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  • NX won't be sold at a loss

  • Cappy 02/05/2016

    The common sense launch would be hardware that's well documented and primed to fit into the existing ecosystem making ports from the PS4 easy.

    But this is Nintendo, it will be just as bad as the Wii U for documentation and accessibility for teams just looking to get middleware up and running and get some ports done.

    Nintendo fans can then do their usual routine, griping about publishers not trying hard enough despite six and twelve month dev cycles just for ports to the Wii U and not buy any third party games until they're in the clearance bin as usual. Then they'll complain that third parties are letting them down because publishers are not willing to treat Nintendo like it's a charity and throw money away porting all their games to the Nintendo console only for them to sit unsold on shelves because they didn't throw even more money away making it an exclusive.
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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Cappy 27/04/2016

    Which makes the Wii U the only Nintendo console not to get it's own exclusive Zelda during it's life time.

    Who knows what else will get ported also, certainly a portion of the Wii U catalogue, which further cements the position of the Wii U as the Nintendo console you can just skip and forget about.
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  • Patrice Désilets gains 1666 Amsterdam rights, calls off Ubisoft lawsuit

  • Cappy 26/04/2016

    Owning an IP without the resources to actually produce the game isn't really any better as a position. No wonder Ubisoft left it go, Assassin's Creed games take an absolute fortune to develop, 1666 would no doubt have taken some significant resources to finish which Ubisoft wouldn't do if the creator has some legal claim of ownership.

    They've managed to keep a competitor to Assassin's Creed off the market for a while though, possibly for good.
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  • Here's new gameplay of the Shadow of the Beast remake

  • Cappy 21/04/2016


    There really isn't anything worth 'retaining' when it comes to the gameplay of Shadow of the Beast, it was always below par, we were just dazzled by the beautiful music, graphics and parallax scrolling.

    It definitely drew people in, the game even shifted Amiga computers. Shadow of the Beast was often left running in shops back in the day to wow customers.

    Sadly there's nothing of substance to be extracted from the actual gameplay, Shadow of the Beast was never fun.

    What I would need to see from a remake is the development moving as far as possible away from the gameplay of the original. If walking sideways along platforms punching things still held that much appeal we'd have stubbornly resisted replacing our 16 Bit gaming platforms.
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  • Cappy 21/04/2016

    And it still looks like a load of old cobblers, I'm not the audience for a game that plays like 1984 arcade game Kung-Fu Master, but maybe there are people who want that sort of thing out there. Reply -11
  • A year after Watchdog, how's Sony's digital refund policy working out?

  • Cappy 18/04/2016

    There is a really obvious solution, don't buy digital games at all, at the very least don't keep your payment details on the account.

    I'd happily go a step further and want to be able to keep a console in a 'no account' mode, just like they used to be, for people who just want to play games without the hassle of accounts, copy restricted saves, and saves restricted to a particular user, no more trophies, no social media bullshit, no DLC codes, no nagging from your games wanting to sign in constantly, no delays in start up from checks for trophies and installed DLC.

    Think of it, cut that lot out and how much of the massive footprint the OS takes could have been freed up, making the PS3 and PS4 function better for games. Furthermore, you don't have this absurd digital identity, this account that can be hijacked by a third party or held hostage to force you into complying with Sony's refund policy.
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  • Watch: Where did Resident Evil go wrong?

  • Cappy 16/04/2016

    Good grief.

    Do some fact checking if you don't know anything about the subject matter, Resident Evil 4 didn't come out in the 'early 2000s'.

    Resident Evil Remake did not feature 3D backgrounds like Code Veronica, they returned to pre-rendered assets like the original games.

    Mikami's after the fact justification for Resident Evil having to change into an action series due to being a 'sales failure' has always whiffed heavily of bullshit. The game sold over a Million copies Worldwide on the Gamecube which by then was already building a reputation for moribund third party sales. That was far from a sales failure. Only three games sold more than 5 Million, all first party.

