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  • Angry Birds film casts Peter Dinklage, Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis

  • Alkeno 01/10/2014

    Beaten by @Whizzo, I was gonna say "That eagle came from the Moon" but guess it's too late :D Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • Alkeno 14/09/2014

    Nobody is holding back the PS4, there is no conspiracy, only two sensible reasons:
    1. There is no need whatsoever for Bungie to make a nicer-looking game on PS4. It's only going to cost more money (better assets, more artist and dev time), upset Microsoft (former partner) and upset XO owners (current customers). All for the sake of giving PS4 owners something to brag about that is not going to drive further sales.
    2. Based on above, likely Bungie just used the better GPU on PS4 to... cut down development time. The bigger the power, the less optimizing needs to be done. So, less investment.

    It's pretty clear the reached the desired output on PS4 first, it was 100% finished by beta time. The remaining time they took the effort on XO just to achieve parity and claim 'mission accomplished'. And it's likely that other studios that have done the "non-parity" thing have done so because the just run out of time/budget to achieve it, not because there is something to be gained from given PS4 a small edge and fueling the eternal Digital Foundry nitpicking!

    Also, except for a few developer who take pride on high performance and stuff like that (the few of them that remain), XO will always hold PS4 back in multi-platform games. As has always been the case on multi-platform games. As in PC gaming, where things like Crysis are the exception (destroy every GPU! they claimed in a sweet PR stunt that worked for them... once). The rule is that 99% of PC games settle for the "reasonable minimum denominator".

    Nothing to worry about, PS4 gamers will have the smoother games and first-party GPU-melters from Naughty Dog et all.
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  • Intel Core i7 5960X review

  • Alkeno 29/08/2014

    "We could run Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 simultaneously". Alright. I guess that's impressive. Very impressive. Useless, but awesome as a milestone to brag about.

    In real life, though, CPU has long been the least of a PC gamer's problems. This is a workstation piece of tech, after all.
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  • Godus is out now for free on iOS

  • Alkeno 08/08/2014

    And it's broken. Badly broken, clearly not ready for release: unoptimized (framerate is single digits on iPhone 4S, heats badly), no antialiasing (forgivable), UI is not fit for touchscreens (filled with tiny elements meant to be mouse-clicked, terrain transformation just can't work with a zoomed out view on small screens...), pathfinding is glitchy even on the tutorial with only two guys.

    And it requires internet connection on load, so it can't be played on my commute.

    Veredict: FAIL.

    Edit: grammar.
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  • Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi review

  • Alkeno 06/03/2014

    And: I did finally get my kiss. Do you hear that, Garrus? A samurai gave me a kiss. He had no calibrations to speak of, and he just stuck his tongue down my throat and it was GREAT. He also had a cool sword. Eat it, you big space lizard.
    Can't believe she talked to Garrus like that... run, Cara, Tali's got a shotgun pointing at you.
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  • Editor's blog: Important note for Eurogamer account holders

  • Alkeno 28/11/2013

    For ONCE that I am chosen for anything... is this??? Oh crap, I'm doomed. I received the email, thanks por telling us and being open about it, but there's been no harm in my case.

    Not that I had anything worth messing about in my account, either :P
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Ryse: Son of Rome

  • Alkeno 26/11/2013

    Crytek just did their best with the hardware and the time: assets were finished and looking great, framerate was in the 10-20 range and the deadline was imminent, so they reduced the resolution until "around 30fps" and launched.

    I don't believe for a second that they targeted 900p from the beginning, it's not on Crytek's DNA unless something very deep has changed. This happens all the time with launch titles, Ryse is a clear candidate for the "3 months' worth of polish and 1080p solid 30fps achievable" club but it's the way the industry moves forward.

    However, I could see this becoming a trend: if such great AA is achievable, it may make sense to aim for a prettier 900p that almost looks as sharp as native 1080p. Also, as many have predicted, it can become the new easy way out for mutiplatform games (1080p on beefier PS4, 900p on Xbone not looking as bad as it may seem).

    In any case, stop making boring games dammit.
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  • Face-Off Preview: Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Alkeno 15/11/2013

    @Darren likely they didn't have enough time to optimice both games to 60fps, so they just settled for 30fps (you know the deal: want it smooth? stick to either solid 30fps or solid 60fps, anything else will judder). Won't be like that in a few years if g-sync takes off :) Reply 0
  • Making concept art a virtual reality: Bungie on next-gen Destiny

  • Alkeno 28/10/2013

    So Destiny is a sweet-looking mix between Halo and Mass Effect and won't be making the most out of the next-gen hardware.

