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  • Surprise! Nintendo announces New 2DS XL handheld

  • BOFH_UK 28/04/2017

    "There's no UK price as yet (Nintendo does not set hardware prices in the region), although as a guideline it will sell in the US for $149, which is about £115."

    ARGH! Come on EG, you really need to start getting this right. The US price is $149 PLUS LOCAL TAX. If you're working out the UK price on a straight currency conversion it's either "£115 + VAT" or just save everyone a lot of effort and add it on as it'll be in the ticket price anyway. So retail price of $149 + tax or around £138 in the UK.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs £35

  • BOFH_UK 19/04/2017

    So, uh, I have a request to make of our EG overlords. Whenever you're doing a piece that in any way compares US to UK prices could you maybe have a standard bit of boilerplate to drop in that reminds readers the US price does not include sales tax and to do a comparison you need to take 20% (current VAT rate) off the UK price? Seems like every damn time this sort of thing comes along we get the same faff as people aren't aware of this and start complaining about 'rip off Britain' or a variation. Reply +7
  • LG OLED B6 4K TV review

  • BOFH_UK 17/04/2017

    "the new price vs performance king" - oh come on, as nice as OLED is when considering a 4k gaming screen this is quite clearly nonsense. The articles itself even highlights a number of issues that'd hit the vast majority of gaming in 2017 which aren't an issue for screens costing half the price. Dodgy colour accuracy in SDR mode is a major problem and, frankly, inexcusable in a set costing this much.

    If you want an OLED set then yes, this represents really good value for money but it gets its backside kicked by the current prices on led sets like the Samsung ks7000 at around £900.
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  • Forza Motorsport on Scorpio: the full story

  • BOFH_UK 10/04/2017

    @Fourfoldroot What makes you think there's going to be a next generation? With consoles now running PC hardware there's no need to have new platforms introduced every five to ten years. Might just be me but I wouldn't be at all surprised if both XB and PS are now platforms in their own right and new hardware just brings more power to the table the same way that PC's do. After all it's not as if new hardware is likely to radically change what can be done with gaming like we saw in previous generational changes. Have two models at a time, introduce a new hardware upgrade every four years or so depending on what's around and what's changing in the wider tech world, retire the older model and keep things rolling.

    Better for gamers as you don't break compatibility with your existing library *and* get to keep up with developments in other tech such as 4K HDR if you want to. Better for MS and Sony as they don't need to engineer an entirely new architecture every few years. Better for devs as they can build on existing knowledge rather than learning an entirely new platform. And very few real downsides until / unless a better option on hardware comes along which isn't looking likely any time soon.
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  • Oculus Rift price cut

  • BOFH_UK 02/03/2017

    @Agente_Silva I've never understood this insistence that VR has to provide the same gaming experience as more traditional titles to be 'worthwhile' or even mainstream. I'd much rather have VR provide something *different*, something new that offers an experience you can't get in a normal setup. Traditional games ain't going anywhere but there's more than enough room in the market for VR to sit alongside them. Reply +4
  • Switch Joy-Cons tested: are there really de-sync issues?

  • BOFH_UK 01/03/2017

    "we had few issues once the limitations of the system were known." So I have to ask does this mean you had few issues once testing was done or few issues once you'd adjusted to work around the limitations of the system?

    If it's the second one (and looking at what can cause problems) I'm not at all sure this is acceptable. Two to three meter range before obstructing the left Joy-Con causes issues is likely to cause problems in a lot of people's rigs, especially with the increasingly popular 'clean' installs with a TV on the wall and a cabinet for all the devices off to one side. Anything where the console isn't straight ahead when docked is surely more likely to increase the chances of something blocking the signal?
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  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • BOFH_UK 28/02/2017

    Gotta say I think this isn't necessarily aimed at the XB1. This feels VERY much like a service for XB2 as a way to give newcomers to the platform a big slice of gaming for little money and to advertise its status as a platform rather than standalone generation. Reply 0
  • Microsoft brings forward E3 2017 Xbox press conference

