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  • AMD's new R9 Nano - the ultimate GPU for small form-factor PCs?

  • BOFH_UK 27/08/2015

    Hang on... so this is a card designed for small cases - which are typically used to make living room PC's - with enough power to run gaming at somewhere close to 4k but it *can't* use a 4K TV as an output device over HDMI? Why on earth would AMD make that decision?

    Don't get me wrong, very happy to see GPU's targeting performance in smaller form factors as it really opens up some interesting options in case design. But surely the number of potential customers running 4k monitors (or, indeed, the 21:9 1440p that I'm currently typing this on) who will want to pair it to a SFF PC is fairly small compared to those looking to use huge UHD TV's?
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  • Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?

  • BOFH_UK 26/08/2015

    As much as I detest games that lean heavily on f2p mechanics... boy is Hearthstone not one of them. The basic decks are, indeed, very basic but it's still possible to win with them at lower levels on the ladders and it's surprising how quickly you can start building your deck without paying. As others have mentioned Arena provides an even playing field that can be quite rewarding and daily quests make it easy to earn more gold.

    In truth the only thing I've payed for are the single player expansions and those only because I felt I'd spent enough time in the game that the dev had more than earned my money. I've also never gone and looked up any strategy stuff because... well, frankly, I'd much rather put together a weird deck on my own and see how it fares.
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  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • BOFH_UK 25/08/2015

    More information regarding the payment model for FOB will be provided closer to launch.
    All well and good but for one minor detail: YOU'RE LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY FROM LAUNCH! How much closer can you get without the game actually being out there? For Konami to be ducking the issue when the countdown is in days is hardly a good sign....
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  • Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament expansion release date

  • BOFH_UK 19/08/2015

    Weird one this, on the one hand I love the Inspire mechanic. Adds a really nice layer of strategy, makes hero powers more tactical and can see real fun decks coming out of it. On t'other I absolutely can't stand the joust cards. Normally I'm all for a bit of randomness but this just feels way too far out of whack. Bad draws just kill your deck dead and even when you win a joust a lot of the rewards feel unbalanced (oddly enough in both directions). Feels like the base cards are a bit underpowered maybe... eh, who knows but this particular brawl has actually put me off the new expansion a bit. Reply 0
  • Phil Spencer on Xbox's big year

  • BOFH_UK 13/08/2015

    Fair play to Phil, he's done a remarkable job with the entire Xbox brand in a very short space of time. Certainly enough to make sure it remains a viable business for MS and that things are going to be okay for this generation of hardware.

    What I find far more interesting though are his references to the future. There's starting to be more and more talk of Xbox and Windows in the same breath and that really does seem to make sense. With BC on the way we're already seeing a push to make Xbox more of a platform in the PC sense of the word. Buy a game digitally and it'll work on that platform no matter the hardware. Considering the XB2 would more than likely be a more powerful evolution in much the same way gaming PC's are upgraded it seems feasible that XB1 games would 'just work' as well. With very cheap Windows devices (say, tablets) able to stream games from the console suddenly there's a potentially very big and compelling ecosystem there that'd be tough for the competition to match.
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  • 129 Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller nearly half price at Amazon

  • BOFH_UK 04/08/2015

    Oh why not, just got my 6 Amazon credit for logging in to the app on Prime day so for under 70 I'll take a punt. To be fair to MS the standard pad seems to handle wear and tear pretty damn well but I'm curious to see what a 'high end' pad is like. Reply +5
  • Ouya isn't honouring its funding commitments following Razer's acquisition - report

  • BOFH_UK 28/07/2015

    Hmm, torn on this one. On the one hand Razer bought the company after the company put itself up for sale as a way to avoid bankruptcy. So while that clause in the contract may be activated legally it feels more than a little suspect that Razer can find the cash to buy the company for parts but not to meet commitments to devs.