    I'm ok with that.
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  • Xbox One exclusive Ryse runs at 900p

  • Alkeno 17/09/2013

    It seems that the next gen wars is going to be like this. PS4 games at 1080p and XO at around 900p to compensate for the lower specs.

    The interesting point is... has Microsoft made a better choice? 900p doesn't look bad to the untrained eye, many TVs are 720p, too many 1080p TVs are watched from too far away to notice the increase in resolution. Microsoft may be getting most of the eye candy for a fraction of the built cost.

    Then there is the Kinect and price thing, that changes everything.
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  • Gran Turismo 6's audio likely to be patched post-release

  • Alkeno 17/09/2013

    The deal is, as always: people buy the game by the million, so they are voting with their wallets that the "day one release of GT is good enough to pay for" and will wait for months/years for the patches to arrive. And that can't be argued... GT games have TONS of content and are great games from the start. Not perfect but still... they are worth the money from day one.

    You can be happy that they actually improve things AT ALL, they could sell the game as-is, patch only bugs and get on early with the next installment, as most studios do.

    As a non-fan of the genre (haven't played any GT or Forza, I sucked a PGR4...) I have to admit that car games seem like a nice niche to love: it has two HUGE and mostly awesome franchises, and a lot of other games trying hard to bring new things to the table.
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  • John Carmack joins Oculus as chief technology officer

  • Alkeno 07/08/2013

    Should read as: "John Carmack, coding legend, was bored out of his brain on id, found a new challenge in Oculus Rift and told himself 'why not?' ".

    And that is so cool.
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  • Galak-Z preview: The PS4's secret weapon?

  • Alkeno 07/08/2013

    Looks like Viper dogfighting in Battlestar Galactica. Awesome :D Reply -1
  • Mattrick tried to buy Zynga while still at Microsoft - report

  • Alkeno 08/07/2013


    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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  • Gears of War producer quits Epic for Mass Effect 4

  • Alkeno 03/07/2013

    This makes me sad. Mass Effect further evolving into shooter... I don't know why I still have any hope left, it's been clear for the last few years that we original fans of Mass Effect have been politely invited to exit the party. It seems we are too geeky and scare the hot girls that are looking for Marcus Phoenix. Reply +5
  • Quantum Break's trippy sci-fi multimedia premise revealed

  • Alkeno 10/06/2013

    You guys are really tiring. Most of you, at least. Two years ago everybody was swearing by the seven gods they would NEVER ever touch a Sony console again. Other OS was killed. Sony got hacked... You were adamant about it.

    Now it's cool being anti-Xbox One. And you love PS4. A console that could still be as unfriendly to users as Microsoft's, because Sony's been playing very smart with their wording.

    By november 95% of you will be in queue, because you just can't help buying a games console that is definitely going to have enough exclusive games to justify your avid gamer inside. And that's fine, I've seen it happen again and again. Doesn't get any less depressing, tough.

    This looks original. It's by Remedy, deserves at least a little respect. Just stop making the same joke in every thread. In EVERY thread.
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  • Here's a fresh look at Lego Marvel Super Heroes

  • Alkeno 06/06/2013

    MARVELous!!! LOL

    Thanks Eurogamer, your sense of humour makes my day. Often.
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  • EA retires Mass Effect 3: Datapad app

  • Alkeno 06/06/2013

    I remember cheking in every day for a few weeks so as to get the bloody Galactic Readiness Bullshhhh high enough (I just don't pay for Live Gold, never ever play online). Sad times.

    Then I reached the ending and... WTFFFFF!!! (but you all know that story :P)
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  • Microsoft moots IllumiRoom with next Xbox

  • Alkeno 30/04/2013

    Guys, no need for a second kinect or projector... the idea is to make a small standalone device which is both a projector and has camera tech based on kinect to scan the room.

    It seems a good idea and could be built cheaply as it doesn't need to be very precise or have a high resolution... it's main goal is to project shapes and lightning at bookshelves. And if done right (like the snow demo) it could really add up to the experience and immersion.