  • BOFH_UK 16/02/2017

    @captain-T-dawg Honestly, I think the concept of console generations the way you're describing them are very much over. Hell, in reality the XB1 and PS4 were basically iterative versions. When you look back on previous generations there was always a huge technical jump that made new game types present. 8 to 16Bit, 2D to 3D, the first proper HD consoles having enough memory and storage to let open worlds work properly.... We're just not going to see that again now that hardware is mature. Yeah, frame rates and resolutions can improve but there's very little about the XB1/PS4 era hardware that constrains gameplay. The hardware is now, basically, PC parts and the focus shifts to doing away with the sillier elements of console ownership like locking entire generations of games to a specific hardware platform. Reply +5
  • Darkseid is an Injustice 2 pre-order incentive

  • BOFH_UK 17/01/2017

    @adornedatom Because it's a cheap move to encourage those who want the 'bonus' to put down their money with little to no advanced knowledge of if it's any good or not?

    Because it's not a bonus at all but a character removed from the game that will, inevitably, be sold as an add-on later down the road? Doubly so in this case as Darkseid is hardly a deep cut character in DC lore but one of their primary villains?

    Because it shows a complete lack of trust in both the customer and the product from the publisher?

    Because we've seen over and over that buying a modern game on day one is at best a 50/50 crap shoot as to whether it'll even work?

    Because it sends a clear signal that the game is going to try and milk customers for all they're worth and you'd likely be better off waiting for the inevitable game of the year edition?

    Take your pick, there's a dozen more solid reasons for disliking the practice and that's just off the top of my head.
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  • VR may not have made much money, but it's already revitalising games

  • BOFH_UK 29/12/2016

    I'm constantly amazed at just how short an attention span the tech world in general has these days. Full blown VR has been on the market less than a year at this point yet people are already looking to write it off and move on. Any new tech - especially one that needs new ways of approaching software - is going to take time to develop and find a market. Yet it seems that if something doesn't immediately arrive with a slew of titles and perfect hardware then it's DOA. And if there isn't a huge, mind-blowing new version 12 months later then there's no innovation and the tech is in a dead end and doomed.

    All very frustrating, especially as the worst offenders seem to be the tech websites most of the time. Hardly surprising their readership takes their lead really. VR is clearly going to take a while to go mainstream. Price of headsets needs to drop, ideally they need to go wireless and hardware capable of providing solid experiences needs to get cheaper. PSVR is a good first step but one that's compromised by older tech (primarily the PS Camera). Ultimately the dedicated headsets at the top end and phone holders at the low will start moving together and things will go forward from there. VR is always going to be a slow burn as it really needs a hands-on (heads-on?) to figure out what it can offer.
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  • The only problem with Blizzard Mountain is how good Forza Horizon 3 was in the first place

  • BOFH_UK 15/12/2016

    @SonicUk There's a real mix in the game so tarmac roads, ice lakes, powder snow, compacted snow and slush all feature and patches of ice are frequently found on the racing line.

    Regarding cost I'd probably say look into the expansion pass. Gives you this and an unannounced second DLC for a reasonable discount. Normally I'd never advise buying sight unseen but I don't think there's been a bad bit of DLC for the Horizon series on XB1 yet...
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  • The Last Guardian review

  • BOFH_UK 05/12/2016

    "The lengthy campaign's final third is a little drawn out and sees a sudden over-reliance on combat that threatens to bring the frame-rate, which is never that great at the best of times, down to single figures."

    I'm sorry but.... what? How is this in any way acceptable in a 2016 title let alone one being given an essential award? Yes, framerate dips are a part of life and for the most part I don't really care about 'em but single figures is surely game-breakingly bad?

    Can't help but think this is going to be a hugely marmite game. Reviewer seems to have forgiven a lot for what they were reading into that relationship. Suspect many would have put twenty minutes of faffing around down to infuriating bad systems. Don't get me wrong, glad to see a big game take a chance like this but I'd suggest checking out multiple reviews to see if it really appeals.
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  • Samsung KS7000 4K TV review

  • BOFH_UK 03/12/2016

    @agent55 Sorry but OLED is in no way mainstream, at least not yet. The cheapest 2016 55" set is still around £2k and that's come down from around £3k at launch. The equivalent Samsung is almost half the cost at around £1,050 and even then that's hardly a mainstream price. For the time being OLED is still very much an enthusiast product and LG's sets still have a number of issues not least of which is no game mode for HDR content.