    On t'other hand... sorry but the devs signed up to this scheme must have known what they were getting in to. The Ouya was always going to be a gamble and signing up in 2013 to build an exclusive game that must be both released and to have the initial exclusivity period end in order to get the money seems like a hell of a risk to take on. The responsibility to agree to that particular contract does, ultimately, rest with the game developer.

    While I'm on the subject of long term gambles how many more disasters will it take until gamers wise up and start looking much, much more closely at the various 'fund now, receive game much later' schemes that are out there? The recent Shenmue 3 kickstarter stands out for me with the initial rush of funding being based entirely on nostalgia. We still don't really know what's going to be produced or details on what will be included in the game beyond a vague top level description. While pre-orders are (finally) starting to be treated with suspicion it seems we're more than willing to chuck money at projects that are years away from completion with no guarantee that the game will ever come out once its funded.
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • BOFH_UK 22/07/2015

    There are days I think the games industry really wants MS and Xbox to go away. That 'well enough?' bit is just ridiculous under the circumstances. Xbox is profitable, is a clear and identified part of Microsoft's current strategy and is one of the few ventures they have that brings in a younger audience. In fact they seem to be more committed to the Xbox brand this year than they have been in some time (Windows 10, Hololens, VR partnerships). Why on earth would they consider killing it now?

    Oh and just to remove any confusion, this is quarter 4 of Microsoft's 2015 financial year which runs from April 1st to June 30th.
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  • All the Doctor Whos are in Lego Dimensions

  • BOFH_UK 09/07/2015

    The war doctor is absolutely in the trailer, 1:38 he's clearly visible. Reply 0
  • BOFH_UK 09/07/2015

    @Lebowski Oh just wait, after all it's not just Dimensions out this year, they've got a Lego set coming as well. If this sells well (and let's face it Lego and Doctor Who seems a natural fit) I can see them going the Simpsons route and launching one big set a year plus a range of grab bag minifigs for 3 a pop (opaque of course, gotta have that random chance factor right?). Reply 0
  • BOFH_UK 09/07/2015

    @jabberwocky They've said you can decide which interior you want, though no details on whether or not that needs to be unlocked. It'll be the Handy Dr (uh, the weird Tennant 'regeneration' after a Dalek learned to shoot straight but he kept the same face for reasons) so all 12 different faces will be there.

    Lego Dimensions continues to be the most frustrating game for me... On the one hand I love what they're doing with the mashups, it looks fun (and funny, always important), the character range is astonishing and they seem to really be using the portal and physical toys in an interesting way. On the other great googly moggly that's expensive! Hoping once it's out retailers might start offering the add-ons at a slightly more reasonable price, 30 for "a level", a figure and a micro-build vehicle or other item seems a hell of a lot, even by Lego prices!
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  • Rocksteady and "external PC development partner" investigating Batman: Arkham Knight performance issues

  • BOFH_UK 23/06/2015

    As much as I dislike the whole pre-order culture that sadly seems to be the default these days I can sorta kinda understand it on consoles. Single hardware spec to minimise potential cock-ups and, for the most part, there'll be some sort of review up before launch. But why in the name of all that's holy would you pre-order on PC? Most AAA games have problems on launch day, many serious, and the only thing pre-ordering does is send the message to publishers that this is perfectly acceptable behavior! Reply +23
  • Sony announces lighter, less power hungry PS4 hardware

  • BOFH_UK 22/06/2015

    Huh, that' a weird one. So new hardware but really the only outward change for customers is a new colour scheme? Still with a bit of luck Sony have nailed the quality control issues that sees some PS4's sounding like, well, a launch version 360. Presumably the reduction in power draw ought to help with that as well. Reply -2
  • Project Cars boosts visuals - and runs faster

  • BOFH_UK 21/06/2015

    @dogmanstaruk I tend to think of it the other way round: how little do developers get out of high end gaming rigs? That's unfair of course as the bulk of the problems are in the overhead of running gaming on a general purpose system (and hopefully Windows 10 helps out there) but still...

