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  • The pre-patch Evil Within we hope you'll never play

  • Cappy 21/10/2014


    Yes, you'll end up with a few broken games after the platforms they were on are replaced and they're ejected from the online infrastructure on the grounds of compatibility for old systems holding back new features for the current systems.

    Don't worry though, there will be plenty of corporate ballwashers in comments threads just like this telling you to shut up and take it, calling you crazy for expecting anything more. Then they'll tell you that it doesn't really matter because nobody or hardly anybody plays old games.
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  • Cappy 21/10/2014

    When it's the same publisher again and again, it goes beyond blaming a specific engine or developer.

    This is the outcome of Bethesda's approach to Q&A and project management and once again they're getting away with it. Every time Peter Hines is interviewed he should be facing a grilling over all the barefaced lies and half truths regarding Bethesda products, but the media let Bethesda get away with it.

    I know people refuse to believe it but a lot of us keep our consoles offline, I don't even bother with patches because it's usually some tweak for multi-player which is just a waste of time for me. When I'm faced with something like this, much like Skyrim for the PS3 I can only be thankful that I've been fortunate enough to be informed in advance and I won't be conned into paying for a product that's not even finished.
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  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • Cappy 20/10/2014


    Why not have two install discs then? If PC games have made it work for years I don't see what sort of excuse they could come up with for it not to work on the Xbox.

    LeChucks Revenge came on thirteen floppy discs and it seemed pretty 'seamless' once the data was installed to a hard disk.
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  • Cappy 20/10/2014

    I really don't understand.

    The Halo games are still separate right? How is having three games on one disc and the rest on a second disc going to disrupt the 'seamlessness' they are pursuing. It's no hardship to decide which Halo games you'll be playing and use the corresponding disc?

    I think having to wait around and download 20GB of data unnecessarily is pretty damaging to the 'seamlessness' of anybody's life.
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  • Face-Off: Alien: Isolation

  • Cappy 12/10/2014

    Since I own a PS3 it looks like I'd be best off staying away from this game.

    I already wasn't happy about being excluded from part of the game because it was pre-order DLC and I'm really tired of all these first person Slenderman inspired 'avoidance' games that have come over from the PC side and tried to ride on Survival Horror's coat tails.
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • Cappy 10/10/2014


    You'll have to cite a reputable source on the Sony parity clause.

    Considering the scores and scores of games that came to Playstation later over the years there is no evidence for such a clause.

    The only rule I'm aware of is that retail releases that come out months later can't be identical and have to include extras to differentiate it. When you actually look at some of the pathetic half hearted 'extras' there is clearly no minimum requirements and releases that haven't followed that rule such as the Episodes from Liberty City.
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  • Cappy 10/10/2014

    So does that confirm that their policies over the years have had the general intention of making Playstation owners feel second class?

    Not nice.
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  • Kingdom Hearts 3 switches to Unreal Engine 4

  • Cappy 07/10/2014

    Goodbye Luminous Engine, was there even a single release built on it entirely?

    Hats off to Square Enix, after the hubristic chest beating over Crystal Tools, they fail even more drastically with the next internally developed engine considering that they got a few games out of Crystal Tools at least.

    Tp paraphrase a developer who commented after a Square Enix 2008 GDC Crystal Tools presentation "yesterday's features, tomorrow".
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  • Ubisoft defends Assassin's Creed: Unity graphics lock for parity on PS4, Xbox One

  • Cappy 07/10/2014


    The point is that native 1080p output means that your console isn't upscaling the image which gives image quality a large boost.

    One example of tangible benefits would be; Any game where you have to spot enemies at mid and far distances, since there is more visual information being rendered in each frame you'll have a far easier time seeing them versus trying to spot a smudgy blur hidden in the background.
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  • Cappy 07/10/2014

    That's one way of getting 'parity' if you can't change the hardware. It's clear that Microsoft are bothered by the performance gap if they're sending engineers to boost development resources on Xbox versions of high profile games.

    Destiny is another recent example where the PS4 version hasn't really been pushed as far as it could go.

