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  • Where does my money go?

  • Biggles 10/01/2011

    What about Steam and online distribution in the PC market? There seems to be a totally different pricing strategy going on there, would that perhaps be worth talking about in a follow up article? Reply +14
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

  • Biggles 09/09/2010

    pleasingly good voice acting :) Reply +1
  • Red 5 Studios unveils Firefall

  • Biggles 06/09/2010

    Not bad! But why do they have health bars above the monsters? Since when have we had those in an FPS? It's like some sort of weird badge to prove it's an MMO or something... Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer

  • Biggles 13/08/2010

    Shooty shooty bang bang! Will be interesting to see how much of the original's open endedness vibe and unexpected solutionness survives the next gen overhaul... Reply +3
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension takes shape

  • Biggles 31/03/2010

    Steampunk spidey?!

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  • Project Offset - Blind Giant

  • Biggles 22/02/2010

    that's awesome! Reply +1
  • Apple unveils the iPad

  • Biggles 27/01/2010

    el_pollo_diablo > exactly what I was thinking. I thought Apple of all people might recognise how useful a decent slate-format sketchbook would be. I've used Brushes on the iPhone and it feels pretty clumsy using your finger and with no pressure sensitivity. Also, the screens are a pain to try and use out doors.

    This whole thing is smelling a lot like the Macbook Air... some nice ideas, but in 6 months time I think it won't have made that much of a splash.

    And why the enormous border around the screen?

    Mighty shame...
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  • Split/Second

  • Biggles 19/08/2009

    Split screen? Finally!!! Agree that 4-way would be better, but having 2 players is still infinitely better than 1 player only and don't want to be greedy-like :D Reply +3
  • Disney doing Alice in Wonderland games

  • Biggles 23/07/2009

    Any similarities to American McGee's? Reply 0
  • Pandora music "possible" on Xbox 360

  • Biggles 10/06/2009

    Now an integrated music player that weighed up info from different sources and decided on the best to play could be cool. Whether it's from Pandora,, Spotify or whatever else comes up. Or just let you swich between them seamlessly in the same interface... That'd be cool. Reply 0
  • Rockstar toying with karma for GTA?

  • Biggles 05/05/2009

    I think it would be great. Reply 0
  • Games dominate iPhone, iPod Touch

  • Biggles 15/04/2009

    darc > yep, that's how it start. Now I'm starting to quite like OSX and even pine occasionally that I have to use Windows at work... Still, there's enough cross platform and open source applications that it's not too bad any more to work on both.

    Zomoniac > Why not just set an alarm in the Clock app? You can have as many alarms as you like, do one off's, custom labels etc... s'what I use. Though linking the calendar to Google means I can quickly add things like that via my desktop too.
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  • EVE Online Fanfest dates revealed

  • Biggles 30/03/2009

    What with the currency collapse and all, everything should be damn cheap over there at the mo too, no? Reply 0
  • GDC: Sony offers to match development budgets with guaranteed royalties

  • Biggles 27/03/2009

    If this is for indie devs, then it's not a bad deal at all, depending on the payment terms.

    Wonder how long before they run in to issues with creative accounting practices, though.
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  • More than 6000 iPhone games now out

  • Biggles 09/03/2009

    Ok, I admit that the app store is crap for browsing apps, but at least the search functionality works. I'm getting a little fed up of devs assuming that apple should do all of their marketing for them. Why not get the word out elsewhere? There are plenty of sites dedicated to iPhone reviews now, such as TouchArcade. Go schmooze some journalists like everybody else, do some sales, play around with the pricing and press releases etc. Of course, none of that will help you if your game is shit.

    Or, go give ngmoco a call and ask if they'd like to help you polish and publish. Get a deal with them and you've got guarnateed spotlight coverage and a good chance at that coveted top 25 list.
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  • SEGA reveals Aliens vs. Predator game

  • Biggles 12/02/2009

    Oh god, AVP kicked so much ass. Never really got in to the sequel, seemed too much like a generic FPS for my tastes. But AVP1... it was just so different to everything else out there. I wonder if they'll be able to pull that off again? I'm guessing no... but would love to be proved wrong.

