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  • Cards Against Humanity is now available in the UK

  • AccidentProne 25/09/2013

    @DreadedWalrus The cards are freely available in printable form on the CAH website, so it's not piracy. Although the website seems to be down at the moment. Regardless, I'll still be purchasing a copy. Reply +3
  • Why Firaxis' XCOM remake had to have multiplayer, and why you shouldn't worry

  • AccidentProne 10/08/2012

    Multiplayer in this sounds pretty good to me, I'd be surprised if there's much of an outcry as it really suits this type of game. Rebelstar and Laser Squad all had multiplayer modes, it's more of a surprise that XCOM didn't if anything.

    Actually, the first game I ever played online was Incubation and the turn based multiplayer used to work well there too. Used to love that game...
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  • Dishonored pre-order bonuses revealed

  • AccidentProne 27/07/2012

    This shit definitely puts me off pre-ordering. They all sound pretty similar though, so I imagine I'll just go with whichever's cheapest when I inevitably cave. Reply +5
  • App of the Day: Ticket to Ride

  • AccidentProne 28/06/2012

    @spliffhead Elder Sign is pretty much a cut down version of Arkham Horror (sort of) and there's a version of that available on ipad too. Not played it myself, but might be worth looking into? Reply +2
  • AccidentProne 28/06/2012

    Can't see it mentioned above, but there's an iphone version of this as well. Rather good it is too. Reply +2
  • Darwinia dev Introversion done with XBLA

  • AccidentProne 04/03/2011

    It's a shame, Darvinia+ is one of my favourite games on XBLA, it was criminally overlooked I reckon. I guess the 1200 point price tag didn't help and it probably takes a little while to "click", but I thought it was well worth it. Reply +2
  • Halo: Reach played for a millennia

  • AccidentProne 20/09/2010

    I think quite a few people have been having problems with the weekly challenge not registering all completed missions, which could explain the relatively low numbers. Reply +5
  • Epic Games may buy APB - report

  • AccidentProne 17/09/2010

    @swisstony: Except this is a video games website, so I'd imagine there's folks here like me, that're interested in the outcome of this. Wheras I have absolutely no iterest in showbusiness or football transfers... Reply +20
  • Full Rock Band III track list unveiled

  • AccidentProne 26/08/2010

    Nice to see Pretty Girls Make Graves and At the Drive-In on there, a few other reasonable tunes too imho. Still not sure it's enough to tempt me though, kinda got bored with these things after GH3. Reply +1
  • Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

  • AccidentProne 11/05/2010

    Ooh, it's like Dorkfail all over again.

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  • Magic XBLA game heads to PC, PS3

  • AccidentProne 10/11/2009

    This is a great game, the recent expansion added some pretty good decks and additional cards. There's still a few AI issues though. Still seems pretty easy to find someone to play online though and I've had less of a problem with quitters lately too.

    Deck customisation would be nice though, as would the option to play co-op online. Regardless, I've certainly clocked up more hours on this than any other arcade title this year. Probably spent more time on it than most full price releases to be honest.
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  • Help test Facebook and Twitter on 360

  • AccidentProne 15/10/2009

    Is there any news about what's happening with Lastfm? The only bit of this update I was really looking forward to. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 3

  • AccidentProne 14/10/2009

    Not sure about the price hike. I got an email from Game yesterday telling me my pre-order price had dropped to Ł34.99. Bargain! Reply +2
  • First DLC for IL-2 Sturmovik released

  • AccidentProne 09/10/2009

    If that's the case, it really takes the piss.

    I still think it's a great game, but overall the single player campaign felt a bit short. Saying that, I only completed iit on arcade so far so it still warrants a proper play through.
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  • Risen

  • AccidentProne 02/10/2009

    Well that review has certainly put me off buying the 360 version at least. Seems like a game that definitely needs a separate review though, most of the criticisms seem to be levelled at playing the game on a console. Shame, as I was really in the market for a decent console rpg right now. I may still check it out on pc, I assume there's a demo available? Reply +5
  • SOE working on new PlanetSide

  • AccidentProne 28/09/2009

    Fantastic news. Planetside was without a doubt one of my all time favourite gaming experiences (for a couple of months at least). Reply +5
  • We've got more Aion beta keys!