    Will OLED become mainstream? In some way, shape or form probably yes. But not for several years and in the meantime LED sets are offering superb performance for most users at much cheaper prices.
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  • Xbox 360 games are getting Xbox One boxes

  • BOFH_UK 17/11/2016

    @Manny2000 Sorry but as someone who's been gaming since around 1982 this is just... wrong. If you want you could quite happily buy, say, an XB1 (currently under £200) and for about £50 a year have four new games a month via Gold sub and all of the EA titles via Access which is ridiculous value for money. Or go for a PC, pick and choose when you buy and there's a vast library of indie and AAA titles for just a couple of quid.

    If you're only focused on new releases you've got to remember to factor in inflation. Take the main Halo games for example (sorry for $ prices, much easier to find than £). Halo cost $50 on release in 2001, Halo 5 cost $60 in 2015. Factor in inflation and Halo cost the equivalent of $75 in 2015. Go further back into the cartridge era and you'd be shocked at the equivalent pricing. A copy of Sonic 2, for instance, would be around $85 in today's money and Goldenye 007 on N64 north of $100.

    Gaming has never been in a stronger position. Regardless of whether you're talking phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, dedicated consoles or handheld devices there's a ridiculously diverse ecosystem of quality games out there at prices that'd make gamers in the 1980's and 90's weep. Better yet we seem to finally be coming out of the console generation mentality and moving towards PC-like platforms so games you buy today will be playable (likely with better performance / graphics) on new hardware for years to come.
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  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

  • BOFH_UK 07/11/2016

    No benefits to non-patched PS4 games seems like a wasted opportunity. So many titles this gen work on reactive engines I find it hard to believe that more power couldn't bring benefits and avoid any issues especially as this is effectively what the XB1 S managed (albeit smaller scale).

    As for the device itself I'm kinda in two minds about this one. On the one hand it's nice to see consoles getting away from the rigid life cycle model and becoming more of a platform. Beneficial for customers in the long run and means they can keep up with changing technology. On the other I can't help feeling it's not a big enough jump. If you assume another three years before the next hardware revision (which feels about right) the CPU and memory limitations on the PS4Pro might be getting a tad painful by then.

    Also still can't quite believe Sony didn't chuck a UHD BluRay drive in this thing. Seems like a huge missed opportunity, especially as this is currently targeting early tech adopters who might be open to trying the format.
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  • Titanfall 2 review

  • BOFH_UK 28/10/2016

    Wasn't going to pick this up just yet but what the hell. Loved the first one, in fact about the only on-line game I've played for the last decade or so. Really wish they hadn't taken out the Smart Pistol as a standard loadout though, was a unique way to play especially for us old timers where the reflexes can't always keep up with these whippersnappers.

    Fair play on the single player too, I'd much rather a shorter campaign that gives you a memorable experience than a padded out double digits 'experience' that overstays its welcome. Again, looking forward to giving it a whirl.
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  • BOFH_UK 28/10/2016

    @bigfriendlygamer Suspect the on foot scenes may be a *tad* vomit-inducing in VR.... Reply +2
  • Thank you, Rocksteady, for doing Batman justice

  • BOFH_UK 19/10/2016

    For me one of the best decisions taken on the Arkham series was the voice cast. Using Conroy and Hamill was a stroke of genius as for many fans they're the 'true' voices of the characters (and getting what was effectively a version of Animated Series Joker freed from the constraints of a kid-friendly show was simply glorious). Everyone around them was sensational too and I don't think it's a coincidence that the weakest story of the three main games (this is a Rocksteady article after all so Oranges doesn't count) is the one not written by Paul Dini.

    Of the three I'd probably go for City as my favourite. It's not quite as tight as Asylum but the gliding / grapple mechanics more than make up for it. That said all three were great and I think I'm right in saying they're the only campaigns I've played through again in the last decade or so.
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  • Sony plays down PS4 Pro's lack of 4K Blu-ray disc support

  • BOFH_UK 08/09/2016

    "There's no doubting the slow pace of uptake so far for physical 4K media players" - Umm, yeah there is. Latest figures showed 228,000 disc sales in the US during first three months compared to 57,000 units for BluRay in the same three months of its introduction. There's only a handful of players available too so I'd say it's gotten off to a decent start. Time will tell of course but for a new media platform, especially one that needs high end gear to perform at its best, that's not bad at all.

