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  • LA Noire no longer a PS3 exclusive?

  • Bazfrag 08/02/2010

    old news to anyone with the internet Reply -5
  • 2K confirms BioShock 2 DLC plans

  • Bazfrag 19/01/2010

    Ship it on the disk ffs. Oh well. Reply +4
  • Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

  • Bazfrag 13/01/2010

    Fuck all the gt haters. It is too hard now it's a proper sim? Need some steering assists to complete a lap? Pathetic. Reply -28
  • Iwata: "Wii has recovered from slowdown"

  • Bazfrag 06/01/2010

    Fad will end soon..... Wii may outsell both hd consoles combined.... again. Reply -1
  • Capcom done with Western devs

  • Bazfrag 04/01/2010

    They finally woke up and smelled the coffee. Reply 0
  • GT5 Time Trial 720p/1080p analysis

  • Bazfrag 17/12/2009

    "all this talk about torn you guys actually see this when playing the game or are you intentionally looking for them ingame as I've played the time trail and havent noticed it tbh"I doubt anyone would notice at all. Thanks DF for providing fuckwits with their regular chance to sound off about things the human eye cant even pick out. Good demo btw. Reply -4
  • Gran Turismo 5 for summer 2010?

  • Bazfrag 14/12/2009

    "We're living in the age of internet, ever heard of updates and DLC? Get this shit out already."Nah screw that. Break this gens mould and become the first non cynical big budget HD release. Anyway Kaz has said he won't release an incomplete product... Reply +1
  • Bazfrag 14/12/2009

    They were unlikely to release in March when every game and his Dad is out that month. That said, I will just import if the wait is too much to bare. Reply 0
  • EA boss says PS3 wand is called Gem

  • Bazfrag 10/12/2009

    Codename Gem surely? Same with Natal. Although renaming it would put an end to any anti-natal jokes. Edit: They should both be codenamed Project Belated Bandwagon. Reply +4
  • NSMB sets Wii sales record in Japan

  • Bazfrag 08/12/2009

    "I think NSMBWii topped modern warfare 2 in the last week of UK sales actually..."My faith in UK gamers is returning. Reply +4
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • Bazfrag 08/12/2009

    Time to spirit my DS away from my sister. Day uno purchase. Reply +2
  • Tony Hawk bitter about Ride scores

  • Bazfrag 07/12/2009

    I wish.. Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 07/12/2009


    Shitpickle is not my word unfortunately :( He was a guest reviewer on James Rolfe's A.V.G.N. It suits this game though!
    Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 07/12/2009

    "All the previews I read of this were remarkably positive as it goes. Especially the first looks from E3."Most previews are staged at e3 behind closed doors, and are not a genuine hands on with the game. I cannot believe anyone did go hands on with this shitpickle because the hands probably wouldn't register! The series died after thps3, at least for me. The skill based score attack gameplay is what I consider true videogaming to be. Not gta with skateboarding, and certainly not a half finished, uncontrollable, cynical advert fest. Reply +11
  • EA makes Dead Space 2 official

  • Bazfrag 07/12/2009

    "No shooting fookin asteroids mind ;)"+1. I found those bits very irritating. Would also like less vents for necro's to appear from, and more varied scares. Lol i played this with surround headphones and had uncontrollable leg spasms whenever I was chased by something. oh and every reviewer that praised the inventory for not pausing the game should be forced to play System Shock, and then find a different career! Reply +1
  • MW2 javelin patch imminent on PS3/360

  • Bazfrag 07/12/2009

    "it's absolutely impossible to ship a game of the complexity of today's AAA games 100% bug free. your comment just goes to show you zilch about game development."A mp beta would helped find the bigger exploits."Sorry for being a little slow on the uptake! What happens they go to fire the javelin and it blows them and others up?"I have/will not play this but apparently most jav glitchers will try and knife you, and if you kill them they explode killing everyone in quite a large radius. Reply 0
  • Schafer wants more Brutal Legend DLC

  • Bazfrag 07/12/2009

    Johnboy. Play me at an rts for an easy win! Not BL though as I haven't bitten yet. (Sorry Tim) Reply 0
  • Critter Crunch

