Dogging Tales

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  • Vice.Destroyer 10 Apr 2013 00:02:32 6,336 posts
    Seen 23 hours ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Watching this on Channel 4 The idea of outdoor sex with complete strangers has always made me gag. Watching these guys that do it actually being interviewed is even more disgusting. The armchair psychologist in me has seen that all the women that have been interviewed have got severe self-esteem issues. (As obvious as it sounds).

    And the men? They are not right either.

    One scene that almost made me gag is where Wife and Hubby are talking and the wife confesses how she was cheating on her man, but loved him so much, that she suggested they go dogging. He went along and watches his misus get shagged by strangers. His wife then says that they are looking for a woman to get involved, so that hubby can get the full enjoyment of dogging. Cue "Two weeks later on screen"

    Wife on left. Hubby in middle. Dogging partner of two weeks on right.

    It's like a bizarre live-action BioShock 1.

    (It's on C4+1 at 00:05. Like, in 3 minutes)
  • FWB 10 Apr 2013 00:03:39 49,033 posts
    Seen 11 minutes ago
    Registered 14 years ago
    Haha. Is that pic real? :D
  • neilka Funniest Forumite, 2014 10 Apr 2013 00:04:50 17,161 posts
    Seen 2 minutes ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    For some reason we already have a thread about this.
  • ILoveThrashMetal 10 Apr 2013 00:07:35 1,006 posts
    Seen 1 hour ago
    Registered 4 years ago
    Lol are that last lot for real!? 'yes terry's cock is a bit small'.
    Anything would look small sitting next to you two fat cunts.
  • Vice.Destroyer 10 Apr 2013 00:20:59 6,336 posts
    Seen 23 hours ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Oh. I have produced a duplicate thread. Oops. Well. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. One thing I don't get really, have sex with multiple people, etc. But why outdoors? I get there is a thrill element, but I'd rather be comfortable, if I was that way inclined. Cheap bastards. If you don't want to do it at home, head off into Travelodge. That's what it's there for, innit?
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