    The new and massively hyped Resident Evil 4 only sold a few hundred thousand more copies so it's hardly a clear cut case of gamers clearly indicating where the series should have gone by voting with their feet.
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  • Why you should install Dark Souls 3 patch 1.03

  • Cappy 13/04/2016

    The question has to be asked, why are we switching to a publishing model where games are released in a just good enough state with significant performance improvements coming just weeks later?

    At some point in the future those patches won't be around anymore on consoles since they are walled garden systems. The best thing the gaming media could do is treat the patches as non-existent and judge products on their initial state which removes some of the incentive to do this. Sure, patch it but you'll always get hammered for the version you released on day one.
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  • BAFTA's Game of the Year award goes to Fallout 4

  • Cappy 08/04/2016


    And they nominate games that got a critical drubbing?

    The press lavishing attention and praise on these releases is the first step.
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  • Cappy 08/04/2016

    A selection of games that were hyped and supported by the gaming media, that often weren't so well liked by actual gamers.

    The games media still has all the problems we complained about, despite an extremely turbulent couple of years of pushback. This fight is far from over, they're still pushing onto us what they feel should command attention due to perceived 'importance' courtesy of press releases and expensive marketing campaigns or perceived 'worthiness' that allows shallow and poorly made games a free pass.
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  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content deal is still a thing

  • Cappy 04/04/2016

    The gaming community made it's bed.

    They failed to push back against this form of 'competition' when Microsoft started doing it and even attacked those who complained about it. Those things that don't matter, because they're happening to other people can eventually end up happening to you.

    Sony had no choice but to follow suit so DLC exclusivity is here to stay.
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  • What would you uninvent about modern games?

  • Cappy 04/04/2016

    Recharging health.

    It's had a tremendously detrimental effect on level design and enemy encounters, everywhere in the game can be designed with the assumption that the player is at full health or will be if they crouch behind a wall for a breather.

    This represents a loss in so many ways, for the sake of brevity I'll just ask you to imagine a game like classic Resident Evil, you study the map again and again pondering alternate routes, you know where you need to go but the many enemies between point A and point B can have significant long term consequences.

    Continual poor decision making will make the game even harder, you can take a gamble on health and bullets coming your way later on, or do you take the prudent path which is more difficult in the short term but with the pay off later?

    Recharging health totally destroys consequence to player choice and makes it difficult to maintain mood and tension, for some games it needs to go entirely.
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  • Shadow of the Beast remake gets a release date

  • Cappy 31/03/2016

    I'll provide the counterpoint.

    Why do we need a simplistic looking side scrolling beat em' up in a World in which Devil May Cry came out in 2001? God hand in 2006. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver came out in 1998. Either of those three examples would provide a better starting point than a game which harks back to Kung Fu Master which hit the arcades in 1984.

    And what have they done to the Beast giving him a generic makeover with claws? He was made for war the developers tell us. A living weapon! Waaaaaaarrrrr!

    Er… No. His designation in the original game was 'warrior messenger', basically a herald. Hence him punching and kicking things to death with his fists and feet rather than being armed. It's absurd to create a scenario in which a overlord creates just one super soldier rather than an army, whilst only having one herald would reflect their actual need. The enemies you were fighting were the 'living weapons' made for Waaaaaaarrrrr.

    It's too late to get us interested in a style of gameplay that was already getting stale by 1985.
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  • That Dragon, Cancer "has not yet seen a single dollar from sales"

  • Cappy 25/03/2016

    It's a free market, people are not obligated to buy anything.

    Make a better product that more people want to pay for. If there's a next time, I'll impart one piece of advice, if you want to base your entire project around self indulgence you better be phenomenally talented. Otherwise, remember you're selling an entertainment product and it has to appeal to your audience in some way.
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  • Nintendo plays down claim it will end Wii U production this year

  • Cappy 23/03/2016

    They must have enough unsold Wii U's to last for a while, overall European sales were actually negative at one point a few months after launch because more units were sent back than sold.