    Not a killer device, not for everyone, not for every game... but cool nonetheless. It could even work for movies (Philips "ambilight" on steroids). Kids would DROOL for this kind of enhancements for movies.

    If they get it right, there might be a market for this. But, will they get it right?
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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Jetstream Sam review

  • Alkeno 20/04/2013

    I'm amazed. No matter how many times I see it happen, it stills surprises me how people don't read reviews (or plainly ignore the facts).

    It's clear: almost no content, only a new toy, it's a DLC meant exclusively to a certain kind of player (the one that loves challenge, mastery and repeated playing). The only thing the developer has to get right is the learning curve and the balance, and it seems ok by reading the review.

    So why on Earth is so many people bitching about reusing assests and short lenght??? Don't like it, don't buy it, but it's a perfectly fine piece of DLC that will make diehard fans very happy. And they will get their money's worth, because they'll play for weeks trying to master the new style.

    It's certainly not my kind of game, I sucked at Devil May Cry no matter how many times I replayed it and learned my lesson, but still understand this kind of player, this kind of game and this kind of DLC.
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  • Unreal Engine 4 Demo: PlayStation 4 vs. PC

  • Alkeno 04/04/2013

    I saw the video the other day an was uninpressed with PS4, but didn't know why. It's the bloody lighting. That awesome lightning in last year's demo.

    It was the ONLY thing that looked new and fresh. Without it, the PS4 demo looks like a "high-octane" version of the games we have today (more polys, more textures, more particles... more of the same).

    The whole face-off gives me a vibe of 5 years ago, when 360 got the cooler effects and PS3 the pared-down version and everybody was sad... but this is comparing last year's PC tech vs next year's console power.

    Although I'm a console guy, seeing that Epic already ditched Global Illumination from the engine (including PC!!!) is sad news. Lightmass for everyone, lowest common denominator one again. The geek inside me dies a little bit more.

    Let's hope the optimizations that can be made on console in the following years give the consoles new life... this is looking rather convenient but uninspiring right now.
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  • Mass Effect 3 DLC leaked in new patch data

  • Alkeno 01/02/2013

    @GiarcYekrub different colours, surely...

    I'm bad, I know.
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  • Greg Zeschuk reflects on leaving BioWare for beer

  • Alkeno 30/01/2013

    Nevertheless, BioWare kept its identity within the huge EA machine
    Said who? 'cause that bad fella's lying...
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  • Are the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

  • Alkeno 15/12/2012

    There is so much wrong in this article that it's baffling. There is no such thing as argumentation or logic, only the author's feelings towards the issue. I'm ok with Tom believing that kickstarter should be on his mind, but the writing feels just a massive rant, not an expression of an opinion.

    Kickstarted is a platform open to everybody. You have an idea and need funding? You can try. The market will tell. FTL was overfunded, great, means people were eager to get their hands on that idea. Godus is on a tough situation because people mostly like Molineux's ideas but don't trust him on delivering, that's fair and proves that the platform is working as intended. The Dizzy kickstarter has just blown on the authors face, cool, that's better than building the game, selling 10 copies and shutting down for good.

    Also, why the prejudice against mature developers? Let's not call them "old" just yet. Those guys have been evolving ideas for games on their minds for decades, they just didn't have the time or resources to make them. Innovation is welcome regardless of the age of the innovator.

    Edited for typos.
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  • Konami quiet on Metal Gear Solid 5 talk as The Phantom Pain trailer and screenshots are released

  • Alkeno 10/12/2012

    Never played any Metal Gear game. Saw the trailer and said "yep, Metal Gear it seems, that one looks like Snake or whatever clone".

    That is the power of sites like EG (the the people in the forums) always hyping those games...
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  • BioShock Infinite box art intended to entice "uninformed" frat guy types

  • Alkeno 10/12/2012

    "Winner of over 80 awards" said the box-art.

    If it had been the Doctor stepping out of the Tardis after having been in, you know, the future I might have bought it.

    Or maybe Take2 have already bought those awards. Who knows.
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  • Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013 trailer previews sweeping patch

  • Alkeno 10/12/2012

    I suck horribly at Street Fighter IV, sad truth. Never tried this, and it seems like I did right... most of the changes were so subtle that I didn't get them even in slow-motion. Reply 0
  • Molyneux's Project Godus Kickstarter inches over halfway mark with just 11 days to go

  • Alkeno 10/12/2012

    Well, I'm a backer and loving it. The updates are hilarious, and I just feel very immersed in the process of designing the game. This is rather new to me, and is easily worth the price of entry. And, in the end if everything goes right, I get a fun game to play for pretty cheap, win-win.

