Wii U see sales spike of 125% in UK, Sales Triple in France..

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  • aeschylus 1 Apr 2013 00:25:52 446 posts
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    And Lego City charts at number 4 in USA in all format chart

    Hate all you like that is pretty impressive....

    Amazing what happens when you release a couple of killer games...
  • aeschylus 1 Apr 2013 00:27:21 446 posts
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    Everyone knows that the Wii U hasnít been doing well when it comes to sales. And thatís largely due to a lack of high-profile games. But this trend might be changing now, as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has hit the store shelves in Europe and North America.
    The first sales data from UK game retailers reveals that the Wii U sales have increased 125% since the release of Monster Hunter 3. Over the past weeks, UK retailers have been battling Nintendo and slashing Wii U prices left and right. Nintendo eventually met with the retailers and laid out their plans for the Wii U over the next months.
    And itís not just the UK where Wii U sales saw a significant increase. Nintendo France confirmed that Wii U sales have tripled since the release of Monster Hunter 3 in the country.
    Hopefully this is the start of the turnaround for Wii U sales. There are plenty of upcoming games that can easily cause a sales spike of the console. Games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are just around the corner.
  • neilka 1 Apr 2013 00:29:09 16,531 posts
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    That's 5 sold in the last month then.

    BAAANG!!!!! EXPLOTION!!!!!

  • binky Moderator 1 Apr 2013 00:32:14 9,950 posts
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    April fools?
  • Dirtbox 1 Apr 2013 00:35:18 79,203 posts
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    It's not, but considering how poorly it's sold so far it's hardly as impressive a leap as it could be.

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  • Dirtbox 1 Apr 2013 00:35:23 79,203 posts
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  • mikew1985 1 Apr 2013 00:37:30 13,040 posts
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    As others have pointed out; 125% of very little is still very little.

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  • Pinky_Floyd 1 Apr 2013 00:49:02 8,343 posts
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    I have had 125% more sex so far this year than I had last year.
  • Jacksie66 1 Apr 2013 00:58:26 574 posts
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    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    I have had 125% more sex so far this year than I had last year.
    Was it 125% better?
  • ElNuevo9 1 Apr 2013 01:02:55 13,600 posts
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    Nope, it's still fucked.

    And shit.

    Hated, adored, never ignored.

  • Triggerhappytel 1 Apr 2013 01:10:18 2,695 posts
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    Surely without some sort of indication of sales figures (which I guess needs to come from Ninty themselves) these percentages are meaningless? If it only sold 1000 units in the UK in February and then 2250 in March, that's a 125% increase, but still a dismal outlook.

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  • JinTypeNoir 1 Apr 2013 01:32:05 4,392 posts
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    I know this may sound patronizing, so I'm sorry, but: don't do this to yourselves. This news should really only be a footnote. Whether the Wii U picks up in sales or not is a case to be made in long form over lots of data points 2 or 3 years from now. It could go Dreamcast. It could go DS. Anything is possible. But analyzing with the amount of information we have right now is fruitless.
  • Gambit1977 1 Apr 2013 08:01:16 10,384 posts
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    All due to HMV? That price drop will have got a few.
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