  • AccidentProne 09/09/2009

    I initially used the torrent downloader and it took bloody ages. When I finally got the install file after 4 days, it was corrupt.

    Followed some advice on the forums yesterday and used the NC launcher instead. Fullly downloaded and patched in about 3 hours.
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  • Section 8

  • AccidentProne 07/09/2009

    Had initially written this off after reading all the negative comments about the demo, didn't even bother downloading it to find out for myself. That'll learn me. Seriously tempted to pick this up after reading the Tribes and Planetside comparisons.

    One thing though, how many players do the maps support and do the numbers vary between 360 and pc? I generally prefer games with a higher player count, as they seem to mask my crapness at these sort of things a bit better.
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  • Xbox Live GOD prices revealed

  • AccidentProne 06/08/2009

    That seems a bit much to me, considering how much cheaper they can be picked up elsewhere. The problem is, I know full well I'm going to end up getting some as drunken/hungover/lazy bastard type impulse buys anyway. I really will try not to, but I know that after a few beers I won't consider the price and will just go ahead an make a stupid purchase regardless. Reply +3
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum demo coming

  • AccidentProne 04/08/2009

    Assuming this is as good as I hope it's going to be, has anyone got any opinions as to the best place to pre-order? Game has an exclusive Scarecrow level while Play is doing some unlockable armou. There's probably some others too that I've missed. Having a hard time deciding between the two at the moment, do these sort of things usually become available as DLC later on? Reply 0
  • Activision completes GH5 track list

  • AccidentProne 30/07/2009

    Not a bad list in my opinion. Impressed with the inclusion of Sunny Day Real Estate, Brand New, The Bronx and a fair few others. Quite tempted by this now. Reply 0
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

  • AccidentProne 04/04/2009

    "Sometimes when I am driving on the road at night I have the sudden impulse to turn into the path of the oncoming car as I anticipate the sound of shattering glass and the flames rising out of the flowing gasoline."

    What movie is this quotefrom? I recognised it as the sample from the start of the Jawbreaker song Jet Black and it's bugging me now.
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  • Judge rules WOW bot violates copyright

  • AccidentProne 03/02/2009


    "I thought you played MMOs? The only people that say shit like that are people that dont understand how MMO gameplay works."

    That's ridiculous, seems to me you're the one that doesn't understand how these games work. Getting a bot to play these things totally destroys the point of them. If you can't be bothered to do a few dailies for cash, why bother playing at all? Absolutely nobody would have any respect for someone that uses a bot, and it's easy to spot when you find one.

    As to your use of pvpbot, I seriously hope leechers like you get targetted next as it ruins the game for the rest of us.

    This all sounds kinda like that new patent of Nintendo's which allows the game to play itself for you when it gets too hard. Fine for single player games imho but ruins the game for everyone else in anything multiplayer.

    I'm still not entirely convinced you're not trolliing as your responses here are pretty lame.
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  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • AccidentProne 22/09/2008

    Coming from and endgame WoW guild that recently split, I only picked this up to tide me over until the release of WotLK, but based on my first week playing here, I'm not sure I'll bother going back to WoW in the near future, if at all.

    To be honest, I didn't have particularly high expectations after being burnt by so many new MMO's in the past, but this feels different. The public questing system is fantastic and I'm sure it's something we're going to see in a lot of other games soon. The lack of "kill 12 badger!" type quests is refreshing too, though I'm sure some exist. I also really like the way the the RvR confilct is central to the game. PvP isn't something I've really bothered with since DAoC but I spent most of my weekend in WAR in the tier 1 scenarios or rvr zones.

    I think what I'm trying to say is, if you give this game a chance, you'll have blast. The review isn't all that bad anyway is it? I'd always considered an 8/10 a decent score.

    On the negative side, I'm getting kinda sick of the 30minute queues to log in, though I guess that's my fault for choosing destruction. Oh and it's also pretty lame that they censored the opening cinematic to get around German video game laws, though this is hardly a big deal.
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  • A Public WAR

  • AccidentProne 22/09/2008

    You get an extra bag at level 10. I assume / hope it's the same every 10 levels? Reply 0