    I don't understand the hatred so much people have against PM. He is one of the few mad designers left, with a little soul left inside him to try weird new things that most would rather avoid like the plague.

    And I loved the frakking dog in Fable II. There it is, I said it.
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  • Peter Molyneux launches Kickstarter for Project Godus, a “reinvention” of the god game genre

  • Alkeno 21/11/2012

    God-games are welcome back. All the moaning, not knowing how businesses work et all gets very tiresome. Don't like it, vote with your wallet and don't fund it, plain and simple. Reply 0
  • Sinister director to helm Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie

  • Alkeno 16/11/2012

    Actually, DE:HR seems a good fit for a movie. The game pretty much looks, sounds and feels like a movie... however I have little faith in this, or any, game made movie. Reply +2
  • You, me and the cube

  • Alkeno 06/11/2012

    I can't see anybody else's taps... I got the big black cube just for myself :( Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed retrospective

  • Alkeno 28/10/2012

    There is a battle in me, every time an article about AC shows up... I never played any of the games. Now I feel it's to late to start from the beginning (too many games, they aren't short, and the first is plain boring according to everyone). I don't like jumping in the middle of history based franchises either... Reply +1
  • Blueprint 3D's free update will turn photographs into puzzles

  • Alkeno 09/10/2012

    For those unawares, Blueprint 3D is a new app developed by my friend Joe that needed a bit of attention.

    Just kidding... maybe.
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  • Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Review

  • Alkeno 07/09/2012

    Two things...

    First, this DLC seems like it's been designed for the PC and only looks like fun when playing with a high player count. It's not 360's nor PS3's fault, it's a matter of technology having limits. Someone should have had the balls to be clear and honest about that and NOT sell the DLC on consoles at all. Maybe it could be the perfect chance to drop the marketing bomb "the DLC that's consoles can't handle, only for hardcore BF fans on PC" or whatever.

    Second (and I guess it's been explained a thousand times already...), review sites such as Eurogamer review the games it gets for free from the publishers. If they get a DVD or promo code for the PS3 version there's little they can do apart from going to the shop and buying another copy of the same game for a duplicate review. It can be done, and it has been done, but most of the time it's not cost effective. Certainly it doesn't seem cost effective for a DLC of last year's game.

    Such double (or triple format) reviews are cool and would be awesome, but cannot be expected from sites that run on ads (remember the last time you clicked on one? me neither). Having said that, I'd like to know how Digital Foundry get so many multiplatform games to analyze, I don't thing they get them for free as DF is not publisher-friendly (spotting shoddy ports, crap coding, bad performance and lower resolution alpha effects doesn't seem to scream for friends in the industry). Maybe they get enough traffic to justify buying many games.
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  • Snazzy VR headset takes to Kickstarter with the Oculus Rift

  • Alkeno 01/08/2012

    Impressed but... wary.

    I join the masses who already think this is toooo good, has too much support from heavyweights in the industry and seems already too awesome... business angels or venture capital maybe, but a kickstarter? why? makes no sense. Even an early Google buyout seems more reasonable than raising a mere $250k for devkits (which's been already almost doubled).

    The only reason I can think is that they are gauging public and industry interest... once they know for sure people is interested, they should really take the kickstarter down and do some real fundraising...

    But I know nothing about all this stuff, I'd better shut up and just donate like everybody else.
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  • PeterMolydeux asks: what's inside the cube?

  • Alkeno 18/07/2012

    I am certain now. Molydeux IS Peter Molyneux in disguise, for laughs. The definitive way of self-promotion: become your own alter-ego and beat yourself on the media as hard as you can...

    Or else, the true Peter Molydeux's been long hired by 22Cans as a way of promotion. Why not? The guy is good, funny and everytime he talks gets almost as much coverage as the real PM. Also, this 'fake' trailer feels already too elaborated, too expensive... This is the real trailer for the Curiosity game.

    Worts part: the bloody trailer is good, I'm already pretty interested in what's going to happen with this mindgame PM is playing on gamers...
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  • Mass Effect 3: The Extended Cut: A Happy Ending?

