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  • There's another ZX Spectrum crowdfunder - but this one looks promising

  • Cappy 24/04/2017


    A second rate computer as opposed to what?

    The C64 was far more expensive and computers such as the Amstrad and Atari ST wouldn't be launched for years.

    This was the dawn of home computing. The Spectrum excelled over the C64 in a few areas so you couldn't even call it second rate up against it's main competitor of the time.
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  • Cappy 24/04/2017

    Sure, I understand the nostalgia argument.

    I'll undercut them, give me £150, I'll paint a house brick black with a Spectrum logo on a corner and that can sit gathering dust on your shelf. Not only are you saving money, it's more environmentally friendly by far.

    The first 100 backers also get my 'another' Commodore 64 (a house brick painted beige) for free!
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  • Cappy 24/04/2017

    They need to communicate the utility of the hardware.

    It can run Spectrum software. Okay, emulators and the original hardware can do that. What does Spectrum Next do that they don't?

    It's more capable hardware but that is limited by the software back catalogue, there's no way it can wave a magic wand and transform the graphics of games, neither would you want games playing at the wrong speed if you decided to use CPU power.

    I suppose people could make dedicated games for it but that will always be limited to a niche homebrew scene that can only take off if sells to a broader audience than a few nostalgics.
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  • Is Persona 5 on PS4 actually a 1080p remaster?

  • Cappy 23/04/2017


    Heck, did you even try Googling my name and FFXIII? One of the first hits you'll get is a scathing review I wrote on about it...
    It never occurred to me. Do you Google people you disagree with on the internet?

    I'd presume the answer is a most definite yes in your case. I'll take a pass on extracting vital 'evidence' from your reviews. It's not necessary.

    Final Fantasy XIII is quite literally composed of flat backdrops like stage scenery in places, they're counting on limited movement preventing you from seeing the flat edges. As soon as you move to the only area where the player could see complex scenes from multiple angles, as you can in the town scenes of Persona 5 Final Fantasy XIII has an absolutely massive graphical downgrade.

    The question remains, is Persona 5 a technically sub-par PS3 JRPG? I don't know how anybody can could honestly argue that it falls below the baseline of average which would be required to even start building an argument for it being sub-par.

    Finally, stop being weird.
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  • Cappy 22/04/2017


    Utter nonsense.

    I actually booted Star Ocean a few days before Persona 5 was released. The graphics are garbage in comparison to Persona.

    Lost Odyssey, not a PS3 game so I can't comment.

    Final Fantasy XIII, all just flat, look but don't touch backdrop. As soon as you reach the only non-corridor area in the game the graphics turn to utter trash. Even if you could point out ways Final Fantasy XIII looks nice you're still on a massive loser because you're playing Final Fantasy XIII, which can be classified as shit drizzle at best.

    Resonance of Fate, doesn't look better than Persona 5.

    I'm wondering what sort of defect it actually takes to make Star Ocean look better than Persona 5. My point stands, as far as PS3 games go Persona 5 looks fine, there are rough edges if you're looking for them but overall it's a lovely looking game with beautiful use of colour.
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  • Cappy 22/04/2017

    Right, lets put this 'technically dismal' nonsense to bed.

    Take a look at PS3 JRPGs, how does Persona 5 compare to them technically? Technically it's one of the better ones, JRPGs are rarely on the cutting edge.

    The PS4 port is there for people who want it, or you can just ignore it and play something else if that's not good enough to meet your exactingly high standards for ports of PS3 games.
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  • Cappy 22/04/2017

    It's unfair to characterise the PS3 version as plagued by tearing it's really only noticeable in busy town areas. I've yet to see signs of tearing in dungeons.

    Tearing is quite limited in the long term, quick travel unlocks after you've visited a lot of places for the first time and you'll seldom be traveling town areas.
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  • Nintendo posts $20k bounty for info on Switch security vulnerabilities

  • Cappy 12/04/2017

    Since the evaluation of the information is entirely at the digression of Nintendo, I suspect that the $20,000 amount is just to get attention, as we see here.

    What you'll actually get is the $100 if you don't care about the potential negative effects and inconvenience you're forcing on other users for such a paltry sum. Just the threat of a hack meant that PS3 users lost an entire feature from their platform via forced updates. Judas got paid far better
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  • Peripherals maker Mad Catz files for bankruptcy

  • Cappy 31/03/2017

    I generally avoid third party controllers, I did have a Mad Catz Dreamcast light gun though, it had a rapid fire option and was of good build quality. My sister always preferred the Mad Catz controller over the official Dreamcast gun due to the aforementioned rapid fire.