    I suppose we should be thankful that Microsoft doesn't go a step further and work on influencing development to make the PS4 version noticeably worse than the Xbox version. They'd probably do it if they thought they could get away with it, they tried it in their .MP3 versus .wma format war and crippled MP3 playback in Windows to boost .wma and make MP3 look like an inferior format.
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  • Pier Solar HD release date set for PS4, PS3, PC and Ouya

  • Cappy 25/09/2014

    I presume all the other versions are digital, whilst the Dreamcast version is on disc.

    Dreamcast version it is then.
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  • Xbox One price cut by 20 in the UK, now 329

  • Cappy 23/09/2014

    At a certain point, pricing cuts can't save a platform if customers simply don't want it.

    The Gamecube is a perfect illustration of this, they kept on cutting the price, kept on bundling more games, it was something ridiculous like 79.99 with three games and people still weren't buying many more units.

    That's probably why Nintendo haven't priced crashed the Wii U, they know the losses would far outweigh any gain in market share.
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  • PlayStation TV release date, price and compatible games list confirmed

  • Cappy 22/09/2014

    Surely the hardware is for the most part a Playstation Vita in a new enclosure, every Vita game should work day one.

    This uncertainty about which games work doesn't do them any favours. I'm interested but just in a console to compliment my PS3, knowing that any retail Vita game I find works is what I want to hear.
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  • Sony to sell Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition on a disc

  • Cappy 18/09/2014


    Microsoft aren't publishing it, it's Sony.

    They have a publishing agreement with Mojang which predates the sale to Microsoft.
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  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • Cappy 15/09/2014

    "Make Minecraft available" across non-PC and Xbox platforms, including iOS, Android and PlayStation"

    More Microsoft spin, they make it sound like a magnanimous decision, when they can't do anything about the current Playstation versions. They're published by Sony, Microsoft can't do anything about an already existing publishing agreement between Sony and Mojang.

    You can bet that newer versions of Minecraft won't be spread across platforms so generously.
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  • Sorry, Microsoft, but you can't own Minecraft

  • Cappy 13/09/2014

    If it were to be business as usual, there would be little point in Microsoft splashing out such a sum of money, they're trying to take market share, speaking as somebody who has never owned a Microsoft platform I have a lifetime experience of them turning the screw in various ways to make life difficult for me. For instance I've just suffered the fallout from their pointless forced updates on the Mac version of Skype, another one of their acquisitions.

    Users on other platforms are going to start feeling the pinch somehow, they'll close servers, delay and finally cease updates, users on non-Microsoft platforms will slowly be left behind and sooner or later without support even the legacy versions of Minecraft will become more and more difficult to get up and running as years of OS updates roll by and inexorably break things.
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  • After a decade away, Dragon Quest returns to PlayStation

  • Cappy 01/09/2014

    It looks like it might be fun but I've never really found myself that absorbed by Musuo games. I finish a stage or two and inevitably lose interest in pushing square, square, triangle for a further twenty minutes. I'd have preferred an RPG, I'm seriously missing turn based combat.

    It looks like the Musuo template can accommodate nearly anything. We have an upcoming Zelda Musuo, then a Dragon's Quest Musuo. The logical next step is a Final Fantasy Musuo, with the draw of so many popular characters it would sell pretty well even in the West.
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  • Hoax call sees YouTuber arrested by SWAT while live streaming

  • Cappy 28/08/2014

    I surprised to see so many people condoning the approach taken by the SWAT teams.

    People in a purely confrontational mode, in the grip of fear can make bad decisions, and response teams need better rules to follow. In this Country we had an innocent person shot dead by the police because somebody thought the table leg they were walking along the street with 'might be a gun' and called the police. Somehow their response led to a person with a table leg being shot dead, I see no scenario in which a man attempts to aim and fire a table leg at somebody, indicating something seriously wrong with their tactics.

    In the end, the lives of potentially innocent people should come first, the police are public servants. This approach will eventually lead to people being harmed needlessly, sooner or later they'll burst into the home of somebody who is mentally ill, paranoid for instance, they'll resist and be injured or killed.