    They've got to think about clearing whatever hardware they've already manufactured since you can't magically turn a Wii U into another product so they don't need to produce new units in any great quantity, ending production this year would make sense.
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  • Microsoft to let Xbox One games connect with PC and other console networks

  • Cappy 14/03/2016

    The real benefit would be everybody using the same server infrastructure for third party games which would make it more economically viable to keep servers open, rather than some games losing online functionality within two years. Reply +6
  • You can block people's progress in The Division by standing in a doorway

  • Cappy 08/03/2016

    That's progress for you, now with with online play you don't have to be blocked in by just a lowly NPC anymore.

    A character directed by a human being can do that too! Ah, online play, what snake oil you are.
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  • Disgraced senator who campaigned against violent video games jailed

  • Cappy 25/02/2016

    I hope he had time to marathon watch Prison Break before sentencing.

    After all, he's a firm believer in the media people consume being a direct influence so that should make him an expert in escaping prisons.
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  • It looks like there's going to be a Knack 2

  • Cappy 15/02/2016

    I'm surprised to see so many people who feel strongly enough about Knack to neg people for crimes as egregious as preferring that something more worthy or interesting got a sequel. Reply -3
  • Cappy 15/02/2016


    Correct. Never released here though and the IP has been left unused for over a decade now.
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  • Cappy 15/02/2016

    No sequel to Parappa the Rapper, Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, Siren, Arc the Lad, Legend of Dragoon, Alundra, Omega Boost, Vib Ribbon, Rule of rose, Folklore… Etc. Etc.

    Have a sequel to Knack instead.
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  • Face-Off: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

  • Cappy 13/02/2016

    I suppose the publisher's attitude is that buyers are there to get a Naruto game primarily and don't particularly care about technical frills.

    It's a licensed product after all, technically they've often been shoddy right from the game industry's very beginning.
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  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • Cappy 12/02/2016

    It shouldn't matter since at the end of the day the Xbox owner still gets the game.

    Microsoft have made this bed for themselves though, gloating about exclusive games and content that Playstation 3 owners couldn't play became a part of the brand identity 'games on Xbox first'. They still do it, that's the Rise of Tomb Raider deal, once again primarily targeting the Playstation user base.

    With so many 'exclusives' also coming to PC though, without even a six month or year period of exclusivity in the case of Quantum Break people are feeling a bit cheated. Parts of the Xbox user base have always responded positively to users of other platforms being excluded from games and content.

    It's just feelings though, it will blow over.
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  • Three console generations in one game: Twilight Princess HD

  • Cappy 08/02/2016

    However, the game that eventually arrived came much too late for its intended format, forcing a hybrid release on GameCube and Wii.
    Incorrect, it wasn't. Nintendo sat on Twilight Princess till the launch of the Wii, Nintendo admitted the game was finished in advance of the Wii launch, you'll never get them to admit how long it was though, it would be more than a year though, possibly as long as 18 months.

    Press releases about more time needed for 'polishing' were a continuing delay tactic until they were within six months of the Wii launch which they considered the safest time to announce the final delay. Even then they weren't happy and made sure the Gamecube version hit shelves after the Wii version.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 has shipped 6m units

  • Cappy 29/01/2016

    The finger of blame is very quickly levelled at Konami whilst the issue of Kojima being rather unproductive for the duration of the longest generation so far somehow get's glossed over.

    The years lost on the abandoned game that Platinum salvaged followed by more years of profligate spending on the Phantom Pain was certain to have been a strain on relations between Kojima and Konami upper Management who have a fiscal responsibility to investors.

    At some point they decided it was less stressful to avoid gambling with the sort of sums Kojima requires to make games these days.

    Hit the lever!
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  • Song of the Deep is Insomniac's new aquatic Metroidvania

  • Cappy 28/01/2016

    I wish this allowed fully three dimensional exploration. I find it difficult to summon any interest in a side scroller. I own plenty of those already, whilst there is a gap in the market for an Eternal Blue/Aquanaut's Holiday style game for the current generation. Reply -1
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD's Amiibo-exclusive dungeon revealed

  • Cappy 21/01/2016

    In the end it's a free market, if people are willing to pay for non-content like altering damage dealt by enemies or health etc. You can't do anything about it.