    Anyway as for Project Cars, too little too late for me I'm afraid. Nice to see them addressing performance issues but customers shouldn't have to wait 6 weeks for that to happen.
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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • BOFH_UK 19/06/2015

    @fatto47 Problem is that word "stream". Every minute you play via PS Now has a cost to Sony for running the server side (effectively a PS3 for every game that's running) as well as the bandwidth. No way will Sony ever open that up for free, it'd be crippling (both financially and in terms of the amount of 'PS3' units you'd need in the server room). Reply +2
  • Microsoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

  • BOFH_UK 11/06/2015

    Good lord talk about a negative view on things... The Xbox One might not be doing the sales numbers of the PS4 but it's hardly a flop. More importantly perhaps the way MS are laying out the PC and Xbox gaming links it seems pretty clear that they're intended to be complimentary rather than an either/or proposition. After all Steam is just about to try a push for the living room with Steam Machines so why on earth would MS kill off the hardware that's already sitting in that spot?

    The shine has come off Halo? Really? Outside of gaming forums I'm not so sure about that and it'll be interesting to see how it performs. Tomb Raider going timed exclusive seems to be more to do with MS being willing to put money in to get it made which was no sure thing for a while.

    Could, perhaps, EG be getting a tad carried away with the seeming need of the gaming press to generate controversy to drive page views? Personally I think we're in a pretty good spot for gaming right now with both Sony and MS delivering solid systems, PC gaming gathering strength as a more mainstream option than it's been for some time, a huge range of indie titles largely thanks to very low barriers to entry into the industry.... I could go on. Personally I'd rather spend my time celebrating gaming but maybe I'm the minority on that.
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  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • BOFH_UK 11/06/2015

    Ouch, that's... well, let's just say it's not exactly the bargain of the century shall we? Problem is I'm not sure how easy it's going to be for Sony to bring those costs down. Bear in mind that this isn't just slinging data out to your device to run, for every single player they need the equivalent of a PS3 in the data centre. That's got to put a significant cap on how low the price per user can go... Reply +2
  • Looks like Forza 6 is getting the features series fans have been asking for

  • BOFH_UK 08/06/2015

    Really looking forward to this one, Forza 5 may have been barebones and clearly rushed but good lord was the core racing solid. With two more years - not to mention the additional development work I presume they can fold into the engine from Horizon 2 - this could be a truly stellar title.

    On a somewhat related topic I love the way they're handling the Forza series by alternating the track-based titles with the open world Horizon games. Feels like a very sensible way of sharing the underlying tech to deliver very different game styles and avoids the series getting stale.
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  • Steam developers can now permanently ban you from their games

  • BOFH_UK 30/04/2015

    "The game developer is solely responsible for the decision to apply a game ban. Valve only enforces the game ban as instructed by the game developer."

    And there, in two simple sentences, lies the biggest problem facing Steam at the moment. Valve have once again washed their hands of any responsibility towards their customers and leave them open to less than honest developers.

    Now this maybe wasn't such a big deal a few years ago when the vast bulk of titles on Steam were from major publishers with some form of corporate ethics (even if motivated solely by the need to not hack off potential future customers). Today though there are a huge number of very small development teams churning out utter tosh and they've already proven themselves untrustworthy.

    Abuse of moderating powers in game forums to squelch any negative feedback and false copyright claims against critical videos are sadly common place, anything to keep bad word of mouth from spreading for another hour or two. How long before this system is similarly used as a blunt instrument to tackle those the more unscrupulous devs take exception to?