  • Alkeno 27/06/2012

    They haven't fixed the ending... they just executed it properly. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but at least it's not offensive, it has been properly laid out and produced. I can happily claim that it's not good, nor satisfying, but at least it was properly done and don't feel cheated.

    I do believe they did good by making this EC and releasing it for completion's sake, even though most people will just Youtube it. It's a matter of concept, now the game has a proper ending. A rather meh one, but an ending.

    As many have stated before, a true fix would require a major rewrite from Cerberus HQ onwards... too expensive to ever see the day of light. Thats fixing the last 15% of the game... replaying those last missions again, even on easy, wasn't much fun. They aren't that good.

    PD: They really HAD to ask for money again in the final prompt...

    PD: I lost a lot of sleep to finish the game again yesterday. I had never shot starchild before, and I just did for fun... very late in the night. I has NOT pleased. I was so angry I almost LOLed so hard that awoke half the building. That was a nice one, Mr. Hudson. You got a quad, the krogan in me approves your bravery.
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  • Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC release date announced

  • Alkeno 22/06/2012

    Deeply impressed by how soon this has come, although that could be a bad thing (rushed or too thin on content). It seems that there will be two big changes: new cinematics not only in the ending, but it seems that from the Cerberus Base onwards and then there will be a text-based epilogue after the ending (that's my take on what he suggests in the video).

    From the video it's clear that the PR strategy is not admitting they screwed up. Not yet, at least. In one year after all DLC's been sold and we start hearing about Mass Effect: The Phantom Menace kinda reboot and they'll gladly admit how much they blew it and how they've learned in order to make the new ME inspired trilogy even better...

    By the way, "fans needed closure" my ass. It's a real issue for sure, but rather minor having read an awful lot of Bioware social forums. Most of us are angry at the crap storytelling and clearly hurried ending that makes no sense and is clearly unfinished and copy-pasted.

    In any case, I've been keeping my Readiness high thanks to the iPhone app. Just log in every day one, spend 1 minute setting up the missions and you're done, 100% percent. The EC however should really default to the highest readiness ever, that would be a nice touch.

    Edit: an idea I got reading bioware forums... 1,9GB is bigger than the Lair of the Shadow Broker, if that's anything to go by (it could just be 1,9GB of videos) but I hope there is a chance of new gameplay. In that case I am very glad this is coming for free and have high hopes that it may be awesome. Alas, also very pissed off because then it'd be the final proof that the original ending was a placeholder (either they rushed the game to hit the deadline or they cut it on purpose so as to sell it later) and that they likely had to give it for free due to the massive disappointment of fans.

    In any case, if the EC is good then I believe Bioware will come out relatively unharmed and there's hope that they learned their lesson. If not... though luck for them regaining our trust (and money).
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  • Advertising Standards Agency responds to Mass Effect 3 complaints

  • Alkeno 13/06/2012

    @Sildur Oh come on... I trust you and your friends and that's fine, you just happenned to like the ending. Just don't play the "rest of the world must be lying" card out of a sample of a couple of friends...

    Or whatever, I still hate the ending. It won't make me hate the Mass Effect universe, but it has severely undermined it's value to me. And many of us :P
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  • Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut info leaks - report

  • Alkeno 11/06/2012

    I do care. I played ME three times. I played ME2 three times. I played ME3 one and a half times (halted until the EC or some proper single-player DLC arrives).

    After all this time I don't want a nice ending. I don't want closure. I don't want love. I don't want an explanation. I don't want further insight into what really happened... I don't care about any species surviving or any relay surviving the RGB explosion. Hell, I don't even care any more if the half-dead N7 guy we saw for 2 seconds after the good ending is Sheppard or not...

    All I want is an ending that makes sense and that fits with the trilogy. Thats it. If there must be ewoks, so be it... Just don't fucking give me the Enterprise blowing up the Death Star in the last minute, please.
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  • Was E3 2012 the grisliest games show ever?

  • Alkeno 08/06/2012

    @matthewblackwell is spot on!

    The games industry still has a lot to mature, I'm afraid. Maturity isn't killing in realistic fashion or showing tits, maturity is doing things when they must be done (if they have to be done), and having them be meaningful.