    Still it leaves a bad taste to monetise such things that would have been something you simply unlocked when you finished a game years ago, how much would the menu that unlocked when you completed Golden Eye on the highest difficulty set you back nowadays? Nintendo could milk that menu for ten or twenty Amiibos easily.

    So, sometimes I characterise Nintendo as a bunch of rat hearted shitheels, they've always squeezed us for as much as they possibly can get away with.
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  • Resident Evil Zero review

  • Cappy 19/01/2016


    Er… You do know that both Remake and Zero sold more than a Million copies on the Gamecube? Capcom could certainly have sold more on another platform but that's their fault for making a very bad bet. They reached the top end of what third parties could expect in terms of sales on the Gamecube.

    I wouldn't take anything publishers say to the press seriously, Tomb Raider for instance, Square Enix feels that the game under performed in sales, a few years later Rise of the Tomb Raider sells far less and they say they're perfectly happy with those sales.

    Rule of thumb, always treat everything they say as an obfuscation or a complete pack of lies. I don't blame them, these are often publicly traded companies and anything they do or say that reduces the value of stock leaves them open to action from shareholders.
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  • Cappy 18/01/2016


    It's unfair to to characterise Remake and Zero as commercial failures, they did as well as could be expected, considering the platform they were released on.

    Nobody apart from Nintendo was shifting multiple millions of units on the Gamecube, the platform just didn't have enough pull to bring in the audience, even if they could secure what was a very strong brand as an exclusive at that point.
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  • Cyber Gadget Retro Freak review

  • Cappy 16/01/2016


    The VCS wasn't popular in Japan, hence no Japanese games and no place in the consciousness of a lot of gamers in the East where these multi-cart systems were devised.
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  • Cappy 16/01/2016

    I wonder if N64 support will ever be on the cards, that's the system that really needs alternate hardware for running your carts, the original console's AV output was appalling and advances in technology have done little to improve the situation.

    My N64 won't even display correctly on a modern TV, the best solution really is to retire the console.
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  • Psychonauts comes out on PS4 this spring

  • Cappy 12/01/2016

    Surely it would make sense to port the PC version? It would make for a better end product at least.

    Perhaps convenience is the issue, if Sony have released a developer tool kit for porting PS2 games as they did for the PS3 which lead to lots of PS2 games getting 'remastered'.

    Developers and publishers tend to go with the cheaper and easier option.
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  • Pimped game controllers with bullets and diamonds - who makes these things?

  • Cappy 08/01/2016

    The more pertinent question is 'what sort of idiot actually wants a controller like this?'.

    Have you ever seen auto mechanics and carpenters getting their tools 'blinged'? That's what a controller is at the end of the day, a device with a single function, controlling your games. Utility is the only concern when it comes to tools, unless you're a low IQ imbecile.

    As for those saying we shouldn't criticise this or call it vulgar and tacky, why not? This is a foul off-shoot of crime culture and thoroughly unworthy of defence.
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  • PlayStation 4 hack confirmed: watch the Linux demo

  • Cappy 05/01/2016

    If hackers actually wanted to do something useful, there's a horrible SingStar advert on my PS3 that's right there when you start up without a disc in the drive, it's been there annoying people for years and Sony won't let us get rid of it and show no signs of relenting despite them them not really supporting the PS3 anymore.

    Take off the shackles, free my PS3 from this odious advertising!
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  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • Cappy 23/12/2015

    I can't imagine anybody would actually be surprised by soft sales of PS3 and 360 products at GAME.

    Compared to the same point last generation PS2 games were extremely competitively priced as they tried to wring the last few drops out of that market, whereas this time, they've shrunk down the selection and prominence of PS3 and 360 but they're riding the same price points all the way.

    GAME have driven away even the most impatient, who can't wait for something in the post.
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  • Eurogamer says farewell to Dan Whitehead

  • Cappy 18/12/2015

    Dead Space Dan.