    Considering that their target is already contained within their home, less violent measures such as trying to make contact and ascertain the threat should surely be on the table before waving loaded weapons in an innocent person's face.
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  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again

  • Cappy 13/08/2014

    Development is progressing with just a core team of staff probably, other games such as Knack and Puppeteer pulled staff away reportedly.

    My theory: They probably don't want to staff up to full production again too quickly because Sony have a bit of a hot potato on their hands in that lots of PS3 owners bought consoles for the game, they'll go slow until the transition to the PS4 really starts to try and damage control the number of irate people who expected games like ICO and Dark Cloud and got offered multiple helpings of multiple FPS games instead.

    I'm somewhat annoyed I wanted games like The Last Guardian and instead got multiple Resistance and Killzone games, multiple racing games, none of them that necessary since third parties were covering those genres anyway. There was little compelling first party content for such a long generation.
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  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • Cappy 13/08/2014

    Maybe the 'duration' will be similar to an Xbox Live ban where it extends to the year 9999. Reply +5
  • Diablo 3 on console: when is 60fps not really 60fps?

  • Cappy 12/08/2014

    If PS4 CPU clock speeds are being specified at 1.6GHz per core I'd like to see a source cited for that information since it's never been confirmed as far as I know.

    I recall that in a developer's CPU bench test the PS4 outperformed the Xbox but nobody was any the wiser on the actual PS4 CPU clock speed since Sony hasn't revealed those specs.
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  • Sony is being sued for Killzone failing to deliver "native 1080p" multiplayer

  • Cappy 07/08/2014


    It's not the first time Sony have lied about this stuff. PS3 game boxes had the upscaled resolution on them, not the native one.
    Absolutely wrong, nowhere does it say on a PS3 box that it's native resolution. They're merely specifying supported formats the game will output in.

    Let's pick up a game now and have a look;

    Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

    Output 480P, 720P

    Oh no! They're super lying! That must mean that the game is sub-HD and only 480P!

    Well, okay that's a third party game. I bet a first party game will lie about the resolutions.

    The Last of Us

    Output 480P, 720P

    480P again! If The Last of Us was actually natively sub 720P they would have got caught out by now.

    As already pointed out nobody seems to have a had a problem with Microsoft actively trying to mislead people into thinking that every 360 game was 1080P. I actually heard fans using that so a few people believed it and don't know the difference between output resolution and native resolution.

    I haven't seen the Killzone box but I bet once again it's listing supported output formats rather than giving an ironclad commitment to 1080P resolution throughout.
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Cappy 05/08/2014


    They may not have the original source to re-render anything from anymore, you'd be surprised at what has been lost over the years, especially by Japanese publishers.
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  • Cappy 05/08/2014

    It's a sad indictment of industry output that this seems more interesting than anything else coming in the near future.

    Unfortunately Capcom have to be Capcom and sour things by making it a digital only release, no disc, no sale.
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • Cappy 30/07/2014

    Considering that online play is behind a PS+ paywall on the Playstation now and most EA games are pretty online-centric it definitely adds up having to pay both Sony and EA if you want to get the most from the games on offer.

    Sony sticking online play behind a paywall was a terrible decision in my opinion, it excludes players who seldom play online such as myself. PS+ is poor value in that context especially when the 'free' games on offer are mostly uninteresting bargain bin fodder and any gems such as Demon's Souls I'd already owned for years.
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  • The Last of Us director reveals secret deleted epilogue scene

  • Cappy 29/07/2014


    It's the middle of the Summer doldrums, E3 has been and gone, there aren't many releases and not many newsworthy things happening.
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  • PS4 fails to boost Japan console market

  • Cappy 08/07/2014

    No Japanese console content = No Japanese console sales.

    It's a vicious cycle worsened by Microsoft when they stalled the PS3's Japanese launch by diverting every notable third party release away from the platform onto the 360, to further compound matters they then lost interest, so the stream of Japanese content for the 360 dried up too and further accelerated the movement of the audience over to mobile devices.

    I don't see many non first party funded console games being released in the coming generation.
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  • Video: See how Another World 20th Anniversary Edition shapes up to the original

  • Cappy 26/06/2014


    The original game didn't use bitmaps throughout though. The characters were always flat polygons to start with, though completing the backgrounds using the same technique proved to be too difficult at the time so they're composed of static bitmaps.

