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  • Reader Review of the Months - Aug/Sep

  • Bobfoc 17/10/2011

    Good work again, Orpheus. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy VII

  • Bobfoc 09/08/2011

    Very thorough review. I've been trying hard to get into this game for years now, but it's never quite clicked for me. In the current day and age of high-definition televisions and flashy visuals, would you say that playing the game on a PSP would make it look a little less dated and, as a result, easier to get past the initial feeling that you've missed the boat and would have had to experience it when it was originally released? Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month - July

  • Bobfoc 09/08/2011

    Well done, xandaca. I've only played the Duke Nukem Forever demo, but your review was certainly entertaining enough to hold my attention and keep me entertained for the few minutes it took me to read.

    Congratulations to the other two nominees too. Racing and wrestling aren't the easiest of genres to write about, although both are guilty pleasures of mine, and I felt that both reviews did justice to the merits and drawbacks of their subject matter.
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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • Bobfoc 12/07/2011

    You've brought up some interesting issues in this review, especially when it comes to the game's humour. It seemed to me as though RDR did have a sense of humour, albeit one that wasn't particularly well refined. Many of the characters, such as Irish, Seth and Allende, appeared to be built around single jokes that were subsequently recycled in almost all of their scenes, which might have taken away from the serious atmosphere without replacing it with anything tangible and of any substance. Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Bobfoc 12/07/2011

    @P1GEON - That's right. Not many people seem to know that, so well spotted. Reply 0
  • Bobfoc 11/07/2011

    Which games are you planning to review, darkmorgado? I'll look forward to reading them. Reply 0
  • Bobfoc 09/07/2011

    Good work, orpheus. Niche games like IL-2 Sturmovik are always difficult to review, but you did a fine job of explaining all its bells and whistles whilst maintaining a creative and unique tone throughout. Nicely done. Reply 0
  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • Bobfoc 22/06/2011

    Another entertaining review. It seems as though the story behind DNF's development vastly overshadowed its content, raising a lot of people's expectations to unrealistic levels. That might just be its saving grace, though, because, without its 15-year legacy, this game would probably have slipped under the radar and been forgotten within a week. As it is, sales have been better than they ought to have been for a game of its (lack of) quality, and public interest in Duke must have risen at least a little. As you say, if Gearbox continue the franchise in their own way, perhaps the mixture of a character riding an unexpected wave of increased popularity and what would hopefully be a significantly improved gaming experience could be what it needs to make a winning formula. Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month - June

  • Bobfoc 05/06/2011

    Congratulations, SilentTristero. That was an interesting new take on what many consider to be a straightforward, black-and-white game. Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month - April

  • Bobfoc 12/05/2011

    Congratulations to BOBBYLUPO and the other two nominees. I will look forward to reading your next reviews. Reply +3
  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Bobfoc 12/04/2011

    Congratulations. I doubt I'll ever play Digger Simulator, but its sheer quirkiness gives it a curious element of intrigue. It was certainly interesting to read such an entertaining take on such an unusual title.

    I thought this might be as good a place as any to voice a technical question. Last week, I submitted a review of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, but the link in the "Reader Content" section doesn't appear to be working. I tried deleting the review and re-submitting it, but there are now two broken links instead of one. I still can't seem to manage to successfully delete them, so would a moderator be able to take them down so that I can (hopefully) submit a final version?
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  • Total War: Shogun 2

  • Bobfoc 30/03/2011

    Nice, comprehensive review.

    I notice that you mention the game's challenge to seasoned Total War players as one of the game's main advantages. How accessible would you say it is to relative newcomers? I've dabbled in and out of Total War for a while, but I have to admit that I've always been a little overwhelmed by its depth and have never quite managed to get sucked into the experience as a result. Is Shogun 2 any more intuitive to the more impatient strategy gamer like myself?
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  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Bobfoc 14/03/2011

    Congratulations. I was looking forward to Alpha Protocol, but I've been putting off the idea of purchasing it because of all the mixed reviews. Your review laid out many of the aspects of the game that I was most concerned about, so thanks for providing me with another helpful insight into its strengths and weaknesses. Reply +2
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Bobfoc 10/03/2011

    I certainly can't argue with that. If you can't draw in consumers with promises of high-intensity gunplay, sex appeal should do the trick. Reply 0
  • Bobfoc 10/03/2011

    It seems to be the nature of the beast, I suppose, especially these days. Taking a game like Beyond Good and Evil as an example, its visuals look a little cartoonish, which often tends to be a real turn-off for the impulse buyers out there. I used to work in a games shop, and it's easy to underestimate how many people will base their purchases on box art and visual style alone. Having a front cover depicting a man wielding a gun, for instance, is often a successful commercial hook, whereas anything that deviates from the gritty war aesthetic of your typical shooter is often unfairly labelled a "kids' game". In order to compensate for that, developers and publishers need to actively promote their products and dispel these inaccurate theories, which is something that Ubisoft evidently failed to do with Beyond Good and Evil the first time round. Another overlooked classic, Psychonauts, appeared to suffer the same fate, and it's only really been through the support from their small, cult fanbases that games such as these have been able to get the credit they deserve in later years. Reply 0
  • Bobfoc 10/03/2011

    I really feel the urge to play this game, but I still haven't got round to it. Once I get through a bit more of my backlog (thanks a lot, Steam sales), I fully intend to find out exactly what thr hype is about. Having read this review, I'm now even more intrigued.