    Such as when I shot Wrex in the face, and felt like shit for weeks. I know, I'm a monster, I just thought that it needed to be done on my first game... that krogan was to nervous and was up to something bad. I was wrong, of course, he is now alive, leading the krogan and curing the genophage.

    Killing thousands of drones (locust, geth, spartans... doesn't matter) is just mindless fun, the same as clearing lines in Tetris. Trying to disguise killing as 'mature' is not smart. Trying to disguise slitting throats as the coolest thing on Earth just for the sake of the slow-mo-kill is straight stupid and must stop.

    Another set of examples:
    - Making Lara Croft a real woman who has to learn how to survive by herself: cool!!!
    - Having her suffering too much just for the sake of the show: crossing the line, a bit.
    - Setting up trailers with her moaning at all times in a way a non watcher could confuse the game with softporn s&m: creepy, immature and lame.
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  • Mass Effect, Dragon Age dev BioWare defends fan criticism

  • Alkeno 07/06/2012

    Protip: don't take your fans for granted by making a garbage ending and wait to sell them the true ending.

    Protip#2 (for free!!!): don't f****** ever prompt me again with a popup window telling me to BUY DLC after such a crap ending. Not even after an awesome ending. Don't prompt me IN GAME to by DLC, ever. Show some class.

    Pretty likely than ME3 is my last buy from Bioware. Even if the EC is as awesome as Lair of the Shadow Broker, for free, there is not much hope left from a EA controlled Bioware. With is sad beyond Mufasa's death sadness.
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  • Fresh DmC: Devil May Cry trailer

  • Alkeno 04/06/2012

    The new devil trigger (or whatever it is that makes the image washed out and the red coat stand out) looks good. The ragin' demon dandefloor looks good. Crap, the game looks better every time... Reply +5
  • Gore Verbinski Kinect project announced

  • Alkeno 04/06/2012

    Nothing else to say.

    I lied: don't copy Valve. It's a dumb move than can only go wrong...
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  • First glimpse at Halo 4 confirms Forerunners as enemy

  • Alkeno 04/06/2012

    @Negotiator1 Well, I guess that it can be done right... it's up to them to make her say interesting things, pointing new opportunities and so on... not just stating the obvious. It can be just a side effect of being the tutorial, though. Reply 0
  • Alkeno 04/06/2012

    Just said it on the other forum, but this I really like. Although wasn't deeply fond of Halo 3 and didn't play the others...

    The only bad part seems having Cortana as an always-on commenter is an annoyance (I hope it's just the intro level and some sort of tutorial... wouldn't stand a full game of "what out, Chief, we're not alone!" garbage).
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  • Watch the Halo 4 live gameplay demo

  • Alkeno 04/06/2012

    Halo really does have that "extremely cool" factor to it. No matter I didn't play Halo or Halo 2 and thought Halo 3 was rather meh, I still want this... Reply +3
  • Zone of the Enders HD opening animation

  • Alkeno 03/06/2012

    Never played ZOE, and it's the first time I see the look of the game (or the intro, at least). I shouldn't be shocked at how much the mechs resemble those in Evangelion or Virtual-On... the japanese REALLY love this kind of huge sleek mech with pulsing lights driven by whining schoolkids.

    Whoever invented the first "mecha-thing" must be really proud that everyone else in the country is still in love with the design, several decades later. Or pissed that everyone is copying it!
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  • GeForce GRID: Can Cloud Gaming Match Console Performance?

  • Alkeno 26/05/2012

    @Pacmaninov The chip was too complex to build and rarely the 8 spu were built up without fault. Sony had to choose between dumping most of the chips (to prohibitive cost) or accepting those with 7 working spu as 'good enough'.

    So long story short:
    - Cell chips with 6 or fewer intact spu were dumped.
    - Cell chips with 7 spu were given the "go ahead!".
    - Cell chips with 8 spu were given a pat in the back... and then nerfed to 7 working spu.

    Nowadays, however, it's likely that the yield has improved so much that most, if not all, Cell chips are born with all their spu in working order.

    A pity, but that's the way tech goes... consoles are consoles, they have all to be equally capable, even if it means nerfing the "superior" ones.

    Edited for typos.
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  • Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC release date announced

  • Alkeno 24/05/2012

    Still haven't played multiplayer. Actually, still haven't recovered from the shock from those ten last minutes.

    Once they fix that, I'll consider whatever else they may be up to.
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