  • Bazfrag 06/12/2009

    Fair enough.Reading my post sober I will stop quoting as it comes across as personal. No need to single people out as a cheap way of getting a point across, especially when you explain the reasoning behind your post. Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 06/12/2009

    Please dump the scores EG. For the greater good of humanity. Break the endless cycle of moaning after Game X scores higher/lower than Game Y. "Better than MGS4 then? It is a very cute and polished game... I rate it a 7, or 8/10. 9 is too high, and it does it disservice if people expect to get ther mind blown away. I recommend it anyway. It deserves more sales, just don't expect it to be GOTY quality.":/ Behold exhibit A. Not really moaning as such but still silly score nitpicking. I would imagine that CC will win GOTY on some sites. Ellie posted a thorough, well written review, and thought it was a quality product. Mgs has nothing to do with anything. If people must complain about reviews then how about the ones that are poorly written, riddled with inaccuracies or are paid for adverts in disguise. Reply +2
  • Can Consoles Run Crysis?

  • Bazfrag 05/12/2009

    Can Consoles Run Crysis? No. Hence they are getting Crysis 2! Simples.DKtronics. Can i borrow your rig while my one is being fixed? You are wasting it imo. Also how is that 3rd Stalker game? Didn?t know it was out yet. Reply 0
  • Bayonetta heads PS3 Store refresher

  • Bazfrag 05/12/2009

    Tried the demo. Seems a really good game, but my word it could do with a worthy port. Spinning the camera at the very start of the demo immediately reveals tearing and judders. You don't need DF wizardry to spot the flaws. Assasins Creed deja vu...but... Was still impressed by the gameplay, the combat, and the crazy ass over the topness of everything. The overall experience I had was in a strange way very slick despite the technical flaws. It's a pity it's not anywhere near as slick as it should be :( Reply +1
  • ESRB details No More Heroes PS3/360

  • Bazfrag 30/11/2009

    *Stewie Griffin voiceYou know what it's time for? A sexy party! Reply +4
  • No iPlayer for Xbox 360 after all?

  • Bazfrag 30/11/2009

    "my god. basically the bbc are saying microsoft want as much of your money as possible, even if it is providing THE SAME service as it rivals, who is giving that service for free."Basically. As is their want as a business. However, they cannot make it exclusive to gold subscribers under current law. Ms has to either back down or miss out."However the BBC have no probs offering the iplayer on a premium service which virgin provide."Its available to ALL subscribers, not just the premiums. Thats why its allowed. Reply -1
  • Bazfrag 30/11/2009

    Paying for a free service? On xbl? Well i never!! When did this happen? LIES! Microsoft once said "if its free on other platforms it will be free on ours" That soon changed when it became obvious hardly anyone cares or is aware that 99% of xbl features are a rip off. Reply +4
  • Huge LittleBigPlanet patch today

  • Bazfrag 30/11/2009

    Is water included in the patch or did i miss it? (been in a Disgaea/fallout coma) Reply 0
  • Call of Duty marches past $3bn mark

  • Bazfrag 28/11/2009

    55 million lethal injections will take some time to administer! Reply +2
  • Square Enix doing Deus Ex 3 cinematics

  • Bazfrag 25/11/2009

    I always thought the most emersive fprpg could use some emersion killing cgi. Reply +2
  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • Bazfrag 20/11/2009

    "The absence of Critter Crunch in this list is criminal. GREAT GAME!"Needed saying twice. Demo out too for fence sitters. Reply 0
  • Natal will cost under £50, says report

  • Bazfrag 11/11/2009

    Until I see a working game my personal jury is out on whether this will ultimately sink or swim, as with Sony's wand. Reply +8
  • Call of Duty Wii: Not so Modern Warfare?