    One thing I loved about the original was that they didn't hold back on which toys you could use early on in the game. In the second, running around as a predator with only a pistol seemed a bit silly.
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  • Earthrise

  • Biggles 27/01/2009

    So by skill based, do they mean twitch-based, or am I missing the point? Reply 0
  • iPhone Roundup

  • Biggles 09/01/2009

    Oohh.. guess I should check out Rolando.

    Personal recomendations from the stuff I've actually tried...

    Ivory Tiles
    Dizzy Bee
    Dr. Awesome
    Tiki Towers
    Word Warp

    With honorable mentions to:

    Snail Mail
    Mouse House
    Pong (now called Qong or something, I believe... have avoided updating it as the new name sucks)
    Black Mamba Racer
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  • I Love Katamari released for iPhone

  • Biggles 15/12/2008

    nope, dropship's best at the mo, though dr. awesome is pretty cool too. ngmoco are on fire at the mo, but they do need to mix up the gameplay a little in their next games... Reply 0
  • World of Goo piracy at 90 per cent

  • Biggles 17/11/2008

    Bad EG! The figure is actually 82% or 1 in 5. Fix the article or go work for the Daily Mail. Reply 0
  • iPhone is "future of gameplay" - Apple

  • Biggles 12/11/2008

    Dan, as much as I loved the video you linked to earlier, this version of Cube is more representative of the iPod Touch / iPhone's capabilities. Reply 0
  • Biggles 12/11/2008

    Wow, a lot of negativity, dismissiveness and general lack of objective thinking.

    iPhone gaming isn't there yet, but it won't be long. A lot of games out at the moment are short on content, in part becuase when the sdk first came out developing for the iPod Touch/iPhone was considered far more risky. Now, at the end of 2008, the iPhone is in a very strong position and I think you'll see more resources being directed to developing games for it. Having said that, sinceit launched this summer, there have been more games released on the app store than for the PSP and DS combined for their entire lifespan. Of course most of them are rubbish, but then I think a lot of developers are producing simple copy cat games as a way of learning the ropes or to cash in on being first to market. With time we will definitely see more 'proper' games.

    In particular, from a development point of view, iPod Touch/iPhone has some distinct advantages over PSP/DS:

    * Nice API & powerful hardware
    * No NDA (there was one but it has since been lifted)
    * Very easy distribution model & revenue share model
    * Low development cost & few barriers to entry
    * Bells and whistles: accelerometer, multi touch screen, location awareness, wifi, internet connectivity, large inbuilt storage, ability to continuously update apps etc.
    * Indie friendly

    And in case anyone wants to compare this to 'phone games', which are widely regarded to be mostly rubbish, there are also the following important differences:

    * All of the above as well as...
    * Single powerful API/hardware combination meaning developers can work to the strengths of the platform, rather than write for the lowest common denominator of supported features.
    * A single huge, well established and thriving marketplace for applications, justifying higher development expenditure
    * Apple brand loyalty.

    From a consumer point of view:

    * Easy purchase of new apps
    * Generally low price points and frequent price drops
    * New game genres due to those bells and whistles already mentioned
    * Can replace multiple personal devices: phone, music player etc.

    Of course, it isn't all rosy, there are other factors working against Apple:

    * Nintendo / Sony brand loyalty, especially amongst hardcore gamers as well as anti-Apple backlash.
    * Lack of games industry connections or gaming heritage.
    * Vagueness of Apple's approval procedures and general anti-competitive behaviour.
    * Objective-C learning curve
    * Lack of physical buttons (this is probably the least important factor)

    Frankly, anyone who simply dismisses Apple's handhelds as gaming platforms isn't looking at the bigger picture. Yes, there are hurdles to overcome and I haven't even mentioned the price point, or that the DS and PSP currently seem far more appropriate for parents to buy for their children. At the end of the day, there will be a lot of people out there with devices that can play genuinely good games without even so much as a trip to the shop and there will be a ton of small developers eager to produce those games. I honestly don't see how it could fail to explode or become a huge success.

