code, their own work.
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    Official versions of Connectix Virtual Game Station only worked with original discs.

    Guess what happened? People bought original PS1 games. I was struggling through the umpteenth N64 software drought at the time. I jumped at the chance to play some PS1 games on my Mac, I walked into a shop and picked up Silent Hill and Breath of Fire IV.

    Eventually it lead to some pertinent questions along the lines of, 'why do I keep buying Nintendo consoles when I have to keep going elsewhere for games?'
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017


    Emulation is untouchable as long as it doesn't use any code that's Nintendo's property.

    What's under the hood of the emulator is best left a mystery, if it can be proved that there is code from the BIOS or Wii U OS in there for instance, Nintendo have a case.

    Ever since consoles got more complicated front ends with OS features it's left an avenue of attack open against emulators. The emulator needs the front end to launch games etc. but distributing the one on the console itself with the emulator isn't legal.

    Going for a solution that just launches and plays one specific game, in this case Zelda would be a way around that.
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    Predictably along come the people who don't understand the difference between theft and copyright infringement.

    Copy every single game in existence, you haven't stolen a single game.
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    Oh, man.

    They always go for the up front hit of publicity when Nintendo has a 100% record of going after fan projects. Work quietly, get it done to your satisfaction then let the World know and let your work spread far and wide to prevent Nintendo targeting you specifically with a cease and desist which can't work after the genie has been released from the bottle.

    This reminds me of the 90s when N64 emulation rapidly got off the ground and enabled a similar situation where currently released retail games could be played on PC, mainly that meant Super Mario 64 with the vast majority of the catalogue not really in a playable state due to the emulators generally being heavy on the hacking shortcuts rather than accurate emulation.

    Like it or loathe it, if it works it's a solution for people who want to try the game but not be saddled with the thoroughly unappealing Nintendo hardware that's normally required. I'd presume there would eventually be workarounds for all the pointless control gimmicks which could make for a more immersive game.
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  • How Zelda and Horizon fix open worlds in very different ways

  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    I hope they can fix RPGs next.
    Surely we've suffered enough already?

    The entirety of the last generation was spent trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.

    Whatever your RPG preference there was something for you during the Playstation 2 generation, that narrowed and has kept on narrowing to the point that I booted up Digital Devil Saga a couple of weeks ago and was enthralled, I could scarcely believe that I had actually missed random battles after they'd been gone all these years. Snappy, razor sharp, hard as nails battles where you make all the decisions and they count for everything.

    'Fixing' RPGs has just moved the games to other genres entirely leaving people who actually want RPGs with a variety of action games with vestigial RPG features. I've considered forgetting about modern systems and just keeping a PS2 hooked up permanently.
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  • PlayStation 3 production ends soon in Japan

  • Cappy 17/03/2017

    The really outstanding part is that it wasn't just over a decade of production, the platform also got over a decade of officially released games.

    There are still games worth playing being released this year, though for the last few years they've been somewhat invisible since practically all English language gaming websites give no coverage, not even the bare minimum of just a title and release date on a release roundup.

    I don't think Eurogamer even mentioned the existence of anything on the PS3 from 2013 onward. Such a shame because the interesting JRPGs and SRPGs kept on coming when the Wii and the 360 had long ceased to have release activity of any interest.

    Usually a platform is in production for a little while after the new games dry up, the PS3 is actually getting an early retirement.
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  • Resident Evil Revelations comes out on PS4 and Xbox One this autumn

  • Cappy 13/03/2017

    How hard up are Capcom for content to release exactly?

    Whilst it might be a little unfair to characterise this as scraping the bottom of the barrel... That's the sound that I'm hearing.

    So, that's the spooky game for Halloween, one that's already been released and re-released on various platforms not that long ago.

    How about going for something that people haven't played to death? Haunting Ground has far better assets than the original Revelations, remaster that, or do the Onimusha games, anything but a port of a port of a Resident Spin off for your Autumn 'spooky' release.
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