    Regarding arguments about who has the crap controller, as soon as somebody grumbled I'd immediately offer to swap with them. The surprising thing is that they always decided to stick with the controller they had. They must have figured I was trying to trick them into taking an even worse controller.
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  • BioWare issues statement on Mass Effect Andromeda future

  • Cappy 30/03/2017

    I'd favour developers walking away from this 'fix it later' mind set entirely. Admit your fault and take measures to do better next time.

    By the time fixes arrive how many people will still be playing? Is it all about trying to wring some sales out of those sitting on the fence? I don't think a few patches are enough to cover over the gaping cracks, terrible animations and ugly looking character models seem to be distributed throughout the entire game.

    A few token fixes still leave swathes of ugly that people will make fun of online for years, footage of the un-patched game will still be there. Terrible first impressions can't be magically dispelled with a patch or two.
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  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • Cappy 28/03/2017

    Physical Switch cartridges do not traditionally need to be installed. You put them in your Switch and they work, just like Game Boy carts do.
    It's a bit early to start setting in stone what Switch games do and don't 'traditionally' do when there are as of yet just a handful of retail titles on the platform.

    Apparently, there is such a thing as 'loading times' according to Digital Foundry metrics so there will no doubt also be installs sometimes. The 16 Bit era will never come again, on the N64 there were already quite noticeable black screen pauses as data was decompressed etc. on some games.
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  • Level-5-inspired action-RPG Shiness sets release date

  • Cappy 25/03/2017


    RPGs and SRPGS are long for a reason, in a game where you develop a character's skills, too short a running length becomes a problem.

    Lost Dimension is a great example of the problem of an SRPG being too short. It throws the progression of the game totally out of whack. We have numerous playable characters all with extensive skill trees, constantly unlocking new skills whenever you complete the most trivial objective. You're choked with the deluge of upgrades and miss opportunities to experiment and just appreciate them. The reason abilities and special powers are so fun is because you have to work a bit to unlock them, part of the fun is wondering what's at the end of the skill tree.

    Really awesome abilities, in the case of Lost Dimension, that you can't really appreciate because the game is over right about the time you've unlocked them. It's possible to have a teleporter on your party for instance, the stuff they can do to mess with enemies when fully developed is really fun. But they give you the toys and then take away the opportunity to play with them.

    In some genres game length is an issue.
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  • Fan project to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on PC shows remarkable progress

  • Cappy 23/03/2017


    @Cappy wrong.

    if you are receiving financial returns by emulating a game that is still on sale and doesn't satisfy the "preservation" of argument, any court of law will rule it as unlawful profit of a company's property, also known as "piracy"
    And yet you are wrong Mr. Legal Expertise, if they're not using Nintendo's code in the emulation, there is no case.

    They can profit from it because it's their code, their own work.
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    Official versions of Connectix Virtual Game Station only worked with original discs.

    Guess what happened? People bought original PS1 games. I was struggling through the umpteenth N64 software drought at the time. I jumped at the chance to play some PS1 games on my Mac, I walked into a shop and picked up Silent Hill and Breath of Fire IV.

    Eventually it lead to some pertinent questions along the lines of, 'why do I keep buying Nintendo consoles when I have to keep going elsewhere for games?'
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017


    Emulation is untouchable as long as it doesn't use any code that's Nintendo's property.

    What's under the hood of the emulator is best left a mystery, if it can be proved that there is code from the BIOS or Wii U OS in there for instance, Nintendo have a case.

    Ever since consoles got more complicated front ends with OS features it's left an avenue of attack open against emulators. The emulator needs the front end to launch games etc. but distributing the one on the console itself with the emulator isn't legal.

    Going for a solution that just launches and plays one specific game, in this case Zelda would be a way around that.
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    Predictably along come the people who don't understand the difference between theft and copyright infringement.

    Copy every single game in existence, you haven't stolen a single game.
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  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    Oh, man.

    They always go for the up front hit of publicity when Nintendo has a 100% record of going after fan projects. Work quietly, get it done to your satisfaction then let the World know and let your work spread far and wide to prevent Nintendo targeting you specifically with a cease and desist which can't work after the genie has been released from the bottle.