    But maybe I'm not thinking clearly...
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  • Shops "defrauding the industry" - Braben

  • Biggles 31/10/2008

    Sure, they can still go to sell on their games at HMV, but that's another trip in to town and you won't be able to use 'store credit' to buy that shiny new game, you'll have to settle for something else pre owned, or go for cash which might not be as good a deal. The publishers can't and shouldn't be able to stop reselling completely, but they've got the weight to fight and make it far less attractive to reduce the impact on new sales / get a better deal from the retailers. Reply 0
  • Biggles 31/10/2008

    Rev, how about if the publishers took away all new copies of games and all promotional material from HMV and simultaneously arranged a deal to distribute their games at Zavvi exclusively (for a price, obvioulsy).

    Remeber that even though it's the 'nerdy' hardcore (or 'early adopters' to be less derogatory) who would be buying these games in the first couple of weeks, they are also the ones supplying the second hand market with games to sell in the first place. By getting them away from HMV, you'd be dealing a double blow in that you'll be hurting the stock of second hand games as well. They certainly wouldn't be able to offer those 'Buy Fable II for only Ł18 when you trade in X,Y or Z' deals.

    Again, this doesn't mean consumers wouldn't be able or shouldn't be able to resell games, it's that your legitimate business partners with whom you have various contracts and agreements should not be able to undermine that relationship by making a profit on your product and taking advantage of your release window advertising expenditure without sharing any of the revenue.
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  • Biggles 31/10/2008

    Rev, in your case #2, I don't think HMV would just 'shrug their shoulders' and not give a damn. New games bring people in to the store. If the publishers agreed not to provide them with new product it would have a big impact in driving consumers to those stores as well. This isn't a case of 'rights', it's bad business negotiation on the part of the publishers. They simply shouldn't stand for this sort of behaviour from a business partner and make that fact crystal clear. What consumers want to do is neither here nor there, but as a part of the publisher-shop distribution deal this sort of thing really has to be taken account of.

    That's not to say that I don't agree that prices are too high, of course.
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  • Biggles 31/10/2008

    Well I don't know the exact figures, but with music sales down, shops like HMV are looking increasingly to videogames as a source of income. If I were the publisher I'd certainly start playing hardball with them. If they want to undercut your product and essentially remove your from the revenue stream then why should you even bother supplying them with new product? There are other shops out there, Zavvi, online distributers etc. who I'm sure would love to be able to claim exclusivity on new releases, even for a week or two.

    It's unlikely, but if the publishers were to band together I'm sure they could put the squeeze on quite effectively.
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  • Biggles 31/10/2008

    Simplest solution would simply be to not supply new copies to stores that sell used ones. Even for the first couple of weeks or so. If HMV wants to become a dodgy second hand swap shop, then let them. Focus efforts on those stores that want to work with you rather than cut you out and see if they come crawling back. Heck, at the very least negotiate a cut of the procedes from second hand sales. Publishers are supplying the games in the first place, surely that's a good enough bargaining chip to get a better deal from the big shops at least? Reply 0
  • Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars - Trailer

  • Biggles 03/10/2008

    That looks wicked! Surely there must be other game modes, though? Battle mode at least, no? Reply 0
  • World of Goo

  • Biggles 02/10/2008

    so.... why not a 10, eh? Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: Cliff Bleszinski on Gears of War 2

  • Biggles 29/09/2008

    Got nothing against Cliff, but at least he admits it's all a bunch of macho bollocks. I just think it's sad that this is the sort of game that has come to define gaming for so many people. You see the medium growing up in so many places and then you get this kind of lowest common denominator crap. Ah well... there's always world of goo to cheer me up : ) Reply 0
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Superpowers

  • Biggles 24/09/2008

    awesome Reply 0
  • Sony and Jaffe sued over God of War

  • Biggles 18/09/2008

    Yeah, these big companies tend to just shred any game ideas they receive for exactly this reason. I used to work in one and there was a rule that if you even suspected an email or letter might contain an unsolicited game idea you had to delete it without reading it. Sounded bloody ridiculous at the time, but I suppose it makes sense if people are going to pull stuff like this... Reply 0
  • Street Fighter IV - Balrog Vs Chun-li

