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  • Atomsk 20/10/2008

    ""eurogamer says nothing about graphics because EVERY pic looks last gen!!! "

    some bitter bitter tears here."

    Nah. Lots of people will find the same. It's not a particularly good looking game technically (and imo the art style is itself a matter of taste).
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  • Atomsk 20/10/2008

    Got the game, played it the whole weekend. A few comments:
    - Imo graphics look a bit lame, technically. Games like Viking or IU look better and more "next-gen" imo.
    - It's an RPG-lite...I'm about 20 hours in and only died once completely by accident
    - I like the minigames and buying property
    - *Way* too much 4th wall joke stuff on the loading screens, ugh. Not funny.
    - Your avatar (I have a halo and got the "extremist" achievement for purity) is super ugly. He looks like Jay Leno ffs. And don't start me on the retarded selection of clothing. I can't make a cool looking character.
    - It isn't fundamentally more open than Fable 1, it's not a free-roaming game like Oblivion. You are still locked into areas, but they're more open now and there's quite a bit more to explore.
    - Too little combat though. There should be more enemies and more types of enemies.
    - Spellcasting. It's idiotic. You can level up spells from level 1 to 5, you cast spells by pressing B and charging up, but you can only set a single spell to a single charge level. So you can't easily cast two different level 5 spells without using the d-pad, and it's basically not worth levelling up your spells. Not that it matters, two level 5 spells kill almost everyone anyway.
    - The map - I want a proper minimap for exploration ffs, sometimes there's no map at all. Not that it matters because areas are usually quite simple, even the ones that look complicated.
    - The "innovative" mechanics are mostly a bit stupid. You still buy titles (this is possibly the stupidest idea ever), it's extremely easy to make people love you, and the dog is mostly just a gimmick. But they're mostly fun (except buying titles).

    Overall I like it. It's a good game, but it'd be nicer if it had more...errr...fake depth. I mean, like a reason to check out the merchants (except for buying potions for easy XP), for example for a better selection of weapons, or that kind of stuff :-/ (This is my biggest problem with the game actually, the weapon variety). 10/10 might be a bit too much, especially for people expecting a "real" RPG.

    So overall, it is Fable 1 with a few improvements (mostly what people wanted anyway), and it is indeed pretty lite, "casual crud for the masses" if you want, but done pretty well. It doesn't have what I liked the most in Fable (the heavy weapons had a different set of animations if you were too weak to properly use them, that was super cool).

    Oh and I have LBP too :-P
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