    And if you are banned from a game you've paid money for what's your recourse? This is where Valve need to step in and provide a safety net but instead they simply abandon their customers after they've swiped the credit card. The gaming media really does need to start drawing attention to this sort of thing and giving Valve a much harder time over it IMO.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • BOFH_UK 17/04/2015

    @Playstationman It was also a launch title with very little time for optimisation (and, btw, had 16 cars not 12). Forza 6 will be the big test in that regard but considering Horizon 2 has dynamic weather in an off road world that throws around *far* more objects and effects than a standard track racer would do. That game was a rock solid 30fps so we'll see if moving back to a circuit racer removes enough headroom to hit 60. Personally I suspect F6 is going to be something special, can't wait until E3 to see more.

    As for Project Cars... hmm. A lot of compromises being made and if this is a true representation of performance I'd agree with others that a 30fps lock would have been a good idea. However let's wait and see what the final version is like. Fingers crossed it's a good 'un, be nice to see this sort of ambition rewarded.
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  • Elite: Dangerous confirmed for Xbox One

  • BOFH_UK 04/03/2015

    @MesonW Saw a live blog of the GDC session, looks like MS are going for the Hololens idea as gaming. Oh and the small minor issue of cross buy / cross play for Windows 10 and XB titles!

    As for Elite... can't wait for this! Very glad to see it making its console bow and as a summer release no less.
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  • Hearthstone pre-release patch hints at Molten Core expansion

  • BOFH_UK 27/02/2015

    Uh, March 6th for the panel, not 3rd.

    Hope this is another single player expansion like Nax. Got *lot* of playtime out of that add-on and knowing ahead of time what cards you got for completing the various wings meant it was (IMO of course) better value than random card packs.
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  • The new arcade game that makes Star Wars fun again

  • BOFH_UK 26/02/2015

    Hmm... not entirely convinced about this. Sure it looks impressive today but it's not a patch on the hydraulic monsters of the 80's and early 90's. To be honest I'd much rather have a modern upgrade to the old 360 degree G-LOC cabinets. If you're going to go for the full immersion aspect then how about revisiting the old VR arcade games now that we've got the technology working properly? Reply +4
  • NBA Live 15 dribbles into EA Access vault

  • BOFH_UK 25/02/2015

    Got to be said, Access is the best value for money purchase I've made for years. Recently sunk a lot of time into UFC which I likely wouldn't have touched normally but it turned out to be a really nice and underrated game. Same goes for Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, FIFA and Madden. EA really ought to get more credit for doing this sort of service right IMO. Reply +2
  • The Order: 1886 review

  • BOFH_UK 19/02/2015

    So basically the PS4 version of Ryse: Son of Rome then? Very pretty game making a decent case for what the new consoles can do with shallow gameplay and short run time but still worth picking up (at a reasonable price) for the experience? Problem there is Ryse was a launch title and there's a bit more flexibility when there's little competition. Releasing 18 months later... yeah, not so sure about that. Reply +8
  • GDC preview: Windows 10 vs SteamOS

  • BOFH_UK 07/02/2015

    @mega-gazz Which will never happen, at least not for a long, long time. One reason: business. As long as Windows is a core part of most businesses and therefore brings a huge amount of money to Microsoft there MUST be a way to install software other than via the Windows store. The instant that goes away vast swathes of the Enterprise market stops upgrading and starts spending a LOT of time and money looking elsewhere for a solution. Reply +3
  • BOFH_UK 07/02/2015

    Okay, I don't get it. Why on earth is Valve still getting a free pass from the gaming press at this point? As a games company they're... well, not dead exactly but certainly hibernating. DOTA 2 came out in 2013 and then you've got to go back to 2007 for the Orange Box! As a platform Steam has had its ups and downs (I've been using it since it came out back in 2003 and my god those first versions were awful) but, to be fair, it does largely deliver these days.