  • Biggles 01/09/2008

    Am I the only one that thought the thumbnail for this was a little dodgy? Reply 0
  • Champions Online

  • Biggles 29/08/2008

    Sounds fricken perfect, if you ask me. Particularly like the "Design your nemesis" part. Such an obvious idea, it's crazy no one has done it before... Though I wonder how it will work in terms of setting their personality... will everyone be playing against the same pantomime villain in different clothes or will you be able to chose a "vs the mastermind", "vs the lone murderer", "vs the crazy psycho" kind of arching backstory? Cos that would simply rock. Even if there's only a handful, it would be better than trying to write a completely generic scenario and would give your adventures that sort of personalised character MMOs so sorely lack... Reply 0
  • Super Monkey Ball

  • Biggles 13/08/2008

    Cube runner on the tube is indeed fun, ads a whole new source of difficulty to the thing. Reply 0
  • Biggles 13/08/2008

    Actually, you do get used to the controls. I absolutely hated them at first, but am improving bit by bit. Other places the game falls down though include the way you lose all progress when you get a call, surely there's not that much state to quickly save? Anyway, I'm glad I bought it, since I'm still working my way through the levels (only just made it to Desert). Interested to see if there are any bonuses for getting crowns and that since I've never actually played any of the earlier monkey ball games to be honest. Reply 0
  • Exclusive: Prince of Persia - Trailer

  • Biggles 15/07/2008

    really don't know about that art style... black outlines just make everything look flat. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Launch trailer

  • Biggles 12/07/2008

    Oh my god that looks immense! Reply 0
  • Diablo III - gameplay footage

  • Biggles 30/06/2008

    Blizzard are pretty good at keeping system specs down and making up for it with the art direction, so I doubt you'll need to splash out for this one.

    Also wasn't really that excited by this until actually seeing it. My only wish would to have a little bit more nethack style depth, like unidentified potions and experimentation etc, but I doubt it'll happen.
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  • LucasArts could revive graphic adventures

  • Biggles 02/06/2008

    spongebob, getting your bits and bytes a little messed up there? Reply 0
  • Venetica - Debut trailer

  • Biggles 28/05/2008

    Is it just me or is the sound out?
    This looks pretty good, too.
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  • WipEout HD

  • Biggles 06/05/2008

    may have missed it, but is there local multiplayer or only online? Reply 0
  • Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Comedy club

  • Biggles 29/04/2008

    fuck, the canned laughter totally kills it... they could at least have it fit to the jokes a little more appropriately. Reply 0
  • Elveon - Gameplay

  • Biggles 21/04/2008

    I'm sure blues news reported this as being cancelled the other day... Think I understand why, not nearly as cool as the original trailers made out. Ah well... Reply 0
  • Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe - Trailer

  • Biggles 21/04/2008

    ok... bye. Reply 0
  • Age of Pirates: Captain Blood - Trailer

  • Biggles 17/04/2008

    awesome! Reply 0
  • Ultimate Board Game Collection - Trailer

  • Biggles 13/04/2008

    how come the wii has less games? Reply 0
  • Okami

  • Biggles 11/04/2008

    Never liked okami anyway, stupid little jumpy-squeaky sidekick, cliche story and play with a couple of random features jumping up and saying 'lookt at me, I'm different, honest I am!'. Sorry, don't mean to be so hate filled this early in the morning, but I can see why people didn't buy it. Reply 0
  • English of the Dead - Trailer

  • Biggles 09/04/2008

    ah... typing of the dead was awesome. Wonder how many spin offs there will eventually be?

    as an aside, did anyone every play the typing tutor mode in crimsonland? that was pretty cool too
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  • Jumpgate: Evolution

  • Biggles 27/03/2008

    I like the idea of generating missions by play style and available time, but why oh why does a game like this need experience points and leveling up? It's such an artificial construct... cold hard cash worked fine for Elite, Privateer and the like...

    /gets off soap box...
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