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Brainfog (aka Arcadia1985) has most recently played Persona 4 Arena, Diablo III, Rock Band 3, and FINAL FANTASY XIII on Xbox Live.

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  • Dreamcast Fanboys

    For those who wish to reminisce about the glory days of Shenmue,
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  • I like games where you destroy stuff

    This is the group for fans of destructive games. Games where you
    destroy buildings, people and zombies in third person. We share
    ideas and give tips on good gam… 10 Members

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  • Metal Appreciation Society

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  • Musicians

    Guitars, keyboards, drum kits, midi, audio, if its music
    related, then chat about it here. 65 Members

  • Sega Fans Never Say Die!

    For the company that does what Nintendon't. 185 Members

  • World of Warcraft

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