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  • Airwane 2 Sep 2013 11:40:36 165 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Well since RockStar said we can have crews for GTA V here is a thread for the crews promote, recruit, discuss here

    [youtube] olEGtoYs_8A[/youtube]

    Crew features Crew features

    if there is already a thread about crew please post link here

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  • Airwane 2 Sep 2013 11:52:31 165 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago

    *Casual player are welcome (it's cool if you play time to time because your real is important and we know it)
    ** well unless console and pC player will be mixed (we can dream) yes it's a long wait for us PC player.

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  • Ziz0u 2 Sep 2013 11:55:57 11,006 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
  • Airwane 2 Sep 2013 11:58:19 165 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    @ZizouFC already enroll in the Eurogamer crew and looking to make it up rank :)
  • Stickman 2 Sep 2013 12:05:20 29,653 posts
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    Registered 13 years ago
    Ain't no crew can handle my flow.
  • Load_2.0 2 Sep 2013 12:27:54 25,872 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    No prostate issues.
  • ZuluHero 2 Sep 2013 12:29:53 5,979 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Seems like a lot of effort for just messing around online...
  • Airwane 2 Sep 2013 12:48:18 165 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    @ZuluHeroas a graphic design that's nothing lol
    I might have it printed on T-shirt for when I'll be at the Eurogamer Expo
  • WNxMrAnd1Man 3 Sep 2013 17:40:01 2 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    Warrior Nation Recruiting!
    Looking for something more than just others to play with online? Maybe even more than just forum activity? Warrior Nation Gaming Community is what you’re looking for! With a history of over 10 years and over 2,500 active members from all around the world on multiple gaming platforms and 50+ games (and soon to be generations), Warrior Nation is the premier stop for the best clan experience. We are more than just a clan, we are a community.
    We host many gamenights, tournaments both on and off the forums, and ways to gain rank within the community. Lead gamenights, entire sections or even entire genres! If you’re looking for a large, stable community of guys to play Grand Theft Auto V for years to come, look no further.
    Check out the forums here at and look around at things.
    Here is our crew for our clan:
    If you have any questions or have signed up (, contact me at:
    Xfire: WNxMrAnd1Man
    Gamertag: “DJ Skyfire” (with a space)
    Hope to see you bust for quick cash on the streets of Los Santos!
  • Rodpad 3 Sep 2013 17:43:11 2,961 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago

    The Legislative Chamber has passed a change to Policy 7, changing the criteria for Guest Accounts. Effective immediately, those who have been on probation, banned or forced to resign are not automatically denied the Guest Account status. Instead, they will be voted upon by the Generals and Admin Support.

    This also ensured the entire lt colonel rank level was eligible for a Guest Account in years 3+ and 4+.
    Even hardcore MMO guilds would wince at your clan.
  • ED209 3 Sep 2013 17:47:53 505 posts
    Seen 2 months ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    I wish to subscribe to your clan. What do I need to be accepted?
  • Trafford 3 Sep 2013 17:54:11 7,974 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Post deleted
  • ED209 3 Sep 2013 17:55:43 505 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Trafford wrote:
    Lying in an open coffin having a wank, I bet.
    I can do that. In fact I'm already half way there!
  • Trafford 3 Sep 2013 17:58:21 7,974 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
  • Deleted user 3 September 2013 18:03:35
    Why do all these clans have to sound serious?

    Stuff like Warrior Clan, Sniperz Killz Crewz, Elite Shooter Gaming, etc.

    I'd actually consider one not really ;) if it was called Ordinary Blokes 101, or Relaxing After Work Crew.
  • neilka 3 Sep 2013 18:05:47 20,706 posts
    Seen 19 minutes ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    The Eurogamer crew has a very relaxed policy vis a vis the wearing of trousers.
  • octavedoctor 3 Sep 2013 18:06:08 20 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Is there a 'nearly 40 with young family' crew that doesn't mind people turning up playing once a month when the missus is sleeping?
  • Deleted user 3 September 2013 18:07:09
    CharlieStCloud fluff and flowers crew.

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  • WNxMrAnd1Man 3 Sep 2013 18:10:51 2 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago

    Guest accounts are only made for longtime members who have shown great dedication to our clan through many years of service. Only members who would not like to be in the clan but would like to continue posting, can still do so via the guest account. It is voted on also.

    So in effect, wincing at a 'guest account' is fine by our standards. We would rather have dedicated and active membership. We strive every single day to create a better clan experience.

    I bet many Warrior Nation members wouldn't consider us hardcore at all (or even super competitive for that matter). All sections and games within our community represent what true gaming spirit is; cooperation, teamwork and activity on and off the forums.

    I've been in the community for over 5 years and I have yet to find another gaming community that comes close to the size, width of games, dedicated web hosting (and servers on specific games) that is all 100% run off member donations (and doesn't require you to pay to be on...totally free to join/play on servers) for over a decade.

    If you're looking for a "don't take any prisioners" kind of a group, we certainly aren't that. What we are though, is a creative, very organized group of people from all over the world who like to play games. Whether you're a professional gamer or a beginner, we support all who play games and wear the WN tag with honor.
  • ED209 3 Sep 2013 18:12:04 505 posts
    Seen 2 months ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    Well cum and enter my 'Everyday John Blokey 1 on 1' crew! Before we're soundly thrashed by the 'Sweaty men say relax following hard jobs' crew.
  • Rodpad 3 Sep 2013 18:12:57 2,961 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    I winced at the language and self importance of it, not the message.
  • ED209 3 Sep 2013 18:16:12 505 posts
    Seen 2 months ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    I should have said my invitation was aimed at the hirsute mallard. I'd like to see his bushy quack.
  • motti82 3 Sep 2013 18:32:11 3,314 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Signed up to the EG crew, let's get to work.
  • Deleted user 3 September 2013 18:32:30

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  • mothercruncher 3 Sep 2013 18:35:20 14,232 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    I bet if you did take prisoners though, the secretary to the executive detainment committee would be ALL OVER that shit.
  • LoFiHeaven 3 Sep 2013 19:42:47 15 posts
    Seen 2 years ago
    Registered 4 years ago
    Hahaha, is that clown for real?! Way to take all the fun out of playing games!
  • Deleted user 3 September 2013 19:50:52
    So much PR for group of people playing video games together. It wouldn't be as bad if I could somehow stop imagining these people as Walter from The Big Lebowski.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 3 Sep 2013 19:56:26 47,271 posts
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    Registered 15 years ago
  • BillMurray 3 Sep 2013 20:44:38 9,076 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
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