    Here's the thing I don't understand with the PS4 Pro: It's being marketed, at least in part, on 4K HDR capabilities. At this point HDR is still a high end feature for displays, think the entry point for a big brand like Samsung is around £900 for a 43" model, £1,300 for a 55". While that'll likely come down a bit next year it's not going to at the bottom end of 4K displays for a while yet. So if you're building a product to go after those early adopters with decent disposable income why not include it? Clearly can't be *that* expensive as the Xbox One S includes it without a significant price hike.

    Just seems like an odd move and one that may cause a lot of people to pause. Which might be really bad for Sony if that pause lasts long enough for Scorpio to make a more public outing if MS can deliver what they've been hinting at. Even on a faster product replacement schedule Sony can't afford to bump the spec of the Pro for at least two to three years. With Scorpio almost certain to outmuscle it having a headline feature 'missing' surely isn't going to help the situation? And with both brands moving to a platform approach you don't have the safety net of a big reset button for the next hardware generation. Might be very difficult to extract customers who get invested in one platform...
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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1060: $249 buys you GTX 980 power

  • BOFH_UK 08/07/2016

    £239 puts this pretty much level pegging with the 8GB RX480 so performance results really are going to be interesting. Assuming it lives up to the target Nvidia set and doesn't have any nasty surprises lurking like the RX480 power issues it's sadly hard to see many reasons to go for AMD this time round. Reply 0
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 review

  • BOFH_UK 29/06/2016

    Hmm... think after seeing the results my recommendation would still be 'wait'. Looking through a couple of retailers that are listing the 480 it's looking like a starting point of £220 for the 8Gb card (and no price yet on the 4gb, at least on the sites I checked). The 970 on the same sites starts at around £215 albeit for 4gb. Think anyone that's considering an upgrade but doesn't need one may be better served holding on a little longer and seeing what the 1060 brings to the party. Reply +1
  • Oculus discovers platform exclusives won't wash with the VR community

  • BOFH_UK 27/06/2016

    I find it astonishing that a company bought up by Facebook should have so badly dropped the ball on, of all things, its PR and communications. This extends much further than the recent ham-fisted approach to exclusives all the way back to introducing the commercial Rift. They had to know what had been said by their own representatives and where public expectations were set as a result so why on earth not act to adjust those a bit to reflect a price tag hundreds of dollars more than most were expecting?

    Exclusivity has just been a continuation of that with a lot of bluster that ignored Palmer Luckey saying " ‘Oculus Exclusive,’ that means exclusive to the Oculus Store, not exclusive to the Rift" while they implemented a DRM check that did exactly that. Again, these aren't stupid people running things over at Oculus so they've got to know what the general reaction is going to be.

    Makes me wonder if they thought they could get away with it as long as both the Rift and Vive were struggling on availability. Certainly this change has come pretty quickly on the back of Vive shifting to 3 day lead time in most places. Suspect a customer faced with a choice of 'buy a Vive and be playing in a couple of days or buy a Rift and be playing by... uh, well, we don't know exactly, how does August sound?' is suddenly not placing as much emphasis on exclusives, especially timed ones.
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  • Hands-on with the underwhelming Fallout 4 VR demo

  • BOFH_UK 13/06/2016

    @Mhoey VR has been in consumer hands for all of three months at this point, a little patience may be required if you want AAA gaming. Right now VR is delivering fairly well IMO, there's new stuff coming through on a very regular basis albeit in bite-sized chunks. But both Rift and Vive have a decent number of really good experiences, some of them even full games that clearly show where it can go. Reply +5
  • Xbox One S console leak: 40% smaller, 2TB, 4K

  • BOFH_UK 13/06/2016

    Something to consider: if this releases around the same price as a current XB1 and has a 4k UHD Bu-Ray drive it'd be the cheapest option for a player on the market by at least £100. Might be a pretty good way to keep shifting units, especially with Scorpio on the horizon. Reply +4
  • Report: Forza Horizon 3 coming this year, set in Australia

  • BOFH_UK 13/06/2016

    @jonathanharding-rath If you're a racing game fan, yes. The Motorsport series is really strong right now, 6 I find to be a very good title with a tremendous car roster (very few duplicates), strong circuit selection and a very varied set of events. It also strikes a really nice balance between simulation and arcade racer which almost always feels fun but still makes the more powerful cars tricky to drive without assists.