    This reminds me of the 90s when N64 emulation rapidly got off the ground and enabled a similar situation where currently released retail games could be played on PC, mainly that meant Super Mario 64 with the vast majority of the catalogue not really in a playable state due to the emulators generally being heavy on the hacking shortcuts rather than accurate emulation.

    Like it or loathe it, if it works it's a solution for people who want to try the game but not be saddled with the thoroughly unappealing Nintendo hardware that's normally required. I'd presume there would eventually be workarounds for all the pointless control gimmicks which could make for a more immersive game.
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  • How Zelda and Horizon fix open worlds in very different ways

  • Cappy 22/03/2017

    I hope they can fix RPGs next.
    Surely we've suffered enough already?

    The entirety of the last generation was spent trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.

    Whatever your RPG preference there was something for you during the Playstation 2 generation, that narrowed and has kept on narrowing to the point that I booted up Digital Devil Saga a couple of weeks ago and was enthralled, I could scarcely believe that I had actually missed random battles after they'd been gone all these years. Snappy, razor sharp, hard as nails battles where you make all the decisions and they count for everything.

    'Fixing' RPGs has just moved the games to other genres entirely leaving people who actually want RPGs with a variety of action games with vestigial RPG features. I've considered forgetting about modern systems and just keeping a PS2 hooked up permanently.
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  • PlayStation 3 production ends soon in Japan

  • Cappy 17/03/2017

    The really outstanding part is that it wasn't just over a decade of production, the platform also got over a decade of officially released games.

    There are still games worth playing being released this year, though for the last few years they've been somewhat invisible since practically all English language gaming websites give no coverage, not even the bare minimum of just a title and release date on a release roundup.

    I don't think Eurogamer even mentioned the existence of anything on the PS3 from 2013 onward. Such a shame because the interesting JRPGs and SRPGs kept on coming when the Wii and the 360 had long ceased to have release activity of any interest.

    Usually a platform is in production for a little while after the new games dry up, the PS3 is actually getting an early retirement.
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  • Resident Evil Revelations comes out on PS4 and Xbox One this autumn

  • Cappy 13/03/2017

    How hard up are Capcom for content to release exactly?

    Whilst it might be a little unfair to characterise this as scraping the bottom of the barrel... That's the sound that I'm hearing.

    So, that's the spooky game for Halloween, one that's already been released and re-released on various platforms not that long ago.

    How about going for something that people haven't played to death? Haunting Ground has far better assets than the original Revelations, remaster that, or do the Onimusha games, anything but a port of a port of a Resident Spin off for your Autumn 'spooky' release.
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  • Rebellion's remastering Rogue Trooper

  • Cappy 01/03/2017


    There were quite a few games based on 2000AD characters for the 8-Bit home computers. There was a Nemesis game I also recall a Slaine game. Dredd and Strontium Dog got games too, besides the already mentioned 8-Bit Rogue Trooper there was also an entirely different Rogue Trooper game for the Amiga.

    There were quite a lot of cancelled games too, I think that was the fate of the ABC Warriors.

    Most of these games are average at best, though it's remarkable that Rogue Trooper has had three games, I'm not even sure if the comic strip is still going, it hit a fair few creative nose dives since it seemed nobody knew what to do with the story after Rogue had tracked down the Traitor General.
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  • Cappy 28/02/2017

    It's a pretty likeable game, though far from a masterpiece.

    They should take the opportunity they've been given to try and fix a few things. I'd give it another playthrough.

    It's the only time any of the 2000AD properties ever yielded a decent game, which is a shame the hit to miss ratio is really far below the average.
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  • The Dead Space 3 the developers wanted to make

  • Cappy 23/02/2017

    Dead Space 3 isn't all bad, the first quarter of the game in which you're salvaging from wrecked ships in a massive floating ships graveyard was pretty good. Things went downhill when you reach the planet.

    If only we could have had a game confined to just surviving in space, trying to find a ship capable of sustaining the survivors and being repaired to the point that they might possibly escape.
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  • How Resident Evil 7 is censored in Japan

  • Cappy 13/02/2017


    Japan got a ratings system for games much later than us, to my knowledge not a single Japanese PS1 got rated.

    From the PS2 forward Japanese versions often had to be toned down to make sure that games didn't get the CERO Z rating. The Japanese version of Resident Evil 4 is missing decapitations for instance.
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  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • Cappy 10/02/2017

    Who on Earth would make a point of communicating this? Just get on with your business. It strikes me as supremely puerile.

