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  • Here's what the cancelled GoldenEye 007 XBLA remaster looked like

  • Cappy 24/08/2016


    As I recall that was one of the IP Nintendo let Rare take with them along with Banjo Kazooie.
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  • Watchdog investigates Future merger with Imagine

  • Cappy 22/08/2016

    Considering that the CMA let GAME buy out Gamestation the only other retailer dedicated to stocking games and related merchandise on UK high streets, what's good for the consumer is likely to be furthest from their minds. Reply +39
  • No Man's Sky is a fine example of one type of game (but many people were expecting another)

  • Cappy 20/08/2016

    Metacritic averages invariably sink downwards, they seldom creep upwards.

    Metacritic averages are always front loaded, all the people a publisher wants to review a game get review copies first. It's the reviewers that you have no control over afterwards who will pull that Metacritic average down.

    If No Man's Sky is already broaching 'mixed' review territory, the odds of coming back are slim unless the game is radically transformed via patches.
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  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content stays exclusive for longer than expected

  • Cappy 19/08/2016


    So you're saying basically…

    Other people can take the shit end of the stick and I'll happily stand by whilst their complaints are shut down, but when it comes to me I'm having a rethink on this shitty stick business.

    Complaining doesn't do anything anyway, by the time we hear about it, the ink is dry and these things have already been decided.
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  • Cappy 19/08/2016

    PS3 owners got a far worse deal last generation. Any complaint was met with 'buy a 360'. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Cappy 18/08/2016


    More old content. A year is a long time in the games industry.

    Perhaps you agree that it's worth £20, I bet most people didn't agree though, hence only a tiny fraction of buyers ever getting the season pass also.

    If DLC was actually value for money publishers wouldn't do it, there wouldn't be enough profit in it.
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  • Cappy 18/08/2016

    Nowadays it doesn't take much effort to find the Xbox version new for £20 so it's going to be interesting to see what happens with Square Enix trying to get £40+ for the PS4 version. Reply -2
  • New Resident Evil 7 trailer poses more questions than it answers

  • Cappy 17/08/2016

    I just wish they hadn't made this a numbered entry in the series, Resident Evil has had plenty of spin offs that explore different styles of play. Including this game in the main series canon introduces yet another competing gameplay strand.

    What happens for the inevitable VIII? You can't leave the fans of VII out in the cold, they want more of the same but what about the players that want more Resident Evil 4 styled gameplay? And the aged and decrepit fans holding out for a game that brings back elements of classic Resident Evil? Capcom are in a position where a large number of people are disappointed no matter what they do.

    I'm pinning my hopes on Resident Evil Revelations 3 happening, I never thought I'd be abandoning the main series and migrating to the spin off series, but that's the way it turned out.
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  • Oculus Rift comes out in UK shops this September priced £549

  • Cappy 16/08/2016

    Seems rather pricey for something with such limited application.

    I barely play any first person games and I don't see it doing anything for third person games. I see this being another fad like motion controls. I recall people going bananas over the concept of Kinect… Then they used the real thing and realised that it just doesn't work that well.

    In the end the question is, do you need a clunky device strapped to your head to be immersed? Not really, it's all about the games. You get immersed in the games not the hardware.
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  • Rime resurfaces with new publisher, now due next year

  • Cappy 11/08/2016

    Sony really got taken for a ride with mocked up footage for a game that didn't really exist, that's beyond development Hell. that's what we call vapourware.

    I wonder how much money they conned out of Sony. I have to admit, I would probably have coughed up the cash too, the Rime footage looked great…

    Another famous example is White Knight Chronicles, the 2006 footage wasn't representative of an actual working game, what we got was something else entirely. The wisest course would be to treat Rime with caution, it's highly unlikely we'll ever get anything that reflects that early footage.
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  • The final Resident Evil film has its first trailer

  • Cappy 10/08/2016

    More quality cinema, I can hardly wait.

    For me the final straw was when Alice and her allies were holed up in a prison in the third film? A pretty secure location, or so you would think.

    So how do the writers place everybody into peril and knock off characters who've only just been introduced? The crushing weight of hundreds of zombies buckling the front gate? A panicked driver accidentally crashing an 18-Wheeler through a wall?

    No, they suddenly decide that zombies can tunnel through the ground magically disappearing the soil they displace just like Bugs Bunny. Not just soil, concrete, pipework, they go through the lot faster than an Olympic sprinter with just their pretty normal looking T-Virus mutant hands.

    Magic zombies can make anything happen when you're unconcerned about shitty writing.
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  • It looks like the white Xbox One S 2TB has sold out for good

  • Cappy 08/08/2016

    I suppose undersupplying the 2TB increases it's perceived value, making it easier to shift one of the models on the next step down such as the 1TB to disappointed customers who missed out.