    So the 20th Anniversary Edition is the game as it was originally intended to be.
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  • These are the platforms you can play FIFA 15 on

  • Cappy 16/06/2014

    There really isn't a conspiracy against Nintendo.

    As far as I can tell there has never been an up to date feature complete FIFA game for the Wii U which they can use to make a quick Wii U build of the most recent version.

    Whilst sales of a PS2 or WII version are also likely to be modest, they're reusing an existing codebase and making minor changes.
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  • Ubisoft holding back an unannounced, finished Wii U game until console sells more

  • Cappy 10/06/2014

    And knowing Ubisoft it will still ship riddled with bugs and require patching. Reply +1
  • Hyperkin Retron 5 review

  • Cappy 07/06/2014


    Yes, it's a Japanese N64, you can't win really the PAL console is region locked out from the interesting games, the NTSC models need to be modded.
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  • Cappy 07/06/2014

    I'd rather like to own one of those, though maybe it's worth holding on for a bit to see if a model that runs N64 carts ever makes it to the market.

    I only have one Megadrive cart left (Midnight Resistance) Whilst my Gameboy and GBA games can be played via the Gameboy Player connected to my Gamecube, but I still have a practically complete N64 collection with games like Bangai Oh, Sin and Punishment and Ogre Battle chained to a console that just doesn't want to work properly with a modern display.

    I've tried every single cable going, the rubbish RF connector, S-Video, SCART nothing gets a usable picture from the N64 to the display. Something that would let me play N64 games via HDMI would be really useful.
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  • Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley sprouts the series into full 3D

  • Cappy 04/06/2014

    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and it's variant Another Wonderful Life had 3D environments with an adjustable camera already.

    Why it was dropped from later games is a mystery, maybe it was because the Japanese market doesn't like twin stick control schemes and they wanted to go back to the classic SNES style fixed view.
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  • Watch Dogs PS3: has last-gen hardware had its day?

  • Cappy 31/05/2014

    Time to say goodbye?

    I don't think so, PS3 is where the games I actually want are being released, not the PS4. Fortunately I don't use Ubisoft's releases as a yardstick.

    Let's not forget, bringing even top end PCs to their knees is all in a day's work for Ubisoft, just because the PS3 version of their latest uninteresting release is less than optimal, doesn't mean that all PS3 games should be written off from now on.

    Persona 5 is this year hopefully.
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  • Drakengard 3 review

  • Cappy 29/05/2014

    I just don't understand Square Enix. Money is no object when it comes to Final Fantasy resulting in a bloated inefficient production but Nier and Drakengard are produced on a shoestring and the underfunding leads to problems that could have been easily avoided with resources for a little polish. It wouldn't have made any difference to the highly disappointing Final Fantasy FXIII, just less money wasted.

    Why put all the eggs in just one basket? Though Final Fantasy always used to get the most resources, they were spread a little more in the past. They're killing an entire genre on consoles, you can't sustain an audience on such a low level of release activity with just one franchise taking nearly all the resources, especially when that one egg turns out to be a rotten dud.
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  • Why PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 was delayed to early 2015

  • Cappy 27/05/2014

    Another Christmas without a major, critically acclaimed first party title for the PS4.

    Hopefully third parties are ready to take that opportunity to shine or maybe another first party title is announced to take that important release slot at E3.
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  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • Cappy 14/05/2014

    First came the graphics downgrade, then this. I dread to think what the PS3 and 360 versions run like.

    Why, oh why are your games always so technically shoddy Ubisoft?
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  • Nintendo won't launch Wii U successor until it has "satisfied" current owners

  • Cappy 13/05/2014

    When I play 'Zombi U' I definitely get that innovative Nintendo feeling that no other consoles can tap into. They can only emulate it at best.
    Zombi U was a third party game.
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  • Cappy 13/05/2014

    Those are the words, the actions have always been different.

    On the N64 we were told that we'd just get our games 18 months behind the rest of the World, but at least we'd get them. When Nintendo pulled the plug on N64 releases they didn't give PAL regions any of those late games, releases ceased everywhere without an 18 month delay. I can't say I was satisfied with two or three decent games a year.