  • Bazfrag 11/11/2009

    Considering the time and resources they had to make this I think Treyarch did a fine job.edit marked down?! I'm sorry I meant "wii lolz HD or there's no gameplay" Reply +20
  • Modern Warfare 2

  • Bazfrag 10/11/2009

    Edge writes what most other "professionals" were afraid to say regarding pc version:"The flexibility MW2 has the potential to display in the hands of its audience is lost for no good reason other than a desire for control. No mod tools, no custom maps and no clan-hosted servers mean there has to be serious doubt about MW2?s long-term future in a marketplace containing the moddable original as well as the likes of Team Fortress 2."*Bows. Reply +4
  • Shin Megami Tensei DS in spring

  • Bazfrag 08/11/2009

    Gonna have a play of this later! Reply 0
  • Insomniac: 60FPS no more

  • Bazfrag 08/11/2009

    "Forza 3 is a bullshot-free zone by reputation"Erm no. Che - Turn 10 community manager claimed all shots were gameplay, and the high detail models were gameplay as well. Seeing as they were photomode shots with higher poly models not used in actual gameplay, which he admitted, I ask what is a bullshot if not this?On topic, 30fps is fine for most games, as many have said. Racing and multiplayer fps are much better at 60. Reply +1
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Bazfrag 07/11/2009

    FUCKING SIGH :(EG I would give up reviews tbh. Too high a score and the platform warriors start moaning and questioning your integrity. Too low and the platform warriors start moaning and questioning your integrity... Reply 0
  • D2D, Impulse, Gamersgate boycott MW2

  • Bazfrag 06/11/2009

    Their tears sustain me. Reply -1
  • PC Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer shrinks

  • Bazfrag 05/11/2009

    Quoted for twattyness. "Mackey-IW: PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings."gtfo. using a mouse on pc is now a feature? Reply +13
  • Bazfrag 05/11/2009

    Can P2P actually handle 18 players without lag?Nope. Reply +5
  • Bazfrag 05/11/2009

    Im actually surprised they haven't claimed a reduced player count stops piracy. Can anyone guess which version has already leaked and is being mass pirated? Hint - rhymes with hex blox.@pear. They took lean out cuz it unbalanced the game.. unlike the perks which apparently don't.... Reply +8
  • Bazfrag 05/11/2009

    Falls in-line with console cap of 18 players.Surely that should be "Fails online? Reply +16
  • Left 4 Dead 2 demo on Xbox Live

  • Bazfrag 04/11/2009

    Soooo... anyone care to post actual impressions of the 360 demo? Reply 0
  • Need For Speed: Nitro

  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    Donnie you made me triple facepalm and I cant work out how thats physically possible. Reply -1
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    @Groovy: So far I have heard that xbox has worse textures and ps3 has a chuggy framerate. However some sources contradict that : / I cannot say 1st hand what is true. I never expect a Bioware game to be technically faultless anyway. I believe you heard correctly about there being no overhead view on consoles. This could irritate BG purists. (360 version but I assume that covers ps3 as well) Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    @kdog. My apologies. I wasn't singling you out, I was just using your post as an example. I obviously misinterpreted your post! Again, sorry. Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    @Turrican. Horses for courses etc. Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    "Gamespot scores: PC: 9.5. PS3: 9.0. XBOX 8.5"Thats it! Just find a site with scores high enough to not get butthurt over... thats how its done right? *sigh. Reply +2
  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    "Giantbomb just gave this 5 stars"Imo they and several other outlets lost credibility when they refused to chastise Infinity Ward over the pc p2p debacle. I understand they have to eat lol, but after Gerstmangate I hoped they would be more honest. Actually its telling that even Eg reported that p2p article without the usual opinion or jokes or fanbait... a first? Dont bite the hand that feeds you as they say. Reply 0
  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    "Review is a perfect example of why EG should drop scores"Agreed. Scores are bullshit anyway. They cause endless whining over miniscule numerical values, are paid for in some cases, (read most cases if its Famitsu or ign and others) and cause endless whining...Its better to read the words of reviews and listen to opinions of other gamers/friends/etc. If you buy based on scores alone, you will face disappointments when average games get high marks due to publisher pressure, or you may miss out on a gem simply because the publisher couldn't afford to moneyhat reviewers.edit: Also reviews of anything are opinions of the individual. They might not like what another may love. *Missed that out due to joypad typing fatigue! Reply +1
  • Significant DLC plans for Mass Effect 2?

  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    Fallout goty is £29 at tesco. That almost the dlc for free. Reply +1
  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    Widge +1000000. I dont mind proper expansions, but dlc is the worst thing to happen to gaming since devs put more emphasis on audio visual emersion than emersive gameplay. Reply +5
  • DJ Hero DLC pricing explained

  • Bazfrag 03/11/2009

    £5.49 for three remixes! What the f... oh its Activision. Reply +3