    The higher the 2TB models go for on eBay and Amazon, the better the readily available lower capacity models look as a value proposition. Nobody would even care if you were free to swap out internal drives but it looks like Microsoft are making the most of that restriction.
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  • Pokémon is getting a live-action film based around Detective Pikachu

  • Cappy 21/07/2016

    Reading the headline, I thought the general idea was to shoehorn Danny DeVito into a fur suit to play the role of Pikachu, he's about the right size. Reply 0
  • Xbox console sales down as Xbox One S and Scorpio loom

  • Cappy 20/07/2016


    Buy different games then, you have to look beyond the coverage sites like Eurogamer provide.

    Even then, they still gave Valkyria Chronicles Remastered coverage and I'm sure there was some news coverage of the new Disgaea.

    There are still plenty of games that fall outside the modern action/adventure pigeon hole to be found.
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  • Cappy 20/07/2016

    Depending on whether you're specifically looking at a handful of Countries the Xbone has been in a sales slump for a long time, it's hard to tell if new hardware announcements have had any significant impact.

    Basically, like a PS4 but worse, and for some reason people haven't been falling over themselves to buy it.
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  • Looks like the original Dead Rising is headed to PS4

  • Cappy 18/07/2016

    Is that all Capcom are now? A hollowed out shell that pillages it's recent back catalogue to maintain some semblance of a release schedule. Resident Evil 4-6, Dragon's Dogma, now Dead Rising. Admittedly a series I never played because I had a PS3 but that still doesn't make it a new title.

    I suppose the Lost Planet games are next, then what? Really scrape the bottom of the barrel and try and milk a trickle of new sales out of ports of the even more sub-par Bionic commando and Dark Void?

    If that's Capcom's strategy, the Onimusha games and Godhand would cost a lot more to fix up but at least those would be welcome ports since the only platform they are currently on is the PS2, not to mention lots of other great Capcom games that are currently PS2 exclusives.
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  • NES mini won't connect online, won't get more games

  • Cappy 15/07/2016

    It's a fairly hefty size considering how small devices capable of running NES games can actually be, so I'm imagining that a modern equivalent to the NES hardware is in there rather than it being entirely an emulation based solution which does perhaps leave the door open to customising the hardware. Reply 0
  • Persona 5 coming to Europe - courtesy of Deep Silver

  • Cappy 06/07/2016

    I presume Sega don't think that the sort of games Atlus publish fit in with their portfolio of high quality titles such as Colonial Marines.

    Deep Silver are hardly what you'd call a quality outfit either, I'll be importing anyway to get the game earlier.
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  • Hands-on with the emulator that turns NES games 3D

  • Cappy 30/06/2016

    Yes, it's just a novelty but anything that gives these old games a new lease of life is welcome.

    I can see myself wanting to see what the 3D looks like rather than seriously playing the games though.
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  • The Tetris movie is a trilogy because "it's just a big story"

  • Cappy 29/06/2016

    It's a pity the film licensing 'glory days' are far behind us, who could resist Tetris: The Game of the Movie of The Game. Reply 0
  • The Last Guardian: the first 40 minutes

  • Cappy 18/06/2016


    Revengeance was salvaged from a failed Kojima Productions project. The game was at the point of being cancelled after years of development.

    We don't know how unproductive Ueda was, and we don't know how hands-off the big-wigs at Sony were.
    Call it a stretch, but producing nothing for ten years, I'll call that unproductive. Unless you want to point at all the other games Ueda worked on since Shadow of the Colossus.

    Unless Ueda has a side job or begs for change on the streets, he's been getting paid by sony since 2005 when Shadow of the Colossus was completed with nothing to show for it on the PS3 and now a disappointing looking game showing up years into the PS4's life span.

    ICO missed a generation too, but that turned out to be a critical success.
    Are you intentionally being disingenuous?

    Was ICO in production from 1993 to 2002-3? Before the launch of the PS1 and not completed till years into the life of the PS2. Obviously not, so it's not the same thing at all.
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  • Cappy 17/06/2016

    A decade of development and the latest build is still looking rough.

    Team ICO are done, The Last Guardian is probably the last game we'll see from them. Unless higher ups at Sony are for some reason emotionally invested in keeping Team ICO around I don't see Ueda ever heading a bigger budget project again.

    Ten years of producing nothing makes it difficult to persuade any publisher to green light any expensive project he heads, Kojima's problems with Konami no doubt also stem from a failed project and period of unproductivity with what eventually became Revengeance. It says something for how hands off Sony are with their creators that Ueda got away with being unproductive for twice as long.

    To think, one of reasons I bought a PS3 was to play the next Team ICO game, I won't be doing the same for the PS4.
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  • If you like lots of guns in Resident Evil, 7 isn't for you

  • Cappy 15/06/2016

    If they wanted to do this why oh why didn't they make this game the spin-off? Instead of arrogantly telling people that they should take their 'blood lust' to another spin-off which isn't really a Resident Evil game either.