    Capster explains why he doesn't watch Eastenders, take that! I'll never watch you! I bet you're really sorry Eastenders, but nyah! Go on! Beg! Beg! Beg me to watch... Crawl on your knees...
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  • 2016 was the year that Japanese games struck back

  • Cappy 29/12/2016

    There we have it, you're a JRPG fan and an authority on all things JRPG when you've played every numbered Final Fantasy title (apart from the MMOs)... :D

    Actually it's more of an indication that you're likely to be highly ill informed and generally clueless on the subject of JRPGs.
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  • Cappy 27/12/2016

    An interesting article considering that Eurogamer hasn't even bothered covering a significant portion of Japanese games since the last generation.

    About half the JRPGS and SRPGS on the PS3 didn't even exist according
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  • Surreal sailing adventure Sea of Solitude picked up by EA

  • Cappy 09/12/2016

    EA will have their best minds put to the task of helping the developers get some cover shooting in there.

    Feeble jokes aside, it looks very promising, definitely the sort of thing I'd want to play.
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  • Russian MPs call for FIFA 17 ban over "gay propaganda"

  • Cappy 06/12/2016


    Yourself, and all other virtue signalling mongoloids, point me to the criticism you've directed against Islam.

    If you're criticising the Russians for opposition to 'gay propaganda' you must have already criticised Islam, because you'd be consistent wouldn't you?
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  • Cappy 06/12/2016

    Let's see.

    People criticising Russia: Check!

    Despite the fact it't their Country and it's up to them what they allow and what they think is acceptable within their own borders.

    People criticising Islam: Nope!

    Despite Islam's advocacy of violence against gays, which is an entire different level of opposition to 'gay propaganda'. Once again within the borders of Islamic Countries that's their business, but you really should be calling out the Islamic violence brought to Western Countries that's often directed against gays long before you're virtue signalling your opposition to Russia.
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  • Majora's Mask CGI fan film is absolutely astonishing

  • Cappy 23/11/2016

    I always worry when these sorts of projects get publicised since there is always the threat of Nintendo shutting it down before completion. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil movie makers set sights on Monster Hunter

  • Cappy 22/11/2016

    They'll probably have to take a hit on budget or take on a new direction since it's obvious to anybody investing that Monster Hunter doesn't have the same International reach as Resident Evil. Monster Hunter is a largely Japanese phenomenon due to various circumstances, if they want to make a CG city destroying monster movie why do they even need the Monster Hunter license? There's already the Godzilla fan base, that's the target audience, not the Monster Hunter fans.

    I see a high likelihood of this being cancelled or sinking without trace
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  • Watch Dogs 2 launch sales nowhere near Watch Dogs 1

  • Cappy 21/11/2016

    It's hardly an indecipherable trend that's beyond understanding.

    Sequels to games which were hyped up endlessly and severely disappointed players don't tend to do well.

    The proposition, want more Watch Dogs? It's great bro! Trust us! Is met with a shrug as people walk away, reviews don't even matter anymore, slap as many game of the year awards on the box as you like, these franchises are damaged goods, much like the gaming media, we'll scoop it out of a bargain bin for £5, we're not trusting you with £50.
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  • Diddy Kong Racing's second canned sequel unearthed

  • Cappy 09/11/2016

    Hold on, this got shot down but around the same time Nintendo gave Battalion wars the go ahead?

    Sometimes things just don't work out.
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  • Gran Turismo is finally opening its eyes to the wider world of racing games

  • Cappy 09/11/2016


    Don't let them get you down, the behaviour around here, especially from a certain mod has been absolutely disgusting.

    Ironically they're the ones calling people names and behaving badly.
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  • The Wii U a failure? Far from it

  • Cappy 04/11/2016


    Seriously? you agree that the Wii U has a better game line up than the Gamecube?

    We're diverging from reality and entering the Twilight Zone.
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  • Cappy 04/11/2016

    So in summary, Wii U not a failure because Martin Robinson doesn't think it is.

    Meanwhile, by any empirical measure the Wii U is a failure. Making every purchaser pay for a screen that bulked out the controller and reduced battery life with little in the way of utility in exchange for most users for instance. Or continuing Nintendo's drawn out journey towards irrelevancy with core gamers, with every generation they bleed out a bit more of that audience.
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  • Gravity Rush 2 pushed back to 2017

  • Cappy 06/10/2016

    The bizarre argument that Sony are delaying games because the PS4 is selling well rears it's head yet again.

    Is it anything more than a childish response to a platform you clearly dislike doing well? Could you conceive of any reason why it would benefit Sony to intentionally deprive people of games?