    The Horizon games are *very* different beasts. Big, open worlds with tons of mixed surface racing, often in vehicles that in real life would break within ten seconds. Not that uncommon to be hammering along off road and just have time to wonder what that shadow is before a Metro 6R4 lands on you. Handling is tweaked but, again, works really nicely and the map offers a huge number of different race types and circuits.
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

  • BOFH_UK 10/06/2016

    @Fourfoldroot Sorry but... what? You want a company to announce they'll release a higher performing console for something similar to the launch price of the base model *when they launch the base console*? Despite it taking almost three years to come to market? Well it's one way to kill Sony I suppose....

    I'm a big supporter of the consoles moving to a platform model where hardware updates more frequently but offset so the lifecycle of a particular device is still five years or more. There's potentially huge benefits if they keep the base hardware compatible as, much like PC, any game you buy now should still be playable several generations later with improved performance (especially if you buy when your device is the older one). The devil is in the details though so it'll be interesting to see where the line is drawn between corporate and consumer interests...
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  • No more shipping delays for HTC Vive VR headset

  • BOFH_UK 08/06/2016

    @abeeken Think VR has a very... interesting path ahead, especially as phone screens continue to improve. Basically anyone with a high end phone can run a okay-ish version of VR with a headset holder. It's nowhere near what the big boys can do but it's enough to give an idea. Think that may combine with other things (360 cameras for example, gave a Rocoh Theta S a whirl recently and was impressed with the results) to make a lot of people want to upgrade. Reply 0
  • BOFH_UK 08/06/2016

    @abeeken Current VR tech falls into two camps: 1) High end stuff for enthusiasts like the Vive and 2) low end powered by phones. What's missing is the middle ground and we'll see the first attempt to stake claim to that when PSVR hits later this year.

    Ultimately we're still incredibly early in VR's life and the market hasn't developed yet. Think that gets lost in conversation, especially with the view most in tech have these days that something must deliver the world instantly or is doomed forever. What needs to happen is a population of that middle ground and that's likely to take a couple of years to properly pan out.

    AMD (and, I'm sure, Nvidia when they launch the 1060) have taken the first step towards that with the RX480 bringing necessary GPU grunt for VR down to $200. PSVR is likely to give a good indicator of where a midrange headset needs to be in terms of tech and price. Maybe whenever the next version of Rift / Vive come out the older headsets will stay on but drop down in price, maybe next gen is cheaper as dev costs won't be as high. Basically it needs time and think it'll be interesting to see what happens.

    Now Currys, about my Vive pre-order....
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  • Here's the trailer for GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

  • BOFH_UK 02/06/2016

    @superfurry It's gotten a lot better since they introduced random events in freeroam mode and the VIP mode. Don't think I've ever played an event but have found it a surprisingly engaging world. Still too heavily weighted to the grind IMO but the changes have definitely made it more engaging if you don't have a regular group of friends to play with. Reply +2
  • GTA Online gets a huge update next month

  • BOFH_UK 27/05/2016

    @Bagpuss Speaking as someone who doesn't really do online I'd actually recommend giving GTA's a whirl. It's still way too much of a grind, stingy with the cash and high level players bringing in a jet or tank to go after others can be a royal pain. For all that though it's more often than not a fun place to spend time, especially now the freeroam mode has random events popping up. Reply +14
  • Titanfall 2 leak details larger maps, new grappling hook gameplay

  • BOFH_UK 25/05/2016

    @ChromeMud The weird thing is they did (sorta) add bots into the original game with the Frontier Defense mode (i.e. horde mode). Considering how late in the upgrade cycle that came I can't help but wonder if it was a dry run for the sequel. Think the option to load up a single player bot match would be a good one tbh, even if only to let people explore the maps and really get a feel for how maneuverable you can be. Reply +4
  • BOFH_UK 25/05/2016