    The market is already awash with these crappy first person Slender Man clones, whilst you leave the market for a third person game with more adventure elements with nothing at all.
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  • That time I was blacklisted by Sega while editing a Sega magazine

  • Cappy 21/05/2016

    Great article.

    More like this please.
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  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons hits Xbox One 3rd June

  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    At this point there are scores of games that are on the PS4 but not the Xbox.

    Let me know if you want me to explain this in smaller words but your task is to show some evidence of a deal to keep a release off the XBox rather than some other explanation of which there are many.

    You made the claim, now you have to substantiate it.
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    All on PC. Citations needed on why they aren't on Xbox.
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    You do understand the distinction though, don't you? Sony were involved in the development from the beginning.

    The next Street Fighter might have been years off because of Capcom's money troubles.

    An Xbox version was never kept off the platform, it was never part of the plan to begin with unless you think Sony has to help develop and fund Xbox games.
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    DLC that you have to pay for. So what?

    Actual games that have been kept entirely off the Xbox platform please.
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    I think you mean 5.

    Sony funded development of Street Fighter 5 from the beginning of the project, no Sony money, no Street Fighter 5.

    They didn't come along when Capcom already had the development underway, push a brown envelope in their breast pocket and tell them to make the Xbox version of Street Fighter disappear.
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    List PS3 and PS4 games Sony has dropped money on to keep off other platforms.

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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    Google? Ever heard of it?

    Yes, there is a deal. Microsoft have forked over so many times but there's no end of people who'll deny it every time a timed exclusive comes along. What's the problem? Does it make you feel that your console is less worthy if you have to admit that Microsoft has to pay to keep games off other platforms?
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    Dog's Life for the PS2. They made a few games for that platform and even one for the PS1.
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  • Cappy 20/05/2016

    Microsoft's timed exclusivity deals are always a year aren't they? David Braben confirmed that there had been a deal of some sort.

    Summer to Autumn next year on PS4 then?

    Looking for the silver lining, at least with the delay the PS4 version will have built in Neo support which means it should have a few enhancements on the newer PS4 consoles.
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  • Don't expect to be blown away by the new Gran Turismo on PS4

  • Cappy 20/05/2016


    You say that when Fire Emblem Fates was reviewed just yesterday and recommended.

    If EG had any consideration for consumers it would have been an avoid, Nintendo artificially make the 'complete' version of the game scarce compared to a gimped version so that they can try and sell you the other components as DLC.

    Not even EA have pulled a move like that. There would have been no difference in cost to Nintendo if every cartridge had been the 'complete' version yet it passes without criticism. EG pass it off as a choice! What sort of choice is that when Nintendo made the 'complete' version only available in limited numbers which sold out within minutes?

    EG are no different to any other spineless, toady lickspittle gaming website. The boat shall never be rocked.
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  • What exactly is going on with the different versions of Fire Emblem Fates?

  • Cappy 19/05/2016

    And this couldn't be a single release with a branching point in the story why? Reply +5
  • Uncharted 4 UK sales up 66% on Uncharted 3

  • Cappy 16/05/2016

    Every single console Uncharted game sold more than the one that preceded it, it's a series that's snowballed in popularity. Reply +6
  • Centipede and Missile Command are getting movie adaptations

  • Cappy 13/05/2016

    Missile Command and Centipede are almost blank slates when it comes to adaptation since they have no named characters, I'll be curious to see what they come up with.

    Missile command is particularly grim, it's very much a game inspired by the cold war which was still ongoing at the time, it's a game of futility, every attack is followed by another. There is no victory, only a temporary delay to inevitable annihilation.
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  • Fear Effect Sedna's Kickstarter is now live

  • Cappy 13/05/2016

    Reacting to something that's highly unimpressive in a way that indicates you're not impressed isn't allowed? Reply 0
  • Cappy 12/05/2016

    This seems rather exploitative to me, trying to shake down nostalgic gamers with a product that just doesn't really have any business pitching itself as a sequel.

    They could make their isometric game certainly, maybe even tell us it's a spin-off or related to Fear Effect. 'Official sequel' that tells you everything you need to know about the intentions of the people behind this project.
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  • Why you shouldn't ignore Uncharted 4's multiplayer

  • Cappy 12/05/2016

    But the multi-player is stuck behind the PSN paywall isn't it?

    If all these multi-player components are so essential as a part of the whole package why don't developers create offline modes which replace players with bots? From the end user point of view there isn't much difference, it's probably superior without online hitches, lag and misbehaving players out of the equation.
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  • Make sure to download Uncharted 4's 5GB patch

  • Cappy 10/05/2016


    Take a look at the last time a non-spinoff or rereleased Zelda console game was released without a game breaking bug or two. Hint; It came out in 2003.