    But there's no getting away from the fact that as managers of that platform Valve have an appalling track record. The farce over Hatred recently, the gigantic anti-consumer BS that early access has become, the complete lack of quality control... the list is long and horrible. Now that's not to say that everything they do should be tarred and feathered - treat every topic on its own merits and all that - but when it comes to SteamOS surely they shouldn't be painted as the poor, picked on innocent?
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  • Xbox One gets tile transparency with new update

  • BOFH_UK 06/02/2015

    @McGooch In an attempt to give a serious answer: it all depends on what those updates are and how they're delivered. If it's a series of constant bug fixes (ah that familiar warmth of seeing good ol' "stability updates" in patch notes) with nothing new then that's a problem. With the XB1 though Microsoft have (more or less) been releasing a constant stream of feature updates to the platform on a monthly basis.

    As for frequency I'd far rather see features rolled out piecemeal than wait for a big monster patch. Two reasons: 1) you get new features as they're ready rather than six months later and 2) the chances of a horribly big bug are less with smaller rolling patches and if one does occur it's likely to be easier to fix.
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  • BOFH_UK 14/01/2015

    @Blastiel Except that while the PS4 may have received more firmware updates you're not exactly comparing apples to apples here. Looking at wikipedia shows 19 updates for the PS4 but only three are major feature updates (1.5, 1.7 and 2.0). 1.6 and 1.75 are minor updates that add one or two new features (headset support and 3D Blu-Ray respectively). The other 14 are all stability improvements.

    In comparison the XB1 may have only had 15 updates but 8 are major updates with another 3 being minors and only 4 general stability / system updates. Regardless of whether you personally want a specific feature or not there's almost certainly someone out there who will. It's perhaps not surprising that PS4 owners are feeling a little left out...
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  • Nintendo clarifies YouTube revenue share program, asks users to delete non-Nintendo videos

  • BOFH_UK 05/02/2015

    @Canyarion No I'm well aware of that but still don't understand why you'd sign up. If you're looking to monetise videos why not just switch to a non-Nintendo property? For the same number of views you'll earn more money, receive it faster and not have to worry that every video may get rejected in review. Even if none of that's a concern why would you even *want* to stick with Nintendo when they're the only company making you jump through hoops and generally treating video creators as the enemy? Reply -2
  • BOFH_UK 05/02/2015

    Wait, there are YouTube creators signing up to this nonsense? In the name of all that's holy why? The monetary deal they offer is horrible, the method of actioning it the clunkiest I've seen in years and they have right of "review" on every video.

    Going to be a very sad day if this actually gets a decent level of buy-in, surprised that more gaming websites aren't taking them to task over this to be honest...
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  • Ubisoft reinstates deactivated keys bought with stolen credit cards

  • BOFH_UK 03/02/2015

    @UKPartisan Haven't heard about that, do you have a link with more info, would like to read up on it. Everything I've found or read doesn't make a distinction. Reply 0
  • BOFH_UK 03/02/2015

    @alimokrane No, sorry but you cannot legally obtain stolen property. In that case the seller has no right to sell it and title to the goods stays with the owner (in this case, Ubisoft). The buyer needs to be careful about who they trust with their money, especially digital goods. Citizens Advice has a good summary of the situation:

    If a code is available shortly after launch substantially cheaper than the typical market rate with no obvious reason (e.g. mass distribution via pack in codes like we saw recently with AC:U and AC:BF on the XB1) it's reasonable to assume there's some risk attached to the transaction.
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  • BOFH_UK 03/02/2015

    @LLJaf Umm, no. Legally Ubisoft acted correctly in the first place. If you buy stolen property you've pretty much got zero rights to compensation from anyone other than the seller. Only way Ubisoft may be liable is if you'd bought the key directly through their store. Court of public opinion may be a different matter but legally Ubisoft did everything right. Reply +2
  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • BOFH_UK 22/01/2015

    As weird as this may sound I'm a bit worried that NMS is just going to be too big. Or maybe unfocused would be a better word.

    Take Elite for example. I've probably sunk more hours into that series than any other over the years and love the sheer size of the game universe. But while there's a ton to do it's at least focused around a core mechanic - fly your ship. Same with Minecraft, you make up the narrative yourself and can do more-or-less anything but even if you're building a working computer it all comes down to punching rocks (punching rocks!... damn you Yahtzee!).