    Really looking forward to this. Titanfall was the first online shooter I've really enjoyed and sunk serious time into since Day of Defeat, so nice to have multiple play styles other than just twitch shooter. Hopefully they can build on that and expand it without losing what made it special. Grapple hook certainly sounds like a good start in that direction so fingers crossed. Reply +1
  • Titanfall 2 confirmed for Q4 launch

  • BOFH_UK 11/05/2016

    Seriously looking forward to this one. It's been ages since an FPS really grabbed me but Titanfall managed it, primarily thanks to not just being a straight shooter. Frankly I hope they do more stuff along the lines of the smart pistol to enable different styles of play, makes things far more interesting in the long run. Reply 0
  • Disney Infinity cancelled, Avalanche Software shut down

  • BOFH_UK 11/05/2016

    @Pasco Not true I'm afraid. Disney's Consumer Products and Interactive Media division (yeash what a mouthful) is FAR more than just Infinity or even video games. Covers licensing, Disney Publishing Worldwide and Disney stores plus Disney Interactive. Only Interactive covers video games and even in a good quarter back in 2013 they were only making around $16m (and, again, that's not just video games).

    With those sorts of numbers it's sadly understandable why Disney would shut it down. Wish it were otherwise but from a business point of view it does make sense.
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  • BOFH_UK 10/05/2016

    Real shame, they'd nailed Infinity in V3. Good gameplay, nice mix of styles, real charm and the figures were genuinely good (in fact I'd go so far as to say they're some of the best collectables out there for the under £10 price point). They'd even got a great variety of genres going on with the only slightly dodgy one being the kart racing. Fingers crossed the game itself keeps working for a fair while after they release the last bits and pieces.

    That being said... sadly I can see why they struggled. The whole toy to life genre is very dependent on retail shelf space and with 41 figures just in 3.0 (with another 5 or so to come and a few of those in bigger playset packaging) that's a really tough sell in this day and age. Also wasn't helped by taking a couple of generations to find its feet and the complexity / restrictions between different properties. Gotta wonder if things may have been different had 1, 2 and 3 been completely cross-compatible and let you chuck any character into any playset.
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  • Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row 4 headline April's Games With Gold

  • BOFH_UK 24/03/2016

    @MonkeyMagik Oh an xb1 has been in pride of place in my gaming stack since before Titanfall came out. PS4 was a fairly recent addition, primarily for PS VR. Just find it interesting that for a relatively modest outlay of around £200 - £250 plus £50 a year someone can, potentially, have a very varied and high quality gaming experience. Another way the industry is quietly changing and one that's only going to become stronger if the rumoured shift to an evolving platform comes to pass.... Reply +2
  • BOFH_UK 24/03/2016

    So here's a thought / question for everyone: If MS keep GWG at the sort of level they have for the last few months is it worth buying an XB1 just for that? Gold subs for a year tend to be less than £35 if you shop around and with the 360 stuff being compatible too that's a pretty damn good deal. Hell throw in EA Access for £20 a year and you can add the current version of EA's sports catalogue (albeit a few months after release) plus a few other pretty good titles as well as 10 hour 'demos' of all new releases. That's a fair chunk of gaming for the retail cost of a single new AAA game... Reply +15
  • Fallout 4 Season Pass currently free on UK PlayStation Store

  • BOFH_UK 18/03/2016

    How the individual feels about taking advantage of an obvious error can be endlessly debated but for gaming websites to encourage readers to take advantage of something like this is really sketchy IMO. For all practical intents and purposes EG just encouraged its readers to pirate this... Reply +4
  • GAME shops want £100 deposit for PlayStation VR pre-order

  • BOFH_UK 16/03/2016

    Was considering going with Game as points reward would be halfway decent. Then remembered their utterly appalling track record on pre-orders and decided I didn't really want to get billed ten times over! A hundred quid up front to a company that seems to be on the verge of administration is just the cherry on top of a nope cake... Reply +11
  • There won't be a Disney Infinity 4.0 this year

  • BOFH_UK 02/03/2016

    @TheMasterJeef Not really, no. Take the current 3.0 line up for example. You've got three Star Wars playsets which retail for around £20 each, come with two physical toys of pretty damn good quality, around four hours for the main story and a bunch of side quests. On top of that you get a big chunk of content for the Toy Box mode too.