    I knew that wouldn't be forgotten.
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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • Cappy 17/12/2015

    Death makes angels of us all…

    Furthermore, considering the people being interviewed invested heavily in evangelising and supporting Kinect, their portrayal of Kinect's value and utility looks rather slanted to an outsider perspective.

    The article really needed some input from people on the other side of the debate, though I fear that a stark and honest examination of the horrible dead end Nintendo led sectors of the industry down with motion controls is not something people are ready for yet. Thankfully we've got past the fad at least.
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  • XCOM 2 is a faster, more urgent sequel

  • Cappy 11/12/2015


    What has other people wanting X-COM 2 got to do with me?

    How about reserving judgement until the product is delivered? I think it's more likely dumbed down because Firaxis were in charge of development and they don't have a background in developing this sort of strategy title, hence releasing a game where it was impossible for the player to position units strategically because enemy units only existed after the player 'triggered' them making it impossible to have a long term plan.

    Have a think about that, and try not to be such an idiot in future.
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  • Cappy 10/12/2015


    Maybe I was being too succinct. Let's state it more plainly.

    Why would console owners buy Enemy Unknown? There were other games we could buy that were of better quality.

    I don't know about everybody else but I buy games because I want to play them, not out of a sense of duty. Release a better product next time Firaxis.
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  • Cappy 10/12/2015

    I know people seem to love piling in on console owners claiming they don't play turn based strategy games but on the PS3 in particular there were actually a lot of turn based strategy titles that sold enough to turn a profit.

    It's a niche market, but a market nonetheless and market is the operative word, consider that people decided to buy other products on the market instead. After trying the demo I can tell you why I didn't pay out till Enemy Within was in the bargain bin.

    1) It was a horribly optimised Unreal Engine port to PS3 with tonnes of bugs

    2) It was extremely ugly due to terrible art direction

    3) The game had been massively dumbed down compared to the original X-COM.

    Don't dare blame that on the consoles, the original X-COM was feature complete on the PS1 and the Commodore Amiga which was extremely ancient hardware by that point, on top of being terribly optimised Enemy Unknown wasn't really doing that much with the hardware footprint it occupied beyond lavishing resources on rendering characters as hideous action figures. The actual game logic and systems for the forerunners of X-COM had run perfectly well on 8-Bit micro computers.
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  • Gone Home is coming to PS4 and Xbox One next month

  • Cappy 07/12/2015

    I very seldom label games outright as worthless crap but Gone Home is one of those exceptions. Reply -4
  • Eight PS2 games coming to PS4 tomorrow

  • Cappy 05/12/2015

    The approach to pricing needs some examination.

    Obviously Rockstar must be involved in setting the prices for the GTA games, the question is why are the prices of Sony's first party games being pushed up to meet that level? They own the rights to large swathes of PS2 back catalogue and could easily still make money at prices as low as one or two Pounds. Games like Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy will never cost them another Penny beyond the work required to get them up and running in emulation with some Q&A testing to make sure they work properly.

    Are they trying to maintain a certain price point and not undercut third parties?

    I'd argue that Sony feel they have to rip us off to maintain the structure of a pricing ecosystem, the only benefit to us from this rip off pricing is that it might get the likes of Namco, Konami and Capcom interested enough to add their back catalogue to the service so they can rip us off too.

    Though, even if it was just games Sony funded it would be a pretty interesting selection, especially if the large numbers of games that never made it to Europe start becoming available.
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  • Quantic Dream addresses Beyond PS4 skin tone changes

  • Cappy 04/12/2015

    Questions for the SJW race baiters.

    Let's say that David Cage hypothetically has an agenda, how exactly does intentionally making characters look lighter advance his goals?

    Is the answer that they changed things and they just look different as a consequence good enough to make you slink off and slither under a rock until the next opportunity arises for you to stink up the place?