    From all the promo material NMS seems to give you a *lot* of options which could be entire games in themselves. Now while I'd never criticise a game for having that sort of ambition making it all work together without compromising anything gets exponentially harder the more you add in. Maybe the best example would be Spore: immense ambition but each component was hobbled by only being part of the whole. And poor design choices, granted, but that just shows how even the biggest studios can struggle. Fingers crossed NMS avoids all that nonsense and turns out to be a classic!
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  • Untangling Evolve's convoluted DLC plan

  • BOFH_UK 15/01/2015

    @niaccurshi Here's the thing: I have no problem with DLC when it's done well and priced fairly. The problem Evolve was facing before this latest update was neither of those applied. The packages were overly complicated and the prices extortionate. 20 for 4 hunters, $15 for ONE monster... these are not prices designed to engineer a fond reaction from your customers.

    There's also the question of overall value. Evolve already struggles with this offering just three 'tiers' of hunters and three monsters. How will that play out in the release version? Only time will tell but can you at least see why some would be feeling a tad short changed by this?

    As for Phil's comments, while the team may have been saying all this for a while (and I've seen it too, again this is a game I was looking forward to) the attempt at damage control threw all of that under a particularly large bus. By saying they'd have included them for free if they were done and then charging over 30 for the DLC it completely torpedoes the DLC argument. If this was the business plan from day one then they needed to stick to it, not try to weasel around it with an excuse that - even by the standards of the video game industry - just doesn't seem credible.
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  • BOFH_UK 15/01/2015

    @niaccurshi Unfortunately the latest update from Phil Robb suggests that's exactly what's happened. Monsters and characters aren't finished in time so will be released separately as DLC. Or, in other words, they've been effectively pulled from the box. Reply +5
  • BOFH_UK 15/01/2015

    If we thought we could have finished all those monsters and hunters for ship we would have put them in the box
    I see. So, speaking hypothetically here, if you would have included them in the box were they finished in time why would you then not simply release them for free when they were finished?

    Come on, we're not idiots. You clearly want a nice long tail of DLC sales for this game and if that's your business model fair enough. You're likely to catch quite a lot of flack for that business model - and even more for the business model pricing - but so be it. Don't try to turn it around with such a weak excuse as 'oh it's not finished on time but we want to make it so we will... and charge you 20 but that's not important, right?'. Frankly it makes it sound like you'd like your customers to pay for your poor time management and I think the business model excuse is actually both more honest and more palatable than that!
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  • BOFH_UK 15/01/2015

    Was really looking forward to this, to the point of considering a pre-order (based on the betas of course). Now, not a chance in hell. Sorry but for a game that already feels a bit light on content having so many additional characters / monsters taken out of the base package just seems cheap and exploitative. I'd be amazed if there wasn't a 'game of the year' edition coming with all this stuff baked in. Reply +42
  • Surprise! Rock Band 3 gets new DLC

  • BOFH_UK 13/01/2015

    Y'know... I'd love to see a Rock Band revival. Never got round to 3 but the first two were just superb fun. Only real annoyance beyond storage space was setting everything up and snaking cables around the room. The idea of new games with (hopefully) wireless instruments, improved visuals and a good DLC library is very tempting indeed. Reply +1
  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • BOFH_UK 10/01/2015

    While Xbox One and PlayStation 4 struggle to deliver actual next-gen gameplay concepts, Nintendo isn't afraid to push for something truly ambitious on its existing platform
    Oh for the love of Jeff... come on EG, enough is enough. Yes, Nintendo have delivered some truly spectacular games this generation but the vast majority could be the dictionary definition of incremental improvements. And there's nothing at all wrong with that, in fact it's exactly what we should expect from an industry that's over 30 years old and has had hardware 'good enough' since the 360 / PS3 era. This continued insistence that a new generation should bring radical gameplay is so at odds with the reality of gaming in 2014 that it's difficult to believe a respected site like this could be so far off base.