    Then there's the different styles of gameplay. The Star Wars sets are third person action adventure but Inside Out is a pretty damn good platformer. The upcoming Marvel pack looks like a mix between Smash Bros and Powerstone!

    Things get a bit more iffy in the single figure expansions as all they do is give you that character in-game. However the quality is (usually) pretty damn good and I far prefer these as shelf-bound collectibles than, say, Funk-o-pop vinyls. Plus the price drops down to under £10 pretty quickly (and, often, much lower) so they're not too expensive either.

    Only thing I'd say is pricey are the toy box expansion sets. Yes, they chuck another type of game mode at you but the length is a bit short for the ~£15 or so they retail for and there's no figure. Again though the price does drop down on those.

    Guess ultimately I'd say Infinity isn't so much DLC as a throwback to the old expansion pack days with the added draw of collectibles on top. In that light they're actually pretty good value... just don't buy on release day!
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  • It sounds like Xbox One will get hardware upgrades

  • BOFH_UK 01/03/2016

    Honestly, I've been expecting this ever since 360 compatibility got added. It makes a huge amount of sense, especially now that console hardware is effectively off-the-shelf PC gear anyway. It's basically taking the PC model of 'required' and 'recommended' hardware and putting it into a console model. Can see that working really well and it'll be interesting to see how they play it.

    What, for example, would be the replacement cycle? Next jump will likely be... what, 1080p60 in every game? 4k would be nice if they can get a suitable GPU that meets power, heat and cost requirements but that may need to wait for XB3. If they went for every three to four years and effectively just swap out the guts of the system you'd end up with a platform that's matched up to the 'typical' TV without huge R&D spend and without abandoning your existing users.

    Key will be software though, how long does an Xbox title support the older consoles? Is it just one title for all versions of the hardware? Do they require that support or can devs just target newer hardware? Certainly very interesting times for gaming if this comes off and it'll be fascinating to see Sony's response.
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  • EA Access just added a Xbox One backwards-compatible game

  • BOFH_UK 01/03/2016

    And the Xbox One continues to move towards being a platform rather than a console. At this point surely it's got to be odds-on that the Xbox Two will be fully backwards compatible with the One (and therefore those 360 games that work with the One)? If that ends up being the case think it's a very good move for MS to address one of the weaknesses of consoles compared to PC, namely that you either have to keep the hardware or lose access to your games when a new one comes along. Reply +5
  • Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

  • BOFH_UK 28/02/2016

    Got a chance to try the steam controller recently and hated it. The tech is actually pretty nice but the ergonomics were horrendous! Only controller I've ever used in over 30 years of gaming to make my hands hurt after less than an hour. A version 2 might be a very interesting option though...

    Never understood why Sony didn't catch a load more criticism over the Dualshock 4 and its amazing disintegrating analogue sticks. Common fault, especially on earlier models, and the games press seem to have mostly ignored it.

    For that matter I don't get the criticism over the Xbox controllers not using a built-in battery. Far more flexible arrangement that doesn't need a cable attached if you run out of power. If you want to go for a rechargeable solution there's dozens of options that give you two packs and a charge station for less than £20 and if/when they die you can just replace 'em.

    I'd also disagree about the 360 pad being a better choice than the One's, at least if you're looking at connecting wirelessly. Used a 360 pad recently after maybe 9 months on the One and it just doesn't feel as good or work quite as well. As with everything though it'll come down to individual preference... now to try and convince myself I really don't want to get an Elite!
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  • Titanfall 2 will have a story campaign "where science meets magic" - report

  • BOFH_UK 08/02/2016

    Very much looking forward to this. The first game was vastly underrated and deserved to find a much wider audience, certainly the most fun I've had in an on-line shooter for years. Think that comes down to a move away from twitch shooting with Titans, wall running and smart pistol combining to give a wide range of ways to play. Put it this way, once I was up to speed it's rare I wasn't able to do *something* to help the team, even if that was recognising when I was thoroughly outclassed and going on a grunt / spectre hunt or holding down objectives in sneaky ways. Reply 0
  • Hearthstone shake-up set to remove older cards for new Standard mode

  • BOFH_UK 03/02/2016

    Or, to put it another way, they really want you to buy new cards! Think this might get me to stop playing to be honest. While I've bought the expansions I've never spent a penny on card packs. Frankly that's always been one of the main draws of Hearthstone, that it was a free to play model done right. This feels like a step over that line, at least for me.