    Have you failed to notice years worth of multi-platform comparisons? Where especially in the area of shading and colour, even games that are supposed to look the same can look different due to issues such as Xbox black crush and many other intricacies of porting between different platforms, in this instance they are changing skin rendering and the models, it was highly unlikely that the end result would look exactly the same.
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  • Games now allowed auxiliary mini-games during loading screens

  • Cappy 02/12/2015

    Hopefully this is the end of 'useful' loading screen hints.

    'Try not to die'

    Namco should never have been awarded that patent in the first place, but I suppose all companies that used loading mini-games before Namco were small fry that were probably already out of business or easily steamrolled by Namco.
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  • Microsoft, Square Enix "very happy" with Rise of the Tomb Raider, despite reported sales

  • Cappy 30/11/2015

    Sales lost due to exclusivity are never 'regained' when the deal expires and a game goes to other platforms.

    We have numerous relatively recent examples where the PS3 often got games a year later, how do these games sell? Often really, really badly.

    Mass Effect never really recovered from exclusivity in terms of PS3 sales, even by the time EA had got the series to the point of multi-platform release with Mass Effect 3, the damage was done and the series simply had no chance of ever selling anywhere near the amount it was selling on the 360.

    In the long term they're probably losing out on money but that's weighed against an absolutely 100% certain payment in the present. Going back to the example of Mass Effect, with Playstation owners out of the loop they lost the opportunity to sell sequels and DLC to some people over a very long generation.

    Customers don't wait around, they'll spend their money elsewhere and when the time comes to try and catch their attention with a year old game which is probably a shoddy port because the original team are already working on other things it's up against the allure of new releases.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • Cappy 21/11/2015

    Rehashing and re-releasing has never been a problem when it's happened on Nintendo platforms so why complain about it now?

    Besides there is no downside, unless you think having a game you might not otherwise have the option of playing is a negative.

    It's a choice, don't like it? Don't want it? Tired of it?

    Don't buy it.

    As a rerelease it's not going to be anywhere near as expensive as developing a new game so the publisher doesn't need to meet massive sales targets and isn't expecting to top the charts.

    Unless you can demonstrably show that you've lost out on getting a new release due to a low budget re-release taking it's place you're arguing that less choice is better than more choice, which is an absurd position.

    I'd rather have the option of a ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection than not having it at all based on the 'principle' that publishers shouldn't be allowed to be lazy.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4's PlayStation 2 emulation

  • Cappy 20/11/2015

    I wonder how they will justify emulation not working with discs. I heard that the PS4 drive doesn't support CD-Rom discs, if that's true that's a few titles, such as Disgaea which can't work off disc.

    Still, I'm not seeing much valid justification for stopping people from playing games they own on DVD-Rom.
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  • Sega unveils a new Valkyria Chronicles, and a remaster of the original

  • Cappy 17/11/2015


    Valkyria Chronicles came out in 2008.

    The PS3 had nowhere near 85 Million units as an install base, it launched at the end of 2006 overseas and early 2007 in Europe.

    What exactly do think would be a realistic sales expectation for an SRPG coming out just after an extremely troubled console launch? You can't expect Valkyria Chronicles to have an attach rate like Mario Kart.

    Valkyria Chronicles moved to handheld because consoles were flopping in Japan, even the Wii dropped like a stone after a strong launch. Handhelds and the home market seemed like a safer bet to Sega.

    Of course publishers have high sales expectations, confidence is the name of the game in business, you don't tell anybody that you expect your product to sell modestly.
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  • Cappy 17/11/2015

    Oh, and the article is wrong. Valkyria Chronicles was originally released in 2008, not 2012. Reply 0
  • Cappy 17/11/2015


    Don't start with the 'Valkyria Chronicles didn't sell on PS3 myth'.

    It's never been true, the game sold approximately 1.2 Million units which is absolutely top tier for an SRPG. You can bet NISA wishes Disgaea could be shifting those sorts of numbers for each release.

    Somehow this misinformation just keeps on coming back again and again.

    Anyway, on topic. I don't own a PS4 but I'll be definitely changing that situation and buying this if the remaster comes overseas.
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