    Anyway, as far as Nintendo is concerned it's certainly going to be interesting seeing where they go next. My slight worry is that 2016/17 could be a truly horrible time for them to launch a console. I'd expect 4k displays to be common by then (at least in new purchases) and wouldn't be shocked to see MS and Sony lining up new consoles to take advantage of that. Frankly I'd expect them to also stick with the standard PC architecture and present their new devices more as a PC upgrade with full XB1 / PS4 compatibility than traditional next gen offerings but that's a theory for another day. No matter how good the games I do wonder if Nintendo will be able to compete in that sort of environment. Fingers crossed they can of course, a gaming world without Nintendo would be a much poorer place.
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  • Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes review

  • BOFH_UK 09/01/2015

    When it comes to Hearthstone I seem to be in the minority for one reason: I don't really care about winning. I'd much rather play a deck with the potential for epic stupidity (like dropping kel'thuzad and a wind fury buff with a taunt wall on the field) than just grind out wins with a netdeck. Played like this it's just ridiculous fun and if I get on a losing streak at least someone else got nice easy wins ;-) Reply +5
  • BOFH_UK 09/01/2015

    @MrPomeroy Having used both I'd say that matches are better on iPad while deck building works best on PC. All comes down to the input method, there's a real satisfaction in physically 'moving' cards in games but the deck building section needs a few too many taps (IMO of course). Runs really well on the Air 2 as well, actually feels smoother than my Surface Pro 3! Reply +4
  • Microsoft reassures Xbox One owners over DRM rights

  • BOFH_UK 09/01/2015

    @grassyknoll Or use the Xbox One's family sharing feature:

    I've gone digital this generation and haven't regretted it for a moment. Price differences are minimal if you're careful about when you buy and I far prefer having my library available immediately on the console. I almost never trade or sell games anyway until I move on from the console at which point they're usually worth pennies anyway.

    Not to say digital is the way to go for everyone but, by the same token, don't dismiss it for everyone else if it doesn't fit your personal preferences...
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  • PS4 Data Bank dock allows huge storage

  • BOFH_UK 07/01/2015

    @Mr-Writer Sorry but I really disagree with that. Yes, the internal drive can be replaced and that's definitely a good thing but it's not an ideal solution. A *lot* of users won't feel comfortable about opening up the console and those that do effectively 'lose' the 500Gb capacity they paid for with the machine.

    In a world that's increasingly digital and with consoles encouraging users to create their own content devices need to be able to expand easily. In this particular case Microsoft has got it right, let users plug in any HDD they like into a USB socket and treat it as system storage. Of course in an ideal world they'd treat it as unified storage so you didn't have to manage anything, maybe one day...

    Replacing the internal drive was the right call for the PS3 era (USB 2 really wasn't fast enough for a system disk) but with USB 3 now pretty much standard external drives can easily match the drives fitted as standard to the current generation of console. External also allows those more paranoid / cash rich owners to back up their data with RAID arrays or (more likely) just pull the entire drive and transfer to another console if they want to.
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  • Is Nvidia Tegra X1 the next big thing for mobile graphics?

  • BOFH_UK 05/01/2015

    The problem with the benchmarks though is they're running on a X1 at 1Ghz. It's almost certain that you won't see that sort of speed in a shipping portable device and, if you do, it'll probably only be in bursts before it has to throttle back. The more relevant test is the power consumption one which shows the GPU being able to match the A8X in performance at around 60% of the power. Even then though caution is required as that's JUST the GPU side of the SoC and if the CPU's aren't as efficient that win will be cancelled out.

    Then of course there's the elephant in the room. The A8X is available now in the iPad Air 2. The Tegra X1 has only been announced today and likely won't make it to market until the summer at best. Really the X1 will end up competing with the A9X which may be running a Series7XT if they can integrate it in time.