    It turns out that when the games are more complex, Nintendo are actually not that great at catching bugs.
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  • Cappy 10/05/2016

    With no free online online play, for a significant number of people that's a pointlessly waste bandwidth and hard disc space patch. That physical media is not so 'creaky' after all. Reply +3
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens gameplay shows off space dogfights, cover shooting

  • Cappy 04/05/2016

    Hopefully this is the start of a new wave of Lego games and they can work the dog fights and new mechanics into Lego games based on the original Star Wars films, since I say yes to dog fights but a resounding no to Force Awakens.

    A great bonus feature comes to mind, a Lego recreation of the original Atari Star Wars arcade game, might as well throw in the Empire Strikes back followup and even a recreation of the isometric Return of the Jedi game too.
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  • NX won't be sold at a loss

  • Cappy 02/05/2016

    The common sense launch would be hardware that's well documented and primed to fit into the existing ecosystem making ports from the PS4 easy.

    But this is Nintendo, it will be just as bad as the Wii U for documentation and accessibility for teams just looking to get middleware up and running and get some ports done.

    Nintendo fans can then do their usual routine, griping about publishers not trying hard enough despite six and twelve month dev cycles just for ports to the Wii U and not buy any third party games until they're in the clearance bin as usual. Then they'll complain that third parties are letting them down because publishers are not willing to treat Nintendo like it's a charity and throw money away porting all their games to the Nintendo console only for them to sit unsold on shelves because they didn't throw even more money away making it an exclusive.
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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Cappy 27/04/2016

    Which makes the Wii U the only Nintendo console not to get it's own exclusive Zelda during it's life time.

    Who knows what else will get ported also, certainly a portion of the Wii U catalogue, which further cements the position of the Wii U as the Nintendo console you can just skip and forget about.
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  • Patrice Désilets gains 1666 Amsterdam rights, calls off Ubisoft lawsuit

  • Cappy 26/04/2016

    Owning an IP without the resources to actually produce the game isn't really any better as a position. No wonder Ubisoft left it go, Assassin's Creed games take an absolute fortune to develop, 1666 would no doubt have taken some significant resources to finish which Ubisoft wouldn't do if the creator has some legal claim of ownership.

    They've managed to keep a competitor to Assassin's Creed off the market for a while though, possibly for good.
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  • Here's new gameplay of the Shadow of the Beast remake

  • Cappy 21/04/2016


    There really isn't anything worth 'retaining' when it comes to the gameplay of Shadow of the Beast, it was always below par, we were just dazzled by the beautiful music, graphics and parallax scrolling.

    It definitely drew people in, the game even shifted Amiga computers. Shadow of the Beast was often left running in shops back in the day to wow customers.

    Sadly there's nothing of substance to be extracted from the actual gameplay, Shadow of the Beast was never fun.

    What I would need to see from a remake is the development moving as far as possible away from the gameplay of the original. If walking sideways along platforms punching things still held that much appeal we'd have stubbornly resisted replacing our 16 Bit gaming platforms.
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  • Cappy 21/04/2016

    And it still looks like a load of old cobblers, I'm not the audience for a game that plays like 1984 arcade game Kung-Fu Master, but maybe there are people who want that sort of thing out there. Reply -11
  • A year after Watchdog, how's Sony's digital refund policy working out?

  • Cappy 18/04/2016

    There is a really obvious solution, don't buy digital games at all, at the very least don't keep your payment details on the account.

    I'd happily go a step further and want to be able to keep a console in a 'no account' mode, just like they used to be, for people who just want to play games without the hassle of accounts, copy restricted saves, and saves restricted to a particular user, no more trophies, no social media bullshit, no DLC codes, no nagging from your games wanting to sign in constantly, no delays in start up from checks for trophies and installed DLC.

    Think of it, cut that lot out and how much of the massive footprint the OS takes could have been freed up, making the PS3 and PS4 function better for games. Furthermore, you don't have this absurd digital identity, this account that can be hijacked by a third party or held hostage to force you into complying with Sony's refund policy.
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  • Watch: Where did Resident Evil go wrong?

  • Cappy 16/04/2016

    Good grief.

    Do some fact checking if you don't know anything about the subject matter, Resident Evil 4 didn't come out in the 'early 2000s'.

    Resident Evil Remake did not feature 3D backgrounds like Code Veronica, they returned to pre-rendered assets like the original games.

    Mikami's after the fact justification for Resident Evil having to change into an action series due to being a 'sales failure' has always whiffed heavily of bullshit. The game sold over a Million copies Worldwide on the Gamecube which by then was already building a reputation for moribund third party sales. That was far from a sales failure. Only three games sold more than 5 Million, all first party.

    The new and massively hyped Resident Evil 4 only sold a few hundred thousand more copies so it's hardly a clear cut case of gamers clearly indicating where the series should have gone by voting with their feet.
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