    Then there was a two year wait for the Gamecube which itself sought to satisfy us with the same long droughts and paucity of releases for the last two to three years of it's supported life.

    Was it a surprise when the Wii had wilderness years in the second half of it's lifespan with very few releases?

    I doubt the majority of Wii U owners will be 'satisfied' when it's all over with.
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  • Grave business: ET, Atari, and the reason some games need to be buried

  • Cappy 03/05/2014

    I wish the myth of the 'videogame crash' could be laid to rest once and for all, sadly it's pushed onto us by a US-Centric gaming media.

    There was no Worldwide crash, it was just the United States, in the UK and the rest of Europe gaming was hitting new heights on the 8-Bit home computers, for the rest of the World also it was business as usual.
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  • Sony sells all its Square Enix shares for 28m

  • Cappy 16/04/2014

    The PS3 was the only platform not to get a single exclusive from Square Enix, even the 360 got two or three plus timed exclusivity on Star Ocean, owning shares wasn't doing anything for them in terms of 'partnership' versus the deals Microsoft were making. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

  • Cappy 05/04/2014

    The thought of having to do the lighting bolt dodge two hundred times once again...

    Maybe I'll just get the most recent Atelier game instead.
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  • Square Enix announces Drakengard 3 Collector's Edition

  • Cappy 02/04/2014

    Why are Square Enix so dead set on denying us physical media? A collector's edition which doesn't even feature the game is worthless. They should really start marking games that require all or part of the content to be downloaded as 'online only' products. I keep my PS3 offline because it's actually a much better games console that way, no DLC nagging in games for instance.

    Pure speculation, but considering the game itself and the fact that it's digital only for just one region I suspect this a test run by Square Enix to see how much they can get away with. Best hope the digital release bombs, otherwise they'll be extending this policy to everything they possibly can.
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  • Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

  • Cappy 25/03/2014


    The 3DS probably isn't powerful enough to have a GBA emulator that isn't reliant on lot's of hacks which causes problems with compatibility. Which means lots of work testing games and tailoring the emulation front end.

    When SNES emulation on desktop computers started taking out the hacks it took hardware much more powerful than before to run SNES games.
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  • Catherine retrospective

  • Cappy 16/03/2014

    The repeated assertions that Catherine was too difficult put some people off probably.

    I was surprised to find myself breezing through most of the game on the higher difficulty levels, the game actually helps you out a fair bit by introducing particular strategies for dealing with particular problems.

    As long as you play through those tutorials and understand how the principals they teach are applied on the fly when you have to think on your feet, there are no problems that require lightning quick responses, it's a game of planning and decision making foremost. You are under severe time pressure only when you make bad decisions.

    Not as difficult as they say, but avoid if you don't like puzzle type games.
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  • Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles review

  • Cappy 12/03/2014


    Do you have some sort of cognitive problem? Tales of the Abyss easily looks as good as Tales of Symphonia and runs at 60FPS on the PS2.

    You're wrong, it's that simple. Symphonia was a bad port on the PS2, end of story.
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  • Cappy 10/03/2014


    The PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia was simply a bad port, one of the worst of that generation in fact.

    Tales of the Abyss ran at double the frame rate with far better graphics if you want an example of how the PS2 version of Symphonia could have turned out.
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  • Oculus Rift recruits Valve's VR project lead as chief architect

  • Cappy 12/03/2014

    he seamed to have accomplished a lot
    In the field of Tailoring no doubt.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • Cappy 29/01/2014

    Doesn't the PC version have an extremely variable frame rate also? Reply +1
  • In Dark Souls 2 undead players can still be invaded

  • Cappy 29/01/2014

    The balance in Demon's Souls was fine.

    Invaders faced a difficult task most of the time, because they could be facing the player plus two blue phantoms. For the player the risks came when an invader would slip in before they'd had a chance to summon anybody.

    There was risk on all sides in Demon's Souls which constitutes balance in anybody's book, though the invaders, players who sought to transgress got the worst of it as they rightly should.
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