    With regards gameplay I don't give a damn about the 'current metagame'. Far prefer coming up with interesting decks that'll either be fun to play or get curbstomped. So much more interesting than seeing yet another deck that follows an online guide. Removing older cards is going to limit that substantially.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with HTC Vive Pre

  • BOFH_UK 29/01/2016

    So Vive is going to be the best option for dedicated VR setups, ideally where you have someone watching for any cable-related trip hazards. Ideal for education and commercial setups basically with the added bonus of being playable at home if you can afford / accommodate it.

    Assuming Sony don't go completely nuts with the price and quality is 'good enough' PS VR is likely to be the closest thing to a mainstream market product in 2016.

    And the Rift is the home enthusiast high end product if you don't have the space for a full-blown Vive setup.

    Hmm... personally, as someone who's been interested in VR ever since playing Exorex in the early 90's the PC options are a bust right now. Too expensive (doubly so with the required PC spec) to take the risk of an early adopter. PS VR, on t'other hand, may just be a possibility especially if Sony come up with a good movie mode. Sounds daft I know but as it's in the living room anyway the option of a many inches wide virtual display for certain films would be very tempting providing the hardware is comfortable for a couple of hours.
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  • Oculus Rift pre-orders open today and you won't be charged for them

  • BOFH_UK 06/01/2016

    Ridiculous price but I guess at least they've been decent with the conversion (remember the UK price includes 20% VAT while the US one has no sale tax). Shame really, maybe it'll keep the mass market away until there's a decent game catalog and the inevitable initial bugs (or, more likely, bad game design as devs figure out how VR works best) are sorted out. Reply 0
  • Microtransactions sneak into Forza Motorsport 6

  • BOFH_UK 17/11/2015

    @Solid_Strife Serious question: why? If the progression mechanics haven't been changed (and they haven't) then what difference does it make? If progression was obviously crippled in the first place then you may have a point but FM6 is pretty damn generous with its reward structure so that doesn't apply. Certainly there's nothing to suggest this is hurting the experience for those that don't pay.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd be quite happy to see Micro-transactions go away but this knee-jerk reaction to them is just ridiculous. Saw the same nonsense with Guitar Hero Live recently with lots of people crying over MT and 'not getting the full game'. Of course they ignored getting access to a couple of hundred songs via streaming, the 42 on-disc songs (for comparison the original had 47, 30 of which were covers and the rest indies) and the alternative being... paid for DLC.
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  • No Man's Sky release date set for June 2016

  • BOFH_UK 27/10/2015

    Looking forward to this but do think that Sony showed it too early. Two years from E3 2014 until release is too long, especially given the sustained hype that's been built around it. Reply +13
  • YouTube confirms paid subscription service

  • BOFH_UK 22/10/2015

    Come on Eurogamer, this is something that needs a bit more in the way of details. For instance the revenue split is determined by watch time... so anyone that makes long form videos is going to be quids in while shorter stuff gets screwed. Obvious example of that would be lets plays - often 20 minutes or more in a single video - versus, say, comedy sketches or music. YouTube is obviously aware of this being an issue as they're pushing the 'no no, keep making them, you can make it up on volume' but for most users that's a problem.

    For that matter, why no mention of revenue split? Rumours are it's pretty much 50% to YouTube, 50% to content creators which is absolutely shocking if true. Or what impact a free trial month will have. Or there being no choice about your content being on the service. Or... well, let's just say there's a lot of unanswered questions shall we?

    Personally I've got no problem with YouTube ads, never understood why people were so keen to kill 'em. For the most part the worst you'll get is 30 seconds ads with no skip button which doesn't feel unreasonable for 15 minutes+ of video. Certainly nowhere near as abusive as a lot of websites are these days. Also I'll happily go direct via Patreon or similar service for those creators I view a lot. Much rather pay a buck direct than see $5 (or whatever the UK price ends up being) get spread out based on video length.
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