    Keep up the good work with your reviews. I've read and enjoyed all of your recent ones, and I'm sure that plenty of other people find them as insightful as I do.
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  • Jade Empire

  • Bobfoc 07/02/2011

    As far as I could tell at the time, most people seemed to view the mythology as background material, which makes sense as much of it was revealed through the reading of scroll stands that were scattered about the game world. Without doubt, some people probably got into it, but I would liken the situation to that of a school project, when a teacher provides his or her students with a list of "background reading" sources to encourage the interest of those who enjoyed researching the topic at hand. Yes, it's nice to have the opportunity for expansion, but, when given the choice, most people simply aren't going to take up the offer.

    I actually ended up using the same few fighting techniques throughout the course of the game as well, and I'm not sure whether that says something about me as a player or whether it's a statement of the game itself. Perhaps it's a combination of both, but it's evident from your response that there are probably many others who simply weren't enamoured with the combat-based 'perks' brought about through level progression, which should normally be an instrinsic component of a great RPG.

    Dragon Age is a different kettle of fish altogether in that its combat system was criticised by some for being a little too daunting and tightly-woven for unseasoned RPG gamers. Personally, I think that it works quite well and offers possibly the closest thing to the micro-management style of the RPGs of old, but I can certainly see why the key figures at Bioware have signalled their intention to make things a little for accessible for a wider audience in the upcoming sequel. At its heart, though, it's very much a Bioware creation, complete with a rigid story structure and a compelling story. I'd certainly recommend it to fans of other Bioware-developed titles.
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  • Bobfoc 03/02/2011

    Thanks for reading. I think that the game had a lot of untapped potential, much like Brutal Legend. The fact that you like the source material but didn't fall in love with Jade Empire seems to underline the general consensus that the Chinese mythology never really amounted to much in the long run, instead assuming more of a background role to what was a relatively standard tale of betrayal and redemption. Still, I really enjoyed both Mass Effect games, not to mention Dragon Age, which I am currently having a lot of fun with. To me, Bioware certainly bounced back from what was, in my opinion, only a very minor blip. Reply 0
  • Brutal Legend

  • Bobfoc 03/02/2011

    Thanks for reading the review.

    It seemed to me as though Double Fine coudn't quite decide what sort of game they really wanted Brutal Legend to be, resulting in the awkward mish-mash of half-baked components that may have been significantly better had they been more thoroughly fleshed out. A squad-based strategy game would certainly have been interesting, but I still have to wonder whether or not it would have made a difference to BL's sales figures at the end of the day. Given the niche appeal of heavy metal, as well as console-based RTS games, I imagine that the results would have been the same on a commercial level, even if the quality of the actual product ended up being better.

    Sometimes, I just expect Tim Schafer to drop everything and shout: "Right, that's it. To Hell with the innovation; I'm making a modern war shooter with match-made online multiplayer modes that completely overshadow a bland, monotonous single player campaign." Judging by recent trends, he'd be a billionaire.
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  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Bobfoc 03/02/2011

    Congratulations. I have to say that, for a series that I find rather tedious, I really enjoyed your Sims 3 review. I particularly liked the way in which you offered fair and balanced criticism, all whilst making it clear to everyone that the game still offers plenty to the millions of fans of the Sims franchise. I only signed up to the site a few weeks ago, but I'll be looking forward to reading your future reviews, along with those of many of the site's other contributors. Reply +2
  • Sid Meier's Civilization V

  • Bobfoc 11/01/2011

    I enjoyed reading this review. For me, what was most interesting was the fact that you talked at length about the latest patch, which has been such a divisive issue among fans of the series. I played the vanilla version and didn't seem to encounter any significant problems, but I have yet to play another game since the December patch saw the light of day. Since its release, the patch has been quite heavily criticised by the players over at the 2K forums, so I was a little hesitant to try the game out again before the next update. Upon reading this review, however, it's nice to see that not everyone has been having patch-related issues, and I could possibly conclude that, as usual, it's a case of a very vocal minority complaining about a set of fairly uncommon faults. Reply 0
  • XIII

  • Bobfoc 10/01/2011

    It's funny you should say that. I actually did play the game on the PC, but my review has, for whatever reason, shown up as being linked to the Gamecube version. I suppose that's the price I pay for being a newcomer to the site.

    I know what you mean, though. I played through the main story, as well as putting in a hefty amount of online play, on the PC, whilst I only played the Gamecube version at a friend's house. All in all, the change in quality was surprisingly marked. With that said, at least the Gamecube version boasted split-screen multiplayer, unlike the PC, although the same could be said for the Xbox and PS2 ports. For those who didn't care about such things, however, that's a moot point.
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  • Bobfoc 08/01/2011

    That's fair enough. To each his own, I suppose. As I alluded to on several occasions, the game has plenty of notable flaws, and I can see why many people who did play it wouldn't have liked it. Having said that, it's one of my almost inexplicable gaming pleasures, even if many of its ideas on the actual gameplay front were fairly run-of-the-mill. Reply 0