    Ultimately the X1 is a very interesting move from Nvidia but the announcement today is more for device makers than consumers. We won't know how well it really stacks up until it's available in shipping products and those might take long enough to arrive for the competition to also go through a cycle.
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  • North America gets $15-a-month PlayStation Now subscription service

  • BOFH_UK 05/01/2015

    The price feels about right to be honest considering that a service like boomerang charges 15.99 for two games at a time with unlimited rentals. The problem is going to be the catalog which if this list is right is pretty poor. Some decent titles on there but a lot of filler and, of course, no PS4 titles.

    As soon as they add decent PS4 titles to the service it starts to become very interesting indeed but right now it looks light for the cash. Never thought I'd say this but... Sony could do a lot worse than copying EA here!
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Halo 5 beta

  • BOFH_UK 03/01/2015

    @pleshy As do I... when they're in any way relevant. Almost a year from launch on an engine that's clearly not optimised likely running maps that will see significant changes before release and only offering a fraction of what'll be available in a retail product... what's the point?

    Trust is lost when a publication either does or appears to have a motive other than producing the best content possible. In this case the comments about next gen gameplay simply make no sense. Even leaving aside that a 'generational leap' in gameplay is extremely unlikely owing to the mature nature of gaming hardware in consoles / PC's why on earth would you expect to see such changes in the 7th major title in one of the biggest franchises on the planet? Evolution not revolution is surely the common sense approach for Halo 5.

    The GTA5 example may be in rare company but it proves the point. All of the *mechanics* of the game are present and correct on older hardware, the newer consoles allow it to run properly. Even then those mechanics are evolutions of what came earlier. The new experiences are games like Minecraft that aren't enabled by hardware but by distribution methods and changes to the underlying systems behind the hardware.

    And there is my problem with EG at the moment. They've been banging this drum that we're not seeing next gen games but it's utter nonsense. Games in 2014/15 are evolutionary and it has nothing to do with ambition or hardware. It's a natural result of the gaming industry being thirty+ years old and having hardware that, ever since the PS3/360 era, hasn't really been a barrier to development. The most frustrating thing of all though is that they clearly know this. Mario Kart 8 is a superb game, deserving of its GOTY place, but it's the result of evolution not revolution. Yet when it comes to the XB1 and PS4 they're held to this arbitrary standard purely (IMO) for the purposes of generating page views.
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  • BOFH_UK 03/01/2015

    Am I alone in being utterly fed up of the whinging from the tech media about this generation? Why on earth would you expect a Halo game to be anything other than... well, Halo, especially in multiplayer? If you're going to build a whole new multiplayer FPS you're hardly going to do so with one of the franchise players on the console. For that matter why are the XB1 / PS4 suddenly expected to deliver anything other than a graphical leap? Sure previous generations have enabled gameplay changes but that's largely because the hardware was developing so quickly. By-and-large the gaming industry is now mature (at least from a tech standpoint) and the hardware isn't really the limiting factor it once was. Just look at GTA5 on 360/ps3 for a prime example of that.

    On a similar note, why bother doing a tech-breakdown article on a beta that's almost a year from launch? It's almost certain that the final product will bear little resemblance to this in terms of engine performance so what's the point in analysing them (other than hits to the site of course)?

    Sorry for being so grumpy but this is something I've seen a *lot* in the last year or so and it's starting to make me a bit uncomfortable with sites like Eurogamer that I used to trust. Doubly so when so many clear examples of double standards are floating around. Though, to be clear, I'm not for one moment suggesting bias or any of that nonsense, just that there's a bit too much determination to stick to a narrative (which just happens to fuel comments sections) for comfort...
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  • CVG to close

  • BOFH_UK 19/12/2014

    Wow.. hadn't thought about the mag for at least a decade but the link in Ultra Combo's tweet brought back so many memories. Can even remember the smell of both mag and the occasional freebie. Reply 0