    There are plenty of valid reasons that don't involve malice and some sort of conspiracy to make people wait longer for games. Such as the game actually needing more time in development, too unbelievable? Or rescheduling to a less crowded release period perhaps, so that a niche title doesn't get buried by the blockbuster releases? Maybe you're suggesting that Sony Worldwide studios staff look at PS4 sales figures and decide they don't need to bother working hard anymore?

    Let me know how not selling people a product makes Sony millions.
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  • Japan is getting its own Nintendo Classic Mini

  • Cappy 30/09/2016

    That's a pretty good lineup of games. I suspect a lot of purchasers will just have it sitting on a shelf rather than putting it to practical use so the limitation of not being able to load your own games onto it won't matter that much to them. Reply +1
  • Capcom addresses concern around controversial Street Fighter 5 DLC

  • Cappy 20/09/2016

    Surely if the 'fighting game community' can't generate enough revenue by itself it doesn't deserve to exist in the first place.

    Why can't entrants pay an admission fee upfront to create the prize pot? Wouldn't that be economically viable? If these parasites are not willing to do that maybe it's time for them to pursue another career that doesn't require other people to pay their way.
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  • Watch the first Metal Gear Survive gameplay

  • Cappy 17/09/2016

    Interesting, it looks very much like an exercise in reusing assets. I predict that the trademark Metal Gear cutscenes won't play much part in MetalGear Survive, they cost money and can't be cut and pasted from the last game. Reply +36
  • The Last Guardian delayed again

  • Cappy 12/09/2016

    If development on The Last Guardian began in 2007, what exactly were Team ICO doing in 2006? They completed work on Shadow of the Colossus in 2005.

    Which pushes development time over the ten year mark already.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 playable at EGX 2016

  • Cappy 09/09/2016

    It seems nobody gives a toss about Final Fantasy 15, they'd rather argue about the best Final Fantasy. What I've seen of Final Fantasy 15 seems to indicate some serious Kingdom Hearts contamination. Footage of the demo is appalling, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts should be separate entities that offer different things, I don't want my games melting together into a grey, homogenised slurry.

    No turn based combat, no sale.

    I'm rather fond of XII and IX myself, the remaster of XII is in danger of overshadowing Final Fantasy 15 at this rate.
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  • Emulator Dolphin can now boot every GameCube game

  • Cappy 06/09/2016

    Firstly, just because a game boots doesn't mean it's playable.

    Secondly, I'm somewhat dubious of the claims that everything boots, they've probably treated everything that wasn't a US retail release as non-existent. Include the library of Japanese exclusives and I'm sure that 'everything boots' claim has to be retracted.
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  • Here's what the cancelled GoldenEye 007 XBLA remaster looked like

  • Cappy 24/08/2016


    As I recall that was one of the IP Nintendo let Rare take with them along with Banjo Kazooie.
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  • Watchdog investigates Future merger with Imagine

  • Cappy 22/08/2016

    Considering that the CMA let GAME buy out Gamestation the only other retailer dedicated to stocking games and related merchandise on UK high streets, what's good for the consumer is likely to be furthest from their minds. Reply +39
  • No Man's Sky is a fine example of one type of game (but many people were expecting another)

  • Cappy 20/08/2016

    Metacritic averages invariably sink downwards, they seldom creep upwards.

    Metacritic averages are always front loaded, all the people a publisher wants to review a game get review copies first. It's the reviewers that you have no control over afterwards who will pull that Metacritic average down.

    If No Man's Sky is already broaching 'mixed' review territory, the odds of coming back are slim unless the game is radically transformed via patches.
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  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content stays exclusive for longer than expected

  • Cappy 19/08/2016


    So you're saying basically…

    Other people can take the shit end of the stick and I'll happily stand by whilst their complaints are shut down, but when it comes to me I'm having a rethink on this shitty stick business.

    Complaining doesn't do anything anyway, by the time we hear about it, the ink is dry and these things have already been decided.
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  • Cappy 19/08/2016

    PS3 owners got a far worse deal last generation. Any complaint was met with 'buy a 360'. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Cappy 18/08/2016


    More old content. A year is a long time in the games industry.

    Perhaps you agree that it's worth £20, I bet most people didn't agree though, hence only a tiny fraction of buyers ever getting the season pass also.

    If DLC was actually value for money publishers wouldn't do it, there wouldn't be enough profit in it.
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