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  • Modern Warfare 3 tops Japanese chart

  • BuiltToLast 23/11/2011

    I really would have thought Ni No Kuni would have done much bigger business than that. Haven't seen any reviews but it looks gorgeous. Reply +4
  • Battlefield 3 online pass confirmed

  • BuiltToLast 16/10/2011

    Current set up:
    Basically new = some money goes to people who made it.
    Second hand = no money goes to the people who made it.

    As much as I want to get the games I love as cheaply as possible (I'm ever so poor) I still want the developers to get some of the money they deserve. It's just a shame this is the way its going but I do find it rather ridiculous that when going into game shops I struggle to find the 'new' games I want, way after release which would have reduced in price because its flooded with second hand copies.
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  • Sony has PSP UMD-to-Vita plan

  • BuiltToLast 11/10/2011

    Personally I find it slightly ludicrous that people expect to be able to play their old disc based games on a new console for free if a service has to be built to port them across.

    When has this ever been the case before!?
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  • From Dust breaks Ubisoft sales record

  • BuiltToLast 06/08/2011

    Arguing in comment sections everywhere is what the internet is clearly all about.

    Quite looking forward to giving this game a spin once it appears on PSN, I was at a Gamecity night a while back with Eric Chahi on live chat and he seems like a great guy.
    Go originality I say.
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